Suzanne tried to ruin my life today.


Hey it's jj you're listening to. Today's full show podcast once you're done with this and you want more john. Jane rich go to john. Jane rich dot com. Check out our whole family. Podcast afterwards how to become a terrible person with grant and so much more. They're all judge enrich dot com ca. Greg and this is the big dog. Snoopy jizzle faint bom. Which you don't do yoga marine tintin. We're not talking about last week. One only glasses fixed jizzle face to me in the place to be any listening to jay rich lake your waist. Judge enrich our phone. Number's eight seven seven nine. Three seven one zero four seven in college jump on there with his writing now. I brought up the season finale of the number one show in the world. It's cruel summer. it's on free. Form the free form network. Then it goes through the roof. And i know suzanne did you finish it and in a date and you're right. There is a big twist in the last five seconds of the show. This creepy right. Yeah it really is. And it's it's crazy because it doesn't make you wanna almost like re watch the entire show just to watch everyone's behavior but i'm okay with it being done. They're like huckabee's even though they dc they teases he's season two. They said yeah so. I actually went back and rewatch to the whole. And i rarely do this. Went back and that whole other that same our because i was so fascinated by that. Show the lassoed nakao. Did you catch up on it. Something that i never do skipped the last told us like everything that happened in the middle like we talked about pretty much everything that happened in the middle. And i'm like yeah it's gonna take me too long to get through. It's all just watch. The end twists. But i feel like it would have been more impactful if i didn't skip four episodes and see all these different character. Things happen. All these other storylines expect the twist right so episodes. Seeing the twist is still creepy. Yeah right but if you follow the if you follow the whole story and then you see the twist. It's like whoa emmett. My subcamp Him and his mom went up north to relax. He wanted to you know. He's been training every day working out basketball every day. Since for how long. So he downloaded loki and in the end so i called his mom and they were in the car driving of north and i called his mom for a couple of things she called me for a of things and then i was like you know he. He's been working out every day every day right so the point is to recover and relax so i i'm on him for reading positive materials for that kind of stuff and manifesting and all this stuff so i said ago Hey listen forget everything. I don't need you to read any book. Seventy listening positive stuff. What i want you to do. Just do favor one one assignment. While you're gone for the next four days. I just want you to write down your goals again. Because he has his goals written down on the twenty. Write down your goals. That's all i asked. Just write down your goals. They goes okay. I will and i go by the way house loki. 'cause the new look drop. Yesterday he goes. I don't know. I keep getting interrupted just like you watch. Tv nuts said later. Watch low key yet. And i go. How is it he goes. It's fantastic. And then my son. Jake he goes. Did you watch low key. And i said no he goes. It's fantastic and i'm like all my kids are watching low where we're home. How come we're not watching together. Everyone watches it on their phone. Different time whenever works. So suzanne you being the marvel fan. How is the new key and that new episode of that dropped yesterday just to kind of set up the future of mcu. Like it's such an important episode. That i can't. I can't wait. It's like i can't ruin what you know what it is. What happens but it's just like a game changer. Good way yes. Because i was looking at you almost nervous about what i could say about the show. 'cause if you haven't watched it yet and kyle you should if you have gone back watch these watch the second episode. Because it's i think it's the best of all of the live tv shows they've done except for maybe a mandalorian episode. It's really cool. Oh yeah just that it up it just everything else up. It's like what's going to happen now. The last week it was every episode. We like that. It's not necessarily the first episode of just kind of showed you like this whole different thing that is happening while we're watching the marvel movies but this is like you're you're looking into a peak. You're peeking into like doctor. Strange and the new spider man spider movie stuff like that. Like you like okay. This is why we're going to get those movies to be the villain in all those movies. blame no. I don't think they got their act together at marvel. They've worked out storylines they got it. All everything fits. You can't go and poke holes in a lot of stuff like like you can't star wars and you could go poke holes on a lot of that and but i think marvelous got their act together one of those episodes that you just you're going to like i've been thinking about it nonstop since i watched it and i just want to watch some youtube videos to break it down even more for me. There's something i saw this morning. That just popped up like gun. Buzzfeed accepted like twenty seven things. You probably missed on. Just the latest episode of loki elliott. There's so much. I don't have to think about like. I watched the first episode. And i thought it was entertaining. The first part for me was very slow but like at the end. I understood why they had to go that way. I actually forgot that. It was out. So i didn't see it. I might go back but like now. I'm watching the show on netflix. It's called the end of the f. Ing world it did come out a couple years ago but i'm obsessed with it. I'm obsessed so good. I think it's three seasons two or three seasons and basically this these two high school kids. It's james and eliza and james thinks he's a psychopath and he befriends elissa so he can kill her and they run away from home together and they just get an all kinds of trouble but it's a very very dark humor very very dark. I remember when it came out. Because i remember the logo for the show. They like the f. Word is bleeped out. It's so good. Like i really enjoy that. And when i was when i was skipping to the end of cruel summer on hulu i realized the second season of dave is out came up to my yesterday and i realize it's an hour episodes so i need to. I started while. I watched like the first fifteen minutes of good. It was slow. You watch last season all of last season. I think i missed the last trip so broke up the back together in the first episode. I haven't seen her yet. But i only got like fifty minutes so i i you know i'm trying to eat right like i'm trying to get to the point where i want to eat right. I'm not a maddening right yet. You know like white castle yesterday. White castle genius had been white castles. There's one open here not the a few years ago and i haven't been and so i. It's at a certain part of town which is right by that possible illegal massage place. I go to so. I might as well kill birds with one stone. Go get an and massage and then go get white castle for the family. So i went and got the white castle. It's called Forget to big box. Scott thirty thirty white grape gays. I got a great critic and so my son jake. My son camp. No my son. Dutch my son jake and me and then i got a. There's thirty in there. And then i thought i don't know if that's enough so i got two extra ones night. He does two on the road and then we open up the case of thirty and eight. Seventeen of them gone four. I was like. I can still keep going like i was like. I literally have a problem. Like i stopped myself. Because i knew this wasn't right. Abby but anybody can seventeen of those downed ever liked the fact that john stopped himself. Because normally you'll see like food left over and you can't stand it. I know i was like eating eating. Eating and i was just at white castle. I here's a little reason. Why i also didn't finish at white castle. That gave me the honey mustard even barbecue naming hot sauce. And if they would've given me their catch up. I think i would have continued eating. They didn't give me their catch up. Use my ketchup. And it didn't invite doesn't always get like they're you know i wouldn't even if they are the go once even if you have heinz at home and they give you the heintz. It's different did enroll right with me. And so i if they would've given me the hind their catch up. I probably would kill all of them. But so i had to. I had to go all right. This is wrong. Stop was wrong with you. You know what i mean. I'm at some point. You're going to have to flip the switch and your life and get back out of control him like seventy each one of them taste grape. The onions everyday. It's just it's a really good little burger for you the desserts. Here's a habit. I read this story yesterday. Did you read the story about what they're doing with their desert so they have what's called a cake on the stick and they're a little piece of cake on a stick and and they they're now going to be having like you can actually buy a whole birthday cake on a stick or something so that was in my mind all day yesterday so i went and got their brownie on a stick yesterday. It's just a little triangle on a stick. Unlike unlike a fudgesicle. Stick those drive and eat my brownian steak on the way home. After i to the white castle burgers in my car on the way home go eat another seventeen astounding afterwards. I don't feel guilt. I just feel terrible. Conceal my neck getting sicker face on haircut getting a haircut. The guys cut my hair and he's looks behind my ear and he's like did you get a face lift. I'm like what no you see this chin. Do you see these cheeks. What what would. I go figure that my face getting fatter maybe looks pulled cure it's getting plumper and it. Looks like i should be like you know what i mean like. Oh no my god. No i need to face with you lose weight you probably like you need a facelift. Well thanks alex complimentary. That comes out of my head. Yeah so we're you lose weight you'll probably need a boy because then your skin would be saturday. I should say that to someone facelift lose weight. John jay rich not only. Do you need to know if they're cheating. You deserve to know the truth at the roses right now with john gene rich. Stifle war of the roses. This is where your relationship your boyfriend or your husband your girlfriend your wife be cheating on you so you come to us. Tell us why we get them on the phone. We send them a dozen red roses. We see who they can send them to. Hopefully some to you eric welcome. You're on the air war of the roses. I'm calling about my wife alana. You know we've been together for a while since high school so about ten years been married for three and things have been pretty great up until recently. She's been really distant with me and i. Oh i've been working a lot. And i feel like i had something to do with that but i think there's something else going on because she's been spending a lot of time with one of our neighbors who lives up the street like he seems to be at his house like i come She's at house a lot. I come home for lunch. She's not bear. i find that. She's there We just argue constantly all the time. And i think there's something going on more than just her being friendly with this guy. I think his name's to ron or something But i haven't confronted her about it fully at because i don't wanna get into another full human. So is does ron. that just live by himself. He's not married. If far as i know i haven't seen anyone else there. I don't know him that well So i don't know how she met him or anything like that but she's not telling you she's going over there no not at all. I only found out because i came home for lunch. One day for work and she wasn't there. And i tried out where she was and i when i left. I saw her leaving the house. Eighty did you ask her. If anything's going on with the neighbor i just asked who he was and like what she was doing over there And she was just like oh you know just being friendly you know 'cause she stays home a lot so he's like oh he works from home. I was ran into each other and you have a lot of collins already. It's been chatting it's weird. It's like she's telling you about her new boyfriend. Get along really. It's really weird. And i haven't fully confronted like if she's cheating or not or anything like that because again didn't want to get into an argument. 'cause we kind of started arguing with that too because i hinted at it and i think she knows that i'm thinking that but she's not letting like anything slipped regarding of what's actually going on over there that's really sad. It's actually almost doesn't care. Is that normal for her or does that make you. It would almost worry about it less. Like she's hiding but arab with oscar mayer. It's like she doesn't freak out like oh yeah he's wrong he's just neighbor guy. I mean whatever or does that make you like. Oh this is what she does when she's being confronted with something. No she's normally pretty all right like i said we've been together for a while And we've been pretty good at communicating and so. This is kind of new with her. I don't know like. I said sometimes people just make random friends but the way she's acting about it when asked like who is this guy she really get much about him like when she made other friends she'll tell me about them. Were all eventually meet them But she's also being really distant and like not really answering questions or talking about this. And if i try to push even a little bit it just leads to an argument. You said you know that she was the reason this happens because you caught her and leaving his house. That's how it started. you said. Hey where are you doing. Oh just visiting the neighbor. That's how it happened and now and you've seen her there a few times. She hasn't told you seen her leaving his house. Yeah there was the first time. I didn't know where she was after. I came home. So i just because only home if i come home for lunch Which i do every now and then and she was just enter. Text like oh. Hey where you are you. I didn't really get a response but didn't think anything of it. And then as i was driving back to work i went by his house and i saw her and hints standing out in front of the the front door like are leaving. And so and there's been a couple more times that i've come home from work and she's not there and ask her about it later and she'll just oh that ron's or i was out and doesn't really give any indication of where she is. So what we do. Eric so we will call your wife. We try to do something different because for war of the roses. You'll only send flowers with girls zoe's a little if you don't know them mom. She sent her dad right right. So what are we try. Try to jump back to like Fiancee friday and do like a spa. Packagers cobb a romantic couples massage throwback school little fiance friday action. Let's try that. We'll see if she takes eric to get the couple's massage your husband or she takes ron the neighbor to the couple's massage right. So let's continue with that. We got war of the roses continues next john rich john. And we're in the middle of war of the roses. You got eric in alana husband and wife ten years high school sweethearts. Here's a deal. A lot has been spending a lotta time with a neighbor. Ron and eric doesn't get it and he's concerned to the point now where she's like what did she say she's like. We're just friends. We we have so much in common. You're paranoid Telling him when she's going she just goes which is weird. Text him back when she was over at the neighbors house rule. That would drive me crazy so eric. We're going to kind of go from our old school book. Fiance friday and we're going to call your wife and tell her she won like a couple spa. Okay sound cool uncle. So then and we haven't done fiance fried in a while but cows appro see ready kyle. So does she take does she take ron. Hello is alana of people speaking perfect alana. It's kind of your lucky day. So my name is ron. I'm calling you from the jovi day. Spa we're kind of news. You probably haven't heard of us. That's why i'm calling you. We have a pretty incredible offer for you. It's a six hundred dollar package totally free. We want you and a guest to come in for a three side-by-side couples massage now. We call our fire package because it really sort of ignites the spark between partners. You guys come in. You'll unrolled the level of your comfort. The room is adorned with candles roses. And you're just gives you the unique opportunity to have a real good quality time with a loved one if you will So basically you come in and then you share your experience on whichever social media platform you use the most or just you know tag us and we'd appreciate that and it's free for you. Okay oh is there like a fee or anything other than the right. I know that's a very common question because normally for massage you're gonna want to tip your masseuse but with this. We really just want to give you the full. A plus top notch service so that you are totally satisfied. We really want like a great review if you will So gratuity is even like included in this. We're not going to accept a credit card or any information like that perfect so just remember julia day. Spy when you come in we'll give you all our social media handles and whatnot to get this offer in our system. I will need your name. I'm going to need your guests name and from there. What will do is we really just like to personalized and make it really extra special and since you'll be bringing a gas what we'll do is in their dressing room. We'll have a nice little note from you and that's your chance to get like i guess some people like to you know. Get the mood going if you will with these messages so let me know what you want to write on the card and then i can get you and your guest in our system. It's just a nice extra touch or Can you put i love you. Let's get back on track. React very cute and then Your guests name. So i can address the letter. Yeah you put like to husband eric sweet. There's no there's no now there's something there's something going on like high. Yeah it's your husband eric. there's something going on here. There's why are you on the other line right. Is there and so confused. If there's something offline. Eric what is why i know something's going on with you and i needed to try to catch you in alive but something's not adding up. What is going on with you. And ron what what's not adding us the fact that you parnes me alana. I know something's going on. What are you talking about eric. I wasn't feeling great. And i went to the doctor. I got my Results back and i tested positive for committee alana. How did i get that. 'cause i know for a fact i'm not the one having an affair so but not yourself. Who is it you seriously. I'm being serious on fighting to bring this on the radio. But you wouldn't talk to me and you've been fisted because we'd been. Why did you can years. Yeah we've been together. We've been talking about wanting to start a family together and you just throw that away for a quick some guy at the street you just matt not with just the guy the guy with later i don't know do you wanna talk about it because you've been kind of avoiding me and then voiding the entire subject for some time. I would love to talk about this. But are you going to actually do it. Yeah back pack and didn't know gonna go back on track by destroying our marriage and giving me as td from some guy that you just met. What a great idea worked out. Well no not. Yeah again Well i guess your gut feeling was right. Yeah i do yeah. You're right just going to talk to her. You didn't tell us about the committee. Eric didn't think it would be important at the moment. Was hoping we could catch it without airing that out. Well i think i think she hung up on. Spent you think she knew she had the sd probably not. I don't know what what set like rich. We have. Goodness little discoloration you shot dude eric. One of those guys it gets revenge and you want to go to ron's house and spray paint. I committee on his garage door. Make sure you spell right. That's a hard spell. You wanna be like you gave my wife chila media spillover wrong deserve it makes you got your phone open and look at it you spray. Paint and rams eric's laugh at the moment. I got some extra penicillin in my backpack for you to. If you need it. Eric got your back. Richness pack ice cube. Cow nicole put the freezer for our life. Hack for you. Yeah thanks so like at this point or are you feeling like you want to try to work on your marriage if you trust that she is in still hooking up with whoever was if it was runner someone else or is this like you're done uh in the moment i wanna say i'm done but you know ten years together. It's a long time. I'd rather try to see if there's something else you know. That was going on and make it work. If it's just the one guy maybe we can work on this. It turns out that she's been doing this a lot longer. I don't know i was just working. Marriage has with the wallace's did and they made it through it there on cruel summer Spoiler alert well. It's not a big plot. It's like an episode three or four five. It was just something on. Maybe we can hook up with one of our counselors. Wallace's no area lana and that would just no way. I could get a hold of their counselor eric. I was just trying to help. Hey little confusion between the were real world john. J yeah eric. They go there with this man. Hold on okay. He their biggest hold up all right. It's worse johnson rich. What's the vivo scopes. I'm gonna tell you what makes you feel sexy and the most beautiful according to your horoscope sign and apparently to this looking and feeling beautiful doesn't always happen at the same time so we'll see what for you. let's go to diana in cleveland. I think that's where she is today. Is that where you are gonna. Yes oh that probably makes you feel sexy being in cleveland. Oh you now. That's right. Okay diana so for leo's it says here that you feel most beautiful when you're being strong and fierce you like to get dressed up especially because people know you have great style the way you carry yourself captures everyone's eyes to walk into the room and spotlight's on you. You feel amazing. Oh okay my husband makes me feel good. So that's the main thing beautify. He is a sweetheart. So that's i was gonna say i don. What do you think season. Two of cruel summer is going to be like because they i think they wrapped it up at the end. So do i i. I feel like so jessica biel also produced The center in season of the center was a whole new cast with the exception of one person. So wonderful carry over one person. Do something else i but i think the story is over. I didn't know if they we're going to get it like they did thirty john. You know where they go from one to the other. I don't know it's called cruel summer and it was a cruel summer. Yeah all right. Thank you diana. Shin-ei gemini loves as so for geminis. Let's get right into it. You feel beautiful when you're in a conversation and you're being you're brilliant south you just feel good when you can show off how smart and funny you are proving. Your point really gives you a beautiful glow yet. Yes yes yes. I like that one. Yeah we're gonna read that one all the time. Yeah like this that you could save it leasing you. A member got our mud. Are mud run ticket so we just need to get on. I know you can't come through that. I'll watch cheerleader as adventures. Coming carney coming back from oregon for important to the muddy. Yeah we got. This one must be november. She's on the phone right now. Who november you do run. I am got my ticket last night. Ooh that's one. Yeah regarding to get down and dirty in the mud november. So ford taurus. As as here that you love beautiful things then those beautiful things make you feel beautiful. You believe in indulging in all your senses so things like a sensual massage a delicious meal or good live. Music will make you feel your best. I like the massages. This is this is this is that you just need to keep putting that out there. Yeah you need to getting massages having good meals and you'll be feeling your best all the time all the time every day all right. Thanks guys. Stephanie she's scorpio anthony. I good morning guide. Good morning staff are so software scorpio's says you feel your best to win your with your lover. You tend to express yourself in a sensual and sexual way it makes you feel gray and it makes you look amazing too. That is so true. I love that one freaky. I'm engaged right now. So i absolutely love being around him all the congratulations. Thanks guys i get a day rookie stephanie. U2 could riley aquarius i riley high riley so far aquarius. It says you're always doing something. And sometimes you forget to practice self care so it's not surprising that you feel beautiful when you've had a good night's sleep when you get enough sleep you feel like there isn't anything that can stop you from getting things done bounds pretty accurate your everyday even the summer. Yeah i don't sleep very much. Get your sleep. Have a great day. Now john jay for virgos. The you feel most beautiful when you just got out of the shower. You feel as if you're ready to take on the world with a clean slates you have your own beauty routine and your strict when it comes to following it it makes you feel feel hopeful grateful and confidence. I feel most beautiful after vomiting. Actually skinny after vomiting. No but i haven't vomited a long time at least a week but you do you do have beauty would like years. Maybe i do have a beauty routine like your your whole morning routine. I would say that anything as a beauty routine per se. I have a routine. It just so happens i looked beautiful longtime used to wash your face just rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol pimples will take alcohol. Rub moldova pimples. Enter with doctors aids that good. I don't believe him definite dry. Your your skin dries out the pimple on your face. no honey he does. He's got his own. Special routine does just go to a doctor. They always compliment. My skin always says working now. Kyle for libra. You feel your most beautiful when you're laughing and smiling when you're relaxing are around people that you feel comfortable being your true stuff with you. Look your best. You have a great smile and it's one of your best features. Thanks have a fantastic smile. Do these all rich for pisces. When you're inspired inspired on you're creating something you feel your sexiest grows. You get you get excited and energized by new ideas. Even if your full of pains in your fingernails are dirty. You still feel wonderful by not. That of sexy is the word i would. It feels good idea sexy. Hey guys why. Don't we do this for father's day. Capri corn you've you'll beautiful when you're on vacation or have a day off but when you feel relaxed you look amazing eugenia to follow yourself you just need. Allow yourself the balance of taking time off when you need it and not working too hard and you will feel your best of. We didn't get to your horoscope. it's posted at jiji enrich dot com college up. You were gonna three things you need to know. If you've got a trip on the way in may be delayed. And i will tell you why i'll tell you three things you need to know. Next aren't rich rich on. Its entire show without interruption radio. Or wherever you get your podcasts cowed we know so many americans just wanna get out. I want to travel now that the you know the pandemic most of the covid restrictions are starting to loosen up all over the country. It's like driving. Is crazy right now and your trip now may have to wait. Especially if you've worked with southwest airlines for the third day in the row they have dealt with massive cancellations and delays. They had cancelled three hundred and eighty flights and delayed more than a thousand of them because if technology glitches and outages from earlier in the week so since monday southwest had delayed more than three thousand five flights like it just keeps happening because of these technological glitches which can't make you feel safe if you're flying right like that's definitely don't want when you fly A spokesperson for the airline said the issue has been fixed but southwest is still working to resume normal operations flee. Your triple was planned but just know it might. Not victoria's secret announced something yesterday. It was splashed all over social media. They're getting rid of their angels and wings they've hired new representatives including soccer star. Megan re piano priyanka chopra jonas and transgender models. They are trying to conduct. One of the most extreme brand turnarounds in recent memory. From what i can ever think of and they are also not just trying to redefine themselves but also the very idea of what sexy is now whether this move will translate to the victoria's secret stores which usually stocks smaller sizes and don't necessarily always cater to curvier women We'll have to wait and see but they're starting with their models that's because of reiness average fan t really oh and skims the seventeen different sizes of and yeah time so a fourteen year. Old boy did something. That's seriously it's so inspiring and it's crazy to me that this came from a fourteen year old but like i said so inspiring that this next generation has people like this already starting to shine so he started his own lawn. Mowing business rights can normal fourteen year. Old kid make money starts. He's known as the lawn kid around his community now after losing his beloved grandfather which was a military vet and volunteer firefighter. This teen wanted to use his skills for a good cause so he gave himself a goal of doing fifty lawns for fifty veterans for free. The first he said it always free gives veterans discount. Each time he comes back. He's been posting his progress on facebook. But i'm like this is so cute like it so innocent so cute and so well meant but could make such a big difference so i thought of highlighting this love up moment and hopefully that maybe it will inspire you to do something like this and that's rethinks you needn't x. Stocks and asks sean jagan rich. Someone ranked all fifty states. According to how well they fit the dad stereotype looking at stats on grilling nerdy show. Shoes and dad joke. Popularity the top. Four dad's states all border each other. I would bresca missouri in kansas. An annual poll. On dad bods found that they're more popular than ever seventy percent of women. Now say it's an attractive. Look cool fifty. Three percent of america's eight inherited some sort of a bad snacking habits from their parents. The top snacks. We've been obsessed with since we were kids. Cookies potato chips popcorn pretzels and corn chips. What my mom used to snack on. When i was a kid and i have not inherited this factoring. Seat of the stores are bon-bons. They still have those chocolate balls of ice cream like they have dibs bomb. Bigger to new skills. Products are coming out this year. Skittles candy canes. They hit shelves for the holidays. And skittles yoplait yogurt in stores. Now not gonna lie to you. I got a little. You'll play yogurt going on right now. I can't hide sucking those things down. Like three or four at a time. Unbelievable i know right but a lot of deliciousness stop. It will stop. They start getting focused on my diet. Sixty percent of america's admit they avoided deodorant at some point during the pandemic sixty eight percent. Didn't i didn't was it getting people covid or something. I don't know working from home minister baby. He didn't wear deodorant for a good while but like dude sweat. He does have really. It doesn't really sweat or stink. So he felt like it was unnecessary. Feel like my body knows when i forget more screwed you body to houston found out. They were dating the same guy right before the man was taken a trip to turkey with one of them so the two women dumped him at the airport then vacation in turkey together for them a flight from las vegas from san francisco. Las vegas at a turnaround on the tarmac. After two guys got into physical fight over an arm rest so should this be universal rule. The person the mill see she just always get both arm rests. They had to turn around a drug deal. Gone bad led to a garbage bag full of weed being flung off the roof of the building in new york city earlier this month and once the pedestrians below realized what it was. They scrambled to get into the action. Imagine all these people bags. We'd we'd everywhere woman in ohio flip out mcdonald's employees on monday when they refused to give her a slushy with all three flavors mixed in one she would the counterpunched several employees. Somebody recorded the whole thing. Here's that sound like in jail. You don't holland out. Why in the world is wrong with people. She wanders leishman according to new poll. Your has turned sixty percent of four indoor people into outdoor people most because they want to get away for the people that were stuck with a family in england found a dead cat along the road. They thought it was missing. Cat frankie so they had cremated. They win the whole ceremony for frankie. Frankie showed back up at their house. Pet cemetery type stuff. Look out for that cat. Natia for the national park service's once again gently reminding tourists not to push their slower friends into the path of oncoming bears. Why do we need a reminder for that we should just be known rethink right richard. It is hot in fact. It's so hot that they say forty five million americans. Under the most extreme heat that we've had in the past two decades there are streets that are buckling right in front of us so two quick ways to cool down first of all if you're gonna get your body anywhere under cold water. The place that cools down your body. The fastest is your wrists. So if you get your wrist under cold faucet that will actually drop your body temperature. So if you're out working in the heat do that in. Here's the fastest way to cool down. A hot car is the fastest way. You roll down the passenger window and then you open and close the driver's side door really fast and what that does is it. Creates a low pressure area. That sucks the hot air out of the car so before you get in. Roll down your passenger window in open and close pretty quickly the driver's side door. Then get in. Turn on your see. Those repechage jane rich dot com. This guy got some pretty major celebrities including mark wahlberg. Jeffrey dean morgan. ben kingsley. Cat deng's to send video messages congratulating his daughter on her graduation. Listen to this face. mark balmer here. I just wanted to slide into your high school graduation video. And join everyone in offering our congratulations wishing you all the best zagging here. Wishing you a lot of love and congratulations graduating from high school. Congratulations save morgan. You buddy. congratulations okay. So how did the dad do it. Nope not thinking. It's not like some make a wish. Nothing so they've been asked to the finally asked dads. The dads spilled the beans. He emailed their managers on a thursday on thurs thursday and then he followed up the email on a friday and then he got the video from the stars of weekend. The weirdest thing. Yeah email on. A thursday got to respond to the matters on friday and we got the videos on the weekend. Surprise even got a response to get a response promote walberg day on thursday thinking. He spent a lot of money on cameo you listening like maybe on a monday tuesday. They reply not on a weekend. For what a good dad go over. His father's day on sunday would over the worst movie and tv data of all time and spotify has released. The most played tv soundtrack and tv. Themes on what do you think is the number one tv theme song office. Nope france nope both center. Nope okay. I'll tell you next. John jane rich. Use your phone the way. It was originally designed to be used talking to other humans. Call us at eight seven seven nine. Three seven four. Seven john jay and rich okay. Worst movie and tv dads darth vader number ten. What that's always number one i'd be. They killed their mom and he didn't know they were born. That's the worst. Is that the guy from breaking bad. Is he a dad. He's a dad. he's not in there. Okay worst at the dude. From game of thrones that burned his daughter alive. Game of thrones dads on here taiwian lancaster. No he's over nine now. No the the guy who was the brother. He's peter griffin and no one Shameless dad from shameless. Shameless is on. Here's number three freight gallagher. Degi good al bundy married children's number two a homer simpson is number one homer simpson number. One okay spotify is put together a list of the most played tv soundtracks okay. The most tv soundtracks tv themes that's a totally different. They need to the tv soundtracks. Thirteen reasons why you floria has to be on four years number nine. Five hundred forty four million players glee. Oh yeah no not even tough is. They broke all kinds of records. No musical the theories no nine top ten. The marvelous mrs maisel is number. Eight with seven hundred nine million plays oranges new black number. Seven eight hundred and fifty seven million plays big. Little lies is six eight hundred sixty million plays the. Oc not her. Fifty million plays game of thrones at a billion place. This is us one point. Three billion place one tree hill. One point seven billion plays and the number one most played tv soundtrack. Stranger tracks jay now the top tv theme song. Now give you a clue. Fred's is number three. And now i can tell you this. I've heard the show. I joan the saw number two number one. I don't see us. I malcolm in the middle. No no that's on. The office is not top. Three seventy show band of brothers is number. Ten westworld is number nine or just flew back is number eight stranger things number. Seven game of thrones is number six game or throws big little is is number five. The oc is number. Four friends is number. Three number two is one tree hill. I have heard of the number one tv show theme song. But i don't know the theme song in the themes. I know it's a. it's a song. That was a hit song that they made it this theme song and they play on every episode. It has three hundred sixty three million plays. If i i'm gonna play the theme saw you tell me if you know the show okay. I don't know what i know the song i don't know i don't know the tv show keynes's carry on my wayward son supernatural gb. Show supernatural. i can't believe the office wasn't in the top. Ten nothing's wrong. i know. That's not accurate with chris. Daniel cristiano renaldo. Coca-cola amateur stock dropped four billion dollars. Judi dench moved the coca cola bottle of the set and he held up a bottle of water. He said i'll drink water. He doesn't he doesn't drink. Soda follows a really strict diet so when they were about to interview him they had to to like bottles of coca cola next time and he moved on and he's like water. That's what i drink. Water their stock went down. Four billion dollars man. He's got power. Okay listen to this yesterday right around. This time we spoke to a woman who spent the night in a haunted house a haunted hotel and she said there was lots of spirits and remember. She had this box with her. That evil voices spoke through yesterday. She connect with me all day yesterday. And you're not gonna believe terrible things. That happened to her. And i asked her. She go on the air with us today. This is very difficult for her to share what she was going through yesterday. I told her. I think it's because of an evil spirit and it's like that even cross her mind but we're going to talk to her because after she left the hotel. Her day went sideways yesterday. John jay sharp okay. Yesterday we spoke to shanti shanti. They're good morning air. Are you okay walpole. okay. I wanna do a quick little recap yesterday. Shady and her husband were sharing story with us. We're shady and her husband. Went to stay at a haunted hotel. There were nine thousand dead. People had died at this hotel and they had this box remembering ahead all these spirits and spirits were saying evil things the box and then i think. I think that might have asked this question. I'm not sure. But here's what happened was scared that something might follow you back like back home. We did a little like. Don't don't go anywhere. Stay here will say on before we got back in the van. She's laughing joking well. I spoke several times yesterday because something happened yesterday up until this morning. She was dealing with something. And i was like after deal helping her and talking to her. I was like this. Sounds like an evil spirit. Like left with you now shetty. Can you tell everyone what happened yesterday. Okay so starting as a morning. Like after i got off the radio with you guys. My husband comes out of the bathroom and like normally. When we do this little trip we usually go up like sedona and like visit the shops and eccentric cetera. But we just of stayed in that little town and so he Wanted to drink in the room and everything and get. The party started and like in my mind. I'm like okay. Well i have to work at five thirty in the morning. So i don't know why this is going on but we ended up down in like cottonwood for a little while so i could get We went to rockstar where there was jim stuff. I thought like these rocks. It's supposed to help negative energy in those but anyways so we get back to giral and eventually what happens as he grabs this chance cake and he grabs a bottle of wine. He goes down to the park area. Because screw me. He's done with me. And i'm like what the hell is going on. So he was now that because he wanted to do a late checkout but i worked at the taliban and it was like dude. You can't be late too late. Check now so i was controlling lies and everything and i'm like well. He's like really intense right now and it just isn't normal. We ended up having to have the police come down. The firemen comes down. Interact with them. They gave us some breathalyzer and everything ended up being like two times. The amount and like. I'm like i just need to get home. So he ends up getting in the car with me and we're going down the highway and he just. He keeps badgering and badgering me. And i have anxiety. So i started happening like a panic attack in the car so my eyes are like watering and i can't see so i have to pull over to the side then he just he won't stop. He's like talking about how he was. He wasn't with me how he wishes he was with his ex girlfriend. Coon guys like a couple of months ago. So i'm like. Oh my gosh. So i ended up getting back in the car and he hasn't getting out of the car and saying that how he's going to call the police say that i liked stolen vehicle and i'm like oh my god like what is going on. So he starts drive off and then i little civil and the mirror and i'm like oh no so. I hurried a part to the side. And like i just fall out crying. I or my pants. I cried so hard. And so i finally done me coming golden crow highs it a bunch and i like i like this please. I want to go and so he ends up getting back in the car. and so i like hyperventilating. I like. he'll on the steering wheel so we get into town. I go to this car wash. I get the steering all washed up and like he's on his phone like messaging people and everything. So i like i grab a phone and i don't know why it's on. I change quick back car. Wash being chance by my husband. I love the guy that works there. Any it's like what's going on here and then my husband's like she took my fault but just start running again. 'cause he's like out to get me crappy and like i'm in a stranglehold as if the other people vacuuming dropped vacuums and my husband's burning out because other guys glasses of flight pudge and the cops come and then they're like we can't do anything because there's like yeah. We saw the video but he doesn't have like a guy and he's not hearing everything. So i'm like on my dress on the back of address and so i'm like i'll just dot com. I start walking home then. I see him come out of the apartment like hiding in a bush and so i wait anyway and then he finally leaves and grabbed my car and i go get my kids. And like the whole my. I'm like sitting in my car so feared and then like last night. I finally i had to go home. I worked this morning. And i just hit my kids rome and now i'm in the parking lot talking to you by the whole time. I was talking to her and tell her to go to hotel. I'll tell blake. And i had to go to make sure you're safe. Yes please be safe. She was hiding in bush. Messaging me waiting for husband thousand. Isn't that crazy. Yeah and he's never acted like this before like this is totally out of character. This is really bad. Like you've never activist bad before so i'm like gosh. Thanks a lot little rocks. That is supposed to help me. You don't think there's any type of possession here like one has taken kind of over. And i don't know i don't know i guess i have to kind of play it by ear today to see what happened. I don't think you play that by ear. Remember when you said yesterday that you ask the box if you could go upstairs in the voice said no and then you said we went upstairs. That's probably where it happened. The voice of the box probably took over your husband gets it. It sounds sounds like to me is totally out of character. And he's never done that before. Twenty four hours. They talked to you. Guys all happen to you that is terrifying sorry screenshots of his messages. They're frightening uh. How long have you guys been married. We're all together for nine years until like this story. I just told is all always lie and so i've always had nothing but nice things to say and it's like this is just a totally completely different time. I mean i would guess possessed by something against the hotel and he needs an extra. I was telling my son. Jake about this jake. Psyche needs an exorcist. He does for sure. Yeah so listen. Are you safe in your kid safe now. I think so. I hope you doing to make sure that they are instead of thinking. My kids are fine. they're absolutely fine. It's neat that the horrible person. So he's just. After me. And i worked twelve hours today so he can't get to me. Well when you need to be careful. Hold on line continued. Talk to off line here and see if we can you to hold on second resources. Yeah exactly exactly hold on judging rich even when the show is over we just keep talking and now you can hear listen to the judge. Jay enrich afterwards podcast on iheart radio or on. I tunes what happened. Twenty seven years ago today the oj. Bronco chase oh really. Wow that was one years old crazy. Yeah that is no. It's enrich you. You're doing the is it the pageant this weekend it is. It's saturday actually. It's the first thing i've been in front of people like doing. Since the beginning of the pandemic it's the bizarre zona america so the winner of this pageant will go on to represent in the miss america contest. So i gotta go get fitted for a suit today. I got so much to do. I've worn anything with the tie in a year and a half. It's just weird to think about that. That stuff's coming back in. at first. They said that they were going to do like half capacity in the theater but then all their restrictions opened up. So there's gonna be actual people there that i have to get my act together in front of some nervous in excite at the same time. Are you happy with the results of your face. Am i happy. Remember you got the treatment and you were worried. Because you're was. I don dick puts it overall never been kissed. I'm totally okay. If they just turn down the lights on means other people still wear masks. Actually part of the things you have to go you just like you see in the pageant you go up and you ask them the questions and then they put the big spotlight on. Everybody and i have pitched to like. Can i be off in the corner and the podium and then just shine the light on the contested. So i can sort of hosts quiet lead from the corner across delegate your face every day i can tell i think. Now that the swellings gone out. I think i can see that. There's something different. Yeah it's a little. It's a little less than two little. It's a little. That's a little guy. Names listed a blender a little bit about trickles also you know they have done a pageant in two years so like whatever talent. I hope. They still remember what they were supposed to do. Two years ago because they didn't do one last year. I thought they did wanted to skip to be hosting. Because they'd like me but they didn't do it so this is my my last one but i'll be hosting for is virtually right. Yeah this year. They're streaming alive. They've never done that before. So we'll put a link up if anybody wants to watch saturday night at seven. Pm pacific all right so. It's father's day on sunday so we want to ask you this. My dad would kill me if he ever found out about the time i blank you fill in that sentence. My dad would kill me if he were found out. About the time i blank sturgeon-rich watching to finish the sentence father density the sentences. My dad would kill me. Found out about the time i blake. D- what happened. Finish the sentence. I jumped from a bridge onto a moving train. Ball moving molding. Yeah and did you end up with another city what what happened. Well actually. I hung around with all boys in the neighborhood and we play to there all the time and they dared me to do it and so there was a whole bunch of boys and so i couldn't back out because they would've thought i was awash and so yeah it was going into the you know the train yard and so i knew that it was going to be slow down so i figured okay if i get this timing down just right i'm going to be okay and so went the beginning of the car. I jumped from the bridge. I landed on the top of the car. And i just kinda squatted down and stay there until it kinda got real real slow. And then i climbed down the ladder and met up with the boys and they gave me all high sides could have gone right. Everything else would have been a disaster for you all through the train car. Full it off the train. Oh yeah you really crazy. Yeah my dad worked for the railroad. So i figured if i got caught i knew a lot of the guys that work there and they might let me fly. You know just so. My dad didn't find out. Yeah that's that's a federal offense by tomi hundreds of times. Oh yeah you get caught. It's it's railroad property and you can. Yeah it's a federal a fan. So i'm glad he didn't get caught. It'd be cool to do that. And the guy chase union. His final top of the train. Sweet tooth top ten on netflixif. Thanks for sharing that with us. You have a great day sabrina. My dad would kill me if you ever find out about the time i blank. I did a hit and run on his astro van. Yeah he loves. I was like nineteen and worked at denny's and i was running walmart on my lunch break. You get something. And i went up on. I'll so i was going down. Like the leave. I was going up it and i've underestimated. Turn turner turn into the wrong way. Parking space. I planned it to someone's car i got out to look at it and you hit that com hard i look. I don't think english. And i hopped the car and i took off perfect english english. Yeah it was horrible. He ever found out. Kill me. you didn't make any damage on your car or your dad's car out. No way and i thought astro van. I think it was built for guys. Have a good day. Get so mad. I know alley dabba kill you. If he found out about the time he did. What check one hundred dollars from him on junk food so he came home from work and he did. He was working two jobs at the time. He was a mechanic and an air conditioner specialists so he came home in the afternoon between shifts between going to the next job and he went to go take a nap. Money fell out of his pocket. And we saw it me and my three siblings and he got up and he went to the room. Go lay in the bed. We grabbed it. Went to circle k and dairy queen and spent all day get him an ice cream and then when he asked us. Where did we get the money. We said we saved it and he was like oh i probably lost it at work. I'll figure it out later. He didn't know that we saved it from the couch and went and spent it on junk alley. That with us. Andy my dad would kill me if they find out about the time. I did what that i went on. A joy ride broke my collarbone and yeah so basically It was summer before my senior in high school. I got a call from a friend who was like maybe a couple of blocks down. I was like okay. She doesn't live a couple blocks. Sounds kind of weird Yes so. I walked over in her sitting on the atv. Like what are you doing in the city. You can't drive those on the road. She was like. Don't worry we'll take the back road gets my house. It'll be fine. I was like okay so we get your house. Hung out for a bit and about an hour later. She's like we'll do wanna take it out one more time before i watch it. Yeah sure that's fine. We head back down the road and she takes a turn on a pay straight and i was like we can't be on the paved road You know we have to stick to the field like it'll be fine. We're going down the road on the corner of my i. I see a dog coming barking at us. She takes a hard left. We go flying into the ditch and she gets pinned under tv. I go flying about ten fifteen feet. Of course. I'm stretched out shot completely shatter my collarbone Yeah when i went to the er this is the worst Clavicle fracture we've ever seen. I ended up with five screws a plate and she ended up with very minor bruises and Yeah to this day. That story goes that. I broke my collarbone Flying off the trampoline. Yeah my mom Maybe promise never to tell my dad and ten years later it's turned into from me not getting in trouble to her not getting in trouble for knowing for ten years among dad and i found out about that ten years. I'd be so pets everybody. Oh yeah you can. Physically see her sweating. Every time i try to bring it up. Because i i wanna bring it up casualty. And maybe he'll laugh but you can see her. Yeah thanks thanks shit. I was something happened to you. Kyle on your instagram. yeah it was. It was almost a really embarrassing disaster cable here about that next johnson rich rich on demand. It's the entire show without interruption on iheartradio or wherever you get your podcasts. What happened your instagram colin plug. Well i would like to contact someone to instagram and file some sort of motion for them to adjust one of their features that in the past. I have actually really enjoyed. Because i've been open. I have a samsung but everyone in my family has an iphone. And i know with you guys because all kinds of problems but i will not leave so one of those problems is like. You can't facetime from iphones to samsung. Yeah so if i've ever wanted to face time per se we just do it through instagram. Because you can easily do it through direct message. There's the little camera there. And you facetime is i'm privately will. Yeah yeah. there's that little it's looks like a little tiny camera by when you and your direct message. So the problem is like is relentless so i was going through my dmz other day and the people that moved into our old house have been really really kind to us. Because there's been some really important pieces of mail that have come to our old address and they've let they've deemed me on instagram. And let me know. And i will come. There was stuff from the irs. There was there was like a package for my sister for christmas. So she's always really nice. Dmz she's like. Oh you have another piece of mail for you. And i'm like i always feel so terrible because how annoying is that like anyway and always ends up being scott's business stuff which is important but like change your address but it is changed but anyway so she messaged me just the other day. Hey we have another piece of mail for you. let me know when you want me to put it out. You can pick it up. And i'm like oh my gosh. She's about to message her back and accidentally hit the call button. Instagram fisherman. Like no no. No no no no and so i tried to press the button and the little screen. That shows the facetime going. It goes down to the corner in like goes tiny and so i pressed the button and instagram goes call preceding without video. No luckily she didn't pick out. Because i was like trying to think of what i was gonna say like. We'll be tomorrow to pick up the then. I'm thinking like now she's going to see because you see when someone tries to like facetime. She's going to be like what is wrong with this girl settlement. Paul don. I'm like okay just like when instagram needs to fix things like when you press the button and neither act out yeah ex should be exit out of everything. Done video snapchat has that instead also has a. You can make a phone call. And i've like i respond people on snapchat usually with a thumbs up and i've called people by mistake. No no no no terrible on instagram. to buy you have hit that button tom. I wonder if i don't have a panic. Can explain myself. Like i'm not trying to invade her privacy and it's weird when someone you don't know is also calling you and you're like Why are they calling. Should i answer and you could just be mexico. Yeah facetime from random people. I just think they're facetime people. That's how they make their. Don't have that feature come on added walk it see. Our instagram's are always so different than yours. Love you. I feel like you always have the extra features like i feel like i. That's why sound familiar. Look familiar to me. Oh that is weird. And my instagram is so jacked technology jacked up your in your direct messages calling the top right. There's a little camera call. Let me try. No says video chat failed when i tried to call you contacting. Yeah failed contact instagram. And ask them for the future. Maybe in your setting. Maybe it's because they know you really hate phone calls trust me. I want you get rid of my phone part of the. Wow all right. we're gonna play. Are you smarter than a criminal. Justice student the prize incredible prize to three days of sago goes. It's amazing. you gotta call us at eight seven. Facetime me for you. Yeah i don't have it on mind so crazy to be contested when this prize you call eight seven seven nine three seven one four seven. Judging rich jane we're gonna play. Are you smarter than a criminal. Justice just graduated college degree in criminal justice. She created this game carly's contested. Hi carly all. What do you do for a living. Carly ooh everywhere. Okay i need to remove myself from the game. Because i answered the question of the game. Nope okay let's play payden so we play. Are you smarter than a criminal justice student. Now what am i graduate. Okay i can still crazy if you can't tell but basically how we play you have freshmen law. Sophomore carts or junior senior corrections is the levels that you can pick from with junior senior being three points. Sophomore being two points and freshman lobbying one point though freshman to senior difficulty level. Are we following you all all right so we just at multiple choice questions and i'll ask you and you give me the answer and if not then you get a little done done all right. We will start with you john. Jay which year the highest level. Wow junior senior corrections which united states state uses the napa l- onic code legal system. I'd shared with that. Okay a. b. california see texas or d virginia. Well napa is in california wine country with so i'll go with that one of the options california was but it is incorrect. Correct answer is a louisiana good logic. It was really good logic rich Which level winding down the point check again. Let's go junior senior junior senior corrections what publication gives a common method of classifying crimes in the u. s. a. federal register be federal reporter c. f. b. i. bulletin or d. uniform crime reports while so all of those sound like they're really legit was be called again be was federal reporter. I am not a subscriber but since it's a government thing and that's the least interesting sounding wanna go with be and that is incorrect. The answer is d uniform crime reports and he's are hard this week y'all gas they are rolling stone l. I'm sorry magazine says eh. which level would you like to stick with the same junior senior correction. Okay junior senior corrections over the past twenty five years so whole not last twenty. Five years is a little outdated question firm over nine thousand. Nine hundred. Seventy nineteen ninety-five violent crime in the. Us has a increased fifteen percent be increased by almost half see more than doubled or d. remained approximately the same. I am going to say a have gone up in. That is incorrect. Oh it has remained approximately the same. Wow media social media has made. It seem like it's gone up more exactly because people will do things for cloud. Now when the kyle i gotta go all all the points all the points. Payton all of the points. Us prisoners are serving shorter prison terms today than in the past a troop be false Shorter prison terms. I've seen some really messed up stories recently where they got such little prison time. It was shocking eight. His mom yeah only fifteen years. No way killed her fifteen years. Go at least twenty. F- life that's gonna say less than before because they're finding all the loopholes that would be true. Your answer would be true which is incorrect as false. What that makes no sense. So they're still there serving longer than terms today than in the past no social media media snapchat scoreless so far so if you know carly this is your girl what you want. I'm ready go bigger. Go home all right. I like the energy. Studies have shown that higher imprisonment rates will lower the crime rate. True or false go with fall in carly takes the lead that is car wreck. Take the lead applying you. Maybe smarter than a criminal justice system. Just got a two night. Stay at the bahia in san diego zoo. One one heck of a prize. Congratulations thank you so much to hold on the line. We'll get your information payton. Great job cuts working on three things we need to know. Mcdonald's is changing things up because of their collab- with bt s. I'll tell you what they're doing next with john. Jane rich now back to jump she enrich college would need to know. Mcdonald's has obviously seen such huge success with their collab- they have the meal. The merged drop out pretty much. Lightning speeds and other holding onto this partnership a little bit longer to new merch. Lions have just been dropped saucy and melting and between the two of those there you can badges stickers tattoos stationary sets even a box set for learning korean plush bathrooms parker obviously until they sell out which is going to happen lightning speed once again as for the bts meal if you have not purchased it yet you have 'til. I believe sunday the twentieth to get in the start my diet day and then and then got so. Prime day is also next week. Monday and tuesday. The twenty first and twenty second and. That's when prime members for amazon will be able to check out amazon's new game streaming service luna of. This will be the first time that prime members can try luna without an invitation. And you can get a free seven-day trial if you sign up on prime day which will be Five ninety nine a month. If you're a gamer. This is apparently pretty cool thing happening. Luna researchers in the misty mountains of the ecuadorian. Andes have actually discovered a new species of terrestrial frog reason why this is making headlines is because they named the frog after led zeppelin it is pressed. Mantis led zeppelin. That's the official name of this call misty mountain hop. I guess you could say this frog rocks and that three things you need to know. This won't play for you for this comedian. That is so damn funny off time. I thought i had time for the was a little longer. I'll do i'll do later. It's really funny. But i do want to say we have these limited edition. They're the sure here. it's not too sure with. This is an old shirt but phoenix suns. Love upshur right so you guys will. We'll get yours tomorrow. And then you get them at love. Upshur dot org and really cool which playoff basketball three coming up so good love up shirt dot org also pride liebscher dot org for listening to john jayme range on iheartradio for more good ajayi rich dot com.

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