'Valentine's Views' podcast: Previewing Giants-Cowboys, second half of season


I want to know more about what your favorite Ninjas have on their minds check out the American Ninja Warrior podcasts. It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for any any Ninja Warrior Fan Hello and happy Monday New York giants fans you are listening to the Valentine views podcast here on the radio part of the SP the nation family of podcasts. I'm your host Ed Valentine of Big Blue coming to you on Monday November fourth as as the New York giants get ready to face the Dallas cowboys in Monday night football here at the end of week nine of the NFL season and just wanted to talk about a few giants related things before we get to a cowboys giants preview interview that I did with Rj a chore of SP nations blogging the boys always enjoy talking RJ. And I hope that that you guys will enjoy the interview that he and I did as we lead beat up to to the Monday night game of few few things about the giants you know as I as this is the beginning of the second half of the season and in the first half two and six obviously disappointing obviously not what the giants had hoped for look back on it and quite obviously the giants left a couple of winnable games you know on the table week two against the buffalo bills was a game that that I think we all thought that the giants had an opportunity to win look back at that game and there were some circumstances in that game some things that happened that that prevented the giants from winning winning the bills are a little bit better than than we thought up but that was still a winnable game of the game last week even against the Detroit the Detroit Lions definitely a winnable game even though it was on the road in Detroit five point loss in which the giants you cost themselves a touchdown on an unfortunate backward pass by Daniel Jones that turned into a Detroit touchdown some other circumstances that prevented the giants you know from from scoring points in that game also gave up a couple of long touchdown plays including including a forty nine yard touchdown pass winnable game five point loss that that could have been a giant victory the sore point that sticks sticks out as you look back at the giants first half of the season was losing at home to the Arizona cardinals a team that's not better than the giants team that it came in as the underdog came into metlife stadium as the underdog and jumped out to a seventeen zero lead that has to be the the the most disappointing game of the first half of the season look at the two and six giants though n. n you think you look at the record and you don't see much progress from a year ago when they were one in seven but I think you do see some progress in terms the roster that's on the field I think there there are more young players there are more pieces to build around there are more players on this roster who you want to get second contract guys you WanNa keep long-term I guess the best way to put it is there are more players on this roster who can be part of the solution going forward than I think there have been in quite a while there are obviously still holes to fill still work to be he done but there are more pieces to feel good about more more parts of the puzzle than there have been in quite a while so so what what I really WanNa talk about though is the second half of the season and specifically tonight's game against the Dallas Cowboys let's focus on on tonight I I mean if you look at the at the staff picks column at Big Move You know one is picking the giants to win on and Sunday night that is justifiable I'm not picking them to win either but let's be honest there have been some signs over the past few you days that are positive ones for the giants Sterling Shepherd will return saquon Barkley should be even healthier than he who was as he continues to to get better and get farther away from that weak week three high ankle sprain that he suffered the giants should be the best that they've been in terms of health in terms of of of what they bring to the table offensively they should it'd be the best that they've been all season with shepherd with saquon Barkley with Golden Tate with Evan Ingram Grimm all playing for the first time this season you have Daniel Jones at quarterback and he will have his full complement of of offensive playmakers for the first time this year will see what the giants can can make of that will begin to see what head coach Pat Shurmur really we really wants the New York giants offense to look like with all of his playmakers on the field the other reason for optimism you know you look at the the defensive side of the ball giants made trade last week four Leonard Williams which adds talent adds a former top ten of the first round pick to the defense offense they added Dion Buchanan a couple of weeks ago and he should continue to play more and more looks like the giants will mostly play him probably the guy who loses snaps to him his his David Mayo and and I find that a little bit unfortunate Mayo has played well but Mayo does have have issues in pass coverage where I think the giants believed that the own Buchanan can can upgrade giants in that area will see how that goes I like Mayo as a player I also you know I supported bringing in Buchanan so let's get him on the field let's see what he's got let's see if he can be part of the long term solution going forward going into the twenty twenty season and we'll see we'll see where that goes but you know the giants have added a couple of pieces on defense you know over the past couple of weeks so there's that to feel good about also we found out on Sunday Sunday that there's a possibility that that pro bowl linebacker latent vandereycken won't play for the Dallas Cowboys evanger Russia's a tremendous player at the second level of the of the of the Dallas defense so that's a huge loss for the cowboys boy if he doesn't play in a huge break for the giants so there are some some positive signs some things that might sort of tilt the table toward the giants just a little bit giants are seven point underdogs but You know those those things might give you reason in for optimism I know the giants are many of the guys in the secondary are also still upset regarding you know being mocked a little bit by the cowboys for some of the mistakes that they made in the week one loss to Dallas so there's a little bit of a little bit of revenge little bit of motivation factor there as well will you know when it comes down to it I believe at this point in time that the cowboys remain a better team than the giants will see hey how Monday night turns out there's no way that I could go out on the limb of actually picking the giants to win this game and I didn't do that in Dr Staff Picks Column at at Big Blue View I would expect a Dallas victory on Monday night but there are some signs of you know that the giants could could have an opportunity for an upset here and we'll see how it goes but you know also as we look forward to the second half of the two thousand in nineteen season I find some reasons for optimism with the New York giants and most of that has to do with the young talent on the roster you have a developing developing young quarterback in Daniel Jones we've seen some of the really good things from Jones we've seen you know some of the words some of the places where he needs development I think you can be optimistic about his future and I think it'll be fun to watch and see how how he develops in the second half of the season we've also seen you know one of the things we ask for with so many of the young players I think there was a stat from field yates of ESPN the other day that he put out that the giants have used rookies for far more snaps at least five hundred hundred more snaps than any other team in the NFL which just points to development the the youth that the giants have and the growth growth that you can hope for and I think that what we've seen with some of these young players we've seen Dexter Lawrence the the seventeenth overall pick I think we've seen him get better from week one to week eight I think you can feel good about about his development continuing to to go in an upward trend trend I think we've seen De'andre Baker the first round pick at corner I think it was thirtieth overall we've seen him improve from week one to week eight that's what you want from your young players we're seeing more and more impact from wide receiver Darius Slayton the fifth overall pick so you look at those young players and you want them to trend upward and I think that's what we're seeing with the giants so I think there are some reasons for optimism we'll see if any more of the young players will see if Julian Lavin Corey Ballantyne Sam bill some of those young players are able to make an impact over over the final half of the season but I do feel like there are reasons to be optimistic about the giants heading into the second half and particularly particularly when you spend forward looking toward you know what the giants could be next season when Dave gettleman has a chance to breath to go through another draft has a chance to to use some of the the cap space that the giants have created to perhaps a couple of of veteran players at at key spots and I think there are reasons to feel good about the giants going forward word so so we'll see what happens the second half of the season and we'll see what happens on Monday night giants fans let's do this right now let's take a quick break for word from our sponsors and will come back in here the interview that I did with Rj Ocho of blogging the boys check out the American Ninja Warrior podcast for a behind the scenes look at all the action of the show and more with your 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Thanks for joining us. It's always a always fun to have you on of course a little sad this is the last time of the year that will be together but it's always fun it's always good I always enjoy it you know even though e- even though we have opposite opposite interests I guess you know we we can get along yeah of course I mean we we've got mutual enemies and mutual things that we dislike Mike so you know there's this coming out of there for sure well let's just be honest everybody dislikes eagles fans out man I I think even like there's a large portion of eagles fans that you know I think there are some that dislike he goes fans like sometimes like giants fan will do something bad and you'll see like somebody somebody chirp out it's like oh they don't speak for us like that that giants fan is an outlet that never happens like anytime like an eagles fan doesn't really bad they're like yeah that's one of us Oh my God now what are you what are you GonNa do what are you going to do they're they're they're completely separate species but anyway let's let's talk about about Monday night let's talk about giants giants Cowboys Dallas beat the giants so weak won pretty handily thirty five to seventeen you know things things have have gone a little differently for each team since then cowboys are leading the NFC east to the giants have lost four in a row unfortunately eh but let me ask you at this point Dallas four and three new sitting atop the the NFC East but are are you happy happy with what you've seen from Dallas so far this season or a little bit concerned I know there was a three game losing streak in the middle of all of that yeah I think I'm having this conversation with somebody day I mean I think this is maybe the worst possible result of the first seven weeks and you know considering that they're four and three it's hard hard to be disappointed with that but you know I had talked a lot about the beginning of the season that the cowboys had to win their first three games had to go through you know if they wanted a shot to win the division because yes and I mean this was no offense I mean they were playing the giants redskins dolphins and you have to stack up the winnable games in the NFL and You know because you're gonNA come into games that are difficult goal you're gonNA lose games that you shouldn't you're going to win games that you shouldn't and we saw an example of the former with the New York jets So hopefully the cowboys good New England and when that win or something but I think often considered it's you know you're fairly pleased if you're a cowboys fan you certainly want more it was embarrassing to the jets but you got that win over the eagles and that one's going to go a long way so so how did losing to the jets happen anyway you know sooner or later the week before it was a you know the the three losses the one against New Orleans how I think there were some weird circumstances and I know this is about the jets but you know Jason Witten fumbled Zeke Elliot had a fumble that was a weird ruling in fact it went to review and it was still ruled a fumble even though he was clearly down Randall cobb dropped and third down pass until you had this this batch of weird against New Orleans and then against the packers against the jets you know against Green Bay fell down thirty one to three in the blink of an eye and against suggests it fell down twenty one to three in a blink of an eye and you fall down something like that early on your entire game plan is totally different before the cowboys in the eagles a couple of weeks ago before that game they had not started a single drive in opponent territory they had not started on the plus side of the fifty yard line so you know I think against the packers against the jets that think they made some mistakes that you can overcome if you can get the ball in favorable situations because of turnovers or whatever but the cow I was just weren't doing that they dug themselves to deep holes and tried to count on their ability to jump out and it just wasn't enough it's interesting you mention Incheon along the way that that you know four and three was pretty much the the the scenario for for the for the cowboys and pretty much I'd guess you said sort of the the worst case at this point but and I look at the giants at two and six and I think four straight losses and I think two who in six for them right now is probably also what I would have thought would have been the worst case scenario for the giants let me ask you a giants related question at this point obviously you know there's been a quarterback change with the giants how what does that quarterback change from ally Manning to Daniel Jones on impact may be the way that you look at this game you know I think it's significant obviously I mean anytime a team in the division you know makes a clear and concise effort changing the most important position on the field it's it's a very different thing and you know I know you and I've talked about this both on and off it I've got a great deal of respect for you I manning so the things I've got to say are not meant to sound sarcastic by any means but he is you know at this point he's Kinda stuck behind that pocket and the cowboys have at times quite the ferocious pass rush and we've seen Daniel Jones some wheels Certainly throughout the games that he started for the giants and so I think that really changes things I mean demarcus Lawrence has has been pretty public about his feelings of Eli Manning and the giants continuing to employ him as the team's starting quarterback and so I mean in in in that respect it's like the giants have almost fed into exactly what the hours want the cowboys won a quarterback that's GonNa sit back there and try to win from the pocket I want to beat them is to get out of it and so I think Daniel Jones is capable of doing that which certainly opens up a lot of possibilities for the giants offensively I wanted to ask you about demarcus demarcus Lawrence I mean what is the deal with demarcus Lawrence in the little manning comments I mean he's he being sarcastic is he taking a shot at Eli why is he taking a shot at Jones is he just having fun or is he just demarcus being demarcus you know I think it's all of it honestly I I mean that's the kind of guy he is he's he's not shy about you know talking about what's on his mind obviously just got paid by the Dallas cowboys he is to date the the richest player in franchise history and you know last year he was really public celebrations in the year before last year on the franchise tidied before he was in a contract career and You know he's he's not somebody who's going to acquiesce to the way you know politically correct players can handle things he's not going to be saquon Barkley and just kind of keep his head down and you know he's performed well against the giants and the cowboys have in recent memory I think the last cowboys lost to the giants was twenty sixteen ecksteen if memory serves

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