Podcast (9/17/20)


Good. Morning boomer. How are you? Good Morning Jay I you know what? I I wake up this morning at the falling asleep last night around eight thirty because That was the moment I believe that I I realized that you know. I'm not watching Jacob degrom here. You know I was really looking forward to it and by the way Garrett Cole pitch really well, last night is. Too so he's back seems like he's back on track. That's too strong outings back to back now and DJ Lemay US three more hits guys just the hitting machine. You know he he's really amazing but. We've been on poor and walk in these guys on the mets side of things and walk into hell job. Last night you know he came in and. Shut. The door and he and he gave the mets chance to come back and win the ballgame and they did so I don't think they're going anywhere. And they're telling us that it's just a spasm in the hamstring for Jacob degrom I don't know where that comes from or why that happens You know maybe he wasn't getting enough fluids maybe should gotten fluids in between innings or something like that. But I it probably and even Gary said, at last night on the broadcast, it probably takes away the opportunity when a third cy young I just three Rd three runs in an inning sudden you know kind of balloon your Er er a little bit and it goes from the top of the pack to third or fourth or wherever he is now. And it's unfortunate because it only has two more starts and we really needed out and he really needed a personal reasons I. Really Good Start last night and that didn't happen. Yeah and of course, this season will always be looked at differently with this award I think that to back to back cy young awards in real seasons will still be heralded forever if he had three that would have been a nice little thing but I still got a long way to go in his career and let's hope that we even see him in those last two starts because maybe they end up shutting them down because what? The Hell is the point right now at the New York mets quite frankly in my eyes but I'd like to see him healthy because that's really the only thing that you have with them right now to watch is the greatness of Jacob degrom outside of that my attention is elsewhere in sports in New York because we've got the the Yankee team that is doing what they're doing, and we got an opportunity here for the islanders to tie. Up a series tonight as well against Tampa Bay in a game six those things to me right now are capturing my attention a little bit more than this floundering mets team that is gonNA look completely different next year, and then as we look we kind of look forward into the fall, you know obviously, we still have the jets and the giants and the jets are GonNa, Ho San, Francisco without Richard Sherman and most likely without George Kit also. They catch a little bit of a break right there. However, Levian bells out for them. I don't know how much of a loss that really isn't hasn't done much as you've been here and then the giants of course, go on the road to see Chicago bears the thing about the mets that we have to look forward to is new ownership Steve Cohen and what he's going to do, and if he doesn't blow it up and doesn't Clean House. And all these people around him are trying to be his friend and everything else we're gonNA. Get stuck in the same Malays again although I'm sure that brody would like to have on fettered access to as much money as they possibly can. To add as many new free agents team as he possibly could I think the real winner here is going to be whoever the next general manager is if it's brody or if it's Omar Mayo or anybody from the internal aspect of the mets right now or somebody from the outside they're going to be able to go out and spend money. I would imagine that's going to be Steve Cohen's initial foray into this but. They gotta change a manager. They've got to get a real manager and here I was rooting for a Louis Row Haas and you know you never know when you obviously see a guy that is going to command and you know that he's got baseball and his blood and his background and everything else. But the way the mets play baseball the way they look on the field, the way they run the basis, the ray that. Just the whole thing just kind of feels like fell flat on his face this year and they have just made so many stupid mistakes and have lost all. Essence of the fundamentals of the game and you can hear it in Keith size and Ronnie's Here, it every frigging game and that really comes back down to the manager holding people accountable and I just don't know if a young Louis Ross. Who knows these guys? Obviously, a lot of these guys from the minors and everything else can actually impart that part of the game on those players and you remember when Mickey callaway got here first thing he said, we're GonNa love our Pires and I was like, oh. God. You know how this is going to make me ill and we're going to watch how they play baseball and and really even under him they did a lot of the same stupid things they need somebody in here that actually going to. Players accountable and put their finger down on them when they do make a mistake and not be afraid to pull the guy out of a game if if in fact that happens and I know during. A season in any sport, it's a long season and you got to really pick your spots when you are the manager or the head coach. To Make A. Statement and to really get across to your players, what is expected of you and what we are asking you to do, and what we expect you to do, and you know running into outs getting picked off. Balls can't turn double plays. Can't get a key hit the big spot I mean there's been so many. Say Crazy but just things that are unforced errors that the mets have done that go back to the feet of the manager. So I, I don't know I'm Steve Cohen. I'm blowing the whole thing up and I'm starting over and I'm getting legitimate guys in there and I want people that are going to. And I'm not saying these guys don't take their job seriously but have a reputation of being hard asses and that's what I want. Joe Judge is hard as you could say, whatever you want. About his press conferences and all this other crap restarting practice and. Being a serious coach he comes off as a hard ass and I actually, Kinda liked that I kinda like you don't to or manager is like that. That's Berry trots. That's what he comes off as. You know, I think that's what David Quinn comes off as I I really do. Not, really sure about Adam Gates totally because there's been, it's been shrouded in so much. you know we'll chatter around him and everything else, and then of course, Christopher Johnson comes out yesterday and has this glowing. You know retort to all the fans. Let's talk about that. Guess why? Why did he feel the need to do that because I just know that the criticism that he heard and he probably is probably how it went. You know these guys are getting crushed after one game you I hear the stuff by here is Sam the guy hear that Adam Gates isn't GonNa make it through the season like so. I'M GONNA make sure that I go out and I give the owner vote of confidence to comment stuff down. But really that all that does is just continue the conversations that he is hoping to stop because when you throw something out, even if you fully believe it the juice throw the word out brilliant about a head coach at the fan base can't stand then. Going to create more and more negative headlines for the franchise. So to me, there's just zero positive outcome with Christopher Johnson coming out and saying great things about the head coach and the player right now as an owner, you don't need to say any of that stuff I'll say a word I don't know why. But I will say this that you you know John I? Had Our little tit for tat yesterday morning and all that other stuff and it was fine. You know we see things differently because it's only one week into the season and I told Joe Come on back after the season's over, and then we can discuss and we can evaluate everything that's gone on, and then that's when decisions will be made but I do think that. You know for whatever reason Joe does have an extremely extremely. Large following when it comes to his feelings about the jets and one of the things that he set about the jets yesterday morning to US anyway was ownership you know and he talked about Leon has and then he talked about Woody Johnson and then he started talking about Chris Johnson and how. This whole decision making process it's the wrong decision and all that other stuff. So I'm sure a lot of that because of the social media and because of the guys that cover the team and right about the team in the NFL network and everything else that it's blaring in the face of the owner. So I guess Christopher probably felt like he might as well come out there as as quickly as you possibly can and try to put all of this stuff to arrest but I don't necessarily know that he sees it the way that you do that it just it just compounds the problem with. The words that he uses to describe his coach to a fan base who can't stand the coach right? Well, that's the thing that I would hope that you would agree with my side of things on that because you know that that's exactly the way it goes I mean especially when the opinions of the owner from the fan base are what they are as well I I don't know if I was someone who was advising him and he came to me and said I would like to do this. I would like to say these things I think there's a good time to do it. I would. Say Can I just give you my side of the story on this right now and try to explain to him that there's really no point in doing it because everybody is pissed off you still are on the heels of this loss. You got another tough game coming in. This weekend tough team coming in this weekend I. Just nothing is going to satisfy this fan basinger going to like think about a jet fan like take Joe or anybody else you know Fred in Uniondale. So annoying. Right like who is so annoyed team and then like thinking that. Reading the quotes from Christopher Johnson going you know I was really down in his team. But now the Christopher Johnson says that Adam aces brilliant and he believes it Sam Darnold is the guy. I feel so much better about that. Ask kicking that the bills gave us and this season is going to be greatness franchise is GonNa be great you're not gonNA convince these guys. So it's a nice gesture because you like the guys that you hired, you like your quarterback, but it all it does is make us talk about it again today that's all it does right in the same conversation going and going and going. Wow it's like I said Joe. Yes I looked. I'm never going to change your mind and I'm not trying to change your mind. I'm just trying to say it's week one Adam Gates coached seventeen and games for the New York jets, and then you want to look at you know and many jet fans want back to the past and they want to look back at the what they can be I. Guess They Deem Failure Down in Miami meanwhile, he did take his team. To the playoffs with Matt Moore is their quarterback because Ryan tannehill could never stay healthy. Don't you remember the questions about Ryan Tannehill to Adam Gates that he goes I'm sick and tired of talking about that, guy. And the reason for that is because he was talking always about injuries. So I don't know I just my point is, let's just try to be realistic and practical as opposed to over emotional and and just realize that there's a long way to go. It may not end up good and you and I are predicting that it's not going to end up good that it's going to be a tough year for the jets and that's GonNa be a tough year for the giants and fans are going to be disgusted week in and week out. Giant fans were happy because they saw something from Daniel Jones. We all did you don't have to be an expert. You don't have to be you know former quarterback. You just watch it and you can see it that he'll stand in the pocket and he will throw the ball accurately and he will put it on the line and his arm is more than strong enough to make every single throw. In the NFL and his touchdown pass the terrorist Slayton down middle of the field is exactly how you draw it up. You couldn't draw up any better than you couldn't be any more perfect. So you we all saw that, but however, you know the giant fan is going to get sick and tired of watching their team. Not Be able to generate a pass rush. They're going to be sick and tired of watching their team playing man coverage in the red zone and watching opposing team's picked them apart when they get into those situations everybody's GonNa say why are they play man coverage I mean because you know you've got to change things up, you can't just play the same thing over and over and over. So i. mean there's got to be very frustrating days for these football teams moving. Forward as they try to come out of the abyss of losing that they have been stuck in over the last four or five years, it's not going to be an easy process and really for the most part judges here one year Douglas and gays have been here for a year. It's a two year. This'll be their second year, but it's GonNa take time before these teams get any good. That's all there is to it because there's they're all trying to restart their culture. and. Of course, the giants losing more games than any other team in football over the last three years and being embarrassed by that and making changes it with the to judge and really not tolerating anymore I mean, they're gonNA WANNA see results quickly, and there are teams that find ways to either keep the success going or able to rebuild relatively quickly you know and if he had his own cardinals in a situation where I mean my goodness now I don't know how good they'll be this year. They always had a nice week one win and collar. Maury looks like a star and they got the Andrea Hopkins now but they were in a situation where you know. Every year they were competing and they had you know Bruce Arians as the coach and then they sorta fell apart there for a year you know with a coach in a quarterback and a first round draft choice and they screwed it up and they were able to come back the next year with a new coach new quarterback be a really competitive team and end up this year having some expectations I think what jet and giant fans they look around the league and there's of course, other teams that are really bad. I mean the Cleveland Browns can never get out of their own way, but they look around the league and they see teams that are either sustaining success. Through many years, you know whether it be. The I can't stand my team, but they always seem to be like right there and winning games and being able to the right way. Zimmer. Yeah. So stuff like that, and you look around the Pittsburgh steelers are never really down a lot because they've had a great quarterback for a while. So there's there's there's other situations you can point to. Where jetting giant fans say I mean we don't have to be this bad for that long. It shouldn't have to be that way, but it seems to be that way that we have been this bad for that long. So when is that going to change? So I I would say like you look at the San Francisco Forty niners. All right and they lost in the conference. I guess it was back in two, thousand, thirteen, they were twelve and four, and then horrible had one more year left. They went eight Natan in the he and Trent Baulky were going at each other and harbaugh ended up leaving and they hired Tom saw- then they brought in Jim Kelly a chip Kelly and then they brought in Shanahan and Shanahan's I two years out there were six and ten and foreign. Twelve, in the foreign twelve season in two thousand eighteen is where Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt right and they're playing with three different quarterbacks go four and twelve, and this is you know this is two years into a six year deal for him and John Lynch and they're drafting and they're trading and they're trying to sign players and they felt like go all in on Jimmy Garoppolo and all that other stuff and they. said they were they were basically ten in twenty two, the first two years seventeen and eighteen you know and then they went thirteen and three last year and they got to the Super Bowl they started all in one this year they're still a good team but the point being is that from like from two thousand and thirteen to two, thousand and eighteen, they were not a good team they. They basically went twelve and four, eight, five and eleven two in fourteen, six and ten, four and twelve kind of like we're the giants are right now. Yeah. And maybe I'm wrong to have to go back in and look at these. Games but I remember even that year that the niners were really bad and Garoppolo got hurt and we were talking about Cj Beathard and Nick Mullin. Right right that they were competitive like even in those games like they just had a different feel about them as opposed to a couple of games that we've seen from the jets and giants last couple of years like sort of like what we saw from the giants on Monday night football against the Pittsburgh steelers that type of thing where you feel like they're coming out of it, I mean how many of these efforts have we screamed about with? The jets whether it be against the Patriots and the ghost game or the Bengals game. The only game at the bengals won last year or any one of the Todd Bowles disasters felt like they were winning on GonNa start a winning streak and then they lay an egg. It's like so many of those things that you can point to and I remember George kittle sort of emerged in that year to even with CJ beathard or Nick mones there was just It felt like something was happening and you said when they get Garoppolo back man, this team may be could do something you know at the end of that year and that's I think what you need from these franchises at the end of this year is wow they showed us life a pulse there. I've got something to look forward to and hear the jets last year we actually had a good second half go into this year they got their two best. Defensive players on for one reason or another one trade and the other opting out. You know they still have issues with their running back. They have a wide receiver leave in free agency and they're just here we are again and in week one they get smacked around. So like any momentum that gets built with the jets always feeling it comes crashing down to Earth well. But my point is is that they're still in the middle of a major rebuild and. This general manager and this coach had to inherit the last general manager's decisions just like John Lynch and and Kyle Shanahan had inherit the previous generation decisions and the owners decisions, and they were coming out of all the cal Colin Kaepernick and read stuff i. mean it was you know it was basically a total rebuild and that's why they got six year contracts. So that's why Joe Douglas got a six year contract here he knew that they were going to be growing pains, and by the way you know he didn't select Sam Darnold he didn't select you know three quarters of this team I mean he's still navigating through. Whatever Mike Maccagnan left mine and some of it's going to be good. Maybe Sam Darnold will be the lasting legacy for Mike mcadam we we're we're still not at that point to decide whether or not that's the case and the prove my point in that regard is the bears and what the bears are trying to do with Mitch. trubisky. Now, most bear fans will tell you he sucks. I'll tell you. You know maybe he does but he wants to be the quarterback. He's Siri. He's serious. He wants to do it. It means everything in a World Tam, which is a big thing in today's NFL. Yeah. Do you have a guy who serious about the position and wants to play it and that's everybody's looking for that guy? I, think Sam Darnold that guy and I think Daniel Jones is that guy? I. Think they're both really serious about what they're doing but they're going to be growing pains men and they're going games like he played in week one and that's why coming out of week one everybody well, not everybody but a lot of the headlines and the stories that were coming from that game more now, you really gotta worry about Sam Darnold because he had one bad game. Yeah. Well, he needs to see. Another game like the cowboys last year with Sam Darnold and the jets were they weren't supposed to win and they want it or they played really well in a game where they were a heavy underdog something like that. Those are the type of moments that we need to see from the jet. So it's not so damn well, we saw some of it last year when they beat the cowboys late in the. Year the they started to play better more consistent. You know that Bingo Games, still I'm sure haunts everybody over there was a game that they needed to win but of course, that was a game that Andy Dalton had come back in and play for the bengals and show everybody that he still had a lot left selling. You could smell that one right right absolutely it's one but I I just kind of think. And it's like the last thing fans one here's patients preach patients. I'm telling, Ya? I'm living it myself with two of my teams. One is the New York Rangers where okay. Two years ago they said they're getting rid of everybody I hated that I had season tickets I said you are you going to give me a refund for the team now? I'm watching because it's basically an AHL team or you know And I I was ticked off about it. But as I see what they are doing I am more excited as a fan than ever before about the future of my team because I think mark is making decisions. I liked the decisions we got a couple of breaks with the second overall pick two years ago, and now we get the first pick this year I mean we got a couple of breaks here. That's what you need as a team and as a franchise and. Necessarily know that the jets have had their breaks yet. I think. However you've got to trust the guys that are in the positions you can't start saying fire these people a year or two into their tenure unless they are completely in over their head and they have no idea what they're doing and I don't think anybody thinks that's the case. All right boomer and Geo just getting started on this Thursday morning on the fan and CBS sports network. It's the morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg Giannotti Boomerang Z. O. CEELO in for Jerry. This morning and he was watching his Yankees last night and getting all fired up how could you not with this team hitting? The hell out of the baseball to home runs stroke last night with three of them, Gosh Yoka, and the Yankees are rolling and getting healthier by the day Good Morning Chris what do Ya Force? Good, morning let's start. There was a career night for the backup Catcher Kyle Higashi ohka swung on and hidden in the year two right and that ball is uh has gone into the right-field seats over the auxiliary scoreboard, the seventh home run of the year and the third homeowner. The game for GAUCI OCA- The home runs to Roca and getting iggy with John Sterling here on the fan commenced seventh home. For the Yanks, how do you like that? Indeed, the home run bats have been out here in the Bronx so far this week had the offense has ignited over the last few games really during this winning streak Dj la-. Mayhew with two more home runs clint frazier void went deep as well, and they'll be leading nineteenth for void all part of a thirteen to rob of the Blue Jays. Here's Aaron Boone on Higgins big night at the plate I thought he did a great job getting. Being aggressive with some fastballs obviously, some pitches he was fouling off the other day. Made. Sure. He didn't miss them and he put a charge in and all three of those and actually just missed afford if you look at it that was a deep fly out to left. The show us our shoes, yesterday their gio about doing these impressions and everything. Right I mean you know you can. You can do an impression of Aaron Boone every day. Yeah. Sure. His voice is not the funniest or does stick out that much but those coughs is a very distinct. Really Weird Times too. Yep So, we'll take a look at. Swallows at Weird Times through right right and yet mike too. So you really get really Won't. So we'll. We'll take a look at judge. Aren't. It's bizarre. I didn't even pick up on until CEELO pointing it out. But but yeah, it is. It is very strange. CEELO's, fault. It's my fault. You're calling out the the manager of the Yankees man unbelievable. I just bringing it to everyone's attention. I'll tell you what I remember his introductory press conference. I was driving home from work listening to it on the fan in the car and I noticed it from day one with him at the podium on whenever the couple years whatever three three winters ago and I was like what's going on with these like I guess I forgave maybe he's a little nervous but it hasn't stopped and we're a couple years couple years or move it's just his think. How come when he was on Sunday night baseball, there was none of this. That's a great window when he's in these press conference scenarios. Clearing his throat, every five seconds or something about the press conference setting. Maybe the fact that is know what questions are common. That's his way to kind of gather his thoughts without taking a long pause and not saying anything I don't know. I don't know it's strange but we enjoy it makes it makes for fun audio. That's for sure. Garrett. Cole was good. Again, he took a no hitter into the sixty settled for seven innings of one run ball his sixth victory of the year and the one hundredth of his MLB career certainly looked the part from the start seemed really aggressive from the jump per usual filling up the strike zone is that just? What you strive to do beginning of every game kind of set the tone that way in establishing things are you laughing when you're asking? Yes that's what that is what I do. You knew that was a really stupid question gigantic balloons. Okay. Yeah Yeah really really dumb question caught yourself midway through and you're laughing at it because you know dominates that's what's going on. Let. Me just point that out. At, least they have that kind of relationship where they can have gone back and forth I guess right seven straight wins now they also got Aaron Judge Back from the I l. and boone thrilled to have him. A lot of excitement. And Today checking in with them, seeing how everything went yesterday and writing him back in the lineup is big he was also or with. My wife has a fake cough and I told her she can't have this fake cough Corona Virus Times because people are not going to be able to decide the difference. But like when she gets in uncomfortable situations she coughs and it's just it's infuriating to me but my frame off that distress yourself now it's it's a fake she doesn't need to cough. She just does it for whatever reason it's a fake cough like it's not like a clearing the throat like I've got something in my throat I need to call like I'm going to cough to like break the ice or something I don't know. How does that happen? Give me an example of how it happens and where it shows up. If she's meeting somebody for the first time and it's a little bit awkward or something like that Or. Let's say there's a lull in the conversation between people and nobody knows what to say next. That's when it'll come out. Or. If she's like there's A. Interaction a stranger in a grocery store or something. That's awkward. It'll definitely surface at that point. Yeah. There's just any time today Is it a? Is it like a? This is what it is. It's always it's generally to. Sort of what it is and she doesn't cover up at all. No she knows she does she does but I I didn't in the impersonation of it because I wanted people to hear it. But yeah, I know she knows she covers up but it doesn't really matter I. Just said You gotTa stop. When did they often? Did you realize this? That you had a fake cough. Yeah. Very early in our relationship and her sister does it as well her younger sister also does and then I remember the first time I noticed her doing it I was like, oh no, the two of them, those your mother in law do it now? No she she does not know she's having a tough time with her knee now she's walking around and feel terrible for she's got the arthritis in the knee. She got the old Lawrence Rightous She's got the arthritis in the knee. Yeah W- easy. It's when she comes to the head, she'll come to the house and see your takes a while she's getting to the door and we need to get a right and I said the doctor and give you anything. She's like get nation Gel shots in my nate and I said the Gel Gel shots gel shots. -cation she goes I'm getting five of them apparently the first three don't work. I said the doctor told you. GotTa be in pain after the first three of them I said, well, why can't they give you any medication in the meantime? In excruciating pain. So I feel bad for she's had the foot. She flew out her back when she was trying to unzip one of my Yeti coolers wants. Back Yeah. A YETI cooler yeah. Yes. She's has A. Rough time. On that thing your. Dog that's got fifteen thousand dollars worth two surgeries to well yeah. That's that's our dog. Yeah. Yeah? Yeah. The the Yorkie Ryan, her dogs you got like a little poodle puppy thing that. Big time pain in the ASS. GotTa deal with the Law, and you got to go with the puppy. Then you got the you got the all sorts of things going on over there, oh? Yes, right. When she's nervous. Of the fake cough. Yeah it's. It's. It's something that all she can't stop it to like even in these times corona virus she cannot stop her fake cough. He's aware of it but you can't. You just cannot can't stop. It can't control used to do that a lot not even just in those awkward settings or at the podium Derek jeeter big on that he had like a lot of little nervous tics and whatnot you always see him he would do. The the fist in front of the face the little bit cough he did that all the time even when he was out at shortstop like in between pitches, they'd cut to him and you'd see it. So I don't know it's something people do anyway. The Yankees are suddenly in good shape here the winning streak, the twenty eight and twenty one go for the three game sweep at Toronto tonight Masahiro Tanaka posed by Chase Anderson with pre-game. Twenty about the Yankees that they're still good. Well, yeah they're still good. But what they need is they need that that first series to be at home. Yeah I understand the point there I mean I guess depends on the beatable at home. Yeah. It would depend on the opponent in the Ballpark, but I understand exactly like if they played the twins, they could play them in South Dakota you'd think it really matters. You know the really does not matter and it's never gonNA matter well, thankfully the. Sweat it out. At this point you know, and they know that their spot one in one way shape or form they can condescend gear up and get themselves ready As for the mets they fall behind four nothing last night Jacob degrom only last two winnings because of a hamstring issue, we'll get to that still came back to beat the phillies at. Citizens Bank. Centerfield based. Comes first. Third Quinn makes a throw to the plate off line and the mets believe. Address met is comes through with the go ahead, hit on the top of the night, and it's five to four New York Gary Cohn and S and y Andre tremendous the go ahead RBI single Edwin Struck out the side the bottom half to close the door JD Davis a big reason for the comeback two run homer in the sixth and the game tying RBI double in the eighth also as boomer mentioned Michael Wocka. Four innings of one run ball in relief of degrom who experienced discomfort in the second talk with Jeremy Hefner and Louis Rojo's after the ending did not return. Rojo says they were just playing it safe, but let's call. The early you cash whatever. On. His nothing. Major. That we call the support. We'll see about his next start clearly was not himself. Last night needed forty pitches to get through those two innings and obviously got roughed up on the scoreboard a little bit. You got the rubber game of the three game series tonight, seven Oh five Seth Lugo opposed by Aaron Nola elsewhere the dodgers beat the padres seventy-five la taking two out of three at Petco Park along the way clinching a playoff spot for manager Dave Roberts is I. Thought, it a good series to win and didn't build out but that's the first step. So, probably is not exactly sure what he's referencing there with the didn't know that just because it was a soundbite and I didn't hear the much for the padres catching the dodgers right but they're still there. So now three and a half game separate them and I guess I guess the way the brackets work. Now with the you know the new playoff format, they would face each other in the division series in Texas if they each won their opening three-game series so they could see those two facing off in the division series and that would be fun to watch obviously. You. Guys covered the quotes from Christopher Johnson. Of course, there's no audio to go along with it because it's the jets and I don't know why. But they kind of embargo those things but did you see sort of the It's the right way to say and I won't say war but the commentary from the jets involving one this was Meta disres- great. Yes. This was awesome. So was it rich Simeoni out? Well, because my niece Menashe wrote and wrote a story off of Johnson whose Menashe What is he doing now? What? What's what's going on with him? Still he still covering the jets from remotely from the alternate site so he doesn't have any. So he's from the alternate like you are Ceelo yes exactly. These guys. All they all banded together to. beat up on my knees so I it starts with rich Samir quote tweeting them in each article with the Christopher Johnson quotes in it, and he says, if you're going to use material from reporters who actually attended the press conference and asked the questions, kindly credit the source, it's the right thing to do. And then underneath that, if you look in the comments of the rich Amini tweet. Connor Hughes who is also a beat writer for the jets he writes it's hard to attend without a well, you know meaning he doesn't answer. Yes. Exactly. Yeah. And did you catch and Tara Whitish? All Right God You Steve White is a guy who works in the NFL network also work for the Atlanta Journal Constitution is rich. Glad. You posted his just hearing about some of this behavior have no idea how it can be allowed or people could be okay with this seems more sheds more light seems more like needs to be shed on this I am not seeing. The Mike Viqueira one did he take it down? Maybe 'CAUSE I. I saw it last night I screen shot let me make sure Oh. Yeah it's there. So he then quotei quote tweeted this Amini tweet about making sure you credit the reporters and he And he writes mission quotes and the quote right thing to do had an ugly divorce many many moons ago. Oh like you said. These reporters been reporter over mortar crime I. Like it. It's. Like. They're ganging up on him. It's you know a million against run. You know what I think I think they're sick of it actually just jets and the NFL. Got Sick of it and all they want is just to be. If you want to be a legitimate journal journalist and follow Janet Journalists Rules and do do the right thing and don't steal people's material. I should say this is the. Yeah. I. Was GonNA. Say This is the newspaper equivalent of due to show bitch. percent. Off. Percents. Now we're just GONNA. Say I called out the jets for their not being audio I haven't seen anywhere. I just. I'm assuming the way I know those. You know gatherings, kind of impromptu with the The owner worked back in the day but I'll have to really double and triple check just to make sure I have that right. But I have not seen audio of Christopher Johnson floating around anywhere. If so obviously, we will bring that to you at some point throughout the course of the morning now as far as. WanNa wrap up house. Okay. Move on I was GONNA play Tiki Barber Shredding saquon Barkley but okay We'll see we'll save next I. Want to hear it now like the here now because it may give us up that Elsa talk about because does what we talked about Monday morning guide any flat saquon. Barkley he might not be an every down back he cannot pass protect. It is it is starting to become William. So pretty straightforward they're not beating around the bush. Rice so That will play later on. Why basically soft soft who's Jerry in that, right? Or is that oft yeah? Jerry know. Bt did. A Walk. On fire. By. A boom boom boom. Peaks the dropping bombs on Saquon. UP IN HIS Ban TIKI and Tierney. CBS Sports Radio. Rest how the rest of that second one. By the way. Did did any giant fan and I get the football thing and boomers not gonna like this but did any giant fan when they drafted saquon Barkley second overall man this is a great pick. I. Just hope he can pass protect nobody. No. They want him to run around and touchdowns and amazing runs and taking a screen pass in the house radio. That's what they want. Who Cares if he's in their past protected, that's a waste of talent. Get him the ball that is the point in having be successful and productive. Okay. I love your take on it I do disagree with a certain degree because. yes. Because I remember I had a great running back myself that I played with and he was a rookie my last year. His name is Corey Dillon. You remember that Guy Oh yeah now. and. One of the reasons corridor and couldn't get on the field was Corey Dome was struggling with pass protection as most rookie running backs do just like rookie quarterbacks have a hard time reading defenses and we do see ghost and sometimes we pick their fifteen guys out on the field because everything's happening so fast. This is Sake Wan's. Third Year, and you know the performance in that part of the game on Monday night was glaring it was glaring and that is part of his overall responsibility and I'm sorry you know the Great. Walter Payton could block. The Great Marcus Allen could block. Eric Dickerson could block if he had to, and sometimes you have to, and like I was telling you guys when you're playing the Pittsburgh steelers thirty four defense. There's so many configurations that they give you and you know one of the reasons why you know TJ what is making an interception yards down the field is because he's backing away from the line of scrimmage when you think he's actually in the pass rush. Yeah. So in certain situations, you have to ask your backs to block because of those configurations and the confusion that is resulting from those configurations and I told you going into this game that they were going to try to confuse Andrew Thomas, their new left tackle, and they did it a number of times on on passing situations and a couple of times. saquon bark was over there to help out and missed and wept. Yes led you pre come free a couple of times unblocked right so the question is like who's responsible for the block is at the left tackle responsible for the Bach or is it the back going that way that's responsible for the block and and I know that I was listening to call the other day with Joan? Evan and and Carl was right on he said all of a sudden they started twisting and when they start twisting at the line of scrimmage now, all of a sudden you're trying to. Create an illusion and you're trying to create a an advantage for your experience defensive line against an inexperienced offensive line, and if the back is in the middle of all that and he's not doing what he's supposed to be doing, it creates even deeper problems for the quarterback to handle. So it all tied together guys I'm sorry to tell you that it's not just about running with the football and diving over people and not low around shoulder. You have not doing enough job you got to do your job. boomers breakdown brought to you by the new Ford Bronco. All right. CEELO you're done. Now I would assume sure I can just trying to educate you guys. I understand we do appreciate it and I still want to see him run for touchdowns and be a productive back and I want to all together takes guys on and. What you really Each the morning show with boomer, Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo I saw that Minnie's stuff. If you missed it just talking with ceelo about this. So many she's trying to manage made of the daily news trying to cover the jets without a credential right now and everybody that he worked alongside on the jets be can't stand him and they are now tweeting at him and saying at least credit us because we're doing the work just ripping off our quotes and it's just not fair like how long? Can a guy without a credential actually cover a team is the question I thought to myself. If he's still getting quotes even even if he wasn't getting quotes and he writes stories and he could be built some relationships that you could talk to some people and he could watch the Games obviously, and then the post game press conference stuff in this day and age a lot of that's available I think he could probably do this and continue to cover it in his wait for years ball that's always been known for the last two or three months I mean it's been covered it that way I I also know that if there is a disgruntled player or. Hin or or an agent that needs to talk to you could always find those people and you can always get those quotes and you can always put those quotes into an article and create your own narrative, which basically is what he's been doing for years. Yeah. If he doesn't have an inside source anymore which he obviously does not have. You know other than a disgruntled player agent. I don't really know what the purposes he should just they should make him. The. Instead of having him as a beat writer just make them a this goal. Let them write his opinions shorter has been doing that? Yeah but see, but it's it's not clear. It's foggy. That's that's why the other writers or a little bit perturbed by all this I'm assuming you know if he had if he had just his article where he just gave his opinion, you know then I then I think you know the that is legit it may be a hard. Core opinion and maybe opinion that people don't like but you can't act as if you are covering the team on a daily basis when you're not there every day. Sure but I also think that the downsizing of some of the newspaper staff has turned these guys jobs blurry without them actually doing it themselves. You know for a guy like me it's like, all right. We can get him to write a column here. We can get him to write a news piece here, and now we've got two guys work for the price of one employee. So I think that's that stuff seems to happen as well. It's not necessarily the fault of the writer. It's just that he's being asked to do a bunch of stuff, but you're right I mean if he just turned. into straight like bash columnist or hit piece guy and that's all he was with the jets, I'm sure people would read it I'm sure people would be entertained by it and I'm sure would get a Lotta publicity and then he wouldn't some of this criticism on that. He was getting from masquerading as a beat writer I about some of the guys that I've worked with over the years as a player. So when I first started at Marilyn, a cub reporter for the Washington Post name is Michael Wilbon micro bond discovered the team and he wrote about the team and now Michael Wilbon has ascended into. Not, only a writer, but he's also a guy who gives his opinions on a daily basis. So you know if you want to continue to work in this business, you have to be able to give your opinions and some of them are going to you know ruffled some feathers and hurt some feelings but you know even Peter King. Peter. King used to work for the Cincinnati. Enquirer? When I dealt with him he was specifically a writer who was covering the team delivering the information about the team. But now look what he's ascended to. He's got to give his opinions even when he writes in his articles now there are those opinions I I remember working with more Cannizzaro, enrich Simeon, all those guys Cannizzaro when he was covering, US would not only just right about the game, but then a day later, he'd give our. Hearts. That always would piss me off. I would always say just let Steve Serbee do that who shows up once every two weeks This job right. He doesn't cover us on a daily basis like you do. You don't. He doesn't stand in front of my locker every single day asking me questions as that's why I asked the NFL back. Then in the early nineties I said, look what you're telling us that we have beat writers and we have columnists and Mike Lopez columnist Steve. I know who they are. I know that they're going to come in with some sort of agenda. Right about if you are a good team and we're playing while, it's going to be a good article where a bad team and we're not playing well, it's going to be a bad article so I kind of know where they're going. But when I'm working with the beat writer every single day and they want information about that are happening on the practice field or what happened on the game and they WANNA report it to the fans. Now, all of a sudden the lines are blurred and I would say that that has been going on for twenty years, not only in sports, but also in general news especially in politics but. I think it makes tough for. Guys like the athletes of today to try to decide who's doing, what, and what are what are the responsibilities do I have athlete to sit down and talk with these guys sure I mean and the game has changed a lot in the last ten years or so and especially the last year with covert. If you think about it, I mean in also teams in their websites and over the last number of years putting out information about injuries and practice reports and some of the stuff that the beat writers us to do that's Why needs to be different in covering team is completely different and it's going to these guys and creating stories and those things that are interesting to the fans of the team as opposed to just like you know this guy missed practice. This guy didn't and all those things that you can find anywhere where you used to only find it from the beat reporter in whatever newspaper that you were frequenting more than the other. So it's just it's a it's a totally different world, but I can understand why all those guys like can't stand beneath. But also why the players have their own websites? Yeah. That too you know and and they write their own articles to get their own points of view out a lot of times and they create their own stories and I'm sure a lot of guys like I don't know if Lebron does this. But guys of that magnitude of that popularity that have you know the fifty million followers I would think and I'm sure Tom Brady has this because I do. I betcha Tom Brady has this while they'll put some of their own stuff out. There's always somebody that's got their back. There's always somebody looking. In reading and putting things out that are trying to get the story of the athlete out there. You remember when whoever Tom Brady's handlers are we're trying to. Get Tom Terrific and they were going to try to patent that and they were going to copyright it and it was going to be his nickname and remember how we all got discussed the down here has met fans as Tom seaver fancy and you can't have that. That's that's there. Already, there already was a tom terrific dislike like plagiarism there's absolutely no way you're going to have this right and that's why everybody was fighting about it and I think that's why he backed off. But I think most athletes nowadays of that magnitude to have people around them that are trying to create things around them and and or protecting those athletes. Yeah, and that's right the player's tribune and all sorts of other things that you see out there they want to control. The information that's them, and they WANNA be able to put it out and they were seeing more and more of that either on your own social media account or whatever website. If they WANNA write an article, it's just it's becoming more and more prevalent throughout every single professional sports league each morning show with boomer, Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo. Good. News for College Sports, fans yesterday of course, right at the end of the show we told you about the big ten and their plan to resume in October, and then also you heard eat later on yesterday that you're going to have men's and women's College Basketball Seasons that will be starting on November twenty fifth So that was something we didn't know how that was going to play out, and now we have a clear picture of that. So we are continuing to move forward and all these things that we asked for all these months about give it a shot try to do it safely. See how it works out. Let the kids play. All of this stuff is now actually happening in most places the PAC twelve is still lagging behind a little bit but it seems like they're getting their stuff together as well. Unfortunately, high school sports at least locally for me with Nassau, and Suffolk County we're not seeing that I went to my physical yesterday and my doctor has a daughter who was a big time swimming person and she wants to do this and this and s in Canton. Now, it's going to get pushed back to January and they don't know what to do and go to college for this thing and everybody's there's a lot of stories like that, and it's sucks especially when you see everybody else getting. Everything together to make sure that they're giving this thing a shot. So on one hand, a very, very good news on the other hand I wish it was everybody i. wish it was across the country. There wasn't any more delays in sports is we have talked about many many times but I looks like college football is right there boomer in college basketball as well. Right there to give us a pretty close to a a reasonable season that's GonNa end up in College football, championship and College Football Playoff knows mazing is that's not just sports is general life in. Restaurants at small businesses that have been shut down for months and months and months and months of businesses and restaurants that have gone. Out of business, they can't pay their rent. Therefore, their landlords can't get their money therefore the landlords. There's there's vacancies all over the place here especially in. New. York City then I'm listening to. Mayor De. BLASIO. Yesterday talking about furloughing city employees I'm like. Well, the reason you're city employees because you're shutting down businesses because those businesses you know, give you the taxes to be able to employ all these people that you are trying to employ. So you're putting everybody out of work and you're. Giving everybody unemployment doesn't make any sense, but you know the big ten back now. They've announced the modified schedule. If Donald Trump could actually put the electoral college in the big ten, he would you know because simply this is the politics behind all of this is just insane Brian in upstate New York Brian. What's happening? Hey Ash fellas. Big boomer. Thanks for taking my call. boomer boomer. Yup Big boomer right I had a conversation with anyway. I. Was on hold but I just wanted to remind your callers and you guys how `bout that trump. In what regard? He got big ten slow fall back. Well he certainly was putting pressure on. tweeting about it and everything else and trying to get everybody going as it just did a CBS sports minute. I think there's a reason many reasons for this and the president's will now backtrack saying that there are testings and there there's more information about the virus and all that other stuff. That's a bunch of crap to me. It is about the players, the parents of the players, the coaches of the teams, the athletic directors of the schools, the TV contracts, and everybody else that is going on and watching the ACC FCC and big twelve playing. And a lot of recruits backing out of commitments of going to the big ten and possibly going to other schools I wanNA know how eddy and that guy had a nice conversation when he screened his phone call I mean, 'cause we know where Eddie lies on things. This guy clearly, we know where he lives I mean I can't even imagine what that phone call sounded like and you guys actually we're cordial to one another and this was not a fight. Eddie well, I mean I don't fight with people like A previous call scrawl US To Do So I try to listen to people and hear what they're saying and I you know we disagree on certain things but agree on others. So we found some common ground by. Healed on with your fascist take. Who you hang on Can you stopping brainwashed for one second hold Thank you. Great. Options. But I I appreciate. that. But you know you have to admit that that president trump was tweeting like a madman and every time he goes on a campaign trail event to one of these states whether it be Wisconsin Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania where the big ten is located. That's always talking about. This guy. Go were Americans. Wfan, would you like to talk to boomer and Geo? About that Trump Pas oh, blow it out your answer. Thank you. Greg good whole group toys. Please hang on a Braun. You Oxygen Sucker. Please hold on Yeah. But he's happy that big ten football's back though of course he said he's our football guy he's our college football guru. So. This just shows you that two people I didn't think it was possible in twenty twenty, but two people had been different perspectives can. Have a nice conversation outage. Al Dukes that guy through even all you've probably chew any something percent. Through yes I mean you're happy we got big ten football right now I'm happy when anything comes back from Corona virus right? No matter what it is even I don't particularly enjoy big ten football but I'm happy that things are moving along. Around someday like going back to the studio, you'll be really happy when that. Yeah, that'd be nice. Talking. It's not so much. Corona virus. Yeah. It's New York City. I will say this I will say furloughed himself. So there's not even a mayor going on. There there's no mayor who won't in the place there hasn't been a mayor here for like. A worry about the joker like this is really turning. That man. I wouldn't be surprised if like Buber you're walking out of the studio one day and there's like the penguin it's going to. Like. The joker in an Uber with the lipstick all over his face I mean, it's it's turning. A Batman movies? That's why I don't want any part of this thing. Oh my goodness. was that other guy to face was was another Batman Villain Ridler the. Like. The ridler Advantix. ARNOLD AS MR freeze. Covet. Like January friscos. I what else going on. We got the freaking ridler outside of Westville right now. Oh, my God yeah, it's funny. I was talking to a friend of yours last night actually had to go into the for the first time since March. Right he's only going in for a day at the take care of business and it was like, honestly it was someone told him he had to get shot into the sky. was so nervous about going back in I'll tell you one thing though the the traffic is back up and it is definitely back the traffic on the L. I. E. is one hundred percent back. You know I've been through it a last couple of days and. Just goes to show you that nobody not nobody but a lot of people are not taking public transportation. They're not taking the L. I. R. They're not taking the subways are not taking the buses. There are some people that have no choice but to do that. But the traffic is just been horrific at times. Yeah we need Karen Stewart back because she was really painting a picture of that are fine. Traffic reporter Karen store. Yesterday we got some guy was just totally flatlined I don't know who the guy that we got the same Guy Yeah Yeah I missed him earlier. But yeah, he's just totally flat line I. Don't know is he is he like in the studio somewhere there or is he? I'm assuming that he's at home I would think probably got away looking at the traffic reports online. We gotta get him. We gotta get in touch with them and tell them. We gotta live in this because it's really people are accustomed to Karen Stewart I mean we have so many listeners tweet us. You'll love Karen Stewart in the way that she describes this and it's a total disaster void this because it'll ruin your life and the things that she says, you can't get the guy coming in who was a total flatliners when Karen Stewart have that. Eddie and I just had this conversation. I would literally as we were off the air and they were playing the traffic, what is what is this? We gotta get him going to pick them up on her what's his name Eddie do remember his name. A mind Levinson. Mine Mayan Mayan Mayan. Mine. So Levinson Lawrence flatliners yeah. It, it seems to me after I, gave them a shot after purse couple traffic reports, and then he's continued this out to is if I was delivering the traffic. It's more like he's the Adam Gates of traffic reports. What you need to do if you're on the BIKI right now, put on a nicer audio book and sit back and relax because you're going to be there for a long time. Maybe put on a trends in dental meditation APP and sit in your car because you'll be sitting there for two to three hours trying to get into the midtown tunnel. Ed's Kozara here. With your traffic report. Walter is in deer park. What's going on Walter? Oh Good morning guys won a nightmare since now, April I've been commuted from the apart Bouma knows their park to Jersey City just on the other side of the Holland tunnel not bad in the morning I leave around five, fifteen, five, thirty I breathe right in and night I, leave at four o'clock. Three hours get home easily easily. Just get through from the Holland tunnel to the Williamsburg Bridge one hour solid on Delancey street like Bouma said the other day they're all back selling their stuff on the street people double caulk nobody can't gridlock. It's crazy. Try and I know exactly what Walters talking about. So down on Delancey street down Canal Street down here lower Manhattan. So they have they have everything out on the sidewalks. They have all the junk out on the sidewalks fake stuff every Gucci. Bag Lv bag, whatever you want it's all out there and I mean, there's literally I would say a good ten to fifteen blocks of it just sitting on the sidewalk now meanwhile, in order to be able to put all that stuff in the sidewalk, you have vans all double parked in in the second lane inside the second lane. Why? Because the first lane has a lot of restaurants in them It's like they just keep going out now now now to towards the center of the of Canal St. If, that wasn't enough you turn around and there's cat woman robbing a bank right find. Look I'm not I'M GONNA. Tell you there. There is I. Don't know what it is like I. Know There's this whole, the fund, the police, all the social justice stuff going on and all that other. But man there, there's just basically no order non whatsoever it is a call loss oil. The Bockel. Laugh I'm sorry I don't. I'm not here I'm not here and I don't have to deal with it, and if I was dealing with it I probably every sure is nobody doing anything about it I if I were a Louis Vitton or Gucci or Air Maze. I would I would have the I don't know what it is I is it the consumed police or somebody down there like? All this stuff off the streets amid I'd open like nobody is doing anything about it like it's they just don't care at that. He saw vain yesterday. Or can't park here. And the parking where it was so easy for months has become. So almost impossible like I'm been parking a mile away most more wolpert at Sard were. Yeah. It's been yeah. BOOT because I a lot of the spots are taken up by the restaurants but boomer what's in my office livered yesterday. A scooter you gotTa Scooter Oh. My God. You very much very well, one of our salespeople was involved with that. One of those sales people have been involved for the last year and it finally has. Evidently. was at the sales guys son's house or apartment. was, it's now in this. So you got your noggin scooter that yes correct. You are very welcome Eddie thank you very much. So Fat Guy in scooter at four o'clock in the morning. You make sure you. I do to help you better. Get home. Helmet. Dude. You're GonNa, get close lined in four days or less. You know. Driving to the city of the day, the amount of bikers are just going the wrong way. I I want to go make a left hand turn. I'm trying to think where I was, but I was trying to make a left hand turn. It's obviously a one way street off of an avenue and as I'm making my left hand turn at a nowhere coming the wrong way. On Sixth Avenue is a delivery guy and I almost took him out and I'm thinking to myself what is the story going to be on the local news tonight that'll? Kill someone kills killed very driver because he's going the way on the avenue yeah. Well. I mean this stuff I'm sure happens a lot actually doesn't enter used to. Cars, but that's just one I'm feeling more of it. You know there's also groups of I duNNo. It groups of like eight or nine or ten. I think kids just flying down avenues on bicycles and scooters and everything else I mean it's just like a complete and utter chaos. Got Into, a bike car accident. Didn't he? Yeah. He got hit by a taxi. Hit by a taxi. Zooey now in New York City where essentially eight million people congregate have restaurants in the streets. We have double parking. We have plenty of Gucci and erm as and Fendi and everything else down on Canal Street. We have construction still going on all over the place and you know Disney's taken over this corner down here and they've also taken over like three lanes around the entire block, right? Yes it's, and then we have construction out in front of the building right structure inside the building. It's construction on the back of the a nice beautiful sidewalk cafe for the Google employees who will never step foot. Sure makes Google employees are very happy with. What a mess? All right boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports network can make it up. Jay I'm telling you now I know and I'm sitting here I'm laughing now and I'm going to be crying soon. I gotta feeling you. Right. It's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo. Here we go again. I'm already laughing at sea look see always had this these camera issues like I want to tell them about it, and then I want to tell them about it, and then he gets mad when I tell them about things like everybody else is telling me about it and we start the segment. He's not there then I feel like I have to say something about it because we wanna see his face on. How many of these have we done since the beginning of the summer a lot? There's And now don't have them. We realized by now that once we come out of the break and I'm finished furiously typing, which is what's causing their short that I'm GonNa get it ironed out by the time you throw to me right now I don't think so. Other Times. There's been a lot of times we go to you and it's like that paranormal activity camera all. Scrambled and stuff. So plus it's now become like a running joke. So I understand it's it's fun. It's heart of you is your brand I'm sorry to disappoint you Well, I don't know if I'd want that to be my brand, but you're right it Kinda has become that but I'm sorry to disappoint you. This is probably GonNa be the last time I'm doing this. From home. So I don't think that anymore. Okay. So I don't think I'll be with you guys until next month and at that point I'll probably just end up doing with Jerry's been doing in come into that side studio next to boomer or who knows maybe by that point, we'll all be back together. One can help one can dream what an a month no shot. Optimistic Eddie. Eddie Mr Mystic. I disorder my Knight's armor like the full blown like Medieval Knight's armor. That's when you walk. Get the Hashmat suit like Joel embiid. When he went to Orlando, I'm just clanging through the revolving doors. It's in the building GonNa take me a while to get it all off but I think that it's worth it. Okay CEELO. What do you got for? All right DJ Lemay absolutely on fire during this Yankee, seven game winning streak. Now the right hander is set there comes the payoff that. Swung on and hit on the air too deep right that ball is high that is far has gone. He has done it again Dj. David John Makes Long Gone John Sterling on the fan of no intercourse at all with the manager of the players. What? You've never heard that one I. The first time I've heard that, where did that come to from this year? Yeah that's why I haven't been paying attention I've never heard that before we have no intercourse at all with the manager of the players. Okay Sounds Eddie. That was audio quality that offered is that somebody like taping it off of their you know smartphone streaming that that I feel like that's not the typical sterling broadcast quality s Al sent me I. Think might have been when I was off he sent me a link to a twitter feed al I guess. Someone Yeah Corey a little tell him Nice. Nice radiance. Well, that's perfect. It had. The injury that clip. Anyway you also let off the game with a homer last night he's got a hidden each of these seven wins five homers ten rb is during the stretch batting average of to three seventy, three, seven homers total for the bombers last night thirteen to blow out of the Blue Jays Aaron Boone's offense coming alive I mean excellent. Really I mean up and down just a lot of good at bats from a lot of different people frazier and Luke voight also went deep and Kyle Higashi. Yoka had himself a career night with three long balls. A very understated reaction though when asked where this ranks on his career highlights list I think I think might be might be number one. You, know the first three hits came after I think Oh for twenty two. So. Talking about the first three hits of his career there, I don't see how backup catcher a three homer night and you catch Garrett Cole hundred career win. Automatic Number One, I'd imagine coal seven innings of one run BALTICA. This is three straight starts now that these two have worked together, here's coal on his new battery-mate. Just so engaged. I. Think. He prepares. You know just kind of like everybody else here but I mean. It seems to be a common theme with players. You know they're prepared when they go in. So I guess all those not like Super Lazy like that other guy who catches and then strikeout actually gives them a chance like battle at the plate is focused and isn't a look at it. The butterflies out there balls go past him that should never go past him. You know like that that you appreciate the little things you actually I thought that was still him talking thousands. I mean anybody can do the Garrett Cole. I feel like. Because of back of the throat, kermit thing, everybody can do. I feel like people go a little higher with Kermit and you've I. Think you've got the you've got it nailed the yes. The back of the throat thing. But the the pitch you know the the the timber in the in the voice is pretty much on I. Bet you do it. See. All I. Bet you go ahead try to Garyk, call bet you could do it. I don't know man come on, give it a shot for crying out. Loud. Let me let's see. Oh Meredith. while. You're laughing at the question because Yeah. That's what I do. Go out there and fill it up. I felt his own see not circe. Wow. Well, that's terrific. You sounded like Eddie Murphy doing an impersonation of a white guy then. All right I'll take that. Eddie Murray every Eddie Murphy comparison I'm fine with that. Anyway, the Yankees go interesting. Play. That would Bobby Valentine with that same type of thing. Yes. But Bobby Valentine. was a little bit slower and deliberate in his speaking. Garrett Cole. Younger and he sort of has you know so I I mean like you know we're trying to go out there and win and stuff. was just a little different in the way that he he speaks but bobby. Valentine also same same exact thing. I heard him recently you're right now that I think about that. I mean I was just killing them last time I was on with your before Monday when they were just a disaster and all of a sudden, they flipped the script here seven straight wins Twenty, eight and twenty one they're in good shape of the and they'll go for the three game sweep at the Jay's tonight Masahiro Tanaka opposed by Chase Anderson pregame on the fan at six, twenty, five by the way the rays have been slumping a little bit. I. Think they've lost three in a row. Now, all of a sudden I've got people. Well, you think the ace could still you know end up winning the division. So it's a far cry from where we were. You know short time. Ago and the Yankees are just three back of Tampa Bay in the loss column I know they're running out of games but I guess anything is possible. The mets fell into a four nothing whole last night Jacob degrom their studies leaves after two innings. He wasn't great turns out. He was dealing with a bit of a hamstring issue. The met still come back to win the game against the phillies. Citizens Bank the Oh wonder Jimenez Line, the center that's going to be a pace there comes around third gwynn's throw to the plate way up the Third Base Line Mitch take the lead Rosario Scores Standing at second is mcneal and on at first with a big RBI single is undress him in. Surprise gyping deal didn't. Try to get. Third Base there. I didn't I didn't quite catch the reference. There were well because the mets tend to run themselves in the. Yes. Yes. Yes. A lot of peace running mistakes. Yes. They don't practice the fundamentals. Now I got forgot what they were taught in Little League Jeff McNeil specifically I guess I missed if he made a mistake something, it's a little bit of everybody but yes, it could be it could be the squirrel. Yes. Okay. Fair. Enough how he rose WCBS eighty of the Kid Jimenez there with the go ahead RBI single and with ds three strikeouts bottom have to close the door as the mets win the game five to four JD Davis, pull them out of the whole yet two run homer in the sixth. Game Tying RBI double in the eighth and Michael Walk step did in nicely for four innings of one run ball after degrom. He didn't return after the second inning. Guess. It was turns out. It was a hamstring I keep wanting to say cramp but I forget I think spasm things. That's the word I just think of yourself. You're you're like a walking spasm spasm. Okay. Here's Louise Rojo struggling to answer the question of what about the grams next start the status burp or the the results get on on on the tests everything that needs to. Go to the next starting tomorrow you know and. You know that's a big Guy So looking forward to that in developing plan around him, I, think he's not the only one but these manages he you know what he's going for some testing. We don't know we'll get back to you. Keep it simple like sixteen seconds to get that out, and they're just like searching for the words rubber game tonight, seven Oh five Seth Lugo voices from utilize all time. It's not going to be here next year I suppose that's also could be the case. As. We told you last hour. There's no audio of jets owner whatever you WanNa call them acting owner Christopher Johnson but Adam gays apparently has a brilliant mind. He got Johnson's confidence same for Sam Darnold and you're going to see why really soon he swears meantime here was his brilliant mind head coach yesterday basically telling you some of these opponents are just too good when you're playing these defenses there obviously near the best in the league. How does that factor into the margin of error in? Maybe, making these mistakes more apparent. I. I'm glad that you're acknowledging that we actually played good defense top five and then planning pretty good one here. This week I mean that's why you can't make mistakes. I guess we should get ready for more of the same on Sunday. Why would hope not I would hope that they would come back out and they would show that they are good football team or at least trying to be. One and you got to see the effort. You can't see three out. You're GONNA, have a couple of those every game especially against these top defenses no question about that. But you know no Richard Sherman this week it's probably doubtful that George biddle is playing. So if you ask me, you're catching a couple of breaks and I also think it's a break that bell's not on the on the field. For the jets I do? Because I think it's more he's such a distraction man the whole the whole thing around him is just so distracting and now that he's out of it, you don't have to worry about handing the ball you just go out and play football man okay and sometimes it's you know. What do they say subtraction is equal by subtraction addition by subtraction hand addict. We could really find out how bad they are this week after after all of this that we've heard the entire weekly owner has to come out after a week one loss and give confidence to the coach and the quarterback for crying I don't think that's ever happened was. A two week one. And here, come the forty niners are going to miss their biggest offensive threat. A great cornerback. But also have this great pass rush I mean the jets the jets get blown out in this one that they've got and the half the place somewhat inspired in this game. Giants and lose by ten everybody be. Fine. Zero. Teams lost by ten points just so everybody realizes they both had the same amount. Oh I don't WanNa hear about it. Okay. The jets were down twenty one giants had an opportunity to go upset. Down Twenty one. Kinda, show you what kind of character they have. you can't even say that with the street faith come on now it's hard to you know I've been in games just like the game that they were in man I know exactly what it feels like it's a long week and I couldn't wait until the next game was there because we put this crap behind us, we have a feeling the niners can't wait to get into the win column after their season opening loss of the cardinal speaking of which the hall of Famer Jerry Rice not thrilled with the week one performance from his former team. The cardinals shouldn't have never been in this ball game because the niners had a chance to really just want to the game but because of bad execution and all of that the cardinals they were able to get back in the game. So that's rice on ninety five, seventy game out in the bay area, and then he goes on to talk about some of the things that he witnessed. I don't know if he was in the stadium because. I don't think you would have necessarily seen watch the game right? Right but I don't want this next. I. Don't know that would have seen this on the TV broadcast maybe but he just looked around and didn't see a lot of guys taking it seriously enough doing a break European music and we have certain guys dancing that hadn't done anything on the football field that didn't have a reception anything that's not standard of the San Francisco in atvs. At least the forty niners that to the super. Bowl. Last year but. He's taking a shot at the wide receivers. It sounds like to me, and that's why I call Shannon. I was talking about that they're not ruling out the possibility of signing Mohamed Sanu stonestreet. that. He's still out there. I mean the guys to be something going on I mean. When they cut the Mary Thomas jets picked him up on like five seconds and Muhammad's newest younger. It looks like he's got more in the tank, the Patriots. Cut Him. This time I I duNNo. I figured he'd be on a team by now. They did sign him by the way they did sign. Yes. Monday, they agreed to terms I. Don't know if he's been on the practice field yet because he brought what he has to go through some sort of quarantine, maybe I guess and the Covid all the covy protocol. So let's see expected to arrive Tuesday night has to go through the protocols if there are no issues, the earliest he practices, Friday. So you probably don't see this weekend, but he is on the roster and they're to. Get Him in the mix now here moving forward. Couple Mortiz are we out of time. Sure go for. All right. So we gave one last hour on Saquon Barkley. There was some more thoughts tiki barber on Tiki and Tierney yesterday CBS Sports Network CBS Sports Radio Rather and talking about Barclays lack of. Execution. In the past blocking games, you see him diving on the ground, not sticking his head and chest it's going to it's going to be a liability because people see it now on tape and it's going to come out and then one more basically saying that Barclays looking to avoid contact. If you watch them for the last couple of years. He doesn't WANNA block. So recognition is one and then to you gotta go hit dude. Barkley the big man he doesn't WanNa hit anybody that is that is frustrating to watch. So he's not. He's not exactly beating around the Bush. This is pretty pretty straightforward criticism and thoughts on what he seen from Barkley soft. We'll see we'll see how he responds Tiki calling him out on the carpet yesterday of course, Jon got giant fans and the twitter comments all hot and bothered about how he ripped Eli back in the day which is. What has every right to say what he played the position. So aggression and and the thing about it was it was clearing. It was glaring on on Sunday night. Yes and and he's also right that it's on tape. So what does that mean? That means the next team you play the Chicago bears going to do the same thing there for everybody to see Bengals Brown's Thursday night football will join it in progress following the Yanks. You've got the islanders force game seven with the lightning. That's. An eight o'clock start and if you're a golf fan and you're up early, you've got the US Open winged foot already underway Tiger Woods with Colin More Cowan Justin Thomas coming up at eight. Oh, seven at the same time on the ten t you got Roy mcelroy Adam Scott Justin rose, which owes at the headline groups for the early wave today round one of the US Open. All right. Very good CEELO. Thank you will talk to you next hour each morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo. All right. So you've got what was that Probably. would be mad at me. If you're sitting next to me right now in the studio, you know Holly doing that Hawking Lewke thing? No, no, no not hawking anything up known that I'm not looking at hot. You know the the NHL cap friendly site. That I'm watching however is the US Open Stream Okay that is showing rory mcilroy on the practice green practicing has putting. Yeah. No I wouldn't be. Upset with that I. Mean I know how much of a golf fan that you are yeah and now that it's actually underway I think it's a little more appropriate to you know you could talk about it's just like it was like, Monday. I think you guys were just delving deep down into everything that was going on just felt a little premature all but yeah, and it's underway. Now it'll be exciting right this. Maybe this may be one of the hardest use open challenging golf courses in the history of the event. You, know I. Just because of the way that the weather has been lately rough is according to people that are members there that I've spoken to is about as deep as as it's ever been the Norway's the fairways are about as narrow as they've ever been the length of the golf course and then of course, the the diabolical. Greens that are there make this for a very, very difficult test of golf and that's why I say to me anyway and just as a Amer Golfer and somebody who appreciates the greatness of these players. If I could win one tournament, it would be the US Open that would be the one. Cup that I if I had a choice of all the majors that would be the one and that's the one that is alluded obviously Phil Mickelson and we know fourteen years ago the disaster that was Phil Mickelson at this golf course, and there's been a lot of stuff written about that particular performance and how it ended and how he lost the Geoff Ogilvy probably the most nondescript US Open winner of all time because of the meltdown that he had on eighteen there. And I think the myself in and he said he goes you know my career is what it is. I'm fifty years old, and if somehow I could win here, it would be great I could tell you he's not going to even come close to winning their. If he won this week, it would be akin to the one thousand nine, hundred, eighty US Olympic hockey team winning the gold medal in the one thousand nine, hundred. Olympics short. Of An, upset that would be I've got an interesting thing here that I actually saw Darren reveal tweet who can really sometimes be a loser on twitter but this was interesting. He said William Hill, of course, the sports betting company. William Hill says that an astounding twenty, nine percent of the money. It has taken on for the US. Open has been bet on blank who do you think that? Twenty, nine percent. All Monessen. nope. Tiger. Woods. nope Phil Mickelson yes Roy Lenny nine percent of the money has been betting on Phil Mickelson including your ready for this little boy away I, mean these people must have money to burn this buffy billionaires must be Steve. Cohen doing this. Forty five thousand on. Mickelson at seventy five to one. Not a chance. Not a chance to tell at this golf course. Well, that's what I'm saying forty five thousand. He's basically flushing it down the toilet ten, thousand on him at sixty, five to one. And a thousand on him at fifty to one. So he's to radic with his driver for this golf course and US Open conditions dry fast. Thick, rough fairways I mean you have to be a guy like I to me, rory mcilroy is about as accurate as they come hitting the ball down the middle of the fairway and you have to stay in the fairway on this golf course or just going to kill you it's going to be so. The penalty to hit in a rough is probably from a stroke two stroke and a half depending on how deep the rough as you hit it into that. That's how bad and how. Penalizing this golf course can be I don't care how rich you are put forty five thousand dollars on Phil Mickelson in this golf tournament is just insanity it is. It's I mean it you light it on fire while you're at it I mean is it because you think the twenty nine percent it's because of the nostalgia or the bias because people. Entrepot say Love Phil. I mean you know he's a great personality and I think that's exactly what it and they're. They're caught up in the fact that fourteen years ago, almost want it or should have won it. It's just insanity for we're talking fourteen years ago for all he had to do on eighteen is take a three would out and hit it right down the middle and he would have. Won The tournament easily but instead now he's gotta he hits a Hospitality Tent. Then he hits a trade then he puts it into the Roth than hits it into the bunker, and then he'd double bogeys and he any. It's one of the more crushing losses in the history of this event because it came on the last on the seventy second hole and a guy like him, who is this eluded? Him His entire career, right? Yeah. It's IT's tragic in its own way. So interestingly enough I was playing golf yesterday. Okay. So fine with our buddies joe winters and job Herrera and I and the conditions were dry yesterday and it was it was a little bit of breeze like fifteen maybe up to fifteen miles an hour, and if this is the way, it's GonNa be up at winged foot for. The next four days man, it is really going to be tough. So we obviously placed bets on who we think would win and I took Colin more cal. I think he's going to be the guy and he's a young guys got the length. He's got the Great Golf Swing. He's got the touch I just hope that the putting comes around and and he can keep himself out of trouble and. I figured that you know that would be a good bet. So of course, the other guys, one's gotTa Take Dustin Johnson other gotTa Take Jon Rahm. With, offers a world got saying sure what are they were they stupid with like it's to take some schlub down there in the middle we do have long shots. We each took a long shot. was you're a long shot? My longshot Tommy fleetwood. Okay. All right very good. Geo. Tiger Woods not a chance in. Hell. Let's go to the was he just on national TV that he was he was on kelly-kellyanne Ryan talking about fish yes. Talking about fish and everything yeah. He look good often flounders and stuff like that. Yeah. Joji from La Yeah. Let's go to Chris in Orange County are Orange Connecticut rather what's up Chris our you? Boom radio what's happening Chris? Last night I Dvr the episode you enjoy. Arguing about Adam gay search longtime jet thing. Got Season tickets. Since the theme open I gotTa. Watch my son every game and feel responsible for you know making him a fan of this team i. wish he changed. Just. Just take two instances last year, and this year know game against the bengals. Last year we came into the game you know rushing offense wasn't horrible but Cincinnati the worst rushing defense in the league and I, think we pay. We rushed me be fifteen or seventeen times attempts that game. Then we open up. Sunday with three straight. Path attempts or we have a wide receiver issue. I mean. You know you come into the season you trigger-happy on this guy? Well I would say that the most important thing for me as a coach of the jets is to get young quarterback going and I want to get him going I want to get easy completions I wanted to the game and you know Sam just played horribly. He was all over the place and I always talk about this and I think you would agree. With me that it is really about the poise in the pocket and we saw that from Daniel Jones on Monday night we did not see that from Sam Darnold on Sunday. He's got to calm down. He's got to refine his game and when the poise finally kicks in, you know he won't seem as erotic in frantic and inaccurate as he was on. Sunday. Mats Blue Point. What's going on good morning. Good morning guys who's going on what's happening what's up not too much. You know actually I got I know why all these guys who've been on Nicholson because I was the more on doing that last year. He's all over social media promoting self. You've got the fireside chat how he's lost fifty pounds how we look so much better that the best of his game. He did the same thing last year about one hundred dollars on him at the US Open gets cut after the first round. I think everyone wants to feel good story but I'm not going to be that dumb. Again I think we're GONNA get her when they see phil get cut again at around one well wouldn't be round WANNA be around to. But it would. It the thing about it is he does look great. I'M NOT GONNA say he doesn't and he played in his first ever super senior event after he missed the cut on one of the PGA tour events he went out there and he won that immediately but you know the the tour events this year or like pitch and Putt for these guys. This is a real test. This is going to be a monster of test. Like I keep saying the length, the narrow fairways the deep rough. The bunkering over there is is just diabolical and of course, the green diabolical bunkering. Oh. Yeah. You cannot bet with your heart that's the one thing that you have to learn, and this is why I think that you know people with these knockout pulls they don't WanNa take the team that. Plays the jets or giants, and then that ends up screwing them and stuff like dishes flushing money down the toilet. 'CAUSE YOU WANNA see Phil when a US Open in your bed with your heart you can't do that just too many. Too many good young players. I could there be a player that's outside the top twenty five win this I doubt it. Because seventy two holes under these conditions are going to be really really difficult and you gotta be on your game. You can't have. You have one blow up whole here. Forget it. You're screwed so. It'd be able to play seventy two holes around even par. Two to three over two, maybe two under par. If you're lucky I, that's where the score the winning score is going to be and depending on what the windows over the next couple of days it could even be higher than that so. This is I. Don't know to me. It's it's really what golf is all about this. This is really the preeminent golf course, a golf tournament and one of the preeminent golf courses. That come together and that's why I love the US Open at winged foot I love the golf course. It's hard as hell to play and it's a really great test for everybody but. If you can't hit it, you know two hundred, ninety yards off the tee man you're in trouble because this is going to be a long golf courses each the morning show with boomer Assias in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo Alan I are watching the documentary on Hbo called the Vowel did you See The vow episode four. Are you all caught up? I forgot it's DVR. All right. Well, thank God this past Sunday. Yes. No I didn't see it. Okay. All right I don't think there's anything in there that I'm going to talk about now going to ruin it. But I was thinking about this branding thing. and. You know how people when they lose fantasy football, they make their friends do something embarrassing. Imagine. Saying that if you came in last place in your fantasy football league that they would brand the initials of the person who won on You I think I could pull it off where I could convince the entire league. That's what we were doing to scare the hell out of them and then not actually do it but I think that that would be a tremendous and he can't really brand person's bed but I said but I really think that you can convince a group of people like in the newsroom like Pete Belotti and whoever else Billy Jack alone and maybe even Ceelo it's like like if you come in last place like. Whoever the winner, Ernie? Acosta. Whoever the winner is, you're gonNA, take those initials and we are going to brand them on you for the rest of time and I bet you that would be the people would believe it. They actually believe and you wouldn't have anybody slacking on playing players that aren't playing that week. Everyone might paying attention. Exactly. It would be the most focused fantasy football league in the history of time. But that's the thing that surprised me the most about this this whole Nixon. And we won't talk about it that much because I know boomers hasn't seen it but no matter what cult you're in. Or who you're following or what you believe in when someone heats up in iron with their initials on it and says that we have to burn your skin at that point you gotta be out you gotTa be out. It seems like they all say what happens is it's it's baby steps. So all of a sudden you didn't realize now you're all of a sudden about to get branded and everybody else is doing it. So you do it. It was baby steps that got you there when you come back on and now it seems ridiculous but the the incremental small steps May, I suppose with the brainwashing but like when I look at my Minnesota Vikings Tattoo I, feel like that's ridiculous. That's ridiculous thing I look at it on like I shouldn't have gotten this when I was eighteen if that were a brand. That's more than ridiculous. I mean that that is a level that I cannot believe that people get to I really cannot believe that they would follow some guy in Albany of all places some pervert in Albany who made some Kochta organization up that decided he was gonna brand his initials and somebody else's initials on you. So you could be in some sort of like crazy cult and people like you know what this is great for me I, really think. Personal growth taking steps forward. This is awesome. boomer said there fraternities you see you see the branding on NFL players well, they belong to the Megan's I. Believe it's the Omega sci-fi paternity that does that. And now, I know Emmett Smith had it. Yes. For seeing that watching the cowboy games right away guys guys end up getting it. Right I'm not. You know I don't want I don't WanNa get into the reasons why all those other things. But there's one thing I will say if in regards to this fantasy football idea that you have. Right you and your flunkies could do this because your flunkies would follow you off the face of the earth. Would walk them right to the edge of a cliff say flunky one go flunky to go flunky three go and they would all go there would follow you. So here's the thing. Imagine, you're in this with your buddies, your port buddies your guys in work at the garbage dumped the goddess the. Everybody. Sure. So now you go down to the last week and there's a game between the bottom two guys. DETERMINE WHO'S GONNA lose. This is going to have to be branded your guys brand whatever it is. June magin. Yes. Is would we doing and what that would do for you as like just total entertainment? Oh, it'd be unbelievable and then the wives would get involved. There's no way you're doing this. This is retarded you agree to this. All would be awesome. Think about how funny that would be and then in the end is like just kidding knocking? No, no no, you see this thing if you go in, you got to go all in. And you know maybe have to be a brand that's like a six inch eight inch brand maybe it's a two inch brand whatever it is. But you got. You and your buddies could do this I could see this. Yeah I mean I'm sure that they have like Tattoo stuff I'm sure that the. Losers get tattoos and writing been a brand is way worse. So here's a question for you and I don't know the answer to this because I haven't seen this and I don't know if anybody's answered this yet. So of course, gunners group does this and the loser and gunners group has to take an sat somewhere. Right. But now do even know are they going to have sat's did they did even have. This pastor I don't even know what about the region's. Tests that we take here in new. York. Are you having those two? We do even know about any of that and. Some of them are having them. Yeah. Because I know or is this group of kids just flying by the pandemic and using it as an excuse not to take these damn tests, they are taking tests. Now, there was a big chunk of time where they were in having testing, but I think testing is coming back but they are still talking about how colleges probably won't use those deter people coming in. So lucky. So lucky those kids who? Don't matter. So Mommy and daddy don't want them taking tests anyway. Kevin New Hampshire Kevin. What's happening? Hey what's going on guys? Geo It's there's nothing wrong with Brandon people. I've got a great story I. Went to Western Connecticut State University for a few semesters. Most of my friends were at the University of Connecticut. I'd go up there a lot of times and hang out with them but I also had a job. So one weekend I was up there. And I had to work the next day. So I didn't get all that. Tuned up or whatever, and the Game Bull Moose was kind of popular where if you call it anybody drinking out of their left hand, you bull Moose them, they have to Chug it and whatnot. So I was up there one weekend and they were all hammered and I was kind of keeping in check and someone came up with the idea of like getting like a tattoo or something for the Bull Moose Game I. mean this is. Drunk young testosterone stuff and then someone with like hey, why don't we brand each other and? Someone's like well. WHO's GonNa Brando I just try to sign like I'll do it and they're like how you GonNa do it. So we got like an old metal Hangar Bentiu into a B we turn the burner on the stove? In the four of them lined up one by one and I, just sizzled their shoulder. My buddy rich the next day he had to go to like whatever the clinic is or whatever else because it was inspected I mean he fell asleep unlike the sweat nasty. Like the wound was infected. So but the best part about it is is that. Our other friend Liu wasn't there that weekend he had went home for something i. think it was maybe like a christening or whatnot and he had a girlfriend and he married her so they've been together forever and The following week. We're all back up there and and I still have brandon. They've all got it and little gets just. I, mean, he is absolutely tuned up and long story short the next morning calls and he's like. Don't be mad but You know, and so it's a great story. They've all got it and ways. So you you don't have it. You branded all of your friends and somehow you got away with not getting the brand. NO BRAND OVER HERE Kevin you. You might be able to run your own cult what what what did he say sizzle by civil? Shoulder this'll shoulders. I love how starts off the goal? There's nothing wrong with branding people. Right sure let's go to troy. Troy, what's avenue man or what's going on guys I was GONNA call, but you brought up his brand team. So that guy is totally wrong. There's something. Wrong with branding people It was even when they did it to the cavs but at least there was some type of rash now behind. So you understand it but I always noticed the football players with the big branding scars and that's something that I feel is very weird because that goes a step further than than the. Tattoo and think about addicts somebody actually wants somebody lets you brandon you almost own that person do almost to tell them to do anything and they have to do that they. Literally. Have a mark on their body that almost makes you allow to claim them. So the whole thing is weird man, the whole brandon things we I don't get it I think these people should be put on a list and just to keep an eye on these guys future because the guy went on ahead of me, he's proven my point. These guys are not even smart enough to make everybody do it like this guy got over the other guys are walking around with a life score and this guy's On Them I. All say this that the Omega is that do they do it because it's a signature of brotherhood it's it's a ties them altogether for life. That's the way they look at it, and I'm sure there are other reasons behind it. But as I understand it from my former teammates say man, I'm Brandon for life with my brothers and that's the way they feel about it, and that's the way they go about their strong and they have strong feelings about that. Good for them. There's about doesn't bother me. Look at does not bother made it. It's their world what they want, and that's how they stay connected. That's the way I look at it. Going to billion Staten Island on billy. Hey. What's up guys on here for the? Fantasy football punishment that are alternatives from branding. Was Me and my me and my body do the bottom teams face off in the reverse super bowl. So we call it the toilet bowl, and what we do is this year, the League punishment that we decided on. Well, it was actually last season so we just finished it up. have. You guys ever seen the US pin the body issue photo? Yes. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Well, well, we need one of our bodies Full on calendar issues that. Come up and whether. It's different code. had. you know baseball swings tennis black. But my brother and my dad, it looks to be so. They actually have like some photos stuff so we get in the basement before we went downstairs. my buddy who will remain nameless made everyone put their phone in a box and there were no phones allowed and we had done professionally by one of us and Andrea Day in the corner while we were dressing, we had a his photo shoot. Count. Genius. A little more humiliating than branding, allow less painful. That's a great idea man that is a great. Genius. Let's go to Nick and pompton plains. It's going on Nick. What's going on? All right. Thank you. What's happening brother? I'm completely on board with this branding thing because I think it's hysterical I, mean as long as it's not you. But If you give if you give them options like all right, the loser can either get brandied or has to give the winner. Ten Grand, they might use the branding. Oh, probably, yes. Especially depends like where people are in their lives like this is like a bunch of twenty year olds like just out of college or something there's without a doubt. They'd rather get brand they just get drunk get brain is giving up ten. K.. and. Their choice no one made them do it. They chose it. I'd listen I I think I've even seen people who have branded their favorite teams like your biking. Tattoo on your calf. Known, it's my right arm your. Well. That's why you got to do some more Curls. But. The thing about it is I mean people have actually branded those. Logos onto their, bodies. Yeah, that's insanity. It's insanity by the way my one of my shots yesterday, the physical I got I got two shots yesterday. One of them went right into the Viking head. And she asked she goes. Is it okay if I put the shot right there that's where I normally do the shot I was like, yeah. Of course, not after their performance this weekend I want to do this to all vikings yeah right. Put all the. Yeah so you know the thing about it is when you think about this whole branding thing, it usually is something that. Is Tying people together you know and I'm talking about three hundred years ago I'm talking about now guys at, do it legitimately and WanNa do it and want to do it. You know to be a part of something. Yeah but I mean the branding that I opened up this conversation about had to do with a Colt and there were people that were brainwashed and these two people are running a cult were pretending like this brand was like mountains and a river or something but really, it was the initials of two people that they branded on these people unknowingly. So I mean that is a totally different type, but this isn't like a fraternity. Hey, we're going to be connected together me and you bro, Bros. for life. Like a different thing they. Some sort of sex cult. The sex you're talking about Nixon when they were doing this, you know was it a special ceremony? I I haven't seen that part of it yet. But yeah, I'm assuming. So they got to a certain level and then you know the branding would happen and then the people that were brainwashed. It's such a great experience to to have this happen to me and be a part of this special community. It's like people are not. You know we we wanted people running into the wall to show their. Their allegiant allegiance to us as a radio show I mean, we could basically asked the staff. You know if you love us and we want to see a boomer and Geo logo across your chest or something yeah. Do you think like? So we have a few part timers or I shouldn't he gets manning. We have certain guys who work on the show that don't do it fulltime like Fliegelman is a full time employee, but he's a part timer on this show and tell them that they would get a time job out of it. Yes so well. All right. So Fleet when does full-time? Zoom in does not have a fulltime job right yet I. Don't believe James Gra Chef Oh those are two guys who work on the show that don't have fulltime jobs yet if we said to them like Oh, Chris Lopresti same thing. So. Ceelo if we told you that you'd have a full-time job at wfan as an as an anchor, but you'd have to get the boomer and Geo logo branded on your body somewhere. Would you do it at this stage of my life I probably would because I don't think I don't think there's any other way for me to get into that exclusive club needs to be the boomer and Geo logo on the CBS sports network right now right above pictures. Swear clear. You could see that how big you think we could make that. Man What do you think? Like. Six inches by six inches. That's a little big little big free by threatened. Very big come. Yeah. Yeah, I would think more like three or four inches. Six would be a little much six would after only on a cheek or a back or stomach sixty, go from from CEELO's nipple the nipple. Chest. Man Wow that would ever feel that would hurt like food places where you could do it, where wouldn't hurt as much probably your, but I would think It. Would hurt like hell there but I would think your chest would hurt more than your. I would think they were they do it on this nexium stuck mentally they did it. In the front by the Groin area below yeah. I'd probably draw the line area. Yeah. Well. Gee, own okay. Yeah. It's a good way to describe it could earn. We're nobody's really seeing it unless you're having sex with the leader of the called right. Here you go which is. Something along those lines. Yeah. All right. So we know that right CEELO's in for the brand I wonder who else would do it. I. Wonder if that are zoom in or James Gra Sheff O., would be branded for a fulltime job at Wfan, but it's not just that. But I you know I know Bobby Dwyer would do it because they already did as stomach tattoo. Yeah he already. Trust though right I'm I'm I bet you bobby would not. I would. Imagine I'm telling you he would say listen I got the boomer Tattoo. That's enough I'm a father I. don't. I'M NOT GONNA get branded with the logo I would think bobby would say, no, watching him watching him get that Tattoo and go through all of that. The one thing about the branding, it would be so much quicker. It'd be like over before. You even knew it. Yeah. But him unit with Linger Man. It for that Tattoo on his stock was about four hours yet felt like a four hour show doing the show from s n y that day for whatever reason promoting the mets or something and he he was often another studio and it took. I think the the whole show maybe longer that was Tattoo Lou, right Tattoo. Tattoo Tattoo looted my tattoo and Ronkonkoma Tattoo Lou and Rococco did my Viking because that the same guy i. Got? Yeah, right? Yeah. Yeah. He's got the he's got a couple of places. He's got a franchise Lou. Oh i. I don't think Lou himself did my tattoo, but one of his underlings did my Viking did a hell of a job on bobby though. Did A beautiful job. It's got that place right there. That's gotta be painful where he got. That Message and they said the stomach is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo see. That's why I say he would get a brand. He said it took five and a half hours. Okay. We'll hear Gilead, on stomach tattoos coming up. Yeah. That's right. He's feed me. Yeah. Ask them as he would get a brand. Alright Bobby would you get a brand? I don't know what I'm saying in the chat because obviously didn't respond. Because I need to know this. Because if he's If he if he says, yes. I told you. I told you wouldn't get a you at all be it would be determined by how big the brand was and where you can put it. I guess you can put it anywhere. Right? I mean I don't think I don't WanNa see boomer and Geo by anybody's growing Yeah yeah that would be a little tough but what about? All right so you're talking about the Brotherhood, you understand why fraternities do it. Like, let's say I came to you dead serious. I was like listen I need you to brand our logo on you and I'll do it too. So we can be in this brotherhood and it means a lot to me because we need to be connected forever. Would you would you go ahead and do it? No. I didn't think so they you're trying to defend all these. Call guys these. Attorneys. Whatever they want do it doesn't impact me in any way shape or form they wanna do it then that's fine. But I also understand why they do it. I don't. You ever become blood brothers with any of your flunkies when you're growing up never did that did you ever do? With anybody did not do that Eddie. Strange. No Sir none of you guys ever did blood brothers with anybody now. I would see in the movies but no one ever did it that we knew. especially I grew up when there was aids man we weren't doing that stuff like I told you saw blood and he like when I was a kid I would be doing that like anytime you saw blood it was like, no, you gotta get away. So just. I don't think guys. My brothers with anybody. No Respect and you have. Yeah. Oh. That's you blood brothers. Frank Reich don't have talk about it. No. No. No Frankental I was in college the hell you. Remember. Just Shown off man you're. Nuts. With Anthony Cumia. No. Around that time though. What about? What about Captain Dave Anderson? No. Not Captain Dave Anderson No. Although he's a very good friend and an old friend. Yes. To, Syracuse it has the weird, thumb? Oh that Sprint Ziegler he and I hated each other all arrivals we hated each other in college until Sam Weiss decided to put us together the same year that we were drafted in one, thousand, nine, hundred, four and Cincinnati and training camp, and then we realized, Hey, we're pretty good guys. We have a lot of similarities like a lot of the same things. What about Scotty Hirsch of the Island Mermaid No? No no Scotty didn't play ball with me. But. Actually. The guy that the guys that I'm really blood brothers with I didn't play either is kind of a weird thing. But. They always came to the Games and always supported me you know. Trying to think trying to think who haven't met any of them you may have met them at a booming celebration or Or Two. Okay, the Silver Fox no, the Silver Fox now. This over Fox's told me by the way. Yeah I don't know like anybody else Josie now joe, not the silver those those those are older the. G. AND JOE DE. Eight. Age the, the short nee drink in Greenwich. Brooklyn guy no not him. The under armor dude can no not Kevin Plank? No. No. No I didn't know Kevin. When he was younger I didn't know him until he was Marilyn but he kept Champi. Nuts L. champion no sal was my you know somebody I looked up to he was in a friend he was a mentor. As the buddy you know it's got to be your buddies. Yeah no I know I just I can't think anybody else I mean I know a couple of highschool guys. I mentioned that it's still around yeah on long. Island I thought maybe but no. Man. So you and you're not going to reveal it no, and it's not something that you review I mean you could reveal that you've done that but it's not something I don't think it's I don't know if the other guys won't want that. They tell people? Oh, you think. So yeah of course they do from their business. is seriously the in their email signature. boomer go on the fan CBS sports radio DOT. com. boy each the morning show with boomer Asya in in. Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo are supposed to have CEELO here right. But we're very very late. So what we'll do is we'll get a truncated Lopresti update right now. Truncated Away Ceelo what's going on all right truncation big night for the Yankees this time around Kyle Higashi Ohka the star there is the one one a Hagey Swan and hidden in the air to left field that ball as high as far. As time he's in his second home run of the night i. Yoga the home run stroke up. And gooden Biggie with it. John. Sterling on the fan one of three homers on the night for Higashi Ohka DJ, you had to clinch frazier void deep as well. So seven total. So the x with six or more in back to back nights thirteen to pounding the, blue jays this time around here's Aaron Boone on his backup catcher great job behind the plate tonight and and and obviously. A night at the plate that he'll remember forever he also called Garrett Kohl's one, hundred, th career win seven innings of one run ball. took a no hitter into the sixth obviously a good night for his battery to. I think he's Good with his reads behind edition He. He's a great communicator. Yeah he's he's swinging Hans stick and so are the yanks as a whole maybe minus Aaron judge was for four with three KS in his return from the I. Always got some rust to knock off gleyber Torres also out of the lineup again, dealing with the Quad Issue Yanks. Now, seven games above five hundred with seven game. Win Streak the go for the three game sweep at Toronto Tonight Masahiro Tanaka posed by Chase Anderson pregame on the fan. At six, twenty, five, the mets fell behind four nothing saw Jacob degrom leave after two innings for the hamstring issues. They still rallied to beat the. Phillies at citizens bank five to four Andres Jimenez the go ahead RBI single in the night at Wendy as at the Save Jd Davis. The rearview is to get the mets back into it as for. Rahm. He was experiencing discomfort in the second. He talk with pitching coach Jeremy Hefner and Luiz Rojo's. Did Not. Return they called it a spasm. He says he I experienced in Buffalo against the Blue Jays felted in the bullpen that night but it went away this time around it did not. Did grab there. Because it was what I would start to go to the plate. So I felt like I wasn't able to really finish So I felt like the grabbed there and then I kept trying to push through it and I might ended up on something to his status now. For the next was gonna go through some tests. He got the rubber game tonight at seven Oh five Seth Lugo opposed by Air Nola no shock here. But Jed lowrie apparently, not gonNA play this season. So it'll be nine games over two years for him back to free agency this winter his mets tenure over before it ever really began the Yankees will sign him. And he'll put up DJ Lemay you type exactly. That would be quite a scene Christopher Johnson. Yesterday with the media says, Adam Gaze has a brilliant mind. He's got Johnson's confidence same for Sam Darnold one of the other quotes on gays quote he has a lot more in as head coach than some of our fans are giving him credit for. So stay tuned for what the jets have in store this week though they all they're all hearing everything there. How could you not as right? That's exactly right. So you got no Johnson audio unfortunately to play for you but we do have former jet Robbie Anderson relaxing on the panthers bench Sunday, he looks up at the video board sees the team Mascot, not entirely sure who or what it is. cervo Sir Perk. New Call. Sir and then his teammates pretty much ignored him and he looks off into the distance distance. If you ever follow Robbie on twitter, he's He's an interesting guy to say the least so. It was a bear initially, he said what's that bear doing and then he he kinda cooked they were like there and then he quickly said Panthers I guess kicked in that he realized it was the panther, but he wasn't up on the fact that they call them sir. which I would own either to be quite honest with you, but you don't play for them. But he's new he's new to the figure training camp. This year wasn't the same that probably know fans and mascots running around after practice right the I don't know I get traded to a team. The first thing you do is you. Learn about the team, the history, the team on the team the team's all about what they do in the community is pretty easy to do that. All you do is. Carolina Panthers. I think as long as he's still keeps catching seventy five yard touchdown passes. Yeah I'm sure you guys disgusted least Brett farve comments on Bruce. Arians probably on yesterday show. Got the, audio of that, and then Arians reaction. These are not very long. So here is far I'm not a fan of ARYANS calling out his new quarterback, Tom Brady after Sunday's loss of ethnic. The last person you want to call out the first game of the year is Tom Brady, and then he goes on to say and admit maybe they had a preseason behind the scenes agreement as far as that goes. Hey. We'll be hard on you. Guys to know that we're gonNA treat you the same even though technically I'm not. So you're okay with if they have that truce right if not. I you barking up the wrong tree, and of course, this gets back to Arians at his press conference yesterday. No surprise. He's not too worried about it. I don't really care what other people think. So it's just what he and I think. We stadium, we showed up today five. Nothing to talk about and like boomer says this everybody remember it's one game. Everybody's the chill out. That was amused when they handed us as the body trophy in in in July but Yeah IT'S A. It's part of the business. You know you go with it and We win a few games are over baby back on the bandwagon. Happy. So it's part of the game maybe I'll back on the bandwagon I. Know He was a little down on the box there in week one told me on the more on the warm-up he's sticking with them, but they've obviously got some. Bounce back from week one and they will play the panthers coming up on Sharper Assyrians is happy to hear that. AL, Dukes staying on the bandwagon. You're. Says who said, what what Mood Dukes? What does a warm a warm up? I don't really care what he thinks on show. All right I do have the Zeke Elliott I'll get it for you next hour since we're short on time bengals Brown's Thursday night football will follow the Yankees here on the fan he got six twenty, five coverage for the Yanks will join the bengals and the browns in progress, and we also look ahead to the islanders and the lightning game six tonight at eight o'clock each the morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg Giannotti Boomerang Z.? O. So I get physical. They take blood, they do the urine test get a flu shot also got pneumonia shot. She recommended his emotions, take the money shot. You're an matic, take the minimum known shot. You do one of those and apparently don't have to get another one until you're sixty five years old so I was like. All right yes. Sure. Let's go bring it on pneumonia shot and I'm one of those guys like you know whatever the shot is I'll take which is probably not smart like when people say, Oh, I won't take the coronavirus vaccine. I'll gargle that back not an anti back person now. Get the vaccination let's Come on you could they could have planted a chip in me yesterday I wouldn't even care just whatever you send me vaccine in the mail and say this works and I would I would down right down the hatch But anyway so this was the interesting part of it. I don't know the last time. You guys got your the full physical but. Know. The last few years they didn't do the doctor didn't do the. Secular. Portion. Erica right. So I I thought that that was like over right I thought we're not doing anymore. It's great. You know. But this time she gave me the option. Would you like your testicles checked And I said. Now all right. Actually I'M GONNA pass I'll do the self examination. As opposed to having this awkward moment that I always dreaded. Now. I've read up on the self examination to see what you're looking for for the testicular cancer and I feel like I know. But then when I left there, I said to myself. This might not have been the smartest thing because I'm not the doctor and I should have just gone with the awkward moment of getting the testicles checked. So do I now go back and say I got I I. Need to make an appointment to get my testicles rolled around. By. The doctor or do I just let it go and read up on it on my own and see how I could do the self check. 'cause you should be checking yourself for that because I'm in that age like you know what you gotTa do is. Ever had a pair of Ben Wa balls in your hands. Sure. Yeah. Of course you gotTA. Do you gotTa Bend Ma Ball yourself and just feel around and and check up and make sure things are good. So you guys still get the testicle checks when you get. One then Yup. Interesting. It's not invasive. Ride is not the prostate that's very invasive that I will not do anymore. You have back in fact, I haven't gone for a physical probably three years really yeah. Because who the last time I went and they did the prostate check. I had. My how do I say this properly but I was having like spasms in your specter yeah. Specter's a medical terms, so we could use it. Right blame it on the trauma that my body felt like it went through. But you also had that that Mesh thing to right well, I have a Hernia Mesh is yeah. But here's the problem. My Dad had prostate cancer. You GotTa get do it. On man but I feel like the blood test I and if that looks out of the ordinary. You know what we're on the same wavelength there but. If your father has had prostate cancer. They don't count that. You've got to go in for the digital the digital part. They say, we also have to have the occupier your age as well that I don't mind. That's not invasive. I'm asleep. All good. Vase if you're just not aware aware of it, right Right how did you make it through your fasting yesterday was everything okay. Yeah. It was. It was okay. Yeah. What I should have done though was they took the blood right away I should have brought a snack with me because then I was waiting for the doctor to come in and do the rest of the stuff and that's that's where I blew it but I did I did make it through. But that's the thing that I agree with Allen it's like they took all the blood they took all the lots of blood they're going to check for everything if something comes abnormal there, then you can do whatever you need to do to me at that point that point I'm an open book. Do. You want to go in anywhere check anything out just let me know available. But. But right now, it seems a little like a you know thank you for the testicular check. I'll I could do it on my own and I did I came home and I said maybe I'm doing. Feel good. Feel the same as they've always felt right which is which I mean but would the thing those freaking me out the would I be able to detect anything? Like. Would it be obvious to me? That something was awry down there where a doctor would know we got something here. Well, since those things have been hanging around since you've been born I would think that you would notice if there was something. About with them that's another point that went through my head who knows their testicles better than me like nobody like nobody's going to be able to know my testicles better than I know my testicles could be someone in your life that has a understanding of what even. But even then even then I mean this is we're talking thirty eight years as opposed to ten years to different different than Quinton. Yeah exactly something wrong. In. That area you know you would probably be aware of it. Sure I would. I would formity of some sort if there was some pain or some. Yeah. On comfortable feeling down there pressure or something like that. You would know that I would think. So yeah and I don I feel for the most part fine. I don't have any pain anywhere something and I'm all right I, don't need I don't need this moment I don't I don't. You know even as quick as it is I don't. I'm not in the mood today. Talking about it though that that makes you feel like you may have not done the right thing. You're right. You've nailed me. You know me well enough to realize that even though saying that this is the way I feel confident about the way the handle things that I still there is doubt in my mind there is no doubt that there is there is doubt I also got dacoven. Antibody test as well. So I found out about that. There's no way I would be shocked if I had it totally shocked but it also who knows if I was still had them from if I got sick, it would have been back in March. So I don't know I'm interested to hear that Mazar just go in for complete oil change. That's what it sounds like. Yeah, I was thinking about. Doing a colonoscopy to even at age thirty eight like if they knock you out why not right? Whatever who cares right if? Well, you'll be all right. You seem to be all right if you've lost some weight. Nice coloring. Coloring Yeah Yeah well, that won't last for very or not bloodshot. They're fine. You look good although I have been eating a lot in today's going to be a day to so every year I do this. It's the Fuego, golf tournament where they raise money for Camp Aquatic I've told you about that way a studio thing it's over Bell Poor, country club, and they have they are actually doing it this year even cove and everything's outside they're going to have the tournament, but they still have all this food. So every hole is like the the Zeppelin hole and then they have the pizza hole and then they have the fricking seafood hole in the sandwich whole. So I me I, don't golf. So what they do is they put me in a golf cart and then I stop at all of these places and eat and I just I gorge myself. Okay. So you got to. Be beautiful sounds like a great day. But unlike worried I'm like I'm just going off the deep end now. As overeat the eaten yesterday the last night eight out today I am going to be popping Zeppelin's like they're going out of style. So I gotTa Watch. Myself. I watch myself man. You'll be a i. Let's just a quick call Jane Manhattan. What's up? Hey boomer. What's going on? I. I wanted to ask, you won't be 'cause I misunderstood Jewish she doubted early this morning you feel mentioned about you know the again talking about I'm GonNa Check Fan but anyway. CONES GONNA take over and you said that once cone comes in, you know he's a clean house and what was the thing that called me specifically was said, Oh online I haven't really looked up to if you've got a double standard because only play has coach sixty games a third of a season and you're saying. Not. Nervous but. Pass for only fifty eight. So what standard there there's there's no double standard one has a a history as an experienced coach and has won a super bowl. In the NFL and the other one basically came out of nowhere and was the second choice. and. Quite frankly the team is playing I. Just don't necessarily they may like Louis Rojo's they may say respect them, but they certainly don't play like it. Yeah, I mean. It is a lot different because of how Louise Rojo Scott the job I mean this now Adam Gates has a lot to prove a jets head coach, but he did coach a team in the NFL before this. He was a coordinator in the NFL. You know, Louise Ross was a guy was a minor league manager knows the clubhouse knows all these guys in his own respected dude grew up in baseball but? It is a little if there's now he was also hard because they didn't spend a lot of money on them and you know this that is all going to end. That is ending in November and now it's going to be. There's going to be a guy in charge is going to take over and he's going to be putting his foot down and he is going to want the top people in the business to run his baseball team. All right. So who are those guys? I don't know I don't know who those guys. All right now I'm just taking and by the way when I say Clean House, not just Luiz. Ross it's also produce open wagon and everybody else. But where did I see that Omar Maniaci because this guy brought up I made me think about Steve Cohen Naive froze their friends. You know obviously Steve. Cohen has been a minority partner in silent partner in the mets for years. So he obviously knows all these people and I of. For All whatever we think of Omar. mnay he'd actually did it pretty damn good job when they were able. To and you say, okay, put your three, four, five and Le Let's look at three four and five I wanNA have six, seven eight options and when you look at number one and number one can go with anybody I number two you can't really say we have a number two. So now what I'm saying is three, four five. If we get those guys to give us just were able to be able to give us think we should be okay based. A Great Baseball Guy he knows baseball. He knows players knows how to get the best players and he also spent a lot of money on the team you know and it it didn't work out they collapsed in two thousand, seven of course, and then came the made off stop and everything else, and then Sandy Alderson took over but Omar Monnaie knows baseball knows obviously Dominican Baseball Latino. And he'll. He will remain I believe will remain involved in the mets in some capacity. You know what's crazy about that whole Omar thing is I actually understand what he's saying. Believe. It or not. But we all did in that clip I actually understand like e is convoluted in crazy and all over the place as it is I actually understand what? I don't regret I don't regret saying I mean I regret saying what you know what I'm saying I mean I by the things that I say but I I don't regret I. Regret saying in that forum that was not the proper form to say, yeah, that one took me a while but I. That he understood what he was saying there when he was saying what he was saying about and talking about what how he said it when he said I totally got a solid team specialist at specialist. A guy was a specialist in the area. Edited out to make that not make sense. Lean. Those are clean. You don't have to edit anything out. Yes. It is. How one hundred percent that regret one is not clean I hear an edited it at the very. All right. Let's hear it again. Let me hear the regret one here. Well, no, I. Don't regret I. Don't regret saying I mean I regret saying you know what I'm saying I mean I I stand by the things that say, but I I I don't regret. I regret saying in that forum that was not the proper form to say Dan they. Just, took out somebody you know interjecting 'cause that was in a press conference. So I probably just eliminated it sounded like to me the person who is answering or asking the question was trying to help him answer the question. Probably just. Give you a hand just get to the point that you're trying to make but I. I totally under I always understood what he was saying. Hey guys the man I love hope he sticks around York. Always loved them. Keep him around. Yeah. In some way shape or form each the morning show with boomer Esiason. Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo know do root for negativity in certain places. There's no doubt about it. I want to see things fail. I. WanNa see certain organizations burned to the ground and the Cleveland browns are one of those teams I have no respect for them. The way that they are run the players on the team that decisions have been made that goofball owner that is out there who just hires and fires. People. It's a annual thing that he has to do i. do like Kevin Stansky who's out there I don't want to knock him, but he's just going to be another long line of is who had a brain prior to getting a check from the Cleveland Browns, and then somehow it evaporated because everybody that goes there just loses football sense or talent or anything So tonight, I really do believe that there is a chance that this thing blows off on an epic level when I know that the bengals did not win on Sunday, I, know the whole situation with the kicker. But I watched Joe Borough play and I watched how impressive he was and I remember the Bengals. Last year even only only won a game that they were a feisty bunch that we're in a lot of games and the browns are just a mess the quarterbacks of Mass Odell Beckham. Junior's a mess I mean the defense just got shredded albeit by one of the best teams in the NFL and the reigning MVP, but I mean to sit here and think that the browns in a home game right and not anything's really a home game these days with the lack of. Fans are no fans at all but the browns are almost touchdown favourite tonight they don't deserve that at all. So I just I hope that this is like a not only a bengals sweeping I victory. I hope that the Bengals beat the browns something like twenty four to six. Odell. Beckham junior has a meltdown leaves the field early for fluids and then never comes back. Baker Mayfield gets benched for case, keenum Jarvis Landry retires during the game like I'm just I am rooting for a full blown browned meltdown tonight in front of the country who is watching Thursday night football. You know it would kind of surprises me because you know Kevin's the fancy came from your Minnesota Vikings. He had been there for I twelve fifteen years whatever it was and I would think that you would be rooting for him to get the thing turned around and I never never met the guy don't know much about also local guy too by the way he's a great guy. So here's the thing You know it's a short week and a rookie quarterback and I know Joe did some really good things against the chargers last week he also did some rookie things. That make you scratch your head, but he brought his team back in place to at least tie game and put it into overtime, and then the kicker who's got to calf polls I. Guess. And Bengal them. Basically screws the whole thing up I think it's a tall order to ask a young quarterback. On a short week to come back and play better than he did last week. So I'm rooting for the Bengals I'd like to see them win and I like to see them become more of a relevant team and I think ultimately, he will do that for them but there's all the pressure in the world. Tonight is on Baker Mayfield. All of it every single ounce of it is on him because this is his third year and much like Sam Darnold here much like Josh Allen up in Buffalo. Poor Josh Rosen who is in the quarterback you know grinder in the NFL these guys you know they need to make a name for themselves I think Josh Allen is done that but Lamar Jackson is so far ahead of both Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. It's not even funny. That's why every time they step on the field is going to be an enormous amount of pressure on those quarterbacks the play better and I suspect that Baker will play better tonight. Yeah. I mean there's a chance because that team still has a lot of talent on offense and maybe take a new coach in without the training camp of the things that you mentioned maybe takes a week, but it is still a short week for them to So I don't know I just I just think this is another group in Cleveland that is destined for failure and it's only a matter of time and whether it's going to happen quickly or it's going to happen over the course of this season where they fall short again and go six and ten or seven and nine, and then things are going to change and then old L. rumors already happened. This past week and Mike through that out on twitter about ells getting shopped at who the hell knows if it's true or not but I mean, they're just it's it's. For a blow up it, just it always use them thing if let's say. Glue Rounds Get off to an own five start. Could you see them start trying to move some of these pieces? Of course you can. So sure it's easy to say, yeah, he's on the trading block and then five weeks from now he gets traded. See I told you so. So it all depends on how in this game that they're expected to win. The spread tells you that I'm sure there fans are expecting that and that's why I was telling you the pressure in this game. The pressure point in this game is squarely on the shoulders of one Baker Mayfield. They'd like to see the Baker Mayfield they came in against the jets his rookie year Oh. Sure. Yeah. That guy and the time right and by the way today is Patrick mahomes birthday. It's his. Yes. Oh, wow. That's what my I did with the CBS sports minute but I do want to wish him a very happy birthday today and how about the Games he has played in September. Okay. So he is eight nine games in September, he averages three hundred and twenty seven yards per game. He's twenty six touchdowns and no interceptions in the month of September, and he's got twenty five yards or more when it comes to pass completions twenty nine of them in September. And they play the chargers this week. Oh. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, I, think I'm leaning chargers with either one or two of my not I mean. So chiefs with one or two of my knockout picks I think I have to the after and then you know anybody arguing all. Chiefs on the road who cares it's a building that the chargers have never played in their the second class citizen in that building in no fans don't give me home team my ass the chiefs own the NFL for crying. That's right. Yeah. That's exactly right. So who had a game in your mind or more important game in your mind over this past weekend was a gardener Minhsiu who went nineteen of twenty for three touchdown passes and no interceptions ninety five percent completion. Russell Wilson who won thirty one of thirty, five for three, hundred, twenty, two yards and four touchdowns and no interceptions edit eighty percent completion percentage. That's an interesting one because these two teams going in different directions I mean Russell Wilson could win an MVP team could go the super bowl. Gardner Menchu could screw this whole thing up for the Jaguars. And end up playing just well enough that gets him out of the first pick overall where Trevor Lawrence is going to be and by the way thinking of that. So there are let's see definitely the Jaguars would take a quarterback. And there's another one in there. Another bad team one, hundred percent would take a quarterback when I was looking at the the mock drafts and all this stuff where teams could end up I know it's so early in the process but the point is that the jets could be in a situation if they are as terrible as we think that they may be that the jets could be in a situation where there ahead of these teams and all right, I'll find you this mock draft. Here we go. And the the Carolina Panthers or the other one. Well, they just say Teddy Bridgewater to big contract but they you know they would still draft a quarterback they would draft Trevor Lawrence. If he were there, I would think for sure Teddy Bridgewater I mean listen if you plays well and that's great and everything but I don't think he's going to be the guy who's there for five years and more like a transition quarterback, but think about this. So the other teams surrounding the jets, it could be really bad. The bengals just drafted Joe Borough the dolphins just drafted to the the Washington football team they've got Twain Haskins. The giants have Daniel Jones. Maybe the Lions, the lions will be pretty good. Won't be in the top ten they could look quarterback but really get if jets are worse than the Jaguars in the panthers. They could be in a position where Trevor Lawrence is there for that really could be. So that's. But, that's another reason why that's another reason why for Cleveland and well for their Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold, it is important for them the play well to win games so they don't those teams don't have that. That decision you know Justin feels from Ohio state will be another one that will be at the top of the draft most likely as well. So these these two players need to play better need to play more careful not give the ball up be more accurate and calmed down. So they don't put their teams in a position where they're going to have to make that decision. To Bruno in New Jersey. What's up Bruno? Hey, good morning guys long time just wanted to call real quick three bullet points first bullet point giants, Fan Sean off please we're rebuilding right now I'm like I can't even watch a game without having a heart attack just like listening to some of my friends. Let cost bringing you back like come on. It's rebuilding point number two JOE Beningo. Eighty years already been a jets fan. Follow another team already I'm tired of listening to your show the crying, and then you've talked about boomer unnecessary and number three Greg. To years in the making that two years ago, you you're Kinda. Kinda swapped my profession in the face by saying was fake. Guys. Talking about Brandon. I got I got a little off a little things for Greg. Greg is man enough to come step into the ring with me. The meadowlands monster gave one show flip. Top. Tells me that it's safe. I'll let you I'll let. Brandy with the logo. Hold on a second Bruno you're the meadowlands monster, which is awesome and I love you sound like you're a guy could cut a promo, which is great. I don't really remember talking so much about the the wrestling stuff in a disparaging way I said, I'm not a fan but I also respect those who are and I also have talked about when I was younger I was into like the whole cogan ultimate warrior stuff but but yeah, I, understand how physical I understand physical it. Super Bowl Minnesota he was sitting in the singing with boomer boomer was often your money to run naked through the mall. And you brought up the fact that you know it's fake and you said Ronda Rousey doing a fake moon saw because it's fake to do it moon. So. I don't know what Bruno I got a great memory and I appreciate your listening as much as you have. But I can guarantee you that moon salt has never come out of my mouth until two seconds ago when I sat for the first time. You. Know We. We saw TASR here every day too by the way. So we're going to say anything that was going to be disparaging against that particular. Industry Right. Here's the thing and I, and I would admit with Bruno because I was. Close friends with. Brian. pullman flying Bryan, who's no longer with us what I watch Brian Pitman do in terms of he was more like a stunt actor. You know what? I'm saying right off the top of the ropes and just have total disregard for his body in trying to entertain the people who came to see him in the wrestling match. What we are saying is that the wrestling matches decided before they even step into the ring. We know who's winning everybody knows that yeah. Yeah. We know that it's scripted but no, the physicality of it is right or real. Trying to enter tangible, it's one hundred percent is then we all know that and by the way our show we put on Becky Lynch right and she also came in with another wrestler who had wanted Wrestlemainia that day that I can't remember. His name right, Kingston Oh. That's right. Yes. Kofi Kingston also came in with Becky Lynch. We'll said Ramos Cheerio on the show. We also had let's see. The big show I believe came in Roman reigns came in we had Roman reigns. So think about all the the guys that we have a welcomed into the studio and we have interviewed them who are out sargent slaughter came in I remember and put Cobra Clot Yeah Yeah and then I'll do We have count very covert the camel camera. Your copay. So. So yes. So this is I mean, think about all the respect we have paid to the great in wrestling current and in the past so. But Yeah I mean if we talk about scripted, we all know that that's the case come on everybody knows that but I could not get into a wrestling ring no way and I'm not not claiming that I could I definitely did not say a moon salt was fake because. Moon salt is. No idea. All right boomer and Geo on the fan CBS sports network in radio. Dot. com each the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Nadi, boomer, and Geo. Now being followed by the meadowlands monster on twitter. Disguise no joke. The guy just called up and he's yelling at me because I apparently he thought I said that Ronda Rousey is moon salt was fake or something back in twenty eighteen, which is not a call I expected to get today. But yeah, this guy does not look like he's messing around meadowlands monster. He's a big Dude I. Don't want to I. Don't want to grapple with this guy just like Tasr. Right, towns was another one did not want to mess with him. I kinda missing and tasanlar young. Used to sit by himself. Yes. He was never in the presence of another person in the less he was in the studio. With Moose so he was either sitting in his car outside by himself or he was in a different section of the newsroom from his producer and Co host. So He So he was in quarantine before anybody else. He wasn't originally like that, but then he got Yeah and you know the whole. Christmas party. Christmas all parties. I just have no interest in this companies party. Not Whatsoever, I shouldn't even hold one. I missed that. Moose. Okay. All right I Gotcha I gotcha? I saw tasr. He posted a video I guess he's doing impact. What is the name of the thing he's doing now? A. E W. wrestling which is totally real totally real and respectful. Eighty W I watch post to clip. It's just so funny like him he was he's managing some guy or something and he's talking smack and it's just it's the greatest. The greatest when you see him in his element, like that does a great job. Of. What what brings it all together is the accent. Oh Yeah it is. It is parties. Yes. Right. I'm not against Christmas parties. You kissed this company's Christmas. Rather. I would rather take a rusty nail. Sticking in the back of my my hamstring. Deep and go get a tattoo shop and have them fill it poss-. Come out of it from the from the rancid now. Party. Oh. No. I'M GONNA be. I'm going. I'm going to a bunch of Christmas potus Moose. I. Not here, just not here I have a family party. My Wife's family party I have I have my girlfriend's Biparti Resi friends we all get together have Christmas parties now Michael Gay w Christie Party. I might go up to Connecticut by. Christmas party. Just. This Christmas Party Dickie. Liked working here. Boy Man Yeah that I remember that getting around. Why Tasso upset of at the Christmas party you. Go ask them not speaking for that man if I If I remember correctly before entercom took over, we never had a Christmas party. Christmas party they turned out to be good. No Easter Christmas parties in the hallway. Ginger. Ales is a couple of Kansas Schweppes in the kitchen. If you'd like to. Get one in some goldfish. And this year, we'll have to see if the great lawn is available to a Christmas party. Some space heaters. There may be one or two RC Cola left. And some checks mix. If you WANNA grab a handful and get a drink, it's potluck so. Bring. All right. But then the last two Christmas parties have been tremendous. Have a great. Yes. So much fun. You remember that lasted how crowded it was. Always It was hot. Got Hot. That one, but it's because everybody wanted to show up. That's the difference like people use the not Wanna go the Christmas right everybody wanted to show up while the. First year, it was great. Now, if we had last year's Christmas party this year, it'd be like a Kobe Mary. God it would be like we were in Tuscaloosa. You got a lot of party. Yeah. Got A lot pictures being taken to. You had to get out of there. and. Then we went to some restaurant after that and we had a ball the PAT boyle thing. They're right here. That's right a conversation. With Patty be. He's still working here that Pat Boyle is yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So far as I thought I saw him not long ago. Is. He still acting at Turner Z. Kinda doing what needs to. Do. Eddie was out and there was different people helping boomer in the morning with sports medicine things there have been a few times where he's board op the segment of the warm up show. Oil Yeah he's very been very professional. Good. Good to hear I'm WFAN'S OIL On the star of Wfan Wfan half oil hey, I'm the star. What kid well good to hear that he's doing guy scared and Gregory Yeah I know but you gotta you gotTa give him credit. Had the aggressiveness to go out and try to do something and become something. Without a doubt then he came on with you guys played the played the part. That was good. Did he absolutely did but he still slept on boomers couch and then left him a note saying thanks for hospitality and I grabbed a beer. Way It on Jerry recco because Jerry recco left the door open to my office. Yeah. It was the way he said like, I guess he saw again Guinness boomer had in the thing like. Great choice with Guinness. There's something. Nice bleeping Guinness I. Actually in the note yes. Yeah, man. Falls on that guy weeks. Fans. Foil. Alright CEELO got an update what's going on? Hey. Oh brought to you by winters rose waste systems creating a cleaner and greener long island to learn more visit winters brose dot com. Luke. voight leads the majors home runs and that actually got lost in the shuffle last not at the stadium. And the pitches swan a high fly to let Gurriel back. He's on the track that ball. Is Gone another home run for the yanks another home run for void that was hit as high as it went far. Wow John Sterling here on the fan of Moonshot one of seven Yankee homers last night TJ Lemay with two of them Kyle. Higashio ahead three nearly four long fly out and other at that thirteen to two rob the blue jays clint frazier also went deep. Here he is on Gosh yoke is surprising big night. It's it's really cool moment for him We mentioned the other day that he was gonna cut his hair because he didn't have a home run with long hair yet and I guess the haircut paid off because he got three tonight he also called Garrett Cole is one hundred th career win seven innings of one run ball took a no hitter into the sixth another good outing for one of Aaron Boone starters. I just think he's doing a really good job of of using his four pitch mix and and I think that's been a story line for. Really a lot of our stars right now as they find their stride at the right time. So are the Yanks has a whole seven straight wins now twenty, eight and twenty one they'll go for the three game sweep of Toronto Tonight laboratories. Again, in this one, he has the quad issue and boom which just playing it safe. I just felt like you know Hennequin solve train staff and everything just one more day is best to make sure this doesn't become an issue forest and Giancarlo Stanton. Ever, interviewed Aaron Boone that's how we have to do it. Through, like yeah. So So Aaron, tell us. About. Giancarlo Stanton. Situation. He would probably pick up on her right away though because he's freshness. He's in a Persian guy. Yeah Yeah. Giancarlo Stanton Hidden. CEELO's pregnant pauses. So Times man I hope to look up to see if you're still alive well, you know. I have to check in on zoom and see if you're like still in the midst of what you want to say, you know as boomers pointed our not altogether. So gets a little awkward sometimes that's alright. Life goes on. So Stanton out of the lineup after returning from the I. L. Tuesday part of the plan to eat him back in hill obviously mostly be DHL perhaps exclusively. So what's he doing to make sure he avoids another injury? New a new warm up new mid game routine if certain. Things happen in the game go Carlos Stanton. Ninety. Minutes between at bats are running the basis as he tries to avoid those soft tissue injuries. Tonight, you got Masahiro Tanaka and Chase Anderson pregame on the fan at six, twenty five, the mets come from behind to beat the phillies at citizens. Bank. Five to four hundred Jimenez the go ahead RBI single in the ninth jd. Davis with a homer in three is the story out of this one though Jacob degrom departing after two winnings, forty pitches and not three earned runs as he was. Dealing with a bit of a hamstring issue, they called it a spasm and last night apparently wasn't the first time. He experienced it I felt in buffalo and it went away You know I felt in the bullpen there, and then here warming up I thought, okay first inning I mentioned something a chick yesterday this thing starting to grab a little more than what it did last time. So they got him out of there after the second as a precaution, he was gonNA undergo some tests, his status TD's farces next starts go. rubber game tonight, seven five-set Lugo opposed by Aaron Noah jets owner Christopher Johnson with the public support for both Adam gays and Sam darnold yesterday calling gays again a brilliant mind offensively and that he's got Johnson's confidence seem for darnold feels he's GonNa show that he's going to be a good quarterback in the league. We'll see how that plays out for Sunday's home opener with the niners. San. Francisco off the season opening home loss to the cardinals at left hall of Famer Jerry, Rice pretty angry. We heard from earlier didn't like seeing. Some of the players dancing during breaks in the action with music playing in the stadium especially those who hadn't done anything in the game. If you WanNa Dan, you want to be a dancer are do whatever you should be wearing that uniform. You've got to be productive you got to contribute to the team, and if you can't do that, go do something else that pissed me all matters are not about that. That's from ninety, five, seven, the game in the Bay area says you've got to walk the walk if you're going to dance the. Now. You score touchdown you could do whatever you want it. You could break I don't care. But if you're dancing in and you have a catch all, you haven't done anything on the football field I have a problem with wasn't he the champion of the first dancing with the stars that IV? Thought of every time he said dance when I was listening right so he would know when to dance when not the dance exactly right and he didn't dance when he scored a touchdown in the NFL. By the way, he might have thrown a spike or to down but I think also flipped the ball to the official or made have thrown into the stands to it wasn't like that. Hold part of the show Cinco stuff in the Terrell Owens stuff he'd never did any of that stuff now and I don't know of someone on the niners said this after the game Sunday or just a general. From Rice but it doesn't want to hear anything from home teams who were playing without fans in the stands. These are paid professionals. We can't use that. Asked him next skews yes. We love the fans we love for the fans in the stands. But when there's an opponent on the other side, we got to go to battle in that. I'll tell you what the Shannon's got to get him in their locker room at some point. This is a is a weekly spot that he does he paid for this. Sounds like someone got him listen. Jerry. Were really boring. Last year said nothing you got to criticize the team at some point stop kissing ask because really we're GONNA lose this weekly spot. If you don't give some sort of criticism came in and did this whole like you know dance classic like football, Guy Stuff. Them. On a nice clear phone line as well like you. He's probably calling it on a cellphone from his car. So he's got him in line now. By the way. So our Guy Mike Tomlin talking about some of the steeler injuries I don't know Jerry, how this or referenced it but did you see his phrasing for James Connor and Stephan was a light on forum tremendous the motel six I love him so much. He asks us that before. That was the first time. I've ever heard that one C G you're all. The hostages quotes. Hostage around and stuff like that. That's a long. He's great. All right. Here's Zeke Elliott. Little you guys did on branding and the tattoos earlier and whatnot. So, he gets this. Stomach Tattoo that I'm sure many people saw on Sunday night against the rams. So I guess this was the first chance for the media to kind of catch up with him on zoom president and ask him about it. Yeah. At this point my mom's like she's getting mad forgetting tattoos of summing. Save now she's coming. She's coming around 'til between Zeke's creepy laugh and the person on the. Call is. Not sure. What's going on there? I hate that stuff like I hate that. You know it's like this is not funny but we're GONNA pretend that it's funny. It's like here's a light moment at the end of just like enough nobody thinks it's why are you laughing? It's not it's nothing about this. Funny nothing reason I played it is because of the awkward laughs. Come as no surprise. But of course, since he's in the midst of getting this thing done this quite massive he comes to find out it doesn't feel too good. Prepared for. The next day I had to we went through it back and it was all swollen and puffy and it was awful but Don't ally go to pay him for but. ha ha ha. Ha Ha. I would ask them everything about how stupid you're GONNA look at eighty years old. His half t someone it literally is feeding him. Oh, Eddie for the win Nice. Tremendous. bengals Brown's Thursday night football joined in progress here on the fan following the Yanks boomer I was asking Eddie if he heard your sports minutes recorded this morning I was like, please tell me he did the birthday. Shout out the Mahomes because that was phil felt like a lock to me but. I have my I have my mahomes yeah. Right here. Very important to have this right here. Fudgy the whale to the chiefs facility today you know what? He could send Fudgy a well to himself over the next five hundred. Years. Moines very good point. I'll see the islanders ferret tonight. In Edmonton, they need another wind force game seven with Tampa Bay. They'll get that one started a little bit after eight. o'clock us open is often running from winged foot. You had a couple of early par saves from Tiger Woods though he did a bogey on I believe four. So he is off to a decent start I guess when you take the course into play, how about an amateur leading the way right now David. Thomson is three under through eight. He's got the lead at the moment rory mcilroy off to a good start two, hundred, thirty, six, just one shot back. Let's get a moment of the day. Now brought to you buy resorts, world catskills featuring live table, games, and sports book three, sixty resorts, world catskills, they're open COMPLA-. And I know he's been doing it this season but Gio adding to his repertoire, this Garrett Cole impersonation, which is very much on point. All I think he's just so engaged. I think he prepares you know just kind of like everybody else here but I mean. It seems to be a common theme with good players. It's. Prepared when they go in so I guess all those not like Super Lazy like that other guy who catches and then strike out actually gives them a chance like battle at the plate and is focused and isn't like. Looking at the butterflies out there letting balls go pass them should never go past them. You know stuff like that that you appreciate a little things like boomer said at one point you couldn't quite tell if it was Geo Garrett Cole. So he's doing a nice job with no hates Gary Sanchez you know, Garrett. Cole the way that he secretly hates Gary Sanchez, so they tim to like heap. solicited. Praise on. No I don't think force them to do that. I think that he just knows that he has to do that because he's smart because he realizes that in. A guy like that and him being on different pages could be story. So you wanted to squash it because he's he's smart like that but you know he's Like he's calling up his old teammates and he's like I can't believe this guy or guys like checked out all the frigate time like I sometimes snap in his face like hello, you there like I dude you even like baseball seriously you WanNa do something else you're getting paid. You know you're not like this isn't just something like you're not being forced to do this like you could leave like I told him I had a serious conversation was do you can opt out if you want like this year you can opt out like you can leave so like you're acting like you don't want to be here. So leave opt out. Whatever how's everything with you? Now he's good pretty much Gosh Yoga's personal catcher. Go. See The story that's going to be the big story now they're winning so. They have to come up with something negative and this'll be this. This'll be the headlines now surrounding the Yankees. All right. Very good Ceelo we will see you soon. Hopefully we'll see so maybe boomer Chiyo from the built Ford Tough Studios each the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo Trout just tweeted out his week two five team parlay and something that notices last year in these videos there was always the little fat me with no neck that was in these videos and he has not made an appearance in either week one or week two. So like I'm thinking that either little fat Gio has retired from the parlay or he is waiting for the moment to come in and make his triumphant appearance because our return because last year was seventeen weeks in the playoffs where you actually fought little fat torso Geo one time with like karate. Using the guys going at it we did have a production meeting and said, we will be working of fat, Little Geo Cartoon Gio into the parlay. Did missed the first two weeks but a new character came this week forty nine or Jerry did see that yeah. So Jerry, as one of the guys that would. In California who searched for gold like the old school forty niners. Gold Rush Jerry Goldrush Jerry using their and also jerry bear came back. I would imagine though that it will come back once the vikings getting bald are the They haven't been involved haven't been involved, and then even I was just looking ahead for week three, the plane, the titans again like it's such a nondescript game. That we did get in boomer loves Patrick Mahomes again that were. Like. That until it, that's a recurring bit we do. Games that are not nondescript you have the islanders going. Tonight in game six, and this is a this is going to be interesting to see what happens with Tampa Bay. Because both brayden point and Nikita Kucherov got hurt in the last game both of them now, the question is, will both of them play this game I think Kucherov will definitely play I'm sure about brandon point. And if brain point doesn't play, the islanders have an opportunity you know and they got A. They're going to have to get another unbelievable game out of semion Bar Lov, they're going to have to continue to block shots because I have feeling that in in reading everything I've read in the last twenty four hours about the Tampa Bay lightning. They're frustrated with their lack of scoring and I know it's hard to believe that because they eight goal game in game one and it seems like in every one of these games, they are on top of Orlov Law and he's making plays and they're blocking shots and everything else because they are such a skilled offensive team, but they've had their struggles to. So that means Circuit Chapin Headman are going to pick up their game. Tonight they're going to be pushing from the defensive end and. Keep firing the puck away a hundred miles an hour that means the islanders got a counterattack counterattack. They gotta get the puck out of their zone and just like they had a two on one to finish the game in game five, they have to create more. Those odd man rushes in order to to this game I think and they have to bury just like. Bury. The puck just like Jordan naturally didn't game five at the end of the game. He asked so with Kucherov hurt brain point hurt now, we just need Matt to go in Tanya. Victor Hedman at some point there. Where they're staying. Behind them and I think that would be a just perfect to help them out in this game six game seven would be Saturday. Saturday night. Yeah. Okay. All right. That's good. So if it goes into seven overtimes, we can stay up and not have to worry about waking up. All right. You got the NFL today would not want a long Saturday night game maybe. Maybe it'd be a Saturday afternoon game. I'm not sure. I'd have to look at that. Overtime game tonight I can't take an hour this. Sleep yeah seriously. All right each the morning show with boomer Asya sit in Gregg. Giannotti boomer and Geo. Hi, I'm going to need to deliver a urine sample because I've got. I. Got some right here. The football season is here and you can trap the news odds and information and bet online dot net and Wa stadiums won't be full game action will be loaded. which players will step up to lead their team? Is there still a home field advantage will offense or defense dominate these early weeks of the season follow along bet online dot net as the top teams in football begin their journey to Tampa available online or your mobile device. Check out the site today bringing the game home at Bet online dot net.

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