Collin Raye Performs His Biggest 90s Hits + Bobbys Top 5 Jake Owen Birthday Songs + Arkansas Keith Solves Bobbys Antler Debate


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It's devastating to see what the people of Louisiana and surrounding areas are dealing with right now in the wake of Hurricane Laura it's amy from the bobby bones show here and just wanted to let you know that you can help out by going to bobby bones, dot com, and if you WANNA purchase a pimp joy item from there or Louisiana strong shirt that the shot Ford put up. We have those linked again at bobby bones, dot com, and if you're curious about what Pimp Joya maybe you're a new listener, it started years ago as a movement when my mom was battling cancer and it's definitely based on a positive message of choosing joy when you're going through a hard time spreading joy to others. So anytime you buy a pimp enjoy item, it goes directly to spreading joy to those that need it and right now Louisiana needs our help. So bobby bones dot com for that. So bobby bones post show pre show like to say thank you to everybody that has put my scratchy voice for the past few days. I feel like I've done a good job. Making sure that it stays. Okay. Not The best but you know we didn't do a post show yesterday at all just trying to save it so I can get onto the radio show. So I appreciate you guys. Not not pushing myself to hardy. No. I got a couple of things we're going to the post show. We'll keep it short today just because. I'm GONNA blow to sports out for Monday. But why don't we do flashback Friday two, thousand three. Here we go. Flashback. Friday in two thousand, three on this day. Twenty. who was this Elvis. Just an Austin. I was a young. Unorthodox night got no. Three I was doing the morning for the first time. Young. Orthodox morning guy who there were like, what the crap they doing giving this guy radio show. was that dozen. Boy Dramatic dramatic year when they gave me the show they're like he's twenty two. Twenty three that year but. You can't give a morning. He just never done mornings and I was like inside I was like, right Outside I was like so stupid I can do I can do anything. But Yeah inside I was like, yeah. They should give a multimillion dollar station to some idiot. He's never done mornings but here we are the biggest country song that year as Brooks and Dunn Red Dirt. Road. Jam, the biggest pop song is into club descent. Play this every ten seconds and your show. I feel. The biggest thing of pop culture Madonna shared a kiss with Britney Spears and Christina. Aguilera. And so in the middle of that Madonna, brushed a piece of hair from Brittany's facing kissed her. Right after the kiss, the camera immediately panda Justin Timberlake. But what people forget if she did it Christine, Aguilara to now wasn't the news story it was just her and Brittany, is bringing a bigger deal then right Award shows we're cool we wait for them. From all the time now, we don't give a CRA. One other thing I to play and I haven't heard this a purposely not listening to the cringe this could be cringe Mike is. So Mike d found an old clip of me from ten years ago Oh boy. So flashback Friday personal me singing billionaire with Bruno Mars. So billionaire trying McCoy featuring Bruno Mars. I was going through an hard-drive micro and found some old interviews and performances from back in the day. This one was pretty cool. Two, thousand ten. Bruno Mars stop by he was still a new artist who is mostly known for his features on nothing on you by B O B and billionaire with tragedy McCoy. Here's Bruno Mars Oh God Come on I wanNA hear this. Here's Bruno Mars doing the singing part and I come in on the rap don't play this. I know remember this we were in the I don't. I. Just went with something I don't know how bad. I'm already sticking up for myself in ten years ago I know this is going to be terrible. Do I want the whole minute twenty by that? Okay. Here we go. Billionaire. Song. Faking Ben. Things on. A whole. House magazine Smile next all. Clean. Average. Close Mile. Seem odd name is Shawn. Precipitating. swizzle. I would have a show like Oprah. I will read a host every day. Christmas. Give me a wish list I probably pull Angelina rapidly adopted bunch babies never had giveaway. A Mercedes Hillary have this. Somebody they last week it's been a couple months since I've been single several call me Bobby Klaus, minus the Jojo get it probably visit work. Dam, sure, I do the Prima did. Forget about me stupid everywhere. Okay. Take it Bruno. That was awesome. So, good things stuck out to me one. I was really trying to mimic Dr McCoy with my my. Thing too I said the word I. Don't I haven't cursed in years. It's always weird here makers stocking on the day man in old days, and also the big thing is Bruno. Mars so. Amazing is so good. When's he gonNA come on this show I don't know maybe recreate everybody thinks about all the time. Bobby to recreate that moment right you're gonNA. Love today. Show I'm going to shut up and let's get to it. Thank you guys by the way Monday branly. Gilbert will be on. There's a new bobby cast up. I talked to Tracy Lawrence. If you WANNA, check them on music podcast Um four things, amy what's going on yours? Oh, I have continuing the conversation about feelings on mine interview with a guy that runs foster homes in Haiti, which is awesome, and then also give you a list of things that you should not feel guilty about but sometimes we often do. So it's a real diverse episode check out four things with amy. Brown. The guys have the Sore Loser Sport Show, we'll see you guys Mike. D. Has Movie Mike Movie podcast. We'll see you guys later. Bye. It'll tell you about best scenes. It's game pretty much. Everybody's talking about mortgage plays sometimes before we start the show, you know really challenges your brain with the fun puzzles, but it's also a very casual game. So it won't stress you out, which is perfect. These days right what's great is you can use the game as way to connect with your friends and your family all social distancing the game is so much more than your average mobile puzzle game. It's five star rated with over one hundred, million downloads, thousands of fun levels and tons of characters to collect. Their new in game challenges and events every month. So the Games always fresh, you'll never be bored with it. You can even play game without using. Wi Fi. So here we go. You don't WanNa. Miss out on the game join millions of Americans and a lot of us here on the show who are already planned this fun puzzle game download best scenes for free on the apple APP store or Google play today. Over there download best scenes for free apple APP store or Google play that's friends without the our best beans check it out. I do think you'll like friends out the our best fiends. What's up? Studio Good Morning, studio. Thank you. I stayed up. All. Night last night just dealing with this sinus thing. But I feel like I'm on the track back on track back baby. Both I talk like this around the house. And I'm not sick at all. It's just once a years thing gets me and I've take every medicine in the world I wake up. Take three allergy pills to take just nonstop stop medicine cabinet every day. But Yeah. Hopefully I got a steroid shot. You. Have a friend. WHO's a nurse that helps? Yeah I was like hey dude and he got a steroid, shot. Ella. Pretty lucky to have a friend that's a nurse. It can do that. Not Everybody does but definitely count my blessing on that one. But if I'm performing in the city I'm doing standup I have this I'll find like a minute clinic, the popular the steroid shot you feel great for about four hours and then you just WanNa rip your guts out the rest of the night because it's such a singer. So that's last night I watched the final night of the Republican National Convention I watched every night. Of both of them. I feel that and that's pretty awesome both. Your. What's your take him I felt that's a great question. What's my takeaway I feel like? I'm suffering an existential crisis with myself right now that I don't I watch them both and I'm like. Yeah to some of it. That's IT I can't. I'm just not what I guess everybody is where you just take yourself in firmly put yourself in aside and dig in go. We're here you're not you suck. Yeah Drives me. Crazy. So that's what I found that. I've not normal because I watch and their things and I'm. I'm I smaller government but then again, I was on food stamps and welfare is a kid. You know. I am. Second Amendment got guns in my house however, I think it should be a little harder to get one. And so I just kind of walked down these. I love our law enforcement but if you don't think there are problems right now out of your frigging mind. So But. You almost can't have that opinion because a new get yelled at by both sides and that's that sucks because that's what people spend the majority of their time doing and then it's just the bashing and the not. Just feel like be so much more productive. If people thought that way in trust me I for years just because it's how I grew up. I was very very. Narrow minded voter just because this was the party I registered as and so that's what I had to vote for. A registered Republican but I don't feel that attached to it that it defines me as a person and that means I have to agree with every single person or that I have to support candidates on the Republican ballot that's just doesn't have to happen. And once you give yourself that permission to like think other things than i. mean you just feel better and I just feel like sometimes people are just so stuck in their party lane that their blinders on and I've been there. So just and I am I'm talking all the politicians right now all the ones that are listening. Oliver. Take your blinders off. Well, they have to act a way to get the money they need. Because they're getting money from people with blinders on. So I'm also talking to people with money. Yeah. Good luck with that and people money just want their ideas pushed along. They're basically paying their ideas push? Yeah. So there's just a lot but I watched both both, and then I I was like, let me draw my conclusion as to where I feel and I just feel like I'm not like everybody else I just feel like everybody most folks are on side and the hate the other side and I can't make myself do that. There are crazy racial issues in this country again. I, don't take the show and go down this road a lot but that's how that's how I got a cold now watch both conventions and finished going I dunno cats on with me and when I run and Arkansas. I can literally go one of three ways. I could be a progressive. Republican. Conservative moderate Democrat or an independent, but you have no money there. It's hard to get somebody to back you. So if any of the Waltons are listening Any of. You have some canal started go fund me now for my campaign if I do run. That's getting a little testy around work to the. Corporate, where are you with that same thirty percents we're GONNA see what happens this election. You know I think how this maybe not so much who wins but I think how this election Happens. And what happens because we this is something we've never seen before we're about to have mail in ballots, which there's are completely legit We're we're going to have people not wanting to vote because of the pandemic we're GONNA have. Who knows what's GONNA happen with the results afterward so I think a lot of that will depend on that. You running running for. Leaving this show in two thousand, twenty, one to go run. But I'm thirty percents. Still people ask me all the time to check the temperature with an Instagram Paul. No. Who would get out and vote? Well, it's only people in Arkansas. I've followers from Arkansas we have we do have but so. That's what I did. We did that went to amy's house though. Dropped her sons they gift off. took him a playstation for giving them one first birthday. Oh. Yeah. Is He gonNA play with us now? Yeah. But he didn't really care. Okay He. Won't care told been your husband I was like he he wasn't that appreciative then but once he plays he's going to be like this is the greatest thing ever Yeah. He didn't. I said what he I know he was so excited to get a gaming console because that's what he wanted and I asked him. You left I was like, why were you more excited because it's embarrassing something about him is like shifting to where he? Feel like. To Act as embarrassing, and I'm like, that's not embarrassing to. Be excited about you an amazing gift but he he does love it. He'll love it. I'd have to love nobody. The song that's the all time against stuck in your head abalysts here. Five, four, three, two, one ready and number five on the song that gets stuck in my head all the time. If I hear once I can't stop singing. It's a newer one F.. G., L. Meant to be oh. Yeah. Just can't shake it. It takes something to knock that one out. Some other ones will just go away but I need something to knock meant to be out because it just stays in the good one. That's a my number five on songs in my head number four in I don't hear La but when I do, I. Don't lose it. It's Wilson Phillips hold on. Friday. Can shake down. And number three. Is, what they call Rick Rolling Rick Ashley Never GonNa give you up. Number two in the songs at stay on my head the longest that I can't shake. The Lion Sleeps Tonight? Jong. This song. My. Once I hear it. I. Salon Cool ninety-five get great oldies ninety five year. We're GONNA play the Lion Sleeps. Tonight. We mob we. Four different parts of this on that can destroy your head all and then finally. And you guys may have this on your list. My number one song that if I hear it, it's it's so hard to get it out. Is this one right here because? Off. Town on. Believe what? They would have that on there's. The main one anybody has. Adjusted Bieber Baby. Eddie what is it for you? I don't know why I get stuck in my head but and I hate this song it's watch me whip watchmen damage. A. Odds easy trumbull woman tub-thumping asking. To. Mines an old song. It's Vanessa Carlton's thousand miles so good. Final One Raymond, what's get stuck in your head your anytime I meant I guess not the bar nowadays. But whenever I'm about to get a beer an ice cold beer. Think Lou, combs. Really Catchy Hook. We'll put it up on our facebook page. Tell us what song stays in your head along with like you just you just can't get I wake out. There's. All the time there's a song in my head at some point me to. My head's Jukebox it's just one song to another one song to another constantly. Brand neck. Song. comes. Up. Junk victim and it's free to Yeah. The words are never the same as the real version. But yeah. that. One of the best parts about Friday shows. Here we go. Number five. So Jackie Chan personally trained to stuntmen, and then he also pays for their medical bills out of his pocket. Wow. That's very nice. Recall Number Four Eddie who's the dog on frazier made ten thousand dollars per episode. His real name was Moose anti passed away in two thousand six More than three point two, million dollars on the show. was that dog really I never watched frazier was part of the show. Yeah. Always their. Name that's they took care of dog like crazy. I wonder if they had other ones. Back. Flick it Eddie's wow. Number three speaking of money and shows the breaking bad team was offered seventy five million dollars to produce three more episodes after the final season, which was estimated to be more than their earnings. In five whole years the team refused saying that the final episodes didn't accommodate. Installments, she goes it or watch the movie. On Netflix, you're the one with. Yeah, I did I did watch that one is okay. Yes. Right. Mid To was never super inspired to get into it. His cool to see some of the old characters come back but I don't really remember the story. That memorable better call Saul No. nope. Number two when facebook was developing the like button, the engineers all wanted to call it the awesome button but mark Zuckerberg vetoed it. And in two thousand and one, a Florida man wrestled a shark, the water to recover you his nephews arm that had been bitten off and doctors managed to successfully reattach it don't you in it for the nephew. That's pretty amazing on for sure. I would think, okay nephew go Any arm is son or nephew I'd be like Oh man that's too bad. The Shark. Got It stranger. Awesome, and that they could reattach. It's crazy. That's part. Right. We shop online some more than others but listen up if you're not using honey, you're doing it wrong and we just she's using honey. No it's so easy. It gives you discount codes who just save money like that honey is a free online shopping tool to save you money. Instantly as you shop just like amy snapped. When you go to check out, honey POPs up in your browser, all you have to do is click apply coupons wait a few seconds honey scans for every Promo code on the Internet honey automatically applies the best one of your car you get the best deal out there all that's accurate. Is that what you just get on and totally accurate Literally. Amy. Just told me this I went on the air honey has found. It's over seventeen million members over two billion dollars in savings. No wonder. It has over one hundred thousand five-star reviews on the Google chrome store not using honey this past enough free money it's free to use it installs and a few seconds, and now honey is a part of the papal family get honey for free at join honey dot com slash bones, join honey dot com slash bones, start saving join honey dot com slash bones. Latest Nashville Hollywood Morgan number two, thirty seconds. Here, he underwent share the track listing for her Christmas album coming out September twenty fifth. She will have a collaboration with John Legend called Hallelujah and her son Isaiah will be featured on her version of the classic song little. Drummer boy and lots of new music today Chris Stapleton shared a new song called starting over. Keep Our ben released a new song called Tumbleweed. into. Gets. Ingrained Smith announced a new album and dropped to new songs today called hate you like I love you in country things. Here's his song. Hate you like love you. I'm just trying to. You. View. Number. Two that's your skin. It's time for the good news. There was a woman Utah. She was doing some rappelling down a mountain when. Her hair got tangled in her gear. So she's just hang in there. Like the. With their hair luckily, the football team from Dixie State University was there repelling also and the football player some went down to the bottom of the cliff just in case she fell other ones grabbed her rope and for forty five minutes polder up by their hands by their hands. The ROKA. Wow. How does she was scared to death? Great story that's what it's all about. That was telling me something. Good. Show. This story comes us from Maryland Thon, Iowa a thirty two year old man stole a pickup truck and police were trying to figure out where it was and they check gps on star and they locate him as they're approaching the suspect they hit the button A. Car just like Bait car and he's like, oh no, I gotta get Outta here because the door won't unlock. So he jumps out of the window of the moving truck and he runs over his no lakes. Winds. Far out a land in the truck was still moving. So what happened to him He went to the hospital no broken bones, but he was arrested time much box. That's your boneheads store the day. Right, my former Stepdad Arkansas Keith. He's Doing. Hey I this bobby, what'd you disorder? Tough What's up. Man. We're pretty good. Actually got them all for a couple reasons. First he takes me during the show and was like, Hey, her daddy talk about that pink tricycle. Way Think about that if they had one tricycle and it was pink but for a little boy, what would you have done? Well. I would've probably got to. Get home and Kim motored out with camel take. Cambodia. Kemoko. That's true. It works fine that way. That's the only one that had probably. What'd you think about that girl? Would you? Give me a hard time though that hey, you should buy this. Don't don't worry about if it's blue or pink. Should have been done that. She should have been thrown out to Kim. We're GONNA. But I personally I would be trying to fill any. Anybody Avoids Back. That's just me though. Right now the other thing is and Keith, and Caitlyn myself where am I place in Arkansas? We're having dinner and we were talking about antlers or like Iraq like a buck in the house. And she wants one and I was like you know I just feel bad. That we're going to have one if we didn't kill it. and. So I, I'M NOT GONNA kill it. When I was younger but I'm not killing everything now and then she's not going to kill it because she's not a hunter at all but I said, okay or your dad or Arkansas Keith can provide us with one and that would also work. Now how do you feel about first of all? My reasoning on that do you feel like that's legitimate? Everybody. Not, a hunter, they're not one hundred, but you know I I, get your places look great with amount affair. So I'm just saying I have one. I'll give you an looks great and it's GonNa look right up there I'll see it already. Okay. So when we come back on a few weeks, you'll bring us one. Run you on Keats the only. Sport. It's beautiful. Wait what what is it exactly? It's a mule deer buck. Nineteen seventy four. Have you cleaned that thing? Is just some it's amount. Yeah it's amounted. Hey, look. At hassling the like if the full head with like you competit-. Well Yeah. Well. Yeah. I know but I guess to bobbies point how do you clean that you asked him off or what recommend you can. Community. So that's what I tell you the wind tax. Lender. So why this particular buck for Bobby is it's special or now that's been. Kind of special and you know my dad action shot it. That's cool. So and it was killing Rommel. Source sits it's. A little bit of meaning plus I'll pass. You know. I will. He's just majestic looking growing. Can you text me a picture of it later today? I will. All right. What else have I haven't video poker mall scintillating nobody the middle, one. Video of walking around the room bed, one of the days of the deer head. I'll send you the video. You're your lock it man fishing officiant all It's raining. Out A couple of words. All right. Well, he's getting ready for. This company far spoke is behind your own. What's first season? November toil you with muzzleloader I or no McMahon Muslim being October arteries as in like fifteen September. So it's gearing up for that. Everybody's it's all the talk you know. So what is all? WHAT'S THE HUBBUB? What's the hubbub around deer season coming up all the talk to people at the gas station And Roberti show showing you pictures on the game cameras. Game camera look what gets everybody's got off the game camera you know Okay and That kind of stuff you know everybody I can't wait man I. Bet you. That's the same plan I. Caitlin know that we have had a amount coming to us. From. Going to look great man I promise you. It's great there. We always value his opinion Arkansas. Keith. All right. We'll talk to you soon. Right our. Thanks to you later there is. This is Lee from Manhattan Kansas and he's talking about amy wrecking that car that our client Mazda gave her to drive around. Common. Auto. Insurance Company so I write. Vehicles. Every day saw picture of the damage on the Moslem that amy was wrecked and I wrote an estimate for damage around thirty one, hundred dollars from what I could see just stops on my friend. So Fun. But I'll say you've given them well over thirty, one, hundred and advertising. This may be the best thing ever. I. Looked at Mazdas talk yesterday spiked hard because. No, I'm serious if you're gotta the one SUV, the Mazda. C X nine is amazing. Scuba Steve has one to like for real. Are Awesome. He's like I don't my wife does scuba has a big truck Oh. Yeah. That's right. He has a little big scuba. Let's be on. Really it's not that big. Four a lot but it's not coming here taking close. I. Know thank you. It's really not that big. It's it's it's standard tires. It's not like it's like a forty super swamp or anything. I think it's OK. Your truck is huge. Well, thank you I appreciate it. No. Think I get a big trucks fine. Your truck is. The herkus fully larger than. Which means there's a reason why are you trying to show? That you love big trucks now honestly, very groups super, super-poor always had crappy cars growing up. This is the first car that I was able to buy. That was really nice and I've always wanted a cool nice truck and you went hard I went super hard. Yeah it's awesome. Pile of stories to this couple in Michigan, they had a corona virus friendly wedding was outdoors on a Saturday everything's going great people have fun until someone stole all the gifts and wedding money. Here's the writing room talking about it. This Day really meant a lot to me and it was beautiful. It was. To make her trailer to give her my last night after the way, we couldn't even go to a honeymoon that we just well, we went home it killed the whole everybody was upset those. Given to us from our family and our fans, and for somebody to take the time out into. Miss up my special moment that hurts me. That said they had come in a aside gate right and then when were like we're taking them all inside because it was going to storm or something yeah. Well, they were going to put the cake our something and they said owner the groom's mom told us to move this stuff which was not the case they were stealing it. Won't tell them to steal the stuff. Now that's a sneaky story. Lee. Sorry investigators. People. People. I got some good news for you. Costco is rolling out samples stores again, Costco's own. All. Of them everything this corona bite is going to be popcorn shrimp. Would you like to try corona? Vice. So exit your daddy you lunch my parents. Yeah. A lot of people would rely on Costco for some good sampling But if you're excited about the samples don't get too excited, they're limited on what they can put out they will be featuring dry prepackaged goods only in one a day. Get there early. What else and then Carrie underwood will once again open NBC's Sunday night football broadcasts during the. Twenty twenty one nfl season who knows what the season's really gonNA look like but the video was put together virtually. So if it's the theme, it would be weird if she wasn't. Honestly Yeah. I mean I just stayed now carry with bad. NFL football eighty percent of finishing the season college. Twenty think fifty. Little higher than I thought but fifty. Soon be tough can there be some teams that bowel but other than. Just because. Conferences out. State. Conference like there's Everything's going to be different. You can. You can kind of come and go as you please without any penalty but I did see that Arkansas. Sec. Game. But still that we're now projected for a ball game 'cause aren't enough teams. Win. The. Surviving Every college team it's College football survivor Oh God come on all you can do a baby. Is that it yup? That was amy's pile of stores. Hey it's amy here from the bobby bones show our hearts are with those affected by hurricane. Laura if you are looking to help out and support those in need right now, just want to let you know that we have all been joy items going to hurricane lower relief along with Louisiana strong shirts the shot Ford has up just go to bobby bones dot com for links to all of that, and as always one hundred percent of the money made goes to assist in relief efforts. All the info again is up bobby bones dot com. Thanks for helping US spread joy right now to those that need A. This is Dan from imagine dragons and this is why vote at the end of the day what really matters is that you voted and you put that vote in registered that vote into the system because otherwise you're just talking and actions are what matter every experience I've ever had has been really positive everybody feels like they're part of something bigger than the south's and walk away feeling like you've done your duty Iheartradio's why I'm voting countdown to Election Day your vote is your voice. Now, why are you voting? Here's a thought. This is a historic election and our partners at seven generation want to remind us that our vote today will have an impact on generations to come. So registered to vote at seven generation, dot com slash vote for the future and don't miss the new podcast from radio and seventh generation called why I'm voting or you'll hear more reasons to vote iheartradio's one I'm voting countdown to Election Day your vote is your voice. It's time for the good news. So. This woman Brianna she was on a break from work and take an a drive somewhere but she was speeding she got pulled over and as she was pulling over, she hit a curb in popped her tire. Oh so then the officer comes to the window, he realizes what has happened and decides to rip her tickets and then called a tow truck, and then he drove her back to work. Then when she went to go pick up her fixed car, the officer, shutout? Paradise he had paid for the tire and repairs. Probably felt like Oh Dang it. Gotten a flat tire but she posted on facebook that officer has no clue what he did for her that day and super thankful and he has restored her faith in mankind during these hard times. Nice. That's great. That is a really a wild story that he's all that. That's awesome. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something. Good. In the next twenty minutes, Collin Raye will be in and he has agreed to play whatever we ask them to play. So massively little rock. Love me one boy one girl. All of them calling rate coming in second over to. With the joke. Morning Corey. Elevator jokes. So classic and good. Why are elevator jokes? So classic good. Just work on many levels. That was. Morning Gorny. voicemail number one, this is Jessica from Hawaii Bobby have this bait that all you talk a lot about your body water on it and you call it a route forty, four, I, call it a route forty four you know the correct answer soon both arise I assume just whatever part of the country that you were born and trained to say the word actually have one with me right now. Like. Khan and PECAN. A bobby water is a route forty four. Extra. Ice. Real fruit strawberry and Cherry nerds Nice you get extremely hydrated. Lubick we'll taste in there too. So I drink a lot up all the time now now here is no name from Bakersfield California Hi Bobby Horny Studio, my daughter eating anaylyst near show every day, and we absolutely love you guys her favorite segments are the morning corny and tell me something good the number one thing on her birthday wishlist is bobby bones wishing her a happy birthday. Thank you so much Eden. Happy Birthday kid today is going to be awesome day. Hope it's the best birthday ever. Me Something. Good for you. You're good. Kid the end. As. Well, it's all about right there. And one more voicemail Bobby I absolutely love your show and I want say thank you to all the very nice people of Nashville Iona Expediting Company hit a van breakdown over by Brentwood and I found a church that let me donate it and they were the nicest people ever in just twenty. Thank you to all the people in Nashville that sat by to make sure that like we were okay, we reduc on highway. Listen we agree none of us are Natural Nashville you know we're from all over the place we don't know our show. I we're not supposed to be a show we want to put together by some big corporation. Other shows are just kind of rolling by myself and I was in Austin Texas but I'm from our. But in Austin Texas, I started to make friends I met amy at a covert. Restaurant man lunch box at a Bar Eddie at a TV station. A met Raymundo as an intern. Mike Dibiase and enter. So you know. It's just kind of. Come together and I can say this that people national or great I feel like. It's home now. I have three, I have three homes, national, Austin and Arkansas all of Arkansas the whole state though. I was thinking about you last night. I, found a story that I wanted to read to you today. Okay. A study by researchers found that those who have had divine encounter experiences encounters with ghosts spirits. The sensation of seeing a figure not from this world reap lasting mental benefits a super positive way. What is pause about seeing a ghost many reported experiencing deeply moving vicious visions. There were discussed about how you know brighter end of the tunnel that kind of stuff but they've lead to improvements in their overall mental health like open them up a bit. I bring this up to you because Raymond. Okay. You play that place. How many days? Fifty three days until lunchbox goes to the AX murderer ghost house. Fifty. We had to edit it together. He can't say that every. Like it takes. The. He's just Mitch as the number every day that again. It takes them just as long to do the whole thing that really would have fifty three days and edited played again. Ray Fifty three days. One spock's goes to the AX murderer ghost house. So he's going to Iowa the ax murderer. Can we be fed up a little bit of? Yelling We come back. We'll check in with it again on Monday or Tuesday. But yeah fifty three days launch any update from your wife. NAS Talking to. I was wondering if it would be okay if I took a wife and kids. Because I need someone to go with me. I don't think the why. It's a family trip we'll find someone for you caller ten. Fifty three days until lunchbox goes a live in the house for all people were murdered. Friday morning conversation with Ray calling tell I'm so excited that you you came up here today bobby thank you. Mean I was I was blown away when I got the email that you you wanted me up here I was like man, this is cool. Don't get to do stuff like this that often in this show is the show why don't you the man's so so thank you so much for having me just first of all, getting all of us will geek out for a second we're we just. Matt we grew up in the nineties you know. And we're just massive fans of you and your music, and when we hear these songs, it reminds us of. What we were doing, we were twelve thirteen or fourteen years old right when we're all big fans the universally panned. Thank you guys and that's the thing about music I mean because I mean I wouldn't have ever wanted to do. The S had not been a fan of it and I I loved the music got I grew up on it would be great. So Country Music Rock and roll and stuff, and and so but so but you still win when beginning and you have that I hit or to radio you still don't think that that's ever GonNa Happen to to yourself to where somebody might twenty thirty years down the road. Would have that kind of feeling in you know to make up, give them a warm and fuzzy. So to speak because of something that I that I was apart of you know. So that's I get to experience that all the time now, which is cool. Well, I was on I was looking through I was I was having a call night at the House I was just playing a bunch of songs. And like my jam has little rock and I was like, let me see it's got to be his number one and number two moisture and I couldn't believe it was like number five on the street. Literally. To me, is that the definition of a Collin Raye song now thank you one. Ask You though what does this on the most people know you for is not little rock that would be probably third. Wow. Yeah. I think love a was the first one and that's That when everybody knows everybody knows that one and that's my story would be the other because it's funny about. That's my story is just like I played worldwide, internationally would be. That's my story because they could call I played in places in Europe and different places. Singapore. You know and they're like they're going you know Collin Raye Collin Right you go into my story, and even if it's not an English speaking country, they all know the chorus, right? Well, maybe little rock though because I'm from Arkansas well and I think it will meet me as a lie and I, that's my favorite of personal favorite of all the hits would be little right because I just think it's it's just such a incredibly written. Song one one of the first country songs of the nineties that had that kind of a social. Message to it, but was able to be a hit because prior to that, it was tough to get a song that said something that deep. To shoot up the chart you know, and so when that did I felt like we kinda broke ground and and so to me, that will always be my favorite in because it's such a well constructed song and it's so picturesque and So vivid still my favorite one to sing to always feel like I'm seeing it for the first time just the details. because. There's no like. Washing it it's like the Church of Christ preacher the cell VCR's a walmart like it is very much in the exact place of this guy. Yeah that and so I I know you guitar we're GonNa spend some time together. Can you give us a little rock right now? Why not? Talk about. Let's go versa course. Will. Office. Time to. Handle way lost me. I needed newtown dramatic news start. Selling. BC is in Arkansas won't. I haven't had a drink in nineteen days. My is clear and. Without that he's. Like the preacher from the churches, with price. Sorry. Craft. talked to you last night. But A. More. Here in. Stone Baby. Weight in. Just one small problem. Grow with. The none me. With. You. Smile. This is the greatest. Thank you holy morning voiced by the way? So? Let me say this I. Know You just celebrate your sixtieth birthday. Thank you. Could still well thank you brother and the high. Thank you. So I still it pretty much every note that I hit back in the day once in a while I'll tell you what since his whole lockdown thing we've caught obviously like everybody got so many dates canceled and been home to being a couch potato so much it your voice really is like a bicep deal with thing they say if you if you don't use it, you lose it kind of thing, and it's it's so when I do get a chance to sing, it's like, whoa. It takes me a little time to get open. You know man now. Yeah Thank you so much. Wow Okay Collin Raye. Is here. So Nine hundred, four letter I came out. So you'd had a few hits by then. Song, starts to I picked as a single in his did you feel like there's a there was a real shot with early or did it take a minute to burn? Will Paulina found the song Tom Douglas of course Rhoda who who that was his first cut as a writer because he went on to write so many great songs for Martina and Halston from McGraw Randy. Great right or one of the best we have and so I'm thankful that we got to cut his first one. You know. But it honestly because of the hits that I'd had leading up to that they need have been kinda rockers. Straight up love songs. And so I was a little leery. I loved it and I thought I'm I'm so proud of this record, but I thought can we really can we really make this a hit? You know so I had I was a little apprehensive about it but I believe we had a good team over to epic good radio team and I thought you know if you guys are into this than that I'm into it and the rest is history I'm always curious about how songs fine people because that Tom Douglas you know he's one of the. Writers of the song the story because I know Tom a little bit in the story is that he had moved to Nashville veiled moved to Texas was selling real estate but he was living with his dad and they'd they'd never had are super close relationship but he came home and his dad had this one song that he loved and it was little. Rock. and Tom Douglas was like, wow, and that's what got him back into Nashville writing more songs. Again was your was your hit with Iraq well I knew part of this or I didn't know the store part about his dad he never told me that but but I knew that that song had got okay I guess I can do this and it's like, yes, sir, you can. You're very good at this. You just kill it because he. Could be well written, but if you don't perform and deliver it. It isn't just a great. Thank you man I've always my my theory was always. I'm I'm not smart enough to try to to act anything. It's kind of like look if if it's a song if it's a song into and I love what it says I feel like I can deliver it will if it's something that I just. Passed on his songs that went on to be his for the people just because. I thought I don't think I'm the one the guy to do that. You know, and then somebody else would have a hit on it and they say, well, don't you wish you had that back on because they needed that song they they were this person who is supposed to sing that you know of a little rock was one that I just felt. So. Close to the minute. We heard it in the original. Dima was just tom playing unlock old attitude wall Baldwin piano singing to a cassette recorder. It was not good quality at all and there was like fourteen songs on it. Love remains was another one. That was on there and but I think a little rock was like number eight. And we heard that we looked at. Wow. That just do something to you. You know, and so I said, the rest is history and and Tom has done quite well since then had. Let's go back to the beginning one ninety-one. Love Me. I mean I I did finally succumbed to the pressure of the room to go love me as probably my mind is big a little rock club because there's no song this should be ranked above bubble. But so this song like tell me is this was this the first single you put out of the first hit you had with the first single was all I can be is a sweet memory which which God blessing Vince Gill Sang Harmony with me on which really helped at break that loose, and that went to like number twenty two on the chart, and but the video went number one. So it was like, okay well that was a technically what you'd call a big hit but he did get your twenty two in the video at number one. So we're onto something here you know, and then love me was the second single and it it flew up the chart and that again for for a kid I was I was thirty which and. But when that was happening I couldn't believe it because the other song had been such a struggle. It'd be like, okay, we're at ninety six or the next one. Bullet were ninety five now. You know and think this is. How it's always going to be. In, love me came out and it was jumping like twelve spots, fifteen spots, eight, twelve and. At. kind of giddy feeling when I because I had the radio on constantly you know and it was just getting played every thirty minutes it seemed like you know and. So that that was, that's the one that I guess will always be my mom calling card. So to speak I, guess you ever flip stations and you're on station you flip the other one, the town, and you're like on both stations at the same time high. Back in the day it happened. Because I lived in the Dallas area at the time. And you had. A big station Fort Worth had K. Plex Dallas and then there was one other in young country. And so. I had him on I was just one after another going back and forth back and forth back. So you weren't here that was no I was living in Texas. Wow whoo, and so we're calling yeah, you got Nashville if you're gonNA well, it was weird because I'd been divorced and my. Ex Wife and my kids were living in Greenville Texas and so in. In prior to getting my record deal I was working at Reno working casinos and stuff and I couldn't afford to leave because we were making. Really, good money for for a you know for the level we were at, it was making good money and I said well, I can't afford leave here because I was taking care of them and. And Whatnot and so when when the record deal happened and love me happened I thought okay I can afford Natta Leisure and go be where they are. So I wound moving there and spent pretty much all the nineties I. Didn't move to national until I think ninety nine. From. Nineteen Ninety one here's calling ray. He's he's like McHugh. All right. Here we go. Here is a love me. Read an node migraine Mall Road back in Nineteen twenty-three. GRANDPA kept in his coat. He showed it. To me. You said Boy Emma. Understand But alone um ago. Grandma's. Lock. Me None but I loved your grandma also. We had this crazy plan meet. And runaway again. You, Mary. I town we came to only forever. But now to the tree when we were supposed meet instead. Let. Her. In says hood, it said. If you get there before I do. Don't give up on me. I'll meet you in my chores are through. I don't know how long. He. But I'M NOT GONNA. Let you. Darlene waiting and. Between now and then till I see. Love me man come on. Crazy. Thank you so much guys calling raise here. We're we're GONNA take a little break in a second. Let's get drink water. We'll come back. He's got some more songs epic sleep and sleep songs that I asked him back. On Crook and Chase Nashville chats a visit with global superstars Brian Kelly Tyler Hubbard. Of Florida, Georgia line. Now, they've made history with their music and have been just as successful off St however, those one thing they've decided they won't do during the pandemic. You'll learn what and why plus a chat about what they'll explore next and fashion family in out of nowhere. But. It's tyler and vk with CNC listen and subscribe on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. The Friday morning conversation with Ray. This fruit of a loom song because I remember it. This commercial here it was from fruit of loom underwear commercial. It's from two, thousand, five, hundred, play a little clip at this here. Here you go. Out in the world. Did they approach you? How did you do audition for that? You have or they? Chris Farren is a friend of mine had had. This had the end to fruit of the loom at that time and had he had found this song or had I think I wait a minute? Sorry. He Co wrote this song for the Jingle and I thought it was great for the kind of commercial they were going through and it was going to be a super bowl commercial. And and so he bless his heart. He thought well I need somebody. This song is really tongue-in-cheek is about over it's about being in love with your underwear. So it needs to sound really dramatic. WHO CAN I get? That will make that will get you know, and so I went down to the studio and he he played the song for him and I was cracking up you know I said, are you sure you want me to? Just, saying it like it's saying it like it's little rock just pour your heart out into and and so I did it. You know thinking well, this can't if it's GONNA be on the Super Bowl this can't be a bad thing, right? And it became man people talked about that for years and years and years and it was it was a nice check. I. Would get ever so often to just residuals it kept coming in from it. Yeah. I mean you'd Bravo time he's Osher could usual extra money I mean we have you know it was a down year or whatever, and all of a sudden there'd be a twenty five, hundred I check in the mail for for from fertile. So yeah so it was it was a cool deal. I mean I wish I could do about one of those year Right. All Right Colin raise here where we're kinda rolling through some of the catalog here. So let's go nineteen ninety-two like when I bring up in this life what's that make? You Think About Man I mockery make a mockery, the rider who was You know Mike Story he was a football player of the Cincinnati Bengals, all pro defensive tackle. But a concert pianist to which is such an odd pairing and When he retired from football, he wanted to come down here and be in rock country songs and he and I think Alan Chamberlain. wrote in his life and so in the know Garth Fund is actually produced that album second album and we were ready to go. We had our Africa in twelve songs. WHAT ARE WE GONNA? Do we had them ready to go and but we didn't have that one and the night before we actually was going to track the next day somebody from that publishing company brought the song over and it was Mike seen it. You know and he's great singer. We thought man there's our there's our first single off this album. You know if we can hook it tomorrow you know and so it was a very lack a last minute thing that came our way and and I loved it because it was a love song which at that time, Sony was really trying to push me as sort of. A love. Song. Guy You know. And And I like it because it could be about anybody you could you know could be by anyone in your life you know child, your one of your children are apparent Anything it was just a kinda universal kind of message about just loving somebody that much and being loved by that person so much this this has got to be a winner. So before he played I, guess I listening to you talk about how they were kind of. Personifying you. Do they ever go hey, we love slow songs. I'm going to work on the radio back then. Oh. Yes. He now is more concerned about it than they were actually because because that's why jumping th the next single he was his next single after in this life was a son call I want you bad and that ain't good which was rocker thing and I pushed for that because I said guys, I don't WanNa be Perry Como. I don't want you I want. I do 'cause my live show was off chasing guard. You know I was trying to, I was trying to do that and but I was having to do a bunch of covers to keep my show that exciting because. So many of the his were were ballots you know and so in this. So I was working as they think they were comfortable and just letting me be that for a while and then I was sort of forced the issue over the next few albums and said Oh man I I wanna long career I want this to last a while and we can't just keep giving them. Giving them ballot can't keep giving your radio ballads. It's time after time you know, what are we gonNA a right now? But I'm glad to the one. Thousand nine hundred two by the way, Colin, rate is here here is in this life For all add been blessed with. Smith. There was in emptiness in me. I was imprisoned. Go. On touch you sit me free. Little. Stop Turn. Let the. Sun Stop. Let them tell me up. Going through. For who support? How will know? My? Home. The only dreamed battered had to. Choose In this live. Was Love. You I feel the here's the back of my neck Xanana. Hanging out having our by now here's My neck or still standing up. Like A reappropriation of your songs that. Maybe fell off a bit but now just back, full force. And again, that's something a lot of my friends from the nineties my compatriots you know that were out at the same time. Basically, we we all talk about it all the time whenever he's kind, it's Kinda. Cool that. You just didn't expect it almost kind of feel like nineties country. Is Kind of the new classic rock and by that I mean, you have because I mean we I grew up on the classic rock and roll of the seventies and stuff. And It had such a resurgent say in the nineties where you wanted to hear grand funk, you wanted to hear fog you wanted to hear seger you know and and it and they're touring just exploded. And you know making more money on the road than they did back in the day because people wanted to relive that music so much and I think nineties country was so big I give garth's so much credit for that because he busted down a lot of walls and opened up made that narrow two lane road into this big superhighway and I think it touched. The music we did back in touch. So many people now they are at that age where or they WANNA relive it. You know and and they have a little more money because they have careers and the tickets the money you know in the touring is big. Yeah. No. Well up until this all this nonsense but it but prior to that I mean we were it was just it was amazing and you and I would see young people. I mean very young people twenty twenty years old twenty, four years old. Seventeen years old girls singing along. To do the songs you know and. That means their parents raised them listen to it. I was talking to Tracy Lawrence Pretty. Recently, he said the same thing about classic rock exact. Same analogy. He was classic rock. We got two point one or two here the CPR stuff example, and so he's like people. Pay Me Birmingham because I think that music for my generation Tracy Generation. That music was the biggest thing. There was class the rock and roll of that time in pop pop rock and roll of that time was the biggest thing in the world. So I had the biggest impact on us you know as far as. To own a lot of people you know because even country music I mean I grew up Merle haggard and Buck Owens cash and Waylon? Johnny Horton and Jim Reeves, but it was always kind of. Exclusive Club because you remember being in high school even in the south. And Middle School and high school and stuff, and if you like country music really they just didn't get it. They didn't under a lot of kids just didn't understand why we lacked it. You know but but rock and roll everybody likes. You more of a universal impact and and I agree with Tracy I feel like now is our time. It says like ninety country was that big Well one boy, one girl where do you put that in your set? When play 'cause? That's just smash two? Oh, man usually in the middle and and that is that may be. One. Of the most requested songs we get because sometimes you I'll do that when I'm not planning to do that. If I, go to a Colin ratio and you don't play one boy one girl find me getting a refund real quick. You know what I have heard that. There are certain ones. That you just know you always need to do and in others I try to switch out because we had quite a few and you think well in there's new stuff you WanNa do stuff and and it's very hard for me to sometimes a lot of artists I think go through this. You think well, well, I WANNA I wanNA play this because this means a lot to me but then I'll go see someone else and I do the same thing if they don't play Two or three of the ones I get I get a little mad about you. I can't believe they didn't do this. Then I have to remember now they're saying the same thing about me if I leave certain songs out so now I'm doing it all the time well Y- I'm not gonNA. Let you escape know without plan me a little boy one girl refund. Under All right. Here we go and I never realized how many twins there were in America until we put this song out and apparently it was a lot of lots of families that have twins at that could relate to this story and so. He finally gave in news friends who? When she said there's some on you shouldn't be. Crowded restaurant way. Cross town, you waited him patiently. When she walked. Smith. Hen, they both stared. Right there and then. Everyone else disappeared. One girl. Two hearts meeting only to put it mildly it was love at first. He smiled. She smiled. This was. Four older. S. In for a moment. Revolved around one. happening. Right now. Thank thank you so much. So you got a new album's coming out called scars. The whole albums is it's GonNa be October right now did you record this in the last few months? Yeah. Yeah. We we actually were wrapping it up when the whole corona thing started, and so I'm lucky we got it in there when we did and. Guiding David. Ferguson. Foggy produces he's. A claimed producers and they what? The regularly was autumn and they kind of wanted an Americana kind of record and and so I thought okay. Well cool. I'm still not sure what the definition of that is it kind of. They're kind of is no definition is the way I took it. It's like well, this can be as as as edgy. Dark little bit happy. Can be a little bit folk. It can be whatever you want it to be, and that seems to be what they wanted and so so it was a really fun record to make and I wrote every song on it. Except for right wrote or co wrote every song on it except for a couple that my brother. wrote and it for. In bring, he's played with Miranda Lambert for since she began he he introduced me to Miranda when she was seventeen years old. As I've known her a long time and He was sort of her only band when she was playing around Dallas and Austin and stuff in playing the little just pee Kucinich things and stuff. And he always believed in, of course, as did I had no idea it was going to go where it went. You know but she's just awesome and. He's played with her up until recently he's had some health issues with his heart and whatnot had a really bad year last year and he's probably done touring at this point and So anyway, this record was kind of a full circle moment for us because he and I started this together when we were, you know fifteen sixteen years old. And we got separated and went different ways. We re very different in a lot of a lot of ways we things will want to do and whatnot but we've always been close. But it was so cool to get to work with him on this record. He plays on it. He sings on it and the title Song Scars that Miranda Sings with me on Heap Scotty wrote that like twenty years ago and I've been holding onto that song for the right for the right time you WanNa play some of that right now let's listen to some scars here from right. That'd be pretty cool that ran a is going to sing with you too I mean we're hearing you guessing right there. That's that's pretty cool. Yeah. She I mean she she'd been threatening to do it for for a while. And and so because again, like we known each other, really really long time and and in her early early days, I, would do things rod show up and play on a on a bill that she was on and whatnot what she repeat appreciated that when people when she was just getting started and I guess this was her little favor to me into Scotty to get to do this, and of course, she killed it. She's a great singer in the studio and when in there she knew the song too because she had done it. Had played it live before the last few years whenever they would do like an acoustic thing where it was just turned. Scotty and maybe you know riders and around kind of thing, she would always do scars and just saying the paint off of it. You know and Scotty was hoping she'd cut it and she's I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking about thinking about it. And so I said, well, heck if she's not going, do it that I'm I'm cutting you know and then to bring her in on it. So obviously, she knew the song so well, she wasn't she went in the studio fifteen minutes and just kill it now, and it really kind of anointed this record having her on there. The full hour mountain October. Well. Why don't we end on this song they you say all over the world people know your most for this I wouldn't pick a I know this one of my favorites like the group vocals and and I rarely let us show due gang vocals open but I was Gonna ask you do. They need you need it. That's my story Dasmarinas. Maas, you can't really do without it. Yes. So we're GONNA be here for you. On the gang vocals and that's story. Okay. I would be honored the last call and Ray here we go. I came in as the sun came up. She ran me over her coffee come. She said way you've been so thought real hard and said I fell asleep and that Hammock. In the yard she said you know w just blew it and I said, well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it then semester. That's my. Asthma's store mom. got a witness and I can't really you got it. But that's my story and Stig into? Nine. Well. Color hearts a couple things before we get. Thing number one is we're all such big fans. This has been such a joy for me. Personally, you know I to be a bit jaded because I get to do a lot of cool things down my job occasionally resets me. It's like does what makes me happy and this this whole thing made me happy today. Thank you. So that means a lot. To me and just again, thank you for having me come in. It's been a it's an honor fan and just love the show and and you're on a roll and it's just a it's just it's really cool to get to be a part of it. My final question I saved this for the very end. Do you remember our great twitter twenty fourteen? GonNa. Prevent. Can I explain ahead I'm ready. Okay. 'cause I wrote a book. Okay. As my lap story in the man who? The Management Team. Had at the time. The story had really was. It was basically about my life story I know some law tragedy in my life over the years and whatnot family stuff and and it was basically was more about my faith journey and in the family situation. But yet there were some music business stuff in it and Because I knew well, if it's a Collin Raye autobiography, they're gonNa hear some stuff about the music stories too. So we had a lot some anecdotes and different story is in there but my manager at the time was really looking for a hook that he could for Pr Hook you know and so and so we T- I'd made some. Some comments about the modern country music at the time and and we've got seriously taken out of context and he forced it, and so he was the one trying to push that and I was like. I didn't mean that. So, he kept trying to draw me into this to this thing because he thought it would it sale? You know I've I've never been I've never been a big fan of that. You know and so real quick story but I love Travis trip. Love Him. He was one of my favorite artists of the nineties. And there was a comment in there. I was talking about certain records in the nineties that I thought were just rocking just moments where you just you know think that that's really good. That's really good and I always loved his cover of trl. You belly the oil Elvis Song because it just was he slated the bands. It was just a really great great cover. And so I mentioned that in the book. Okay. Well, the just. So you know the way you write these books generally. None of us are are authors where we sit down at a typewriter, basically sit in front of a video camera. An hour a night for like three months and just would tell us tell my story and then a go go Schreider I. Guess if you WanNa call them that would try to put it into manuscript you know and so there were a lot of things that he wrote differently than what I said. So I would go back and try to it and I didn't I didn't say that I didn't ask to be taken the wrong way. So anyway, I fought with him with the publisher throughout the whole process I'll never another book again as long as I live. and. So so but one of the things he said and there he talks about the my comment about two zero ub l. e. and he kind of made it sound like. dissing the song. And that's not what I said and so I thought I'd say take that out, take that out and final main skirt comes out it's in there. So. So I've thought, wow, Travis doesn't read this book he'll take it the wrong way. So we're at the Randy Travis attribute that he had a couple of years back at Bridgestone you know and I'm back there in Travis hadn't seen wate comes with me who count on average. I got this look of panic on my face and I was like Oh hamied goes all loved it out. So I guess it didn't he did take it as well but I was afraid of that because I love the record it sounded like I was well. I'm not like didn't dig at Song you know but no, he took it really well, but I'll never forget that got this is just broke out into a cold sweat. You only go. She got Richard. No. Anyway. So I I didn't want to. My manager was going bobbies. Bobby wants to do this and I was like Oh because I don't want to be known for a guy that's. The, guys that are out there now, and that's what he was trying to get me to be and I was like add comfortable with that. So thank you for. Up With For the very indicates it got that's GonNa Fistfight or something. All the songs and then the fist fistfight but. I think all I said I think I said something about the lyric I felt like the lyrics were kind of a lot of them were kind of the same story say message Dirt Road Cetera and I made some kind of comment about that and and boy he ran with it. So this is good. This is good as s not what? Did you when you were coming up wherever folks were like call, right? Country Oh. Yeah. Used to get that all the time in. You would I remember? Chestnut came came out to radio about the same time I'd if God, British too. So you got some really good country voices that were out at that time and because I sounded a little more. Don Henley Canada. People like well, he's a he's a he's really Iraq and he's just down her you know. And if they only knew, you know I mean I with this guitar right now if you had if you had about six days, I could sit here and since classic country songs. Not. Not Miss a word never repeat the same song, but because that was my specialty. So to speak in my early producer said, no, this is your thing you don't need to be doing. too cold at home you need to be doing. This is gonNA. Make you stick. Lasko make you sound different than everybody else. there was a lot of people that thought I don't know if he's really country you're not. You know so I get dad I mean I've been on the receiving side of that where where in account hurt your feelings Lubitsch Eagle Yeah, I am man because I I would sit there and name. Glen Campbell rape price who sometimes sounded is countries corn rate other times. He sounds like a pop singer you know. There's many of the Jim Reeves there's many of the greats that we all admiring is that didn't all sound like Merle. You know that's just one style that Morales is just in rural still the king of that. But that lefty for sale kind of thing that there's more than just that one style of country music you'll hang didn't sing like that. You know but but I think there was a time where if you didn't if you didn't. Right in right. If he didn't do that all, he's not country, right? So I get that's why I didn't want to get into that whole thing is like now I'm not knocking what this is. A whole different generation is a whole different time times change music changes and everybody's doing their thing and they're successful because they're doing their thing really well. And so anyway I've I've. I'm sorry I'm sorry you remember. All right. US hoping you've forgotten. We had a great time congressman. Gracanica. I speak for everybody in the room yes. Yes. Absolutely. Thank you guys so much. Great. Pleasure. You can follow on Instagram Collin Raye official and on twitter at Collin Raye much around. Colorado. Much it's time for the good news. Take. A lot of teachers are going back to school right now. Big Shout out to all you guys if you're listening again. So thank you for being here and thanks for doing what you do the crazy thing about teachers and you know this like I do amy is that a lot of these teachers have to pay for school supplies himself Oh totally out of their own pocket. Yeah. So in Sarasota, Florida, there is a facebook group adopt a Sarasota County teacher where educators going here we need this. If you can help and the community is basically stepped in but everything stuff still going up and it's not all the way done now but as soon as it goes up hop into help so there's a teacher that's, Hey, our need is even greater this year because of the pandemic and so people are reaching out helping teachers love that we love teachers and so not only coming I guess you could search for Adopt Sarasota County teacher, but you could also set up one for your own town. which I think teachers would really appreciate it. There you go. That's what that's what it's all about right there. That was telling me something. Good. I'm Heidi Mirkovic host of what to expect a new podcast from iheartradio when I first wrote what to expect when you're expecting my mission was simple help parents know what to expect every step of the way on what to expect. We'll answer your biggest pregnancy and parenting questions about everything from preconception planning to birth plan newborns sleep to toddler tantrums. Motherhood is the ultimate sisterhood, but it can be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect. Listen to what to expect on the heart radio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. WanNa play this for you because it went up this morning it's me talking with Tracy Lawrence on my music podcast bobby cast. We talked about how pay me a Birmingham was never a number one and all of his hits from the ninety S. Asked him why the nineties such a beloved decade for Country Music I think he was just such a great. It was really a magical time for country music. All started in eighty nine with garth brooks and Clint Black Travis trip and Alan Jackson Mark Chestnut. That was the beginning of it and that explosion drove. So many of us can come to Nashville. I mean, because of the by the time we got into the early nineties it was it was traditional country with an edge. To it. I. Really think that we're going to look back home anonymous. It's kind of like what classic rock is to the country these days it's going to be that music that sustained for a long long time. There was just something really special about it. Conrad mentioned that earlier about the classic rock analogy. So check it out. I talked with a flight twenty minutes. If you love nineties country like I do I mean, how can you not love paint me a Birmingham two, thousand three. Talking about the you know wasn't a number one but he was like man, maybe the biggest song of my career that or time marches on one, thousand, hundred six. Oh or alibis nineteen ninety-three. I said Nineteen ninety-one sticks and stones. So we talked about new music on the bobby cast it comes out every week and then we have an artist on talk about and Tracy Lawrence's this week. So search bobby cast after the show's over on iheartradio or wherever you listen to your podcast it's up to you to hear it a your dad's coming over to your house. This weekend he has on Sunday versed excited. He's been nursing or who lives in an assisted living home but since. They went on lockdown mid-march he hasn't left so which was really hard for him. He's very social and he would come over to our house every week, and we just haven't been able to spend time with him in that way but they're allowing them to come over because we don't live too far from him and we have to follow social distancing rules and masks and the whole thing. But at least he'll get to come over for a few hours and. Touch him no. Now we. Watch you to make sure you don't touch them now. They said they trust us. They've they've watched us. You know interact he said he will follow the rules we've committed to following the rules. So really they're just. Hoping everyone does their part to keep I I want to keep him safe. So we're GONNA do everything by the books and then. Return him safely we'll see how it goes. Exciting it is. Yeah. He's I mean I think it's boosted his morale even just knowing that he's coming already by one hundred percent. Well. Let's go to another good thing. It is time for our final first round food. After this, we go to the next round. Dhabi power shell. Great. All right. We have to food items here. They're going to battle it out against each other a little low voice thing going here I can't really give them all today. But we've been putting to food rivals against each other over the last weeks, and eventually we'll see which one ranks at number one. This week we ate its battle of the kids cereals. The Red Corner they come with hearts and stars and horseshoes, and clovers, and Blue Moon's and UNICORNS and rainbows and tasty red balloons plus crunchy gluten free oats but. that. They are. A serving will run you one hundred, thirty, three calories ten grams of sugar. They're magically delicious luggage. John's right here. Facing. Off in the Blue Corner, it's the cereal that consists of small squares or rectangles of wheat and rice covered with cinnamon and sugar there one, hundred, sixty, eight calories per serving twelve grams of sugar. The taste you can see the crazy squares you crave it his cinnamon toast. All right. Amy Are. All over here? Both me and the nelken everything. Yeah. Yeah. I do this only for free food now I know. This. Amazing. To pick one. I can't really decide I initially was going lucky charms but I, it's been. So long since I had cinnamon toast crunch I, feel like I don't know. I'm going to go with lucky charms since I I know that as long as you have the perfect spoonful of the marshmallow and the. Whatever the? I I can celebrate at the end of the marsh now you but I like to make. Life so lucky charms for me like jars metaphor for life Eddie. And there's a no brainer for me in my pantry lives one serial consistently all the time and that's cinnamon toast crunch. My kids love it. I love it. It's my favorite. My second I've got one bowl of lucky. Cinnamon. Morgan what do you guys have a bite? So hard they're both so good but I think when I go to the store. I always would by lucky charms lucky charms of mine. What works Oh man these are both mouth-watering. Good I love me some lucky charms marshmallows. But then you realize those oats are just a waste of space. So half the bowl is being wasted. So my vote is for cinnamon. Toast. To me. Well I mean yeah and you're over there eating you have them both yet. We were in a pandemic I would be eating after he right now because it looks so good. Well, you have milk and here it's all here. It's easy crunch. Limited one, hundred percent flavor totally jobs is great. Is a really great I. Love It. One of my tops. Cinema does every bite. I'm excited about this right now somebody gets crap off the air needs some cereal. Okay, there's our winter cinnamon toast crunch. We feel good about that. Next week, we start knocking things out though against each other that aren't the same like what I see. Okay. Like? Yeah. We're building bracket for everybody off. Our Buddy Jayco, and turns thirty nine years. Old Today I've said before pound propounding Jake's best guest on our show. I tweeted that the other day and he texted me and then he replied on twitter and he says I try to give you one hundred, eighty, four pounds every time I come to you guys. So I don't know if that's a flex on, he's in good shape I don't want eighty four is for him. Usually he's tall, right? Yeah. Pretty Tall. And he jake was I'm going to go the first one that I knew the first guy that I knew in a couple of the I, like really great athlete the turned into a music star. Garth did that obviously was on a track scholarship to Oklahoma state but like with me in who I know around town the first one which Jake and then came Sam Hunt and then came. Riley Green played football a lot of those guys now. What about Dustin LENTEN HE BYGONE Great, Golfer, you know so. All that the Jake's birthday today, I have a top five list of my favorite jake songs at number five on the JAYCO enlist barefoot. Blue Jean night. It's reminds me moved to Nashville. For sure this one if I had to make a top five of songs, remind me national. And Woo Rainy House. Old Line is. Number four favorite Jayco and song down to the honky-tonk. Installs. Or statue in my home tale. Number thirty. Now we get into the ones that they separate because my top three were just my biggest op three alone with you I love this song. Law. In Kid. Isn't that a good? We don't hear that enough anymore. Number two anywhere with you. At all. Have, you never seen Jam. Halls. Oh, good dude. I gotTA. Do this and I go back and listen to my playlist. Number one, a favorite Jayco and songs Newin made for you. I'm a sucker for these. Be. Happy Birthday Jayco and thirty nine years old I feel like we're going to honor died or something. You know when when I moved to town at this big press conference and You know a bunch of industry like folks in the business came and they all sit around this this little room, little theater room and Jake was one of the guys that was there he was one of the artists came there weren't a lot that came because they were like, what is this show but Jake Owen came? That's my first memory. When we? First moved in and we had what was Jerry houses old studio and there's a bunch of like weird things written on the wall and you know know whiskey just wasn't our vibe I was a new place and I wasn't going to made a bunch of changes yet but so I have a picture of me in that room maybe the first or second appearance ever on the show his hobby was photography. So brought this humongous camera. He took a picture and I didn't think much about it in about a year and a half later it came over to the house. He goes, Hey, man I had this made for you and it was a picture of that from like our first year you wrote a note on the bottom of it and I have it up in my office at home now. And then finally as we celebrate Jay on his death. Earth I know but it feels like we're doing that people might. Just turning on the radio there are like. Jayco, and died. Has. The most listened to bobby cast we've ever done. Which is my music podcast he came over for we did for an hour. We talk he's on a couple of them if you go back to the first one. We've been so close and then fought so hard and. Have we've been on both sides for my almost eight years here? We got into a real life on the air. And my was producing it sitting there going should I turn this off I should I leave and we let the Mike's role And you got to hear us. Hey Buddy while. Real. Like you know what we're about La-. Wrong Buddy. Good one it is. But that yeah, it's episode fifty three April Seventeenth. Twenty seventeen ninety one minutes. If you search for the bobby cash, you can hear this Jacobs joined. Bobby joined by Jake Owen. This gets real right out the start bobby and Jake talk about friendship. Jake's divorce and his daughter. This one gets real. It's basically ninety minute therapy session. That's episode fifty, three the Bobby casts. Because you're weird do weird dude. So good. Anyway. Love you, dude. JAYCO on thirty nine years old today. Amy. I'm going to you what's happened this weekend I'm just going to be at home with family, but my dad will be coming over just amazing and then. Probably just playing with the kids somehow getting them active like we see potential Stevenson in sports so we need to get him moving. Somehow. Really great hand eye coordination. What about you? Off To. Idaho. I am going to. The name of the town is Pat River Idaho. The payette river our out of Boise. So I'm going to shoot episode of my nat go show hopefully I'll be back one day. You know you never know right every time you go. Like fingers. Break Him or not. They broke me hanging back together. That's it. We'll see you guys Monday by everybody. Bobby bones hey, it's amy from the bobby bones show our thoughts and prayers are with the communities they're dealing with the devastating effects of Hurricane Laura. If able to help out those that have been impacted, you can check out bobby bones, dot com where we have all of our pimp enjoy items going to support them along with Iowa strong shirts from the shot Ford one hundred percent of the proceeds made from these shirts items will go to help with relief efforts can't thank you enough in advance for helping us spread joy during these crazy times. What's up, everybody, WE'RE LA comedy group Obama's other daughters on our podcast you down. We're discussing what's going on in the culture. Everything from dating to their be look y'all got dumps. So facetime so Had together tank. So, Come Kiki with US enjoying the kinds of candy conversations you have with your girl, listen to you down on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. On Crooked Chase Nashville chats a visit with global superstars, Brian Kelly Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia line. Now, they've made history with their music and have been just as successful off St. However, there's one thing they've decided. They won't do during the pandemic you'll learn what and why plus a chat about what they'll explore next and fashion family in out of nowhere. But. Tyler and VK K with CNC listen and subscribe on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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