Trying something new and my sinuses are killing me


This prestige Jay. and. I'm glad about bought a case full of. Case for medicine because my sinuses has been kicking me in the tail. And all of the everything that's going on in the allergy season. People forget about that. I mean. I just took two already. Earlier and then one one just a few minutes ago and then my sinuses still chicken me in jail. I mean this is ridiculous. And then when I'm not doing anything all I am is doing this here. All undoing. Even if I don't get the mail or anything. To try. All of donuts right here. I mean this is the joke. And if I sinuses as just destroying me. I mean. I gotta get back to my I WANNA finish my last two parts of the Review! And? And for like the combination of the. Probably the pollen, and the the warm weather, and and and I thought would both be storm in the hallway because they kept showing star the whole week. and. We had to pay for the cooler temperature and yet it's still got. Clouds, talking about the day about any updates about the the fan in August, and we still don't have anything yet. But He says this even hardware he is. Absolutely ridiculous I'm not even doing anything. That will last week when I did and multi arm from Amazon Casino are not doing torchy's stuff. I'm in the hotel room. I mean is ridiculous. I'm on. But this one since I'm still have a car can't do anything. I'm only in my apartment. Really. How boy but This one! Let you know this like my son is just killing me, but why don't. You go ahead and give you some of the staff I. Know The there's games going with the The baseball and there's like sixty gave the role. sixty days worth the game and. Now? There are standing We just had to win and one loss, and of course the probably had to be. On a roll and of course Chicago cubs. Milanez Danny. Got Three land. brewers number second now bruises number three. They had to. They also had to win. But, they had to laws. the. Number of four they had. they have all only one win and three losses. Pontes, he's also can't do anything No Padre pirates can't do anything. They have one game and three losses. And the. Means to do that. Okay and then. On, the Kansas City royals side of the whole battle. The the total okay. Here's the state is dead. Royals does a dirt place right about now. two wins and two losses. the Indians is second. Place saw to win two into one two wins and one loss I'm not how the heck they put them in second place. With that? I don't know how the twins get into first place for two wins. And one loss I don't know how could that be? But anyway the Tigers are to to to narrow Darren. for place and the White Sox is in fifth place of and two. And then. some disturbing news that we got the Florida Marlins when I get to play because one of their. One teammates dot coronas. Does he never far? From where Florida Florida Marlon. But I don't know I hope this. Don't Interro. Baseball again! The just came back. You know the watch the to talk about. I know and then the mets won game are sort of one of my facebook friends who like the mets? And, so I don't know for I. Will Keep you posted in the standings. I'll probably try to do like when I came weekly. Because there's so many games so hard to Take up ball. Keep up what the heck is going on. That's why I like to do usually do football Montana. Give you other thing. beside the Colbert and the non freedom and all the stuff blood You know I don't know I don't know. You know. Anyway? I'm trying I'm trying. All I can do. You find an uphill battle over here. But Is chillingly Ryan about. Why Anyway Y'all say, prayer and Keep tuning into the big deep down. Piece.

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