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Support for this podcast and the following message come from Google from Connecticut to California from Mississippi to Minnesota millions of businesses are using Google tools to grow online. Learn how Google is supporting businesses in your state at Google dot com slash economic impact. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Klein American manufacturers are welcoming President Trump's announcement that he's lifting tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Mexico and Canada. So as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is Dan carpenter reports. Trudeau says the tariffs twenty-five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum were major barrier to moving forward with the new North American Free trade deal. Now that they've been lifted the two governments can set a timeline for ratification of that deal, Washington, and Ottawa will lift tariffs and Canada's countermeasures, within forty eight hours and end all litigation before the WTO Canada's foreign minister today said Ottawa will move quickly to ratify the new pact, the future of the Trump administration's plan to use Pentagon funds to pay for a border wall is now in the hands of a federal judge in California, as Lilly Jamali of member station. K. Q. E. D. Reports attorneys presented their final arguments yesterday U S District, judge Haywood Gilliam heard arguments Friday about whether President Trump was justified when he declared a national emergency to secure funds for border wall, construction twenty states led by California and the ACLU say the president unlawfully bypassed congress, which controls the federal purse, strings ACLU attorney drawer, lauding, our clients are already experiencing a reparable harm border communities. Don't have a choice to just sit around and wait while the government holds us over their head Trump administration lawyers say the states and the ACO you are trying to stop what amounts to little more than an accounting transfer within the department of defense. Judge Gilliam is expected to rule next week for NPR news. I'm lily Jamali in Oakland, Iran's foreign minister says Tehran is not seeking war with the US as tensions escalate, President Trump accuses Iran of threatening US interests and is increasing the US military presence in the. Jn adding new sanctions in Australia. The ruling conservative coalition has prevailed in an election that prime minister Scott Morrison calls a miracle, as NPR's Julie McCarthy reports polls had indicated the centre-left labour party was likely to win the labor party's leadership is under criticism for running would commentators called a campaign of class division. They say Australia's middle-class was worried about its jobs taxes in house prices and rejected Labor's drive for higher taxes for stronger social programs, and it's aggressive policies to combat climate change. Although more than sixty percent of voters identified climate change is the critical threat facing Australia voters in the country's mining regions appear to have rejected. Labor's green push the conservative ruling, coalition's victory was not resounding. However, it's poised to form a government that is barely a majority, Julie McCarthy NPR news. This is NPR. Austria's vice-chancellor has resigned amid a corruption scandal. NPR's an enormous Kevin reports video has surfaced that appears to show him offering government contracts in exchange for political support, a video film secretly on the Spanish island visa shortly before Austria's election in two thousand seventeen shows Hines Cassange speaking to a woman posing as a Russian investor. He appears to offer her lucrative contracts in exchange for assistance with his party's media campaign. The woman also offers to buy fifty percent stake in Austria's colon inside them to use the newspaper to support his far-right party. Mrs tahoe's parties, first leader was a former as, as officer told media outlets did while he apologized for what he called drunken behaviour portrayed in the film. He had been a victim of illegal entrapment, Austrian chancellor, Sebastian Coe under opposition pressure to hold new elections. For NPR news. I'm on on our sketch on villain. A debate over gun rights is heating up in switz-. Saarland voters, go to the polls tomorrow to decide whether to tighten gun laws in order to align with e you regulations. A high school coach in Portland, Oregon is being hailed for stopping a school shooting yesterday. An eighteen year old student brandished a shotgun in a classroom at park rose high school but was tackled by a coach Keenan low before anyone got hurt. The suspect is in custody on suspicion of possessing a firearm in a public building attempting to shoot a gun at a school and reckless endangerment. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.

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