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Good morning. Fire listeners producer Noah Levinson. This thing that gets me out of bed. Every day is the satisfaction of knowing that as the producer of this podcast. I take part in the shaping of children's minds training, our young listeners to detect the many lies half truths and purposeful deceptions that the adult world tries to throw at them on a daily basis, but what keeps me awake at night tossing and turning in my bed as my fifth sheet peels away from the corners of my mattress, forcing me to get up remake the bed and return to my fitful sleep is the possibility however, slim that this show may have trafficked in lies of its own. Mark Twain, one said that a lie can travel around the world and back. The truth is still lacing. It's and if the truth spooks or anything like my own the kind with the loops at the top that always come undone is I'm attempting to tie them at lie could travel and farther, which is why we bring you. Extinguished? In each episode of pants extinguished. We reinforce the truth by kicking the liar out of the studio and bringing on the real expert from last week's show to teach us more about their subject. So if you haven't listened to last week's episode about birthdays, this is your spoiler. I'll give you a moment. And when you hear the interrupting cow it'll be too late. At least I thought there was going to be an interrupting. Thank you. Lisa. Last week's birthday expert was Janine thereto who runs a not for profit organization called take the cake which helps to throw kids birthday parties for families who can't afford to. She sat down in the studio with Lisa Debra. And Debra son Levi to shed more light on the good work that her organization. First of all how much money do you think you use planning all these birthday parties? Do you mean how much money per party or per year? Party. Yeah. That's what he means. I we used to say five hundred dollars per party, but it's been kinda creeping up. So I'd say it's more like six hundred because sometimes we have to buy things that apparent might not have to like if the kid really wants to have a party at a trampoline place, but they don't have transportation we have to pay for transportation. So they can get to the party and their whole family party. Yes. Definitely. And they and that includes the gift for the child. Oh, you buy the gift as well. Yes. So nice. But but other organizations make donations. Don't they? Yes. And but mostly individuals. Oh, yeah. Sometimes people will have a birthday party and bell as their guests to donate to take the Kate as their gift so that they can kind of pay Ford and celebrate their birthday by helping other people celebrate there's that's really cool. Denver don't do for me. Yeah. Robots, but humans, she go to which I. Donation? Right on the top of our website, make very easy to click and make a donation and your site is again, it's WWW dot take. Dash the dash cake dot org. Excellent good. That's really nice. So people will say don't bring me gift make a donation. So that other kids can have a birthday party. Yes. Although lots of people end up giving a gift and donation because it's hard not to give a kid gift on people generous. Yeah, they like to give and with also money you use on birthday parties do ever earn money because it sounds like you use a ton. Terrible business. Let's to you. Well, all of our money is donated. So we don't charge for anything that we do also many small businesses donate to us like a birthday cake or pizza bagel. No, thanks. Thought I was going to have to give a bagel what type of cake is your favorite? I think I like, very simple cake. Tamales scream layer of cake layer frosting, layer, tamales, Burg, I can send you one. What was your really just dish about your cake? What's your favorite? I like vanilla cake with just chocolate frosting. Very middle contact, really. Yep. Yeah. Classic. All right. So back to to truth in lying sort of the name of the game here Janine. Are there any misconceptions that people have about birthdays or birthday parties or people? Maybe who can't celebrate them on their own. Is there anything you want to let everybody know who's listening? I think a lot of people are surprised to know that there are kids who can't have birthday parties being his it just seems like a normal thing that everybody has and as a parent sometimes, you know, we complain about having to have them because they're expensive and time consuming, but we also love it. And it would be heartbreaking to not be able to have a birthday party for child and kids they see other kids have birthday parties because they go to. Them. So it's very much in their consciousness that people do have something that they don't get to have. Right. How do you nominate someone any adult who works with kids can nominate someone there's a nomination form on our website. That's really short and simple. And they just have to believe that this kid wouldn't otherwise be able to have a party and give us something special about that child that really stood out to them. And that way when we call them to inform them about the party. We can say, you know, your teacher said that you've really improved your grades this year or you always come to class with a smile or you help other people with their with their problems, or whatever it is. And so that they know that this is something that they won and are entitled to and that it's not just somebody coming in and giving them something because they're. Air sad for them. I have to audition they do not because I'd be really good here. Here's what I would. Do you do? Oh, my God up present. Gosh can not gonna lie. That was pretty good. Yeah. The human children seem to have those lines down. Take it. All right. Great stuff. Great work Janine. Thank you so much to everybody who works at take the cake really excited to learn about it. And thank you for all that you do. And thanks guys. My my partners here Levi. Lisa. Thanks, very impressed. Thank you for having me. And for anyone listening with Gert is IB birthday pants on fires production. Jin Z media on the web at best robot ever dot com where you can find more great gency podcasts and find out how to participate as a contestant on this one can also submit questions for Lisa to answer on our next asked LIZA segment. Follow us on social media at pants on fire cast for behind the scenes, photos and more true facts, maybe back next week with the regular game show edition of pants on fire. Cenex time.

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