S3E18: Placebo In A Control Group


On trade with could we should probably delete all of this by the laws of the PODCAST. God's We owe answer rabbi with a own line hello insane in the membrane rapids fans. You are listening to holding the high line with Rabbi and read brought to you by roughnecks scarves and acres. Fc My name is Matt Pollard. It is Thursday April Twenty third twenty twenty the forty second consecutive day without major league soccer. We know now that MLS will not resume competition until at least the eighth of June meaning that this corona virus hiatus will be almost as long as the offseason at least at least thirteen of the Colorado rapids. League Games will need to be rescheduled. Should MLS wished to complete the thirty? Four game regular season he primarily is about to have another Middle Eastern oil king become a king. In the north as Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is on the brink of purchasing newcastle united from the scourge. That is Mike. Ashley and Dil empowers could very well be computer hacking in Scotland I am joined now by a man who co producing season three of Sunderland till I die with me to begin filming this fall. Rabbi Marc Goodman. I love these intros. You're slow hard on them. I hope everybody appreciates the craftsmanship it goes into a good Matt. Matt Pollard Intro. It's it's all the good writing. Goes there the stuff that you put on? Last word is garbage by comparison lutely absolutely mark. So I don at a few little tips. That point in their mark I mean. Are we really surprised at all the MLS push back the start date and I think with them going to June eighth and on garber commenting on all the things that we need to happen for them to meet June eighth? I'm increasingly pessimistic. About Emma's having a thirty four game season I think any chance we had of a remotely normal. Oh copper probably out the water and at this point. I think it's about how and what doesn't actual season of anything like in. Do we even rename it? Something like do we create a one off corona virus up just simply acknowledged that the weirdness of this shouldn't have not even independent of the actual competition that it's so weird it's not actual regular season not natural way off that we shouldn't be rewarding a proper supporter shield. Anfield and shoots analysts cup at the end of the air. It is such a weird their wheels within wheels About like the questions and I think it's interesting I just got off a call Which was literally a synagogue sponsored. Mindfulness session of like trying to deal with the anxiety of Corona Virus Corentin and all the unknowns and basically everything has an unknown unknown in the to kind of paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld from a few years ago I also am dealing with that in my professional life. I'm sure you are too Although your professional life is a little different than mine but like the Jewish world is looking at like What what do the holidays look like in September? Which are those are those? Are Our big holiday. Yom Kippur Right. So there's like the The preceding question by the way the these questions are the reason I bring up is because they are directly applicable to major league soccer. Also which is Will there be gatherings of fifty people or more or will they be forbidden if there is a smaller? If if you say all right we're GONNA have people in attendance. But they can. They need to be socially distanced and then that cuts down on the maximum capacity. How do you legally? How do you make that decision right? Like we'll all. I'll give you an example. My Car Gatien Erie is not a problem. We have a very big space at a very small congregation But the carnation that I'm a part of and I sometimes worked for in Pittsburgh. They fill the room at high holiday so the room seats. Twelve hundred in every every seat is taken. So what do you do? Let's say maybe you Max the the at like one fifty Which one fifty You tell them to tell people like will this five services you can come to one so the same applies to soccer right or any sport. Which is you drop those those you say like Uh. There's GonNa be a lot of jokes about commerce city attendance that come out of this but like you basically say to yourself like you can come to rapids game. But we're only admitting three thousand people and how do you do that? And then they gotta sit. You know six seats apart from each other in the question is how do you do that? How do you price the tickets is there? Is it even affordable at that point? Can you have? Can you run the concession? Stand the flip side of that. Is The tailgate. Happened FOR C. Thirty eight marker right and how do you socially distance you know with with with tailgating or is it B. Y. Obese so that nobody infects each other You Know How do you profit at that like? That's a different question. A diff- another wheel wheel question is like you know are there and I was thinking about this. The other day there are players who are going to train at home maniacally. And they're GONNA train wrong. There are other players who are gonNA train really well at home. They're gonNA come out of this really well. Which to your point is is really. Well said that he's entirely possible that we could have a couple of absolute fluke players who just quarantined better than everybody else or they have in an in a shortened twelve game mls season. They just have they just put together twelve incredible games. I mean even frank lampert was fantastic for like eight games of his entire career. Although he played for two years it was hot garbage through the rest of it so like there are lots of players in MLS who get super hot for like six or eight games and then absolutely fade into the woodwork. Like that guy is GonNa be the. Mvp this year and not team could win the League. Yay Very very well said Mark. You know maybe Daniel Stairs. It secretly killing it right now. And he's GonNa win. Defender the air scoring like three thumping headers. And maybe this is exactly what the Ele- galaxy defense needed to just like yet fit and sort things out and have David Bingham not have to see any of his teammates for three months. So I I don't know and so I think to the point that John Lewis made in our conversation last week the GOP featured on the podcast last week You know the teams that handle this. Well that seems that come out stronger. It is going to become very obvious very early in terms of games being played like if we have like a month of even not just like Wednesday Saturday Wednesday Saturday like four games in just playing on Saturdays. I think that will just in terms of the trajectory of teens. You'll know which player took it seriously. Which coaching staff took it seriously? In which teams took it? Seriously I kind of I wonder for the players for example who have young kids for example whether or not. That's helping them or hurting them. For example are the guys were able to just be an isolation needle just work on the Jim. Focus on their eating and everything. Is that a regimented structure. That's more conducive to them. Actually playing well speaking of player. Maybe we haven't heard about in a while mark who were successful for the Colorado rapids. Who are coming with things to do. I have a crazy conspiracy theory that I wanna be very clear up. Not for legal purposes is purely a farce with snow mark. Did you follow anything? That went down with the Scottish football league. This past week with the voting on whether or not to suspend all of the divisions below the Scottish Premier League First Division. Did you pay attention to any of that? The first I've ever heard of it. Okay so Marsha you have the The Scottish Football League which is the top four divisions and they've already suspended all the nonleague play so fifth and Dow similar structure in terms of phrasing in terms of WHO's in the League whose professional nonleague on as you would have in the primarily. There was a vote earlier this week. amongst all of the clubs one vote per club presumably the executive or maybe they came to a consensus with the fans of the community for the second through. Fourth Division as to whether or not continue to try and make that season Finish out their league. Play their about up. Quarter of the season left to play in Scotland depending on which team? How many games played through the rest of the season on the all four weeks so the second third and Fourth Division? Every single team gets one. Vote you vote. Do we try and save the season. Officially abandoned and the standings as is our final so on in the event that there was like a Tiebreaker. In terms of number of games played they would go to points per game but they wouldn't do any loading we saw with the Champions League on for next year potentially could be accounting like strength of schedule over the course of the last five years in order to determine Some of that for the primary league and Spain and Germany for example even though the Bundesliga might be playing in a couple of weeks so they all have the vote and everything and it ends up coming to eight tightening. It was it was coming up to tie but it was plus or minus one Emma. One vote they were waiting on was Dundee F C and they were all set to vote to actually try and continue the season so voting no on the Miranda on the proposal to suspend the season somewhere gets lost administratively. There might have been a technical computer error or something and they weren't able to find the vote and eventually the the the League's trying to go back and find it the clubs trying to go back and find nobody can actually find it but Dundee F C very very clear. We had totally intended to vote to continue to try and complete the season but they couldn't find any events the Scottish Framer League with all of their it. I don't know how they have things set up from a a telecommunications like digital controls the WIFI standpoint is still trying to find it two days later Dundee comes out and says okay. Let's just vote. Let's just me vote in everything we're just gonNA come out and do it in a press. Release and say that. We're voting to spend the season and the typical Scottish fashion. They worded in a bunch of very amusing phrasings mark. That will totally tweet out. From Rapid Zainy six PODCASTS. Including let me see if I can find it year So it was. This raised an immediate red flag for us. Not only was vote missing but we discovered that at least two membership clubs had modified their position from the understanding. We have the prior day. It was then we decided to put our foot on the ball and pausing discuss internally so Dundee F C decides decide after all of that and offer all that to say no voting to suspend the season with that and the other two clubs that from what they were saying. Publicly and internal meetings were last minute votes as well effectively suspended the season in doing so dundee united and Dylan powers have been declared champions of the Scottish Championship. They will get automatically promoted. No their teams are getting relegated. Dundee. Fc was on the outside looking in four the playoff structure that they had in Scotland as well mark. What do you make of all these shenanigans? Furthermore Dundee F C was saying that A couple of the lower tier clubs were in support of looking at some restructuring of the entire football league as it was. If you're not aware mark it's very very stratified even just the first division. If you just go back the you know the past decade or really in the entire history of the Scottish Premier League if usually Celtics Ranger sometimes. They're closed usually one of them has a good jump on the other one from these next fourteen. Two of them are usually good but nowhere close the other. Two Aberdeen Hearts hibs and Motherwell. And then everybody else's crap in terms of a spending standpoint from where. Celtic and Rangers typically are the team. That's usually it's relegated in the Scottish League in terms of just comparing it to other first divisions that you have in Europe or in the UK regarding spending between the top and the bottom and points per game from top to bottom or goal differential. Everything like it is extremely satisfied. Take so on any given year it is Celtic. Are Elliott two thousand nineteen and the team that gets relegated our FC Cincinnati Twenty nineteen? And so obviously there's a bunch of clods claiming well. We don't know what's going to happen. We need the revenue and everything if you are not going to try and save the season to get that revenue me too seriously. Restruction leak possibly restructure the revenue sharing you try and make it a little bit more sustainable and a little bit more competitive so that. It's not just cal. Celtic and Rangers running away with everything depending on. Who's having the better year so all of that in the context of gun? Efc changing everything mark. What do you make of any of this? And so more importantly I guess the question is if you don't know Mark Dundee. Afc in united have the closest in town Derby in terms of distance between stadiums in all of known football. So you think about the Merseyside Derby words like literally park and on one in his field and on the other end is Goodison Park. There is the same park with a big space in the middle where Dundee United F C bills Tannadice Park and on the other side of that big chunk is where Dundee F C builds dens park. There's literally a single two lane road between their two home stadiums. Mark what do you make of all of us on? I guess more importantly should we be looking at the transcripts of one Dylan powers? She seemed whether or not he walked across the street from Tannadice Park to dance park and half into the Dundee F C SYSTEM. Just to guarantee that he'd get officially declaring scalp a champion of the Scottish second division. Oh spokes sometimes. Matt doesn't run down with me. What he plans talk about on the podcast and he thinks it's going to be a really good idea to talk at length about the internal administrative workings of the Second Division and had he checked me check with me before I would have said that we shouldn't really spend any additional time talking about this data screamer league other than the two big teams Celtic and Rangers. And I certainly don't know anything. Oh and I also know the names of some of the other cool nate. Cool teams like partick thistle. Which is the coolest name for a team? They name themselves after a little funny Sicily plant which is really really cute. And that's their their their. What mccaw their their crest to this day? I also know that The the NETFLIX series The English game has a player from one of those Scottish teams. Remember which and that's literally all I know Matt I I had forgotten that Dylan powers May His may may God rest. His soul was actually in Scotland And not Working as an insurance salesman in Des Moines or something like that. So I don't know I I mean it to be serious you know. I think all the shenanigans are shenanigans. And it's it's problematic. I saw the other day. I don't know if this is final. This is true but that Lita was planning on suspending promotion relegation for the next five years which they had already created as wacky coefficient system. Which made it a scam. That kept the big teams up. And only you know. Basically condemned the three smallest poorest teams to ever have a chance of being relegated in the first place So you know. I think a lot of the pro L. Shenanigans. That are that are taking place right now. Make some sense in an era of financial panic and instability I'll continue this threat by also throwing out that like now's a good time to sell your Premiership club I saw that I think it was. Newcastle is on the puck again And is up for being bought by either a Saudi or Qatari or Emirati Prince Saudi Mohammad bin Salman. And it's like it's way more inflated like Mike Ashley like he clearly just did this as an investment to all the money out of the club and is now just GonNa suck the guy who's buying it dry like he is right. I mean you know now's the time now's the time to sell when you're when you're in the premier league because it's GonNa be a while a lot of these clubs are GonNa take a financial beating the not nearly as big a financial beating as the club's their lower down so the the shenanigans are problematic but I'm way more worried about much bigger stuff especially as the guy who writes predominantly and follows predominantly. Us L. team in the United States. So you don't actually want to deal with the actual topic itself mark and whether or not Dylan powers is a computer hacker. I'm pretty sure he's not Matt Okay pretty sure. If the add additional skills were being A middle and number eight in in World Football. He probably would have moved on and become a full on. Cia Hacker Langley. Okay so I guess the. Let's let's maybe transition this to mark. I think a lot of clubs you know. Obviously Germany is looking at it too. Where within the potentially even within the first division in the Bundesliga? Five clubs could go bankrupt. If they don't end up finishing the season or getting any kind of relief as someone who's in a recently been viewing a lot of things in American soccer through a Lens. Can you speak to whatever might need to happen from restructuring standpoint or is how the US cell and its various divisions in clubs survive currently going through or is this? Maybe this is probably gonNA come off Wei harshened. I'm intending it. I was getting to the point where you sell championship. Having almost forty plus club was pinning ridiculous. Is this almost a Darwinian control on inflation in terms of number of members in the US because of the very least financially stable clubs are going to be able to survive this and the ones who are kind of banking on a rapid growth in everything that maybe weren't actually sustainable in the long term are going to be fettered out or not down to Division One way or the other? I mean yeah. You're asking a really hard question that I I just sent a bunch of questions to the media director for the River Hound and some of them were pointed questions. Kind of like the ones that you just asked. Even though I know that they're not really going to answer them I think you you hit some on the head in the sense. That like there are probably. There's probably gonNA be some contraction. Nobody nobody owns the US L. Team thinking they're gonna get rich. There are three kinds of us. L. Teams there are teams. That aspire said this impasse podcasts. There are teams that are created or bought and aspire to moving to mls and therefore they're kind of investment right like bi-lo sell high Because they think they'll be able to you know by us. L. Franchise get their way into 'em alas spy expansion by paying the expansion fee and then hypothetically five to ten years from now. The value of the club will be higher. That's group one group. Two on the far other end are the reserve teams right The two teams as they're called Toronto to Read Bowl to Tacoma which is Seattle's team though Cetera et CETERA. Yada Yada And then there's the third one is the independent USO team which is The river hounds. The battery Switch-backs yeah well switchback quasi but yeah absolutely and those guys are actually the ones that everybody should really be worried the most about because it was the billionaire owners. Who were buying those those you know. Mls wannabes it's the instability in air owners who owned the US L. to the analysts to clubs. And you know the reserve never going away. And there's always going to be a need for youth development and a place for your players on roster spots nineteen through twenty eight to play if they don't get first-team minutes it says middle clubs that everybody's gotTa worry about. I know from talking to the river. Islands owner Tuffy shellenberger Tuffey's real blunt about the fact like he's not trying to make a profit. He's not trying to get rich as a soccer owner. He does it because he loves the game. He loved owning a team. So it's a lot like a lot of those guys who own single a baseball teams like. It's a passion project you know. It's you know you could buy your third Ferrari or your fifth Lamborghini or you could buy a Rembrandt or you could buy a minor league sports teams so they by early sports team because they that's really cool. I can walk around the clubhouse and everybody goes well. Let's the owner. Like those guys are some of those guys are taking a beating Not only in their sports business but in their other business. I mean Tuffy owns construction companies and construction equipment. Nothing's being built right now. He's probably losing millions Through the the whole He's he's a whole class. That Kinda Guy Kinda owners a whole class of owners in USSL a lot of whom are GONNA have to fold up teams at the end of it. And I think the team should really worry about are the Usfl league one teams. That just started up a couple of years just a year ago where A lot of drop down a league like Richmond the Richmond kickers. They drop down a league because financially they couldn't make a go of it At the higher level and the lower expectations by putting By dropping the league one helped them financially. Those teams are in real bad shape now. So there's there's a lot to be worried about and I think a guy expense far beyond the United States. Slurs you know the women women's professionally Canadian Premier League was just jumped off a couple years ago and then every league that's below the first tier Worldwide is going to see some attraction. Yeah I definitely hear your market. I think you're right to point out the big concern in terms of where it is and I think how critical it is. You know. Say what you will of the historical success that the Charleston battery of hat or we could go back to. I don't know if they're not in existence anymore if they're US elite one whatever happened to the Chester Rhinos Marker. They still around there on hiatus with the hiatus keeps going on and on and on. So they're they're basically a hypothetical club but they don't really exist okay so So there but my point is that those clubs the ones who fit in that group throw the river hounds in there. I certainly feel the Richmond kickers in there. They're the ones who like they kept. Ussl PRO in existence. They opted in existence long enough for now. Us L. TO JUMP OFF as dead. You know going back to the early early part of this decade I guess last decade like twenty eleven to Twenty fifteen with expansion everything. They kept it around long enough for More innovative owners in markets commented had MLS potential. And for you know. Us L. Championships. That's via betting standpoint for me in terms of their standpoint. You know like the I don't know if those clubs don't hang around if they if those owners don't keep those passion projects around in the late nineties and early two thousand that League's not around for the Colorado Springs switch backs to come a new existence. They're not around for Reno to Communist. Fc Cincinnati existing. They're coming in as a first time existing AMELA market. And who knows whether or not that's something that ownership group would have pursued or the. Mls would have been interested without the test case of them. Actually taking off a Turf College Football Stadium and getting thirty thousand people to then show that there's enough of a market for that for investors that come in them to be able to build a quality soccer specific stadium as opposed to just you know the US being a bunch of Pittsburgh River Hounds and notice. Respect to highmark stadium mark but mark is in a venue. That right now could jump into mls it would be equivalent of. We were just talking without grants. We town suddenly jumping into the primarily with Blundell Park. And what that would look like him. So it's it's disappointing and it's scary for me someone who loves this game and loves the history behind it. The champions of the US L. Right now are the ones that are most vulnerable without that history. I think one without the independent owners without the ones who are really pushing the US sell as the can become competitive and entertaining in of its own as opposed to just being attached to MLS. That goes away and then once the other teams like the San Antonio's etc get shutout. Melissa sides were full from an expansion standpoint what are you left other than a bunch of leading teams. That started in. Us L. The hope to springboard to MLS and. Does that really? Just turn into a league full of emily teams. I don't know that's healthy for a second division for growing soccer nation. Let's move on to an actual topic market. We have discussed before an and have some interesting stuff. Talk about I feel like we've had. This conversation may be in different at different times in incomplete. We we've talked about this at least in passing several times over the course of our friendship. I don't think we've ever discussed it for an extended period of time on a podcast mark. What we're going back to an email and ask hd h. l. e. mail that we got back on. March would feed from Eric Jansen and so this is something that I've been meaning for Lisa calendar year now. June dedicate in episode q when we have some downtime and now we have some downtime at somebody who's also interested so I figured it'd be worth having the thought experiment as pie in the sky as it may be so. What would happen mark if and when the rapids decide to leave? Dick's sporting goods park if they were aspiring to move to downtown stadium moved to a bigger venue the inevitable although it might take an entire century of amyloid teams moving into or replacing the NFL stadiums from a size of the grandeur and capacity and everything or even just simply what we see in recent years between Columbus Crew Note. Tvd moving into a new downtown stadium and obviously what DC united son over the CAP last couple of years transitioning out of RFK. There was never worked for them at a time but obviously was becoming a health and liability hazard and also a crumbling pile of rubble. That wasn't functional the stadium into outfield. What would happen if rapids decide the DNC is decrepit? We WanNa move to something downtown. You WANNA move to a bigger venue for various reasons. We WanNA build a new soccer. Zouk Stadium in Denver proper so to read the actual question directly from Eric On. When do the rapids about a new stadium? There's not the demand. There is not the demand yet but more capacity but for a downtown ish. Location would be better for catching the younger Twenties Early Thirties. Crowd while the current location is awesome for me in my family. It's a ten minute walk. It's not convenient by public transportation or for the younger growing population. In Denver they would want a more urban location that we've seen from the other venues whether it's Pepsi Center. Obviously court sealed in a nice area and and Mile High Stadium so mark. I will throw to you. Where do you WANNA start in terms of unpacking if KFC gives us the assignment of figuring out and coming up with a report for when how where and why would the rapid lead GST or DMC two point Oh Stadiums all have kind of a shelf life and used to be in America. That sports stadium was good for at least fifty years That's not really the case anymore. A lot of sports stadiums are really kind of phased out after closer to like thirty years and Dick's sporting goods park was always kind of built as a you know calling it low-grade is is a bit of an insult because it's not really it's a it's a nice facility. The you know to complain about it is is whiny and I do know a lot of fans who complain about it so I'm not picking on them as being whining but like you should be happy with what we have. But there are some quirks to GP that either were hardwired into the beginning as not ideal or have become not ideal over time. One of them is the fact that the North End of the stadium is set up so they can have a stage And that's not great for soccer but it's ideal for when fish rolls into town in August Another quirk of the stadium is that it's not particularly Well apportioned for either a really fancy press box or really great luxury boxes and so a lot of the money that can be made isn't being made not that the rapids have as far as I know ever sold out. All of their luxury boxes That is anecdotal and not based on any conversations. I've had with a ticket office but my understanding is unlike. Most sports teams nationwide. You can rent a party sweet For rap is game for your birthday party Which is not something you can do with almost any other any other Stadium in in Denver for for one let alone Pittsburgh or Los Angeles theology cities. I'm familiar with The third thing that was Kinda brought up by Eric is the transportation thing which is always blown my mind that Kroenke and the rapids couldn't twist the arm of RTD to get the airline to run closer to ds GP. I mean I kinda get it and I kind of don't I mean I understand that like Rapid transit doesn't necessarily bend to the whims of billionaires but You know a lot of those plans got laid down like well before the rapids bought the the facility. So you know I know they probably got a sweet deal from commerce city Because they could double up the parking lot with the parking lot for The Commerce city City Hall building but It was a missed opportunity to not be able to run To be located on Light Rail. So all that being said Al-qaeda throw it back to you for before. I kinda like comment further about what I think they should do. But like you know I think the time has not come The was laid down in two thousand. Eight Matt was the first year on a two thousand seven April thousand seven verse Game Right So So by my accounting. Let's say they make it to thirty years there That's basically like what twenty thirty seven? So we're not even quite to the point where we should really be planning for it. But I'd say like you could start making an argument that the did get out of that stadium after twenty and plan for you know you know a new place in In the twenty fifth year So we're moving in the direction of five to ten years from now we can really start to think about it And where that stadium should be. I have thoughts. But I'll let you tell me whether you think anything. I said made any sense at all or not. Yeah no I think it's well taken. Marker had a really productive conversation with the amyloid twenty-five stories podcast on twitter earlier this week soccer stadiums event. One of my pet peeves. I think to this day mark if I were to go back and look at my top five articles that I've ever written for last. One of them was back in. Like Twenty fifteen. Maybe twenty sixteen in it was part of our MLS three point. Oh series and I just looked at the evolution of soccer specific stadiums and how much they changed drastically. I can almost I could do a revisit or an update or an edit to that article right now because so much has changed just in the five years since then in terms of location where league was looking at it. The market of the Clientele. Hella made audience fan that they were participating soon even just the design the capacity and the possibility for expansion. Dsp doesn't have a whole lot of luxury seats. We could say the same thing of that era of soccer stadiums that something that was applied. It's GONNA lead to the end of Mapfre Stadium. That was one of the main pillars upon which you know Anthony. Precourt was looking to relocate the club to Austin I look at Bridgeview and obviously Chicago Fire. Holtz mentally left that on some teams that were playing in venues that weren't originally designed for soccer or for their capacity the one way the galaxy of managed to maintain being in Carson California even though what we know now from what L. AFC's achieve. That location isn't ideal. It's not super convenient from public transportation standpoint the right next to a college campus. It's a commuter school so they both need that big parking space. So that's something that can be co used. That complicates things when you're trying to have a game during the semester and everything and so the one way that the galaxy been able to update bad is obviously by spending a bunch of money activate maintained it better than any of the lowest wound point. Oh stadiums and then you know assuming that the NFL season inevitably resumes at some time. This fall that'll be efficient at the end of the San Diego chargers being residents in there in which they updated their suite level seating for corporate sponsors to me. Nfl Standards and they upgraded and expanded the press box as well so the analogy that I've used to describe that amongst my other galaxy media friends is basically like imagine mark. I move into your basement in Pittsburgh. You charge me. Rent is my job to execute and pay for the remodeling the kitchen. Maybe a couple pieces of furniture and then completely decking out the basement man cave is while unmoving out after four years and so that's obviously a massive benefit they had so I can understand completely. Why at a at the time where? Kfc CHOSE LOCATION OF THE STADIUM. Shows the designed capacity the modular aspect to have the stage for another source of revenue? And also face if they ever wanted to know if was filling out for example they can fill out that. Sadie that corner of the stadium as well. You know. Probably expand the seating capacity in excess of twenty thousand. That would be a nice number for where they're at but just there's so many aspects and stuff that we've interviewing learn albeit by DSP being a imperfect product that is now led us having understanding just the wealth of knowledge and iterative learning and precedent. That Orlando City had to build Orlando City. Stadium the DC united hats that FC Cincinnati Hab. We'll have with their stadium and a favor entity feminist ever resumes. That Saint Louis and who's the other one Sacramento? We'll have is just tremendous knowledge. So there's a part of me that wants to acknowledge that the rapid city very good thing for the League in being one of those test cases but as we saw. I don't know if you saw the field with the Anderson Cooper Envy Las Vegas Mayor earlier this week. Mark Unfortunately Being the Control Ruby. The Placebo on a case study you often get shafted and so in that regard. It's not surprising for me that the first team to bill the soccer stadium in Columbus crew are also the first analyst team to build their second soccer stadium on just because of how far out and how much less knowledge that we had a maverick stadium. Bruce Stadium at the time was fantastic. Test case much she your point mark. I think you know if we just if if we if we had a not even a crystal ball. The good shows the current case right now but the gist could have showed us like twenty seventeen or five years out or the direction that Denver was going from downtown standpoint. I mean even just in me you know. I think you comment on this the last time that you were in town on. Just how like downtown's change in terms of how many new skyscrapers are coming up. Ida Brain from Undergrad. Who's now ironically living in Los Angeles and I'm living in Denver. Who came to visit? She was home for the holidays and everything we ended up going ice skating. And then we got Beers appetizers downtown. We were just. I was driving her back to her parents place and we went around. I twenty five around that order to see the whole panorama down and she's like. Yeah when I left for college like half of those buildings. Weren't there you know it was the transamerica building the other one taxi center and then the mailbox cash register building course field was still relatively you and shining at that point so. I think I can understand why there's so many things wrong with. Dsp right now. There are so many aspects of it with Columbus leaving Matt Frei medium with Chicago. Fire inevitably moving back home to their original home in soldier field upon which I think many analysts neutrals are people who aren't rapids fans would say the rapids have probably the worst set ups in terms of location relative to downtown not a lot going on around the actual stadium inconvenience from a public transportation like away supporters. Standpoint I mean I guess it's easy if you WANNA take a calf straight from the airport to the stadium and then you're saying at an airport are a hotel close to the airport but that's really about it from that standpoint it's just it's not a really great atmosphere in a lot of the other analysts originals have done something to improve their situation so much better so with that Mark. I think the the other. What Kinda WANNA bring up in terms of you know. These are massive investments. If you're looking at it I think it was double digit million dollars. Kfc spent between the actual training facility to have it be dee stadium and also were the players reported so you all the other fields and all the other stuff going around and the promise that they were going to have an entertainment area that to the extent that the prairie dogs still there after the plague last year prevented from an environmental permiting stamp white from happening every single time. That Emily's team has built one of these stadiums it's largely been out of necessity. And if you're looking at it in two thousand seven. The stadium costs seventy million dollars. You know it was a not insignificant fraction of a Billion Dollars for L. AFC TO BUILD Bank of California stadium for Audi field to come into existence as well so this would be a significant. This would be equivalent to rocky be paying for the current valued franchise rights within analyst. So for this to happen just the money that's going to have to comment from an investment standpoint is going to be so huge and has been so huge in increasing over the course of the history league that it's really happened out of necessity so to that point markets basically been clubs who needed to leave a venue or actually need a proper home so we can go back to Columbus go. Back to DC. United WERE K. Was falling down on with the advent and the creation of metlife stadium replacing giant stadium. Like your metrostars rebels from. I don't know if you know this mark from the point. Where Red Bull said. We need our own soccer stadium to actually playing a game in redken. Rena was ten years because they tried so hard to find sites in the actual area defined something that was actually to be in the five boroughs in New York and basically it was eight years out. Okay we got the permits that design and everything to make red bull arena happen. Are we okay with people making New Jersey jokes for the rest of our history? That were in the stadium and basically it was like where moving. Yankee stadium which hasn't hasn't worked out for New York City of C. Were relocating noon. Market OR CEASING TO EXIST. If we don't pull the trigger on red bull arena in Harrison New Jersey. Right now we as a club or insolvent and so the over clubs that came into the League. Ben Created Soccer City Stadium. That's been one pot. And then the other has been kind of the soft launch that you've had with Minnesota United we can throw FC Cincinnati in their into the future on Orlando's city where they're playing in one venue that they were in a previous iteration of the club and then gradually transitioning to a soccer stadium and largely mls other than your city of seeing you know their city. Football oil. Money has basically said. If you're getting awarded a front on expansion franchise right now. You need a plan and the financing end the Permanent Sam point four a soccer of civic stadium it a good location that takes all these boxes and I think at least half probably the majority of those boxes right now. Dsp would not qualify for so in. So I guess in that Mark Really we have to look at where from a location standpoint. Could the rapids move the you know as DS's One? I think twelve miles away from downtown Denver blaming. You'd have to have a knock out of the park. This is going to change our club trajectory on so many levels in the same way it was for Sporting Kansas City. In the way that it's been for DC united in everything. I see no indication that KFC would be interested in that. I see no indication from a time standpoint. Cassie or whatever future owner the Colorado rapids is going to be forced into that by the degradation outdated nece increasing disuse interest in using the departure point. Mark like were Asala ten fifteen years away from really having this conversation of serious upgrades or tearing down and replacing needs to happen or we need to leave venue so that point mark actually want to get to the actual topics of looking at potential sites. Should the rapids wants to relocate? And the first one. I think the most obvious one again. This would take a lot of things happening. That have been not typical behaviors or entertainment would be moving them over. Hugh the soon to be defunct alleged gardens location on. Casey owns the Copsey Center. They own have a pretty good situation as as the parking situation in around patsy. They've already set up there some permanent to allow what they referring to as the see where. I have it in my notes. The the river mile so effectively that loop around the South. Platte River right along Pepsi Center in so the first part of that is going to be some commercial development and some affordable housing. And that's going to be mainly in two parking spots and then there's going to be some redevelopment of Centennial Garden has already been cleared the inevitably they're going to leave each gardens and relocated. Probably more twenty five with a lance going to be cheap because croppies really good at that from a from a real estate standpoint but in terms of what's happening to the actual plot of land on the mid most chunk the eastern guests the Western in southern trump. Olive Garden hasn't really been decided. I did some pretty nifty. Go on Mapping in Google Earth in terms of dimensions and stuff and looking utilities that I have to the day job market so from a water standpoint of power standpoint. They'd be pretty solid like the amount that you need to run. A waterpark is about for a sports stadium. you're good as far as parking location. You're in a much more central location right off. I twenty five close. Seventy not the most convenient walk from a public transportation standpoint as Pepsi or courts but certainly much better than what you have with Dick Sporting Park. It's kind of a weird shape to where you'd have to get a little bit creative with dimensions or maybe not have the field parallel in terms of east west north south of four corners of the of the rectangle of the pitch. But I think that'd be the most logical one just because it's in a great location. It checks all the amenities and stuff going around and eastern point and I think the most critical point is the club or the ownership of the club also owns land that said that probably massive inaccessible between tearing down and building. Yes G. like conservatively. You're looking at half a billion dollars and I do not see. Kfc spending any money after that mark would just how much more developments has happened around downtown. Denver and what you need in terms of being closed. I twenty five having parking having public transportation standpoint like the like like Metro. Denver is going to have to wander and then put land up for sale. You'RE GONNA have to get multiple full blocks downtown of like skyscrapers going up for sale. And so I think we're going to have to see significant change just from a real estate and construction standpoint love the hopping areas in Denver for even just a remotely viable piece of land. Come up and then I also looked at a couple of other plot landmark. I don't think any of these would be popular from a public sandpoint. So if anything they'd be shot down politically but there's enough space in the South West corner of city park if they wanted to go there. Could basically just commandeer cheesman park or a major chunk of it. Anything other than that that we'd want that would be closer from a distance in a time travel standpoint from downtown. Denver or union station or any other venues mark. I mean you're looking at taking over a golf course that. I don't think it's going to be likely anytime Sim that was the big word salad mark. What do you think one of the sites that you have? How would you think about this from a thought experiment pie? In the sky standpoint. We talked about gardens a couple years. Back you know. This question comes up at least once a year for us and I was a big fan of the idea of English gardens even though I'm not as unethical as your average Colorado rapids fan about moving downtown. I think a lot of hardcore fans believed that moving downtown will solve all the club's woes that attendance will boom. That will have a really really strong twenty thirty. Something millennial base that will revitalize our Our Supporters Group which is not on the stronger and supporters groups in Ama- last to be quite blunt a lot not for any fall to see thirty eight It just has to do with how many young people come to Colorado rapids games and how easy or not easy it is to get to Colorado rapids game and how how cool and Hip vibe is by being a rapid supporter when there's no march to the match It's nowhere near where Twenty and thirty something Colorado's live I have a couple ideas for spots so I think gardens is is a decent Shout I think there's one huge problem to that. Which is that Stan KROENKE LOVES TO MAKE MONEY ON REAL estate developments taking prime downtown real estate. That could be used for high rise condominiums for well-to-do Downtown Irs And wasting it on a soccer stadium. Seems like an unlikely move for him. seems like if he's GonNa close the Gardens in the next ten or so years and move it out onto the highway where the same number of people will come but the land that he's got will be you more useful for other things. It doesn't make a ton of sense to me to flip that into a soccer stadium. Stranger things have happened but it's possible. Yeah and then to one other point that I want to add on that front mark is so I was mentioning the river. Mile Project on which got approved in April twenty one thousand nine hundred about a year ago? was scheduled to sometime in twenty twenty half the initial development of the two parking lot spots just north of Pepsi Center view. Google Google the river mild able website folks there other is pretty decent coverage from the Denver Post and other outlets that showed their main graphic of the initial phase. One of it and there is a tentative. Kfc hasn't approved at the city. Hasn't approved it from a permitting standpoint or from the finances behind it for that potential to extend all the way around so to include the aquarium in the park area to include potentially replacing illitch gardens entirely as well as the Gate Crescent Park which is on Which is the closest to? Its on. I twenty five close Hugh Mile High Stadium so basically that entire corner from like spear unlike the auction from fifty streets wrapping around the path from south flat is the entire project that they have. They've only earmarked from a financial standpoint in approval of start construction that initial phase one that I was just talking about which doesn't touch any of the actual property of e which guarded itself that said. The construction was set to do some time in calendar. Your twenty twenty th so. That's up in the air. So who knows what's going on all this affecting molest potentially also affecting that projects and then leaving gardens and that lane space open to something else to happen or the river mile project potentially falling apart but I think to to your point mark. I think that's the ideal location that we have. There's a bunch of reasons why that would not be a good incentive for KFC to actually use and looking at shutting down Illitch Gardens and replacing the next decade as we mentioned like this twenty thirty twenty forty conversation. We're having about what to do D- something's already going to be built there by yes To other thoughts of sites that might make some sense One is And they're kinda shots in the dark. I mean they're not that It's not that Larry either so You know one of the things that we were complaining about is that Dixie is not on a major rail line It's not really close to anything to be honest. You know if you go out seventy You still have to Kinda neander your weight. North from seventy in order to get there in you know you don't really notice it even from the highway and once they dig the highway down under instead of having it up the way it is even be less visible So I think I think light rail's really important. I think Light Rail for Colorado is going to become more and more important. I think the other thing that's important to think about is to think where the light rail is going to be as opposed to where the light rail is currently And so I think the most important rail line that has yet to really happen but that everybody knows is really critical is a rail line that follows roughly along or nearby to thirty six that runs out to boulder and It's been held up for years because of a whole variety of things that I'm not qualified to talk about But it seems to me that it makes a fair amount of stance That if you can locate The next rapid stadium between Boulder and Denver on the Light Rail that will service the two you open the team up to a huge new market And you make the team far more accessible to all kinds of people In a way that they've never it's never really been accessible for the obvious spot for me to put that is The Light Rail Station or the the sorry the bus transit station. That's at thirty six and Broomfield station Which is basically just south of Flatiron Crossing Mall You. Pass on your left as you drive out to boulder And his just underneath The Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport which that automatically sounds terrible. I don't really want to be under the flight. Plan for an airport. But you know it's a it's a tiny little airport it runs a couple of you know propeller jets in And a few little private jets. There's a lot of space out there. There's some big plots of land some of the golf courses. Some of them are parks. That can probably be relocated to the east Some of them are just undeveloped area and property that used to be kind of like You know granite mind type stuff. It looks to me like a really good location. Clearly I'm like way. Add things like they might not ultimately run light rail out off thirty six. They might run it a different direction. But wherever they run it I think you know being ahead of the curve knowing that Knowing that that's an area that might eventually become really important Is a is a kind of a good way to go I guess the the last one I was GONNA mention Is kind of further out In a different kind of direction And it's not really that big a switch but it's I'm forgetting the name of it but There's that market That got kind of developed on the east edge of Denver right as you get into Aurora And I can't remember the name it's a it's a mix of like Kinda hits your bars in the Stanley marketplace marketplace. So there's some room out there Not A lot. I don't actually have a site in mind. Mid Kinda seeds to the other point that I make in general about why Ds GPA. Isn't the worst thing in the world? And the reason I say that is because Diaz GP is when it was built in the middle of nowhere and there was like a bazillion miles away from where anybody lives And over the last fifteen years more and more housing has been built towards dicks to the point. Where you know. There's basically lots of people who live Just on the south edge of of the stadium at this point If they basically kind of continued development building out the rapids will wind up kind of if they stated Gp will wind up being kind of not in the middle of the city. But you know. Part of the city within the northeast corner of it A move to Stanley market would or toward Stanley market would kind of solidify that. Which would be still in the suburbs of Denver? But you're you're still. You're now in the suburbs. That are a little bit more kind of Hip accessible Closer to Light Rail I Dunno I think it's it's not the worst idea in the world like as Moammar if we ever get to the point where Denver is like London or maybe Saint Petersburg in terms of the stock market like the rap was just be the neighborhood club for Aurora effectively. Which isn't a necessarily a bad thing that works for a bunch of clubs all over the world that are a multi Aurora is kind of you know growing and expanding and becoming a little bit more hip. The flip side of that of course is to be very honest daily marketplace's just on the other side of Northfield from where Dick's currently is. It's only a marginal move but You know I think by comparison to the radical attempts to buy the most valuable land in Denver and then turn it into a soccer field. It's more likely and viable option than it is to say. You know Attorney Login to a stadium. Yeah no good points on their market. We wanted to just go with you know a location. That wasn't downtown but also was right off on a highway area. There's a couple of different parts that you have when you're driving on. I seventy West coming from downtown where you pass all of those Golf Courses Lakes and everything. So you've got Rocky Mountain Lake Arkham and you've got the big. Berkeley Lake in the Willis Case Golf Course on and then have that kind of I've never seen it running out have any I. I'd never heard from somebody who said like yeah. I was around in Denver when it was functional the Super Decrepit Creepy Amusement Park. That you have with the roller coaster mark. That's right off Sheridan. That looks like the ideal. Like if a scooby doo episode is going to happen in. Denver. It's GonNa Happen at that Amusement Park right on Lake Road. And so there's just look at the southeast corner of that so right at were shared in meets West Forty Fourth Avenue. There's a big chunk of land for example exide Matt Lakeside. So mom owned my Jewish family. Okay I don't know that any of those would be an improvement from a location standpoint to where it would make sense. You'd obviously have some limitations from a parking structure standpoint on I think. Rtd would have to significantly built out. It's loading capacity and infrastructure or make that viable for somebody. You know who doesn't live in Berkeley or mountain view or something like that. I'm not sure even if you could get the money in the funding even if KFC really wanted it. I think from a political standpoint taking up a significant chunk of a public park would be pretty unpopular from may political voting like local community or on county. You know the council that you have and I definitely think that you'd be in for a really long battle if KFC wanted to commandeer one of the many golf courses and if we were to commandeer a golf course and make it not a golf course. I think of a bunch of other things affordable housing something else that would be just way more beneficial to the local media community. They would also be way less expensive and have way less traffic mark. You know I think to your point out when I was at It'll be as of this weekend a year ago since I was in London to go see the full game and so when my dad and I got off the The train stop initially tour before the game on that we went to at Anfield. What am I thinking at the Emirates and everything you saw sign age all the neighborhoods on all the streets and everything no parking on matchdays from like this hour at this hour and everything and so. I can't imagine what the the little old ran parent couple. Who's been living in that house? Who RAISE THEIR KIDS? Were there for thirty years paid off the mortgage and everything and then you know three or four years of construction in that stadium and now suddenly every single Saturday afternoon when they wanted to go out for errands or go for a parking everything. They've got a bunch of you know Kunar's varying levels of alcohol in their bodies going through that and so know do some of these neighborhoods where they have a nice little park. It's a community gathering standpoint. Do they want to welcome albeit with some potential immediate economic boost from a from a restaurant standpoint? And what's around them? Maybe you know better maintain roads. Is that worth it? If every single Saturday night is just a hassle for them to go outside their house. I'm not entirely sure that they want that. On the other area that we haven't really touched on mark that's kind of been I think. Emblematic of the gentrification and to an extent the revitalization of Denver in an area that was previously industrial. It's now become more. Modern is the river North Art district. Rhino there's no immediate plot of land that like you could singularly by a block or an old factory or something that would actually work on. Its own it's not super convenient. Frahm A parking standpoints. Mostly just street parking and a couple of those. Rtd Lots that you know again would take some lawyering up and maybe some political sway from KFC. But I think if you know if the rapids were serious about looking at this. I think they need to look at you know late. Twenty Twenties Early Twenties Thirties. Maybe even twenty forties. Who'S GOING TO BE? The equivalent of what Rhino was like at the financial crash in two thousand nine? So go back to where that was making structure in standpoint before all of the new all the new hipster. Yuppie fancy new architecture apartment blocks built an you know before like breweries moved in and bought out an old auto body shop in the refurbished to be you know a tasting room and everything like go back to what it was before that so find what is going to be that equivalent of the Rhino district in two thousand nine predict or find out or look at pursuing opportunities in the space around Denver that it's going to be the equivalent of that in twenty thirty five twenty forty or something and I think it's fair to say mark like as much as we don't know what analysts is GonNa look like in six months. I don't think anybody knows what Denver's who into look like from that standpoint with all the construction everything you know what happens. Or maybe the Broncos of you know moved to a new floating stadium. That's just floating over the mailbox building in the NAT huge plot of land or mile highest becomes available. So I don't know if we've answered your question Eric but I think this is. I think I've done a really good job of thinking about what needs to be thought about in terms of choosing location and this is a really good thought experiment to revisit. Probably right after the World Cup in twenty twenty six maybe at the start of the decade in everything in maybe upon the thirtieth anniversary of DSP But you know we have this conversation. We're going to have this conversation from annual or boredom standpoint. You know four or five more times before it becomes time. We're actually having a conversation relevant from time standpoint. That actually needs to be put it one other funny thing that I kind of want to bring mark. I didn't realize upon looking at all the different neighborhoods and everything and looking at stuff. One of the old nicknames for the Highlands Highlands is actually. The full name is Potter Highlands Historic District. I'm an just north of I seventy where you have The Denver Coliseum is L. Reza's swansea and one of the old names originally before commerce city became commerce city was Derby so it was spelled D. E. R. B. Y. I'm not sure whether it was pronounced derby or Darby like Darby. Afc and then. Of course we got Brighton. Colorado like we've got a good smattering of random neighborhoods that have a name immediate name or nickname association with English. Football Clubs so. I don't know if that means that you know that you know we should buy you know an old house or something in the Potter district and opened up a stoke city bar. Anything I don't think either of US came in. Our allegiance would be interested in opening up a Brighton. Hove Albion Barn or for Terry would have to be up after that being a palace guy on one other follow land that I think would be interesting to think about mark but comes with a bunch of logistical complexities. From a stadium design standpoint would be the Denver Coliseum and in the National Western stock show area on the call was originally home. I think the the avs play their played there for maybe one or years prior to Pepsi Center being built. I would presume at some point. The Denver Nuggets were existed in there. It hosts a couple concerts. But there's a bunch of better venues that you have for location. It's the quality of the venue stamp white. On the one thing that the Denver Coliseum still exists around four is the Ray Western stock show. That's usually in December maybe into early February as well. It's kind of weird plot of land. Because you have to. There's some walking pass under the overpass for I seventy and who knows if this changes completely different with all the construction? That's going on I seventy. I'm actually working on for a couple of projects out at the day. Job Mark But So it's a weird dimension. There's not enough. Spots is simply tear down one of the buildings in put the actual stadium. So you'd have to do a significant amount of read finagling in terms of in terms of driving pass in and out of parking lots potentially have a stadium existing or to be built on what is currently parking spots. It's not really enough parking spaces you want. Ideally from a soccer stadium standpoint. It is close enough to where I think you. Could you know? Harbor take get a stop on the airline or some other form of Metro or bus stop area. It's not super hip in terms of like other stuff going on around it. It's again a main industrial area. I mean you know if you know. The Denver Call Siham. I think was constructed and opened up in the early fifties. So we're talking. Dsp being outdated from a Modern Stadium Stamp on in the Twenty Thirties into the twenty forty s. Assuming the call hasn't been torn down at that point you know it's going to be approaching. Its own centennial. Then unless you know unless an indoor team comes in doesn't WANNA play at Pepsi Center mark. I'M GONNA assume there's not going to be much use for it so I think the rapids could finagle or have. The stadium built in ways such that it could host the actual Stadium venue needs for the great Western stock show potentially do that. But you know again. That's years away from happening on. But that's maybe the one plot of land that we haven't really talked about there would actually be due for revitalization in a decade or two unlike just commandeering a golf course or a city are trying to fit it somewhere in downtown without paying an arm and a leg for one of the older but still functional commercial skyscrapers that. I think it's pretty much everything that we've covered mark anything else that we wanNA talk about this or should we get out of here Placebo effect in full effect. Baby let's let's get. Outta here and pretend like we took more than just a sugar pill of soccer show. Okay then Eric thank you for sending us the email for that. I hope this was a fun. Thought Experiments have think about you know maybe if his podcast is still in existence we can bring it up as an old the in twenty thirty and then just not have to have this conversation ever gets a look about but I hope all of you who listen to this all the way through the Anfield. More informed how soccer's zoo stadiums are built in. That helps you appreciate what we do have from a good standpoint in DSP PARK. Also understand the complexities. The next time that you have the rabble-rousing hot take from somebody on twitter saying all the raptors just need to move downtown and that'll fix all their problems. Everything in the complexities. From just making that happen. And the fact that that will in many ways not solve all their problems if there's not a bunch of other efforts from ownership but we have no reason to believe From past history are in any way happening anytime in the near future might mark all right mark. Let's get Outta here Mark why don't you tell us what people now presumably have spent some of the money that they may have gotten recently from certain government entity on good positives? You now want to spend on something that might actually be fun and brighten their day. Since they don't have any soccer scarf from roughneck scarves scarves are great. They keep you warm. You can use them as masks in a pinch you can use them to celebrate all sorts of things like surviving pandemic in your apartment Another wonderful thing that you could do is look to our other sponsor acres FCA Krzyzewski FC makes amazing Beasts folk kits for you your buddies your friends. Your local soccer club Your future US L. Soccer Club if you buy one on the cheap as they are panicking To keep their doors open in a few weeks. Go Get yourself a kit. Take a look at some of the options. Lots of colors. Lots of patterns Acre Assaf. See Matt Listeners. You can follow US individually on twitter at soccer underscore rabbi and at L. WS MAP polar. Check out the random things were writing about. Because we're bored in writing about something that we've been thinking about for five years but haven't had time to actually write about cats. American soccer analysis 'em last word on soccer dot com. We're doing our very own decade. Best of eleven going through all the teams marks will be doing that for rapids and a few other clubs at some point in the next couple weeks and months You can follow us on twitter at rapids ninety-six PODCASTS CETACEA. Email at rapid signing six podcasts. At com. Ask US questions using the Hashtag. Ask H. T. H. L. And we might dedicate a whole episode. Because we're going to have nothing else to talk about And that of Moore's feeling generous or believe that we bring monetary value to your life at some point feature. Maybe not now. If you'RE CONSTRAINED BUDGET WISE HEAD ON OVER TO DENVER POST DOT COM SLASH HGH L. They need all the help they can get right now as well as Patriots. Dot Com backslash rapids. Ninety six podcast mark. Maybe we've got an interview next week. Question Mark Maybe next week but but you know definitely at some point. Soon we'll have a surprise interview with someone fun Stay tuned We've got a few ideas for other content to happen folks. Obviously mark and I have constraints schedules right. Now as you're probably experiencing personally so we'll see you when you see you It will be sometime later this month. It might not necessarily be next week. We've got a bunch of other creative ideas including mark. Actually can we commit to doing it? Lease one game of the rudderless banter commentary of a old school rap. It's going right. In my humble opinion we break it into two episodes to to keep our fans from being subjected to two hours of meaningless rambling. That is a very very healthy like decision so I guess I'll just close it out with saying mark listeners. Take CARE OF YOURSELF. Take care of your families. This is a trying time. I read a really good article this week. That said we really should be relabeling. Social distancing as physical distancing taking care of your mental health and your wellbeing given all the forces that are affecting US mentally emotionally and from an energy standpoint are critical and so finding somebody to talk to finding something they can distract you from the monotonous all consuming pressures that Kobe nineteen ended side effects have brought upon. I think he's extremely critical. I hope that this podcast has and continues to be one of those sources for you and just for someone. Mark has been pretty open about my own struggles with my wellness and mental health and living my best life. I always enjoy podcast. I enjoyed it from our own friendship and our media standpoint. We've developed a habit to where we have. You know earmarked out an hour and a half to two hours one night of the week for us to talk to each other and so it was nice to see your face and talk about something that isn't the impending doom of the world with that knows litters. We will see you when we see you. And it'll be something crazy off the wall and stupid distraction we'll see.

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