GSMC Soccer Podcast Episode 172: Worst Premier League Game of the Season?!


I want to know the latest and soccer. Then listened to the golden state media concept's soccer podcast m l. s. is the world the premier league. We've got you covered. The latest update hottest matches news on the league's top players. It's the golden state media concept soccer. Podcast a listen. Thank you for tuning into the gmc. Soccer podcast brought to you by the gmc podcast network. I'm your host steven melendez. And i'm going to be bringing you the latest and greatest and soccer news from around the world. Welcome back everyone to your favorite soccer. Podcast i am happy to be here with you guys again We finally finally have the group stages ending of our european competitions. We also have seen some Dud week of domestic weekend that we had it was pretty. It was pretty doll. Not gonna lie but we're gonna be getting into of that today So let's just talk about what's going to be discussing today show with the first part of the show. We're gonna be talking about the champions league wednesday matchups and then of course i'm going to be talking about the draw for the knockout rounds coming up seeing which teams are in pot one two and you know what interesting matchup leaking get in the knockout rounds in the second part of the show. We're gonna be talking about the manchester darby dud inc as well as all of the premier league match ups. That happened this past weekend which honestly my opinion were. All pretty duds but You know we're going to be getting into all of them and seeing. You know exactly what happened this week in the third part of the show. Where and we're talking about the you broke the league. Same thing with those groups stage With that group stage coming to an end we're gonna be talking about all the match ups that occurred which teams got into that final Into the round of thirty two in which teams you know failed to make it there and then of course we're gonna be talking about which teams are the favorites to come out on top and punch their ticket into the champions league for next season and less we're i'm gonna be skipping. The fi fa world rankings. Top ten this week. And i'm going to be talking about just the top ten teams remaining in the champions league. If you guys have been listening a couple of weeks back. I mean actually. It's probably but cup like a month or two back. That i i did an episode where it said which teams i believed had the best chance of winning the champions league so i'm going to be reviewing you know which teams i talked about and then giving my like a refresh top ten after what happened in the group stage of which teams i believe are going to be making it Or at least which are the top ten teams in the champions league so far. So let's get right into today's show with the champions league wednesday matchups Starting with ps g. versus istanbul-based. Sexy here and as you guys should all know if you know unless you've been living under a rock. This game got cancelled their. I guess delayed because of the some racial slurs were uttered by one of the officials in the on tuesday and the players. That don't wanna keep playing so they walked off. I believe it was like twelve minutes into the game sold. The they canceled the game at least four tuesday and they postponed it for us wednesday and they played it from you know the time that they let it off and they continued to play and i i honestly i mean going into this game was no longer. I guess i would say nervous because obviously we know manchester united failed to draw against rb lives. Chicken give themselves a chance to get into the knockout rounds and for psg now all came down to can they make it. Can they leave the group or will they do have draw or lose to is then bull and you know be second rounders and being popped to which honestly it still matters because if you're in pot to you're you're most likely going up against one of the top teams in the competition in the round of sixteen of the knockout rounds and honestly as psg fan. I would not want that to happen. Because i i just i wanna make it far. I understand you want you need to be challenged because eventually it's going to happen. But in my opinion i just wanted us to you know. Get a little you know. Maybe not an easy matchup. A not a bioern. You know a liverpool man city. Give me possibly about lantau. Take borussia moenchengladbach. Who knows but we'll get into what teams are in which pot you know later on in this segment but for now let's talk about this game and and psg absolutely dominated this one. I mean they had nearly seventy percent possession. They had twice as many shots. They had nine shots on target. And i'll tell you what this was the game where you saw neymar and mim bobby absolutely dominy. The competition i understand is them bull there. The you know the turkey team the turkish team. They're they're the worst in this group and they haven't been playing that well. I usually i give a little bit of credit to those lower teams that even though they're losing. I didn't really feel like assembled. Had any sort of momentum in any game i know they defeated manchester united once. And that's where they got their own. I believe their only points of this competition. If i'm not mistaken. Yeah they have five losses aside from that negative eleven goal differential not the worst but Pretty close to that so Yeah they just never seem to have any sort of momentum in this group they were obviously out from from a chance in the europa league for a while because they were putting a group with rb leipzig in manchester united and of course. Psg so it was the the hopes for them. Were slight even when this. This competition started and obviously this is kinda like that nail in the coffin or just for them to know that. It's that this champions league competitions too far away from them But they're obviously still really good team but they just couldn't couldn't put together but you get hatrick from neymar you get two goals from imbaba. His first two of the champions league campaign Incredible even say that but it's because he actually just got the he was a young. He became the youngest player to reach. Twenty champions league goals Ever in the history passing lionel messi by believe about a year. If i'm not mistaken. I remember seeing that on bleacher report but I mean it was. It was a big time game. Or you know the psg kinda like solidifying themselves as a top team which you know when you go up against these teams gamble you need to dominate. And they did. Just that. And i was extremely happy to see it Because i'm confident man. I mean after after those fewer league games where we lost the manchester united. We lost our be live. Schick it didn't it didn't look good. I was to say the least. I was a little scared. I wasn't sure if we if we had it If if that earth funeral that final appearance was a fluke but after winning the last three games of the competition. All against rb leipzig. We beat man united and and of course obviously now istanbul. I feel good against any team that we go up against in the knockout rounds. Because we got anymore. Mim bobby and now there's talks about them possibly wanting to resign with us and i mean obviously it helps with this whole pandemic because a lot of teams have lost financially. But i don't care. I'll take it. I'll take a win wherever we can take it in. And he s year winning big time lately Next game we have up alonzo verses imax with atlanta. Getting the win one two zero. I saw it happening this way. I thought there was actually going to be more goals. I mean of course got a laptop. I ask to the best offensive teams in this competition so far and i thought ended up coming out on top. It was just. I was leaning towards that a lot before. I was previewing this game. Because i just felt like they had more. At least they've been to the to the you know this group specifically because they pretty much came back with the exact same group from last season as experienced the losses the they've gone through the knockout round so that they gained a lot more experience and you know they brought out all of all the big guns they had Saporta they had goal scenes. Surprisingly they didn't have a was it. Bubble gomez in this game or illicit which is extremely surprising. Considering that this was if they lost this game or i believe you have. It had to be a loss. They were been out of the of the champions league they would about. They were to drop down to the To the europa league and that would have that would really hurt and while i actually brought out all their best players they got. They had todd out there glossing. They had Tug the fico own. Nana they added a lot of really good players out there but In the end came out on top and and really it just goes to show that they have more like a better team in the room. In the in the midfield certainly helped christina a back line is obviously know extremely good but it was lewis moody moody hill totally butchered his name but it was lewis moody the colombian striker off the bench. Who scored for a belinda. As he's done ever since he's come to the squad like he's he's honestly the best bench player in the entire world. I don't care what anybody says. i understand. That's you know that that's a big time thing to say. But after he scored in almost twenty goals last season off like primarily off the bench he just continues to show. That doesn't matter when you put him in. He's going to impact the game. You know offensively night in night out and just did it again for the lanta and sends them into the knockout rounds. Huge huge game for him. And you know big time win for the of for them to go into the knockout rounds next we have buy in munich versus lokomotiv moscow and munich casually. Win this game to nothing to have five wins in six games in the group stage. And like i was expecting Before this group even started byron munich. We're gonna absolutely dominate Honestly i could have easily seen six wins in six matches but they got a draw against athletico which will have been one of the better teams in this entire year even though they didn't show it too much in the champions league did go through of course onto the knockout rounds which will get into their game later but Yeah barring me just dominated this game and they want to nothing. They got a goal from and another one from trooper. Molting which. I always hurts me to see. I love jubal so not really. It hurts me. Because i feel like the she could've kept them. He's such a great striker. He worked so hard for his teams and and he. Just he's doing the same for byron munich in this game. of course they weren't gonna play all of their top players because they had to have to worry about you. Know saving guys like lewandowski's tv. I don't even think they put. Yeah didn't even kim making a fossil davies. Got some looks because he hasn't been playing that much all season. I believe he's been dealing with was an injury issues but regardless by munich. Take care of business. They are lead. The group lokomotiv moscow had a chance if they would have Gotten a draw here or a win. I believe they needed to get They would have been able to get into the europa league but your byron munich market. A let any team. Just you know go with these and of course there was it. There haven't lost the game or the hit yeah. They haven't lost a game in the champions league in a long time because even though their winning streak ended at thirteen. I believe which is just ridiculous in the champions league. No less they do continue to. I mean just not loose. Because they've at least drawn or won a game in. At least i don't i don't wanna say a number because i don't know the exact number. Maybe they'll they'll show it here But i don't think they will. And i don't know they. They won't give me that that crazy stat but i'm sure it is very high But yeah barring munich win get three points move onto the knockout rounds next we have real madrid vs mooching gladbach who Honestly it wasn't guaranteed that they were gonna make it into the knockout round. They needed to take care of business. And they did just that Dominating borussia moenchengladbach. Who have been wrong. Most of this group stage earl through pretty much throughout the entire group stage marching brecca. Been like the best team i know. Most of their goals came against shakhtar. Don't ask just could not solve boom his team at all. I mean losing. What was i think it was like ten one or ten zero on aggregate between the two games but gathers this game real madrid thoroughly dominated them defensively. I mean a marching gaborik. Only had one shot on target all game and we were doing pretty well offensively as one. They had two goals in this game. Both from careen benza. Early in the first half which not surprising me. He's their talented striker. He's the man that's gonna get for them and he did just that he he scored and got them into the knockout rounds and then out in the lead the group i mean there was times that they were third or i believe even even last in this group is he was looking really bleak. I'm sure i've talked about this plane time. I live with a real madrid fan. And man he is he gets. He got depressed when when it was getting really bad for them When they when they lost a shack tar don't ask for. I believe second time when they've lost when they lost a motion gladbach and he just he couldn't believe it and he just felt like this was like the era was coming to an end but real madrid saved themselves. Get the lead the group even if it is just barely doesn't matter they get the leading the group. They're starting to play a little bit better. Even though in the in the league. I it's it's still. It's still a work in progress there but They won three of their last. Four games in the champions league are looking very good heading into the knockout rounds. Next we have athletico madrid defeating rbis ellsberg to nothing and this was a game where rb southward had a huge opportunity to upset ethical and make it into the champions league I'm not sure when was the last time they made it there. Because i do not remember rb. Berg being in the champions league knockout rounds for a long time so that would have been a huge accomplishment for their club but the quality of athletic madrid is just too much. I mean they got a goal from hermosillo in the first half and then yanni roscoe who him coming back into this team certainly helps them offensively as well after spent a year in the chinese league. it's just overall this team. Was you know a lot. Better even though rb salzburg's certainly had way more shots at eighteen shots compared to act. Let the go seven however only two of those eighteen shots were on target so it was solid. Were certainly getting opportunities. They just weren't being efficient them weren't really making any sort of weren't making block really work and at the goal of their best players at luis. Suarez out there. Jau felix owl laurenti carrasco. Lula goal score And they just were the better team. It's just the way it is and rb salzburg. Despite you know putting their best efforts out here and and really looking like they had a chance. It's just. They couldn't get the the goals they couldn't get the shot you know they. They just didn't bring their shooting boots. Unfortunately in had only two of their eighteen shots on target and had more possession. They're passing was better. It just wasn't their night in athletic. Just barely make it into the knockout rounds. Because i mean if they would have lost this game. I mean it it would have been. It would look extreme. It would have been really really bad. And after losing that first game to bar munich terribly. They were able to not lose a single game since then to draw two wins. Three draws just gets them enough to move on to the knockout rounds But they need to do a lot better moving forward if they want any chance to win the champions league next. We have manchester city versus marseille. And like i expected there was just no way meant marseille. We're going to be able to put in any sort of effort or Just weren't going to get anything good to really get any point against manchester city marseille. The way they've been playing throughout this entire group stage you know has been terrible. I mean the the worst offense in the entire competition as they've only score was it two goals the entire. I mean we'll be much better but marseille negative eleven goal differential because they just and those two goals only came in the last game against. I believe it was olympia. Coz and even with olympia losing their last five games. They lost all five of their last games. Including that want to marseille. They still digesting off to get past marseille. And have i believe it was because of their Away gold you know like the they got. They got ahead an away goals by our marseille and marseille needed to get at least a draw here and it was just not gonna happen to me nancy. You're just way too good touris- sergio guero and even though gonzales got an own goal late in the game Just to kind of sum up the way marseille were playing this champions league And man city pretty much went out with their with their team. I mean they didn't. They will fill folding zack. Stephan started at goalkeeper. Nathan act started at the left back position. it's just they just bernardo bernardo silva played. They just didn't have any of their top players. Gabriel zeus Rested same thing with kevin the brewing jog selo It just wasn't a game. That matt city were even trying to win because it didn't matter even if they would've lost the team they still would have had the lead leading the group but even with that man city have way too much talent For marsa really hang with and they move on to the knockout rounds and convincingly that even though honestly out of every team they have the easiest group so if they wouldn't have gone through it would have been an absolute catastrophe for man city in that project. They got going on there so they move on to the knockout round next. We have inter milan versus shack tar. Don't ask and i'm telling you the opportunity to right. All the wrongs that had happened early on in this competition were there for inter milan. They could have scored. The goal gotten through to the knockout rounds and had a fresh start. I mean they had twenty shots to shack are seven. They had more possession and more shots on target. Even though it was only four of the twenty shots were on target shack to only have three and they still couldn't get the goal could drew with shack tar and that's the end of inter milan's european competition because they don't even get into the europa league. I just this is like beyond insane to even think about. Because i had inter milan which we'll talk about later but i'm just going to say i had them as my tenth best team to to win the champions league this season and they don't even qualify for the europa league. Like what is the. They're making me look bad out here. It's ridiculous and the it's a zero zero draw when your european competition lives are on the line. It's just it says a lot about the club and honestly don't this job is hanging by a thread. I do not see how he lasts the rest of the season. Especially when you look at it. I mean yeah. The third and insignia. So i mean at least. They're doing good there. They won three in a row. But it's just my god like you crash out of the champions league don't even make it to the europa league kinda makes feel a little bit like how lots you'll did in the europa league group stage but it's just like after inter milan did last year. How they played all the way to the europa league. Final got second and said ali chest behind juventus. And they do this. It's just it's terrible and they honestly deserved to not be in the europa league because they did not play anywhere near their level of quality throughout this entire group stage and last in the group stage we have porto versus olympiakos. And even with the loss bianco. So we're able to get through even though they probably would have liked to get a result here to to assure themselves a spot in the europa league they didn't really needed but you know still poor till dominate them to nothing make it look easy. What was what was the. i mean. they didn't even have that much possession but olympiakos had one shot on target. I it was kinda doug game but still porto got a penalty in the first ten minutes scored an extra goal in the seventy seven. Th minute olympiakos getting a red card from Rueben tomato just kind of adds onto the trouble for them but they are off to the europa league and are looking good but just quickly. let's talk about Which teams are in pot one which are in pot. Two you got byron munich. Real madrid manchester city liverpool chelsea borussia dortmund juventus and psg and pop one one pot to we got athletico braschi marching gladbach. Porto ab- said via lots ceo barcelona and live schick in pot. Two now i'll tell you what i think that comes to mind. How impressive it is. That the Bundesliga have four teams still in this competition. I mean even premier league have manchester city liverpool chelsea. So they have three ryan getting missing a team. Now they have three you got lots. Co was lots lanka to do. So even they have three but wounds league have the most teams still left in this competition And it's just it's very impressive. I i to say the least But yeah that's we have some pretty interesting match ups that we can see. I mean he has g possibly getting drawn against barcelona would be incredible athletico. Even though i wouldn't want to see it. I'm telling you wait kid. Let me get those teams in the in the round of in the quarter-finals first round. Let's start off easy. Let's get porto or or let's get sylvia even though i'm not going to I'm not going to be thinking. Any less of sivy. After what i saw against from minimum in the europa league saint lot ceo. Just don't give me barcelona athletico. I don't wanna see. Just let's wait until quarterfinals up for this segment. Make sure you guys stick around. Because when i come back we're gonna be talking about the premier league dud of a week and that we just got And see what's going on over there. 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And of course some of the premier league match ups that we also had a you know we also have a couple of going on on sunday. Jazz might have already watched by the time you listen to me but Let's just get into what we saw this weekend. Which honestly were a lot of duds. There wasn't a lot going on. But let's first start off with that manchester derby between manchester united and manchester city. Where we saw this tvs two teams that at the time. You're expecting. I mean the the two of the best teams at least quality wise. You're expecting these are the two of the best teams in the entire premier league So you're expecting a very exciting match back and forth. You know both teams giving it their all but will we got was just disorganization. I mean no togetherness from either team. In my opinion. I mean like the first half was a lot of manchester city. Second half was a lot of manchester united. I might have forgotten about the other way but man this. That's just how bad this game was. It was something it was easy to forget. And i don't remember the exact number of that that they had said. But it's like the it was somewhere around like the eighty third Match that ends the eighty like the eighty rematch streak of Goals being in of having goals in manchester derby. Just a goal is dry. It's it's the worst i've ever said. It's the worst result you can have in soccer not something that you would ever want to see and i mean it's not like these two teams didn't play like their their best players. I'm going to go through the lineup for you. Guys real quick manchester united had really the usual starting lineup. I mean actually amin. There were a couple of people that weren't there. Marcio wasn't there Who else i mean. Edison cavani you've been seeing a lot lately. Isn't there But you still got dav dea. Who has been out for a little bit. But he's finally back Had luke shaw harry. Maguire victim that often aaron one asaka in the back line. You have fred. Mix scott me tommy. Kind of like the holding midfielders and then up top. You have paul pogba for some reason. He was on the left but throughout the game. You see pop complain a lot of different areas. But it's just with the whole like issues happening with him and his agent and and him saying he doesn't want to be there and like i it's been going on for a long time but it's just really ramped up him being in the starting lineup. I feel like you always got a. What is it like a greer like you always want your manager to know what he's doing but it's just a it's you know with them crashing out of the champions league. The pressure is as high as it's ever been on ole gunnar social are and i mean. Yeah so us. Paul pogba on the left made you got bruno fernandes. Isn't that number ten spot. You got mason greenwood right and of course marcus rash from has been probably the best player so far this in the early parts of the season playing that number nine position so i mean i usually prefer i mean. Of course i think i believe marshalls injured. Or he's on the cove list or something like that but usually they'd use him up top. You'd have marcus rash from the left. Obviously bruno fernandez always in that ten spot and mason greenwood on the right. Even though i prefer edison cavani. I believe he you know he's much better overall for like the team. They go with this lineup. Here and pull out papua's still an extremely good player. He's gonna go wherever he goes. Go to top club. Either and believe he's linked to row madrid or juventus. So i mean obviously he still has incredible talent. So it's no it's like it's bad but on the main city side. It's kind the same thing. They kind of all of their best players yet. Joking. selo ruben. diaz johnstone's who have been a great a center back duo there for them kyle walker to finish up that back. Line of course. Edison between the sticks. And then you have the fernandina as the holding midfielders and then front four of gabriel in the number nine spot yet riyadh martinez on the lead on the right ryan sterling on the left and then of course be best player on the team kevin de bruin in that number ten spot so you had all the top players. I mean the amount of quality that. I just talk to you guys about like that. I just mentioned to you. Is you know any team in the premier league. I mean any team. Because i mean there are some teams that are clearly better than these clubs right and she's like it just. It boggles my mind that this amount of talent can put up the kind of performance that we saw this past weekend. I mean it's it was terrible. I mean there were some opportunities for manchester united. I mean they had that one on one chance in the box were look. They got the penalty. It was like a toe tap. Really i believe it was ruben diaz who who hit marcus rash for'de but it was just like such a light tap of the timing. I'm sure like in real time. You know it looked really quick and probably hurt. But that's such a week penalty Luckily it did not go through because there was a An offside Barker's marcus rochford was just slightly. Offside before that so. Luckily that penalty wasn't rewarded. Because it was so weak i feel like it would have been such a terrible way for that this game to end or this in because that would that would have been the only goal in this game and it's just it's just a lady because i mean man city had some opportunities. They just mentioned that. I was able to get ahead of those shots and and stop them from really putting up anything but all in all both the seems had two shots on target eleven shops to on target for many united nine shots to on target for man city. It was just. It was just such a doll freaking making game. I mean i don't really know what else to say about. It was there was just nothing going on. I mean manchester city and continue to have clean sheets. What is it. They've kept three consecutive clean sheets against or at least manchester. United have kept three consecutive clean sheets against man city in all competitions for the first time since nineteen ninety-five. I guess that's one good thing to look at it for manchester united in but the thing is man city a failed to score in two consecutive away games for the first time since twenty seventeen. So it's just like their life. Both these teams seem like a shell of themselves. It's like even with them. You know they still have a game in hand. But their eighth and ninth premier league. I mean if this game certainly looked like they were playing like a mid table team at. There's no reason for me to feel like the way they played in these games. They should be any higher than they are right now. A look at some of the teams ahead of them. I mean everton strip for sure the way they're playing early on this season you know they have that early lead and they've kind of faltered a little bit. They got two losses and a draw in their last three games. So they've off obviously dropped some points there. But i mean you look southampton. I mean. they've been playing extremely well. Three wins and a draw a loss in the last five games playing really well and west ham. Four wins in their last five games. It's just incredible what they've been doing. And of course. Leicester city chelsea liverpool tottenham. You're talking about some of the better teams in the premier league is just but like i. There's just no reason that. I feel like manchester united man city should be in the. I mean the top five like really like it. It's it's really bad. it's really really bad and manchester. United only the goal differential dominating the competition nineteen goals for Seventeen allowed for manchester united for a plus two gold of french and fermat city. It's not much better. They've only scored seventeen goals. That that offense that attack that you you know are always talking about like the that. They're one of the better teams in the in terms of attacking tire world. That is brought up so many times about manchester city but the way they're plane so far it's the they're tied with crystal palace leeds united in terms of goals scored and they played the same money games or no united nicely one more game but they played the same running games at crystal palace be played one more game than aston. Villa scored four goals and the same thing for manchester united. I mean the thing is their defense is also playing extremely poor. But you look like you usually see manchester city like amongst the top scoring teams in the world and obviously in the premier league and they are was clearly there less than seven to eight. They're tied for ninth there titled they're tied for tenth the for the tempest often to team in the entire premier league. It's just it's just incredibly poor. Start to the season for manchester city and obviously manchester united as well and even though manchester united have been on a tour starts before this draw winning four straight games or what was it. Four four was a five in the premier league as we have one two three four it was four gives they also they lost to arsenal which i mean that another. That's another thing where it's just like how are snorts bad right now. It's really sad to watch what are like. I was so high on arsenal early on in the season especially with them getting thomas birthday but then it's just it's just been a horde show for them this year and getting getting a balmy yang. You're thinking oh that's what they need they need you know like this type of season. I was expecting from them if they hadn't resigned bombing if he had left and you know they would have been trying to put something together but then getting all the transfer targets that i was expecting them to get like pertain bombing and they even brought in a willion and even with all that they're still playing so bad i know i'm getting off target get just. It's just really really crazy. That they're only seven points away from relegation but either way. i mean. We saw between manchester united and manchester city. It's just. I hope we don't get that at all anymore. Against some of the top clubs because this was the match of the week like hands down because you look at some of the other games. I aston villa. Wolves west ham leeds. United newcastle west. Brom i mean. There's really nothing i mean. We'll ever everton versus chelsea but even that one it was a one victory for everton and that one goal was a penalty because of the one of the one of the only mistakes. Edward mendy has has made so far in his chelsea was debut season and other than that. There was nothing else that either team did. There was a couple. There was one chance that looked like that Everton we're gonna get another penalty. Was it covered. Lewin was called off side But like i mean really this man. This manchester derby was the game of the weekend. And for good reason whenever you think manchester united vs mattress city. You're expecting fireworks are expecting you know even even like physicality. The first yellow card wasn't given until like sixty minutes into the game that makes me feel like there was just no intensity in this game either. I like this game literally had nothing because even if okay fine you're going to be a goalless draw fine like like if you tell me before. I watched his game. Oh this is going to be a goalless draw. I mean my god okay. At least give me a fight here and there. I mean these are two rivals like at least give me at least give me some some elbows ear in their. Gimme a yellow card. Maybe i mean obviously you never want to see a red card. You don't wanna see a player get hurt or anything like that but but but still. Just give me some physicality something. Where i could just be excited with what i'm watching but i'll tell you what the for for both manchester fans like manchester united fans. Immensity fences must have been just like like bleeding of the is just. There was nothing good going either way. Even though man city certainly had a few chances where it looked like they were going to get a goal but man united. We're able to get a block and a nice defensive save here and there it was just it was still just such a boring game to watch because there was just nothing to look forward to absolutely nothing so With that i mean they just you know. They're playing the way they you know like the way that they are like an eighth and ninth place team so terrible terrible game from them however the the aston villa and wolves game was had a little bit more to it Aston villa going through getting the win one. Nothing over the wolves who i mean have just haven't same thing for the wolves they've played they've been playing extremely inconsistent this season. I was expecting them to be battling for european competition spot but but their twelfth place. They've lost three of their last five games including draw in their dropping so many points their defense has been terrible. And the what what's been more like glaring has been how inconsistent their offense has been. I understand they're missing their their talisman striker raul. But it's just like they have so much more talent than just raw wool aiming oriented a great season last year net. Toews good john with daniel was who who else is on their team. I mean i guess any now. Let me to nelson nato. I mean the mistake. He made late in this game to give us in villa on and ten men aston villa side at that a chance at a penalty to take the lead. It's just honestly it just makes me feel like he's in the right spot and he might even drop lower because i mean after that kind of mistake and and it's not like he's been playing that good this season i mean he can get dropped off the starting eleven of the wolves unless they don't have anybody behind them that you know that can really be an option. But it's just. I remember saying when when what is it when davies just made them look like an absolute like youth academy product in that champions league game i said. He ended his career with barcelona there. Now offer who was who was it. Mcginn probably ended tomatoes run as a starting player for wolves in this game because he made them look so silly getting by him and then he broke once wants. The ball gets by like that. You're in the box. Don't try to make up for. You're not going to get the ball. You're just going to get a penalty and you can see it by the look of beatles face after that penalty. He was like what did i just do. Like what is going on to my career. I was in barcelona not even know about a year ago. A year ago i was in barcelona. I was a starting right back for barcelona. What has happened to my career. I mean i'll tell you what it just kind of feels like he doesn't. He's not a smart player because that is not a smart play and and he's just he's not good but i mean the wolves and are not good and even with douglas. Louise getting a red card in the eighty five minute you're thinking okay. I'll look look wolf. Scott an opportunity here to at least maybe take the lead at least. Just get a draw. Get points you know move on. You know because. I simply aren't a bad team this year. They're playing extremely well. They play good together especially in attack you know with mccain greedy leash. They could players top. I mean even was only walk ins has been playing. Good tara douglas. The weeks they have good players of top so so they can score with some of the best of them and like. I said this seat like league literally what i just said when i was talking about manchester city s and villas score twenty one goals in ten games they can score and the wolves literally drop the ball in this game and having a chance to move ahead of aston villa. They didn't do it they didn't do it. They lost this game and allowed us to have a point ahead of them with two games on hand. I it's just it's really dumbfounded for what What the wolves have done this season. But i mean you gotta give it ask them. I mean for for as long as i can remember being a soccer fan and just kind of looking in. I've never really focused on any one team. But at least with advil. I always considered them to be one of the lower teams in the premier league. Kind of trying to fight for relation. Which you know. Maybe they were for a long time. But now now that i'm kind of focusing more on the premier league you kinda see like i can understand why they're one of the more popular teams. It's there they fight really hard they have especially now. They have a solid starring greenish. They're getting good talent around him in mcginn all the walk ins. Douglas lease the. They're they're getting good team. They're getting good players. And i'll tell you what martinez the goalkeeper man. What a game from him. I mean he saved summing some shots that seemed shirt to go in for the wolves but he saved day for our simple in this one and then for the everton chelsea game. I mean this game was kinda felt the same as manchester united versus manchester city. Except in this one. There was a sure penalty. I mean i don't know what edward mendi was doing there. I mean it was a glaring mistake even though it was just just first mistake. It looked really bad. Like why was he going so far up and it just looked really bad but cover and good enough to just get a touch on it you know. Get in the way and you know drawing a penalty in looking through a second penalty. Like i recently talked about but he was offsides jazz by a bit and didn't get that second penalty but he he has been their best player. This season. everton have you know gotten some great editions. And along the koray. Of course hamas rodriguez but the development and of dow dominique calvert. Lewin has been the trademark for everton season. He's obviously their their best offensive player being charleston. Just coming back from that three game. Suspension is obviously going to help as well what he was able to do this game as well to show you know the versatility that this team has to be able to play so many different players but overall this just was also just a very pedestrian game. I mean chelsea kinda didn't do much in this game. I mean they didn't have christian. Listen and even with guys like cavs team verner. All olivier rules been playing so well so for mason mount even and lottery. What man mason. Almost had the goal of the weekend. I don't care what's going to happen tomorrow or whatever today. Whatever time you listening to this. I don't care what's gonna happen this weekend. If mason mount what made that free kick with pickford kinda thinking he was going to go over the wall he goes opposite end and almost hits the bar that would have been the goal the weekend easily because it was such a nice kick in taken free kick it just. It just didn't go his way. But overall i mean this premier league weekend just. I hope we get some better games. You know upcoming we got south. Dancing begins the worst team clearly in this. Season's sheffield united. You know see if they can keep up. What what they've been doing. So far this season you got fulham. Liverpool tottenham crystal palace arsenal. Burnley can arsenal. Somehow you know. Get a win. Can they do something. But i mean we'll we'll just have to wait and see and leicester city brighton. I mean i was so on the high horse of brighton this season and they have just does not done it this year. I was clearly wrong on them. I mean they're only four points off relegation. But i mean yeah it's just lot of relegated teams against teams top. I mean that crystal palace game vs tottenham can be kind of exciting but we'll just have to wait and see. I hope they're way more exciting than what we saw on saturday. So yeah that's going to wrap it up for this segment. Make sure you guys stick around. Because when i come back i'm talking about the europa league group stage and talking about which teams are the favourite to win as were now heading into the knockout rounds. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searched. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football so much more so stop learned around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast. Whatever it may be visit. Www dot gsa mc podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and google play. Dr welcome back. Everyone if you've missed the last segment we talked about the premier league dud will weaken that. We had just told many boring game going on. But still i talked about him. Because of course always covering the premier league here and of course went over that manchester derby that we had that i mean. Can you really call it a manchester derby guys but still we talked about it. And now we're gonna be getting into the rope league group stage recap Talking about some of the final games that went on what the implications were on the groups. Of course just talking about the favorites to win you know talking about some of those teams coming in from the champions league and which teams are in part one and part two as we get into that round of thirty. Two knockout rounds. So let's get going with what went on during match day. Six now out quickly go over. I mean we got leverkusen taking care of business versus slavia prague to take the lead in that group of this game here at the end was going to decide which team was going to be. The you know the top in the group leverkusen. I always followed. They were going to take care of business here better. They're one of the better offencive teams in this entire competition left and they did just that Cska sophia got like a little bit of pride. When here you know just to to get the three points and defeat roma who i mean when when i really look at it they did play some of their good players but i mean for the most part they rested most of their guys because obviously They got to think about Steadier on what they're going to be doing there So this'll be arrested. Most of their top players You didn't see chris chris. Mullin god's sub dean by lopez and really plain and for the most part. i mean. yeah they pretty much sub most of their the the kept most of their players on the bench and see us k. Moscow took care of business. They they got their three points. And you know at least got a little bit of a what is it like. Yeah just just got some pride there so So they get that win standard lesion benfica tiger at a two two draw here and been fica and the blue top spot of the group to the rangers who took care of business versus like polls non as they defeated them two to nothing arsenal complete. Their you know. Just domination of the europa league so far as defeat doomed out to afford a to. I mean it's not like they had a tough group i mean they had mold rapid and ndau all teams that they are obviously much better than they scored twenty goals all their six games. Six i mean they have to do good somewhere right. I mean this is like this is the rest of their season. After what they the way they play in the premier league we talked about in the last segment. This is their whole season here. Thing they have so much writing on this end like this to end in a good way and i mean obviously they took care of business in the group stage but the things could change in the knockout rounds. I mean they do not play. Well win the pressure is on pressure has never been on during this entire group. Stage mean mold yeah. They played well but they lost two and a roaming. Obviously they lost to arsenal and after those losses there was just no threat for arsenal to lose the leading the group. So yeah they take care of business. Here dr win. A single game have negative eleven goal differential while arsenal cruise to a knockout. Rump up. you know appearance Next week got. Ps v taking care of business. The worst team in the group. They win four. Oh and get that lead in the group over nada who drew against by In the final game honestly a little bit. Because i'm always if you listen to me. I'm always a little bit of a root for granada bid. Because i'm always a enjoying the underdog and the teams that don't pay much for you know for their players because they don't have a big budget but still somehow find a way to do well and we're not have done just that but psv get up top four ot win over ac ammonia getting two goals in extra time from joel pineiro and they just screw the off to the knockout rounds next jecha defeating as as e alkmaar and man. What e- just what a way to go out man. I mean easy off mar the the way they were playing all group stage long made me feel like they were going to be the team that out one of real socio outer napoli and they just couldn't hold on two losses and two draws in their last four games just was not enough to give them the points that they needed to move on to the knockout rounds as real sociedad get a draw and just one point ahead of easy achmar. I feel bad for them honestly because they played really well. The defense was solid. Their offense was a little inconsistent but still was was there but they just they needed to take care of business against the worst team in this group a team that has clearly been underneath the other three throughout all the group stage and they get their only win against easy achmar that easy off more a got a red card late in this game for jesper karlsson in the eightieth minute. Rasiah get an extra time goal to get the win. And just rush the hearts of as e outsmart fans everywhere. It's just it's one of those results that you just never wanna see but it just happened to them and and it just it sucks that definitely one of the worst things that can happen there but next had rapid we in and mold tying tutu. It was a pretty fun game to watch. I mean Mold scored early. We rapid we in scored ripe equalized just before the half mold scored right after halftime and then rapid win equalised once again just before the game ended in the ninetieth minute to get the point. Not that it really did anything in terms of Were the place because mold were clearly going into the knockout rounds and we're still just three points ahead of rapidly end so still gotta give a hat your hats off to referee for trying so hard and at least try to make it a competition and they did play a lot better than mold in this game but So they were rewarded for with those efforts with a point but still no longer in the europa league competition Next we have nop elite. No need each verses. Beersheva and niche. Just maybe they were never really in this competition. They were never really in this in this entire group stage in the europa league and and just the they didn't show up for legal at all. I mean three points in six matches the four in a row to end the competition and it was just really bad really really really bad and they lost the other team that that was like at the bottom of the grumman in beer chevron it kind of sucks for beersheva because they started. The group staged great winning their first game. Then they lost four straight after that including two to slavia to to leverkusen but then they were able to beat meech and You know at least get third place a consolation prize. I guess you can say but yeah so these two teams battling for which was the worst in this group and beersheva come on top granada. Zero zero draw against powell. Don't really do much there. i mean they. They had slightly. I mean it was pretty much even possession even passing accuracy. Aiming balk was certainly a lot more aggressive Granada had a few more shots only to on target though so it was kind of a boring game to watch. Not what you want to see from granada. They head into the knockout rounds. And you know with this. Draw there now in pop to so They could get a bad draw n. Be out of this competition early. You have a a one one draw from napoli real sociedad the also get a late late equaliser in extra time from william hosts. Say not sure if that draw help them. Get into the into the knockout rounds. Because i'm not really sure. Let me check What the head to head battle between marin them were it was zero zero draw and also regardless. Russell's you that we're gonna make it through even if they were tied in points because they did defeat as more one oh in terms of aggregate between the two games So really there was no. There was nothing in it for them to to to tie it especially with As more losing but of course if easy but it was it was late in that game. Easy off more. Were able to get lost so there are still a lot writing for. We also see that in this game so so they got a draw to assure themselves a spot into the knockout rounds. Which you know you wanna see wanna see the best competition there and napoleon we also see that are certainly that next. We have young boys and cf are clues witch. I mean you had some late late goals in this one. I mean there was no goal until the eighty four. Th minute when clues Took the lead in the eighty. Four th minute and then two extra-time goals from the young boys giving them a two one lead oversee for clues not that i would have really mattered. I mean both teams were locked into the place that they were at. But still i mean it. It's kind of like a you know it's a good sign for the young boy to see that kind of fighting them as they now. Head into the knockout rounds. 'cause they're certainly going to need it. Going in their next. We have was the next game. We have milan versus sparked prague and milan take care of business. jen's peter hawes their new signing Gets the goal and they they get the one win and this was. I guess this was kind of important because you know they needed to. They got the lead in the group. And they're going to be pot one now so they certainly will get a much favourable. Draw lil on the other hand. Losing to celtic in the last game of this group stage their only loss in this competition not the way they wanted to end it but that is how things go for them and and now after after being one of the best teams in this group pretty much the entire group stage. They are in pot two after losing to celtic and they lost a celtic three. Two two. i mean just not the way they want to go me timothy. Wailua got a goal for lil in this game in the seventy first minute to give them The tie to two. But then david turnbull gets a seventy fifth minute game winner for celtic to give them a three two win and at least give them some sort of consolation prize as they played terribly in this group stage. I mean i was expecting them to be you know. What does it like a contending third-place team for in the in this europa league group stage but they were clearly outclassed by milan lil and also sparked up progress. They were behind them by two points. and they had clearly the worst goal differential negative nine in this entire group stage. Just not what. I expected at all from celtic. Put still what a terrible way for to end this group. Stage run after playing so well early on they get this loss. And i believe if i'm not mistaken. This is their first loss of the entire season. Let me go to league on real quick to see if they have they lost the game no can a little little lost. The game Recently to Who was it. They lost to up to rest all right. So yeah little are certainly not any after the that. Nice start to the season kinda cool down a little bit But still there into the knockout rounds. That's that's what the main goal was early on and and they did accomplish that goal but it still has to sting just a little bit that they are not able to have that lead and be in pot one Next you have hockenheim and gent and hoffman. Heim just continue to look like one of the best offensive teams in this entire competition just completely dominating gent who the all competition long. They haven't looked like You know they'd been in any sort of felt comfortable here. No no momentum for them. They scored only four goals. Allowed fifteen for negative goal differential even losing to liberec. It's just it didn't really work out for them. Zero points in six matches and oftentimes go out on top of this group not losing a single game getting in six games Next we have lou reds losing to last three to one and in this game last pretty much took care of business in the second half Literates took a early lead in the second. Half of the forty six minute goal but then three goals in the matter of eleven minutes for last gets them the win here not that it really matters because even with the wind and the ant were loss they still finished third. even though it's a close third. I mean all three teams in this that scored that got points and it would double digit points so it was certainly You know at the a what does he at. The at the expense of legal reds has got nine six losses nineteen goals scored against them so they certainly did not play. Well at all but tottenham an aunt worthy teams that go through Because tottenham were able to win against antwerp to go in that battle for the top of the top two teams to see which team can get the top spot in the group and no surprise i mean carlos vicious giovanni lo shell to the young ends on that team getting goals for them The did not start song. They did not start harry kane because obviously those guys need to rest since they've been doing so much for them in the premier league But they're still able to take business. I mean had you had a gareth bale signing you saw lucas jauregui. Harry winks dougherty. They had a lot of great players on that team and Even even joe hart gotta gotta gotta start here and there. I mean Yeah so talk that to victory get that lead in the group and are in pot one and looking very good looking like a favorite in this competition so yeah really from tottenham next. We have Mcabe tel aviv. Defeating sivas border. One to nothing really really wouldn't have mattered. Even if for let me see they had eight. Points won't yeah. I guess it would really matter of sivas. Ford had a big time chance to win against macabre tel aviv. And move onto the next round but they lost two games in a row and really not what you wanted to see from them towards the end of this game But still bet. That's what happened and it's just it's i it sucked for them but still mcabe tel aviv. Were the better team throughout the group stage. And they move on You got what you got. Leicester city the feeding Aka athens to nothing for them to take the lead in the group and just by a hair. Because but i got them tie are tied for thirteen points but leicester city defeated them in terms of aggregate scores. They beat them. Four in the third and matchday three tying with them three three in the matchday four so they had some exciting games. Go in there but yes let's city get the leading the group there in pot. One braga defeating victoria luhansk to show and you also got dynamo zagreb defeating. Cska moscow three to one Pretty much taking care of business there and getting the lead in this group after Kind of faltering a little bit early on getting to draws to start this group but then went with four straight wins dominant ending for dinamo zagreb and wolfsburg defeating failure. Nord too you know. I mean either way they were going to have the lead the group but a at least get into the knockout rounds but still good. Wait for them to end this competition. Two straight wins and they are now into the group into the knock around so now we talked about the games. Let's go into the Into the knockout round just see which teams are in each pot and which ones are the favorites we got. I xe was a collusion manchester united shack. Cardona ask falling into for a into pot one from champions league and for pot to we had arbi salzburg class no don olympiakos and was the other team that moved up from olympiakos in karaz. No dr from the going into pop to from the champions league. Now what i go and look at this competition. I mean obviously gotta look at part one does he. Which teams are possibly going to be favorites to to win the whole thing. And it's hard not to go with tottenham. I mean the way they've been playing in the premier league. Obviously you know harry kane and song can be used going into the knockout rounds because you know this. This is a big type. Obviously with them being in the lead in the premier league that's gonna take Priority there but they're obviously going to have to find a way to play these guys in in the knockout rounds because their their best chance at winning. They have so much talent and they certainly can win the whole thing. You also gotta look at manchester united. Even though they crashed out of the champions league they started off extremely. Well have a lotta talent. And i'm sure with the way they've been playing. They have a lot of motivation after losing lash last year in the euro leaving the semi final. They're certainly going to be motivated to try to write. You know this season and ended with a europa league win Also look at ac milan. I i mean they've been playing extremely well instead. He look extremely well in the group stage. Even though they lost to lil They were able to get it back and get that group that group lead and Arm pot one and if they can get a favourable draw. I mean pretty much anything can happen here but but i still see those. Those teams possibly taken the lead in and a team that i think can surprise. Some people i would say is often high. I mean the way they've been able to score and it's not even letting up a lot of goals. I mean it's not like during a really tough group What was it was one of the groups in the bottom. Yeah i mean you know Saverne zvezda liebeck gent. I mean but they only allowed two goals scored seventeen for a plus fifteen goal differential. That's one of the best goal differentials in the entire competition. It's actually is the best. It's tied for the best with arsenal. Obviously both those teams did not play. Well going you know. Obviously the both those teams are not play against really tough competition but still i feel like hoffman. Heim can surprise some people and make it far in this competition. Not sure if they win it but don't be surprised if you see them. Make a surprise. Run in this Europa league i mean arsenal. I don't really see much going on there. i ask. It certainly surprised some people there Sinking with leicester city. If they're able to get some of those guys that have been injured for a while back and napoli in the in the city of op. But we'll just have to wait and see so that's going to wrap it up for this segment. Make sure you guys stick rockers. When i come back we're talking about the top ten teams remaining in the champions league. This is your alternate stop for everything. Sports the golden state media. Concept's wards. podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. Mlb the nba mma. It's all in here. The golden state media concepts sports broadcasts. Listen welcome back everyone. If you missed the last segment we talked about the europa league. Obviously all the games that went down in the matchday six and not just quickly talked about which teams are in each pot you know which teams came down from the champions league in which are the favorites to win the whole thing. I also mentioned the little You know sleeper. That i think might surprise some people so if you wanna check that out make sure to check out that segment but now we're going to be talking about the top ten remaining teams in the champions league and i i want to talk about what teams i talked about in the you know before the group stage even started about which ones i thought. Were going to win the whole champions league so let's see how bad or how right i was so i i had inter milan and obviously i talked about this in the first segment. How wrong i was here. I thought they were even going to lead the group. Overreact madrid even though. I didn't have them as the you know the best. Overreact madrid in terms of. I thought they were going to win. I thought like just the way they were playing last season. And i just thought that we're going to make it through. Obviously i was so so wrong next. Add borussia dortmund. They started off a little slow but they eventually did well and led the group so you know they took care of business there And then next after that. I had barcelona and juventus who. I just didn't have a lot of faith in even though how they have to the best players of all time on their team. I just didn't have a lot of faith that they were going to actually win. The whole thing athletic madrid was next. And i just i was. I was very high honestly. Think of madrid because i felt like their defense was obviously always gonna be there but their offense was going to be even better this season. Kinda didn't show me enough in the In the group stage. But i still feel like they are one of the better teams in this competition. next add p. s. g. And even though i starting off. I was very very Down on them now. I kind of feel like they are still back to being one of the favorites. And then i had real madrid and manchester city next two teams that i mean mattress favourable. Draw didn't really have any You know teams pushing back at them. So i don't really. They haven't really had a challenge. Obviously it's gonna change in the knockout rounds. Can that can finally get over the hump. Not really sure about that. But i still had them as one of the favorites and real madrid. One of the better defenses. Last year they got lucky to lead their group at the end after failing so hard early on but still had had them as one of my favorites and then let the the top two. I had his byron munich and liverpool. Who i mean. They're still to my favorites to win this whole thing. So let's get into. I believe who i believe is going to be in the top. Ten the top ten remaining teams in the champions league and number ten. I have chelsea now. Chelsea were able to lead their group not that they had a very tough group at that. They took on krasnodar lens. Say via after winning the europa league last year did play extremely well in the group. I mean they won four the last five games of the competition and certainly gave chelsea a run for their money. But i just. I love the combination that chelsea have. I don't think they can win it all. I do think they have a chance a slim chance but you know after getting pot one. Maybe we got a favorable matchup gets the momentum going into the quarterfinals but it's just the combination of attack that they have with with now with edward mendy between the sticks they have you know actually and tiago civil starting to get into a rhythm in the back line. I feel like they have a good combination of defense and obviously that great attack. It's all going to ride on christian pulisic. Can he stay healthy and be the number ten that they need him to be if he can chelsea can certainly be a team that surprises people and While i think it's a for it's far fetched to think that the win the whole thing. They can certainly get into the quarter-finals and possibly the semifinal depending on what matchups they get number nine and a half borussia dortmund saint place. I had them in the in the in my first top ten for the champions league a have in number nine and though the win the competent they did win. They did win the group over lot. Zioka la bruges. I kind of like. They started off. Kind of inconsistent. Of course eventually they start you know won four of their last five games and have just but still kind of looking kind of soft in the in the bundesliga. They're dropping points there and just don't know where i'm at with borussia dortmund. They could still be too young. I mean the back line is is kinda of weak. I mean even. Though i like kanji i mean obviously mats. Hummels is is is one of the better centrebacks of his time. It's just. I really don't know i feel like they're still too young even with holland johnson. Show i don't feel like they have enough to to win consistently in the knockout round. So i have him at number nine. They certainly have an abundance of talent. That's why they're there. But i just don't have a lot of faith that they'll be able to get over that hump next number eight. We have barcelona and they've been a mess in the in the in la liga. I mean the the that ending to reduce Certainly did not look good at all. Didn't give me any kind of confidence to to put them any higher on this list and their number eight. I mean the cohesion just is not there. I don't feel like lionel messi really wants to be there i mean obviously. He said he didn't want to be when when the season started. But it's just ama- this. Barcelona team just does not have an. I mean with them being in in pot two. It doesn't really look like there's gonna be a good match for them. I mean they're going to take on tough competition and they're gonna kinda have to figure out there their woes as it goes on luckily for them the they won't have that second leg of the of the round the sixteen until march. They have a lot of time to kind of figure out what's going on but still it doesn't really bode well for barcelona at as they're just not playing well and lollygag beal. No massey is not having that same sort of impact that you've seen from him season in season out so it's just it doesn't look good for them right now. number seven another laliga giant in real madrid. Now what i saw from them in the group stage. There's just absolutely no way. I can endorse them as a top four team like i did before the group stage started. I mean the defense just is not the same. I don't feel as confident with sergio. Rommel's von gossip. mito. I just don't know what it is. I know that they need to save more than a little bit. Not playing every game. He's getting up there in age. Same thing with gross but they need those guys to set the temple in the midfield. I i know venema is their star talisman striker and he certainly what creates most of their offense but they rely on so much youth to create things for them like vanishes junior or three. Go it just. It doesn't feel like it's a sustained. It's a possibility for sustained success for them especially in the knockout round. So i have them at number seven the know still obviously one of the better teams in this competition. I just don't have them and technically with them. Being a number seven of them in the top half of this competition so you so whatever especially since they're in pot one Like draw. Have i mean if they get out our can. I'm i don't know why. I'm drawing on like blanking on this. But i do not remember if they can still get like a someone from their same domestic league. I don't think they can't. They can't get athletico madrid or barcelona. So that's really lucky for them. They have very have a very easy. Draw their them either. Get moenchengladbach porto alana's or they can't even get sivy. Also lots or be logic. I mean obviously probably the worst matchup for them there would be in my opinion atlanta anti feel like they have so much attacking prowess. And it'll be really tough real madrid. Keep up with that but still row madrid one of the better teams in this competition. They come in at number seven at number six. We have juventus now. I feel like the is relying on a lot more youth than i've ever seen before guys like where the Coolest was mckinney. The they got a lot of us on. This team obviously still have some veteran presence. There obviously were in. Although you got quadrille you've got more outta. Who's i mean. He still kind of like you know. He's not super old buddies. Like you know you kind of consider him that already. Aaron ramsey they got their fair share of veterans. I mean maybe if they bring in pago button the january transfer window who knows maybe things changed their. I mean obviously things will change if some of these teams make moves in the january transfer whenever the mention that before i talked about this top ten list. Maybe if there's some big time moves on make another list. Who knows but right. Now i have a number six because i just don't feel like even though with rinaldo in the lineup. There are certainly a much different team. I just feel like their hand. They're dealing with a lot of people that don't have experience in the champions league at all. I mean western mckinney. Played with for shout for you know for most of is professional club career. They never really did anything there. So he doesn't know anything about champions league What is it a key as it doesn't know anything about champions league lasensky. Same thing still great talents. But it's just once it gets to that higher level competition. I feel like they're not going to be as efficient. And i think that's gonna hurt juventus in the long run so i have them at number six jets out just outside the top five now at number five. I have athletico madrid. Yes i have them higher than what. I had them in the beginning in that first. Top ten main reason for that is because i feel like they the have better cohesion as a team. I feel like diego simione as manager. Certainly going to help them over the hump in some situations. Put them in the right spots not to say that for real madrid exempting donaldson and a good manager. But or for it's just like i just feel like he for political only thrives in those You know know. Knock out round situations and i feel like with with the kind of attack that they have. I feel like athletico madrid. I said i said. I feel like so many times in this in this segment but anyway i for athletic madrid. They have such a great combination of attack and defense. In my opinion the best in this competition. It's close with teams like liverpool byron munich. But they just have. It's just can they put it all together in these knockout rounds. Can they find sustained success. Offensively with guys like luis suarez felix. Who i mean are playing extremely well but most can they do it. I if they can i i have no reason to think that at the tacoma d- can't make it to a final. I i really can't there. There's that good. And i mean obviously got one of the best. If not the best goalkeeper in the entire world and john that certainly helps makes you know and and gives you a leg up in most in most competitions and i don't know i just feel like i love to go madrid certainly deserve to be a top five team next at number four. We have manchester city. I really don't know why. I'm putting them this high. I just can't see any of the other teams being considered favorites over them. I i mean like athletico madrid. I feel like if they get manchester city. It would be a tough game. Even though i know. I still think it could be my apologies guys. I'm so tired. Even though athletico madrid i could still see them defeating manchester city. I just don't see them being favorites over them manchester city. The amount of money they got. i'd be just. It's just so much talent on that team i. It's just that they've failed to really make an impact in this competition. You ever ever any like. Since pep guardiola's gotten there i think made it to a semifinal once but since then it's been a lot of quarterfinal exits even at around sixteen exit and it's just like last year against leon was embarrassing so even if they get a favorable matchup you can't really guarantee that they're making it through. It's just. there's so much unknown with manchester city. All that is known his they have so much quality. The up and down the roster. It's just it's hard to really count them out in any given game but at the same time you can't guarantee that they're going to win so that's why they don't go any higher than number four one of the better teams in the world. Obviously the premier league. It's not looking any. It's looking at good for them. So obviously i feel like they'll just be even more motivated to to make things right in. The champions league can cause for them if they are able to win the champions league it doesn't it honestly won't really matter if they don't win the premier league which i mean they're far away from even thinking about that obama they gotta try to get champions league spot but i mean that's the way i'm really if mentioned city are able to win the championship. They won't be thinking about you. Know all we lost in the in the premier league. They'll be perfectly fine. They walked out champions league. When i feel like they can do it at number three. I have p. s. g. yes. I have to spot tire. Now have him as a top three team in the champions league and some you might be saying. I'm very biased. Yes i'm a. I'm a psg fan but it's just hard to ignore the talent of neymar. Mugabe yes a lot of the times. The it's very individualistic. But i feel like the team is playing more together as of late. The edition over our fien hob moist king. The needle barrera certainly is making impact on the squad and making things better last year. They didn't have mark over rt for most of the competition. He's back he's healthy. I know they don't have any cardi either. And that's the one that i thought was going to play a huge part in their success. This season that has not been the case. However he he he will be back for the knockout rounds. I mean i'm hoping he's healthy. Maybe can be used as a sub. Maybe the thing is they have a good replacement. That's why getting moi's keen was so important because if something like this specifically was happening which it is they can bring him in and he has not missed a beat for them he has been in probably the best scoring run of his career so far he loves it in. Psg he's you know as you can tell by the way he speaks and now name more seemed to be more committed to psg at least with the way the reports are looking as of late. So that's only going to help the team. Even more i feel like having someone like a captain like moore kino's is great obviously And ham you know manning that back line the fact that they've been together for so long it's one of the you know the longest tenured backlines. Honestly i know target tiago silva was there for a while but can pembe has been a regular part of that back line for a very long time. And he's he's one of the better centrebacks in the world. Honestly so you the only problem with with this team is what has been the wingbacks argus fullbacks. But i really like florenzie on the right back. I think that that really solves a problem for us. There and the left back day. Or they're using chris our they're using bag but using some different players. I so the really really hasn't been anything solving the left back position. But apparently they're looking at trying to get deli ali from tottenham who hasn't been used at all there and i would be very excited for that so i have. Psg at number three a lot of talent a lot of really good players. Obviously taylor novice between the sticks and they are a top three team. The champions league and number two they have biron. i have fired munich. I still have them behind liverpool. I just i even. Though they dominated their group. I don't feel i don't feel like they're playing. Matt consists in the in the bundesliga even though they are leading their first place. I just don't feel like they're you know being as as they were last season. And you know when you see that sort of weakness. I just feel like a team like liverpool who obviously is number one. Will you know like see. Seek that out. Seek those weaknesses out and it's clearly in the back line and i just feel like you know with with guys like vard What does it feel hernandez. even kim. i don't feel like those fullbacks are good defensively enough to help out that back. Line of guys like soule or hobby martinez or bulletin backline. Aside from sulu is getting pretty old. And i feel like it's going to hurt them in this competition. Of course i could be. I still have them as the second best team so absolutely they can win the whole thing once again but still you know. They're going to have to rely heavily on. The offense of you know low on taos ski. Mueller was a surge. Nab really roy saini gerrad. They're going to have to rely heavily on those guys and especially now that they don't have that regular holding midfielder tiago to really settle things and honestly that could probably be the difference between liverpool environment like being one and two so that's why liverpool now are number one. I mean obviously there one of the better team. They're one of the best teams in the entire world and even after dealing with so many injuries. Early on they're still right. There with tottenham for the lead in the primarily just goes to show the overall depth of this team as well and the fact that they're that they're without virgil van dyke for so long and they've been without what or who else was it. They were out with didn't have saudi-omani for a little bit or or who. I can't seem to remember. It said that they were dealing defending with so many injuries. All season but i still consider liverpool the best team in the entire competition. I just i any game that they're in of course they're going to need to get an all an alley song hasn't been but he just he's back in training. That's going to be a huge huge game changer. For them But overall i just felt like pool are the team to beat in this competition. It should be a no brainer there. especially if they can get for the knockout rounds But the fact that they're in in pot one they they have some leeway they can they can draw. They can draw some of the team even though there is no know they can draw with team so they can also get a team like barcelona athletico madrid. It can get tough for them but if they can get a favourable draw you know. Save them a little bit of time. Before they you know to to be able to get van dyke and get some of those other players you know kind of round out the team that would be beneficial for them and can certainly give a huge boost in winning the champions league once again. So that's going to wrap it up for today's segment. I hope you guys enjoyed you. Know everything i offered you guys today and all the talk we had. I always enjoy it so as always thank you for listening to the mc soccer podcast brought to you by the gmc. Podcast that work. I would like to ask that you. Please remember to subscribe to the show and write a nice review. That really helps us. Also if you can please follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. I really appreciate it. Thank you and have a great night. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts soccer. Podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. Www dot g stem z. Podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud google play just type it s mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. 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