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RHOBH: Les Misrables


Watch, what crap ins would like to think it's premium sponsors, just saying, okay, Christy. Wow. Or Dougherty, Jamie? She has no last name. He let's go on a bender with Lauren fenders dip some scotch with Jessica trot, Ashley Savona. She don't take no baloney. You don't touch the NICKY Morgan letters. What you talking about Willis? It's on a Gill is Erin mcnicoll is she don't miss. No trick list, Meghan. The slayer Taylor a Homer with Jeffrey Boehm or Barlow when she goes Barlow we go. Hi, lo Megan Burg. You can't have a burger without the bird, you know, thing like alpha king hot, dang. It's Jessica day, there are Greenwood's. She only uses her power for good. God. I love that banana Anderson of Nikki low Weber visa Wallin now. That's what I call Watling teammates, the bay area betcha as Baz and are super premium patriots Scribner's, miss Noel, Lulu, Simon soon studio. You're all in with Julia. Calmly always ready for Nicole. Pessoa ready? Yes, we can with Howley Carolinian and Nancy cease and desist. Sto grant the grant Mazda. Let's get racy with mistakes e Shannon out of a cannon Anthony incredible. Edible, Matthew sisters and. Meena. Coochie coochie COO g. Craft. Have been so rapid. Rabbit. Hello, and welcome to watch crap in a podcast, all that crap on Bravo that we just love to watch. I'm Ben Mandil Kerr from the real housewares of kitchen island. It's like a real house of New York, parody. That's on YouTube go check it out. And joining me is hilarious and wonderful and talented, Ronnie carom from the rose. Pricks bachelor rose podcast. How are you, Ronnie? Sorry, I had my mic on mute. I noticed. Hi, hi. Hi. You guys so much big news in the crap land this week on Monday, we announced, we're going back to Chicago, the presale for that is happening right now. It's on patriots available exclusively for patriot listeners. We always Chicago. So get on those tickets. They will go on sale to the public on Fridays. We're really excited about that. We love Chicago yesterday. We announced three new cities carbo North Carolina, which is basically, the Raleigh Durham area, the Research Triangle, as they say so carbo North Carolina Richmond, Virginia, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which, I'm so excited for because I've never been to southern Florida before some really, really excited, I guess, like West Palm Beach. But like real like down in that area. I'm so excited for that while I'm excited for wall of them, but especially for that one. And then, of course, we also announced. A second Philly show since the first one like sold. So. Well, those tickets that they're not on sale already, they will be going on sale. Very, very soon. So Secondly show. Thank you so much, everyone for supporting this us in Philly. And then, of course in July, we're going to Cleveland in Baltimore, temper, Nashville, and Charlotte November, Indianapolis, December Saint Louis NCI ATL, lots and lots of shows it's going to be so much fun. And on top of everything else to tell you about we have this new discord channel. It's called server, which is, basically like a giant chat room. We are also offering that exclusively to our patriot supporters, or go to patriots dot com slash watch. Crap ins to find out what that's all about if that's something you want to be part of it's already lots of people in their super fun. And while you're there, we also have crap on demand, which is where we basically do what we're doing right now on camera. So go check all that stuff out plus merchandise Ronnie tone merchandise. We've got Doreen desserts team L VP and multi medicine for southern charm. So you can get those for the next couple of weeks over at crap in summer dot com. And now back to the real housewives of Beverly Hills. Okay. So I warned Ronnie before we started recording, I might get fired up by the end of this episode concerts and stuff. That was really firing me up right week. I was so fucking over it. Okay. I was so sick of the stupid show, and they're stupid trying to make fights with run fights happening, and Kyle. And teddy just we're all my last fucking nerve and I'd had it by the end of the recap. I was done, and you're even noticed it. And we're like Jesus Christ, Ronnie. I'm proud to announce it this week. I was actually like, oh, this is fun. You had you hit a low point. But you know last you know, last week, we, we had a, we have a rigorous weekend, going to Milwaukee and Minnesota, and I think sometimes, like I will not blame anything but this show for this being. So like, seriously, it was trying my last fucking Merv last week. It really was you were really not having it, you're like I was on this end. And I was like, oh, Ronnie is not happy. I was so mad. I even left mad left work man. I was like fuck that show. I was like mad at the people on the show. And then this week, I was like I loved it. So there you go. I'm just moody person. I guess I was like I was actually not mad at the show this week. I mean, I still think nothing's really it's still like when I look at this show versus New York, that's upset. So I'm trying to like, not compare them because it's actually not really fair to Beverly Hills. I just see what New York does so, well, and then I see Beverly Hills knowing that used to be so great like, like you just like, oh, I see, I see where it's going wrong, and I want I just want to fix it. I'm a fixer. I'm like, I'm like teddy Mellencamp. I just want the show to be accountable, but why waste why waste more energy, you talking about why it's not as good as New York. Right. So let's go back to problems where the staff is making breakfast. I love the staff at this Chateau. They are just like surly an angry and of murdered so many people just watching them cook, even though we don't even see their faces time, just knowing they're back there and just furious and can't wait to gossip about these stupid Americans. I love it. And everyone's in a really weird mood because the last the night before, because we started morning as we start in the morning, not morning, but no one's dead yet guys. But we start in the morning and the night before was when Carl and teddy were trying to get Eric to be mad at Renna which is such a funny consistent thing on this show that the reason that they get mad at each other is because they're not all mad at the same person. Right. And I think one of the problems that Kyle and teddy have is that they're not up front with why they are really upset. Okay. They're not basically what it comes down to is Rena was doing a an, Eric impersonation, and it kind of got away from her a little bit. And she calls Kim the seaward, and it was one of those like an awkward moment. And, and basically, you know, they're like, that's your. They basically like keep saying you're being Erica. But you're just using it as an excuse to call my sister, the seaward, which is really what they should have. Just said, and then they tried to kind of like be like, oh, the reason why were upset is because we thought that like Erica, should you be upset because that's not an accurate portrayal of who you are, like, no, that's not what I don't wanna get her hands dirty. So she wants someone else to be mad at least Renna says she doesn't have to fight with her. Yeah. So one of yes, sorry, one of our listeners, one of our listeners. I'm sorry, I'm blanking your name listener. I think your name is Michelle. But I'm most likely wrong. She wrote in, in one of the crap Facebook groups, she's a therapist, and she introduced she was talking about the idea of, there's a certain the something called the drama triangle, actually has a proper name like the Kaufman drama. Drama triangle, I don't remember what exactly what it's called, but the I then looked it up. And now I'm like, totally obsessed with the drama triangle, which is that sort of like drama is created. It's an it's a psychological theory a real legitimate one and it's like created because there's a someone plays the role of the victims some plays the role of the rescuer and someone's the role of the persecutor, and what happens is that one of those people draws in the other two roles. And so, in this case, it's like so obvious at that's like, what Kyle Richards so college like pulling in these things. So I feel like Colorado's. Trying to make ERC in this case trying to make Erica the victim. And then trying to make Renna the persecutor and Kyle is the rescuer. Maybe I mean, I'm not a therapist, but I like playing one on a podcast, but I was like, oh, my God like when you start thinking about it with a triangle. It's so fun to see who's whatever role at any given time. Kyle's natural. Okay. I think of Kyle. Awfulness I think of Kyle as that shape when you make a fist, okay? Now make a fist. Now, look at her fist, look at the side of your fist the profile where your thumb fingers K. You see that little hole there that's a shape of an asshole. Okay. That's the shape that Kyle minks whatever she comes on my TV. Kyle you are. And you always have been though worth, you are the words, I only see senior winces. So, so we open this breakfast, and it's awkward, but to read, everyone's trying to make it work, right? So Drake comes in and she's like. I just love passion. Have it went on away. I was like, oh my God. So the day after talking about eating disorders for another fucking hour of my life. You're talking about how you'll only eat passion fruit when you're on vacation. It was the least interesting idiosyncratic elements, I've ever heard from someone. I only passionately when on the way congratulations, so Doritos for the case Pessina. I know. Oh, yes. I o n f r u I t got me again. I also liked the idea that you probably will open up a fast, casual restaurant called utilize a coffee, Malcolm to Ito's of coffee have coffee and many other things like scans and raising. That's be skeets. Of you here on vacation. We've got Pessina fruits. Welcome to coffee. If you're coming from another country, we have Pasha's foods on discount. So they start talking about the fires a little bit, which is, you know, still going on, because it's like the day after and then Erica comes in, in these huge sunglasses. And she's in that fuck you mode. You know area has that all the time and I can't believe they're just noticing it now. Like we're guys bay this is how she is eighty percent of the time. Yeah, does not want to be talked to does not want to listen to the stupid banter about Vache holiday passion for, you know, she's just like. I'm gonna try breakfast this time without a teacup full head and see how it goes. All right going. Well, cop gotta teacup it not the passion food not to you. Only teacups. Something about waking up. We're all in PG's and you feel close to each Costa Erica, just gun. I gotta buy. Top. Migraine that's been brought on by lack of sleep and bitches trying to make you offended about some of them gone. Not offended about. So, so calls like guys I organized a trip to a winery. It's really fun. And Eric is like okay. I'm like, oh, God. I wrote down here. I wrote down a note, I said 'cause I write on the notes as we watch I go Kyle is going to spiral about erica's coldness and boy, did I call it. It was easiest call to call but still erica's just plainly over it. And everybody's just staring at her, and she's just not looking at them. She's just looking down at her TA or whatever the hell she has. And she's like okay, so until then I guess we can do whatever we want to do. And she's erica's just texting on her phone and they're all staring at her. She doesn't care. And then, then the women decide to split up explore the territory the state which leads us to quick scene from the great new talk show insights with teddy Mellencamp, I can't tell if it's raining or if it's the Felton that has been insights with teddy Mellencamp. Oh my God. Fucking teddy, whom we go to the cruzi. It's a water film, but it's wind. It's like we're aiming. So then teddy can't get out the door. She's like, oh, I can't get the door. Open three Jesus. It's enough of a workout Washington, try to open the do TD. To read losing patience for teddy, this episode has, like, really amusing to me, what is happened that to read is suddenly like palatable this year? I mean, I've always kind of liked Drake because she's fun to laugh at, but like she's actually enjoyable this year with that. She's almost like rising to top tier and its rear. Because everything she says, I'm like, agreeing with and laughing with not at strange just like normal. It's weird. She's like a she and teddy go play squash ball. They're playing squash and they're trying to make the ball balance. But swatch don't balanced very much like. Like. Abounds whereas the bounce and said he was like trying to warm up the ball. If you need to warm, it up, she gets. I don't know what boom ups you need for a bowl, but has suppose TV has the magic toots just want this ball, be accountable for its bounciness. They play and then to reach us like Rams her head into the hall. They replay it like five times this show. So then Erica. And Kyle are going to look at a chapel, and Renan go look at this chaplain erica's. Oh, look at the chapel is not what help got both of hope but travels bigger, it's real pretty. But I wonder how. Reminding me what fucking weirdo. You are Renta's like now, let's let a candle for Camille for everyone back in LA, especially for Camille haad gone. I feel so bad for her have I told you ladies what she's been saying about your back behind your back about your back? Me. I'm gonna puke behind you guys talking about your back. Pew Research Center. I mean, the Poupon p you pew I could go on. So then Denise Aaron are going back to their house to check out what still there and guess that I mean their house didn't get as badly damaged. It's just mostly smoke damaged. Yeah. But while seeing the devastation, I actually have not been back to Malibu in, like in a while I have I haven't seen the devastation with my own eyes, yet, I need to go back to Malibu because I want to go to after. What's it called after Jackson Britney guiding gauge it netra wanted to go back there, high Neptune's net tragedy can win neighborhood take. I know exactly. I mean seriously. But seeing like I mean, wow, I was all charred. It's like it's crazy. Yan Camille, brought her pay her rent a friend, Kimber over which was sad too, because I'm like, pork meals all alone. You know. Yeah, so then we go back we go back to ties this fucking show. Copper. Kyle's like guess what? Guys big surprise. It's a helicopter. Like I'm trying to remember when Lisa Vander pump took them some place on a helicopter. That's why did this right? Like where did that happen? Again. And I liked it. They were giving cow shit. Like I thought you were afraid of heights. Kyle. Are you forgetting your story lines because for nine years, we've watched you pretend to be afraid of its? Yeah. Jazz the most bullshit, exposure therapy story to explain why she's not a fridge like well this past summer. My husband had take a helicopter from Santro pay to the airport, and being at high and looking down. He was beautiful, like, that's not how getting over phobias work. You're healed, because you're really fucking rich trial. Even though I said, I wasn't gonna compare Beverly Hills in New York. The funny thing is that like, if Sonja Morgan had said the exact same line we would be like, oh my God. That's hilarious. She's fabulous like Sonja Morgan is the one being like I went to the doctor. And I looked at, you know. Are you an alcohol like, and I looked at the poster had like all the boxes. I'm not Kalic and, you know, I used to be afraid of flying, but then a sign from Sandra pan and look down with so pretty who has time to be frayed. It'd be like, oh my God. So Kyle doesn't I'm like fucking Kyle. Cow can't pull it off. She can't have an Erica getting the helicopter. She's like I've really that while ago, the helicopter. Limited this right now. Not happy. So they arrive at the vineyard of the helicopters, sending the vineyards. Like a vineyard. I just love giving applause. Vineyard. Like I would like credit for how much grown because like I would never have been able to do this. Okay. I mean, look at me, I'm doing things. I don't normally do. And rim is like yeah. Life is short. Let's not say that until we land hope. It's not too short right now. Erica, go. Yeah. Obviously because helicopter scratch all the time you gray. I love that. I love Erica, giving call the business that was so perfect. So the, the Chateau they all sit down of cheese plates and stuff. And they're all talking about, for some reason, we got a montage. What everyone thinks about wine tasting that's like we need to see this. We'll welcome to seize your mind real housewives of Beverly Hills. They're running low. Exactly. And so Ted, he's like home teddy this works. You don't drink the wine you just put into the bowl, and then then you drink more than spend more the bowl. Hi, Terry, 'cause like you don't drink everything. Otherwise, you don't drink everything. Otherwise, you'd be really drunk. I'm like this is not. You drink everything. What show were you filming right now, we're think you are exactly. No, I you're wanting to drink it all drink at all associates, like, I'm not gonna have any she's just made up her mind like, you know, she doesn't feel good and that she's not going to drink not gonna have any fun. So the wine count starts going down with the other girls. And this is I've said this many times in my life. But this is just another time. Thank God for alcohol because manage this. Yeah. These girls got shit faced. They really nice finishing her glass and acting like she's dumping it out. And they're like to read. Yeah. Kyle is like three don't act like you're dumping it out. I'm like see see that's what I like you know, she could be funny coming fund. Yeah. Drunk Carl was fine drunk like like, like mean bitchy? Kyle is the best. But like Ono Kyle I I don't like. Yeah. 'cause she's not fake when she's drunk she at least really herself. Lisa under pump. We are taking commercial break now. But if you don't hear one don't worry, you're very lucky. We all need someone to talk to a person who can support us through rough patches, or even every ups and downs in life. That's where talk Speights comes in talk space, online therapy makes taken care of your mental health more formidable and convenient than ever before. Simply provide your preferences for therapy, and talk space will match one of four thousand plus therapists, the very same day, no matter who you are, what you're going through talks basil. Find a therapist that fits your needs. 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Go ahead and go to talk space dot com and use the code crap in to get your first week free, so they are just joking in areas like when it's like, oh my God. Lightweight drunk and they're like, yeah, I think you're really fucking drug. That's g I. Everyone's like, okay, but they're not gonna let her spoil the fun. You know, she's being total buzzkill so Erica. Just hitting life now because she's a no eight at the women from last night, but she also has a migraine, and, you know, she's like, well, I'm silver on, they're all drunk, and they're getting annoying. And I just wanna go home in, like, candy crush, so oh, so she's heading life and the vintner, he's asking them like which one which wines like the most like one two, three and eight nine and four whatever they like to point, which, they'd like, so the guy makes a blend and they're like, oh my God. This is so good. Can we get this in the states? And he's like, no, we needed distributor. And. Several should sell some wine in this group and college courses like, well, someone does. But she's not here right now, of course Cobb rings, LV Kyle takes everybody LV peas region of France where she makes her Rosa then says she is Rosa takes everybody to why too. Yeah. Yeah. She's such a fucking more than they like right? And then where they can all bash Lee says these fine. Yes. Another gets all bash the wine Renan's, like I'll do it. Hang out for accidentally tag. L VP. Yeah. So, you know, they, they do this, like drunken abbvie, fine or whatever. Which by the way, Brennan kills us, she's so good with that shit. I've got three bottles Reynoza right in front of me. They are so delicious. They are full of flavor and they're sweet and they're Flutie. Flutie. Flutie. -chusetts looting. Whatever I never really even like that Rosa anyway. I mean, I want better one. I just never liked it. I mean I told her I took fan I like whispering angel. I told her that she said what about? I hate it day just start dying over Hurley savannah, bump, impersonation. They are dying, you know, so they're like, do more impersonations do more. Oh, really? You know, last night was wasn't on rental towing impersonations. But I guess I would think Bob. That really goes listen, guys that can very touchy into goes. Yeah. But if we can all left and talk about it. It's fine. Okay. We've got the teddy rules now on what the fence of not. So we've, we've all learned how not to piss teddy off for the next ten minutes. So you can proceed true, although I am going to say this oddly enough. It is different like sitting around with a bunch of friends and personality, charter at the table is different than like a party where like you're the only one impersonating, and you're like not doing it for jokes. You're like in a character, and then I'm just called my long term rival the c word. It is like a different context. So like they're not totally apples apples, the Lapa oranges, if you ask me. So I you know, I hate having to defend Kyle on that one, but mouse teddy Teddy's away. Yeah. So teddy, not because it has anything to do with anything, but just because it's like, here's what I'm going to be funded, and here's one. It's not okay to be. Offended, and then you can be offended because you were on a st- about it, you just on this, but we'll get to that later. Yeah. Because I have things to say so we're in a snap. This aren't doing impersonations. Serena starts like making fun of Kyle being afraid of bees, which leads to a Kyle being afraid of bees montage two thousand eleven Khavaran from a B two thousand fourteen cholera from a B two thousand sixteen from a beach days ago. Ran from a b. And then it does pretty good to read Jugie coming for you. And to read, has like the most amazing clapback Kyle Kyle's doing too, and to goes, well, I am not surprised that you haven't had an acting job, since you were seven years old. Like damn, she said, what we were thinking. I know I love that. She totally skipped over ER, because I couldn't believe that Kyle didn't jump on her for that, like excuse me. So then they do teddy Kyle teddy. And she just does her during just got off a horse, walk. And it was pretty good. It was really good. Then they then they show child walking teddy. And then they cut to teddy walking like that. I was like, oh, I never even noticed Teddy's walk, but kind of, really nailed it KOMO. Tell you something that was a lot last night. I just cannot with us. It was good. And so sitting there and she's like, well fresh after freshman, no one, here's a fended how come. Could take Joe. What's his wild play chin on Saturday at my mentioned that bud. Yeah. So, yeah. So then they're finally it's like, well, someone do Erica. Let's to Erica. No. Not good. You that. 'cause like. Usually erica. Sitting there, so miserable. You know that if you try to impersonator it's gonna go south, you know, because I'm gonna do it anyway. And she's like I'm good. I'm good just staring at her like die. Please. It's a good town. This is a good time time can't get mad, and she's dead aisles. And then our another, she's the Horatio sales. So you, sibling, no back benefits from out of that live. So cows. It's like guys, we have fun right Renan's. Like we are fucking. Yeah. If you stay drunk, the rest of the season with that, please do that, please. So they get into cars, and, you know, one car has Kyle written teddy and they're drinking wine and they're cracking up and talk about, they love drunk Renee cetera. And then and then they also talk about Erica, they're like, sober Erica. The war she was not fun today, and she wasn't fun last night. Either, you know, Carl's this is me having a fucking blast am, I'm not the funniest person ever. Yeah. And it's like, yeah, I'm just saying, she sucks sex today and Costa, erica's cars, abbas-zadeh and Reynosa wanna sleep, I wanna sleep. I don't the back you wanna leave the front and only in the back. Sleep. Got us sleep. Good baby is so that person who volunteers to lay down in the back she is. So that person I'll just go back like it's. The when she did that. I was like that is so Renna right now. And I don't know why I just loved it. She goes back pack. I wanna leave. Let's see down together. And teddy back in the other car. Teddy's Aerica hostile. No. That comes off a certain way, when she says like on phone, but then she's like Debbie Downer like lame and cows like yeah. Sometimes it just seems like she doesn't want to anger with us like God. Now the now they're going to be your new thing right now. They're going to turn Erica. And the person who's like it's like erica's fault because here's the thing in a weird way. I understand Kyle petty so well, because there's a lot of me in them. Unfortunately, it's sort of like what renaissance later? You know, you see yourself in someone else and get angry because I know what that's like, when you're with, I think we've all had friends, we know people who like you're all hanging out if they are in a bad mood, they're going to bring down the entire REU. Like they whatever they're feeling they're gonna force even in a way that it's not even intentional they're going to force their emotional state onto the group. Right. So if they're having fun, you can have fun if they're not having fun. You can't have like knee at that eve, as bachelorette party, you know, and so when that happens. Nhs you get annoyed because you just wanna have fun. But like they're not in a weird way. They're not letting you have fun because you were also the sort of person gets affected by other people's moods. And so then you get upset, and you're sort of like upset at them, but you also don't wanna be petty about it. And so that's what happened with Kyle and Erica. And so the way I feel like they are processing all that is now making into, like she doesn't want to she doesn't want to hang out with us, having fun with us. So it's like you guys are, like, not really processing your emotions correctly in my mind. I think they've probably just been sitting around being like Erica doesn't even seem to like us men and not not nine. Then mount erica's had a day like that. And they're ready to jump all over her as for it. Right. Heading Kyle together. They are the worst together and notice that, like, basically, teddy is the new Kim non terms of Kim's dysfunction. But, like fucking wishes she knows a new Kim knows the role is the role that can plays in Qasr life. Oh, I don't know about that. Kyle still sweep him plenty of Kim off the floor. True. But I think that Kyle is always going to be looking for someone like someone that she has to take care of and look over and etcetera etcetera and be codependent with. That gross me out full of all sorts of theories today, Chris me about their grocery unlicensed theories. So we're at dinner now and Erica, sitting there like with her perfect posture looking good. Hello. All lights yet. So she's still not feeling better. And so they all sit down and read it does like a classic Renna summary of everything that was fun. You guys that was fun. How were you guys? I wanna cop Cam cocktail. The big what grounds like, oh my God, we're lit, are you Erica? And Erica goes will. Now, I don't know if she met, like she's like, remember life. I don't think she's misunderstood her, but Kyle's QE cocktails for these very annoying people. Okay. One is very annoying ridden in the background clink. So, yes, I wanna drinking more. And now they're like talking about things and. Life is not always easy. It's not always perfect. But we act like everything's okay. But that's still the facade until he goes, I don't know like that. I'm like, oh, God. Tell you a lot of nerve calling Erica, Debbie Downer. When that's like, Teddy's main thing. I don't do the. And she's like, I won't think we certain way, and when they're not a certainly don't get bad, Eric guess why so cruel up with unstructured news. So I need like structure, because it was like unstructured now I needed to be structured entering that. That. A cab. We're similar. We are raised in a similar way until he's like, oh, we go. I'm gonna cry right now because not many people feel safe breath, but I feel safe you call does this mean that Meg Ryan's my mother now? You know Kyle just wants a stocking on that Christmas. On that Meg Ryan, life Renos like. Isn't that we want what we want to feel safe res- fully in, like her talk show? Like didn't you have a talk show like twelve years ago, something like that? She is in her talk show, hosting mode, and she is, she is standing in the of the microphone and like, you know, just just talking to the guests on stage into the audience got head of a plaza for these. They finally found each other. Never do cruel troops, wouldn't do it without you Carl. And she's like, isn't that nice? Nice moments. They show erica's face and sick. Jesus crashes shit. Lou the fuck face Belgium, man, I didn't know that women could have a circle jerk so, so Therese like Tekken, call have gone really close really close carlin's closed to teddy and keeps getting dressed and put on makeup morph into one person soon, which I liked because now it's like rita's starting to turn on the two of them, which I've been waiting for I'm here for teddy in Carl versus the world. Yes, me, too. This is the second act of the season that we've been waiting for serenity. I think we're all the types of people that don't show each other support, 'cause that's just who we are. That's bullshit, ran Kaethe. Ooh. Goodie. She's fucking Simpson. Supportive of bullshit out. God damn Kyle Kyle. Kyle come out, by the way. I just want to mention that when he was saying, how Kyle dresses, teddy. Now we saw some footage of teddy walking around with Kyle awful scarlet fidora of power. Ooh. Ooh. Eric, like I'd have. The lack of this group. I've never had a group ago, I wasn't competitively by Rocco is locked about women have women open those for me. No. Have the mid mammoths friends about have you ever done anything for women either, like Walmer on it really Erica, hate today? But all really seen is Erica be shitty to women. She did the speech thing at the like, like her whatever's, call the she was like the Ted talk for women thing. She did that. Okay. So what would you consider that opening doors for women or just general support of women? I think she's basically saying, I mean she's basically saying, like she's been burned by women a lot. So Nash just doesn't really like she doesn't get down with, like supergirl things, right. So see, I'm very pro Erica right now because she's anti college Reed Kyle teddy. So I'm like, I will not take that Ronnie. I'm not gonna take the bait. I am also to be honest Erica, going after Kyle is kind of amazing to, like, it's and it's also funny, because in many ways. You know, Kyle, you know, always accused of Andhra pump of being manipulative and keeping our cards, coaster chess etcetera. And now she's sort of, like, accusing it of accusing ERC of the same thing. So you see, Kyle just like filling in the roles she will never be fully satisfied knowing that because she will always try to fulfill these roles. I don't know why I'm like being like I'm all like I read about something on Kapiti anonymous I collagen, but I really feel empowered by this go boy, you go. It's fun. That's the fun of the shows is analyzing things as if you have some knowledge about them. So. Yeah. So now erica's like the women went up. But then she's like Kyle's, like so what changed and are like, well, I feel a level of trust and security in this group. And it's really great. And I'm sure that it will not go sour the next two minutes or so. So I'm gonna just say, I finally have girls group where I don't feel like people are just trying to kick me out. Evan Carl like, well, you know, I think that you feel that because our group. Got smaller, and then your trust got stronger. Do you know what I'm trying to say rhymes with manner? Clone and Eric. Well, yeah, and then she tells it just. Just comfortable, the black clad been removed. Would you remove personality likely savannah pump from a lot list, able cadet about human, what the fuck that Lisa Vander pump ever do to Erica someone? Please explain to me, and then we see this clip of how Vander Princeton, so terrible to Erica. When she said, oh, Erica, I thought text after my brother passed bit cold. Is that what she did your text was fucking cold and you kept it for your proof? True. And I think that Vander problem, honestly was just trying to connect with Erica. She's doing that thing when your mom feels like you haven't called her enough. Well, I guess my mom feels like I haven't called her enough. So she's like you. She, like make some grand thing that you have to go over and hug, you know, you cry. I love you, mom. Also, like Lisa Vanapope was like in morning. And like I think that she she was just like a super sensitive space, so felt weird that that was wall as us as an example of the dark, cloud erica's just waiting. She's hated her from the beginning, so she has waiting because she little thing. She was brought in by Yolanda. Don't forget. Yeah. But what, what does she do like I just don't understand what she did you this so bad? That aside like like. So, like, I don't know if I understand the reasons why hates Leandra pumps so much. But given that she does we just like put that to the side that she does these Vandross. What I'd like about Erica versus Kyle in the situation is that erica's like yeah. Lisa Vander pumps gone, and I feel like life is much better. Whereas Kyle is like, well now that it's a little smaller just feels like we could be closer like air like erica's upfront. She's like I thought that Lisa Vander pump was dark loud on group and gone. Connect better Kyle like these and being like cutesy almost, and it's like that I think is a fundamental difference between the two of them. And that's one of the reasons why Kyle annoys me this season. Because I feel like that side of personality which has been growing, and growing and growing for the past several seasons as now gotten to like a critical mass where it's like I can't take it anymore. Yeah. So, like, well, not assault of this group is jealous. I feel like that. I was like, well, trust Vanda prop was jealous of you, fuckers either. Okay. Well, no offensive at Tanny when here but I'm not jealous. And there could that let the finish what I was saying about girl be jealous. Well, I'll tell you this. I don't want your life. I don't need your husband. I've got my own house, on my own life goes back to let I was saying, I have a life. Kyle's not shells at all. Not at all. How's that? Like a three wheel. Go cart that you drove to gilson's because he's awesome on the street driving one, how's that going? How's your pink swing? Yeah. Yeah. How's your? Everything that you do. How are all your dogs? How's your everything everything you to now? Are your ninety dogs, so how's your restaurant in West Hollywood? You know, that's coming, you know that it's going to be Kyle's hamburger heaven soon. Cows. Like, yeah, I've the best slapstick. So what? Say. Cute. But last night like back to that back last night, but, like not attacking Erica. But I feel like you're a -tated. Yeah. She was graduations, you figured out a very simple emotion. Teddy's mysteries. Yeah, I was a tie back. And why did you want Erika to feel a certain way don't pay and my neck and tell he gets waiting Missy? What was it raining, or is it coming from the phone? So we'll know. Like just want Erica to be honest with how she really felt. I thought it was great. I thought it was great. It's like they, they are just like upset that they're not not getting from Erica, what they want. But it's also like because here's the thing that they felt that, you know, they thought that it was a shady that Renault was being shady, because they felt like Renna was using Erica. And like, that's not how Erica wouldn't just go up to someone at a party and be like year year, c word, you know, and that's what they were like, but they don't they're not sing at that way. And so now it becomes an argument about whether or not the impersonation was accurate not like about what the real issue, which is like, you know, at least we think that was a passive aggressive moment. And I didn't appreciate that. And it made us all feel awkward at create an awkward vibe. But instead, they keep saying it was weird. It was weird whatever that mass. Yeah. Serena's like well, did you have a problem with Kyle and cows? Like I thought it was weird see added this until you even brought it up to you seem to. Yeah I'm talking about it. Why is it weird? Well, if someone said on Kyle, and then told someone you're an asshole in a c word. I mean that's weird she's. Yeah. Well, it's weird is care. And because. Out of nowhere to start steering Laker team got a point. Well, she just had a flashback to, to Boy, George concert. Wait, sorry, fever dream also she spent an entire season getting teddy. Here's how I feel about you being. But here's what I feel about you saying that you were when you were little. A little keeps saying weird is again, it's such a cop out of a word right? Because it what the wanna say is like if someone said, I'm Kyle. And I'm going to be an and I'm going to be an asshole. Bob LA, it'll be weird. It would that's weird. You say that's rude. Or that's like, say what you really mean. But we say weird, it's like you're dancing around what you really feel and I think it's like that shit that Eric, I can't stand and that, like it's just annoying. And even when we see a flashback at some point either now or later about Erica when they had that, like little tiff in Teddy's beach house about, like Eric leaving in the middle of the night. And teddy was like ome soon is that look you know, you left you came back, and it was weird. It was weird. That's all I'm like you guys are not copping up to how you feel or what's going on here. And it's causing acronym just trying to start fights over nothing. So ridiculous. Yeah. Erica's like Dalian talk about it. I don't understand why you want me to feel certain way. I'm good and cows. Like, does he imitated us against we're good? I'm good symphony millionaire, Mike. Yeah. You really, you really fucking got one in Kyle and Renan's like dude, this is Erica just said that she has a problem opening up to women and now they're like running jumping like even if what you feel like even if you feel that America's not being honest with her emotions like you already, you already tried to tackle this last night, just drop it it's, it's just it's not gonna change. But again, like us, accusing Erica, she's not being honest with how she really feels like shadows of what they felt about Lisa Vander pump. It's like it's funny thing the patterns. So so to read, and teddy, like walk away from the table for a moment and tell you don't want to be there or any more because Kyle no not coil. What's your name? What's your name sad face with long hair walks like a cowboy what's your name again, she gets the fucking drunk? Hey, what did your issue TD? You can't put a door to save your fucking live study can't pull the door to go out. Three Erica leaves ridden Kyle alone for a second Renan's like I feel discord. How do you really feel Kyle come just came back from break? We're about to find out Kyle Richard's sister to somewhat way more famous than. Kyle Jewish pink swing right now I feel like she doesn't like being around us and that's it. About there we go. So, so, yes. Yeah. Kyle's being like she doesn't have a good time with us. We're trying to girls trip, which is funny because now Kyle is like flipping this a totally different argument about, like we thought Renna was being rude acting like you. And like the fact that you, I think actually, the core of their issues Rin was being rude and trying to play it off, like she's acting like you. And the fact that you're like not seeing that she's being rude like that shows that there's like an iniquity in the way you treat her versus maybe other people, I think that's the core of what it is. But they're not saying that, and now because they haven't been able to get through their attorney into she doesn't have should not have good time with us, and we're trying to fun. But she doesn't have, you know, somebody mad, this is what these do they make somebody mad. And then when they make them at only caught they're mad. Yeah. Yeah. They treat us like this. That's exactly what they're doing. It's such a fucking typical standard bullying thing where you're like you poke and poke poke and the second the other person does something back. Me and doing, like she's being mean to us, like she's just being snotty. And she's mad at us. We'll yes. She was mad at you all day because you guys were doing that to our dinner to last night. So now you're gonna make it into this personality issue that Erica has she's just she's cold. Everybody went also, but that's just her personality. And on top of that, like Erica has built in a different way. So she's not just gonna like if you are like I want to talk to you about this. She's not just going to automatically be like this is how I feel she's not gonna ring is like an open book in that way. Very extroverted at least as we can see on the show and erica's not like that. So they are trying to talk to Eric as Eric was the same sort of persons they are, and she's not. So they're not getting back what they want, and they feel like to them, because of their insecurities it like it triggers. I think some insecurities that they have. And so therefore, they, they feel rejected by her on some level. I think and so therefore. They are angry at her for rejecting them and their emotional concern morons. I'm really I'm really on today. Dr Frazier frame, Mike guy, they don't they get a reaction from their own behavior, and then they get mad at the reaction there. Erica. Goes back in, you know, she let comes floating back in Cayo save. What you've just said to me. Erica. And then we're going to talk about pop chips, which are low in calorie, and still felicia's regular chips. Okay. What did I say that? You don't think erica's having phone with us, and that you'd think she doesn't enjoy being with us just why did say that? Kyle wanted. I say you just said at thirty seconds ago. What did I say playing dumb of erica's? Like, what are you talking about? I had the best and Carl just like thumps arm on the table. Like, really what it feel good today. Tell you that and Eric goes, oh, okay. Because really you like being around this group. And I don't think you enjoy being around us. We don't like us, which is like so passive aggressive now these girls. So then Erica, finally just like call them on it. Which was great. She's like trying to push me out. I try to push me out into just won't to drew stew, which I think Eric is onto it. She saw she read the way that she the way that she put it. She said. Oh, so that was kind of the Erika doesn't have the group, you tried to push me out, Mike. Yeah. They've already pushed out Vander pumps. And now you're going to try and push me out, too. Yeah. They're trying to push Eric out because Eric was not giving them what they needed, right. And so like, now they are they ended. And so they're like now comes the campaign to give it of Eric turning this onto a well she just doesn't like being with us. And that's you know. It's like it's so ridiculous. She doesn't like being with us because of what you guys did you guys created this? You got started at you literally, you started it. Shit up pick cave, and she she was like off failed feel a little bullied right now in his cO stop says teddy, you know, I feel like teddy it said a million times feel booed buggers women least lasts remember last season when when teddy felt bullied by Erica. And you know what we stood up I at least it up for teddy in that situation and know the fact that teddy discounts Erica, feels buoyed right now is kind of crazy. Yeah, really mad Erica leaves and Doreen like you put her in a situation where she felt that way it was one situation Catholic. I think to say, I think it's what I met what are you talking about? Kyle. All my I can guarantee you fucking new to say. So we're gonna tell the rest of you look under your seats. Get a car it. You get a car at you. Get a car it. So also, by way up to erica's room, I just have to say before she stomps up that way. I love the fact that this Chateau is so huge that when Erica storms away, she storms up and slams the door behind her, but it's just like the door to another wing. She's like a whole other hallway to go down. Bedroom, yet I know because it looks like Karl went up the stairs. So I was like we're going enormous and the I love that. I didn't get to say what I wanted to say, even this on the heels of act like she didn't even know what she was supposed to say to her. You know whatever so Cal goes up to Erica. And they're talking. And like I just feel like there's no way fares party that you could not have felt logo and then 'cause like God Farah, we is bad enough that you call it farrowing. And now we have to talk about it. I'm not sick. We have never had a problem Erica. We have a problem that keep stop around, and you pink Lindsay's trying to make something happen. Actually, we do have a problem. And that's my opinion. Look. So reluctantly reluctantly Ronnie. I have to Kyle point on that one. Because as much as I'm like, pretty much like one hundred percent on Erica side on this one at the same time they are clearly having a fight. And so when Erica says, we're not having a problem like no you are. So the fact that you're not knowledge in that there's an issue, but she did gives credence, sit stop bringing up the same thing over and over. She's like, stop busy. So you said, I won't take that because he's saying, we have obviously, we haven't issue here, like we have an underlying issue here. And so when Iraq denies that, that actually gives credence to cull Teddy's original thing, which was that she's not being honest with how she feels. Gas lighting her. Well, I mean, they've created a problem, that's for sure. Yeah. They are the fucking problem. You know, Erica staying calm. I mean yeah. Completely calm. She's not getting in their face and screaming about shit. And when she gets furious, she removes herself from the situation because they're obviously drunk idiots. You weren't gonna listen to anything. She says they're trying to project all this shit onto her that she's not mad about. And they're mad that she's not mad and then because she's not mad, she's mad at them. It's like, oh my God. You know. The right thing. But then an Eric gets. She totally gets Kyle again because calls like I'm being honest, and I'm being honest to does my honesty, not count. It does not Erica. Actually, welcome to the show. Your honesty, does not count. Yeah. So then teddy Renner at the table tennis. Awkward could've been afforded. She'd show spin on his bitch. You have lot you spent the whole first half of the season lying your ass off. And the only reason you were ever honest was because other techs, you had cut screen shots out of to make your life seem. Seem acceptable. You fucking you compulsively lied. All of this shit is your fall and it's provable. You did it on camera and other techs came onto show that you were fucking Meyer. And now it's okay because you've made up the rules that now you've been honest about it. So it's all okay. That you might in the first place that makes me neces- teddy does that she makes these little rules like, well, she's okay now because she was honest, you were only honest after you've got caught multiple times teddy. So give me a fucking brea, and I don't even believe that you couldn't tell if it was raining, or if it was missed from the fountain. How about that talk about dishonesty she so full of shit. And so remnants like, well, she's doing to can't we all are just trying to be the best. Give us a little credit for trying. Would you. Fuel cycle. The thing is, it's not that the thing is, she's not going to answer from Erica that she wants because she's making the wrong argument again. She's she's wants Erica to say I didn't like what Renna did? But what is really upset at that rented something super awkward and put them in an awkward position? And then feels weird, the no one's like calling out for it. But like you call Renou for just say you thought it was passive aggressive. What, what Renna did? And it wasn't cool. Just say that. That's what's bothering you. And I actually think that's a legitimate thing to say it was really awkward, what Renan did. I'm I think that was like it was really. It was weird, but either way. So teddy is now like she's now spiraling in the arms of Renna and she's like would feel uncomfortable in the morning. It's good morning. So say I'm uncomfortable which is sort of what I'm saying. Also. Mentality is expected to be the moral compass all the time. Like, what am I can't ability control? It's not my job. Oh my God. No one thinks of you. Roles. Of lying flag of. Oral monster. I cannot believe you even just that. Yeah. That was hilarious Lara's that she's like, I can't keeping the moral compass. She's like a moral compass group like the way you have like a little tiny compass attached to your key chain. And it's like okay we're not really using to navigate so Renos like. In welcome back to the finish show, talking with teddy cab, who thinks that she's the moral compass for something or someone. But guess what did he you hold yourself to them? Roll compass, and you need to stop, because no one else really looks for that. Off the hook baby. Take up too much. Which just can't I'm like teddy, Memphis, even about you. You're involved in none of this. Again, is another fight that you have zero stake in that you're sitting, you're sobbing over net, granted, she's wasted to true, the confusion to me. 'cause like it just all seems fake and. Erica does what she needs to do to make you feel good. If like what's wrong with that teddy it's member? You have a question. Yes. It's, it's just fake. I'm like your fake pretending that you're someone's friend. And then like sitting here trying to make it sound like they're a big fake bitch, that girl didn't think the u. Nice you this season. And she really didn't have to be. Yeah. Like you think that's fake? And he's like. He's like, you know, so, so, finally, like what comes out is that, like teddy sees a lot of ourself in America and basically issues that teddy has herself. She doesn't which is hilarious. This is coming from teddy, by the way, this is all coming from therapist, Renna, who's, like, well, I think that teddy Ceasar stuff, Eric ourself. And that's why she doesn't like her because we get mad when we see ourselves and other people. And here's has she works. Sometimes if you're mad you're mad. You know what I mean? Like, yes, Renna, we've all read the fucking four agreements. You know what I mean? I don't know what that is. But. It off. Pop psychology. Mike. It's not any obviously. Yeah. It's like you know, it's like self-loathing gays like, welcome to being gay. So teddy is like the circuit should becomes better than everyone else. Always say folk you like. What if anything like Erica has been expressing how like she has felt not like almost the opposite like for the like feels like a place where she belongs? You know, I'm Ted, he's like, I know what it's like to always have to make people feel comfortable. Your job is literally making people, not comfortable. Your job is literally texting people ten times a day, making sure they ate their beats ended their laps. Okay. Have you ever gone out of your way to anybody feels uncut or make anybody feel comfortable ever on this show? I've never seen that. Yeah, I think teddy has been totally ruined by Kyle because I like teddy last season a lot. And I feel like now everyone hates teddy, and I'm like this is Kyle is on this tatty Kyle has ruined share. All she cared about was the time thing, and then Erica not being nice enough to where when, when she went to that hotel instead of state. You know it's the same thing, always like griping on the same fight. It was just last year for me everyone else's being so mean to wear that I felt for teddy, but now she's got like someone else on her side, and she's doubling down on this shit. And I it's is my least favorite kind of person that's just constantly harping on the dumbest shit and people just so they have something to be mad at. Well, either way, I mean, Renos sort of actually she does get a right. Which is basically teddy just wants proof America. That's really all she wants. So that's why every time and I think probably kiled too. And so that's why anytime Erica is like cold icy. It's like the exact opposite of what they need. And so that's how they react to it. So Ted doing this whole thing, if I go to be frozen. So, but it was not onus, like I don't wanna shoot the focus of. Like I don't want to, like, okay. Okay. Like she is now just like bawling and crazy. And it's okay, just feelings just feelings. Get outta my side. I'm going upstairs girls. They're just feelings. Just don't eat them. Do. So then Renna goes to check in on. Erica. I'm fine. Yeah. Terrible. My live this kid. Hi, I'm going to sit there and listen to this over oh, but mcwethy though, and then you hear re or teddy screaming for dorito housing. Ted is she. However about hurts. And then we see the real, then we see the real teddy just like we're seeing the real cows. I don't wanna chip. I'm starving. Yeah. Yeah. Let her have a chip. She's like no, no, no chip for you. Notre few? I'm like this is Kyle and Kim all over again. I'm sorry. So Renan's like well, she's crying. And I went through with it turns out those layers they feel like you don't like being with them and erica's Desai's who also my friends will somewhat. That's always tried to hang something momma, if you don't want me to be just say, you know, kind of hanging on the drought, the dab and turn it off the cap of. So now like at this point, I thought the episode was over, but then we get like another like five minutes of drunk antics, because, now like the girls are like lying in Renan's bed being like Lisa Lisa running out of the shower, and she's like, oh, like anti anti she was, like get out of my bed right now. Get out of my bed. Everyone go to sleep go to sleep. She's so pissed Richard fucker. So then Kyle runs into bed. This is all really fun stuff. Yeah. They were just playing around and doing splits and being silly and teddy was really wasted. Oh, teddy was really wasted, which was hilarious. And then it just sort of. Prevents with teddy, not getting to have chip or at least one bite of it. Minutes next week. Don't you want to admit that you were mad about being mad that we were mad that you weren't mad about that girl who should have made you mad? Yeah. And then they're going to confront Camille grammer too. So I'm looking forward to that. And that brings us to the end of Beverly Hills. We'll be back tomorrow with the livestream of below take me. So join us for that yet. Join us for that and be sure to come. Join our discord channel get your tickets for our live shows by the merchandise. Checkout. Ryan's Ronnie's podcast, checkout, my cartoon, and then give someone a hug by everybody. Why?

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