BGN Radio #43: Jordan Howard Emergency Show!


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When we were getting ready for the podcast, but an emergency podcast the eagles acquire Jordan Howard from the Chicago Bears. And because we are the only eagles podcast in existence. We are here to break. It all down for you. Joining me to do that is the brains behind green green dot com may he forever reign Brandon league out, and you can follow him on Twitter at Brandon Beal g my friend. We have some news to talk about. And the eagles finally addressed the one position that they hadn't gotten around to doing anything about here in the off season. They got themselves running back zooming citing time John you'll finally got running back. There are so many things to dissect. With this trade and breakdown in which we will do here. But number one has to be the most important thing. I think we know now that after the trade for Jordan Howard that Howard Roseman does indeed listen to radio because why else would eagles make this rate on Thursday night, right before our regular recording time other than Harry Rosen wanted us to really break down this trade. He wanted to hear our reaction. There's no doubt about it. In my mind. I mean, obviously, you know, when you when you got two heavyweights like us, my friend. You gotta we gotta drop the knowledge, I'm just anyway, I'm just kidding. But no, you're right. Manny, this is this is great stuff. And this was obviously a huge area of need for the eagles. Here this offseason. They had to do something it running back played three years for the bears. They got him for just a sixth round pick Beal g that could turn into a fifth rounder. Are you surprised at the compensation level? I mean, a six round pick is nothing here. I'm not surprised in the sense that I think Jordan. Howard. Like, I don't think he should have had a lot of value. I mean, he's coming off a season where he averaged what three point seven yards per carry. He's on the last year of his deal. I don't see why he would have immense value, and he's running back those area that you'd in today's NFL. I don't really see how he would have tremendous value. But in the sense that you know, the eagles got in for the. Yes, I guess I am a little bit surprised in that sense. That this is all it took. I mean, it's not even a six this year. It's a six next year. And it's conditional on the condition. I'm sure there's a certain amount of rushing yards or game appearances some kind of condition. But I mean, look if the end up having to give up a fifth for Jordan Howard. That's a good thing. You know, that means you hit that condition in that'll be a good thing to have happened. It is surprising in the sense that you know. Yes. It did cost. Not this much at all for the eagles. They're able to fix their running back dish in a huge hole in the roster. Clearly, you know, that's just been a huge topic. This week the owners meetings, obviously fans on sports radio have been call. In we've been talking about it. It's just been such an obvious gaping hole in eagles roster and just last week unless weeks PGN radio episode talking about how actually how rosement usually goes through free agency any kind of fills these holes on the roster with like some kind of peace where you don't have to go into the draft having to reach for a position clearly and with running back. It wasn't looking like that before they made this move 'cause they just had nothing really on the roster like they had to do something in the draft. And now, I think they still will. But they don't have to anymore. They don't have to take drastic the twenty five to the Jordan Howard, and they can get by with that. And hopefully, they still do at running back. Yes. But like they don't have to something Ryan to force in. I just think that's the upside of the Jordan Howard trade a wrote down my pros and cons here. Do you want me to get to those jump? Yeah. Let's do it. Let's not come out. Okay. So I think you know, there's there's things like in. I think there's some things I don't like my first reaction like Mike guttural reaction before. But any. Thought her analysis until this was all he wasn't about it that was before. I saw the price exactly to be fair. I just saw that. I follow text messages and slack channel is like Jordan Howard. And I was like, okay. That's all right. Yeah. They needed to do something. And I'm glad they did that. But once I saw the cost. Okay. Philo bit better. So start out the pros. He's only twenty four. That's very good. He's young. He is clearly a productive volume player. And I think that's kind of important to note here because you can look at counting stats and people do that a lot especially in the NBA or the NFL whatever. And there's value in that in being volume player is clearly not anyone not just anyone can do that like dance Bowles. Can't you couldn't give him the work that Jordan is not gonna hold up? He's not gonna last even Darren sproles in his primates. Does not that kind of player. Now, there's volume there's value in that. But I also think like you have to be officiant too. So Jordan Howard. You know, he's having hit a tiny yards last year, but he only at three point seven yards per carry. So that's not as great another thing. I did like is he s created out. Well in pass protection by pro football, focus on have to go back to that closer myself. But just for now, I take that as a positive sign, obviously the Olsen you up. To get him. It's another pro he's relatively durable. Just kinda surprising, given his physical running style. But he's only missed one game in his past three seasons here in the NFL. So that's I think that's a good thing. I think when you look at this move from a compact perspective, obviously that you will didn't do anything to cost themselves a compact of the give a pick next year, which you know, kind of you have to factor that in. But yeah, you can get a Compaq for Jordan Howard. Now, if you don't resign him after the season if he has a good year, and you don't wanna pay him big money, which I think is very possible than all of a sudden another team signs him and you discussed a draft pick. That's potentially better than what the bears gave you. So there you go you're getting some euro to getting some kind of return potentially if he leaves? So that's a good thing to keep in mind. He's Tepe John. He's only two million in base salary this year. So you're not really eating into the cap space too much menu. Checking off all a Howie Roseman boxes here man Dey what young cheat? Cami. He's big he's to thirty. So I think this is John talked about wanting league Arab back last year. You wanted that that running back? This is him. This is like this is like the new lira blunt in this offense. He's big he's good in short yardage. That's something. I think that's honestly, one of the big one of the bigger selling points of the straight. Heels were terrible in short yardage last year when it came to at least running back production like Josh Adams was some kind of crazy bad numbers which was surprising on the surface because you look at Josh Adams in you're like, wow. That guys big you should be able to punch forward in get you a first down on fourth shirt third in short. But he couldn't in seven carries on third or fourth down in one or two last year. Josh Adams had negative eight yards in no I down. So he was horrible. And that that comes from Jimmy Campsie. So you bring in Jordan Howard. And all of a sudden you have someone who is more effective in short yardage because as David era. Noted he has twenty one of thirty one conversions on third and fourth of two or fewer yards in eighteen. So it's a seventy four percent convert rate for perspective as Elliot converted seventy six. So if you wanna put that mine. Yes. So I just got someone who can help you out in short yardage. You got someone who checks the boxes and all the categories. You mentioned those are all the positives of the trade in my mind yen. And that's pretty good. I mean, and there's some other numbers that you could run out there too. He did score nine touchdowns this year. Even though it was three point seven yards per carry average nine touchdowns the year before that Howard is only one of two running backs with nine or more rushing touchdowns in each of the last two seasons. Todd Gurley is the only other one on his eighteen rushing touchdown since two thousand seventeen tied for third most in the NFL behind girly and Alvin Kamara also that Howard was only one of four NFL running backs with two thousand or more rushing yards since two thousand seventeen along with girly, Elliott and Kareem. Hunt. So you you're right. Some of these counting numbers as you're talking about really you can really talk up Jordan Howard. But as you mentioned, we've kind of seen, and I imagine you're going to talk about this as some of the negatives were kind of seeing downward trend from his rookie season where he he rushed. He did rush for thirteen hundred thirteen yards in his in his rookie year five point two yards per attempt average out to eleven hundred twenty two yards and a four point one average two thousand seventeen and last year nine thirty five with three point seven. And I thought it was an interesting question. I this just pop through on my timeline. Patrick. Finley is the Chicago Bears beat writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. The esta fair question about Jordan Howard. How does he not fit in the bears offensive scheme, but would fit in the scheme of Doug Peterson? I mean Peterson and Nagy run mostly the same stuff. So that's kind of a fair question as we're looking here at Jordan Howard. We see a guy who who's who's year by your totals is kind of been going in the wrong direction. And they couldn't find a place. For him in an offensive scheme. That is very similar to what the eagles are gonna run. I guess one of the key differences. I would look at there is the fact that I don't know exactly you know, how how the bears run their running game. Specifically. I don't follow them that closely enough to know that if that's more of Nagy's thing or or what? But with eagles specifically ingest outland offensive line. Coach is also the run game coordinator and do Staley obviously has a big role with the running backs as well. So you Staley by the way was working out Jordan Howard leading up to the two thousand sixteen NFL draft. So I don't think this is just about Joe Douglas connection because Howard was drafted by the bears. When Douglas was insecure go, I do think that's relevant. But I also think this could be a guy that deuce really like. So this might be a guy that you'll have more of a plan for in the sense that, you know, this was a guy that, you know, yet Douglas wanted to draft and that do still he was showing interest in he wasn't a guy that was so much in that current regime as much I mean, I guess pace was there too. But still like, you know, Nagy wasn't there. That's not a guy who. Who was you know, Howard wasn't drafted when Nagy was there. So you know, that's not necessarily his exact fit or his exact vision of a guy. And look, you know, we talked about it earlier on this off season about how Howard county got phased out little bit because they wanted to get Coenen there in utilize him more. So clearly wasn't exactly what they wanted in Chicago. You can went to some of those things that we concern. I think again, the the declining efficiency concerns me to go down to three point seven last year. I don't love that they will seemingly stopped him pretty easily in the playoffs. You know wasn't land. Some thirty five right now. Like, you know, the hardest. Gotta stop there is not much of a receiver. He's seventy two career receptions for only five hundred sixty yards which is seven point nine average in one touchdown. He is somewhat of a fumbling. A shoe I guess not like a super bad one. He has five almost three seasons. But, you know, keep in mind is eight hundred fifty total touches. So there's been a lot of touches there. And. Another thing is you still need to draft a running back like this doesn't solve everything. Yeah. It addresses the position in improves it. But like I still feel like you still have to add a running back in the draft. Because you just first of all because Howard's only on a one year deal in there's a very decent chance that he's not gonna be here beyond this year. So you still need to think about the future of that position somewhat. Just think like what you have behind him still isn't like super inspiring amazing, and you still want to add someone ideally with some better third down back skills. I know people went Corey Clement to be that guy. And I would love for core climate to be that guy. But I still think you want to hedge your bet on that in a vest a little bit more in that position in try to upgrade it somewhat more because I just think receiving so important in today's game in the fact that Howard doesn't really bring that as much he he's not really so much a pass game contributor. That's the part. I guess that doesn't make me as crazy about this deal. Like if he was. Be over the moon. But that's kind of why that kind of puts me, I guess like a minor or be plus for this trade instead of a Ernie. Plus, well, that's one of the things that makes me think that Josh Jacobs could still be a target at twenty five because that is one of the things that he did. Well in college was was catch the ball out of the backfield. And it also is reason that the deals might not be done adding to the backfield because unless you're going to bring Darren sproles back. I don't know that you can count on Corey Clement to be your your main pass catching back out of the backfield. They're really they really don't have anybody on the roster that you can depend on to do that Wendell smallwoods not that guy, Josh Allens. Not that guy. I mean. Yeah, Josh Adams, isn't that guy? I think you you've you've got to maybe make, you know, still make a trade you still make a trade for somebody like Duke Johnson or something like that. But you know, eventually, you know, some of these draft pick trades even though they're lower draft picks. You know, you don't want to trade all those away. So, you know, I wonder if. Trading for Jordan Howard means that they probably wouldn't trade for Duke Johnson. I realize like you said this is a draft pick for next year not coming out of this year's draft. So I guess they could they could you know, pillage something from this year's draft. If they wanted to as well, but I still think for me Josh Jacobs is a target at twenty five. I I love the idea of bringing in. I know Brandon I not brand I know Jordan Howard, his is a younger player. But like you said he's on the last year of his deal this next year. I I'm still looking at Josh Jacobs at number twenty five g interesting, and apparently the eagles are two or hearing rumors that they liked him. I talked last week about how Jeff Moster said that that's a guy. They really like. And I think most sure even said tonight that you kind of double down on that. He wouldn't rule them out still drafting running back in that'd be nice to see again because you still need that you need. This isn't gonna be Jordan Howard running back one getting twenty five series a game. That's just not what this is going to be. It's not like at least if you look at the. History of Doug Peterson system here. They're going to rotate these running backs, and I just feel like that Jordan Howard's kind of gonna be not just in similar in Moldova player. But also kind of the workload that got like Lear was your number one quote unquote, running back in two thousand seventeen oftentimes he would get the bulk of carries in a game. But he's not getting like twenty touches or twenty plus carries every game. He might be like fifteen in the mix in the other guys there. So yeah, I still think there's a need again. I am still going to be very surprised if you'll take first-round running back considering they haven't done it in forever. And they're such an analytically driven team that I just feel like it is hard to believe until I see it. But just the fact that that Josh Jacobs are player like him brings that passing game value. A definitely think that's something years went to add because you don't you don't just look at him at him. You also look at levian bell. Who clearly again, they didn't acquire. But they were rumored to be interested in him and do. Johnson. And you know, maybe they will take a look at Spencer where still who knows? But you know, those kind of guys are those pass catching backs we can help you in the passing game. And I just feel like they kind of want that guy for Carson to have as a nice check down guy. You know, who can you can just check down to rely on being able to contribute in that area. Whereas you'll just have not had that that's kind of stability kind of pass catching back reliably who is a proven player, you know, other than Corey Clement doing so a little bit in two thousand seventeen and then having Darren sproles when you did. But I still think that that's something they still need to kind of address here. And that's again, why the Howard trade doesn't like just make me feel like oh everything's fixed. But you do have to be cited. Right. Like you look at. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's it's an upgrade bail GM needs. It assures us we're not going into the season with windows Smallwood, Josh Adams as the number one running back, which is what we were looking. We were staring down the denial of that, you know, Erbil heart will. Yeah, you it would have been horrible. It would have been horrible and they had to bring in some talent. Maybe Jordan Howard can get back to being he's not. He's not going to get enough carries to rush for thirteen hundred yards. Again. That's just not with this offense is going to do. So, but what you'd like to see is that yards per attempt number go up, and as I think about Josh Jacobson and taking a running back in the first round of the draft. You're right. It's not something they've done in a long long time. Like we mentioned last week on the podcast last time. They did it was Keith Byars in nineteen eighty six. So one of their second round picks is probably a more likely scenario. But I think also it's fair to mention that they that Howie Roseman probably would have drafted Christian McCaffrey in the first round if he could have. And I to me the skill set is similar with Chris McCaffrey as mostly a pass catching running back out of the backfield. So, you know, maybe there are certain exceptions that you make for. I mean, if this is a passing league, if you're getting a running back that you think can really create mismatches in the passing game for you. Now that you've gotten your runner taking. Care of. I mean, I guess the question here with us Beal as we've talked about wanting to have a runner that you can count on that you can feel good about as somebody who can take some pressure off of Carson Wentz. Do you see Jordan Howard meeting that definition not the end all be only not the just the definitive answer? No worries about it. I'm intrigued by. Yeah. Some of confidence in it. I mean, if you're offering this way look at the eagles offense right now taking off into line to studying the skill players play some fantasy football here with me for a second. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Quarterback. Carson wentz. Running back Jordan Howard wide receiver. Austin Jeffrey, Sean Jackson now smuggler and then tied in Zakar DHS. Dow Scott that's a pretty good group in three hundred get-go players there. And obviously, you know, you're gonna not gonna have all those three receivers out in the field. And the two tight ends at the same time. You're gonna mix that up between eleven personnel toll personnel, but still have options there, and that's not even counting for. Some of the young guys step forward as nice role players like MAC, Holland's or shopping Gibson, her Braxton, Miller, whatever whatever have you there and even some of the other running backs, you know, maybe Corey Clement does come back in have a great third year after showing promises rookie like that's just, you know, sticking with some of the starters in the main players there right now. So Istres question, John. I don't feel like amazing over the moon. But I feel like fine. Now, I feel like okay. This is fine. Like, I'm not gonna be harping on this as opposed to heels did nothing like it'd be harming on it nonstop. Now. I got you. And that's that's totally fair. And I'm excited about it too. I mean when we were talking about Jordan Howard that was not when we were comparing him to the list of other running backs that were available Mark Ingram. Kevin Coleman all those different guys. Obviously, I think you and I both would have preferred one of those two players just because of the talent they bring in in the snow rest another end the speed. Yeah. Join Howard's like a speed guy. And he goes don't have like that speed running back. I think that's something. They're still missing no doubt about it. But it's a good deal for a sixth round pick, and which could turn into a fifth round pick. You're not going to draft a player as good as Jordan Howard with that pick. So you might as well, what might as well make that swap and how he rose men even just a couple of days after saying that they felt good about the running backs that they have you can never trust anything that comes out of anybody's mouth in the front office of any sport. You just can't you can't trust anybody. But Howie Roseman did what everybody's been asking him to do. And he got a running back, and we'll see if if they're done they still think they might not be done up next. We're gonna get into some of the latest draft. Rumors and talk about some some comments made by Roseman and Laurie and Doug Peterson this week when they were down at the NFL owners meetings. That's all up next right here on radio, get your brackets ready. March madness is here and the best places. Stay on top of all the NCAA tournament. Coverage. CBS sports HQ CBS sports HQ is a free twenty four hour sports network. That's built. For fans just like you from nonstop highlights to news and analysis. CBS sports HQ got you covered by cutting through the noise of hot takes them fake debates to get smart analysis, and helpful highlights for your fantasy teams and beyond checkout. CBS sports HQ. It's always on an always free. No need to pay subscription fee or have an expensive cable package. Download the CBS sports app on your phone fire TV Roku or apple TV to start watching today. And we're back on radio. So P L G. Let's get into some of these draft. Rumors as we are getting closer and closer to the two thousand nineteen NFL draft. And we found out the eagles are gonna welcome Eddie Oliver in for a visit, obviously, it's a big name not many people think that he can fall to number twenty five where the eagles are picking which raises the question. What do you think the chances are that the eagles are thinking about moving up in the first round? They could do it because they have to second round picks this year. Do you think they tried to move up from number twenty five I wouldn't rule it out? You know, how I residents done in the past. I think when you look at the history of trading up, you know, there's been some good acquisitions there when they've gotten aggressive. I mean, look no further than last year, and it was in the first round. But still in not the traded down to where they tried to back up. Get Dallas Qatar traded up to get Brandon Gramley they've made some good additions when they've been aggressive and they've traded up. I kind of feel like just we'll touch on this a little later about what Jeffrey Larry was saying about. That you will want to they believe in volume in terms of drafting, which I think is smart strategy because I think when you look at the kind of the broad picture of the NFL draft. There's not a lot. I think that separates teams in terms of good drafting and whatnot. Like, I think there's a big element of luck. Like that's proven to be there. That's not to say. Some teams are are not better than drafting than others. I think that's you know, there's some variance there. But I'm just saying like the thing we don't like to admit in sports general is that there's luck involved, and you know, the way to kind of counter that luck is to have a lot of graphics and make a lot of pigs in hope kinda get lucky in some of. So that's kind of in general the best strategy in. That's why you see teams trade down smart teams in obviously the patriots do that a lot. But at the same time, I feel like if there is value there, and if you feel like really so really really strongly about a player in look looking at a lot of the eagles mock draft scenarios like I do there's. A lot of where you get to twenty five. And you just don't feel really any good like about what's left is everything inspiring. There's nothing inspiring in that spot. Is there there isn't? And then that's when you end up like with these mock drafts that have you'll taking a cornerback. It's like why I what are we doing here? This isn't this isn't realistic. It's not going to happen. But at the same time, look like, okay. Maybe I almost can't blame them. Because what else? What else are they supposed to take care of this not like a lot of great option? So if Oliver falls in I think, there's some merit to that as been selected as discussed on the and select show because Oliver's a smaller guy, there's a precedent for players like that fallen you Donald followed a little her fell a little further than expected. You look at Gino Atkins fell in the draft. There's a historical precedent of those guys, you know, not being super highly valued by the NFL when think about it at Oliver used to be talked about number one overall pick any is clearly not in that same discussion. Now, he's worth like a guy that could fall into the teens in there are some mock draft scenario. Goes out there that haven't fallen to the eagles in the in the at twenty five which is crazy. I don't think he does fall there when you look at his athletic testing numbers in Houston at the pro day today, the he he ran like in the storm. Good forty our time in a story. Good like three time like at Oliver's ridiculous ridiculous. Yeah. There's some concerns about his college production thirteen and a half sacks in three years. But you look as tackles for loss numbers nearly fifty three. He's still a very clear he's a very disruptive player. Even if the sack numbers aren't always there. So and just thinking about the trio of Cox leak Jackson and Oliver. I mean, oh my gosh. That's so much interior disruption. Like I liked that. So, you know, if the opportunity is there in the cost is within reason, I think that you'll should be aggressive. I don't think you're trading up to like thirteen from him or for him from twenty five to thirteen something like that seems too much like if you're trading up to maybe like nineteen okay? Maybe that's within striking ranger or twenty. I think it's interesting. And I think it's something they're going to entertain. I mean, clearly the bringing him in he's on the radar. No doubt about it. And that would certainly be you're right as I've looked over the mock drafts, it just none of the names pop out at you. And it seems as though yeah, you're taking best available. But I guess if you're in. That kind of a situation where you're at number twenty five there could be a temptation to drop back. Maybe to you know. I mean, I if you're if you're not really bowled over by any of your choices. And who knows what the the eagles think about the players will fall to them. I guess you could also make an argument then it that they would they could drop back a little bit. And maybe maybe pick up another second round and another, you know, third day pick or something like that by by moving back in the first round or moving into the second getting yourself three second round picks. Although I don't know they didn't have a first round pick last year. Beal g my guess is they probably want to stay in the first round. Right. I think they do. And I think as much as they talked about wanting volume, I think there has to be some kind of fit for them, hopefully there in the first one and just selfishly just because it's kinda boring when the trade out of night one we need a first round pick, especially when you there. Happened to last year. At least, you know, the good news is we are ready for that. And at the same time, they got a good pick in this year's draft. So you kinda hang your hat on that. But yeah, it's kinda boring. He you wait there the whole night. And it's like out they traded out. I remember that happened with that's part of what made me so furious about Kevin Kabwe back in the day. It's like I was waiting all this time for us to finally make their first round pick. And then they trade back in its with the Cowboys in like great. And then I wait all the time. But he was the draft. Kevin frigging Cobb, not not a fan of the trade back just from a fan perspective leaving Z out of it. Yeah. You're a second. But yeah, I I just feel like hopefully, you know, that opportunity to be aggressive just might be there. I think if they trade up as it is going to be at Oliver or Christian Wilkins. I think those are the kind of guys that would be that trade up in maybe it'll make a couple couple spots. Maybe move from twenty five to twenty one in that, you know, where you get your guide and by the. Way on this topic. Did you see that? Brian Baldinger tweeted what he tweeted out this week, John? Yes. That was going to ask me. Yes. He was like, basically what Bali said here is that the colts in eagles are seemingly possibly targeting the same player. And I think when you look at who that player could be I think it might be an at all or maybe more realistically a Christian. Look, it's because the colts also have a need there on the interior defensive line. I think that's a little interesting and the bad news. Eagles colts have more Jap name. Oh than they do. So they want him jump up. They could be the ones who get it. And I think the fact that bodyman Frank Reich in Doug Peterson for cracking. Doug peterson. Oh, man. Oh, man. When friends become enemies, buddy. Andy hate to see it hate to see it. I think that Baldy he put that out there. Like that kind of makes me think that the trade up thing is kind of on the radar little bit. All right fair enough. And let's just quickly. I'm gonna write about this for bleeding green nation here. Hopefully, odds something up on Friday a about it. But just kind of. Taking look at the last three drafts at how he Roseman has had because really be LG. I if you look any any further earlier than the two thousand sixteen draft he was heavily influenced by chip Kelly than before that Andy Reid was obviously handling a lot of those drafts in conjunction with with Roseman. But this has been Roseman and Joe Douglas here these last three years, and so let's just kind of take a look back at some of these some of these dress real quicken, and you can get great or just give your your general thoughts two thousand sixteen first round pick Carson Wentz. I mean, we all love that pick. That's obviously something that's fantastic. They did not have a second round pick that year Isaac say a Malu was there pick in the third round Wendell Smallwood and Hala Pula vita were their fifth round picks in the six round. They took Blake Countess a cornerback. And in the seventh round in two thousand sixteen they got Jalen mills along with Alex McAllister and Joe Walker as I'm looking back on two thousand sixteen that seems like a pretty damn good draft be LG. I mean, obviously Carson Wentz is the maker break. Factor there. But outside of that has he kind of almost have to also valuated outside of that some aloe is at least eight capable starter in third round. Like, I think he needs your expectations of third. Yes. Yeah. Steel, it's not under performance. It's just exactly probably what you on average. Like, he's like the average there pick against any. He's been productive. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely going forward. You know, he signed to decent contract so central to be a solid good starter for the guard and may be mentally center. He's where stole as well in. We got the rest of that draft. I mean big v is a pretty good for fifth round pick. Obviously a Super Bowl starting left tackle, you'll take that not a good enough player to become a long-term starter might Pinon. But I think he at least has role as a solid swing tackle entail. Mills is a very up and down player. But he is a player that has the e belongs in the NFL and for seventh round pick like that's. Pretty solid the two thousand seventeen draft. This is still very much up in the air and an injuries have really been a big part of why this draft has fallen flat. Derek Barnett taken in the first round. Again. Just you think there's a lot of talent there. But we just haven't been able to see him enough on the field especially losing him early last year Sidney Jones in the second round again that was seen as a guy that had first round talent. But was dealing with a was an achilles injury. Right. That he suffered during a pro day, workout and still has not been able to stay on the field. Russell Douglas in the third round MAC Collins and Donell pump free in the fourth round Shelton Gibson Nathan Gary in the fifth round and Elijah Qualls in the sixth round. This was not this was not his finest draft here. Beal, gee, there's some issues there. I think Dirk when it's going to be pretty good. I know bend of like I. I. Yeah. I was concerned about that. At the time. Not just I like some jobs before he got hurt. But just the injury made me really skeptical. I just wasn't sure, you know, if he was ever going to be the same player in the maybe stays healthy, he can still recover. He's only twenty two like he still has a lot of career head of him. But it's far he's been to hurt in his just you don't know what to expect result. I feel like resul can be at least a good backup quarterback on the outside in maybe starter. Donald Humphrey is disastrous pick obviously as we've talked about and traded up for him. Just not even NFL player. That's the that's what bothers me about that so much not like you got bad draft. Picks are going to happen. You're gonna get a guy and you're gonna play him. And he's going to be like average or is gonna stink. Like when the smaller, you know, like that's not a great draft pick. But like at least he kinda belongs in the league a little bit done a puffy can't even play at all. That's just a disaster. Then you got MAC Collins. We don't know exactly what he is yet quality. Obviously didn't turn out to be anything. Gary looks like just probably a backup or special teamer. Yeah. It's not son. Awesome looking class there. Derek Burnett kinda has the burdens on him. I guess really. It's step to save that trap. Yeah. It's on him. All right. And then last year the only had five picks last year. Dallas Scott it in the second round of auntie Maddox in the fourth round two really good players last year that we're a big part of that team. Josh sweat was also taken in the fourth round. I think we heard how he Roseman talk about him a little bit. And like the talent that he has met prior in the sixth round and Jordan my Lada in the seventh round, obviously, it's not fair to judge draft just one year just one year out, but the early returns on Godart and Maddox at least are have been very good. Very very good. And I think it's they're they're off to a good start. Anyway, I mean, the the three guys and Josh sweat in Matt prior in Jordan, my Latta who we don't really know what they are yet. I mean, there's some upside there there's potential both sweat in my ladder. Only. Twenty one years old sweat being Zell mental defensive end. Hopefully can see something out of him this year moving forward. And then my Lada, obviously, just being a total wild card. No idea what he's going to be that could be a home run. Like that could be not just a home run that could be a Reese Hoskins grand slam as he did today, which is very awesome. And I love that a lot of quick tangent. Don't disrespect my man reached. You cannot just intentionally walk. The guy ahead of him and expecting to not cross that on the part come on. What are you serious rate spirits seriously? Yes. No, very very destroyed. Stupid too stupid joined my lot could be that Reese Hoskins grand slam that like he could be that big of a move or it could be you know, nothing like he can out of the league as soon as this year, potentially. If he it just a disaster in training camp this year like you'll keep him. I mean, maybe maybe they hold on and still feel like there's enough there. But I'm just saying like, it's not a total locked like he needs the he needs to show them some kind of progress or upside or potential like you you just don't hold onto him forever. If he's showing nothing. So I disagree clear. I don't think that's the likely outcome. I'm just saying, I don't know. I think it's obvious. I think it's in the realm of possibility. So so we don't know. But I think the kind of take away from all these drafts as a whole, I guess, it kind of goes back to what Larry was saying in that like they're not foolish enough to I think the exact mine he used with something about like, not being cocky enough to think that they're going to be able to out draft everyone like they're not gonna be the masters of knowing who to draft and they're gonna Jeff better than the entirely, they don't they don't think they're that smart enough. They don't think that the way drafting works and the way luck can have a factor that they can just rely on that to be better than everyone. But what they can rely on is getting a bunch of draft picks and you'll have about twentieth or so Jeff bakes in one fewer now with stern Howard trade to restock some of their their court here in the next couple of years so going forward and looking at this body where of what we have from Harry rosement enjoy Douglas in these past couple of years. I think you see enough where? Or you can feel optimistic in have an have some hope and some upside I think you can also see some pitfalls you can look at like, you know, you can look at the Humphrey pick in the process behind that. And not feel awesome about that. So and then the Sidney Jones thing you can feel like okay, they took a risk on injury. But maybe that wasn't the best strategy which there is concerns about taking an injured player that we had written up at bleeding donation before the drafted Sidney Jones. So there's you know, there's some risk reward. There's some good strategy. We've seen some bad strategy. I think overall, you know, you feel like there's some of confidence about you know, what they can do with these. Traffic's moving forward. But I also think you know, there's some reason for reservation as well out next. We're gonna talk about Carson Wentz. And whether or not the team is getting ready to pay the man pay that man his money. We'll see if that's going to be something to team does maybe here this offseason before the season starts next year. Also, give you some other notes from some of the news conferences that were held by Jeff Lori and Doug Peterson. And how he Roseman this week at the NFL owners meetings. That's up next right here on ESPN radio. Hey listeners. This is Luke Thomas show hosted MMA finding if you like mixed martial arts and combat sports. You should check out our weekly show. The enemy our each Monday. We speak with the top athletes of enemy from world. Champions two rising stars. We also bring you in-depth analysis on technique in our Monday morning, endless segment. We talked to some of the brightest minds in the game. Plus, we answer your questions regarding the latest news and headlines of the world of professional finding find us on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. And we're back on radio. So one of the big things this off season. Beal g that hasn't really come to fruition yet. But could still come to fruition is paying the quarterback? And I know that there are still some people out there who don't think that Carson Wentz has anything to prove in two thousand nineteen. I disagree Peterson. Doug Peterson is one of those guys. And I disagree with the coach. I think that there is a little something for Carson Wentz to prove this year. But it's mostly just his being able to stay healthy. I I still think the talent is incredible. Even last year when he was clearly playing hurt that he had a pretty good season all things considered without a running game and without a deep threat and without a defense that was really able to support him for much of the season. And we've talked about all of that you, and I have and I know you, and I are both still on the winds wagon. I'm still fully on the winds wagon and at the news conference that how he Roseman had with the media this week at the owners meetings. You mentioned a couple times how they they wanna have money set aside to pay Carson Wentz. Do you get the impression that the team is interested in signing him sooner rather than later? I haven't heard anything. So this is just conjecture and speculation on my part Beck elation. Yeah. But I think the team does especially when you look at their messaging this week. And now, you know, it always you said it earlier in the show, John like, it doesn't always necessarily matter. What they say look at what they do. And you we already saw what they did in. That is hang on to Carson Wentz in let Nick foles go. So you know, clearly they hard committed to him as their long-term quarterback. Like that decision already been made. So with that in mind, I really don't see the need to wait for like you're committed him. So you should want to sign him to a contract extension as soon as possible. Because if you're waiting prices only gonna go up like why are you waiting just to see another year if he gets hurt like so what if he gets hurt he's not your franchise quarterback anymore than what are you gonna do? You know, what was your replacement plan here? I don't think they really have one with their timeline. I don't think they give up on Carson Wentz. Just because if he gets hurt again this year, I just don't I don't think that's the case. I think the eagles want to extend him. I think the reluctance for an extension. Comes from Carson Wentz. Because you know, he's not he can he can think of everything I just said, and he could say, and he's you know, he can get these offers from the eagles, and they're probably trying to get him to accept. He's probably like, no, I don't wanna take the steel because I feel like I can maximize my value by having a better season in two thousand nineteen and I think that's where they're at. I think you'll probably want to get him signed. I'm sure they've approached him. I'm sure they've brought him numbers that Carson feels like he can do better. And at that point there's risk in reward on Carson Zan if he takes the deal, it could be a good move for him in the sense that he has been hurt in. It's instant security, and he doesn't have to worry about, you know, having a two thousand nineteen season where he's playing for a contract, and he gets hurt. Again. You know, things don't turn out the way he wants. So there's there's some incentive for him to do it. Now, it's just like that guaranteed safe option that you know, there's also incentive to wait in that. You can have a really good through nineteen. Season. He knows just as well as we do that when he had a full offseason to prepare for the two thousand seventeen season. He was amazing. And maybe he thinks he can do that again. And I think he can do that again. I think especially we're talking about this offense of skill group. Those players they have I mean, I'm sure he feels like he can have another big year this year. So I think use are fully committed to him. You saw how Roseman Doug Peterson? Jeffrey, Larry all emphatically verbally expressed that, and I think that that's the direction they want to go. The one thing I do want to say about Carson, John on something that you said in the sense of he doesn't need to prove himself. I saw a lot of people reacting to that. It's been kind of like a sports radio topic. How Doug Peterson possibly say that? But I think the thing about that is that's not necessarily true. Like, he didn't necessarily fully say that. I mean, he he quite literally said that in an answer. But I'm saying something else he said when he was talking about Carson Wentz and his need to be more accessible and more like genuine. I guess for out that wasn't the where it has more assessable as a teammate. I think that's right. There is what he's saying. He needs to do that like that's clearly kind of somewhat of criticism there a constructive criticism. I would say because Doug said he feels like Carson has Inam. It's not like something. He's saying go, I really need to see. I haven't seen it. But I think that's something that we've been talking about. And I don't may have been talking about the talking about how we've been talking about this a law season John where Carson Wentz needs to mature. And I think Doug a really really good answer about that. And obviously you can read that answer in full booting condition dot com. Listen to it in the. At the podium episode that might just put up on the leading nation podcast feed here. But basically, you know in short he said that like he needs to just think mature as as a player in person off the field. And I think that's exactly what needs to happen. I think Carson needs to find a way to kind of take what he's gone through in terms of the adversity hadn't dislike Nick foles did. And I think something that when we've been talking about this conversation before John kind of left out was that Nick foles when he left Philadelphia the first time when he was traded. I should say in two thousand fifteen I remember, Jeff McLean. Putting on a story about how the eagles felt that one of the issues with Nick foles was that he didn't have confidence like e could get down on himself. And that was something they were worried about it doesn't that sound crazy? Now, the doesn't that sound that the guy who won the Super Bowl is extremely confident employs had issues with that. Oh, so you're telling me that someone can get better that kind of thing over the course of the career as they mature so level. Linkin grow. Yeah. Maybe not condemn Carson Wentz. In like talk about him like he can never improve on something like that. Maybe he won't. I'm not saying it's a guarantee I'm not saying everyone does. But I'm saying like we have evidence that people can grow like that. And I think that's what we do need to see from Carson Wentz this year and not for nothing, but the eagles sit with just under twenty three and a half billion dollars cap space right now that's twelfth most in the NFL and they're probably done adding big ticket items. Now, they're gonna have to pay some of the draft picks, and they're going to probably have to make a couple of other payments here along the way if they trade for somebody like ado Johnson or sinus Spencer ware, which I don't I I don't know that I see those two things happening anymore that could impact the salary cap space. But they do have some of the space Beal G, and you wonder if that's kind of what they're setting it aside for so we'll just wait and see. But I do think that cap number is interesting now they have after after coming into the offseason trying to move around money to to get themselves cap space. They have. It and there's just not a lot to spend it on at this point now that most of the big free agents, and the big trade targets are kind of out of the way some other notes from the presser you mentioned Doug talking about Carson Wentz. He also talked about wanting to be more aggressive in two thousand nineteen. We remember how aggressive he wasn't two thousand seventeen and you and I talked about it on the podcast last last year that it doesn't it didn't seem as though Peterson early in the season. Especially was was doing some of the things that we would have expected him to do based on what we saw in the postseason and the Super Bowl and even during the regular season when they they went for it on fourth short more than any other team in the NFL and getting Jordan Howard. We'll help with that a little bit. Yes. The. Part of it. Hopefully, yes, but yeah, I like that. I just think that's a good. That's encouraging to see that kind of reflection from Doug in the honesty in you know, being critical of himself insane. Yeah. I need to get better. It doesn't something. I imagined. We would see at of two Kelly just for example. So I was I really liked that. I hope he follows through with that again, he can say that. And then if he doesn't do it. Okay. Then doesn't matter. It's meaningless I need to see the action that need to see him follow through on that unquote promise, I guess to be more aggressive. So hopefully, we do see that this year. I mean, I would like to see him getting back to that another thing in that same vein of something he's talked about. But also to see him follow through on. It is this idea of getting more twelve personnel involved in the offense this year, and I kind of have been thinking about that a little bit, and I feel it's one of those things that kinda gets talked about in the offseason might not actually happen, unfortunately because those things can happen every year. Year. But I guess one kind of thing that would support the idea that it could get used more is that, you know, the eagles didn't have a full offseason to prepare for the fact that they were going to get Dallas got her. You know, what I mean like, they didn't know they adopt. I you're right. So now that they do, and they know that they do need to run to all personnel in. They actually have the the players to do. So I would hope that they can really get together this off season the entire coaching staff of Peterson in really design more of an offense. That features those two guys those two tight ends. They're still going to be a lot of eleven personnel. Make no mistake. I mean, you're paying Nelson angler nine point four million to be your slot receiver, and you quired Sean Jackson already paying off on Jeffrey like number one wide receiver. Those guys aren't going away that you're not going to suddenly be running right? Twelve personnel based offense like seventy percent of the snap. It's just not happening. But you know, we do need to see more twelve. So I kind of I guess the theme there from those two. Things is that I'm glad Doug has kind of pointed out some of those shortcomings. I really do. Hope we see some follow through on that the season. Couple of things that Jeff Lurie said to as we wrap up the podcast here. He talked about his love of Doug's resiliency in. And we saw that on full display in two thousand seven seventeen in two thousand eighteen and a lot of the credit for that resiliency for this this football team picking themselves up off the mat when any number of other teams would have given up on the season that happened. When Carson Wentz went out in two thousand seventeen and when Carson Wentz went out again in two thousand eighteen but specifically when they lost that overtime game to the Cowboys. And it looked like the season was over onic bowls came in and helped resurrect the team's playoff chances and they actually end to the playoffs and won a playoff game. And you know, a lot of that is on done to keeping keeping the team interested keeping the team playing hard at is also one of the things we talked about last year after that Cowboys game. I know we specifically talked about at least wanting to see the team play hard and play out the string by maybe getting a couple of wins here. And there we didn't expect them to go to the post. Season. But this seems to be a hallmark of Doug Peterson that when the chips are down they believe in him enough to play hard and to continue playing for him in the last couple of seasons. It's resulted in a world championship and a playoff berth with another playoff victory. Even going back to two thousand sixteen to is first year. Really when things are looking at here will after that Cincinnati loss where they got blown out. And I felt like personally I felt like Doug Peterson might need to be fired. If the team on him for the rest of the season like if they showed no signs of fight for those final games there. They had I was like, you know, they might have to fire this guy because of the players aren't gonna play for him. That's a big concern to me, and they did the exact opposite. They they went out. And they lost a Washington. I think it was a close game it came down to the wire. And then they you know, they won the there's another close game against the ravens there where they you know, they had a chance to they went for two. Obviously as we all remember, and they didn't get it could have won that. And then they beat the giants. Who were you know, they think? Went like eleven five year that a good season. And then they beat the Cowboys. For arresting the starters the week seventeen still finished the season on a high note and just feel like that's kind of been a theme under Doug Peterson. He looks at it in that year. You look at to the Super Bowl you look at it last year. I mean last year again and the Super Bowl win obviously helped with it. But it was like the one of the most one of the least devastating ends to season ever for the eagles because. Yeah, the future not just because of Carson Wentz and stuff because Doug because Doug, you feel like even if things go wrong during the season, and guess what they are for most of the times at some point one or another to different extents, even the patriots. The patriots have moments where things go wrong for them in a given season. They might have a really bad loss at some point. Or you know, like the Miami miracle there might be some bad things that go on and you know for the patriots. It's never really concerned for them. They're always able to dig themselves out of the whole end for the eagles. It's. Not quite the same. But I just feel like that kind of resilience that Jeffrey Larry's talking about. I think that really exists. I think that's been a big theme for this team, and you have to give credit to the players to the leadership in the locker room. It's not just all Doug. But I think ultimately, I know it reflects very well on Doug Peterson. And it's just a reason to feel confident about him. I think when you talk about head coaches him Kennedy vague in nebulous, some of the stuff we assign credit blamed for at times because it's just it's not a woman show, and even as we're crediting with him with this. It's not just all him. But I think one of the things you can definitely point to in. That's like a calling card for him. And it's something Larry specifically talked about when things were going bad for the chiefs. I guess it was a couple years ago. They had like a big losing streak and Andy Reid said to Jeffrey Larry that was one of the most stable guys that whole time. Like, he he never he never waver like, you know, things are going bad, but he came to work, you know, in he had the same attitude. He stayed. A steady you didn't get to down. And that's why they ultimately felt like they're a part of why they ultimately able to come back is because I didn't get to down. They still believed in themselves, and we just saw that again in this most recent eagles season where the heels go to New Orleans. They get their butts kicked forty eight seven or whatever it was point. And they fight. They come back hard. They fight. And that's exactly what you wanna see this team. So I think that's something that is very encouraging about piercing going forward. In a big reason why you can't count him out because when his back against this wall when his back is against the wall on the teams back is against the wall. They're gonna find a way to respond. It's just great to see a locker room with a lot of leaders. Like, you mentioned it wasn't just there was there's a lot of good leadership in that locker room. But you know, I think Doug brings that out and people and people believe he's genuine, you know, there's a lot of Cogez likely saw chip Kelly in this city that you're not sure if this guy's really got your back or not I. Doug Peterson is genuine. He seems like a a a regular guy. I mean, he's not the guy who should have gotten this job to begin with. You know what I mean? And I think he still carries that around with him a little bit. He was the one of the last choices for this team. You know, they wanted Adam gays. I, you know, it's it's and I think maybe there's there's still a little bit of that in Doug Peterson that he feels lucky to have the job, and he's a world chant now, which I mean, you'd think that would go to a set, but it doesn't seem to and that's that's what's really incredible about him. And I agree with you. That's why that's why it's it's you feel good about this team moving forward. When when you the head coach is just it's so important in the NFL and football to have to have a head coach team can get behind and follow and not for nothing else. But Doug Peterson also is a fantastic play caller and play designer, and you know, can can flat out coach other legendary coaches on any given Sunday to and he knows how to get the best out of players. And so at the pretty damn good combination to have, and it's pretty clear Jeffrey Laurie love. Loves him some Doug Peterson. We also got a little bit more of an explanation from Lori about his proposal that would force the Cowboys and lions to play some Thursday night road games. Bill G explained that basically the reason that he pulled it was at it didn't have support. But he seems he seems happy that people are at least talking about it. Because like we talked about last week on the podcast. I had no idea. The Cowboys weren't playing Thursday night road games. And now now people are aware about it. Yeah. I mean, it's just it's it's a competitive disadvantage for the eagles. And he even said that point blank. I think Howard asking Howard Eskin was like do you think this is a disadvantage like the fact that you know, all the other teams NFC's don't get this in point blankly Jeffrey Larry was like, yes, I do. And it is I talked about it last week where the Cowboys have played zero road games on on Thursday nights on like a short week. So several days. Rest never ever end. Look it's going to remain this way in the future at this rate. Like, it's never gonna change. So right now in that same span USA played five games on Thursday night on on the road on short rest and that five zero. I mean, that's like overtime. I disliked the adds up in a couple of years. It can be ten zero. It's it's ridiculous. There's no good reason for that to happen. There's nothing like the Cowboys can still play on thanksgiving Jeffrey Larry's not trying to take that away is to sing can't they play away some years just to kind of make it. So that they have to also have to deal with this kind of disadvantage or one of the what he feels like one of the bigger disadvantages in the league. And I think it was interesting John that we were kind of talking about last week. The why did that you'll withdraw this proposal? And I think it's true that they didn't have a ton of support for it. And I think that it's worth putting through it was still worth bringing up in the first place because at least now you're kind of creating this conversation, and you're kind of give. People the chance to be like wait that actually isn't fair. And there is good reason behind this. And hopefully over time they can kind of find a way to rectify that. Yeah. At the same time, I think Mike four actually two good theory about this believe it or not where he said that he feels like part of the reason the eagles put it out there, drew it is. So they're not like the bad guy. You know what I mean? So like, they withdrew its ultimately it's passed it's not on them. But they got the idea. So kinda wouldn't reflect so poorly on them as much as like the idea has now been put out there. And now, hopefully, others will kind of helpfully run with it. And eventually it'll get past that won't just like just the eagles who were trying to do it as much as like, everyone jumping on it. So I think that's kind of interesting theory to put out there. Yeah. Hopefully does get fixed in the future because it's just there's no good reason for it. I mean, even if it's a small advantage like even if that's what you to argue. And it's kind of like some people have said to me, it's kinda like petty your inconsequential which. Disagree with. But okay. Let's say you're right. It doesn't need to exist. At all. Like, why does it exist? It doesn't matter if it's small advantage. It shouldn't there shouldn't be any. There's no good reason for any kind of advantage that is fair to exist. There's no reason for it. So hopefully, the league in fix it. Jerry Jones, reacted to the thing. And he was like he thinks it's good for the league actually that the Cowboys play on thanksgiving every year, of course, naturally evenings on team having an unfair advantage is good for him. Of course. But I would hope the other NFL owners of all other thirty teams because by the way, the need what twenty four I think they need to thirds of the owners the twenty four. Yeah. That's right. Yes. So okay. So let's say Detroit in Dallas, don't even pass it. That's fine. Hopefully, they can get enough support. Elsewhere in the future to get that fixed because that should be the goal like we want competitive balance we want things to be a level playing field. It's not about you know, giving the eagles at advantage by changing this rule. It's just about like, hey, everything should be kind of equal. Or the same for everyone last thing here Beal g and this is something that gets eagles fans pretty fired up. Jeffrey Loria said that they want to return to the Kelly green estrin, it's in two thousand twenty four their jerseys. And listen, I have a take. Oh, I haven't take on the Celtics. We didn't have on the table. So it doesn't count. All right here. Hang on hang on hang. Did. You hear that? I did. I have a take the Kelly. Green jerseys are fine. They really are they're fine. But frankly, the better jerseys are the ones from the early eighties at Joe war ski and all those guys were that had the darker green with the gray. I love the darker green gray combination with the with the old school helmets. That had the it wasn't quite a Kelly green. It was a little bit of a darker green wasn't midnight green. But had the gray the gray. The the great eagles in wings in the helmet. I think those, and frankly, you know, what d did you ever notice that in Super Bowl fifty to the eagles road green? Uniform seemed a little less midnight. Green and a little bit more regular green. Maybe it was the lighting in minute. In minneapolis. I want people to take a look at that next year. I mean next year, we'll take a look at that. When when they can lead till next year, wait till next year two thousand twenty that's when you're allowed to look. It's I want people to do it. And it must have been the lighting in the dome. Put the the green look different. And I really liked it. I really liked that color green. I'm not a big fan of midnight green. But I think people go way overboard on the Kelly green. There's a reason they got rid of it. And it just I I think it's fine. It's not bad. I don't think it's ugly. So it's I'm not throwing a fire take at anybody here. But you know, I don't I and I'm a big uniform guy. I love uniforms, I love colors. I love the Philly's powder blue uniforms that they play with now, I think those are fantastic. But I'm just not I'm not big on the Kelly Greenville G. It's not it's not it's not my end all be all the teller. You're talking about with jaws and like dick for meal and all that. And it's almost like jets uniform. Really, honestly, it's kinda like it looks like their colors a little bit. Or at least it's close a little bit. Closer bet. More gray. I like the gray was a little old school. I I love that. Yeah. I actually green a lot man like. The eagles stuff that I do own. Honestly like it is like Kelly green hat Kelly. Green hats, I league Kelly. Green sweater. That is a combo circus. Arrived sweater like I just like that color more. It just pops leads more bright. It's fun like midnight. Green to me is just boring. They can stole midnight. Green me is vaguely with that. It's very much a staple of the time. It came out which is like what early two thousands of early two thousand zero. Whereas like, yeah. This is the future. This is cool. This is modern. But then like it didn't age. Well, just kind of like. Like Lincoln financial field a little bit like built in the same time. Like it was cutting ED's for a very short amount of time. But I feel like the modernise of it didn't like aid super, well, he didn't last Dinelli lasting modernist to it. And I I just I'm not a big fan. I don't love it. I think it's been upgraded since they switched to like those Nike jerseys. Whatever it was a couple of seasons ago. It looks a little better than it used to the current midnight green. But it's just not my favorite thing 'em. They're not going to change the main uniform at least there's been no indication of that. So, you know, we don't even have to worry about that so much, but the the more realistic thing is the alternates I've seen some people by the way say like Alday say this every year in that's not my impression at least that wasn't might take away of what Larry said like the fact that he put twenty twenty out there to me seems like that actually is some kind of hopeful deadline for them to actually have it, and they would wear Kelly green jerseys twice a year instead of the. Black simulates all-black who had like, I think like you gotta get rid of the all black the blacks. I don't even hate it. But I hate the black. I don't hate it personally. But like I'm final never having it again. And I'd rather have green alternates over this thing, it'd be fun especially like primetime game. Like Monday night football in her wearing lake bright green single cool under the lights at night. I just think it's a cool. Look, it's more fun to me. I like you allow so I know people don't like it or whatever they don't feel strongly. I like it a lot. I it's it's I don't care as much about it. It's if it's an alternate. You know, what I mean two times a year, and it would be better than the black anything's better than the back. I hate the black uniforms 'cause I again, I was kinda like a that was kind of like a mid nineties late nineties thing when when Pat Croce came in and and turn the Sixers uniform to into all blackened, you know, that was like when black was the thing. You know what I mean? And you're right. It was like it was the late nineties when they changed to midnight green. I think it was actually ninety six was the first year was Ray Rhodes as first year first year with the eagles and ninety five Ricky Watters first year, they were still wearing the Kelly green. And then in ninety six they switched over to the midnight green. So that's that's about the timeframe. We're talking about here. And you're right. It hasn't aged. It hasn't aged all that. Well, so I guess you're turning me a little bit on the Kelly. Green. I I don't know. I I think he will go a little with. It is fun. I get you. I get you amid every every every sports team in the city should wear the same color because that's what would that be? So what would it be? If they all were in with it who. I don't know. I guess I mean, the Sixers and Phillies kind of have similar color schemes. But fires are completely unique. And the eagles are completely unique. I take that back. I wouldn't wanna for all four teams to be wearing the same colors. That's the orange and black is is very very unique to the flyers. It is. And the, you know, the eagle green just you know, when they pulled out those blue and yellow Jersey's a few years ago. Like, the throwbacks those things were terrible. And so I think we'd just so used to Eagleton green. It's just a matter of we gotta find the right shape. Jay, that's that's what it all comes down to any final thoughts before we wrap up episode forty-three, my friend awkward thing Antonio Brown. Simply interested in playing of Carson Wentz. I like that future hall. Yeah. The video there's a yeah. Receiver there. I think that said more about the Tonio Brown's interests, by the way in the US or Jerusalem houses, I should say that the eagles interest in him, actually, like some people are taking that story to me like all Euler super interested in him. And I mean, it did seem to have some kinda interested in. But I think I almost think to Rosenhaus was more interested in getting into new Brown to the eagles than necessarily the were acquiring him. So that was a little interesting thing. But ultimately, obviously, it's done. Now. He's the raiders and Phillies man, the Phillies are back. It's awesome. Love it. Opening and brow. Was so exciting. The mccutchen leadoff home run the Michael Franko hit home run. And then just Reese, the Reese thing again already said earlier. But I was just like man this is so disrespectful. How are you gonna walk rice harbor dislike to get to reach Hoskins to be like, oh, yeah. We're gonna get resell. Like, no, you're not he's gonna hit a grand slam. So love res love Phillies. Glad they're back. It's so much fun. It's a femi- great. Like, you know, this is a football podcast. But and I know not everyone loves all for Philly sports scenes. But if you do love the and you do love the Philly's or even if you don't have the Phillies, but like if thinking about me get into it just do it. Just try it because I think baseball is a nice complement to football in the sense of does not as much. I mean, obviously, you'll for Jordan Howard. So there's some stuff going on in the draft. There's things going on the off season the gonna be dead times like yesterday on Wednesday. There wasn't a lot going on. And there's gonna be some dead periods. And when you have in the summer like in July when there's going to be nothing going on there's going to be dead time. So when you're looking to fill some of that time in turn the Phillies on it'll be nice in help you get quicker to the football season. You'll be kind of small you'll be sided than football. Back then you're set. So I'm glad baseball's back. It's fun, go fails, Amen, buddy. I was it was pretty exciting. And we're going to have a I'm gonna have a hit and season podcast talking about opening day. And looking back at the at the phenomenal action that took place at citizens Bank park on Thursday. So after you're done listening to this podcast, and you're not subscribed to the good fight podcast feed. Make sure you do that. And get the latest episode of hit and season all break down everything that happened on opening day. But in the meantime, make sure that you are subscribing to the bleeding green nation podcast feed. If you're not already, and if you do subscribe, but you haven't left to five star rating and a review yet, please make sure you do that. And again telephone if they're eagles fans, and they are not subscribed to the bleeding greenish in podcast feed. Make sure to get them over here and get them subscribed. Friends. That'll do it for episode number forty three of BGN radio. Again, you can follow me on Twitter at Brandon gout, and you can follow me on Twitter. At John Stolnis. Thanks everybody for tuning in. We'll talk to you next time right here on radio. The price ago snake guys with the show. So I see all Rosen a six. We'll get a ball the day. Got nothing. Into the note. Jay. My name is Spencer home by name Jason Kerr. My name is Ryan nanny combined. We form the shutdown full stran- keep telling you, we're not this forecast is technically a college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We live Tennessee Batman homeowners. Associations, bears and video games. Pittsburgh. Batman the hell of being drafted a group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion like about coaches, having huge contracts or coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport like time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay village. If you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts. Like this one this Devo cast. It's not voltron unless it is.

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