1948, Dewey vs. Truman: The Gangbuster


September nineteen thirty one at a restaurant on West. Twenty Second Street on Coney Island in Brooklyn New York. A man in his late fifties is on the restaurant payphone. US Irate the woman on the other end of the line. His employees sue tries her best to sweet. Talk You. Dear never mind that deer stuff. cockeyed Lou isn't in the mood for Games today. Sue was late for a meeting and in lose line of work. Tardiness is not tolerant. Look here soon. When you were sent over there, you were told to be there at twelve noon. I know Lou but I well noon. Not One not one thirty I. Don't give a good goddamn. That Cocker Joe Faster I don't care if he's your sweetheart. That's son of a bitch doesn't know nothing about this business and you can tell him I don't give a damn for him or his six girls. I've more girls than he ever thought of. Sutras her best to defuse the situation now. Is that anyway to talk to a lady? Maybe you don't want to work for you. Know more lose. Patience is wearing thin, but he tries his best to keep his anger under control and to articulate to sue that if she doesn't get her act together, there will be consequences, so you are a very nice girl and I sure do like you. What I don't like trouble. Arguments and fights pain this game well. I'm not going to work for you anymore then. And I don't give a damn. Lose at the end of his rope and soon knows it. She also knows this isn't the sort of job. A girl can just walk away from so immediately. She walks bachelor length threat now. Lou Honey I'm only fooling. Everything will be alright. You'll see we come as soon. Lewis Winer also known as cockeyed Lou, was part of a vast network of pimps, madames and prostitutes. On that day in September, nineteen, thirty-one Lou had no idea that the police were listening to his conversation on a wiretap in July nineteen thirty one. The cops received an anonymous letter, pointing them in the direction of a prostitution ring. Within weeks, the police were surveilling cockeyed. and. By September, they had wiretap up at one of his regular haunts a restaurant in coney island. Didn't take long for cockeyed Lou to lead the cops to the real boss of his criminal enterprise Charles Lucky Luciano. Eventually transcript of one of the TAP conversations made its way to the desk of young intrepid New York prosecutor, named Thomas Doing. Do is fight against organized crime. In new. York would catapult him to national stardom and position him as de facto leader of the Republican Party. Election, nineteen forty eight. I'm Lindsey Graham and this is American elections wicked game. In the Nineteen Thirties organized crime was rampant and taking on the mob in New York was a dangerous proposition but New York. Prosecutor Thomas do was not one to run from a fight. DEWEES investigation and subsequent prosecution of mobster. Lucky Luciano helped launch his political career. Dewey's rise in Republican politics was meteoric. Do we would serve as US attorney in the southern district of New, York District Attorney For New York County, the governor of New, York and finally the Republican nominee for president in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty four. Though. Do we lost that election to FDR? He did not lose his status inside his party. In the nineteen forty eight contest do he would again try for the White House. But to take back the presidency for the Republicans, do with I have to rise to the top of a crowded field of potential nominees and challenging incumbent president, fighting through a barrage of opposition. This is episode forty, one, nineteen, forty eight. Do we versus Truman Purses Thurmond versus Wallace Gang Buster? Four Time Harry Truman was a popular president in large part because of his leadership during the latter part of World War, two by May of Nineteen forty-five Hitler was dead, Germany had surrendered, and the Axis powers had crumbled safe for Japan which fought on alone worried that an invasion of Japan would be too costly in American lives. Truman resorted to other methods. On, August sixth nineteen forty-five, the United States dropped the newly developed atomic bomb on Hiroshima Japan days later, a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki Truman's faithful decision brought a swift end to the war, but it also had unintended consequences. The American economy struggled to adjust to the abrupt peacetime inflation. Spite taxes remained high prices soared even as wages, stagnated and labor unrest grew. Grew more ubiquitous overseas. The wartime coalition between the United States, and the USSR broke apart as Eastern Europe fell under the control of the Soviets. The ensuing Cold War between the free, West and the Communist East left many Americans fearful that America's enemies might develop an atomic bomb of their own and many Americans laid the blame for all of this at Truman's feet. Going into the nineteen forty-six midterms Republicans across the country ran on a simple but effective campaign slogan in the form of a question. Had, enough. Another pond to err, is Truman and the Republicans Anti Truman campaign worked in the nineteen forty-six midterms. Republicans trounced the Democrats, the GOP, one back the house, and the Senate to further check the Democrats the Republican controlled Congress pushed through the Twenty Second Amendment which limited a president to two terms, a direct shot at the late Franklin Delano Roosevelt and going into the nineteen forty eight contest Republican saw, further opportunity and a means to put an end to the Democrats longstanding presidential streak. The man many hoped would lead the charge against Harry. Truman was New York Governor Thomas Dewey. Dewey we announce his candidacy in January of nineteen forty-eight in the minds of many dewey political moderate, was a perfect foil to Truman, though Truman and dewey largely agreed on foreign policy. Do we was much more conservative in his approach to domestic affairs? By though do he was the front runner in the minds of many he was not the first candidate in the race to measure Republicans had already declared senator. Robert Taft the son of America's Twenty-seventh, President William Howard Taft and Harold Stassen. The former governor of Minnesota and both men gave Dewi plenty of cause for concern. Taft had sharp intellect, a famous last name and a nickname that matched his classically conservative Persona Mr Republican. Taft was a tried and true conservative, and with the rising tension of the Cold War looming taft ran his campaign on an isolationist platform which drew sharper contrast with Truman. But Harold Stassen was the more immediate threat in the arena of Republican. Politics do was accustomed to being the young fresh face candidate going up against men decades his senior Harold Stassen, though was five years his junior statins youthful energy earned him the nickname board governor, and because do we in staff, and we're not far apart politically to win the nomination do we would have more women vigour than Stan in the Republican primary? The primary system in the nineteen forties look very different from the one us today now to win delegates in the various state primaries, those delegates are bound to vote for that candidate at the party convention. In the nineteen forties, most delegates were not chosen by popular vote. They were chosen by party leaders in the individual states, only a small portion of delegate votes were actually decided by the primary contests, so the nomination was still won or lost at conventions, but in nineteen forty eight, the primary contests still held significance, they were way for candidates to test the viability of their message with the people. If a candidate performed well, it could create momentum going into the summer convention. They fell flat. Often their candidacy would fizzle. Do we ran adapt primary campaign while ingratiating himself to party leaders in the various states. Do we was the Polish face of a well orchestrated PR campaign? His time fighting the mob in New York had taught him what he believed was a valuable lesson about being in the public eye. Restraint is better than passion. Passion might put people off calm. Restraint would give them confidence and do. His manner gave party leaders, the confidence to line his pockets with campaign funds. which do we used on carefully crafted ads in newspapers, magazines and the radio do we was always careful with his words fully aware that saying the wrong thing might cost him the nomination. Stassen on the other hand was never shy about speaking his mind. He had a natural charm and charisma, and he was not afraid to break. The mold status had announced his candidacy back in nineteen forty six two years before the election extremely early in this time Stassen was arguably the first ever presidential candidate to launch a door to door canvassing campaign, according to life magazine in the early part of nineteen forty eight staff, and traveled six thousand miles knocking on doors, talking directly to the people. He recruited a staff of eager college students to help him campus. He raised. Raised loads of money. He articulated his opinions to the press, and he was on the rise, and though do we won the first primary contest in New Hampshire Stassen, won a handful of delegates, and for many was gaining momentum stassen won the next two primaries in Wisconsin and Nebraska, and not long after the Nebraska primary a Gallup poll, showed status, and well ahead of Thomas Dewey nationwide for the dewey campaign. The True Primary Test was in Oregon on May Twenty First Nineteen, Forty eight for Dui. It was do or Die Stan. One do we might have to withdraw? Politically Stassen and dewey. We're not too differentiated on domestic issues both to moderate approach, but they differed on at least one question, though how best to fight the rise of communism at home. Largely derived from the thinking of Karl Marx Communism is a political ideology based on common ownership, were rather state ownership of the means of production and absence of social classes for most Americans. In the late nineteen forties, the term communism was synonymous with the Soviet Union that meant a stifling centrally planned state economy and government controlled society, absent, many personal liberties that Americans held dear as such communism was largely considered anti-american, and as with USSR's growing influence on other nations Americans came to view the Communist Party of the United. States with scepticism, fear and often hysteria. So for many primary voters in one, thousand, nine, forty, eight, both Republicans and Democrats Communism was a major campaign issue, perhaps the issue. For weeks tasks and had been pressing dewey to meet him in a debate. Do had done his best to avoid it. Worrying statins charm when easily overcome his taciturn nature, but with the nomination on the line. Do we finally accepted days before the Oregon primary the restrained do we lucent his lips? He took on the subject of communism and use it as a weapon to try Knox task them out of the race. It's May seventeenth nineteen, forty eight at a radio station in Portland Oregon on one side of a glass wall over fifty reporters cram inside a small studio on the other side to candidates. Sit in front of a microphone, preparing to spar you all about to hear a debate between governor Thomas, e Dewey A and Herald East Essen candidates for the Republican nomination to the presidency of the United States. The question on the table is this. Should the Communist Party be outlawed in the United States governor staff and leads off and argues the affirmative, but free countries must take action to protect themselves against this fifth column in this unsettled period, which has been called a code who are? Stassen emphasizes the point that the Communist Party. If unchecked might be used as a weapon by the Soviet government, there's no on America to prevent these communist organizations from secretly developing organizations of hidden members from carrying on secret conspiracies to promote strikes. Stir up hatred between races and religions in America and from following their directions from Moscow. As staff and wraps up his affirmative argument. He's confident. He's made his case and Thomas Dewey's nervous statins campaign has been picking up steam and winning primaries. If do, he loses this debate, he may very well lose the Republican nomination as he lays out his negative argument do he emphasizes that suppressing communism is not the answer why Andrew? is in preserving this country. From being destroyed. By, the development of an underground organization. Which would? Grow so colossally in strength where it outlawed. that it might easily destroy our country and causes to draft all of the young men in the nation. Do, we believe that the best way to kill communism is to force communist out into the open and win the war of ideas as he wraps up his argument against outlawing communism. Do we appeal to the constitutional conservatives in his party? I'm against it because it's a violation of the constitution of the United States into the bill of rights and clearly so. I'm against it because it's immoral and nothing totalitarianism itself. I'm against it because I know from a great many years experience as a in the enforcement of the law that the proposal wouldn't work. And instead it would rapidly advance the cause of communism in the United, states and all over the world. And then in his final rebuttal staff and makes a mistake, the plays right into his hands. Bernie. We've narrowed this question down very much. At hinges now primarily on the month Nixon Bill. The Munt Nixon Bill sponsored by Representative Richard Nixon of California Representative Karl Months of South Dakota is currently before Congress. stassen supports it. We might make them bill. Shall be unlawful for any person to attempt in any manner. Established in the United States. Totalitarian dictators you. I hope that that directly fits and obliged to the Communist Party organization in the United States and in the world. Today. Staff has just made a colossal error. The Mont Nixon built does not ban the communist by name in his response to use his staff ignorance to his advantage that the author of the Bill Mr Mont.. The committee which sponsored it both say in the official records of the Congress of the United States that the bill does not outlaw the communist party now if Mister Status and says that that is all he wants. Then, he has completely surrendered. Because? He's admits that he didn't mean it when he's been demanding from one end to this country to the other that the Communist Party outlawed. And, he's willing to settle now. When confronted with the facts for a law, which the author and the committee say does not outlaw the party, which of course it doesn't do. We then points out that he agrees Mont Nixon Bill should pass, but only if it's constitutional the month bill, if perfectly harmless, probably it may have the virtue of helping. Keep them out in the open. That is a very good provisions of law. The other parts of if their constitutional, there's well. The dewey staff and debate was the first nationally broadcast debate of presidential hopefuls in American history. Forty million Americans listened over the radio as Thomas Dewey unraveled staff argument immediately following the Bay, many commentators declared that the tide of the Republican primary was turning into his favor four days later. Thomas Dewey won the Oregon primary his paths denomination was wide open, but in the lead up to the convention do his rivals would form an alliance. was set their differences aside come together in a common purpose, nine Dewey Republican nomination. Wicked game is sponsored by keeps. Americans have voted a bald president into office since the advent of TV, not since Eisenhower. A quick look back at our other follicly-challenged presidents will assure you that there's no correlation between baldness and incompetency John Adams John. Quincy Adams Martin Van Buren, James, Garfield were all men of accomplishment, but there's something about a full head of hair telegraphs presidential regardless of your own aspirations for office. If you're one of the two out of three men that experience hair loss by age thirty five. You need to know hair loss. Loss is preventable. If you get started early with keeps keeps is one hundred percent online sign up and five minutes answer a few questions and snap some photos keeps. We'll have a licensed doctor. Provide the right prescription then pack and ship your treatment starting at just ten dollars a month, no trips to the doctor, no waiting for a pharmacy, no hassle. If you're ready to take action and prevent hair loss, go to keep dot com slash elections to receive your first month treatment for free. That's K. E. E.. P. S. dot com slash. The Republican National Convention began in June of Nineteen. Forty eight at Philadelphia's municipal auditorium. The Dewey can't paint team went all out. They printed a pamphlet titled The Philadelphia Story which laid out dewey's resume and his position on the issues. There was a Dui sketchbook doing neckties, do we cigarette lighters, dewey buttons and thousands of Dewey balloons with the candidates face on them. Despite the fact that most party insiders considered dewey the front runner, he still faced serious opposition at the Convention with Herald Staff, and no longer a serious threat Robert? Taft was perhaps his biggest competitor and on June twentieth one day before the Convention. Taft made a big announcement. He told the press that he and Harold Stassen had formed an alliance and that together they were going to block dewey from winning the nomination after the Dewey Stassen. Debates stands, candidacy was all, but over he could not Garner enough delegates to win the nomination, but he still had a swath of delegates pledged to his side, and he might be able to use them to help. Taft Eke out a victory. Republican Party leaders wanted a peaceful convention, and for good reason, the nineteen forty eight Republican convention was broadcast over a new medium that was changing the face of communication television. Though the new technological wonder was gaining popularity throughout the nation. It's reach was regional and not yet national, but that didn't stop convention attendees awareness of the cameras. They knew very well. That television changed appearances as Time magazine observed good looking women turn into witches and Dapper men, become unshaven bums, and with television broadcasts of the nineteen forty eight Republican National Convention, having the potential to reach a half million screens and the surrounding area convention. Ten Dis were conscious of their looks. Thomas. Dewey was fully aware of the potential impact of television for decades party leaders engaged in negotiations with delegates sometimes out in the open right on the convention floor. Do we wisely instructed his managers to conduct all official campaign business away from the eyes of the cameras? Some of these out of sight negotiations to. And Taft by surprise in order for staff into block his path and helped half take the nomination. The state, of Pennsylvania was a must win going into the convention, Pennsylvania was already firmly in the taff column, but Stassen Taft didn't anticipate Thomas Dewey's deft political maneuvering. On June, twenty second nineteen, forty eight. The State of Pennsylvania made a sudden announcement that took the convention by surprise. The Keystone State announced that it was switching its votes from taft to doing. Afterwards one delegate call that there goes the ballgame. It's unclear exactly. What do we trade it away to secure Pennsylvania? But the story does reveal important fact about the candidate. Dewey's political skill was not charming, a crowd or shining in front of a camera. It was working the party machinery behind closed doors. At a press conference after the Pennsylvania announcement when reporters asked how he felt, he answered with a smile and a short sentence I feel swell. On this wall called. The delegates to this convention. HAVE CAST. One Thousand Ninety four votes. Thomas e Dewey of New York or President of the United. States an I declare that he is nominated unanimously all the Republican nomination president of the United States. Do, we won the Republican nomination on the third ballot. The party platform was a reflection of his policies, moderate and anti-isolationist. Do we also made a wise pick for vice president, the Popular California Governor Earl Warren a future Supreme Court justice. Do He didn't believe in passion or theatrics. He fought his battles thoughtfully and often through secret negotiation. Skills were enough to win the Republican primary, but would they be enough to overcome incumbent president? Harry Truman. The Dewey campaign was confident that could, especially as they knew, they weren't. The only opposition President Truman was facing in the lead up to their nineteen forty convention, the Democratic Coalition looked ready to splinter to win. The Democratic nomination for President Truman would have to contend with too extreme actions in his own party one from the right and one from the left. In the nineteen forties, the Democratic Party was teetering on the brink in large part, because many Democrats were fed up with Harry Truman. Fear of Communist infiltration into American society was widespread, too many President Truman's Truman doctrine, which sought to use containment to prevent the further spread of communism, internationally was a failed policy, but for many Progressives Truman stance on communism was far too harsh, and for many conservatives Truman's nonstop. The issues of civil rights were a major cause for concern and so in the nineteen forty eight election. Truman would have a fight on his hands. The first round was with his commerce. Secretary Henry Wallace. By the standards of his day Henry, Wallace was extremely liberal. He had served as FDR's first vice president, but eventually walls, pro civil rights, and Pro Labor views had alienated him from many conservative Democrats especially in the south, ultimately FDR had been forced to part ways with Wallace in his place. He had selected Harry Truman as his running mate at the nineteen forty four Democratic convention as a consolation prize Wallace was named FDR's commerce, secretary, For Truman. The first sign of trouble with Wallace had occurred back in nineteen forty six. Truman took a hardline stance against the Soviets leaving. America should compete with the USSR for Global Dominance Wallace believed the two nations should coexist peacefully, and then America should adopt a policy of cooperation. Wallace was far too vocal with these opinions for Truman's liking and so Truman asked for his resignation. But unknowingly by jetting Wallace Truman had set the stage for conflict in the nineteen forty eight election. It wasn't long before Wallace announced his intention to run as a presidential candidate for the newly revived Progressive Party, and throughout the spring and summer of nineteen, forty, eight Wallace's campaign picked up steam. The audiences at his rallies had steadily grown, as had the dollars had managed to race. But going into the Democratic National Convention in July nineteen forty. Eight, Henry Wallace wasn't Truman's biggest obstacle that was overcoming opposition from his own party. Especially Southern Democrats the southern Democrats did not want Harry Truman a man. They saw as being too friendly to the issue of civil rights and many Progressive Democrats who would not join Henry Wallace and the progressive. Party were eager firm alternative as well. For many the answer was obvious. General Dwight, D Eisenhower, whereas he's more commonly known I. I was publicly a political agnostic, neither a committed Republican, nor affirmed Democrat this fact alone made him dangerous because I had the potential to build a bipartisan coalition additionally Ike Saronic, leadership in World War Two had made him a household name. The American people knew him, and they trusted him, so the Anti Truman. Camp made appeal to the general, luckily for Truman Eisenhower did not want the job on July ninth nineteen, Forty eight Ike released a statement, saying in no uncertain terms that he would not accept the Democratic nomination for president leaving Truman's path to the nomination looking clear. But days later at the Democratic National Convention Philadelphia. The forces of opposition would make one last stand. Going into the Convention Truman and the Democratic leadership knew that a fight over civil rights was coming, and so did the southern Democrats prior to the convention. The Alabama delegation had pledged that if the party adopted a civil rights plank in the platform, their delegates would walk out even so the week before the convention, the Committee in charge of the platform powered ahead with Truman's blessing and drafted a civil rights plank. The final version stated that the Democratic Party would work to eradicate all racial religious and economic discrimination. We again state our belief that racial and religious minorities have the right to live the right to work the right to vote the full and equal protection of the law. When the plank was read aloud, the convention, southern delegates immediately pushed back one Mississippi delegate called out, give us the right to govern our own fundamental affairs Minneapolis Mayor Hubert Humphrey and author of the Civil Rights. Plank didn't back down. I say the time has come to walk out of the shadow of state's. And into the sunlight of human rights. Southern delegates argued that the plank was too much change too fast. Humphry responded to those who say that we are rushing the issue of civil rights I. Say to them. We are one hundred seventy two years late. The civil rights plank past six eighty, two to six fifty one Alabama walked out first then Mississippi to the sound of booze, and his the delegates ripped off their badges and toss them aside. The rest of the southern delegation stayed, I'll be begrudgingly. Southerners put forth a protest candidate, but he was a futile resistance Harry Truman won the nomination on the first ballot, but to pacify the embittered southerners, and in an attempt to foster party. Unity Truman Selected Kentucky senator all W Barclay as his running mate, but party unity would be hard to come by on the night of Truman's acceptance speech. All Hell would break loose. July nineteen, forty, eight, the delegates of the Democratic National Convention crammed into Philadelphia's conventional. It's late and the delegates are exhausted to Democrats stand near the front of the stage DNC official Jack Reading in Ohio Congressman Mike Kirwin whose face is dripping with sweat. Oh, it is hot as Hades in here hundred degrees at least up swimming in my own sweat. Well, who isn't? Outside the summer heat is sweltering inside the hall. The only thing more pronounced than the heat is the tension. Harry Truman has won the nomination, but the path to victory was deeply contentious soon. Truman will make his acceptance speech, but before he does party leaders have a special event plan convention chairman. Sam Rayburn takes the stage and speaks into the microphone distinguish Elliott's. It is my pleasure to introduce to you. Mrs Emma Goofy Miller. Miller the sister of a well known Democratic Senator is hoping to lighten the mood. Emma Commission that Pennsylvania Forest Association to make a surprise for President Truman a massive Liberty Bell may not have flowers that weighs nearly one hundred fifty pounds. The bell sits on stage for all the delegates to see. As Miller walks onto the platform. The crowd goes wild. The two men near the front of the stage turn their attention from the heat to the flowers. What's this all? Just waiting to see Mrs Miller has a surprise in store for us. What kind of surprise agents? Herlin seems confused, but on the last break reading saw the pigeons himself hidden away in secret compartments inside the Liberty Bell. Before reading has a chance to explain. Mrs Miller waves her hand and gives a secret signal. The trap door when Lisa's and nearly forty pigeons take flight, but immediately Mrs Miller notices. Something is wrong to of the pigeons are dead in their cages from the heat and the lucky survivors don't make an orderly exit. Most fly to the rafters, but a handful go preserve. One of the pigeons lands on Chairman Ravens head. He swatted away screaming. Other pigeons fly right over the heads of delegates, leaving splatters of droppings in their wake. People scream shout docked to the ground and covered their heads to prevent the pigeon from packing their ISO. Jack Reading shakes his head in disbelief. He's the DNC publicist. He had nothing to do with this preposterous stunt. A turns a congressman current. And what Damn fool could have thought of a thing like this? This heat all be dead. Bad enough having the southerners in the Wallace I`ts actress. Now we gotta have someone arraigned for the SPCA to have as. The unleashing of the pigeons, from Mrs, Millers Liberty Bell was meant to be a celebration. The chaos that ensued was perhaps a portend of what was to come in July the same month. As the Democratic Convention, the Progressive Party met in Philadelphia and officially nominated Henry Wallace days later the Democrats who had walked out held a convention of their own in Birmingham Alabama there the newly-formed state's rights party, commonly known as the dixiecrats nominated the fiery South Carolina Governor J Strom Thurmond, while it progressives called for an end to the cold. War The dixiecrats defended segregation condemned federal encroachment into state's rights. For Truman this month. July was a disaster. His party had splintered into three factions and a much-needed post convention. Bump in the polls never came. So by the end of July Thomas, dewey was well ahead in every national poll, many in the press pronounced troops candidacy dead. Many in the Truman Administration Lost Hope, but Harry Truman did not as the fall campaign got underway in earnest, Truman would try to inject his staff with a shot of optimism. He would attempt to pull off one of the greatest upset victories in history of presidential elections. It's late July nineteen forty eight at sixteen, hundred Pennsylvania Avenue. The mood at the white. House is frantic but SOM- The national polls show Thomas Dewey with a commanding lead most Washington insiders agree. Truman's candidacy is doomed. Truman and his staff gathering the Oval Room to discuss the upcoming presidential contest as staffers go back, and forth strategizing and analyzing his prospects for Victory Truman sits at his desk quietly, taking it all in. He sends his more than discouragement from the group. He sends his defeat. Concern Truman listens intently as one of his staffers talk to his press, secretary and close friend Charlie Ross. Helpless Charlie nothing is hopeless. We have no chance of winning none at all. As we can do go down fighting. Hearing, this Truman suddenly stands. The room falls to a hush all turn to the president. He speaks in a firm and steady voice we. are going to win. Truman is not the sort of man to accept defeat. He slowly walks around to the front of his desk with determination in his eyes and intensity and his voice. He proceeds to rally the troops I expect to travel all across this country. I expect to talk at every whistle-stop. We're going to be on the road from Labor. Day to the end of the campaign chairman stairs, the defeated staffer down. It's going to be tough on everybody, but that's the way it's gotta be I know I can take. Then Truman flashes, a slight grin with a twinkle in his eye. He turns to address the whole room. I'm only afraid. I'll kill some of my staff. And I like you all very much. I don't WanNa do that. Charlie Ross like to say that. As far as he was concerned. The election of nineteen, forty eight was one that day in the Oval Room. Truman's daughter Margaret had a theory about where her father's optimism came from in her book Harry Truman. Martyred recounts a letter. Her father sent to his sister earlier that year in the letter President Truman wrote just three years ago, I was sworn in as president seems an age, and it has been two wars were in progress were supporting both I ordered the atomic bomb to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki who was a terrible decision, but I made it, and I'd make it again to save two hundred fifty thousand boys from the United States. I've still a long way to go. It will be a rough road. Can't be any worse than the trail behind. According to his daughter Margaret Truman felt he had to win. The fate of the world hung in the balance earlier in the year Truman had written if it were not for the world situation, my lack of confidence in the presidential candidates I'd throw the whole works out the window. Go home. And stay. At the nineteen forty eight Democratic Convention Truman had vowed to fight hard and give the Republicans. Hell on the campaign trail at sixty four years old. Truman did just that in September and October of nineteen, Forty Eight Truman traveled over twenty thousand miles by train, giving speeches as many as ten per day, his large crowds frequently chanted, give them Hell Harry. On the campaign trail, Truman promised to give to the communist to and he blamed the Republican controlled Congress for forcing him to confront the issue with one hand, tied behind his back to a crowd of thousands in Oklahoma City determined to cried. I charge that the Republicans have impeded and made more difficult our efforts to cope with communism in this country Truman, urged the Oklahoma audience not to sit at home, but go out and vote. Truman attack. The do nothing good for nothing Republicans mercilessly calling them bloodsuckers and Glutton's of privilege to appeal to progressive new. Deal Democrats Truman slammed Republicans for their anti Labor positions as Truman call for instituting fair labor laws and raising the minimum wage. But despite Truman's heroic efforts, Thomas Dewey was still ahead in the polls. A Gallup poll in October show, do we with a comfortable lead? Forty nine point five percent to Truman's forty four point five percent in the final weeks of the campaign, major newspapers across the country declared the dewey's victory was all but certain life magazine ran a picture of Dewey with the caption, the next president of the United States the Chicago Tribune, was so confident of Dewey's victory than on election night. They went to press early in the headline Dewey Defeats Truman. It's become one of the most famous printing errors in American history on election day in nineteen, forty, eight Harry Truman one over twenty, four million popular votes and three hundred and three electoral votes, defeating Dewey, who received just under twenty, two million popular votes and one eighty nine electoral votes. The Democrats fared well across the board, reclaiming the House and the Senate. Two days later one of the one hundred fifty thousand copies of the erroneously headlines Chicago. Tribune made its way into the hands of Harry Truman, who stood on the back of a train car in Saint Louis the Tribune had previously written off Truman calling him a Nincompoop on the back of that train car. Truman had his revenge. He held up a copy the paper and smiled as a slew photographers captured the moment and the Tribune's greed just mistake for history. In the nineteen forty eight election, Progressive Democrats mainly farmers, laborers and union workers largely voted for Truman Truman also received a larger portion of the African American. Vote than FDR and most significantly. Truman's victory proved that a Democrat could win. The White House without a solid south standing behind him. If the DIXIECRATS had not defected from the Democratic Party. Truman's margin of victory would have been even bigger Strom Thurmond, one thirty nine electoral votes that likely would have gone to Truman progressive candidate Henry Wallace received none. In the end it might be said that the nineteen four eight election came down to personality. Truman had the pluck of an underdog, the fight of a man with nothing to lose these qualities endeared him to the American. People do we on the other hand was careful with his words to such an extreme that he often came off as bland, unapproachable and stiff as one contemporary observer noted, do was like the little man on the wedding. In addition Truman's was arguably the better campaign, his fair deal for America, which advocated for universal healthcare and a raise, minimum wage, and delivered the people hope, and his Truman doctrine against communism made. Many Americans feel that they were in safe hands. But during his first elected turn Truman's hardline on communism would be put to the test. The tension of the Cold War would intensify and in a surprise move USSR would successfully detonate their own Tomek, bom. Communist would gain control in China and bloody conflict in Korea would turn into protracted quagmire Truman's popularity would plummet, and as the Democrat search for a new leader. The Republicans would try to rise to power on the back of a famous World War Two general, Dwight, D Eisenhower, but in the nineteen fifty to contest for the Republican. Establishment I would prove difficult to control. On the next episode of the game, the election of Nineteen fifty-two Dwight ICENHOWER. Determine Democratic Party United Behind the Popular Illinois governor had lay Stevenson, but in the run up to the nineteen fifty two contest I speak as cross to bear, is not the Democrats to member of his own party as I- defies the Republican establishment fights for the White House on his own terms, he does his best to rein in his vice presidential, running mate political powerhouse named Richard Nixon. Don't miss a single week of our marsh from Seventeen, eighty nine to twenty twenty hit the subscribe button and your podcast APP. Now this show is supported by you our. Our listeners please give us a rating and leave a review, but the single best way to help the show is to tell others share with your friends and family, and find us on social media at wicked Game Pot, and I'm at Lindsey Graham another way to support this show is to go to wicked game podcast. 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