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From NPR WBZ BOSTON. I'm Jane Clayson, and this is on point after a four day virtual convention former Vice President Joe Biden. Officially accepts the Democratic Party's presidential nomination with this promise. If you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us not the worst. I'll be an ally of the light. Not the, darkness former White House advisor Steve Bannon arrested yesterday for fraud in an alleged border wall scheme. Here's president trump by didn't like that project I thought that was a project that was being done for. showboating reasons I don't know that he was in George I didn't know any of the other people either. But it's. It's sad. It's very said meanwhile in California, tens of thousands forced to flee their homes as forest fires rage. Here's governor. Gavin newsom hundreds of fires throughout the state of California because of this extraordinary weather that we're experiencing and all of these lightning strikes. It's our weaken the news and we have a great panel to guide us through it. All Laura Baron Lopez national political reporter from Politico joins US Laura. Welcome. Back to one point. Thanks for having me Elizabeth Landers DC correspondent for vice. Thank you for being here Elizabeth. Thank you having me as well and Karen Travers White House correspondent for ABC News Karen Great to have you on Jane Glad to be here. So let's begin with former vice president Joe Biden accepting the Democratic presidential nomination last night Biden stressed the message of unity among all Americans regardless of party. He said that message would continue to resonate. If he was elected, I'll work hard for those who didn't support me as hard for them as I did for those who did vote for me. That's the job of a president. To Represent All of us. Not just, our. Base. Our, party. This is not a partisan moment. This must be an American moment. Liz Landers What did this speech tell us about this candidate Well. I think to me the part that you just played release stood out the part that Joe Biden wants to be a president for the American people I. Think that's something that we don't hear as much from President trump trump. He talks about his base, his supporters them versus us, and I think that a Biden really came out and said yesterday that he wants to be President for Republicans, for independence and for Democrats, and that's something that we saw throughout this Democratic convention process there was a huge emphasis on unity not just within the Democratic Party. But across the country bringing former Republicans into the fold for the Democrats something else. I thought that really stood out to me in Biden's speech yesterday was the contrast that he drew between how he says he would handle the coronavirus pandemic and the president's there was a lot of focus on the corona virus throughout this convention in I. think that that is probably the right strategy for Democrats right now is this continues to be the top issue for Americans across the country. Laura Below Lopez degree, and what struck you about Joe Biden and this convention. Yes I agree with Liz points I also other things that stood out to me in that speech were the way he talks about racism, which is something that we haven't heard much from presidential candidates or people in his position before really explicitly talk about it in a convention speech we saw that repeatedly over the course, the convention where Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris named George Floyd and Taylor people killed by police. and. One of the quotes that stood out to me and Biden speech last night was when he said he asked, will we be the generation that finally wipes out the stain of racism? He's repeatedly spoken about Charlottesville and that unite the right rally with white nationalist as the primary reason that he jumped into the campaign. But last night his appeal to the country on this specific issue was striking and it also hit with his other Other comments talking about trying to be an ally of the light, not the darkness. So I, expect that in the in the remaining months that he is going to continue talking about this here is Senator Kamala. Harris accepting the formal nomination for the vice presidency in her speech she also called out the nation's structural racism this virus. It has no is. And yet, it knows exactly how we see each other. And how we treat each other. And let's be clear. there. Is, no vaccine for racism. Karen Travers in a summer marked by protests over racism a real strong theme in Comma Harris's remarks and broadly speaking what did you hear? I think it was a broad theme this week coming up over many different speakers are Joe Biden talk about this last night about his moment meeting, George fluids daughter, and how powerful that was I don't think it was a an explicit policy proposal of how we can fix this I think Camilla. Harris. Joe Biden last night. Many of the other speakers were really speaking in broad brushstrokes. About this moment that the country is facing and how Joe Biden the person not Joe Biden, the policymaker can lead this nation can fix this i. think some of the things I was struck by with Biden speech last night with how much he emphasized character. He said characters on the ballot compassion is on the ballot decency is on the ballot and any referred to this as a battle for. The soul of this nation, it wasn't a battle about policy proposals and I think that's where you get into that a push for a change for structural racism Joe Biden saying last night you know we can choose a path to become angrier less hopeful, more divided or a different path. He is saying that he and La-. Harris will take this nation in a different direction she said explicit. Contrast to what he says the president has done over the last three and a half years well, and the President Barack Limited to this clip President Barack Obama condemning his successor Donald Trump It was a scathing rebuke Obama warned that trump is on the cusp of destroying democracy itself. Here's President Obama for close to four years. Now, here's shown no interest in putting in the work. No interest in finding common ground. No interest in using the awesome power of his office help anyone but himself and his friends. No interest in treating the presidency is anything but one more reality show that he can use. To get the attention he craves. Donald Trump hasn't grown into the job. because. He can't. And the consequences of that failure are severe. From the White House president trump was tweeting his rage in all caps in real time as President Obama spoke Liz. This was a speech unlike any other delivered by a former president. Absolutely and we've seen President Obama over the last few months come into the public. I'm more with public criticism of president trump. We've heard for the past few years that he would say privately to his friends that he was really disappointed and concerned about how donald trump is taking the country. This was very explicit and clear and I think that some of this to for President Obama is is very personal We've had hints again of birtherism conspiracy theories this past week when there were people in the trump administration speculating about commonly harasses ability to serve in the administration that's personal for someone like Obama I also think that with the affordable care act being his signature. Piece of legislation and the trump administration trying to dismantle that for the last few years. That Obama really came forward and said that if any of the progress that we've seen in the last few years is is something that you like re electing president trump is is not going to get us there and his wife Michelle Obama especially at the sized. Democrats into the American public her belief that if president trump is reelected that it's going to get even worse than. What she says we already seen. Laura in many ways donald trump built his political career by using Barack Obama's sort of a bogeyman if you will and Obama Heretofore has kept mostly quiet, but he departed from that post-presidential protocol in a very big way. That's right. There's there's. No doubt that this speech this week was significant and a departure from what press past presidents would have done during a convention speech that being said Obama during the two thousand, eighteen cycle did start to explicitly call out president trump on the campaign trail and he also back then talked about. Democracy being at stake so he has. Pushed against trump when. We've been approaching election cycles, and of course, after twenty eighteen, that was when the house flip to Democrats in stumped for a lot Democrats out on the trail. So from this point forward, Obama will definitely be one of the leading Democrats to watch in how how much he's out there how much he can be out there given the virtual situation that Democrats are in since they aren't physically campaigning and if I could just add to one point, Karen made earlier about that. The Democrats decision to talk more about character and to talk about racism Rather than explicitly issuing policies, there's been critiques actually from Black Lives Matter activists this week who are also part of that big tent party and they do they are frustrated with the lack of. Conversation around very specific policy this week during the convention. Well there seemed to be a lot of Republicans participating in the Democratic convention. This week here is former governor and Republican presidential candidate John Casick. In an address on Monday night I'm a lifelong Republican but that attachment hold second place to my responsibility to my country. That's why I've chosen to appear at this convention. In normal times something like this would probably never happen. But these are not normal times. Karen. Travers about thirty seconds here but from John Casick to Colin Powell to John McCain there even death. What did you make of these moderate Republicans crossing over in apparent support of Joe Biden? Yeah. This is a very deliberate effort by the DNC in the Biden campaign to say it is okay to come over to our side that you may be gave Donald Trump, a chance in two, thousand sixteen. But now his presidency is not a hypothetical. It's a real thing and it's not working. So you can join us this time around essentially trying to say you know he's not the far left candidate. He's somebody that Republicans can actually be okay with and vote for him in. November. We are talking about the weaken the news with Karen Travers of News Laura, Baron, Lopez, politico, and Elizabeth Landers from Vice News up next Steve Bannon, arrested for fraud, and the long awaited new Senate intelligence report about Russian interference in the two thousand, sixteen election. I'm Jane Clayson. This is on point much more to come. We'll be right back. This, is on point I'm Jane Clayson. We're talking about the weaken the news this hour and I'm here with a great panel Elizabeth Landers DC correspondent for Vice Laura Baron Lopez national political reporter at politico, an ABC News White House correspondent Karen Travers. We'll delegates at the democratic. National Convention cast their votes this week to nominate. Joe Biden in short videos from their home states it was a virtual trip across the US fifty-seven states and territories they started in Alabama at the site of the Edmund Pettus Bridge where the John Lewis let an infamous civil rights march for voting rights in one, thousand, nine, sixty, five. Those who walked this path before? US showed us the way forward. If, we want to honor John Lewis is incredible life. Let's restore the voting rights act and ensure that our democracy belongs to all Americans. Alabama casts eight votes for Bernie Sanders. And the great state of Alabama cash fifty, two votes for our next president of these united. States Joe Biden. Well, the roll call was interesting because it took you across the country into the territories to see Americans really across the spectrum I wanna play this clip to begin our segment here Of course, a political convention is all about generating excitement and convincing people to vote Michelle Obama Ma made a forceful case about why that is important. Here she is closing the keynote speech on the first night of this week's convention. We have got to grab are comfortable shoes put on our masks pack Brown bag dinner maybe breakfast too because we got to be willing to stand in line all night if we have to. So Liz Lands Michelle Obama making it very clear. She doesn't like politics but boy from the necklace, the vote necklace she has all in in a big way this week. She was huge and we've seen There's so many polls that show that Michelle Obama is such a popular figure in American lives. So it makes sense that the that the Democratic National Convention would showcase her such a big way and she really used that platform I think that a lot of people have made the observation that because this convention was virtual a lot of the. Pomp and circumstance was eliminated. But that also sort of heightened the gravity and and made people really sit down and watch the TV screen and listen to what the message was, and as you said, even from her vote necklace from what she was wearing to what she was saying she was making herself extremely clear that she thinks that Donald Trump is a dangerous man is A. Dangerous. President is not reflecting the values of America and then spoke to the character as Karen and Laura were saying earlier the character of Joe Biden and she knows him she knows him personally. So she was able to speak to that as well in a speech that I think was well received and was quite powerful and with all the controversy about mail in voting and president trump's. Attacks on what was striking to me is to hear from Michelle Obama and others over and over that, you don't just have to vote. You have to have a plan to vote Laura Lots of convention speakers giving a number for people to text the Biden Campaign to help with with your ballot and what are the deadlines and all of that, which was very interesting Laura to me. His Democrats weren't just saying. Go vote as we heard in the past they were saying there are going to be obstacles and they were acknowledged gene past elections where there have has been voter suppression, which disproportionately impacts people of color particularly black people and at their if they are going to be obstacles. Bring snacks. I think Michelle Obama said something to that effect to bring you know comfortable shoes because you may be standing in line for a long time. If you don't cast your vote by mail, and if you do plan to vote by mail last night at the. During the last night of the convention, some other speakers also said make sure that you cast that mail ballot early don't wait until the last minute given the delays that seem to be affecting almost every state across the country in terms of the US Postal. Service. So they weren't just saying vote. They were saying that voters need to be prepared for the many obstacles they face due to the pandemic and also due to potential voter suppression. In the Democratic Party platform there seemed to be a little something for everyone combating the climate crisis creating a twenty-first-century immigration system, a world class education for everyone Karen Travers. What did you make of this sort of grab bag approach? If you will I, think they're trying to appeal to the various groups in the Democratic Party. This was a primary fight where Joe Biden was not a candidate for Progressive Supporters Progressive Voters and I think they had to acknowledge. the one the needs of that group of the Democratic Party. So you certainly saw Joe Biden last night talking about climate change right at the top of his speech saying it's one of the key crises facing this nation right now, putting it up there with the fight for racial justice, the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis I thought that was interesting that he had that in his talk four you had Bernie Sanders giving remarks this week you had. Various rivals of Joe Biden's I think they were trying to show this front of unity that there are a lot of questions about during the primaries season I, mean remember a couple months ago. We were talking about the potential for a contested convention that all went away very quickly. So it is notable how much more united Democratic Party was trying to present itself as of course, there's still some issues there were progressives who were not happy with enough focus on climate issues they wanted to. Hear more on that they wanted to hear more from the speakers that they were pushing for. Alexandria. Cossio Cortez had a very very brief role. The other night people wanted to hear more from her but I think again as we've all kind of said this over the last few minutes that this was all about. Joe. Biden. This was all about defeating Donald Trump and I think that they were trying to keep the focus on that instead of any potential fissures within the Democratic Party Well Democratic pollster, Peter Hart said something very interesting. This week he said Biden is well known but not known well that from a democratic pollster. So a real challenge he was suggesting for Biden to make the pitch for himself. You know he's laid out an ambitious suite of plans, but it's not entirely clear how many voters know exactly what those aren't is. Yes, and that was that we learned more about Joe Biden throughout the week I think introducing the American public to his personal story is powerful. He has come. He's overcome a huge You know number of losses in his life starting with the loss of his wife and daughter years and years ago to the most recent loss of his son Beau, but there. Were things in throughout you know sprinkled throughout the DNC programming that talked about his achievements when he was in the Senate and signature pieces of legislation at one of those is Vala the violence against Women Act that has now stalled in Congress I. think that is a piece of legislation. That item is very proud of to help women who are domestic abuse. Survivors, another thing was the assault weapons ban which has also lapsed now. So those were to sort of specific things that I think the American. Public learned about by they might not know in addition to all of the personal things. It's always on a personal touch to have your granddaughters taking there and to have sort of those cute montage videos I do think that. What that democratic pollster said is correct I think people learned things about Biden that they know I certainly did as well. While the Democratic Party platform in some places is is even less progressive than Joe Biden's position on on some issues like climate change for example, Joe Biden set benchmarks that are years ahead of those in this current DNC document but on issues like health care, you know there's there's less movement Karen. How did you see that platform in conjunction with the issues? There's this this election cycle I have to say, I, think that the platform ended up being a much more on the back burner than it might. Have Been in previous convention cycles and I, think that's because the Democrats and the Biden campaign looking at this election as a choice between continuing four more years of president trump or going in a new direction and that new direction is of course policy related but it's personal and I think we saw that in a President Obama's speech the other night saying that Joe Biden has the character and experienced to make this a better country. He said he made me a better president that's the emphasis on the personal side. And the empathy side of Joe Biden and I think we saw him say that so much last night and that was his case against Donald Trump. We heard many people making it four Joe Biden over the course of the week but to hear him say that. This is essentially about a direction for the country. Makes that case there again I think the Democrats are recognizing this moment that yes I do WanNa hear Litany of policy, Proposals Joe Biden though has been in politics for decades. You kind of understand his policy perspective. I think people are looking for the change right now from the climate of the trump presidency to something else and we heard Joe Biden say that last night that he would bring in something that is more hopeful and less divided. Well. The Democratic convention in the books Republicans have their turn next week their convention of course begins next week. So stay tuned for that. Let's move now to a federal indictment against president trump's former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon Bannon and three business associates were charged essentially with a fraudulent shell game stealing from a private enterprise set up to raise money for. Donald Trump's border wall investigators from Donald Trump's own justice department say bannon skimmed a million dollars for his personal use on this Bannon is accused Laura essentially defrauding the voter base that he and president trump built Laura. That's right. Jane BANNON'S Indictment is also a part of a pattern within the trump administration, which is a. Either close advisers, people who used to work at the White House people who have a direct ear to trump Potentially trump's children as well profiting off of the administration or their ties to the administration, and it's also striking in in this is that. Some video surfaced yesterday I believe CNN was the one who found it but. Don Donald Trump junior being involved with the organization that Bennett had propped up the organization was called. We build the wall at a two thousand eighteen event at twenty nineteen event and Donald Trump junior's. Spokespeople tried to say he was only involved one event that was it. That was the extent of it but this shows a connection between people who used to be in the White House children of the president. Pushing organizations that than stand to benefit from their ties to the White House here's president trump reacting yesterday to the arrest of Steve Bannon his longtime adviser he said he had disapproved of Bannon's crowdfunding campaign for the construction of the Border Wall I. Think it's surprising. But this was something as you know just by reading social media by reading whatever it is and by speaking to Mike and Mike, and all of them I didn't like that project I thought that was a project that was being done for showboating reasons I don't know that he was George I. Didn't know any of the other people either. But it's it said it's very said. President calling it a sad a White House correspondent Karen Travers. What do you make these charges here? You know and that's a pattern from the president right there to essentially say I. Don't know anything about these people I don't know anything about this project I have nothing to do with this. Now, the president had in the past signal that he didn't like this that he didn't think the idea of a private funding for a wall was a good thing that would interfere with the government work but. I think it's striking that Steve Bannon's federal indictment. Yesterday makes him the six person associated with the top tier of President Trump's two thousand sixteen campaign to face federal charges, and this is quite a list abandoned Roger Stone. Michael Flynn Rick Gates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen and in all of those cases, the president tried to distance himself from who those people were the role they played in his campaign and what they did it a hard argument to make, but the president has certainly tried to do that. While there was another important legal development this week yesterday a federal judge in New York said President Trump must turn over his tax returns to Manhattan prosecutor who was investigating the president's business conduct in his personal finances. Liz Landers This is a grand jury case this is with the same judge who adjudicated the original case You know what's the significance of this president? Trump has been fighting this for a long time. Yes I. think that's the the first thing to remind listeners of is president trump said on the campaign trail in twenty sixteen that he would release his tax returns and he never has and there have been. A number of excuses and reasons over the years reporters have asked him about this and it has gotten to the point where. It's now being litigated because there are a people especially in New York, you mentioned the Manhattan da Cy Vance who wants to see these tax returns because of hush money payments in the two thousand, sixteen campaign. So president trump has kind of set himself up for this when when you say you're GonNa release something and then you don't he is now facing all of these legal issues around it in what happened this week is this case has now made it to the Supreme Court and We've found out this judge in New York said that trump must turn over those tax returns so that the the Da Their Sivan's can continue to investigate this. Not The president doesn't get broad immunity. That's something that his lawyers have been arguing for years now that because he's the president of the United States he has special executive privilege in broad immunity from over his personal returns because all of this would be politicized in in the current environment and this this judge is saying that is not the case and you must turn these over. In President Trump Karen Travers said originally, this was of this was a fishing fishing expedition, right? And the judge yesterday made specific reference to that saying no, this is not How did you see this development? Yeah no surprise the president kept up with that. He has argued he has immunity against the subpoena. The Supreme Court has said he does not have immunity from state criminal investigations but the president when he was asked about this yesterday in the Oval Office on Thursday, he said we'll probably end up back at the Supreme Court is dismissing legal battle continuing to call it a political witch hunt and I think sometimes you see the President Fall back on lines like that when it's just something, he doesn't want to engage on whether it was Robert Muller's investigation whether it was any of the congressional Democrats investigations into a wide range of his business dealings or political dealings. The president just says fishing expedition which nothing there move on. So again, yesterday the president dismissing this saying his interpretation is doesn't have to do this and he wants to continue this legal fight. So it's likely to end up again in the Supreme Court but Liz Do we expect any revelations while say before the election? I don't think so and I might be wrong. But are they hearing this this case before the election? I don't think so I'm not sure I'm asking you I don't. Yeah I don't think they are. So I would be I, would be. I would not expect to see anything before November and there I would also point out that there have been a number of cases that the court has decided to hear after the November elections. Another one of those is in relation to the affordable care act the court very far away from politics before November. Elizabeth Landers News Laura Baron, Lopez politico, Karen Travers ABC news stick with us. We are discussing the week in the news and up next the coronavirus pandemic on college campuses and the Post Office under scrutiny on Capitol Hill today much more to come on Jane. Clayson this is on point we'll right back. This is on point I'm Jane Clayson on Monday the spotlight swivels to the opening night of the Republican National Convention. How does the presidential race look from your community? Did you vote for President Trump in two thousand sixteen? Will you vote for him again? Why or why? Not We'd love to hear your story at six, one, seven, three, five, three, zero, six, eight, three. Back, to our weaken the news roundup today, we've been discussing a busy week in the news with a fantastic panel ABC News White House correspondent, Karen, travers Laura Baron, Lopez, national political reporter at politico and Elizabeth Landers DC correspondent for vice while the controversy over the postal service delays and potential impact on the election continued this week as more than ninety house. Democrats called on the Postal Service Board of governors to immediately remove. Postmaster General Louis to joy president trump expressing anger that members of his own party or calling onto joy to testify before. Congress which is happening today Laura Baron. Lopez what is Mr Joy answering four on Capitol Hill? So joy his answering for the not only the delays, but also the decisions made to pull machines pool to. to pull the hostal machines that allow people to to either cast their ballot or just put their mail in boxes He's pulled a lot of these. Out of cities out of states and so Democrats are demanding answers as to why there are all these backlogs y There are boxes being taken out of circulation being taken out of cities and joy so far. Today appears to be saying that it's a false and unfair narrative and that he's trying to work in inefficient ineffective manner given the the cost of of what it takes to run the USPS There was also some changes, a nation kind of undetected nationwide rule change. It was made this summer by the US peas. Which I expect Democrats will ask him about is the hearing goes on throughout the day but the rule changes that postal workers are now unable to sign absentee ballots for voters, which in the past they've had the authority to do, and so that could impact rural voters in particular. At. Lewis to join the postmaster general today in the Senate hearings repeated claims that any changes he has made so far have only been made to make the postal service financially solvent Karen, where do we stand on backlogs and mail in ballots a lot of Americans in this moment. Rightly so little anxious about whether their ballots will be counted or received absolutely because you're seeing states across the nation expanding mail voting options because Americans are expressing concerns about going to the polls voting in person during the coronavirus pandemic and they wanNA have more options. So this is happening in states where Republicans Control Voting Secretaries of state and we've seen warnings then that it's almost every state plus the district of Columbia that could experienced some delays because of these changes that have been made to the US Postal Service. It's interesting when you look at how the president is talking about this earlier in the program, we talked about that big message from Democrats this week about having a plan for voting and not just go vote. But think about how you're going to do it. If we see any sort of message like that next week during the RNC from the president and his supporters, it's going to be vote in the way that we're going to tell you how to vote and for the president that's in person he's tweeted many times. If you can protest in person, you should vote in person and Jane he's taken significant issue with mail in voting despite the fact that he himself and his wife the. First Lady will be doing absentee voting. He says, there's a difference there. He doesn't think that stage should be sending ballots out to registered voters. He thinks it's fine though if you're requesting one for yourself because you can't go and vote in person. So we've talked to a lot of experts over the last couple of weeks because this is something that happens a lot on my beat because the president talks about this so much and and experts are warning yes there could be a slowdown with ballots because of the postal service delays, they're also saying that there's just no evidence that increasing voting by mail will lead to widespread fraud and Jane that something the president is hammering as a message. Well. Thank you all for that. Let me move now to the coronavirus pandemic because Corona virus is spreading across college campuses. seventeen states now have colleges with Kobe cases nationwide more than thousand cases reported on Campuses Michigan, State Notre, Dame University of North. Carolina announced they will cancel in person classes. This fall Liz landers. The fact that outbreaks on college campuses have happened the level in the speed of the past week I have to say is quite sobering. It is, but it's not surprising and I think I've seen some statements, a number of college presidents who've said that they figured that there would be clusters within their communities. That, they were surprised they happened so quickly. So I think these universities understood that if they were reopening their doors for in person learning that there would be some cases of corona virus but the speed with which those clusters have emerged is surprising and it's also a reading stories where a lot of students are quoted in these pieces. It's disheartening for these students as well, and there are measures that I have even been surprised to see that have been implemented I know at the University of Connecticut. There were students who were evicted from their dorm because they violated the rules on campus where they had too many people in a residential hall getting together and having a get together a party of some sort That's a pretty strict metre but. This virus is highly contagious and A university is the perfect place for to spread. So I think that these colleges are trying to get a grasp of this up before it gets even worse as you mentioned, some of these places have decided that they need to go online because there's no other way to safely have students on campus. Here's Kelly. Nash Junior at the University of Notre. Dame she told Chicago's wgn News that after spending five months at home, she is ready to return to campus life. We were expecting the school year to look a little bit different, but covid spread quicker than. We would have liked it to. Well a lot of people wondering are we asking too much of these students coming back to college and not having a a real college experience so a lot of campuses dealing with this issue right now and into the fall this week also broadly speaking twenty states, a report of decline in new corona virus cases. But the lagging indicator is the death count and eighteen states still reporting more deaths right now compared to a week ago Laura after the summer surge, the question is we heading right as we move into fall. Now that's a really good question Jane and I don't think many people have the answer. There are concerns will heading into the fall that the different elements could exacerbate the coronavirus, right, which is a colder weather, and so there could be more people indoors clustered together There's also flu season, and that means that a lot of health officials are urging people to make sure you get your flu shot because if you get the flu on top of potentially getting corona virus that's very lethal in deadliest. So There's a lot of education programs going on right now around that, I've spoken to help directors in Milwaukee that they're trying to amp up their outreach in terms of please go get your flu shot because trying to protect the populace is as they can in terms of the the danger for younger kids kids in college and kids even younger than that eighteen. And below I think a lot of the issues at colleges are also the same issues that superintendents and school boards are having with K. through twelve students, which is a lot of them have told me that the lack of a national plan in national guidance really hinders them. Everyone is scrambling for the resources that they can get to prepare children, and again, the disproportionate impact that we've seen on black and Latino and native American people adults in in their contraction of the virus hospitalizations. CDC report just came out recently that said that those same disparities are occurring among black and Latino Children Well Study published yesterday in the Journal of Pediatrics Says Children Up to the age of twenty two or much more likely to be quote silence spreaders than previously believed an infected kids had significantly higher levels of the virus than even adults who were hospitalized in the ICU. So a lot of schoolteachers in several states threatening to strike If they're forced to go back, it's a hard situation it's hard to know. What to do? The clock is ticking I wanna get to a bipartisan Republican led Senate report that was released this week that said President Trump's two thousand sixteen campaign chairman Paul Manafort posed a grave counterintelligence threat during the campaign. Here is Senator Mark Warner a Democrat from Virginia, serving on the Intelligence Committee speaking to NPR's Mary Louise Kelley. He said the one thousand page document offers warnings for this election. Very worried though that if foreign entity if Russia wanted to advertise on facebook, they can do so without disclosing who they are or are they born service a foreign government wanted to offer dirt on an opposing candidate to a presidential campaign. There's no obligation to tell the FBI as opposed to saying. Thank you. So I I worry that we're not as safe as we should be knowing that there are foreign governments that want to intervene. So the Senate Intelligence Committee worked for three and a half years on this. It's the only bipartisan examination of Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election on there are warnings as. We look forward to the November election. Karen travers what's the difference in these findings from the special counsel's report that was passed released? Yeah. It didn't go further than what Robert Muller did in detailing some of the ties between the trump campaign and being receptive to Russia's interference in the two thousand sixteen election. This report declared that the campaign had repeated contacts with Russian exit described several different episodes in which president members of his campaign seemed eager keen to accept help from Russia important note though there was no alleged criminal conspiracy between the president and members of his team and Russia. But Paul Manafort the trump campaign. As, you say represented agreed counter intelligence threat according to the Senate Intelligence Committee and they looked at his ties with somebody that committee described as a Russian intelligence officer, Constantine Kalinic There was concerns that may be manafort was involved in the Russian effort to hack the emails from the Democrats during the twenty sixteen cycle. Of course, later published by wikileaks Jane I think it's interesting that this was such a big headline in Washington this week as you say three and a half years in the making for this report, and we didn't hear a lot about this at any point during the DNC we not just specifically this report but you kind of the issue of Russia and the trump campaign and corruption and Ukraine remember earlier this year that big story we were all covering of the impeachment. It's amazing to think that that's not even being mentioned now as part of Joe Biden the Democrats message against President trump that there's so many other crises that they can point you. But still this was a very significant report and it's a very big deal as they're still big concerns about election security disposal, endless landers, real quick here a lot of the present supporters say, okay. Here we go. Again you know more more witch hunt Why does this report matter? Well. The report matters for a number of reasons that Karen pointed out I would say, when as you mentioned the president's supporters talk about this, they always always emphasize the that there was no collusion found and that is the case there was no nothing drawn directly but there are a lot of details in here that raise eyebrows. There's a lot of in this report in the Senate report specifically on the Intelligence Committee says how difficult it was to get information out of the trump administration in out of the trump transition team, they use all kinds of ways to not. Give information over to the committee. So there's a real lack of transparency to. The way that this administration has responded to this which I think begs, the question of you know were they trying to hide things why weren't more people interviewed more forthcoming in the Mueller investigation as Karen said because there were many points in here. That were new points That were a revelation to all of us. I. Think. Well. Let's wrap up here. circle back to sort of where we. with the Democratic National? Convention. which wrapped up last night. Republicans get their turn next week Laura what what are you expecting to see? So, Republicans were taking a bit of notes as they were watching the the DNC convention this week we know that they're still making last minute changes all the way up until the end what I'm curious about is trump appears to want to have his own testimonials similar to the people that we heard from that either had interactions with Biden or gave reasons for why. They're going to vote for Biden and so one of the couples that we are going to hear from his actually the saint. Louis couple that brandish their guns at protesters it went viral and so I think it'll be a very different tone at the RNC one that likely pulls from what we've heard from trump in the last month, which is this Scare tactics essentially to tell particularly white suburbia that that if Biden wins than your way of life will be will be destroyed and it's something that we've heard repeatedly from him. Karen Travers in our last minute here some of the main speeches will take place at the White, house what are you expecting? The first lady will be in the Rose Garden the president will be on the South Lawn and Jane I. Think we can't forget that the president before all of this was a television producer and he is going to take a keen interest in what this production looks. Like and the Democrats set a high bar that was very complicated to pull together on short notice and to do it all remotely like that, and they had very few hiccups. The President says he wants to have more live elements to his convention next week it's a really tall order. We'd know the president has not been shy about publicly complaining after an event if he doesn't like how it looked or felt. So pay attention to what he's saying Monday and Tuesday, his reviews of his own convention and Liz, you get the last word on this What do you see ahead? While I, am interested to see how they fold in some of these. non-politicians into the mix I think that the Democrats did that. Well, this past week I had personal testimonies from people I no longer mentioned that couple from St Louis they're also going to invite people like Nick Sandman who Was the young man from Covington high school who I approached that native American man in front of the Lincoln memorial kind of became a a rate. I guess hero for cancel culture. They're also going to have an pollock whose daughter died in Parkland. So I'm interested to see how they fold in some of these. These other non political voices like the Nikki Haley is like Joni Ernst attempt. Scots who are going to speak into how those people see the Republican Party moving forward? Well, we shall see and we will be watching fast-moving our today lots of news to get to, and you all helped us understand it so nicely Liz landers DC correspondent provides thanks, Liz. Thank you, Laura Baron Lopez from politico. Thank you Laura. Thank you and Karen Travers correspondent at ABC News Karen Thank you thanks J.. Listeners thanks you. Thanks to you have a good weekend. I'm Jane Clayson. This is on point.

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