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Support for NPR in the following message. Come from Hello, Monday, Lincoln's new podcast that investigates how works changing and how we're adapting to it host Jessi Hempel and featured guests uncover lessons to help you make the most of the work day and your life outside of it to whether you're five hours until your first job or have just five hundred left until retirement. Hello Monday can help you take on the workday with the knowledge to make your career work for you fine. Hello Monday on apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Welcome back. You just met NPR music. Stephen thompson. Also with us is Glenn well-done of the NPR arts desk. Hi, glen. And in our fourth chair today is Dowd Tyler Ameen of NPR music. Welcome back down tile and the always so much. Damn you. It's perfect to have you here on pop culture serotonin day. Stephen I'm going to start with you hit me with a piece of your favorite, pop culture. Serotonin a few months ago. I talked about loving the experience of watching a kids TV show with my family. And I was thinking about why that is. And the first answer is in the first thirty seconds of the show. Jessica hit me. I narrow net. Just a normal with a normal. About that. No one knows it secret. Siddeley best. After the test. Recess. All right. So wait. What is the name of the word? Show is miraculous ELS, lady, bug and cat and war. Now, I've talked very recently in what's making me. Happy about this. Very ridiculous. French cartoon, which is available three seasons are on Netflix. It has also aired. I believe on the Disney channel, it's aired all over the world in different languages. It is very silly. It is about two teenagers who are superheroes. And there's a whole thing. What I'm talking about for pop culture serotonin is the experience of gathering with my family watching TV show and singing along like idiots to the theme song. Yeah. So for whatever reason the whole family got to the point where not only did we like this weird French cartoon, which is by the way, rated why seven if you want a sense of how hard hitting a piece of entertainment viz is my to selene teenagers. Love this show. My girlfriend loves this show. I love the show, and we always every time we watch it seeing the theme song together, and it is this gigantic mood boost. And I've found. More and more with TV shows that we watch communally or like I've been watching the west wing with Katie will actually seeing the air. There's there are no words, but we will sing the theme song to each other. As it airs on the on the show. And so a piece of pop culture serotonin that I recommend get together with your family get together with somebody who likes the same thing. You do if it has theme song singing along it is an instant boost is great, peck, what an awesome start to our mood boost. Joe? Thank you very much. Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon. I suspect. It is not going to be the case that Stephen took your idea bring us all no, okay. It's kind of related in that it is about a communal experience of watching something of an evening. If Faust denier Elton, we come back home. It will always inevitably happen will be tipsy perhaps. But not yet tired. So it's like one o'clock in the morning. We don't want to go to bed yet. One of us will pour snifter cognac, no actually voted that. Or just the last class of wine. The other one will inevitably somehow turn. On the nineteen eighty two film, Victor, Victoria. This is a film that I have not seen all the way through since. I saw it in theaters at the very young and very tender and very fraught age of fourteen because it's fraught because this this film about it's nineteen thirties. Peres stars Julie Andrews, she pretends to be a man so that she could become a very famous female impersonator. None of that part works, by the way. Because whatever she's got short hair us keep waiting for everybody in the film to go is that that's you handwriting because we look not like a man not looking dude. Like, Julie Andrews, this film has everything Julie Andrews, Robert Preston, James garner. Alex Karras for some reason and Lesley Ann Warren chewing through the furniture about this. It's the soundtrack it's too. So what we do is. We just kind of skip around. And there is not a done in a bunch gay pary Chicago Illinois sung by Lesley. Ann Warren in that kind of squeaky baby you and me which is a little Patterson between the two of them, Julie Andrews, and Robert Preston, even though it contains the thing most in all of musical theater, which is the fake laugh. She goes you and me I hate that. Does that is Walter in the Muppets and pretty much every line? Sings is a little sticky. And of course, the shading from Seville both versions, maybe it's problematic who knows and then finally legit hot. Which is maybe I'm just reacting to the dress and the headdress and the dancing, but men at the end, it's a big finish. She goes up. You guys you guys music is you tell me how many octaves is this ranger. Jazz. Man. The man would call that an approximately one hundred twenty. It's not just the octaves. It's the breath control. And there's no flatness at all. It's a smooth nets. It's amazing. So now what I'm about to say Poto-Poto toy e belie when and if Dame Andrews should should pass the opens are going to be all my favorite things and super fragile Listrik. And they'll make probably some Princess diaries in there to for millennials preparing. But as far as I'm concerned, if I am still NPR arts desk legit hot is getting into the open. I will strong on whatever hapless reporter is strong on the of those holding my soul together. So that's Victor, Victoria, specifically legit. Thank you, so much Glen, what a great pack. I'm loving us. So far to keep it going. Give me a mood booster. So Pete Holmes. People know him today, probably mostly from crashing his HBO show or you made it weird his podcast a couple of years ago. He had a late night. Talk show like a cable late night comedy show. And there is a series of sketches that they did call X men E X stash mea n where every time. He would play Charles Xavier. Professor x firing a different member of the x men and being a real jerk about it. Just dunking super hard on like how like the powers are stupid and their name suck. And the sketches are fine. They're they're funny enough. But there is a series of outtake videos from those sketches that I think are really the main event and in my favorite one Thomas middle ditch very funny guy from Silicon Valley and the face of Verizon wireless, which is easy. Thomas. Miller plays gambit the crazy Cajun Newton who throws playing cards, and he kills it. And he's like the voice and the faces in the mannerisms on the costume are so dead on that Pete Holmes cannot hold himself together. Like, they try the same bit over and over again, and they cannot get a clean take. Because he keeps breaking here's just a little bit of that. I guess I'm change left in my pockets because I have a euro earlier Giral. What do you say? Yeah. I say IRO. Okay. I say. I say gyro. I knew I knew we will set it. What's the French word for euro? You'll wrong. The thing. I love about that is that I think somewhere in his head Pete Holmes house to be going like as my show is my idea gotta keep he cannot do it because it seemed partner so funny, and eventually you just kind of gives up and he just lets it happen. I've watched that many many times if you wanna see it E X men gambit outtakes. All right. Thank you doubt. Another good one. I like to think I brought a good one too. I wanted to bring a romantic comedy. And I wanted it to be one that although I've talked about it casually. I haven't quite banged the drum for this one as much as I have for some. So we're going to talk about the film music and lyrics it stars, Hugh Grant, and drew Barrymore. He is basically Andrew originally. He is the less famous half of a eighties. Pop duo the movie starts with a perfect take on an eighties. Video exactly what the aesthetic of eighties music videos was and then. Then when he meets drew Barrymore, and she can write lyrics, and he can write music, and so they get together. And try to write a song. It is a really charming story. Those performances are really nice. They have great chemistry. This is one of his sort of nice CAD performances, but on the sweet end of that scale and some of the music not all of the music, but some of it in the film is written by Adam Schlesinger. Now, Adam Schlesinger, you might know as part of fountains of Wayne, and by the way, fountains of Wayne, the catalog would also make perfectly culture. Brought it. But, but he also did he wrote that thing you do for the movie that thing, you do he writes music for crazy ex girlfriend, and he wrote the song that becomes kind of the reason why this movie exists the song they're trying to write. And MRs kind of the ultimate studio version of that song. So that is a way back into love, which whether it is your jam or not it sounds so much like a real pop song that it is completely credible. And there's also a really charming version of it. That's basically Barrymore and grant doing the demo. That's even a better, maybe display of its melodic just catchiness it's Schlesinger Jerry in tackiness. I loved this movie. I think that it has so many sharp observations about music at the it was it came out at a time. When there was the writing the song for a very Britney Spears ish actress, and there was a time. When young pop actresses were doing a lot of kind of cultural appropriation eastern, kind of mysticism takes there's some of that it is a really good film. I hugely recommended music and lyrics, and it has kicked around on different streaming situations. But it is now on Netflix. So an easy one to stream music and lyrics on Netflix. Love it. That's mine. Stephen thompson. Gimme your second pick. Well, last time, we did pop culture. Serotonin? I talked about a mix that my family listens to called Katie is in the car and is full of pot-bangers. We put it on Spotify. You can still Google it still listen to it. But I was thinking this time about the music that I listen to win only I am in the car, and specifically music that only I listen to in the car when it is springtime when you get those first big bright spring days when the spring is actually in the air on your roaring down the highway with the windows down in cranking music, and I could have picked fountains of Wayne for this that used to be my go-to spring record utopia Parkway in particular, but I decided to go with a band called the thermals let's hear a little bit of the song returning to the fold. Pain. Wait for. Bill. So that is returning to the fold from the album from two thousand six the body the blood the machine imagine the mountain goats plus gigantic guitar riffs, plus a meditations on faith and the loss there of it is this absolutely Titanic album. That is almost perfect from start to finish. It's about half an hour long. And the whole thing just roars. It is one of my big spring Goto hair on the arm standing up as you roaring down the highway kind of records. That's the thermals. Nice. I like that record to you introduce me tonight. Thank you very much. Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon. Gimme your second pick. I'm staying on the same very small patch of cultural real estate, which is films of the eighties. Starring lesley. Ann. Warren. Because a we have not treated Leslie on Warren with the reverence that she is do we figured are out in the eighties for brief time window there. And she's still putting in the work. She's still still turning up on things like the Limy secretary in the film jobs television, like psych committee daredevil will and grace, but she is meant to be exalted and she has not been sufficiently exalted. This is not a thing to put on immerse yourself in. This is I think to put on while doing some task some chore, some spring cleaning something, and that is a little film. You might not have heard of called clue. This movie has been running on a loop in my head my entire life. Because I was a guy who sought out all the different endings when it was in released theaters. So everyone talks about flames flames on the side of my face. I have talked about that moment in the show. It is the funniest moment. Move Madeline Kahn as MRs white expressing frustration in a way that only she can. And I don't want to diminish it. But that moment has been Memed and gift to death. It has lost some of its iconic power in many people's mind. That's what the movie is. And the movies a lot more than that. What a Victor Victoria is too. Great production numbers. This move used to joke. There's lots of them. They're solid again this movie plays on an endless loop in my head. So when I walk into a home goods store, I'm going to think to myself, a candlestick, what's this for when I go to a dinner party in DC, which doesn't happen often. But sometimes it does I will at some point in the evening think that monkey's brains while popular and companies cuisine on often to be found in Washington DC. And it's communism was just a red herring. And it was MRs white. We can pay tragic it's all up there. So I just put it on it will wash over you, the solid jokes. Great performances. Great costumes to that's a little little known movie out of the way Indy. Fair clue. Thank you, Glenn Tyler Ameen. Gimme your second pick. Linda, can I tell you something I always cherish. You a thank you so much. I'm with you on this, buddy. Now, look, she's given us gifts and burdens. Long and varied career. But within a pretty broad age range, you ask people what's your favorite Madonna song? And they'll have some kind of answer for you cherishes mind. And here's why cherish is from the album, like a prayer. I was confused it with like a virgin, but like prayer from nineteen eighty nine thirty years old last month, which is. Man. And it's remarkable to me in a couple of ways number one. It's one of those songs where if you hear it for the first time, you're not listening super close to the production. You might be like is this a song from sixty years ago? Like, it has that kind of classic girl group vibes sort of like it lives in my mind with the sweet escape by Gwen Stefani. Where if you only hear the chorus, and you're not listening super hard is like is this some slipped on oldie econ shows up. Released a cover of an oldie. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. Number two. It has a kind of light unassuming earnestness that I feel like is rarer and rarer for Madonna the lead you get in her career. And it really folks this feeling of like giving up on the concept of romance in the idea of love and just feeling it. And I feel like it's an early glimpse of the thing that like Carly Rae jepsen a couple of decades now. And make a total career out of the other thing. There's a great maximum fun podcast called heat rocks. Where they have guest on to talk about an album. That's just like a hallowed classic in their lives. And when an powers our buddy NPR music's pop critic, she was on to talk about like a parrot and they asked about her favorite track. And she said this one, and because she's in powers, she was able to cite all kinds of scholarly details about like the things that it references in interprets, but Joseph focused on this one lyric from the chorus, which is you've got the power to make me feel good. And that's kind of the thing that when Don is at her best. She really really gets right idea of centering pleasure. And it's not necessarily like dramatic or grandiose its legs. This made me feel good. Yeah. So listen to cherish if you wanna feel good and checkout heat rocks. Good show. I love this. It makes me wanna go. Listen to a bunch of Madonna, which is exactly the point. Thank you very much. My second pick is is so in the wheelhouse of this. I went in such a similar direction. I thought I want some bouncy music that maybe people. Occasionally forget to listen to. But it's always there for you the minute that you wanna turn it on. And I and then I had so many picks of tracks. Eventually I picked one Jessica play it for me. Man, I want to just listen to the whole song. So I had so many choices when talking about the go Go's a million choices. This is the one I chose. It's actually probably not their most famous song. But it's one of their many famous songs. It is such a good song. It's called head over heels. The Gogos in the eighties were one of the first bands that was heavily marketed as like a girls pop rock band. I would say is that accurate? Stephen in terms of marketing, not in terms of inventing. So the Gogos to me if you go back and listen to them are such an interesting moment in kind of pop and development of eighties music because it is very eighties in production and a lot of ways, but it's also just solid jams. And I got a chance to see the Gogos a few years ago in concert with beef fifty two's. It was a it was a pride weekend thing, and they are still really fun to watch Belinda Carlisle and in some black, saddened pajamas. Banging the tambourine on her chest is still a pretty great thing. So go back listen to the Gogos kind of you can jump in anywhere. Particularly in the first few years when they were getting the feel for this kind of. I don't know how to describe the sound to me it's kind of California pop rock pop rock. I mean, they're they're guitars. Yeah, it's interesting. You talked about the production. But I was listening to it. And like, you know, the production for like early eighties is not nearly as Tracy as as it could have been slightly use a CRA waterskiing. Oh my God. Now, I want to listen to vacation. Anyway, I wanna hear about your picks for pop culture. Serotonin? Find us on Facebook at Facebook dot com slash P, C H or tweet us at PCH. We willing to all of our picks in the pop culture happy hour newsletter which you can subscribe to at NPR dot org slash pop culture newsletter. You can follow doubt at art sorority. We gotta have you back soon, buddy. So and thanks to all of you guys for being here. Thanks to all of you for listening and once again help us out by completing a short anonymous survey at NPR dot org slash podcast survey podcast survey is one word NPR dot org slash podcast survey will take less than ten minutes. And it really is a good way to help support the show. So we will see you. All right back here on Friday. Hey, it's a fear. Eisenberg host of NPR's asked me another March was women in history month, and we've declared April is women in comedy month kicking it off from the Netflix series Russian doll. We've got actor grittily and co creator, Leslie Hedlund, plus Reta from NBC's parks and recreation and many more start listening this Friday.

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