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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday July 18th 2019 Hour Two Gary Richard Arnold,, Masters of Chaos, RINO COP, Demon-Rat Democrats, Solutions are Simple, Chaos Gives Power to Political Wizards,


<music> it's the doctor bill deal show presented by neutral medical dot com call one eight eight eight six four zero one <music> and welcome back. We have the amazing an analyst of geopolitics and each state Gary Richard Arnold does website is news dash expose dot dot O._R._G.. Gary we have the squad which are these young. brainless of females wouldn't matter what sexy are colored or skin. I am not a racist in fact my kids have got every genetic heritage of every race on earth in their blood okay <hes> and my my myself may say <hes> <hes> a dramatic mixture all kinds of different peoples from Hebrew in Julius to Mongolian to Syrian whatever and Scottish Irish Lebanese whatever what I gonNA kick they always Wanna use the race card when it's like American now after all the things we've learned in God's over the last century or more is the most non-racist city place on areas and it's amazing. They pulled the race card and they do use it against Nancy Pelosi. We've used to be considered a far left. You know leader of the Democratic Party in fact. She said when they were passing the A._C._A.. which is the affordable care? Act should be call the affordable care act you have to pass it to read it and find out what's in it and you know the fact that they try to even continue to stay on. That Presley stayed yesterday again on news. I think she was on C._N._N.. That that their leader is still racist. I'm thinking kidding me. I thought she in defending the supplied and now the squatter basically the talking points for Donald Trump to make a real simple yes no do you want socialism totalitarian government control bankruptcy and high taxes. Do you want open borders. Do you want late-term abortion. Do you WanNa have <hes> you know sh realize American cities. I mean really do they. Not Understand people understand the average American. The average is anywhere near the position of the current squad wore unfortunate <hes> Nancy Pelosi's lost control but that's the first issue the second is after the g twenty troubles working to get peace accords with Russia Asia and China which may liberalize nuclear threat of Punta Herati Nicaragua and Mez wayland nukes the nuclearization of the South China Sea islands by the Chinese and the continued attempt by Chinese. I use to steal artificial intelligence in our patents and to try to one office in the world stage in terms of production of all products on the planet for consumers. <hes> people don't understand. There's things going on right now. Including under the nose of Donald Trump that people are not getting informed informed. They're gonNA find out in this show from people like yourself and myself. We raised questions. We provide information. It's key in fact. I'm working hard to get a back door to time to in fact got the contact email this morning. Send another email to request president trump. Come on the program or other senators like Senator Scott in Florida and I want to acts being my name Eagle is Norwegian Viking. I want to ask them some questions. I don't like to ask questions. I'M GONNA ax. There's a a double bladed ax over a Norwegian war axe. I WANNA use verbally to find out why are they doing. And what are they doing it for and is there a secret order behind it and you're the expert on this so gary. Let's go into the Singapore at the squad of won't current trump policy and to be honest with you. Trump is pretty clever. He knows Iraq with people. Sometimes he tweets a little bit too much. I think or elevates people. He shouldn't like that father would think a over a year ago that complained that after you got two sons out of trump cut his sons out of prison in China for stealing that he complained that trump was not being right. Maybe being racist. He didn't take his sons back in the Air Force One for joy ride back to Washington D._C.. <hes> so what do you think of everything that's going on well. I think you said it a little bit earlier. When Nancy Pelosi said you gotta pass it to read it as this is <hes> it's the faith it's the it's become a religion <hes> for people bowl to march out the streets and repeat what's been fed to their head for <hes> strategically and repeatedly and we've seen this <hes> you know these mobs from the French revolution to bow to Berkeley and Seattle and and all parts are at the United States is it's a if it's growing at C._N._n.? And some of these other outfits and universities <hes> that just repeat a mantra and this mantra is adopted by these religions sitter praise and giving Gold Stars on their paper or Pat on the back by the media some of the big of some of the top people though even in the environmental movement are now being honest enough to say has nothing to do with the environment is just hotel trade and economic control the world now one of the things I want to bring a lucky to expand secret orders behind all this are masonic. Now there may not call themselves masons every religion on earth including trans humanism is infiltrated by secret orders secret orders control the Nazis in control of British they control the Chinese and the Russians and the Japanese Brazilians. There's no place on earth where you're not a secret order in fact all medical schools all residency programs all the law schools all the boards of whatever and the boards of every corporation on Earth control by secret orders. Aren't they right well you look at Wilbur Rossi Secretary of Treasury <hes> belongs to a Wall Street secret society in fact <hes> it was <hes> I guess accidentally exposed during one of their <hes> under the entertainment section but it had a he all you know all the men together with their wise men were dressed in drag for a few clicks on the computer you you know you can find these guys and it's <hes> whether it's <hes> Arnold Schwarzenegger or <hes> <hes> Clint Eastwood you don't go into Bohemian Grove or this follow at all. <hes> WHO's <hes> swallow swallow swallow it well yeah he <hes> he's got a great name. I don't know why he got zero percent. He got such low vote. It's like staying. The ryen for the president destroys your political future. How's that yeah again? A lot of them are either told or they feel like it's it's valuable just to get the name out. You know really on for something else that they're they're going to do in Huger. Let let me let me draw an analogy read out of the Bible. There's there's a section of genesis talks about King Nimrod who was a mighty work in the face of God now. If you look at ancient Hebrew it means he was actually opposed to God and we would do is do who daily things in in the third hour we're GonNa talk about the status book by Carl gallops and the the actual definition of what evil is ninety eight percent of evil looks tastes and smells good for example a lot of the things that Donald Trump has done are on the face good including the economy et Cetera et Cetera some of the ways he's done in his. I wouldn't do it that way for example I wouldn't tweet against people were minor players. I think he had to tweet against these squad because the way they're acting but to be honest with you. People don't understand that most evil will is doing what is right in your own is a lot of people feel justified whether they're powerbrokers controlling the World Bank's or corporations or pseudo environmentalists. I'm a real environmentalist. I was one of the charter members of Greenpeace almost fifty years ago with Patrick more. What an oceanographer before I went into medicine so here's the definite here's the issue that I both on the left and the right? There's what's called chaos masters. Now people may find this a little hard to believe but I want them to know they can challenge me because I'm talented okay not arrogant but talented the big damn difference a call eight eight eight one eight sixty four. Oh One and you could present any problem on earth health geopolitical astrophysical. Whatever and I will provide you an instant answer Mr not delayed or a way to approach and find the answer within days weeks months and the problem is the caste masters including the people that wrote the peanut document or the left right now? They'll say crazy things like you know <hes> Omar like when. Huey or color of the acid a cortex right if you don't approaches are World War Two the environmental issues and get rid of airplanes and fossil fuels cars if you don't build a trained Hawaii if you don't get you know refurbish all buildings and go to zero energy and C O two production is the end of the world and of course with you. I don't know who is hers her handler but these people don't believe it because you can see the guy that's managing her. They have their private planes. Lindsay's people like you know you know some of these all pseudo environmentalists but the whole idea comes down to one very basic thing you gain power through chaos or for fear right now for example people are afraid to speak for example. I've had situations even with relatives or friends or members of my family that because I have spoken they would ask me for example what you used to do now. That's an open ended question now. Unfortunately sometimes I don't don't use a lot of tact and you probably know tactless which is positive away because God takes tactless people like me to open up cans of worms and other people don't open right so I think it's important to kind of realize that but area we are looking for something <hes> so anyway so what are what you do is talk about the idea that people use chaos as a way of controlling we can see it where they pretenders no solution to the healthcare issue or to the border or there's no solution to who controlling the environment or primary water which will replace the water issues so let's talk about this. What are the chaos issues that they're dealing with both the left and right and attend schools and the so-called secret issues are they pushing well? It's you the donkey with <hes> both the the whip and the and the character tied in front of him <hes>. There's any fisherman knows they hook with something. That looks like it's a I taste year right and what's the song with a little bit of honey makes the medicine go down. Medicine is <hes> designed to control you and we all have natural fears Halio. We run away from <hes>. We know when a beehive falls on the ground you know you you <hes> you may tracks pretty quick. <hes> people's <hes> have natural sense of fear one that I've got as I don't like heights at all. I'm Elev- glass elevator or something like that. I get a little <hes> swoozie but I think those are the reactions that are built in you and whether you're being attracted with a little bit of truth or Bait on a hook or whether you're being manipulated by fear these are <hes> the natural things that occur in her body that are used and and <hes> by evil people to manipulate us to do what they want and by their repetition of that they they created so that it becomes wrote just like the fear you know the FBI started coming at you you know he run or if you see something you know pick it up limited explain something people like you and me and people like let's say Gary Richard Arnold Carl Gallup's who's a pastor people collector Betty Martini harleys langer where people that don't just accept <hes> what's Fed to us okay we are raised questions that make us feel stupid or uninformed and we seek to find answers. There's two paradoxes and anomalies in front of US backing us and the side of the head now when you ask enough questions you realize and I realized that there's a character logical difference between people that are creative geniuses and create the future like <hes> Nikola Tesla has la <hes> you know you know Sir Isaac Newton Edison of you know Raymond Rife people like you know you know that <hes> <hes> that have invented the future basically and the main thing they did is they ask questions they realized that they can't play with with cognitive. Dissonance needed other words conflicting thoughts that don't make sense the two of them conflict with each other and I don't think of the public is stupid. In fact I learned a good lesson especially with my daughter with down syndrome if you train her. She's just as smart as anybody else. It just takes longer because there's zinc all the censor banned and Central Bank of it this way. If you had movers come in your house and you had a spiral staircase they would tell you I'm not taking that big coach down the spiral staircase. We can't do it or that big grand piano after take it apart so they would take apart say some big T._v.. Or something else and they've lowered or they bringing outside and swing it out through the window. Well that's the way people learn people learn by breaking gone concept to sub concepts and then putting reassembling them on the other side of the center abandon their their cognitive CORTEX. The problem is smarter. People have a bigger hole larger concepts can brought across and they also break fixings down more efficiently so that they can move it across and pieces to the other side of their censor banned. That's it and I actually have brain exercises. I'm going to put together a video to explain to people how to get smarter in a matter of minutes. Yes using what I call. I call censor banned training meaning. You know or training exercises the problem is that the powers that be whether it's an educational institutions religions. Try to feed you things are cognitively distant. They don't make sense and you can see it. Whether it's religion or of its geopolitics uh-huh politics or finance I mean look the financial theory that she apparently had an education. In some kind of finance. God knows what kind of school she went to but they taught her that there is all the money tree we just have to print money and just pay for anything what mm-hmm so the chaos masters are behind both on the left and the right creating a state of paralysis chaos when we have problems in front of us both personally or health geopolitically on the world stage the lactic levels and literally because I don't play with God you this. I have a slew. Everything not just something everything. Do you have difficulty taking supplements. 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Of the network Mike Mike Horn and I'd like you give you say two or three tough questions questions that you think you've never received an answer for or analysis of how to found the answer with als geopolitical geopolitical or global problem and I'll give you my analysis go ahead. One of the things have to come in on two hundred in Tainan in your reference to being tactful is trying trying to work up a grand piano up a spiral staircase and I think that's exactly what what trump was able to you know. Just you know forget that nonsense. It makes more sense to go through <hes> go up a few stairs and go through the damn window. It's it's <hes> not going through. <hes> the the gauntlet or the <hes> the winnowing process of of custom it's to be able to think think on your feet and sometimes trying to be tactful. What you do is you you know you're you get caught along the sides of the Stream <hes> by the big fish you know waiting in the little <hes> <hes> places to gobble? Oh you up. You've gotta find a shortcut and understand <hes> that you need to create your own own way and the same as the different <hes> barriers they throw in front of us a lot of time we see them in their <hes>. They're manufactured and they're labeled and they're packaged as a independence item whether it's <hes> <hes> rent control or <hes> <hes> an invasion coming quarter or all the other things but these these are these are networks of principles that <hes> you don't want to get into playing ping pong all day you you want to turn over the table and get on with business so uh anyway. That's that's I think the I think there's a thousand different ways to try. I don't think there is one answer to to accomplish any one thing but I'd certainly like to hear suggestions of trying to bake up this <hes> <hes> marching <hes> instep <hes> attack <hes> coming against Republicans that make them fear in many states uh not to put on a red hatter not to speak up right so the thing I find is. I think it's a character logical. Thing may be genetic because I have in my ancestry number of usual people at creative things for example Sir Sanford Fleming and his family were my my my family inherited in Scottish side invented the steam engine and the time zones by family also <hes> were senior fighters in the in the Maronite Tonight Christians against Muslims in the Chouf Mountains in fact branches was Chevron General Thirty. Stop them destroying the Christians in Lebanon in the eleventh century. <hes> what people understand is. I think some some of it is upbringing but I think a lot of genetics think that just like yesterday we talked about this with <hes> with low aponte that each of us in the sense is like a news genetic trial in an ups another sub-species. I think we're like salt for example. I'm like a spice Golden Eagle Spice so little eagle into the spice of human kind that doesn't know when to shut up that always seems to be able to have an answer to analyze things can never deal with cognitive dissonance so I remember when I was a three year old and a start asking questions of adults would start cringing at an in grade one my sister. Marie Black Teacher told a story about how children took their little by angel bodies took a human body and came down to Earth. They said Sister Blackie. What you said is a figment of your productive imagination ear full of rope groped? What do you mean by Rope Degal? I'm little great runner and she said I said well. It's like when you go to the bathroom. No she got so mad she get on the holiday goal so she strapped me until my risk for bleed us as enough billy. I said I don't know. Are you tired yet now. She remembered it in nineteen seventy six when actually diagnosed her hot abdomen she'd quit the nunnery had five kids and had a acute peritonitis due to a ruptured diverticulitis and we had to take a sex to rebel savor life and should I remember you especially when I other will be about Damien Thorn the Anti Christ. I knew you were going to be someone special because we couldn't break you now. You gotTA understand this. I've had a lot of people try to Break Eagle. Including my medical school. Professors want me to stop asking ninety percent of the questions in class. My residency people the medical boards my research colleagues. My relatives and I'm not breakable. I'm an unbreakable guy okay now. I don't have a Cape and I can't fly at the speed of light bought a em mm-hmm in real terms intellectually spiritually a superman now. I'm not saying this is a boast. I'm saying God sent people like us that have superior intellect not because we're wonderful because I'm not wonderful okay. I'm not socially it can be a pain in the butt because because I may raise issues you don't WanNa hear may make you cringe but the thing is we don't face reality. We're going to suffer with it and people like yourself are an expert you went through politics and you learn the hard way that the the deep state need globalist for example you'd mentioned on before we did show you're going to talk about how the United Nations and these so-called local authorities cogs and so on have literally taken over government and the manipulates the banks insurance carriers decide to deter people so they can't get home back like northern California after the fires <hes> or they manipulate control policy including whether or not we recycle water from hydro fracking which is dangerous and also triggering earthquakes but the problem is that the winning selector the right they always pretend. Candidate there's no solution to a problem and one of the things about us as human beings all of us not just me but all of us including my daughter with Down Syndrome and anybody even if they say they have a low I._Q.. Everybody can problem solve if they're properly trained how to think that maybe slower than someone else but they all have the capacity to properly train. Our schools are disintegration institutions that teach people not to think with. I put up my brain exercises. You'll actually start noticing within miniature. I Q arise me ability to remember things and learn things things I was possible. I said it's even before you started taking my fancies supplements to raise your I q and your memory so I want you to ask a couple of questions that you think no one has answered before that you think are suppose left and right say are insoluble whether it's healthcare or the border or international trade or finance whatever just raise any issue you want just throw it at me. Just like a mini gone bump up up up up hit me with all you got please well. Here's one thing I I've never really understood and that was during World War. Two why <hes> the military commanders thought it was so important to take each and every Pacific island rather than leaving ah the military and those Japanese under munitions and stuff snuck on those islands and and and do like checkers just jumped over a couple of these things leave those guys out there alone with a with a different the strategy in pinchers move right. Here's how things house word things and work more American war machine is very efficient for one major reason. It's called chain of distribution. If you have a you know the Romans are in this longtime ago that army moves on stomach so if you can't supply food and supplies whether it's military weapons or whatever or protection or you can't actually take care of people who get sick in the battlefield for example if you get a certain number of people who get injured even but something nothing like diarrhea I remember this quote from the Bible talked about the fact that would God did rather than taking down and killing a couple hundred thousand series for attacking Israelis. He gave them all diarrhea so one of the things in the Ark of the Covenant People don't realize is golden hemorrhoids. Did you know the Golden. Hemorrhoids are inside the Ark of the Covenant now. It's the fact okay you can read in your bibles. Oh I think it goes crazy. No just read okay please and the fact is that <hes> chain of command is very important so you're absolutely right. I heard an interesting comment and trump is a genius in some ways okay some of the things that he talks about social strategy strategically. This guy is way way high I._Q.. So he mentioned this one guy he's pretty funny too. I delivers a story because he was very good in the apprentice and even when they replaced him with Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold did not have it you might have been able to beat him up but he couldn't beat him up verbally or with strategy from the trump okay so he'd written this guy but I knew who who are you general. This is over in Afghanistan <hes> I did order to Iraq. What's your name is my name? President trump is raising raising me like what kind of raising raising like the raisins you buy at the store. He did yes Sir President and he said well. What's your last name? You said Cain your name is raising. Cain said you should be in casting okay. Okay now. Trump is making a big joke and people laugh and that's why they go to to to like North Carolina just recently yesterday with trump they go there to be entertained del Campo outside and get sunburnt and stay outside and the rain wherever because trump is he's so real this guy even if he screws up like he's got five G. Network News Pushing G._M._O.. Food Zone he's real. He's just screwed up the rest of us. Only he's now got the levers of power and has levers of power people are so fed up with Hitler Hillary Rotten Clinton in the left and right by the way people like Paul Ryan who's another phoney and Rhino just like Romney they're so fed up with their status quo and this is not just an America. That's why populism is rising. They want people that are tree problem solvers now if you look at at the first years trump was in before he lost the House and he lost for one reason the media and the Intel agencies made him look like such a monster that enough idiots voted and by the way these Americans are Co member idiots they still think trump was felon and collaborate with Russians even after he put the screws to Putin and rations and have given you know tank killing missiles to Ukrainians and put sanctions on hurting the hell out of the Russian economy. I mean their economy his lesson Rhode Island okay. It's ridiculous yeah. They got weapons. They're like having Bulgaria with weapons nukes. Okay it. They're useless all right and Putin of course has got this big ego because he's probably a blood descended of the arena and Rasputin okay this priests and managed to kind of sexually getter after the Bruce decided to kill the Romanov family because you don't what the Romanovs to collaborate with Germans Great Transsiberian railway which eventually they did and it certainly didn't why have an alliance. That's why you'll see for example. Do you know in the in the Putin government and private residence and in the in a secret chambers the only language broken his German. Did you know that because he actually was stationed in East Germany Putin speaks more flow in Germany does Russian. Did you know that no no new didn't then of course the West especially the British and the United Nations and the Royal Queen of England chief reptile. They are controlling the banking systems reserve. They don't want a Russian German lines. They don't want even American restaurants. Imagine the power of the two major nuclear powers on earth assigned to take to to be friends imagine decided to work China so they protect and actually honor patents because to be honest with you. They're very good at cloning and stealing things because it's their culture is against. I call chopstick cultures against creativity either just a smarter smarter than us in terms of being engineers and ten or twenty times more engineers. I had a friend WHO's actually over there in a corporation a few years ago and he said we bought this corporation in China and we always engineers and say we'll take your own bench and make something any went back six months later. Nobody done anything do things why we were afraid that if we make something we're going to be sent off to allow die prison camp and tissue type for their organs right. I said you're kidding is corporate guy told me so what what people have to understand is our culture is an open culture which means means is not socialist or totalitarian it honors the exceptionalism it honors people like me like for example if I had this radio show in Canada I._B._M.. Jail years ago I travel back in two thousand and two it's new ministry and Willard Not News Abroad Brandt rocket engineers smart guy founded administrable forty years ago and we started supporting them in one thousand nine hundred eighty s so we support them financially and prayerfully they have the second largest studios and candidate for movies and everything and they have their own radio and Television Vision Tower Read Darren Winnipeg Manitoba now his daughter and son-in-law taken over the ministry and they're retired now but Willard told me in two thousand and they were on camera you said but I know you've got a big most eagle and you don't know how to have restrained to shut up okay and he because he knows right you know Oh call straight and he said you're going to say things that you know. You're probably having R._C._M._p.. Officer walk in and put you in cops and shutdown radio and television tower now. If you criticize Islam now or you criticize any sexual roop like gay lesbian or whatever even if I don't you know I tolerate them and I even have customer patients that are I don't say you're less of an American but if you say anything they don't like even if it has the shade of a whatever including <music> quoting scripture you're going to jail legal understanding America's different. We still have freedom of speech. Are you still looking for that. One iodine that you can really trust a medical doctor endorse a product that is backed by honest research and true integrity of science then search no further go to neutral medical dot com for Dr Bill Eagles new try adine proven time and time again to be the very best iodine available before you sign is the only tesla activated monitoring Plasma Haya Dine in the world optimizes myocardial function generation of new Mitochondria from totally neutralizing venom from the desert precludes spider bite in southern. 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Exchange Change Telomeres etc.. We have life support. The detox is face to detox pathways glue Purana Dacian Salvation and methylation pathway support. We have glycemic some blocks of carbohydrate absorption health diabetes or weight loss and as swell helps with people that are trying to build muscle using things like our special formulas from Dr Wolf Call Mega Muscles between meals along with sports energy light. We have the amazing neutra complete the most complete read and re greened Wean strength in the world with the best feel and flavor because often mix it too but a mineral which are fruit flavored mixed power vitamin stay well with neutral medical every day Marla and so let's <music> and welcome back and Gary so far off some questions <hes> talk about areas that you think that our politicians pretenders solution one of the things about trump eilly like I think I must share some gene remember her. He has his mother's and McLeod and blood. We have McLeod blood in me as well and that's Donald Trump's mothers McLeod people know that do they but and you have to understand this when you have an agile that trump has ask for example when they asked him to fix the rink in central park. They knew he would get under budget and before they even take it could be done you know wouldn't take six years like they're doing previously done six mark but he's a problem solver for example. The ASS raising Cain name is mentioned in the earlier story. or how long would it take six years one month sir. How did you do that? We attack them from the front from the back from design and everything in other words each just do it just like if you got somebody that septic in there in the I._C._U.. You WanNa <unk> have biofilm penetrating outdo pathogenic you WanNa turn off the side of the body like with our power C.. Plus you knew by feeding tube units are in a coma and you can solve the problem just like I can solve up to four hundred health conditions though the doctors find. How'd you do that Eagle? Oh why is everything I use hyper auction genetic frequently treatment bloom and Photon ev genetic frequently light therapy nutraceutical deal Redeina regulatory peptides from Dr Caverns Research Institute in Saint Petersburg I use every our military and I have just like trump when he got rid of Al Qaeda and Isis and the problem is that they don't like it and this is both the left and right that's why the media and the global is on the left and the writer freaked out by trump because he's a problem solver now. He's got bad advisers razors. He needs to further download burgers like for example John Lightning Bolt and Mike Bomb Pale who's also arrogant beating the drum to just go to war. You can do a lot of stuff before you go to war with Iran. I mean the first thing putting us we up. One of the things you brought up. Earlier is is a bogeyman of Russia. You know thirty years ago about nineteen ninety Russian had one hundred and forty nine million people and <hes> right now. The United Nations is projecting and thirty years. It's going that'd be a hundred and thirty two million so you know after after fifty sixty years they've they will have lost <hes> tens of millions of population and even today they've got seven million temporary migrant workers to help them. You know with with the work they need to have done their <hes> they have a real high death rate and they're also trying to hold still some of their. You know their cultural basis. I guess you're or some <hes> a rise in Russian nationalism which is certainly better than <hes> going the European Union way where everybody is the same no matter what but <hes> <hes> if you you compare them to Red China. Who has you know they are popping out babies all over California there in all of our universities and Diane Feinstein's <hes> read spy <hes> as recently as this year at <hes> University of Santa Cruz is <hes> drawing crowds and speaking freely so <hes> the the this newspaper stuff and concerned about <hes> treasonous collusion my God these guys are are so thick of it themselves salves? I hate that word called mind boggling but it's a mind boggling thing I try to fame. The idea that I'm shocked. Never really shocked <hes> and the reason is that I have. I think it's basically something is my genetics that I've asked questions ask more questions. Most people live a thousand years and most of the time I proved to myself that I know almost nothing even though the people think I'm really smart I feel I'm just like a very inquisitive average person at asked ten mark ties more questions than the average person as not afraid to ask and the same thing with you you frat hardaway. If you went you politics. That's why I want. People people say well. How'd you are hone your skills for logic and for brain exercises I said by being <hes> not compliant by not complying with that also wanted me to say that the spiritual dude and existed? I didn't see other beings establishment has been made off of of <hes> of China. It was <hes> the family you said did opium in China where the astor's and the Forbes and the Russel's Delano in person <hes> and of course <hes> Russell the CO founder of the or his cousin Samuel Russians Russell bewailed Russell was co founder of skull and bones. They you know they literally run us. Say are active in China Today. They're the ones runs with the <hes> huge plants that are having you know four and five years old and a couple million <hes> Muslims you know having to do work in in in concentration camps and of course the thing about that well. Well the problem is they don't talk about the fact that it Islam slavery is actually considered good. It's part of being an Islamic and that Islam preaches that when Shoo Jesus returns these Lesser Than Prophet Muhammad who's also also most return as the in my my d. and these supposed to behead Christians they don't convert to Islam but when you confront Muslims about this and you so you can quote from the Hudson the Koran No. You can't call it that yeah I can't quote unquote. The Bible too and I can actually tell you how it's misquoted or scriptures are not interpreted for example. If you're locksmith you can't forget a number code or the locks them not going to work for you. So are you being jail. Well no I'm. I'm a lot tougher than people realize for example sample periodically I get death threats by deaths in the back and one of the things I talked to Debra diverse the other day she talks desperately laid the hours and she gets pretty obscene. I realized ultimately God's going to save us but he's GonNa Inspires us what to do where to be witters earthquake volcano whereas changes or totalitarian for example. If the Democrats took over it wouldn't at all surprise me if we had three terms of Democrats and twenty twenty twenty four and twenty twenty eight we'd have to tell during socialist please state right three terms were done on twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty four twenty twenty eight. We're screwed now. If you think that the <hes> so-called Democratic Party and their gun grabbing maniacs GonNa grab gone from ninety three million armed Americans with hundreds of billions of bullets and also nonlethal and lethal weapons I can make your delusional use a politician are gonNA end up either in prison or dead okay now. They have to understand this. Americans are not passive like other countries for example when he did the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Most Russians were not fully aware in fact where the first thing that David has killed Russian Orthodox <hes> pastures at believed in God and the and the Jewish rabbis were actually real good rabbis some of them were are involved with <unk> with some of these you know the town would and so on but they they were trying to be religious tried to actually be do good people and they head to kill him because the people are Random Ulster Grosz run by the jesuits were atheist at one hundred twenty eight thousand of the Nazi S S were Jews Genetically Jews but they were atheists. Just like the atheist run Hollywood or the Big Bang tree now there are Jewish heritage or at least a call themselves Jews alone lot of merger neck because Aryans and who became Jews in the ninth century when King by Lom said hey which to religion should we convert to convert to Islam or Christianity or Judaism and they said well our choices. I think we should become Jews L._A.. Times this morning reported that <hes> one of the <hes> custom border agents <hes> <hes> was has been selling <hes> illegal weapons since two thousand five so you're talking a decade and a half. It's interesting. His name is <hes> w e the I and then X.. You wazoo right Chinese again Wazoo with the machine guns being distributed in the State of California which is overwhelmingly well by Communist China and the limits limits something okay and I happen to know the facts of the so's not opened anybody's damned opinion <hes> San Pedro California is one of the primary sites where Communist made Guillotine eighteens and air seventy machine guns and other weapons are being distributed to gangs all across America and the gangs by the way working in collusion with the drug cartels Intel agencies like sad they don't operate independently our police locally in Los Angeles and elsewhere no of like in Los Angeles like fourteen thousand gangs or something really crazy and these gangs by the way a lot of people that are sometimes foreigners that work from Central America and he did three tours of duty then they become an American citizen inside the best job to do is become a cartel airtel enforcer so when they WANNA get rid of 'em thirteen eliminate limits is your we have is a drug cartels are working injunction with Intel agencies because we get our cut for the drug money poisoning and killing are American citizens to two hundred thousand here from opiates from drugs et Cetera so in other words that money is not monitored by the President Congress Senate and it goes into deep underground military bases genetic engineering offering space projects and the virtual world project which is the Matrix they're building and we're far ahead of the Chinese who are very worried that maybe we'll get there I will we already are there. We've been here for thirty years. Okay so what people don't understand when when I say this even in my family you can't say that in public. We don't want you at our such-and-such party well. The fact is people. Don't WanNa hear these things because they're they're not stupid. They're viciously ignorant. They figure bare their teeth growl and his fellowship. You you'll shut the hell up. I'm not going to shut up. I'm not because until the last moment of my last I might economy leaving myself. I'm GonNa continue telling the truth and I do it on radio because I don't find anybody now includes Alex Jones or anybody else out there including deference gets to the real meat right down to the bones and the molecules appeals of the problem I get to the actual core trans dimensional element of this people think it's just greedy or stupider. Evil people are sexually perverts. No he goes way beyond that. Doesn't it yeah well. I Know San Pedro I used to manage a thrifty not drugstores in the fort there and of course people would you know they come in there and buy cases and stuff not ones these doozy's but the longshoremen were were run by Harry Bridges who they've known a paper says was a <hes> a communist spy along with agnes middle of the sword spy ring together Galesi Panetta's friend well. They wonder why this guy was a teacher. I think in <hes> in somewhere in New York he got involved with somebody in the in the in the <hes> <hes> flyer mergers on money paint a lot of his money was obtained from drug cartels in fact. It's known his pain was not just shipping. Young girls were brought in from foreign countries there prepubertal juvenile and underage boys and girls for sexual fantasies or action of sacrifice. It was for drug trade so be it we need to know. He worked directly with the CIS S._A._D.. In fact states of it's a real helical Israel and Saudi Arabia are Ron. I'm just like Europe is run by the sad and they do it. Through their proxies the council on firm relations the <hes> the Bilderberg organizations et Cetera these are just proxies of the Intel agencies that have completed project was conceived by the Tuli Society of not to Germany in fact our intel agencies the N._S._A. F._B._i.. Are just the daughters or descendants of the Nazi S S ender secret orders the to every single C._I._A.. Money and it was <hes> Helen Blazey Ford whose father assassinated <hes> the head of international right so a lot of people have to understand here behind the scenes of this is evil for example look at Adolf Hitler knew how to describe him. You have to have to drive them. I E isn't a cultist he even investigated new Schwab and land because he had documents to try to get the sort of destiny which was sorry that was supposedly the spirit that killed Jesus and puncher to his chest because of the blood and the and the fluid to come up what people need to start understanding here is <hes> they don't WanNa go all the way I see Tucker Carlson go so far little red line to cross the sea handy kind of kissing trump's but trump needs to have somebody to mono a mono talk to the man because he's bright in some ways but otherwise he's dangerous for all of us. He's pushing five network. He's pushing recycled food. He's knocked building and missile defense system even while the Russians leary if we attack Iran they could've well said a missile at the very least with a weapon of indignation and knock on our power grid but with trump's not aware of it or there's compartmentalization in the government and I saw this I'd have people in one colored line going offer lockdown thirty days panicking when they want to know what they're buddies are doing a different color line and lock down and when I told them they freak out they go into a cold sweat and our pupils finish balls pinpoints I didn't because I knew how to face reality. I'm not afraid to ask tough questions. California's State is the fifth column. I believe the F._B._I.. And other Oh yeah absolutely absolutely that's why they wanna make they wanNA. Californian is the entire United States and now this new governor the not ball and satanic not ball. He wants to do the same. I think the whole United States converges socialist communist trade zone area three of the new world order. That's what's going on. We don't believe it too bad. You're going to Bailey that someday. Maybe why you're marching.

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