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seven billion humans on earth can't all the same drink. That's why circle K has polar. Pop in foster pick your flavors and make that one in seven billion mix. Just right for you polar pop and broader just seventy nine cents each at circle k limited time only at participating locations. We saw this tonight. So I didn't even do a whole lot of preparation for. Glad I didn't have to. I'll just say this. I'm not the biggest fan of rebel Wilson. As comedy goes. Not none of the person. I think she's a talented person. I think that rebel Wilson. I think she's got. She definitely has presence. And just to show you that I'm fair. You know, we saw that last movie the romance move where she went to romantic comedy, actually thought that was pretty charming. Yeah. Like that. Like that too. Yeah. You know? But before that I'd like girl you need to sit. Joe big. Oh now somewhere stop this. You know, you do. You know, you doing the same thing, you are you just you coped up Melissa McCarthy. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, she's letting them and I'm participating yourself and letting them make fun of her for being overweight away and is making an just fallen and constantly throwing out non sequiturs about being fat. Yeah. It's like don't let them do that to you. And you stop doing that. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly that it makes me manning care selling your soul. Exactly. And that's why I looked better than that this. That's why I said thank God. She's in here with Anne Hathaway, maybe at the wheel we get Joe girl. Get out of calm down. You know? You're you're you're you're an actress. You ain't going don't let you ain't gonna let this girl. Bring you down with her comedy stylish. The fat comedy style is a rebel Wilson. And that's not that's not me saying that from a personal place. That's her doing. Yeah. So what I saw this this movie where they play conman Arcand women like all right con artist. You know, we got here in here with a kademi ward. Did she win was nominated? I can't remember she wants. She would Academy Award winner, careful speech. That's right kademi ward winning. You ain't live rebel Wilson brain is foolish is up in here. Bring your image down and also being con artists. Well, that takes brains. You know, this is gonna be intricate. The plot is going to be full of all kinds of twists and turns Marne. None twist and turns on that trip and fall in hooping and hollering rebel Wilson. Does maybe some. Maybe maybe a little bit. Maybe a lot just spice spice up the company about just trip over chairs. But not it was right there. You know? I got I rebel wasn't has to ease into being an actress at the stood the at at the status that Anne Hathaway is that's why I was actually looking forward to this. Let's see no trailers for. Is the anti commercials. I didn't even I can't even see review yet. I look for some ain't nothing out there. All I said is anyone who week later dares to go up against Daniels in the in the vengeance. And in game, they must be planning to bring it. They must MS counter program. All you nerds at all these boys. I know women into a two boys at they're still watching y'all are watching would in game for the fifteenth time or something women have finally are enough of this. I guess ports almost green. Now. Discount a program with women do nothing. Let's go ahead and take a look at this trailer for the hustle, and we'll be back with our review. I'll just get a glass of water place. I have to save my money because I'm here to find my sister. She's being taken like like by men who sell hope white virgins to Julian is on yards. By your story, or anything you like I'll have a club sandwich and an outer fries two slices of cake. Do you want any cake recesses a cake on dot com? Impressive. Mccown hottest sisters, the nam. I had no idea. How small-time I wasn't till. I met you heading why women the calm the men because we used to faking it. Because I believe a woman a smarter than he is his five thousand I like it because it's shiny. Could be the poverty. Needed. Teach me should baby ways to the guest room Butler. Plus lesson. There's nothing more competitive to a man than a vulnerable woman upset. Wow, he just tear up like that. Can you make the T roll down to take hall? Oh, no. You try. Are you going to pay? She's the. If you want to be like me, you must be trained, Trish. She's got style. Grace. Please. His ready. These the mock he's a millionaire billionaire bet trying to be inconspicuous as possible. Yep. Plan pets, if this person will just scoot over Reggie mindset, sir. Men goings underestimates. And that is what we use. You let her get away. Trashy dressing again. The peasants says. Dollars taboo show. Unexpected. So this movie to seems a little bit familiar. It's based off of -nother movie from nineteen Eighty-eight. What dirty rotten scary rotten scoundrels younger than you better looking than you than you know, you'll. You are immoral Steve Martin is the man no woman can resist inching food. I or she may. Was this movie? Good. I didn't see it was what Steve Martin in Michael Cain. Michael cain. No. It was very good matter of fact, they've just recently made a Broadway musical based on it, really. And it's a remake from a an older movie. Yeah. Bedtime story. I think it's called, but David Niven and Mario living. Yeah. Do know this. So you're Martin said that this was a this is a good film. Now, imagine if you took this movie right here, which is good, and you just stopped with a bunch of dumb shit. To where all us stuff too so tight. Well, the good ship was just pushed out, I usually. And let me go ahead. Until unite and you know, start out positive when I do these reviews and doing that shit today. I was tired. I I'm not I'm not being nice today. I was not in the mood. Not not at all. I didn't get I said I can tell you right now. I didn't get one hearty laugh at all out of this. The most got out of it was. Even from the beginning. They start up. You can't the move is called the hustle. You can't even get the hustle, right? The move is starts out with hustling that only challenge person would be fooled by this at the beginning. What I would like if and Hathaway Cain done, and and try to pull this con- on you in the with the scenario there. Head to hear you looking at like bitch, please I'll see everything you doing this. The reason why. I'm real an online like say a man anything. Komo have fun talking shit about this. I'm gonna tell you. At first it starts out mediocre. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, the those first couple of introductory cons thought were okay. Especially when rebel Wilson is pulling because it's based on catfish in and hook hooking in guys who see a woman who looks hot. And I was like all right. I'm kinda down with that. That's if fits the more modern age but the swiping on the dating apps. I wish I could agree with you. Because that's the big because what you're saying with like showing somebody good and chick. That was the biggest one that's like it don't work like that. It you just do it don't work. What you just sit down and show. Somebody look my sister's hot. Oh, fuck let me give you everything. No, it was set up to where they had a thing going on ready before she got there and showed that where he was already. He was already emotionally or sexually invested in with the idea. Like, well, what do I gotta do to hook up with this hot chick here? Take my credit card. I got that. I was like, yeah, you're right. It's a mediocre opening buzz. Like, all right. Well, this is this is where we just coming into it and the Anne Hathaway scam. She's got going. I was like this is this is old school, whatever. But I'm like this. This is what they're opening up and ill. It'll get their footing and it'll take off from there. But instead it took its footing and just jumped off the boat. Yeah. Well, you would nicer than than I was because I was yelling bullshit before it even got started. I say, but I'm gonna give you chance. He's got mad because you thought about getting scam. Like that. I should I follow for that. Oh, he'll be scammed by this. Emily. I ain't smart. That's why I said if my dumb ass can look at this. Know what the fuck is up you need, yo ass. This mobile you. And you deserve to lose everything. You've done Clooney. Oh, droughts shoes. Everything when he's you know, he's trying to pull his own con. So that's easy. See how he would fall for both them dumb. Right. Josh it and been both out yonder rip off each other. I mean, like I said it's some people will like the beginning of it. I got it. You did. I just didn't I for some reason the the humor with just so broad, and that's why because that's why the constant work because for me because the humour they designed the cons for laughs more than they designed the cost actually look affective, which I'm cool. You know, if you're doing it for the left, that's fine. But damn at least try to be a little bit convincing. But I get it. It's a comedy. So I wasn't going in that hard on it. I, you know, I'm not nitpicking. I know what the audience is. That's going to be looking at this. I'm fine. But once rebel whooshing came in the shit, immediately got bad. She was in the movie start out with her. And it started out with her running and falling all over the place. But but but when she when her and Anne Hathaway get together. What thing about rebel Wilson that I don't like man, not only is she self deprecating about her weight and also her looks. She's the whole the whole thing with with our humans like fat and ugly. Nobody would like me. And it's just like come on. You know, that's is uncomfortable now. But it's also I don't feel sorry for you. Because you piece of shit too. She's an unlikable personnel. Yes. She always plays a person who's like fed up ugly. And I'm like, yeah. You fucking clumsy too. Because you follow all over the place. No, no, nobody doesn't like it. Because of you because of a because of you, look, nobody likes you because when you leave the room every glass is broken and yen asshole about it. Yes. She tends to be obnoxious. She's obnoxious. She's not. She's just rude. Yeah. She's she's tease an unlikable person. And I got to spend the next fucking hour and twenty minutes with this. And that's exactly what it is. Is it is it is the humor that I don't like any way with somebody's just to know. Is one thing to be self deprecating. But it's another to milk it for laughs with the physical comedy. I'm so big that when I when I walk into a room. I'm actually a bull when it around the John I sit around the room, am I right? I'm right. No, no one. No this thing on if you actually sat around the room, you'll cushion the fall for some things. No, you just knocked shit over her humor is constantly just falling falling get up. Oh, look at me. I'm fed. Oh, look at me. I'm ugly. Oh, but you know, what? Please. Like me, though, I want you tension because I'm gonna keep falling and falling to get cheap laughs. And they do it to the point where this is what really made me hate the movie where it was already like, okay? You're doing the same thing you're doing over and over again. And I can't stand it when they take that we've already been going through this. Oh, but let's make a montage out of it. Oh, oh Jesus Christ. We've already been doing this. She just doing a quicker now, I can stay. I couldn't stand. This man. And then. I wonder what you think about this. It was. It was one thing to where are all right. You know what? Oh, now, we're starting to get into now probably about to get into some story right here. But at this point where feels like they about to do some kind of kind. They got this starts out with a coincidence. That does not work at all. It makes no fucking since. They were about to explain it. It's one thing. Like, I said man, you know, with these intricate details it's one thing to like, maybe miss a thing to two serving the whole thing from the beginning. Like, wait a minute that makes no sense. And then the movie star stops to do this con- this kind which is just one long as blind joke. Which? Which in itself seems almost a little offensive. I mean, it's the movie has about twenty twenty five minutes of rebel Wilson. She's spotted because he's already been fawn all over the place with uh site. Oh now, she got an excuse to like knock more shit over. Goodness. I live hasn't. He. Yeah. Hadn't the intrusion. But because somebody told me if there's an empty chair this table Noman was entertainment is full. Kid. I can go miss miss excuse me. You can have much her here. But it's not necessary. Perhaps if this person scoots over we could just squeeze in another chair do mindset, would you mind? Oh. Thank you. Wow. Wonderful one person etiquette. My nano was blind. What she I had no idea. Please place your bets. Like, nobody saw as shit just because you ain't got your side. I mean, everybody else's blind. If I if I can't see it, then the case. This is not about I got to see them onto this is not a movie it is like almost every other rebel Wilson movie. Where is just are even Melissa McCarthy is just segments of this physical comedy based on one tired almost offensive joke of being fat and unattractive. And they just kind of piece it together with the thread of a plot in new and get to that blonde joke. I'm like well fuck out even trying now I'm gonna take a French fry rub it in the toilet and feed it till you what we fucking Adam Sandler. Now the thing about that. But that you know joke like, well if she was blind. She can still smell it. You could smell the shit. Yeah. If you came. Or tasted? With their mom. You like, oh, yeah. That's good. It's like, you're blind. You can still smell. What is going on here? You know, what it is? Is that? So yeah, it's it's built off the dirty rotten scoundrels more. So than the original. And in that Steve Martin played a guy who who say his his he was saying he had no feeling his legs. And so I guess they decided well instead of going doing that copying that directly will have or be blind instead, but the gags don't work nearly as well because you see here where he's pretending like, he's he can't feel his legs. And Michael Caine comes over and starts whipping the shit out of his legs. And he has just sit there and act like nothing's going on. But tears streaming on his face. Oh, it's hilarious. Didn't take his leg. Rubbing. That's funny, man. Very funny. But yeah, watching watching how they decided to put their spin on it the whole town sitting there going stemware guys. It's not it's not worth doing. They don't make sense. I mean to me it's one of these movies where if you get hung up on logic even a little bit. Like, you're doing is. It's all gone. It's going to collapse on itself. Martin a logic. I know when I started up rebel Wilson bring IS on screen. I said logic is gone. It's comedy. I it's it's writing it's not there. This is not a movie, right? Right. Right. Depending on this whole structure, and the aren't doing anything new with it. But they aren't even living up to what it was. They they have the opportunity because okay. Yeah. They've done the gender. Swap. They've made it women instead of to guy. Yeah. But they seem to forget you also have brought us into the new era with new technology. And there's new ways of scamming people that would be the way to go at this. Yeah. But instead it's too much of fallen back on what was done before and bringing rebel Wilson slapstick. It's it's twenty she's one of those actors much like Kevin Hart wear or Kate McKinnon where they hire them, and they don't have a solid script, and they go, well, you'll just ad-lib, and we'll just film a bunch of that. And keep what what works. I mean, they they pay them the money for that. And I feel bad for those those people because they kind of like gosh, I wish I had a script to go home. But okay, I guess it's up to me that just keep filling things in top of that in this. Movie is much as rebel will rebel Wilson is obnoxious, which MS she is actually found her less. So in this than in most are movies, not the last one. She was finding last one most movies, I've found her even more noxious because she's interrupting people to do stuff here. She's a main character. So she's supposed to do that. I had a big problem with with Anne Hathaway in. This was the whole time. It's like all right. She's going through all these different accents. None of them are really that. Good. I would think she would have more pride in her work out. Good to see started getting into the broader type of comedy. Yeah. Yeah. She's British French German. She's she's Swedish is is all blending together. And it's yeah, it's hard to buy. And it was just so rushed night. None of it. Breathe. This just going from one thing to the next and the next to the next even even when they got there, Mark. And they're both trying to scam that one dude I was getting lost on what their motivations were. I got it. I know what it was like, I said just don't think it was done. Very well. And that's another thing too is like a neat at all see me having never seen the dirty riders got around scoundrels. I was thinking I see potential in this. I guess I was seeing that other movie. Because I can see how this could work and I'll see what they've done. They've actually taken the structure some and just broke that down just toward at a part. You burn that down. I I'm a little harsh. Because like I said, I am not a fan of comedians who have very very very shallow material that they follow on which as you said like, especially if it's slapstick pheasant, especially if it's physical humor. Fallen down on your ass because you you you visually gag already is you're overweight that doesn't that just seems? I'm not even look I'm not even trying to be somebody. Who's like, you know, time trying to take some social issue here is let's take that out. It's lazy. Yeah. It's the laziest kind of comedy that you can do matters. And I hate that kind of comedy. That's why I always complain about Melissa McCarthy is while always wasn't a big fan always of people liked him. But 'cause Farley Chris Farley not always a big fan of Chris Farley. Because it was the same thing, you know. And it's funny for a couple of times as cool, but when you become that same character in every movie, and you repeat the same thing right down even some of the same line. Yeah. It's like, man. I wish I could a wish you see the potential in rebel Wilson. I wish he would do something more because this is getting old man is old and his lazy in an ISA stopped in in this movie. Just proves it more. I can't stand this in the I will say a bright spot in here for me was Alex Sharpe. Does he the Butler? No, he's he's the the kid. Oh, the guy that created the app. Alex Sharpe is a plays. I'm seeing about can find a picture of him here. Oh, give me a second here in that's him. Look barely pass an arm right there. That's him at the at the roulette table right there in. For some reason. I don't know man because he just seemed to be the one that was the kind of the most normal the one that wasn't trying so hard to get a laugh because Ed Hathaway's trying really hard to get a laugh in her own way. She ain't follow the plays like rebel Wilson. But in hallway, she's she's pushing it to the point where it's like hamming it up. She exactly Hammond. I can it's not funny anymore if I can see past it. He's the only thing that's kind of normal in the film. You know, not and in on an even that's not saying too much it just kind of like, wow, I'm just I'm in the desert right now. And I just I'm looking to find a pond. You give an Impreza just because you hate everything else. I'm great him on her, right? Because the whole time with him. I was like, yeah. He's just one note is. The little bit. He's here. He's one note. And I will say what I'm influenced by my prejudice from dirty rotten scoundrels, his his role was was Glenn Headley. And you just loved her so much in that that you started get even though you like those other guys I you start getting mad at them. And here I was just like. Yeah. No. I see what you're saying. Yeah. He's bland. But compared to everything else. It was like I'll take bland bullshit. Right. I mean, it's it. Yeah. Like, I said man, I'm I'm just not the guy Ford and by the end of it. They started to do a little something inspired. But I was like not on put it don't put now. I don't know. Don't do this. And it wouldn't end. He didn't even going that Llamas. Like, you're done. Stop right, right. Oh, that's right. Because this is a point. There's a cut off that dirty rotten scoundrels cuts off at. And. Oh, that is awesome. And it goes off. And that's when does that and those now. No, no. Stop. Furthermore, meanwhile. Yeah. It was stick the landing. Yeah. It's like it's like a balloon with air, which is going out of it toward the end, it really whatever people who actually having fun at I need. Yeah. I know because at the beginning there was there was laughing and even laughing at the at the at the pratfalls and all but toward the and I was like man, it's got silent. That's the biggest thing I can say about this. You took something that was actually funny, actually inspired. You had the material and you'll I mean you like a kid who actually got somebody cheat for you. And they got the answers all wrong. You wrote them all down. Okay. Yeah. You like a jackal gays some fucking nerd to do your homework for and they gave that shit back to you in crayon. This is terrible, man. This I am in the FBI came down and arrested. This is dead. This is this is so bad, man. I'm I'm I'm on for some people out there that might not be the case, you know, is one of those those mainstream films. Whereas like, you know, the reason why this comedy is so bad because we're trying to appeal to everyone true church. Very WADA's this adults at Dow so bad. Yeltsin bullshit straight up some bullshit. It's not gonna go as far as the fuck. You wasn't that offended by it. But it's Dan they're came close. I just had no patience for this kind of humor. And I have an in like I said I have no patience for rebel Wilson. And what she's doing nothing against her? As a person, I think she has potential to a lot. But I I can't take this. No more from is the same thing over and over again, I hear you. I hear you it. It's skates away from the same old bullshit just to being kind of a a mediocre. Maybe a lowest rental to me inasmuch. It's funny because it's for kind of the same reasons you had about some things where. Yeah. Rebel wilson. She's she's fallen down and she's obnoxious, but I've seen her do both of those things much more. So than this. I almost felt like it was a little bit of a break. There's there's moments in there when I was like, all right. She's just being her and she's not doing that. And the movie short. I mean as much as it doesn't want to end. It's it was it was over. Before I knew it. It was it was almost like, man. Why y'all even had me drive all the way out here for this was going to be done that you get your praise your praises. She doesn't fall as much short. That's the low ribbon. Hey, I don't even consider that. I mean that's damning with faint praise. The very definite. Recommend taste. No. I don't think a low rental is ever recommendation. I. I know. Not just can't take moment. Are you going to paint? She's the. If he wanted to be like me, you must be trained. She's got style. Grace. Please. His ready. He's the mock he's a millionaire billionaire bet trying to be inconspicuous as possible. Yep. One person walking if this person would just skate over Reggie mindset set. Men boys and the rest manages, and that is what we use. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the. Hi, jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Hey trombone goes, blah, blah, blah. And you say we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at ya. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Seven billion humans on earth can't all like the same drink. That's why circle K has polar. Pop in foster pick your flavors and make that one in seven billion mixed. Just right for you. Just seventy nine cents each circle. K limited time only participating locations.

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