How To Order 69,420 Calories


Hello and welcome to win. Food means funny. This is the full day last. Podcast i'm your host. Brian durkin and very excited for the journey. That you and i are about to go on today. We're going to try and get all of our calories from one restaurant. Ruby's diner we got to see if we can hit that magic number of calories we're gonna we're gonna try and get our daily antique and then we're going to try and go and shoot for the moon just like gain stop. We're gonna get that special number that six nine four two zero calories and so much more after this you time to last while you dine. That's half enough to belly laughs right. It is time. i hope. I ain't lagging on you. Because i feel like i am just bugging out here on this live recording. If you're listening to this podcast land. Thank you so much Before any that shatters during the live broadcast of this podcast. Let yourselves be known. Be on the screen. You can be a part of the pod. Vodka in you know basically forever. Most video gets deleted. I don't know why that would happen any way like i said at the top of the hour we are on a mission. Okay we are trying to do something. And what are we trying to do. We want to be in the know with our calories. We'd stuff eatings part of life you know. Hey if you like to live your love eating probably maybe not but you should he but maybe you shouldn't baby. That'll be a future episode. I'm not really sure. Am i got brian. Can you please get to the topic. Like what are you day. Thank you for your help in steering the ship here. Basically what i want to tell you is there's restaurants out there that let you know. Their calorie counts for their items. But i've never really thought about that before and calorie counter kind of important right. You don't wanna totally splooge. Unless that's your goal we'll get to that later So let's see if one restaurant providing all their calorie content Can we can figure out what our meals would be from that place. If that's all we ate from in a day we only eat one meal. Can we eat three meals. Has it changed between a man and a woman. You know Whether the recommendations for both we have no idea. So that's what we're gonna do and then from there less ball out of control. Let's see if we can get to the ultimate the ultimate calorie number. The holiest of all numbers in mathematics. Sixty nine thousand four hundred and twenty so that is what we're going to try and do and then of course once we get to that magical calorie number may not be possible. We'll try and get as close to a bullseye as we can. Even for the daily calorie counts. We'll see how much it costs. What's our what's our total. A bucket ruse that were going to be spent. So that is the journey. Are you ready to take that. Right are let's see here. Let's get to google gets google and Let's get this party. Let's get this party. Started all right. So let's see here We get to rubies all right. Let's we'll make my tabs situated. Ruby's diner to place. I've known for a long time. I remember going there anytime. I would go to the mall with like my dad. My brother the got great burgers and fries very life. Fifties ask right. Apparently headquartered in irvine didn't even know that and it was found in newport beach. Jetty callie thing no clue it's pretty cool. So dying they have a citadel. It's pretty intense anyway. Ruby's diner Exciting website offering great food porn. Letting us know how to find a location immediately. Pick up or delivery. That's always important in these times. Were just if you're in lazy in general and Ooh there really is a real ruby. Who knew right. Did you know that the founder doug having all decided the name the restaurant after his mother ruby will now. I didn't know 'cause. I read that you and yeah you tell voice in my head get them sick that boy on somebody else but me i love i love it and like i'm so happy that he's like doing something different because like it was getting kind of old how he would just like her ass yo times like what is the point of that. It was pretty. It was pretty glad that he's a hype about ruby's diner anyway. Kids eat for free. That's trying to keep it to eight hundred for a lady meal thousand for remand meal. Okay so ladies. Fear will if you're willing to like push the envelope you're like fifty five over. I'm not worried about that. It looks like this. Classic rubies burger with cheese. Might be right up your alley. It still simple and delicious after all these years years years years years years of ruby classics still delicious and simple. But what makes it so simple. It's topped with two slices of american cheese crisp lettuce tomato and rid sol's and capitalized like it's an out so this constable it also sounds delicious all right so let's get back on. Classic ruby burger with cheese. Eighty five all right so classic ruby burger with cheese Just realized how did not give myself enough space to write stuff do. Let's add a column okay. Cool and okay. We're good on the screen share right. So i- anyone watching is like what are you doing. Do you on did what you wanted. That's correct all right. It's an eight fifty five. That's a good number. It's a good number. I like that perfect way to start the day for breakfast right. Actually the men here. They can add a little something extra to their situation for breakfast. We'll see if we got it. Some side items we can put here. Oh perfect you can get a bacon egg breakfast for a box. Sixty two i love. It doesn't cost a dollar sixty two. We're weight watchers your man. We're trying to count our calories. So what is it called bacon egg breakfast. Bacon and egg. Breakfast is one sixty two. I believe let's go back. Yes okay so are running. Total some do is actually it should be. Let's get this plus this. This equals this perfect. Okay so thousand. That's too bad that's not too bad. And then we want to do the same formula over here so the ladies Get something going to write that. There has okay so ladies are done. They're fifty five. Can we do better for the girls here. Can we get closer to that. Eight hundred mark. Well what's under eight hundred. Oh we have a to a breakfast with bacon only five hundred and seven love it. Let's go there because now now you're getting two things you can to eggs instead of one burger. That's definitely better twice to is always bigger than one. You know so to egg breakfast versus one burger that that's a miracle that it's only five hundred seven calories. How is that possible when you get to things instead of one. That's that magic assigns. You know what i mean. I'm not a scientist boy. I mean it's it's incredible. That's august breath. Est and you bake in two and it's still only this many calories an amazing feat. I think men. They're a bit greedier when it comes to breakfast ladies. I think they're going to. I'm going to say this is. This might not be true per gender but let's build the female menu where we're going to have nice dinner okay. We're gonna ball after dinner. Actually we're we're gonna ball out for lunch. The man none. And i will out for dinner for women and men. They're going to pull out for for breakfast. Actually so actually you know what i think. I think what would really make this breakfast. Complete some chicken tenders for our men here all right. So let's get some chicken tenders added to this breakfast. That is thirteen. Thirty four and the calorie department shouldn't be an issue right. Okay perfect so now. We're at two thousand three hundred fifty one calories for man if you are a man that wants to fast but being but boom you already. You said the breath one time at ruby's just order three entrees and you're ready to go pretty simple very standard. Most people do it. So that's a classic man breakfast way to start your day at ruby's diner one ch Let's see here man man launch. What's man lunch. I think the man or actually just gonna you know they're gonna try and They're gonna try and keep cool with a simple salad simple salad hundred cow saving some cows for for dinner. You know what i mean. I like this move simple salad okay. Then we're going to do this maneuver. We did it. And it's gonna freak out a new that change that formula area twenty four fifty one. That's pretty good. We got like five fifteen left for dinner for the men. And that's important that's important. We'll talk about that later on. Why men are going to eat less calories at night. Okay now women here for lunch. Okay i think. I think a good move and let me know your something better in the chat. I'm just i'm just scanning right. I think we're going to go with all american sandwiches. Yes right they got exclamation points here. It's very exciting menu We're gonna want to stay away from the big plates because they are too big of these calorie content. Fifteen forty three fifteen sixty eight. That's not that's not what we're about here. Well look at this life hack. Oh my gosh. Oh we had to edit the man situation the appetizer chicken tenders thirteen thirty four calories but the chicken tender dinner is only twelve five. Let's let's let's let's. Let's added that for the men chicken tender dinner right now. We're at twelve or five pogs us. We saved ourselves a hundred calories but a full dinner instead of an appetizer with our two other main courses for breakfast. I mean that's a that's a quality move right there i mean. That's what the pros do you know. These are the types of angles. You need to figure out when you're trying to be a row calorie consumer. Okay now. let's let's round it off for the gentlemen. Okay where two three to all right. So what does that put us at. What does that put us at. Where current situation current situation is Let's add another thing here. One above. Okay so this is gonna be equal this minus this current situation. We got six seventy eight to play with six seventy eight. We got anything shot. Let me know if you see it. Do we have anything else in the six. Seventy eight range. How close can we get to the perfect calorie max Few things that are a little too over. You know this. This fresh roast turkey breast would be nice. But we're gonna we're gonna. We're gonna not even win our own showcase if we if we pick that i'm thinking we're going to have to items for dinner here that's my. That's my hunch. I think i think the play is gonna be. This is the move you ready. We're going to get a cobb salad. It's five forty cobb salad for dinner. Salad in salads are good. They got leaves and stuff. It's you know their nature. It's a it's a good thing to add to your body five forty. We have five fifty. It's illegal okay. So this is going to be equal to this plus this and then we want this to change to this that work correctly. No go like this okay. One thirty eight left. I think we can do. I think we can hit three k. 'cause i think there's like a one thirty eight item on here okay. let's look. Let's look what's look and we could have gotten just the added chicken from the one salad right. Knock at the south but just wanna add. Chicken Man see here all right. I think we're gonna run it back. Simple salad one. More time to squat this triple salads situation. Simple salad hundred. This is not bad. This is not bad. Okay equals this plus this. Boom boom pago. Uh-huh dude so close thirty eight calories off from the maximum that's how you in bow showcases. That's how you eat all your food plus your partners food. 'cause you get both things that's how it works in real life when you're close the right answer you can steal whatever your opponent was about to have what prices raise taught us for decades. Okay now back to the ladies revival. Because they're going to ball out there now. They're still going to do simple lunch right. You gotta take care of yourself. You know you don't you don't wanna you don't want things processing to difficultly in the afternoon. I think you know something that screams businesswoman right like you got power suit. You got great shoulders on your blazer. Okay you make mooks at the office. Okay people respect you all right and they respect you for your business acumen but they also look at you as a fierce example of the human form your beautiful and you stay beautiful because every day for lunch you have a rubies original malted waffle combo. Okay it's only a hundred sixty calories. It's a it's a combo for a reason. You wanna hit the combo. Every time that's how you knock it out of the park and you defeat your okay. Rubies original waffle combo. Now this is eight sixty. That's a great situation great situation. I love it We have this equaling this plus five zero seven thirteen sixty seven. Love it half our calories down to get the spend the other half at dinner. We get to go all out and the reason you want to do this as i'm sure you got some simps- or some cougars treated some stuff. This is the pago. There's move for the women out there you by yourself the to egg breath Bacon you by yourself. The original waffle combo especially when i spell correctly. It's original in this situation here for dinner. Half your calories for the day you got some do with the dong. That's telling him how to act. It's given you free food pogs you. It's the play. Okay so what we do. What did we get for free. It's it's a. It's a tough question. You can mix it up all you like. I think the real pro move would be to try and get to things. Okay now. i don't know how this maths gonna work. Seven twenty four eight seventy eight. Let's write it down. Write it down. Seven twenty four eight seventy eight or the numbers correct. We'll the nath be in our favour. Let's do some. We love adding. That's our favorite thing in comedy is adding its math is is is so hilarious all right plus this. Carry the one okay. It's possible regaining. Nope it's not going to work knocking to work. I for some reason. Thought fifteen hundred calories for dinner would Would would work. But it's not gonna work. We have about eleven hundred to play with. Got a eleven hundred plus. Let's do the math on screen here. So y'all know as well Yeah we got. Ooh only thousand play with. Okay a thousand what we get fourth nice thousand bacon cheeseburger nine twenty three. Not bad okay. That's a good choice women. Love bacon cheeseburgers Let's see here do to do ruby rings. Oh here we go. This is the mu frei here bob. This is the move for the guys. If you're taking your lady out for a date you're paying for dinner. She saved hafer calories for the day to try and juice. You for your loot you play it back on them. Get the ruby rinks. That's got to be one of the cheapest things on the menu in an appetizer. But they're gonna say no if they did their math. That's why you gotta math. This eleven seventy seven is going to put you over if you started your day with a to preface of bacon and launch waffle combo. It's not gonna work okay. So that's just how numbers you know nell together and called. It's not going to happen. I think i think we found the solution. Okay i think the perfect menu for this situation if you're gonna go light breakfast. Light lunch pod out for dinner k. Doesn't you don't have to do this as a woman if this is your strategy. If you're not gonna front-load breakfast if you're going to frontload lunch are not lunch or dinner. Okay this is the move ray. Here found it. Ten twenty-five corned beef hash and eggs. It's a breakfast situation. Ten twenty-five corned beef and hash breakfast breakfast breakfast breaths. It's gonna give you that magic number. I'm telling you right now. i have either fueling. the numbers are gonna be on our fever. Twenty three ninety two. Can you believe it. I don't know if he can put it on screen. So you have to believe it. Boom a calories to play with eight calories to play with them you can look at a desert and then you hit your twenty four hundred or good to go. You did it okay. Now that is the puck move. Okay that is the park. Move right there now. Why is it better to go late. Light on dinner. Okay if anything. I think the ladies to flip the script here start with the corn beef hash for breakfast. Okay this is true breakfast tabs over. That's no way no. I'm gonna mix it up. Okay here you go. Let's let's move this here. move this here. Delete this move this here then. Copy this down boom okay. Same totals different order. Why are we doing it like this. Why we the big breakfast and keeping it light for the rest of the day goods one. You're going to want fuel. You're going to want fuel the carry you through the nonsense that is existence right. You gotta drive through traffic. You gotta sit on the metro. You gotta go to that meeting with that co worker. You don't like a guy you want some energy to get through that because you're going to need it now light lunch because us that means more and you still got work to do you want to be too large. Can't keep a chill. You've had a big breakfast now. Here's the important pro. Play light lunch as well. Why keeps you calories so you can win both showcases. The number to leave room to hop guy is wednesday. Is business time you stuff your belly but other things can give stuff. You know what i'm saying so you keep it like that. Okay you say that corn beef hash breakfast for the morning. You just have to eggs. Bacon usa have cops out simple salad so that way you can have each other for dessert. All right that's the way to do it. I think that's the move right there. I think we did it. I i'm just going to be flat out offs with you. I think we solved it. This is your meal plan for every single time. You wake up in the morning. Just go to ruby's diner and order this stuff. If you're trying to be in the twenty four hundred range calories this is your move. You're trying to be three thousand range being this blue category. Now i labeled it men and women because that's what google said. His recommendation obviously depends on your activity. Level obviously depends on a lot of things you know you could be lady but want. Were need three thousand calories based on who you are and what you're doing so go for the left hand column. It's all good. Just putting those labels. Because of a google told me to do so there you have it now. Here is the real question. Okay we got as close to our calorie content as we could with rubies menu. But that's boring. That's adulting rank. It's like we're gonna do this. Probably sunday through friday but saturday. It's time to play saturday. We wanna party up vow. We partnering up saturday. I mean i am like. I don't know if i'm gonna hang out you. I actually got invited to like this. Vip party thing. That is going to be a malibu that like you're definitely not going to be there. How do you know. I'm not going to be there. Invite to yeah ok. Sure i'll see you there then. Bryan steve steve's a robot you trying to party this saturday being. Steve is always updating dude. Always updating me voice my head. You're going to be there little purpose or okay. That was way too scary for comedy. Show anyway backup singers. You can back me up this saturday you know. Be careful you because we light to be together a snap it off backup singers killing the game with their horrible. I want to let everyone in this canyon know about their harmony. Anyway we gotta. We gotta partied up on saturday. We can't just follow our normal meal plan. that's boring. We get one life lesser reincarnation but anyway that's a different life. You got this life rain now. Okay so if it's a special occasion for example. This episode of the podcast celebrates five years of this podcast. We're gonna party it up party it up. We're gonna try and order stuff from ruby's diner that'll get us. To the holiest of numbers ever okay. We want to get ourselves enough food. So we can eat sixty nine thousand four hundred twenty calories. That's the move. That's the move right there. We can do it. Will we consume it all in one sitting probably not but we can try being believe in ourselves we can. We can go to the moon. Okay so now. We need new spreadsheet for new chart. I think our move is to just. I think it would behoove us. Excuse me to get every single burger on the menu. Okay actually let's do this. Let's get literally everything all right. So i'm gonna pull that out of the tab here and i'm just gonna start writing all this stuff down okay. So we got big plates. We got one more big plate. Let's let's get that situated. We got a big plate here. What's in this big plate. All right we at chicken tenders dinner. That's twelve o five role. Get one of those for now Do to fix that. Stupid thing burgers. We got classic ruby burger with cheese. We got the guacamole. We gotta we gotta get some guac on the situation. Right ruby melt. You know that's going to help us with the calorie count mushroom swiss burger. I mean are you. An american restaurant serves burgers. If you don't have that on your menu seems unlikely. Because they all have. And i'm just speed running this menu into our chart here. There's a cobb burger. I wrote kube burger. I don't know what that means but we'll fix all right. Let's speed run these calorie contents. Here we got eight fifty five nine. That's a scary one. Seven fifty three nine forty nine nine. Twelve forty two nine twenty three and eleven fifty two. How many calories are in the guacamole border. I mean you just can't forget you'll never forget all right. Is there other burgers. Yes impossible burger labrador options from. Ruby's them for that. And it's nice that they haven't impossible rigor little being action there with the meat substitute all right. So let's get one for all of them all right. Let's keep cooking here. let's keep cooking. What else is on this menu. Let's do some appetizers and sides. We got really rings we got frings report crispy. Green beans man. I love me some crispy. Green beans the best part is has got a crunch right. It's still fried. So it's it's very tasty and it feels like you're doing something kind of healthy you know what i mean. 'cause it's like a vegetable right because mean potatoes. We all know that. That's not really a vegetable. We're not gonna do add ons. You could substitute sweet potato fries. 'cause now i'll tell you the calorie count so i think it's a little. If fudges our numbers a bit there okay. One of all those things okay. not bad. Nineteen thousand calories so far by ordering every single burger every single appetizer and every single big plate water one of all the salads for the fans. You know just to again. Pretend like we're healthy. But we will be limiting ourselves to one of each of these. Because i mean it's just a waste of time. It's so much chewing you know unless we get Let's get scissors and you know. Start cutting up the salads big times that we the leafs aren't so big you know what i mean. Because the best part about using kitchen shears salads. It's kinda like pre chilling. It's going to help out your mouth. 'cause you're going to your jaw. It's going to work out with this meal. Sixty nine thousand. Four hundred twenty calorie meal do is going to be ripped. Dude your draw. It's going to be jacked man. You can go to venice beach and And just kick it. Oh on let's scratch the rubies Apple pecan and blue cheese salad. Because there's a range four the calorie content Which is super sauce. I'm not sure why there's a range you don't have a real answer on what that could be. So let's get rid of that because this is a scientific experiment we wanna make sure. We are as accurate as possible. Okay so five. Forty for the cobb again. The chinese chicken south. That's out to weird name to what's ruby know about chinese chicken salads. Come on twenty twenty one okay. So hundred for the simple sowed at all. Those really didn't affect our total at all as we expected moving onto a new section sandwiches. All right this this is. I think going to be very helpful. We fresh we have not tell you. Being in the right spot we have fresh roast turkey breast react. The de looks b. l. t. actually wrote to l. t. Hey that's right the b. l. t. a. assume the a is for avocado which is pago us. That'll help with the calories. Sure the ruby club and the albacore melt. Nothing makes a melt better than tuna him saying. It's so the artists get one of those. What's our total. We're halfway there. Almost halfway thirty thousand calories of for we can do this okay. We're grownups here. We're not gonna mess with the kids menu okay And wish we could get shakes malts but it's a total range here So we see it. It's gonna ruin the science of our situation and real. Talk with all this chewing. Were probably gonna want Probably gonna want water. You know what i mean. So i think we were older than twelve. They won't let us get the kids menu and this situation is just not gonna work for us so back to the sheet. Okay we can stop it here new items okay So let's see here. Can i get this all in one screen. Almost almost okay. So i think we want breakfast is the most important meal the day. Let's eat that three times every single. Okay so we got ourselves three hockey combos. Three french toast combos three waffle combos three. Abc omelettes three baked obey eggs and bacon three corned beef hash and three garden. Let's do four gardens scrambles to be healthy okay. I think that's a good move for short. The we should get some drinks. Okay let's see. How shall we do the drinks. Sorry i missed the request for drinks earlier. My issue with the drinks. Is this range here. Five seventy nine twenty so can't be really scientific with our situation. You know what i mean. Because it's like the strawberry banana. That's what i would order for myself but we don't know. How many calories is we want to hit the bullseye. We wanna get exactly to that. Primo number six nine thousand four hundred twenty. That's that's our goal. So i think with all the chewing we're about to do may want water so all right. We got our breakfast situated launch. I think we're gonna wanna relax on lunch so it's only get to every sandwich. We had a big breakfast. We may not be that hungry. We definitely want to want one of all the salads. They're boring appetizers are fun. They're fun for everyone let's get. Let's get enough appetizers for all of our extremities. Let's get four of each of them that way. Each foot and hand Has something to do and burgers burgers or what rubies known for. So i think i would love to get to of all the burgers okay. So let's see what happens here. Ooh over were over. We have to. we have to. We have to relax here. So let's see here. Maybe we should have asher we while the classic burger. That's not bad exciting. Guacamole bloggers cool. We don't want twelve of them The super burger. I'll man okay. So let's see let's roll back. Ooh ruby now. Oh how close or fifteen calories over can we get closer can we. What can we do. How can we do better Let's see let's see all right all right we need. We need a magic here. We number magic number magic. Maybe how many we off fifteen. Let's look at numbers. Let's look at numbers. They're our friends right now. They will help us in our goals. i think we get one ruby melt but then we get another guacamole burger so close. It's so we're so. Oh my gosh. We might be able to do it. You might be able to get to the holy holiest number in all of numbers. Sixty nine thousand four hundred twenty. Can we do it. can we do it. Twenty five calories away Twenty five calories away. Let's look at the items on the menu. I found it. I found it. I'm sorry. shrimp and chips. We love you but you're just not gonna do it for us. Let's get double seafood. Combo winked did it. We did it all snack there. Sixty nine thousand four hundred twenty calories grandparent brown brown and all snap. I feel so good. That feels so good boom chaaka so we saw. We saw that we did it. We did it so if you're at home and you're like dang dude you know what i would love the eat. Sixty nine thousand. Four hundred twenty calories here is your cheat on how to do it. It's very simple you go to. Ruby's diner to change. That's like a diner style. This is what you're going to order to seafood. Combos skip the shrimp and chips as the secret. Okay one chicken tenders dinner. One fish ships one classic ruby burger which she's to guacamole burgers to roosevelt's to mushroom swiss burgers to super burgers to hickory burgers to bacon cheeseburgers cobb burgers to impossible burgers. And you're gonna give four of all the apps ruby rings frings crispy green beans four fries baskets and four chicken now. You're going to offer second salads or morning only in one of all those okay but we're back to making it cool with fianc. That's right you're gonna get to fresh roast turkey. Breast dress at the sandwich shameless. But it's trade us to deluxe l. a. Only one ruby club k. That's important one ruby club. get to. You're gonna ruin the whole thing now to albuquerque for melts and breakfast. We're starting the day right to get to the sixty nine thousand four hundred twenty calories. That's right you're going to want. Three buttermilk hotcakes combos of three french. Toast combos free melted wafa combos three. Abc omelets for free to eg breath with bacon three corned beef hash and eggs and student two to sixty nine thousand to twelve scramble. Four four hundred yard scramble and yet you got their pod. You sixty nine thousand. Four hundred calories jiji's easy you just have to eat. Let's see pause champ for me pause champ for me. How many items you only have to eat seventy three items on the rubies menu. Not a problem okay. there's twenty four hours in the day at basically eat one of these things every twenty minutes. You can eat every minutes. I mean we're already snacking all the time that much anyway. Probably so there you have it. We did it pogs us. And that's pretty much. All i have to say on the matter but of course like any good episode of the podcast. We got to celebrate with some gangs. We got to celebrate with some games with that amazing achievement. All my goodness but before view that is wanna take a moment a thank the energy in the universe for guiding us to that magical number and i wanna thank you for watching contributing and being a part of this historic moment. Did you know that. One hundred percent of dolphins don't laken subscribe to content. They enjoy on the internet. That's whack. you need to make up that difference. So if you've been watching you enjoying this video hit that like if you're getting this channel follow subscribe all that fun stuff and yeah pod you for doing it. We did it right now and you can do it too. Or their seventy three items smash those buttons and just more more more Moments horizon so there you have it now gametime gametime for the pod fans got gotta do it. We're gonna do fun employed. It's one of our faves here. a chat. That is a i apologize. I got into the segment so much. I missed your chatter all right. So let's see here oops due to do some yoga unemployed if you want to get in the action if you wanna be shot at out on the podcast if you want to influence the things we order on segments like this be sure to watch these recordings live at twitter dot tv slash full belly less. So let's see here. Replay fun employed one of our favourite games to play on the podcast. It's a party game where there's two cards one is. A job positions. The other one is qualifications. And how we play is. I'm gonna pretend to be someone from hr arguing you around one interview And i'm gonna pull card from the deck mental shaped like this little improvising of me calling you. These scene will start when. It's obvious that i'm on the phone. Like hey so let's rock and roll. Allow oh god to get a hold of him so happy to connect them really really excited to talk to you about this astronaut position. We have opened a we can talk i. I don't know how limited i am to discuss why we need an astronaut immediately I know you will not be flying in our flagship brockett. That is still out in orbit. You will if you're good. Make it there for sure we. We desperately need someone to do that. Absolutely other details about that on the. Don't ask so what what would make you agree. Astronaut for this situation well You need to be level okay It's important that when you are standing the bubble in your noodle exactly center. Okay wherever you stand you want to be level okay just like construction to support. Your bubble is centered. Okay we we care about centered energy in bubbles all that kind of stuff now. What else is going to help you. Be an astronaut organization being ambidextrous. Use both your hands. Those important stain level. Of course you know she can use your hands to bounce things out But you also you also using both hands to work. There's lots of buttons and doodads and rocket ships. You gotta you gotta use. both hands. Can't be using one. You know in your pants and then the other one on the dashboard. You need both on the dashboard. We need to know that you can use both on the dashboard districts people. That's it that's a. that's a no brainer. But their dashboard. Their dash borders. Okay now finally. Another hiring manager told me that the i absolutely have syndromes very important. Why is that important well in space. You can't really poop so it's important that your ability to poop is Is either not good so stuck inside you. You can wait awhile between duties end when you do. You know. Most people would ibs. It's very intense. If fires out like a rocket ship can help you know. Push the rocket in this direction. Safe you'll but also will just get it away from the rocket very easily. You know pete us people like other astronauts to like get it off the ship Says obvious is very very important. So i'm really excited to hear more about you. You know. we need an astronaut very bad. That's that can just stand anywhere and be level. Use both their hands and you know poops regularly And with off and seeing there you go that is the end of Of that little segi. I hope you. I hope you enjoyed that. Silliness for sure i did. That was a phone one the irritable bowel syndrome and the end sounds for for some reason. The third that comes out the deck is always so wild. And if you don't believe that was improvised. Look at the vied. It is at this episode. Appleby last dot com podcast blog post If you weren't watching it live on twitch so there you have it. That is an episode in the books. You've been listening this far. Thank you thank you thank you. I do truly appreciate it and appreciate you There's a lot of continental. We're allowed distractions in the world. And you know the fact that you made as far and pockets episode. I am truly grateful and to all of y'all in chat watching this live you know. Been watching the super bowl right now. That's when this recording actually happened so the fact that you're here chilling interacting and chat. I apologize that during performance. I wasn't maybe as responsive as i normally can be and yet it's just great to see you and hear from you and yeah so thank you. thank you. Thank you for your patronage. And for serious i mean. I'm doing this for five years. And i love you offer listening. I love making great stuff for you. So i hope that it's still bringing a smile to your face and i wanted to get better with every episode so drop by twitch dot tv slash Last let me know what you're thinking in the moment be a part of the action and we will see you next time when he's funny on. Oh yeah you know you guessed it belly laughs.

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