The Secrets of the Self: Unlocking the Cause of Suffering


The like to welcome one of our newest sponsor of the program. All birds oil birds shoes are made from natural materials. That would make your feet happy. This is daily Bread Deepak Chopra. We are exploring the secrets of the south from the book of secrets. Today we are unlocking the cause of suffering bitch. I've already told you is unreality or illusion before I discuss the steps that lead to suffering and how to unlock the key to healing. I was just thinking of an episode washed on television of two identical twins and one actually thought she was beautiful and the other identical twin thought she was ugly and all you had to do is look at their facial expressions and their eye movements. Hear the tone of their voice look at their body language with it was diet or relaxed and you could see very clearly that one was suffering and the other was enjoyed and the parade antics twins. They just chose different experiences. So let's examine the steps that lead to suffering number one overlooking actual facts anytime you have a belief about something anytime. You have a belief about something that causes distress. Ask Yourself. Is it true. What are the facts? How do I know that is true? Have I checked the opposite of this? Always look for facts. Do not overlook facts on so some people just have an attitude adopt a negative perception. No matter what so come people will condemn complain play. The victim criticize no matter what I am. I that person and if I am then how can I change that? How can I change being criticized a condemned to somebody? Who are now. I hate to use this. Would pose an opportunist because any adversity anything that is pre-measured problem is also an opportunity. You start to reframe problems as challenges and challenges as opportunities ask yourself. I'm always adopting a negative perception. And of course many people reinforced that perception by obsessive thinking. They keep thinking in ruminating about all the things they worry about. I have a month of the worst. The worst use of imagination is anxiety and stress and the best use of machinations creativity. You might want to adopt that mantra. As many people get lost in the pain without looking for a way out of the pain the obsess about the pain. In fact they love to talk about that. I know that as a doctor and of course if you compare yourself to others you will always suffer before we continue. I'd like to take a minute to tell you about the sponsor of today's program all birds. What you put on your body is as important as you put in it for you and for the planet all birds shoes are made from premium natural materials. Making them something. You can feel gooden and good about all buds use a made from certified Merino Wool and Eucalyptus fibers the shoe. Soles are derived from sugarcane oil birds shoes are very comfortable and stylish to the shoes have sleek minimalist design with all that in mind. You can feel confident knowing that you're wearing product that's doing right by fate and planet earth to give your feet a treat and enjoy a pair of oil birds shoes today. When I'm in New York I always do a lot of walking all buds. The perfect shoot to keep you going to and from any activity that makes you feel good all day. Comfort will help your feet keep up as you focus on the thousands of things you're doing every day he'll feet take you where you want to go. Show them some love with a bed of all birds. Hallway shows a made from nature amid make you feel good. Find your perfect pair at all. Birds DOT COM. That's L. L. B. I R. D. S. DOT COM. The solution to a lot of the suffering comes through cementing. The suffering through healthy relationships has relationships depend on conscious communication. What am observing. What am I feeling? What's the need here? How can I express my vulnerability and my needs and maintain a joyful relationship at the same time?

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