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Hi this is jim from the step over the radio ballers podcast talking seventy sixers tune in this off season. Season is my co host. Maximize talk next steps and solar recovered from sixers raptors game seven over a span of many many months were listened back to old episodes and make fun of how wrong we were. Let's be confident only on the e._s._p._n. Podcast network michael kissed listening again benjamin assignments so land. It's the kissed in seoul action presented pine espy nation and bleeding green nation. Oh you are flying is somewhat on the kiss ten solex show. This is episode. One nine brought to you by the five unfocused s._p. Nation and bleeding green nation. I michael kissed follow me on twitter at michael kissed n._f._l. That's k. i s. T. is getting hard to get through this intro because alls i can think about clayton thorson and but i am joined by benjamin sollac who has thoughts on the matter. Don't don't say that name do not solely the podcast with the men fled. I i mean you said you wanted to go after it right after the top hand so upset and you would think that because i knew this is what it was going to look like that same it'll be less upset you think the fact that we both said the moment to pick happen that this was a complete waste of an objectively on valuable but still draft pick you think they will make it better but it does not you would also think that an organization like the philadelphia eagles a very smart organization with a very loaded roster would not make a pick as bad as clayton thorson and look. It's one preseason game. He's a rookie whatever but to for nine seven seven yards a zero point zero for ninety. Seven yards watched the player play the game. I mean there's there's missing thing and then there's just existing on different ethereal plane and the rest of the other physical bodies that are currently on the football field i was i was selling your buddy. John ledger that he should be dropped off in in the himalayas and tracked by national geographic camera crew like he's a snow boulevard like this. This is this is crazy. This is crazy that a quarterback that is drafted spoi- orange believe he's playing on this week. He's doing like what what what shape the footballs on the plane that he was born. I want them to interview him. Ask it after the game in ask ask him what he wants to be on. He grows up he clearly. It's not n._f._l. Quarterback now it's clearly not n._f._l. Quarterback and that's an issue for the eagles because of the news with nate subtle talk about that or we continue to rip on thorson. I'm good either way because even like like there. There were times were receivers dropped the ball form and you know he's playing with fringe roster guys to but at the same time like the interception he was totally clean had time through bad ball thrown a ball to the flat. They called it pull in the string as ross tucker said canadian complete that the interception was one of the most amazing as i've ever seen in my entire life in terms of i think every receiver besides the target was open within a half a second of that route concert developing as a quarterback. You know hypothetically where the receivers were headed within a half second of that play development. I could've told you that a deep day was not going to be open now and that's not like oh that's okay. I don't know jack daily about football and i could have told you that that was not gonna open. He had a safety over the top them in a linebacker singing underneath route. It's not gonna open and he had he had a flat bed and he had the the <hes> the the the other out route outside open now and he just stared it and chugging completeness. There's just nothing salvageable about that. Play whatsoever now now again. It doesn't matter but because it's a very good team with very good players and so if you just save yourself okay we have round pick. We don't need any players. We're gonna draft quarterback. We're back if you hit on a quarterback as a good situation right cool but like john walker daria sleep in science smith garner menchu <hes> david long who was just playing for the tennessee the titans trace frigging <unk> get jerry green mississippi say there's so many players like actually have legs in the world rodney anderson the markets christmas this mike weber just like people who could actually stick on n._f._l. Roster there's no point. Have we believe that claims is gonna make this roster and now it's even less likely i with the injury. Now it is actually likely gob with us and you know ben you stay up until four a._m. Writing a fifteen hundred word piece on nate seinfeld and how he can use the next four weeks to prove do that. He can be a capable spot starter if need be and it's a position you know the backup. Quarterback position is very important in philadelphia has proven to be over the past couple of years and and the guy goes out there. He's seventy five yard touchdown marquan michelle who somehow bird like olympic speed guy dorie jackson and then he takes the hit falls back in the next thing you know he's being carted off with an air cast on his arm a similarly because something happened with the rest and it sucks man because southfield is one of the more entertaining -taining backups that is seeing significant playing time in the preseason because he's not like a dinka dunk guy he gets after but also this might be the only type of real action forum to show that he's the guy that he can be the number two that that is on a contract year by the way it's extremely unfortunate and for more context on it a shoutout to gil saunders of the the fourth john crew for posting the video of the injury i added dr chow aka pro-football documents heard of him and he chind in by saying that the video looked like a left wrist fracture. It's to his non throwing hand which is a plus and quote not done for the season but a while on quotes that it's bad news all all around for the eagles and just thorson looking the way that he did made it even worse and we can talk about kessler being like a decent backup quarterback back like that's kind of his ceiling he did go to in two as a starter for the jaguars last year but he also through for like an abysmal yards per attempt than they averaged ten point four points when he had significant playing time in a game for the jaguars last year so we saw combat at the quarterback spot the backup quarterback for the eagles now there's like there's a reason that teams did not want to guess. Certainly there's a reason why the eagles were able to sign him as q._b. Three now when you have like you know a young guy that you're trying to like the eagles subtle right then you don't want to bring in a casler unless is going to be reported back for you so i still think he's a very serviceable quarterback. Do you could survive with him if you need to do but in the event of a long went injury that's not a foles you know like situation. Listen i would argue cellphone was also not bad despite kind of the cult following that he has and seinfeld. I mean he's he's. He's just a rocket on a stick right like there's not much germs of of of mental processing is is significant players backers the he's an absolute host like that. That's good but i agree with you in the sense that like this is gonna hit free agency next year so this this was a huge opportunity for him to showcase to the other thirty one n._f._l. Teams that he'd be worthy upbringing in as as a guy is gonna continue to be a backup in the n._f._l. That this was his opportunity so him the the six to eight week timeframe. That's weeks three five the regular season. The eagles would probably be okay going the first four weeks n._f._l. Season without carson wentz this having a a significant back-up. They really think seinfeld's can be able to make it back by week three big four on but it's just a shame because the preseason diabled for nate seinfeld personally from the showcase his stuff is best that he could use. You can get a tunnel times eagles. Were not gonna risk wentz playing much if any football on and he's gonna hit raising next year you get it up soon to make some money so that's that's the real zapping their the other disappointing part is it's now harder to evaluate the eagles pass catching threats because suffield gave them the best chance like the best ball all of the night in terms of an ability to make a play was the the earlier single whiteside from where do job has ended up coming down with that made a pretty good plan the football ends of transient against the ground but like like you're not going to get those throws from kessler thorson and so you'll lose the opportunity to evaluate your plight your your weapons in an in game contacts with a player of sells arms frankenmuth. This is willingness to test a downfield coverage. So that's the disappointing eagle side from the the subtle zayed simply the money he could potentially made in twenty twenty just got a funny comment from emma listener marcos levy at mark levy a he said mike don't be rude is a mike don't be so hard on thorson had more completions than interceptions. I guess that the that's the bar you're the setting for thorson to ratio babies how we like it. Let's do some stock up stock down and we can just kind of move around the different position groups. That doesn't have to be in any kind of order in this. What is twenty seven to ten loss for the philadelphia. Eagles very important game doesn't share anything <hes>. Let's go stock up. Eljay eljay fort will go the linebackers. I really liked the way that he moved around and he's a little bit undersized is about two thirty but i mean you talk about a guy who is definitely making this roster in my opinion and the sideline the silent did he show at two thirty a. size at this point like i wouldn't even call it on her size. Yeah undersize strong but you know what i mean. He's not like two forty like brad. You know what what i mean so it's it's a little bit on the lighter side of the spectrum but stock down nate gary getting washed out just looking lost sarah guys down here the touchdown thrown on now i was i was talking about the touchdown before i think that was jonathan ciprian fault. I think ross tucker said the same on the broadcasts you thought the same thing <hes> ciprian acting like it was his fault so don't put against four don't put any disrespect on his miscommunication yeah. I'd like somebody who was wrong with them right and stock down for gary. What what do you think about those <unk>. I'd just i just like like the nate. Gary experiments probably over right. You know it's it's very good in the sense that you have eljay for you have paul war or allow zac brown nisab rodham the question mark is it how long has come out <unk> out long-term. You're probably still keeping gary but it simply like there's no reason i was even talking about this a little bit last year but it was only a second year bigger. Whatever in the gary was kind of in that will fighting the job even last year like this is no reasonable garrison gonna successfully translate the linebacker. You drafted a guy late at for a positional switch good dart throw. It didn't work. That's totally fine move on. He's gotten bigger but he's lost speed wasn't bitterly fast to begin with is not a good cover man. He's an accident. <unk> does not see place available does not have a good head for the game bob abune in line via bad one bad preseason game but this is not like a take. I decided to make today. Gary is not able to to play since since he came in so i i i don't see him as a desirable roster candidates specially if grace you know a healthy enough such that you want to keep him on the roster we've won four yet. No no fort ford had a solid game against twos threes. You know what i mean. I still think it's a backup player on special. Teams is gonna keep him on the roster fisher i wasn't like i don't think i'm super stock up on four and that's what i expected if i could from him but like you know it's obviously good to see a guy turn out the way that he did. In defensive backs wise on its stock up probably stop still wear vantera mattis was yes. We thought madison was good and he played good. It stocked up branches today. Homes certainly a player who's going to who he's guest anna. Oh yes ghanistan roster. I mean let let's let's make that clear so we can stop getting that question because i get that question all the sunday who is worth more than a fourth round pick right now. I'd like the fourth round peg leg if they did they cool assuming the coolest ciprian be the end <hes> safety three weeks ciprian played that bad mike another that might upset. You didn't think separate bad. I'm okay with it but now he's really good closing down here. I don't think he's super grayson savell behind him. Run on ideal for free safe you but there's a reason why it's not a star in the league anymore and that's part of it is a safety threes exactly what you want. He's not corey graham. He's not an idiot on he. He brings up playmaking ability closing down mills tackler right. I'm feeling real zastava tonight. Michael fire also clan verses got me cooking and so oh so so where does your safety three yeah stock down with the safeties though i gotta go with blend countess and trace alvin sullivan was really bad tonight man and he's he's got like a weird high that people that really like him but he was allowing easy completions tight ends he followed by filling incredibly poorly in the alley on a big inside run for the the titans <hes>. He's going to have to fend off late. Countess who got first team reps over him. If that tells you anything so beyond deo and you know we'll see what ciprian it does but it doesn't look real great for the safety position which you know isn't the worst problem have but at the same time is still could be a problem especially considering the injuries that this defensive backfield face last cheer what about offensive line stop andre dillard stock down jordan my lada. Would you agree. I wanna say stock down. My lot was not going to be like a lot of good. The year two it would be massively shopping needs played football for a year. Let's all chill to me. My whereabouts expected to be which is still bad enemy what i mean like that's that's really okay my may to clarify something ben when i when i say these stocks it's it's not necessarily our stocks because i think we both agreed that like my lada was going to be a the project. I think we both thought that like four would be solid but unspectacular like like that's like our stock is different than like what a lot of different people think and i think a lot of people people had the expectation that might lot of in your to was subtly going to transform into fringe starter spot starter capable guy. I and it just turns out that the n._f._l. Is like really hard right and yeah. I mean like i'm not trying to like pick on your stock upside down just trying to like have conversations with other place flight me ben yeah yeah. No this is serious and podcasting your gang stock on that prior gob a play out penalties especially when there's a very crowded guard tackle room and you are a guard tackle and just the you know you can't be have multiple pound <unk> agreeable problem yeah yeah no i in generally like not super effective active <unk> dillard. It'll get washed over that dillard still not super comfortable coming out of his stance on getting into a sad. That's a he's still a little bit all over the place because he was highly effective and he's affected rostker called camelot korea pretty good pass rusher not not bringing capacity is pretty bad. Pass rusher actually but like you know he. He's still stonewalling second teamers. That's okay 'cause you're second team so you're being out second team. Zero schedule dillard's looked looked like you'd want your first round. Pick an office tackle especially when you knew you were getting into which yeah he was getting into his sets perfectly but if they work they work at the end of the day and he was the fact that he's along super nimble and he looks he looks sick. He looks really really fully up the n._f._l. Size which is great so stock up style dillard star down for me. Matt pryor announced napa wine defensive line stock up literally. Everybody stevens allies so good they i'm. I'm watching qassim edibala. Whenever like used name is and i was like shit. You must roster this kid here. We go the new joe houseman but not all joking aside. Dacia holds great as an extra round. Pick people forget about this now now. He has the advantage of grown up a second teamer. When joshua was gonna be the first teamer interior lewan right that's correct yeah lewan verse sweat yeah bernard while he has longer sweat but then competent wasn't out there against right additional hall. I thought a okay regardless. Even independent of that hall was effective. Sweat was effective active in z had against a guy like one he lost several and that's part of playing taylor. Lewan hill was one of the best left tackles in the game right now on able to to push bush the decree pressure the ball rush rush with good power. He still has that ability to get to the outside shoulder to attack points for the nicely when you at hall and sweat rate with a winning winning off the outside corners the way that you did you generating a rarely can a really consistent pass rush. Yeah like there wasn't a good pass rush on the tannehill touchdown throw but like i mean station sean hostile one was named gary. There's some you know just odd attribution thought. Bruce actor played well. The trayvon has played well. Hassan ridgway was playing notably welfare. Yeah foregoing down with injury. Ridgway was really impressing especially in the run game as interior guy so every every edge everyday of the tackle that i saw was putting out significant qualities the sheriff miller had a couple of plays rather even survey smeller now deal stevens align the who they keep is going to end up being valuable for them. They got a ton of good options. Yeah i agree an update on ridgeway. He was being evaluated for a concussion so we'll keep you updated on that. Maybe douglas speak on in the presser. That'll be up at the podium a._m. Tomorrow also charles john to the wide receiver he picked up a foot injury during the game and did not return will be come back. We'll do some more stock up stock down as we recap the very exciting exciting in erotic week one preseason game between the eagles and the titans coming up next here on the coast and select show. We'll be right back. Hey i'm spencer hall. I'm holly anderson <music>. I'm ryan nanny. I'm jason kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast says in the script to riff on what that means and basically exclude every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as long as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app and we are back here on the kissed and zolak show episode one zero nine by the fine folks at s._p. Nation and bleeding nation michael kissed here with benjamin solich as we recap week one preseason action of the eagles and the titans titans. Let's do some more stock up either. Note officially announced by peterson the press conference nate setup broke his left wrist in surgery in the morning not season ending. I wonder what the recovery recovery time is on that but he's definitely going to miss a significant amount of time with that. It's good again that it's not his throwing hand so not the end of the world there so let's go back to <hes> stock up stock down on some players. Mark and michelle dude like okay so we start to look at this wide receiver position. We still haven't seen my collins. He was out there before the game catching some. I'm one hanters in the back of the end zone as branly out was was pointing out before the game but we don't know what's going on with his status. He's been day-to-day for. It seems like a year you start to look at the wide wide receiver position battle guys like shelton gibson. I didn't really see anything from him tonight. You see mark on michelle winning that that was seventy five yard touchdown. If i'm not mistaken yes seventy seventy five indeed and listen. I'll tell you right now. Eagles wide receiver core aside. You beat adore jackson for deep touchdown. Teams are gonna take tension brought that mattered yeah. I'll tell you all you don't wanna ask <hes>. I mean he he goes to the door. Jackson man garbage posted posted a good ball on. He addressed ego to address a he. He took it. Allow a jazz had a chance to make a plan the ball in our life from to go high on it but but san stern apply <unk> really quotas the met him to like he he was really excited and that that's that's what's fun about the preseason watching the guys react as they score. I don't know if it was his first touchdown but was obviously a big touchdown michelle stock up. I do not think you know the eagles wide receiver core is going to experience what for movement i would be surprised. If any of these <unk> godot c. edmark michelle potentially make the team but that play lately that plays gonna matter for michelle when other teams come calling to practice squads and felt the bottom of the bottom of the rosters that was a very high quality and a bloodline steel sony's brother oh souther michelle to have a brother or cousin yeah very nice okay yeah early in the game to just talk about people that were looking good. The eagles had three consecutive plays. I think it was on the second drive for the titans from the defense where the coverage was just outstanding <hes> with not just the quarterbacks which were jones maddox and residual but soon deo as well encouraging stop. We talked about him already but like overall encouraging urging signs. Zac brown was making some place like it's hard to find other than the safeties though we talked about earlier and dodig gary as well. I really didn't see a whole lot of bad other than the deep deep cornerbacks when you're getting into the depth chart that kinda struggled a little bit but overall like not not too much bad from the defense even though the scoreline won't own exactly tell you that but that's kind of part of the offense giving the ball up not convert on fourth down <hes> we can talk about thorson for the last ten minutes. If you want to go back to that now i would say that the all the significant move of running back would be stopped down. Josh adams campbell the football brother and also. There's no reason he's gonna give you targets. So what are you doing. Throwing screen passes to josh atoms. Get it. Yeah i mean like i guess twenty. Throw a designs in the breezy eason so yes if it's stocked down home for josh adams knocked down boston skies implies down for clemency doesn't play and sacramento smaller is said so which means five proxy z. by virtue by relative measure stock up okay what about telling you right now that flat out in third and one was going to house play dorsey good keven develop. Frigging turf is incredible. He couldn't hit him. What about dallas qatar and early in the game. He was best best player on the field best best offense weather on the field for either team in in the first quarter. Yeah i mean just an and the the he's gonna begins not scrubs. He's going to his wesley. Woodyard is going to be lose. The titans starting defense and there's just no you can't you can't he's too big and too quick to stack on. Who's great are also look good. I said well you gotta get a diving. Catch was able to get in a scramble cash and a little comeback rally days for your well. He had that that round or jackson where he was pendulum. Scourge made a good plan early on the ball as best you can so this tape wave single. Whiteside is our fago. I'd say excuse me figure whiteside yeah. I have not going to be able to say. I don't know if i can go outside our data whiteside. I think it's how you tend to be pronounced. The suss sound in spanish will traditional spanish. That's fantastic taking. I don't know if i'm going to gobble up all over again exactly but no you mentioned the match ups and you're right like yet preseason season but you're going against some of the ones and jay was going against one of the ones he when he had that diving catch that he was just not able to haul in that was against malcolm welcome butler and he did a great job. I mean good spot yeah. Sud feld sees the the one on one coverage and he's going to take a shot. We knew that coming into this thing and he got clean separation. He attacked you know the cushion. He stepped on butler's toes so to speak and you see you know he's got a step of separation and he's in great position. This is what i'm talking about when i say that he's not just a jump ball guy the actually the guy can run rounds. The guy can get open so very encouraging signs from j._j. Our website there anybody else in the offense standout today. Josh perkins wasn't bad now. That's pretty much the run a bit. I think that you're not you're simply not gonna see much movement on the eagles death dr so that makes preseason a little bit less interesting from that perspective active but then when you flip on the side. There's just a lot like we talked about this reviewing the game. The depth chart is so good that they're gonna put good players out there like dallas. Does ninety be seeing seeing that action but he's seeing the action <unk> tied into despite the fact that he is the fourth best tight end in the league so peaked before the humane snuck in the fourth best hiding the league. Show up very proud of you ben. I don't you know that that's how it feels at ease out to prove that angus year and i'm very very excited for it and what i was gonna say was i peaked in on the beginning of the giants jets game because that started at seven p._m. So he gave me a little half hour to see to see eli and i adjust absolutely adore the giants running a drawl on third and eight on their first drive and getting booed which might set a record for time time to boo in the preseason it was it was a beautiful sight right now. One of the trends on twitter as a rookie cure by gang jones is the talk of the town in n._f._l. Season opener which i mean the first drive looks fine now like tiles tyrod the frigging thing that's color murray had any kind of wedge speaking of which edge of me writing things. We have conversation yup. Why aren't we doing preseason broadcasts for the eagles. It wasn't my fault. That ross tucker got was laryngitis. It wasn't your fault either. We had nothing to do with that laryngitis. I also thought i was going to have all summer to campaign. I thought teams made this choice aren't really four days beforehand but confirm talker like in may some <unk> begun my campaign who color kander but i'm just saying the people are asking for it michael and we need to deliver you gotta get espy nation on the phone. We gotta get on the phone. Gotta get you know the commissioner schnur roger goodell and also i don't know like the supreme ruler of the galaxy. We gotta get the right people. I know we can talk to them. We case colonials preseason game and not a regular season game i want to do that. That's serious and those are actually good players on call preseason game and i demand my contract. I'm allowed. Let's say bad things okay so clean dourson. I got i got. I can't promise anything but i can reach out to some people because i know there's a format we can do this on. I did this last year with booth cast for for the <hes> fractured bearskin which was crazy to do it for because that ending but i will reach out and i'll see if i can get approval to do with ben. I'm just saying that we are very we have a lot of the podcast. We do a good job and i think we have a lot of people who listen to podcast which is a great honor and i'm not trying to stunt. I'm just saying that i think a lot of them within listen to our broadcast and i think that we would make funny jokes and i would have a good time. These are things that i think as long as long as i can get that audio file ellen dumped into the b._g._n. Feud i think we're good here so definitely check into that about i would love to call a game with you especially a preseason game where we can be silly not really care ideally the fourth preseason game <hes> the most meaningless of them are now a chance. There's even a starter on the exactly a love it ben. I think that's gonna do it for the kissing select show one nine you wanna say goodbye to the gentle listeners in thank them for tuning in for the super important preseason week one recap if you <hes> i if you go ahead and you just close your eyes for a second chapel listener you give a nice wefa breeze you smell. That's eagles football. It's back in the air baby. Welcome to the preseason twenty nineteen welcome to post game recaps on the kissing selection winners losers analysis up on dot com. You you bet your bottom. There's gonna be some film recaps up as well because there are at least seven significant place that talk about. I'm gonna watch every single one of them. Write about. We got takes deathshot movement. We got practices. We have a regrettable injuries but there are movers and shakers down the world of philadelphia football and it is a very very good thing. I am ben always on twitter at measurement so like he's mike as always on twitter at lucas n._f._l. That's k. i s. t. You have rating review and a subscription as has been gear up for the two thousand eighteen season all baby. It feels so good. Thank you for listening. We will catch you later next week. Yeah and what i'll we'll be doing is i'll be recording with bill g may he forever reign after the training camp practice on saturday so i'll get his thoughts on this thrilling the rotting preseason game as well in the meantime remember we all we got we all we need fly eagles fly. Uh this is jim from the step over the radio ballers podcast talking the seventy sixers tune in this off season is my co-host maximize talk next steps and slowly recovered from sixers raptors game seven over a span of many many months were listen back old episodes and make fun of how romney were to be confident only on the espionage in podcast network.

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