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WWHL @ Home:June Diane Raphael & Denise Richards


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen models. I Love Bravo and when she comes over grabbed the representative. Oh it's watch whatever's live at home with Denise Richards in June Diane Raphael now on and welcome to watch at Home Andy Cohen and my New York City apartment which even three thousand miles away is still within swinging district of Juries ponytail joining me from her quarantine in Malibu. It's real house. Beverly Hills Denise Richards itemise she just did the iconic face like at the end of the first episode and removing the high available on demand may twenty nine tonight and dumb manned. Her Bravo analysis. Is Our friends you Diane Rayfield Niamh. Hi Andy Sell happy to be here so much to say so much. So yes a lot to discuss. And I know Denise Fan of yours from Grayson Frankie and I know. You're a big denise van run from all the things all things Yup oh I was gonNA say a face full of Joey Melissa makeup and I'm ready to go are you serving us. Ragamuffins chic tonight. My been updated a little good denise Di the Kyle left you a lengthy apology on your instagram last week. What was your reaction to that? Will she left that apology? She sent me a text about allergy. I says thank you go June junior you enjoying the new season of Beverly Hills. I'm loving it. And by the way like every single women above the age of forty wishes they could pull off a ragamuffin. Look we all worked so hard to be able to look like a ragamuffin. It's just true so denise to me. That's the highest praise. You could ever receive so we`ll. June is currently isolating with her husband. Paul Scheer even though they've been happily married for over a decade. I know she would kick them out in his second to make room in her. Corinthian for a Bravo Liberty June. I want you to give the five Bravo liberties that would make your core and dream Coren team. Okay he's Dream Corey Denise. I want Aaron there because they feel like at some frequencies season vibrations that maybe could unlock the key to all of this young. Nope he's working on a vaccine but I want I want him around I want Michael the Butler from southern charm. 'cause they feel like he just picked up he would keep my dignity intact for a lifetime. I wanted you details there because of the cash you know they have a Lotta cash on hand. You know I want. I want Luanda's niece. They're her downtown. Niece just artwork with enough for the F. Leisure yes alright. That's your dream Corentin. They've got really good. We'll kyle was really shady about Denise Diamond Ice Sculpture but that's nothing compared to which is a little punk who's made of ice but not so nice. Nice Baby. It's these shady ice sculpture. Hey Shady Ice Sculpture Craig's yourself for a deep freeze denise. Oh my God I do. My team is just waiting right now. That is carnivals navy. I ice sculpture. What's your first question for? Denise we know you and Erin have a very active sex life but which beverly hills cop will. Do you think has the lease going down O. M. G. Shady ice sculpture is like a valley guy. Okay so switch with. Beverly knows couple do you think is getting it on the least at this moment. Yeah how well? Probably because she just have baby all right cool in general. I think that Eric was honest. That hers so much I mean a medical situation. Now I feel like that's not fair next question. Shady Ice Sculpture Denise. What's your least favorite Charlie? Sheen movie actually like all of his movies. I think he's a great actor and Movie that I saw my dad actually to see his platoon when I was younger. And so I like all movies Scary movie five even. Yeah that's actually conceived her Alright person every okay. Last question changing sculpture which one of the Beverly Hills housewives past or present is the biggest fake ass. Batch well I say that I feel like she thinks that helping me so she probably makes us me. She's you but what do you think who I think is a big aspect. You'll have to keep watching all right by Shadi ice sculpture. Time to put myself back on Ice Junior. Wanted to say something why you should say we've seen denise in Berkinstocks like we cannot call her the biggest ass bitch on the real security hill says just not possible right. She goes from berkinstocks to a dime. A dice sculpture. Yeah I'm still trying to nail down the theme of that Dinner Denise I mean I I loved it all but I was just like the ice sculptures then pizza. Were Wall Tel. You so if a elevates my youngest daughter start an ice sculpture in a about loved it so much you liked diamonds and she pays after the shape out. So that's how did it are Well when June saw my post of Hillary Clinton doing a shot ski on this show she commented. Omg But I'm about to ask her to comment on some other high level American trailblazers known as Bravo Liberties. It's time for another round of June June Bravo June beverly hills or you as authored. By Kyle and Teddy's friendship is the rest of the women. Women seem to be no. They're so shocked at friends. Behaving like friends is the honest thing to meet. People can't believe when one goes to console the other where stands up for the other to me. These are the basic tenants of friendship thoughts on. Kyle calling the women fake ass bitches. Who Do you think she was really talking about you know? Listen I couldn't understand the Glam conversation at all I mean. Of course Theresa Glam to do a workout. Of course we're all in Glam all the time. Honestly with the exception of Denise Richards who's been a breath of fresh air so so yeah I thought it was ridiculous dots on Denise going in on Kyle at the end of the episode. I loved every second of it. I feel like Denise Scott some sorta Hernia removed and our started to come out and I'm loving it those four Hernias were holding you back to east and I'm excited to see what's been unleashed did have caused to question. Sutton's I'm gonNA freak out comment or should have let the mouse go before Sutton started crying. I mean I thought it was ridiculous. How we've all said I'M GONNA freak out and I don't think any of US expected to be institutionalized for that. I thought it was very silly. But Sutton sets an odd duck. And I'm deeply frightened. Her so I think was responding to some some other energy about sudden but not the comment itself was very silly were you did you find your reads. I have a life comment to be insulting or did kyle take at the wrong way that I did find it insulting. I have to Landy. Scream back at the TV. I have a life too. I'm sitting here watching you in New York. Wh where does Leah rank for you among other housewives in their first season series? Going up up up up up. I am loving everything that she has to offer if I love if Sonya had sent you those pajamas to word fashion show. Would you have worn them now? No okay all right. It's time to get some to some burning questions kyle. I'm sorry Denise Terra L. what's and EP will notice a question of Denise Terra L. Wants to know how you felt about. The comments Kyle was making not only about your appearance but also about the ice sculpture. Dinner Party theme Your reaction when you saw that episode. I didn't know she called me a ragamuffin office. Actually funny the other comments like the awesome. I just I always think it's just not be so judgmental with all of us in just a moment and yes I do like to be casual but also you liked Glam as well and you know it is what it is. I was finding the ragamuffin comments. Do you do you think Sutton overreacted. Thinking that Renta's makeup artists was going to be at the event tonight or you know and was Rena harsh on Sutton about it at the dinner. I think that started fell. Kayaker repair situation. Is I think she just boost? Garden wasn't to handle it and I do think You know police arena may be a little bit more nurturing her joining this women and but you know if they They have their own dynamic of friendship. Denise what was your reaction to the The women at the end of the finale episode. Speculating that you were leaving the show and that they would never see you again. Alone asked me the only ones that said. I'm meeting where I'm not going to be. Union are women in the cast so none of them have ever even asked you that interesting well. From the moment we saw denise walk out onto the bomb our balcony and a casual pair of white shorts. We knew she was down to Earth but since her version of earth contains Bucci items like diamond ice sculptures and camel rides. It's time for Sheikh Sayed. Denise I'M GONNA find out how fancy you really are denise. Have you ever spent more than five thousand dollars on rats yes half. What's the biggest vacation you've ever taken? I Jerry lucky to be in the world. You may how much moneywise urge what would you? What would you characterize us the most glamorous thing that I thought I love on camera and I also love to be on the walking host Bob Denise. Have you ever uttered the words? I am being Denise Richards during a business meeting or salary negotiation just with my personal. I loved it when you said ever be the same June. You'll never be the same. Never be the same. It was everything who is one of the highlights of this time. Do you ever have dropped your name at a restaurant for a better table when you're calling a reservation Not yet but I can't call and say you know. Do that would still funny about that. Yeah well it's one of the great perks of being famous rate. How by the way denise? I want you to remind Aaron that you're Denise Richards because they feel like he locked it down and then he started to let it go and he needs to keep it tight. I'm sure he is reminded daily that he is King Denise Richard. That's true yes yes. What was your reaction to to the women kind of not understanding where Aaron was coming from it. That dinner party at Kyle's dinner. I knew you know you have to know your audience and during the conversation. I knew this wasn't the so the general. Have this conversation and it was time to wrap it up. And and head on out donnas honey now right well. The part of June sprain dedicated to studying housewife and behavior is probably girth year than errands peanuts at this point so in honor of tonight's instantly ICONIC LINE. I am Denise Richards I want to know what other iconic Bravo antics have rubbed off on June. Denise I'm going to name some things done by housewives you guys have. June has done them if she has. You will say I'm in June. Diane has never fallen into a Bush. Denise yes I am in June Diane. Has June ever hired a stripper? Perform a friend's birthday parties in these. Yes I am. King June Diane wife June ever thrown a drink in front of his face to niece. No Denise why do you not so well it by the way it was me? It's been following Denise Richards around so we can get to the we can just like let's get to the bottom of it right now. I have apologized. There's no more I can do as never had a fight in a limo. Denise yes no has June ever competed with another woman for the same Guy Denise Yes to all right thank you right Tony. Legend thirty two real tweeted June. What's going on with filming the final season of grace and Franky? Are we finally going to get a Dolly PARTON CAMEO? I don't know about Dolly but we did have to stop filming because of Corona Virus spoke. You know we are still meeting on. Zoom calls every couple of weeks to say hello to each other. We did a table read the other day and Lily. Tomlin just got up and left to grab a delivery in the middle of it and then came back with her food so I mean amazing. Things are happening at and it's been pretty incredible Chris Harnik tweeted denise. What did you make the viewer reaction to your now iconic moment of you smirking? At the end of the Premiere episode. I was actually quite surprised by the reaction from fans of the show so I gladly instead of the other way June K. Maryland wants to know how the Jane Club is doing during this pandemic. Gosh it's IT'S. It's been incredible. We've temporarily closed our LA space. But we've moved the entire village online so the past three weeks we've added. Jane's and members from Sixteen states and. Wow It's been incredible so we all sign on and we do morning workouts together daily. Meditations real estate estate planning at night There's kids for little music for toddlers big talent shows. It's just been this incredible. It's a weirdly the Radovan unity or reach digitally. He honestly needed more than ever right. Now Right Denise. Tell me about the quantum reach foundation. Because that's you and errands you're very involved right. Yeah just this past fall analyze everything in its research education or children's animal health and very fortunate that means resources to help our youngest daughter Not just virtual North Finding Needs for helping to be back for children at an Melson Excited it and it's been great during this time to yellow to put the other programs. That's awesome that is great work it is time for tonight's moment of muzzle. It's easy to let these tough times. Get you down. But there's a woman down in Dallas doesn't give a rep so here to give us some much needed good vibes. It's mom while Andy is molly. I'm telling you being in this quarantine. He's made my way Tartan Gray. Can you believe that the good news is abhorrent head across shy Adler had nian nabbed? Problem is denied or not. Been doing so much biking together. When it's time that we can go where we will be able to get out the door other. What's my sore and you could get. Mama can't stop this crushes. Well we just really hoping that we can get to see you soon. Were so happy in this year mission. Marlin Baba thank you. Mama D and Deandra. It's always great to see you. I WanNa thank the niece and June for being here from our night. Stephen Colbert will be here at eleven. After top job thanks everybody thanks. These thanks June. Hey everybody it's the after show Denise Richards in June Diane Raphael June Diane's movie is the high note it's available on Diana demand May twenty-ninth. I love it you are like Tracy Ellis Ross is playing a version of her mom. Kind of you know what I was working off of. Andy I play her former assistant. Who Sort of still lives there? And so I told Nisha Are Amazing director that I wanted to do sort of a female Kato Kalem. And that's what we came up with speaking of which. Why do I have a feeling that Denise Richards knows Kato Kaylin him once ex husband Okay did you know? Oj Denise now. I never met him never met. Oj All right. Just just curious. Greg P. E. Mail June. Have you ever taken in the Grayson? Frankie themed we'd that was sold at L. A. Dispensaries I now. I didn't even know this was available. I mean I've got. I've got my doses pens but I guess maybe I should get an upgrade. I definitely want the Frankie version of that. Not Manta Pasta tweeted. Denise seems like Lisa Rhythm was coming after you and the season trailer. How do things stand with the two of you? Now there's GonNa Change in our friendship and people will see that show plays out I. We've been friends though over twenty years and we never know what's happening right so we'll see people keep watching. See how how it plays out. Denise kilty W E mail do agree with Erica that Kyle storms off whenever she's facing a hard situation or do you think she's just trying to take herself out of the drum. I will say there are there are like five episodes where Kyle where the episode ends with Kyle in tears. What's it's it's really while feeling. She'd never her circadian rhythms like never reset after those nights shoots like a completely threw her after her Halloween night. Yeah like like completely reset her body and she's She's Iraq right Denise H. W. O. F. B. H. Tweeted YOU AGREE WITH GARCIA. Kyle having the biggest ego in the group up there. I I don't know if it's the biggest fun might be an issue out way. June abbey are if you could play one housewife in a bio pic. Who would it be and why? Oh Wow that's a tough one. You know. I think Kim Richards for me and like the type of comedy. I'M INTERESTED IN I. I like to throw my hat in the ring to play. Her is just so much there. I think that's really just like it's it's all a little there. An inner clocking anxiety and disorganization in chaos. That I would really like to take it up. Yeah all right well. Let's leave it there. I WANNA thank June. Diane Raphael and Denise Richards Catch Denise on the Bulletin Beautiful Weekdays at one thirty on CBS. Jim Diane's movie comes out onto Ma'am may twenty ninth. It's called. Thanks for hanging out with me tonight. You guys thank you. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four? Pm Eastern time? Make sure you're subscribed rate rusty or not.

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