Episode 179 - Interview with Tim & Mary Dady on health, hope, marriage, ministry, and family - June 16, 2020


Welcome family teachers, a podcast or anyone who wants to experience healthy relationships within their family. This is Doctor Cory Gilbert and I'm honored to come alongside you to encourage educate and equip you as he focused on the different relationships Mikus family. Let's get started and focus on today's teacher. Dr Gilbert with family features? Five casts today I. Have Mary in a Tim Dedi GonNa. Share some today with us about kind of their life, their journey, and some really neat things that Gosden in their life. And also just how they can serve you, so I welcome Mary glad to have you on the podcast. Thank you, it's great to be here and being able to. A little bit about us and our during that guy's last counties past years, things are having s yeah, and so I. I actually reached out to them because I saw Mary post something on facebook about her journey of transformation. personal health and wellbeing so that I'm passionate about because of my own journey, but also this impacts everything for marriage to mental health, and then especially our physical health. so tell us more about you guys your journey your life, and where you've come from where you're at today. Yes, so we're both on court graduates. Remain Corp in. Where we were both ministry majors. and. Ended up doing full ministry. These Years where We ran lap the. Nice, young the small organization coach Osamu Injure. That's basically works in post-soviet countries with with Youth Ministry so neat wonderful. So we're helping. Local churches build. Youth Ministry is because. A lot of churches there, they have a strong like. Parent or older generation so sixty plus. A lot of the are. Not being reached, just helping churches realize if we don't reach the youth than our church will literally just die out in your church anymore and so just kind of helping bridge that gap. In bringing. Inviting students to events that they'd be more interested in not necessarily what? So through music and sports and everything like that just helping students connected with local churches, so is that lacking in that country? Just a lot of the youth type centered stings. He. Lappy has the second highest suicide rate. and. The percentage of Christians is round two percent depending on. What Your County? It is a tiny country. And there isn't church that survived communism. But yeah, they're definitely need some help in reaching the next generation. So your patch is your passion youth. Definitely working with. Junior high, high school, age and even. More recently into the college age. Range realizing that this is your students were really making those decisions of who got is Why am I here now and just being able to? Shine light where there's a lot of darkness I'm. Being a positive influence in students lives. How long were you in Latvia? Almost five years I'll allow five years and when you went, there was just you to. Ten mental old until the wow okay. He lived most of his life Latvia while. We have a daughter. WHO's soon have to NAFF. Meat so almost six year old and to nap K.. To two now while you're busy. That is the craziest stage of life is especially a young mom of little ones. Julia. That's for sure, but now you're back in the united, states. In Salem Oregon. Not necessarily a planned. Exit was it. I. Tell me a little bit about that. so we? We had just come back to reporter. Churches, we just been back in states year ago about this time, and we were intending to go back two years, and which is kind of the term for. Her. But we also discovered in that year. That our son has some special needs developmental. Delays! And that Latvia basically didn't have any treatment for it. That, we have been traveling to lend in twice a year to get treatment for him in intensive block, and then trying to manage home, so there were some concerns on the way to the states who went to London, began and kind of her. Update about how? Our hope therapy was helping him or not. So we? After that trip, we kinda had in our hearts that you know possibly by the time in school that we need to be transitioning back. But we were also right on the edge of starting ministry for College Students, so that was our intention to come back in June and start this. Ministry for college students in August. And did you ever make it back, so he made it back. So we. Were there for the summer and then basically? Income the next. This school year. that. Was Koga related. But. During that time, it was made clear that it might be better if we saw treatment sooner than we were planning. On guess just to help him. Develop in really. I'm sure some areas that were lacking that we were getting the treatment for Latvian so. In. Our family really had been under. Stress for about two. And I think. You know as missionaries were really. Prepared and ready to deal with things that are challenging. Here's your stress. You're learning the language and operating in the language on a daily basis. But. After her daughter was born, I was also struggling with depression and anxiety. That really went undiagnosed for half the year. We have a stalled at one point that everyone is depressed in the winter, which might be true in Latvia? So. We knew that was going in the background, but. We had for shouldering it and trained to. Your best to get through so. Those things combined kind of. reposited major factors in s leading center. A lot of things outside of your control. Else your health. Your Son's health as you came back in September, October was up. There yes, over over K. To Salem Oregon, which is, is that where you're from? Not. Originally Sarah we spent. Since College, so about ten years before we went overseas, so he kind of basically call Ceelo home, even though our parents and where we grew up isn't. I'm kind of her. We hire our number. Our married life was in college life in. Berkshire Community incidences where? We thought calm. Jolt were AIDS there few go home foam That's. When you lived in multiple places. You're not sure what home is really. But. This is where our community is are supporting church so just seem natural to come back to Salem? I grew up as a missionary kid in Chile South America. Okay, so we came back unexpectedly. By senior year of high school. Right before here so I hated my parents. Of the transition, because every time we would visit that was the struggle was welcome home. No chilies home. Raises the foreign country. Who Am I where do I fit? Where's my world? I'm not. I'm white redhead their. Thumb and here I'm nobody. Yes, it's a struggle identity and you came back to Salem Oregon. And you had jobs lined up in. Life was all peachy right. That'd be nice. We Serum Roam. The moment was decided in raises sent for us that we would leave out till landing was only two months. Oh, wow, so we had to do months to literally sell everything we own. Hack it out, dope. So Yeah Tim definitely did some research during that time, but He hasn't had any interviews or anything. Until we until we got back, so you came back still in the job. The only thing we had lined up is we had a place to basically crash until we found Ma home now. But I was only thing we had. A Church family interestingly. Brian Change like crazy since years past, so it's. Yeah. That's hard, yeah! Some of the same people. Same People Church. Definitely grew lease double. Since we left so they're. Not really that. Feels like it. New People everywhere great so. But Differently, in the midst of because like. Within. Six weeks. We're in our home like my mom's a real estate agent. So she was able to come when weekend and help us of. Do some house hunting. Nine. This is the last one we saw was the one we chose. Because like descended being the one that was perfect for our family, so it's like it wasn't even one that we're really considering place is really who to see how God lettuce to this heck's. Lace, And, he bought the house. The House. That's a big step even in in and of itself. Yeah. And then you got a job. I hope somewhere in. Got A job before we got the house so inwardly. So. Get. Severance from adventure, so we were able to could. Manage things as well. But yes, they're gonNA. Jog working for ten ferry About. A month after being or To, do three weeks after my son win for interview training. Jobs, and the I recently he met with me. He's like I could really see you working here, so got really opened up that door awesome. and has really cool got his work and that's a job that's working with people. Yeah, in so this something we enjoy doing. Serving people in a different way, suits and cool to. Concern. Than straightly gifted That sometimes struggle overseas where there's sometimes a certain type of personality that's drawn visionaries civically and. He was really able to help support. Organizational. Yes, so needed. Oh, it's so yeah. Yeah. My my dad's a former physicists for NASA. So his organizational skills. Oh, man! That's sweet did so much of was. You're putting together the research, unreached people, groups, and the ten forty window and things like that that. Many of the especially the visionaries are not going to be. Necessarily focused on the US all the time now. Yeah, that's reasons great, but so along the way your health and your mental health is not okay, right? Yeah yeah, so after daughter restored. Must Depression anxiety which? We weren't sleeping. We were stressed, so it just really went on trade for a long time. It's like finally saw. A. Rollie gist because I thought. I was losing my mind I was. She. Began and said Oh honey kids you know. And didn't really offer any help. That's terrible. Deep breathing yes! Breathing! But I was like I had. Now I can see the textbook symptoms is rep losing weight and a heck. Racing thoughts sleep last higher. Things like that just at the same time as understanding that are science special needs so. Storm! season. Yeah. Thankfully After about eight months of training to seek medical help, not really finding anything. was able to get connected with Christian counselor. Which is in your coal? She's the only one in the country. Allow arm, yeah! She spoke by language she could. She could Watt Council in English, which was amazing. So she. At that point I was severely depressed and. Was Not having any good days in sheet? I didn't need to get on medication for while. Her sleep and for. Eighty and she kinda helps stabilize you. Yeah, which is to me, one of the powerful uses of medication? They're not the answer, but they're an. Tool to save save US ourselves. So along. Were you on medications? That six months. Actually after six months at tried to go off in, it was really challenging. And so I had to go back on, and we did a more slower Yup. Yeah still working with her as well so this is all in Latvia. Yeah No, okay and then. It's only funny because it sounds like making it up, but in the same in we had. Like massive analyst family so. Tim had pneumonia and influenza Lucas Influenza tonsillitis bronchitis. Bronchitis we were like using the breathing asking like it was eight weeks straight of very very sick people. Oh, man, and so thankfully got really protected arm unity was a little bit healthier at that time. But almost authorized both of these guys. Hundred four point eight fever something. And so there have been tons of antibiotics because. It was needed for certain things especially as lung infection. friend. who had been sharing about natural supplements because we knew we needed probiotics. And the most pharmaceuticals come from, Russia. We don't read Russian cyrillic. We really were just guessing all long lake. Or on recommendations from people. Try this works. Like. We we. A lot of trust in people's conditions, but we wanted something to help because I knew. Him, my son, for sure rebuilding unity. Religion. So. Yeah, so we did start on some supplements, just PROBIOTICS! By men in then it's during which helps with the trigger. I think about. Two months for became after the state. WHO's sorry. Yeah. Not even. is about two months probably. Said Pink Drink. Yes there's a known for its at plexus. Is the company in? It's A. It's a drink supplement that helps down split Sugar Yup. Powerful. Powerful tool. Yeah. I realized for myself I type, Alexi May Light? And so both nude in energy really impacted me by these dips. And Epson blows with depending on what kind of Food I e? So for me that that was a really big help. Just in recovery. That was the first step for evil sleep veteran. Where did you find out about the pink drink there unless you? Yeah a fellow missionary was was taking it talking Bible? To someone else who discovered it and said. Hey check this out. How was how was your marriage? During this time of kind of mental health and NEW BABIES and. Was that a struggle? Was it pretty? Good like what was some of the? On because we both weren't sleeping. There is. A lot of agitation, I think for me. It was harder because. I have not sleeping, but I'm not sleeping for other reasons, because obviously I can't breastfeed the baby but Lucas isn't sleeping. So you're just like you're just like hard to figure out the best way of supporting Mary through this snake vinyl. You're not sleeping, but I'm not sleeping neither of US really getting. What we went, so holloway like. Definitely Trying to figure out how to best support each other we neither of us are in a place that can be supported I guess so. It's helpful. Perfect storm really like. Yeah. Son's diagnosis new baby mom's not doing okay does not doing okay. The perfect storm in a foreign country rain which barriers. Yeah Yeah and. They two months before coming back, you find. plexus and the pink drink. And what happens with that? What does that do? Yes, so first few months. Just Timothy me just. Notice that we were sleeping better, which was huge because I was on sleeping mats. which anyone has been on? Them knows that it's like a roller coaster. These stop working sick more. Groggy, you know so, that was the first I was able to get rid of display better into probiotic you're taking also helps to sleep to so does. So I think that was the first thing we noticed. and by the time I was in process of talking to my doctor about getting. antidepressants in anxiety meds. Had experienced some withdrawal and just realizing that kind of. Dependency Pool. Wasn't there wanted to do and I. also a recovered. I had reached a better place through counseling and. So After a few months. Say around three months with recant healing the gut. Announcing blood sugar I started noticing my moods for more stable and was able to. Doctor prescribed get down in. A Both of those medications to that's wonderful yeah. What other benefits have you seen from? plexus, the pink, drink and probiotics. Well. Tim Dozen has improved. We, we used to joke that he had a parasite. That's true. It's amazing. You kinda liquid when he gets normal. Cell Light. His lawyer has been like. We always have messed up stomach like. Anything, different I think most. Americans actually have messed up stomach. Send just settle for they live that way. It's the sad diet standard American Diet. It's terrible. Definitely the by taking that, you saw a difference. First Time of your life. It sounds like. A being able to realize like Oh, that's not normal. Guts different mom sleeping better. That's not huge changes. In the others are son had? Definitely a depressed immune system, and he had gird four year old Cole, no so sad which was part of the issue asleep, so we did. figure. That out so. He is taking a kids version. probiotics every day. We sometimes supplement also with more for him. And we noticed a huge change in his immunity. Nice is allergies have improved tonight's. Totally gone usually this time of year. His is would be like almost shutoff. And we haven't had inhalers for him this year. That was a regular occurrence. And, so you started this then that would be back in. August Ish. Last year to just since August. There's all these improvements in health for everyone in your family. That's huge. In the other changes. And mental clarity and focus definitely improved. Just in general Seeing how easy like? One simple thing. Adding supplements at your body is lacking, can really. Just hire able to lake. Get through a day in? A good sleep as we were sleeping, but it wasn't like quality rightly. The last thing for me. Is WE'RE GONNA balance. The depression for me was was. Ramona induced probably end stress. And I had struggled like. Either with weather like when it's dark or Just, time of the month with having some lake shorter periods of depression. Throughout my life and those have lessened and lessened. There is a link between insulin balance. Down to other hormones Yup. So. That's been really huge because I think for me. That's big Nancy mood. Yeah! So that sounds so great, it's so encouraging to hear us so neat. To save removing some of the stress of being a cross cultural environment. Another another language. Yes, part of. A lot of our health struggles were exacerbated by. Just want stress so. I think that's helped as well nice. I know fifteen plus years ago, I walked into numerous doctors offices. With probiotics. Saying here's what's helped me so far, but now I'm gonNA. Flare Up have Crohn's. And go no, that doesn't work. There's not proof behind it totally dismissive. And then I go crazy. You think of an an of one so study of one me. It worked working with. Not It doesn't save. You doesn't fix everything which is one of the struggles we have with medications, and with other things is sometimes. It's like this is the savior of our world, and it's like no, it's a tool. Like plexus and Bouncing Blood Sugar and probiotics that improves the immune system all those things are tools can radically change your life, which is it? Changes are mood changes her. You Guide how you our partner, our family, our children myself which everything? Sleep alone, just suggesting that. Changes. So much. I found that most medications made my sleep worse. Got Rid of the rim cycle. A, critical time of your body healing following away memories gets shrunk, if not eliminated on a lot of medications. So, doing something, natural or some other version, other way of balancing the body changes everything which is. So exciting but I. Don't think a lot of people know about it. I, think a lot of people still go to the doctor. Just do what they're told. and. It's medications and it's I've met with some young ladies in their twenties there on eight seven days medications. Because they go in for one, and then we'll the now. There's another symptom so the take another and it's just this. Horrible horrible. You know after the other which breaks my heart, because that's like that's not. Fixing. And the studies above the GUT microbiome in the connection to the brain and the gut. It is fairly new I. Think in the last seven years. It's been explosion of research, so it's possible. Some doctors nurses they. I understand who got her rn ten years ago and it wasn't covered right there, so. How sometimes that happens? The ten knows less than seven or six or seven years ago. I was at a conference here in Oregon from a doctor from La. Hispanic guy saying I was trained. You know fifteen plus years ago. But here's the new future of medicine. In everything he outlined was better sleep. probiotics exercise water like all night so basic. But the reason why we don't hear about it is the Pharmaceutical Industry Rosa world written. Yeah, and it's not a quick fix you know. Like I told my story. I saw some changes after one one three months, excellence and It's getting better investor. It's like an upward cycle. But. It's not quick. It's not really quick. which Americans went the quick fix in Furhter King I way right away. If, they don't want it. Right away. It's like well then. It's not working for me so then. It's obviously. Owning so just. No I went to a doctor and he changed my diet, and it took a while to get adjusted for a year and a half. That's how long it took to turn the tide of adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues and the Crohn's flare ups by eating fishing rice. It's like I. Put my gut in a cast. Nothing else went in there. Soft stuff that can easily digest and high end in Omegas, and it did. It changed everything for my future. Most people are not going to do that right. Yeah, but Kinda even of this conversation. My goal is that people think hey there might be a better way. There's going to have a lot less negative impact on my body and incredible rewards bigger picture on your marriage on everything all those pieces who I am as a mom as a dad. Those hats we wear. And the thing that so fascinating to me. Is The belieber like how interconnected? Our body system are. And how? We can't street one one thing. It just makes me kind of. Marbly gots design. It's the more and more that we learn. Yup. That's what's sad is we've silo out all the you go to your priest, your pastor for spiritual you go to the shrink to deal with the mental health, and you go to your MD or do to deal with the doctor, we. It's all connected. You if you miss one so to me the best person to go to someone who's got training and all those even if they're not an expert in all of those. So the mess therapist has training in the others in his aware, this could be spiritual. This could also be physical or hormonal. The doctor, the doctors at a saved my life or doctors who had training in other areas. It could see things more holistically. Which I think is the future of of medicine. It's just it's going to be a slow tied to get there. A lot of good doctors that are. Coming to understand that and see that. There's hope. Mike this is another one of those great tools where. You do something like that regularly. You will see quick change in quick benefits. Yeah it's working towards healing. Your body can more efficiently work and the thing that I love to. Do so fascinating from a science standpoint. Most of the supplements. They also help your body produce. What needs? AIDS, your body to produce its own good area, the Collagen each body to produce the Collagen the. So it's like. It's not just. Consuming Yup. Let's train to heal. The natural processes never got any. How dare we do it that way? That is terrible. I could go into a whole list of things I've done. We'll save that for another time, but those things that I've done are all nontraditional in all ways that many would go. How dare you yet? Mileit life is night and day different. I struggle with depression every every few months, and I have ways that I manage it, but one of the things that I have is a wife who she can recognize when I'm not okay, and she can go Lori, and she can tell. Remind me get you. Get some ice and put it on your gut. It reduces inflammation. Drink some. Fish oil because I literally just drink it when I'm in a flare up and it takes care of Kaz straight to the problem. And Not all these side effects we have these tools. It's a matter of learning about them and. Using them when I'm in that place, I can't think straight. Yeah. My wife becomes an incredible asset of. Kind of saying hey, snap out of IT A. Get some help, do something. Though your marriage critical thing. Interesting, each other tin during our time receive. He also had some periods where he struggled with depression. It were shorter were circumstantial. I think for him, but. It totally takes someone from the outside to say. Hints. You're not acting like normal, or you're responding differently. They usually do. And that. Fused device you saw science for me. What was going on. You've been married. How long? Can Years Yeah and Gary Thomas Talks about in his book. Sacred Marriage takes about nine to fourteen years to finally kind of figure out who you are as a couple. So think about that right now. Ten Years Newer. All you've been through, you're just now. That's crazy to think about. A At ten years for Kelly. We had three kids. We've been through a bazillion hospitalizations with me. Lived I think five states. I, mean we. Only changes finished a PhD program. On and on and on. Yet. It takes that long. I guess we're that stupid are just getting. Word that slow. Learn each other and to trust. Can I trust them to have? My best interests when they say hey, you're not okay. So, your marriage is crucial for your kids to. It is true knowledge as you're talking about that later? You've been seeing signs and being like okay like. go take care. Take a long time. Take whatever you need. Amanda four liquor. Up. My biggest gift for my wife when she was young kids was I go okay. so-and-so hotel is booked. Check in time this time checkout times by. Go in, Take Your Bible a notebook of couple of books and. Get away from the kids, and that's a huge so knowing your husband and wife nine what they need. Right a motorcycle, but what I do is ride to work in back, and it's kind of a long way, and that's kind of my therapy, and I feel great afterwards. It's having those those things that. Can Combine your brain down or or wakes you up if that's what you need. So you're back in the states in Salem Oregon job got a house. You're in a good church. You're back in your home church. We remember before we got on the call. You mentioned, but ministry has been something your heart desires. You know. Tell me a little more about. Yeah I. Think. Both of us how story of when we were young? Teens. How got really tolliver lives in our relations? Him became real. And so since that time, we both really had heart for Youth Ministry we were doing of ministry before we went to Latvia and we just naturally collect people in nature. Just people are drawn to. Eleven Actually our last year we had a nineteen year old with us, and it was just like the most life you paying for both the setting. That was even in the midst of all this craziness. Snow exists. Nice. We love being able to be. Works. To Mentor. Into Guide young people towards truth, especially knowing that in that period of time. Sometimes are not listening to their parents. They should, but they can hear differently sometimes from. Other adults losses. And of course in Latvia, there were positive role models really anywhere. That was a real knocking. Yes of here. We have some opportunities if and when churches physically open. To be involved in some probably the college ministry. But. It's been interesting during that time. How God has called us just to reach. Yeah. So. Is the lake, even being able to. Meet some of our neighbors around Yep. That's been really nice like. People are more open to. Being out like not out out Blake Hey, consume Miami Street. He walks to even walk. Sir more open to chatting and so we've just been. Godsend of being able to. Reconnect Numerous so great. It's going to need to see. 'cause even got two young kids and. I don't know if more on the way or not, but. Your Ministry and where God leads you for work, or if he turns the work into ministry year The all those unknowns, but you're gonNA journey that together. Like To? Create something beautiful together. I don't. I would not be where I'm at. If it wasn't for my wife, she's just been credible. And it's weird to look back and see how I was even like the kind of girl I was attracted to was so different than she is. And I. I was so dumb. Fun to see that God really knew what I needed and. Just how beautiful that is and then the three kids and. Your ministry there is raising those to your two kids to. Love him to. Have a heart for Christ and others and. Live in a dark time when it comes to a Lotta anger and hate and. so so sad. Now it'll be interesting how. Lucas. We're living in Latvia. Thank. You would constantly ask different people like like. We're giving somebody a ride to either you. Or just whatever like you'd ask like us? Say quietly Do Jesus I love, God. Well? Why don't you ask them? Love it and so it'll be interesting to see. How if in how that develops now? Being back and be like if you if he is still inquisitive about different people that we invite into our lives of my son. One time, my middle son was in a tree. And also he realized one of his friends that he played with the street like just around. The neighborhood didn't know Jesus and he was like in the tree. Camera the kid's name. He was like Jeff. Do you know Jesus? You need to know Jesus. Like. That's not the best way to do that. Until you. But the heart. Oh please don't lose that heart i. just read it, Yeah. So so important. And so I remember again one of the things that drew me to to you Mary to to get on. This was the. Again that story of of transformation that you shared on facebook and just your. Urine, different place physically health mental health just. As a whole and that's just beautiful I love that I just. To me. Marriage is one of the most central pieces of who we are if married. And it impacts everything. But then it has that impact on mental health physical health, and then it's vice versa like we've talked about just the way that's all integrated. And then the spiritual health as well. The Community, Arc community actually ironically is we home school? So that's our home school community, and then we have voice scouts in American heritage girls. Never would have guessed that those would be 'cause. You mentioned being that role model for people. That voice when they won't listen to their parents. None of us really wanNA listen our parents as teenager. So, even the best of the best of US need other people around our kids that we kinda vet. that. We've chosen. And, obviously I would want mine around. You guys because that would be a good influence on them. We need more people like you guys in. Others that are struggling that are hurting. I've heard of a couple of suicides recently in the area. Just from this I think teenagers. It's heartbreaking. But any lasting you want to say and share. Does we kind of wrap. My desires that by being vulnerable about my story in the things that I don't. Love to share about that other people would find hope in that. That's really the that I share about melted hall. And aware of the fact that not everyone. You don't always know what people are dealing with right? And so I have some great conversations with people who are looking for help or maybe at a low point. Spy being open with my story. So, that's a big encouragement to me and it kind of motivates need to share. You know whether or not by specific journey to help his what theirs is. It still opens the door to have this genuine conversations. And Alabama that's. been by her along with ministry and. That's an avenue. And one of the things it'll be in the show. Notes is a link to your plexus. Rican order stuff like that the pink drink. Like that. So we'll put that in the show notes. make sure that that gets shared as well. because that saying that actually ends up also supporting you helping you. because that's something that's changed your life, which is so great I love that. Now! What about you tim? Singing about it Regard Mental Health is just being aware of the thing that helps fill your soul. With an reminding him for who you are in Christ I know for me. Since, the weather has been nicer while give or take. To ride my bike to work. On Greenwich like a Three Mile Bike ride, but even just there in back just having that time to where I'm not in a car. Yup, they kind of. Breathe fresher air, just kind of have that time and being like okay. Kind of Declutter, my brain and just enjoy God's presence while I'm writing his nature so. Finding that for who like you like? What is that thing that really? Helps you reconnect with God even dark times. Now relationships kind of people you put around you. The activities like riding your bike. The people you around the job you do take the kind of job. There can be really toxic people. Not at Ted, ferry I know that. We really toxic people in that destroys. People destroys us. Seventy percent of Americans hate their job like that's so depressing. Yes, vote to level. You do, but to think of your kids. Your kids are GonNa Change so fast. How to keep up, which is a fun journey. We WanNA restraint ring ring our kids next half the time yet. Couldn't be prouder of the kind of people they are. They're harsh. They have towards others and. Now, and then you also struggle in wonder sometimes and. That journey doing that in community so having that I hope you guys continue to to build that because I know you're also fairly new in the area, so. Important. I know my wife when we were in Georgia she reached out to our pastures, wife and said I need a mentor. And the wife connected with an older missionary lady sixties, who was just a life giver? To See, she ended up in Community Bible study and she's been a part of that for what twelve thirteen years now. where it was a group of women. some of them are actually over. Half of them had been married over fifty years. In to see the them in destined Kelly, my wife. That's invaluable. And I see for men, too. Many men don't have people like that in their life. So being able to really be intentional putting in your life that can build you up support. You encourage you kick in the tail. We need those men in our life, and some of us are quite stubborn as guys. which puts the burden on the wife? So. I'm excited to see what you guys do and. Thank you for coming on the podcast and again the. Mare your plexus. Link will be in the show notes and. Four to hearing good things from you guys and feature. Thanks for coming on. For having us. Thank you. Tuning into the family features podcast. It has been an honor to serve find out more about Dr Gilbert and his resources for you and your family's growth and success at healing lives dot com, and if you think you could use some support along the way, be sure to book that call at Book Dr G Dot Com and one more thing. If you found this helpful, please share this podcast with others so that we can change the world together.

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