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Episode 173: Live at the Kennedy Center [Patreon Preview]


Hey everybody what you're about to listen to is a small preview of the live recording of our podcast at the Kennedy Center last week. It's up on on our patriots right now. If you want to listen to the whole thing Patriot dot com slash yeah but still but I did want to add something to this as a preface that I didn't do we didn't mention and we didn't even know about this until later on but I feel like it. Drastically affects the way you listen to this episode as you may know. The Kennedy Center is is this massive prestigious performing arts center kind of like an Opera House in Washington d C. Usually people who perform there is like you know John. Williams Williams are sting or Yoyo Mar or something so it was kind of really funny that yeah but still was doing a live podcast there in the first place and we did not have a plan of any see we didn't have some kind of special intelligent version of the podcast that we came prepared to do we just did we did our normal thing and it was in kind of like a big big enclosed space so it didn't really you know we. We got away with saying what we're GONNA. Say and it was fine. There are some wild parts but you know whatever it was like for people that came want to see us. I don't think there's many people in that room who were surprised that being said there were about ten thousand people there and a lot of old people just kind of your mixed bag a lot of people from the DC donor class that were there to see like QNA's with famous people about joke writing and stuff like that but I I come to find out long after we got off stage that apparently our our performance was being live streamed and like piped into the grand entrance of the Kennedy Center for some some reason at a very very high volume so essentially everybody that was either coming or going or just hanging out all ten thousand people were just listening thing to us and we had no idea so for an hour and a half our voices were just echoing from the halls and nobody knew where it was coming from so that being said I'm GonNa give you a little small little preview of what people who came to see us got to see and also people who did not come to see us and did not want hear us what they are forced to here so if you want to hear the rest of it it's on our Patriot patriotic dot com slash yeah but still but here's a little sample of our live podcast at the Kennedy Center. Did you jack off in the family. No it wasn't jerking off in the family room me neither on my on my dad's lazy boy just like No. I mean I I never I yeah but I would use the family computer to get a boner sure and then not touch it. No I was like I did. I did this move look at Stacey Keebler J. Pegs and get super hard and then just like not touch because I was afraid to because ray yeah and then I would just pray please go away. I did that move. I would go to the family I would go to the family computer. Yeah I guess yes like type in like boobs because I was like eleven and I'd be like all you guess who's GonNa be remembering that in three hours yeah it. It is fun to have an erection and you don't have to touch it like hey no. I'll elliot hey listen. Come on okay listen. I'm being fucking persecuted for my answer to this. Is All circle circle like middle school. This guy is leaving. He's going to talk to his. JFK wanted when he we started. This is no like actually probably did. I mean like the thing about jacking off right. Listen you have your fun right but then you finish right of course you're like man. I Miss Having Direction and I know away. Wait a minute your favorite favorite party sex in Texas. Getting hard gets bummed when it's inserted. He's like oh no into something. Let's keep it just keeps going yeah. You could just keep it Just you know sometimes just a you you know Papa Blue Yeah get get rock-hard and then just like no hands no hands. Dan Lean back. You know what you're doing. This exactly what you do you buy your food saver. Okay okay. I'm listening all right. You've been vacuum seal your penis routes and that's just fresh forever now round. Yeah Lifelong Boehner. Wow another thing you can do. It was like you know transatlantic flight type deal. No one wants wants to no one wants to get caught checking off in the bathroom and a plane of course it's the number one fear for all professionals so what you do is you jack off and come on your stomach like you do every hour of every day normal the normal amount that every man does it uh-huh but you bag it up and then just take it on the plane and throw it on your stomach your back but you yeah. I see just take your load with you and then it's like you came. We'd Texas where he's perfect. Sense laid off. The flight sank. Tom Your own come from home right. Yeah Hello Sharks. I have an idea Have you guys ever wanted to come on yourself but you couldn't jerk off. I've been having this problem. I've fly right. You know I've been having this problem where I they. I can't pack more than two ounces of come on the plan. It's like a therapy therapy dog off. I'm seeing all these guys in the plane. I know they really don't need that calm. I'M NOT GONNA say anything new ZIPLOCK BAG COM fall back now yeah it's brutal brutal you know this is this is the biggest problem with post nine eleven post nine eleven America you can't you know I have pre come on my ticket. It's printed. Tsa Pre cover. That's hard yeah yeah. That's for sure I when I was a kid. We had. I'm older than everybody here but you we had this. The cable was like this box. Click Click until you change. The channel like it was almost. I don't even know how to describe it analog. How old are you in eighty five thirty seven This is probably like nineteen ninety five you. Could you change the channel. This little thing in the last channel was spice squiggly. Oh see I could hear it and I would jerk off to the sound yeah but it was like kaleidoscope in occasionally. You'd see like a boob or a Bush yeah I would. I scrambled porn. That's what you're describing and so my TV didn't do that because I don't know it just didn't come through on my TV like that but I was friends with this large Irish family and the youngest the ones my age the Murphy twins I did just I could've not tamed them but I did vague Murphy Murphy Murphy read it read it. Let's find these guys accountable. There's there's only a few murphy's in Chicago but they would. They would call call me on my house phone. My mom would be like hey the Murphy. Boys are on the phone and they'd be like Jack. It's really good today. Come over get it on my huffy like bike with pags ride for twenty five minutes over their basement and then we'd just sit down there and like maybe see a multicolored boop nope and just be fucking talked yeah just right and you were jacking up jacking off and then we'd like to go have their mom make dinner something. We don't think about it later when Jack off I wasn't we weren't even jacking off back. Them does like like seeing scrambled breasts. See The problem for me. Is that now now. I can only come if I look through a kaleidoscope.

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