Dan Patrick Show - Hour 2 - Steve Sands (09-24-18)


It's all about me. Dan Patrick gas, there is more where that came from. Click back for new episodes. All week, log Napa. Know right now. Mobile one full synthetic motor. Oil is twenty nine ninety nine for a five core joke. It's advanced formula provides maximum sludge protection defending your engine like a catcher defense home plate. So get topnotch engine protection with the mobile one full synthetic five, four jug for twenty nine ninety. Nine quality parts. Helpful people that's Napa. Know how no, how generous states pricing sales presses do not include applicable state local taxes or recycling fees offer ends nine thirty eighteen broadcasting from the Mercedes man cake. This is locked in on the goal of winning. This is Dan Patrick dower chew on this Monday, Dan and the danettes. Dan Patrick show got a few stats day. We're just talking about this movie hereditary that seat and saw, and it's a scary movie, although I'm not a scary movie guy. What did you love about this movie seating that it was scary. I wouldn't like it. Yeah, I don't think this one's for you then who's in hereditary people? Actually. Oh. What's his name? Gabriel Byrne. Okay. He's in it. And for some reason I'm blanking on the mclovin. Toni Collette. Right. I haven't seen he's in it. She was awesome. She was fantastic. Toni Collette in sixth sense. Yeah, she was. She was the mom? Yeah, I'm with you. Dan. I find these the worst experiences. I don't know why people flock to the theaters for. I'm just not a guy who likes to get the only time I went to a horror movie is when I went on a date because then I thought my date within hold onto me, but it wasn't. It wasn't scary and like I was, you know. You know, it had to be really scary for her to hold onto me, so she never held onto me. Yes. Boy, the other night, the movie get out was coming on cable on on HBO or whatever. And I told my wife I go, she's never seen it. She was, is it scary? I'm like, yeah. Well, no, because I don't know how to describe get out it. There's there's comedy. There's obviously it's a film about race. That's the lead topic, but it's also like a psychological thriller. I don't know how to describe it. I don't know if that the scary movie. It kind of messes with your head a little bit, but at the great movie, but it's not one of those where you jump out of your seat kind of scary. Like I don't do well with those where. And you know somebody opens up that damn Dohrn going down into the basement. You're going, don't go down on the bait and like you're yelling at the screen on just don't. I don't do. Well. There's always a moment where you know somebody is behind the other person before they do, then you're like, oh, man. Here it comes. I've watched a lot of football over the weekend, obviously in Tiger Woods. I also finished a season two Merican vandal which did not disappoint thumbs up, thumbs up. I thought season two. I thought season two of American vandal had a hard time living up to season one been season, two of Ozark living up to season one of Ozark, but I thought season two of those arc was better than season one. And I thought that American vandal season two held its own because it was difficult after season, and it's one of those shows either love or you hate or you don't get there are people who started season one American veil and they're like, yeah, I don't get it. I'm like, what? What's not to get. I mean, it's it's a mock you mentally, but it feels real that they did a great job with the feel of it and season two American vandal on Netflix with by the way, I have a cameo. The final episode which your character I play myself a gal. Yeah, myself. Yep. Yep. And that's not easy to do. Sometimes it's really hard to play yourself. All right. We say good morning to our radio and TV partners in new radio partner in Denver, its altitude sports radio, nine fifty. So our thanks for joining us now three hundred thirty six radio cities around America, direct TV audience channel two thirty nine and NBC sports network, and we'll get phone calls gotta poll. Question interesting. Poll question. I think mclovin okay, biggest surprise of the weekend and there are a lot of them, but we have the Old Dominion beating Virginia Tech bills feeding Vikings tiger winning the tournament. It's a landslide, the bills beating the Vikings. I don't think people know enough about Old Dominion where they're going to be able to offer an opinion on it. Old Dominion restarted their football program, ten years ago, you beat Virginia Tech a team that you know as a top twenty five team or at least. Talent, why should be you beat them? It's just we saw what buffalo looked like the first couple of weeks and they look lost and they got blown out and then you go to Minnesota. That's one of those survival pools. Four people I run into at the grocery store yesterday, they they, you know, they don't even say a low. They go, you and survival pool, and I go, no, and four people said, got the Vikings in the survival pool, and I said, well, that one's easy. I get home. I'm not even watching the bills play. And then all of a sudden I see the bottom of the screen, and I flip over to the Renzo all of a sudden, Andrew Sicilian owes waxing poetic about the Buffalo Bills in Josh Allen go what? And now the Vikings have to play the Rams coming up on Thursday and the Rams looked awesome. They did. They looked awesome. Although Marcus Peters, hopefully you know him until leave or healthy that they dominated the dolphins for three zero chiefs, three, and now and Rams three and buck are to know, got the Steelers coming up tonight, and they'll be a little bit of drama there with. Latvian bell. The fact that Adam Schefter said at the Steelers are taking offer. I don't know what that means when you take offers, but I do believe that no matter how Ryan Fitzpatrick plays tonight. He will be the starter in week four in Tampa, eight, seven, seven, three DP show Email address teepee Dan, Patrick dot com. I still have concerns about Andrew Lux arm. Strength. He's had two completions of twenty yards or more in three weeks. Now, Jimmy Garoppolo looks like he's done. I don't understand this with quarterbacks. Either, you know there get out of bounds slide. You don't have to make another inch a half yard. Just all of these I would show if I had a rookie quarterback I every year I would show my quarterback all the injuries of quarterbacks doing stupid things. I would just say, oh, here's our g three. You could run down you could. You could show five to ten pieces of video Carson Wentz slide you could you could show that to and should show that to the quarterbacks just so they don't get. I mean, Josh Allen is leaping tall buildings at a single bound. It's really cool right now. It's not going to be cool when somebody goes on, think you're going to be trying to jump and they're going to go up there and meet you Cam Newton. I think that's the only way Cam knows how outta plot, but he's using the biggest guy on the field. So he's going to take his life into his own hands. RG three. How many times did you go? Just get out of bounds to remember when he came to the Browns and he tried to take on a defender? No, you don't lose style points. People don't think you're soft. If you go out of bounds, you know, Tom Brady every time he's gonna, get sacked, goes down in the fetal position. He doesn't even try to extend to play. He's like, all right, I'm going down. That's how you sir. Five in this league and Jimmy Garoppolo trying to get cut up field, get out of bounds is seasons over with. Yes. See, did you see that quote from Justin Houston, the chiefs linebacker? He said, the quote was that was his fault. I praise not hurt, and it's nothing serious. But as a quarterback, you should step out of bound. It was only an engine that inch wouldn't of made a difference. You got the yardage, you need you step out of bounds. You've got to be smart. Yes, and he went later on, went on to say that, you know, you have to think about your teammates and your team and that they need you. Nobody's going to go, man, you're sought member. Franco Harris got criticized because Franco Harris with the Steelers would run out of bounds. And at the time you know, running backs don't run out of bounds. You, you move ahead of field. You turn field in your take on the defender. Franco was smart. Franco was saying, look, I take enough punishment. The Steelers need me. I'll just go out of bounds. And if you're a quarterback slide. You don't. You don't get extra points because you take on a defensive back for now. What about the quarterback? Throws the interception and there's one man. You should just do that little fake wave that you're made this horrible attempt to try to tackle the guys running through your best to use the sidelines, or maybe you do something where you can stall to get help. But Andrew luck would throw. He would be thrown an interception and he would wanna be heading towards him like a linebacker and that you just can't play that way. Like you don't. You don't wanna run away, but if you get injured on a play like that, then you know you have to face your teammates, like, what do you have trying to make a tackle here? We don't care if you make a tackle. We want you playing sixteen games. It's impossible almost impossible to play sixteen games in the NFL at that position. Now they are got rules in place to make it a whole lot easier now, but you you can't be gotta get another inch here. I gotta get another half year. I would have show my teammates. I'm tough. Yeah, show them. You're tough and then show him your scar on your knee because that's what's happening in San Francisco. So we got our poll question. You want to change poll question mclovin. Yeah, we can right now up the biggest surprise tiger Old Dominion or the bills we could dive into to strictly tied or one or we could do Rams in the field. Is it a lot of people are tweeting about the Rams just looking on beatable I know you kind of agreed. Oh yeah, they they're doing everything that you want in a. Team. The eagles are still, you know that that's where you have to just keep an eye on the eagles in feels like we're okay. I gotta tell you, I, I watch a lot of that game. They just don't whatever happened last year. It doesn't seem like it's they're down. I know it's a long season. I know. Are you more convinced of the Rams success or the patriots failure? How about how about that. Wow, because this is the day when the talking hairdos go is this for the patriots? They do this every year, right? It feels like every year here you go. Brett tweeted this. Oh one, patriots start one and three when the Super Bowl, oh three. They start to and to win the Super Bowl in fourteen patriots star to and to win the Super Bowl in two thousand seventeen. They start to into. They win the AFC. They start slow. They take inventory and then the team you see in December's not the team you saw on September. This is really their preseason. You got element coming back gronk Scott to get healthy. You know, you're going to have running backs. They're Josh Gordon's contribution. Now, maybe it's a different team. I still think the biggest mistake they made was getting rid of Brandin cooks. I just thought that was a big mistake, but a Bill Bella checks, go into the hall of fame and I get to go there and visit. Trent Dilfer byways keeping a very quiet. No. When he joked about a trend for was like a, you know, I'm going to keep keep my mouth shut and not say something like it's over for the patriots here got a couple of stats of the day. I had a tweet here this from grits for dinner, can to tongue of Loa have a shot at the Heisman where he doesn't play in the fourth quarter until week. Nine is number should be significantly lower than his competition. I hope. I mean, I look at him as you know, a top three Heisman contender. I think he's so much fun to watch and makes it effortless. He's really sharp kid and it's fun to watch him. We get this is what happened with Heisman voters who don't. And I'm not talking about everybody here who don't watch games. All they do is watch the highlights or they read the stats and then you go, oh, man, that guy's awesome. You know, if you watch a game in the context of the game, when are you great. And I think that will find that with two, but you're going to have to, you have to watch almost sequences with him where you see how great he is. Because if you're blowing people out, we might look at them and go, you know what they could when the higher you they could've won without him, you know hurts, could have helped him go undefeated this year. So I think that he'll be penalized a little bit, but he says good a college quarterback. I don't look at pro projections because people vote on that too. Like, well, what kind of pros Justin Herbert gonna be drew lock is going to be. I don't. I don't know, but what you do in the moment when you need to do it, how great are you and to is as good as any quarterback if not better than any quarterback. I've seen this year mclovin one Heisman candidate. I feel bad for Bryce love during the game. They said, oh man, everyone thought he was going the NFL, but he wanted to come back and help the team. He's down from eight point one yards a carry last year to four point three this year. He should've gone pro right? Running back as system running back while Stanford. Yeah, everybody knives thought I just waiting for you to say that. Oh yeah, it staffer through those lines I could run paulie run for five yards coming up. We're going to talk to Steve sands. He was there on the course. Did the great interview with Tiger Woods after tiger one yesterday it was fun to sing. It really was. And I do think if that gallery that gallery was cheering for the gallery to say, yeah, now we get to watch more tiger and it, and it means something like the Ryder Cup is means even more because Tigers playing this well, like the timing of that. I just now. I mean, I would watch the Ryder Cup, but now tiger there. It just it's it's a whole different level and the fact that he's going to be the favourite at Augusta now and it's not one of those where it's wishful thinking by the media because we're guilty event. This is this is real. If you ask the players on tour, I'm sure they're going to look at this and by the way I thought it was great. I thought. Every player in the tour championship should have stayed to congratulate tiger, and I'm not overstating that. I'm not because what tiger has meant to every one of those kids every one of those guys, they should thank him and by thanking him that is you wait until he's done because when he's back, the game is back and that's why he's got the nickname of the needle. He moves the needle. Your phone calls are next. We'll talk to Steve sands about the importance of that tiger win yesterday did a great job with the interview with tiger who was fighting back tears and coming up a little bit later on Dan Hicks from NBC sports. He had the call with Johnny Miller. He'll join us, Jason, Kelsey, the eagles. They're all pro center will join us as well phone calls. Next, we're back after this on the Dan Patrick show here the Dan Patrick show were obsessed with shooting. We have the basket in the man cave. It's awesome, and I just found out about something really exciting Steph Curry's masterclass. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to. From one of the greatest shooters NBA history masterclass offers online classes taught by the best in the world and over four hours of movie quality video lesson Steph will teach you perfect shooting mechanics footwork and scoring techniques, much like Dan, Patrick teaches every day. I might add a breakdown drills. He's gonna make sure that you are the best possible shooter you can be. In addition to steps class, you can choose from classes taught by over thirty five masters, including master chef, Gordon Ramsay. Malcolm glad. Well, I might have to take that one. Ron. 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You know, I love win and just as much as the next guy, but the only thing I love more is a little bit of doses, don't drink himself. That's what coach sport used to say. I'm more Moi Moi interest Santi I keep the football game into Sunday gain. Could use a little more me miss coach barrier, but most importantly, remember to keep it inter Asante. This college football season was does seconds the official beer sponsor of the college football, playoff drink responsibly. Two thousand eighteen in Puerto by surveys us Mexican us White Plains, New York coach barrier Odio provided by an actor now. No. Right now, mobile one full synthetic motor. Oil is twenty nine ninety nine for a five core joke. It's advanced formula provides maximum sludge protection defending your engine like a catcher defense home plate. So get topnotch engine protection with the mobile one full synthetic five, four jug for twenty nine ninety. Nine quality parts, helpful people that's Napa. Know how. No, how generous dates? Pricing sales presses do not include applicable state local taxes or recycling fees offer ends nine thirty eighteen Steve sands from NBC sports and the golf channel will join us coming up here. We'll recap what we saw Tiger Woods at the tour championship. You know, we're talking about the patriots here. I don't think it's doom and gloom with a patriot. I look at the Cowboys as being in more trouble than the patriots, but we had higher hopes for the patriots when the season started the patriots were considered the favorites to go to the Super Bowl game and to win the Super Bowl. This is the first time the patriots have lost back to back games by double digits since December of two thousand two when they lost to the jets and the titans. So they played a stretch of two hundred forty four games and now they've lost back to back games by double digits. It just doesn't happen to this New England team, but I'm looking at Dallas yesterday against Seattle and the offense still looks spotty. Sean Lee got injured again, you know, they, they put some. Pressure on Russell Wilson? Junior, the third, Ezekiel Elliott had some had a good game. I had the fumble, but it's still Dak Prescott still trying to find his way with that wide receiving corps there, but give, you know, Seattle credit Seattle at home. They played well, Earl, Thomas doesn't want to be there. I like that he wants to play for Dallas, so he lets Dallas, no, hey, I'm right here trade for me. Yeah, polling, but Earl Thomas, has you know what by the, you know what? Because they can't win without Earl Thomas, and he's just saying, hey, you're not gonna pay me that I'm not gonna show to practice what if Levy on bell said that, you know what? I'll be there on Sunday. I'll just be there on Sunday for for games. And will you take that because Earl, Thomas is almost doing that for Seattle right now. I don't think that I don't think they're going to allow him that luxury there. I think Seattle would because, oh, Seattle might, but I don't think Pittsburgh is. We Cowboys have lions Texans Jaguars Redskins that feel good or bad. Right? I don't know three of the four you should be able to, you know, Jacksonville, Jacksonville, losing at home to the Tennessee titans. And you got Marcus mariota is not even one hundred percent. We had this unbelievable week the previous week, but Tennessee beats Jacksonville. They won five of the last six meetings between these two. Yes. Mclovin. Did anyone actually try to watch that game? No, it came on red zone and I have no memory of it at all. No. I looked up at the end of the day like wait titans one today. It was so baseball score and I went now, no, where's all the offense in the NFL due to at one. Oh, I know. I know there's sort of the dolphins of the north, aren't they? I mean, not all the way north, but just north of Florida, right? They lost the dolphins at the law game NFL history and weirdest game golf channel. NBC sports reporter, the intrepid, the pair Pedic Steve, sans, the golf channel, NBC sports, and you got the Ryder Cup this week from France, and that starts Friday and goes through Sunday. But Steve was there. He was in the trenches. He was there when Tiger Woods came off eighteen and got a chance to talk to him Steve. How are you buddy. The captain of the all lobby team, Dan, Patrick, good to be with, you know your if I'm captain your MVP. You're my Ryder Cup, you're my Ryder Cup captain when it comes to all lobby bar, let me tell you. Just like when I was an intern at CNN sports and the ladies and nineties, I always your vice captain cow, I appreciate that. Describe that feeling of the atmosphere on eighteen tiger yesterday. I've never seen anything like it in golf, and we do the open championship Dan as you know. And that's the only event in golf where they have that scene where the fans are allowed on the fairway and go charging up the fairway towards the green with the guy who was eventually going to win or the person in the last group. And yesterday scene was spectacular, and it was allowed. I mean, it was not golf loud and it was sports loud. It was. It was amazing to see what was taking place out there. He was fighting the tears. Could you sense that I did it kind of surprised me I, I was I was not thinking he was going to go that route because normally, you know, tiger doesn't do that kind of thing. I thought he sounded more human that he's ever sounded. You could tell me then you you're probably watching as well. I thought he sent him more human than he's ever sounded. I thought he sounded as humble as he's ever sounded. I think he understands exactly where he came from, and I think now the fans understand exactly what he's gone through to get back to this point and what it meant to him to get that eightieth victory as far as comebacks go. And I know we love to categorize, but you know, Ben Hogan came back from nearly dying, but this is tiger with a lot of it being self imposed, but it's still a comeback it, you know, as long as this has been to be able to do what he's done, how would you categorize just how great this is sports was? Well, I think I, I mean, I think it's the greatest or the largest full from grace in the history of sports. And now I think it's the greatest comeback in history of sports, no, offensive, Ben, Hogan. I understand. He got in a car accident and almost passed away because of it. But Tiger Woods is literally the greatest player of his generation, perhaps the greatest player of all time and for him to go down to where he was not just personally Dan, but healthwise and then the issues he had legally and then all the things that have transpired in all the things that have taken place. I think this is the greatest comeback in the history of sports now Tigers about winning majors, Dan, you know, it's not winning regular PJ toward vents and saying that he's all the way back. So before we, you know, rub the anointing oil all over the greatest comeback in the history of sports phrase. I think it's an amazing comeback, but until he wins a major, I don't think even tiger will tell you that he's fully back. He's demeanor now, as opposed to ten years ago. Oh, it's a lot different. I think that one of the things that's fascinating about these young guys and yesterday Rory, you know, crumbled under the the wake in wilted playing alongside tiger. Justin Rose did not play well at all when he was trying to chase down tiger as well. Other guys have perform well in our is summer was great playing alongside him and Brooks kept. It was great at the PGA playing in front of him or behind him, actually trying to win the PJ. I think that one of the things that's interesting about the young guys, Dan is that because of the way tiger's demeanor is now versus the way it was when he was destroying the spirit of Ernie Alison feature, and and Phil Mickelson received Goosen and David Duval, and that group is that he's gotten to know these guys and he's allowed them to get to know him. So because of that, he has a bit of a softer demeanor with the other players who are trying. To beat him and also with us and with the fans. And we saw that yesterday from tiger he is a little bit softer, a little bit more congenial little bit friendlier with everybody. And and I think you know, I think it's a good thing. It'll be interesting to see how all of that transpires for him trying to get back to where he wants to be, which is back in the winter circle at a major championship for now. Clearly he is a much more, you know, mellow person to be around in and around the golf course, especially when he's competing against the guys. He's with it. It's amazing to watch him. He's to stone those guys. Now you know that he was like with blinders on, and now he walks fairways and walks off tea boxes. And as talking to the other players in his group, it's it's fascinating to watch Steve sands of the golf channel. NBC sports joining us. Dan, Patrick show what's more incredible that ten year period where he dominated or a ten year period. Where he didn't do anything. Oh man. The ten year period where he dominated in this sport is beyond belief. It's just so hard to win in this giving. An example, Fred Couples is in the hall of fame Fred Couples. One fifteen times in his PGA tour career and one major championship a couple of players as well. But fifteen total wins. He's in the hall of fame. He played roughly thirty years on the PGA tour. Dan is only about a half a win a year Tigar. You're talking about eighty wins in his career now. But for that ten year span, you know, you're talking about something. We're at sixty five sixty eight wins fourteen major championships. It's crazy incredibly great to even grasp the concept of having that ten year period. The ten year period would out of victory or a major championship victory is amazing, but I'll always go with the positive. What he did in that ten year span was was beyond belief if tiger doesn't win and. Another major does the comeback matter. Oh, that's a great question. The comeback matters because he moves the needle so much and that it, it's it's incredible to me that there's never been another athlete who has moved his or her sport. The way he does the attention he brings the golf is is far more than anywhere else in any other sport. And we thought the NBA was gone. When Michael Jordan went away the NBA before Shing the NFL continues to roll along. Baseball does grade hockey does great when it loses stars as well. So man, that's a great question. I think in his estimating the comeback is almost complete now that he's won a PGA tour then. But I think when you are as great as tiger and you've set the bar that high and I think major championships are how he's measured. And I think this story is tremendous, but I think the fairy tale ending. Is winning another major championship great stuff. You know, you ask good questions hung in there and you know, I think your friendship would tiger certainly showed through in that interviews. Well, his respect for you. So safe travels to the Ryder Cup their stay. We appreciate your time as always anytime Dan good talking about high bunny. Let's Steve sands golf channel. He is MVP all lobby bar. By the way he is. He'd be he'd be a lottery, pick ample, eighteen holes at thirty six holes for stands at the bar. He go thirty six. He can play thirty six. Yeah, but he's he's a good competitive at eighteen holes. It doesn't get cheated. You know at the Olympics, there's not a lot to do aside from you. Wake up eight, go to work your there, six, eight, ten hours. Then you get done. You might watch an event and then you come back to the bar and the same people would be there because they were on your shift. And then I just walk in and see Steve sands and so cheap. And I discussed. I'll take a beer, Steve. Let me go up to my room. I'll be right back. Dan, Patrick show the app. We've told you about that the best way to listen to the show the live audio stream listened to the podcast whenever you want download that DP show app today at the app stores, rob in New York joins us rob best and worst of the weekend. Thanks for holding what he had for me. Hey, rob. Rob. Bhairab, Chattanooga. Orleans is always there. Hi, Chad, New Orleans. Hey, who that Huda? Yeah. Man, I got my best and worst weekend gamma go with my work. My worst. I was LSU type of decent. They actually got out. I mean, we have tech had more yards and that was she win the game, and the game was actually much closer. I was working the school board and it came to a point where it's twenty four twenty one and, and lot tech missed field goal anyway. Can you work to the scoreboard? Yes, sir. Yes. Now, what is a hoax that entail. Oh, just working to Tom clock and and putting in communicating with the people on the field. Have you have you gotten in yelled at before. What twice once twice. I'm not perfect. I'm not, but but the game was a lot closer than what it should have been in. We probably should have won the game. They got a little home cooking on some of the calls, but we, we LSU defense was not. And of course my best of the weekend was my saints going into Atlanta just who just crossed Carolina. And we came in there and and and drew Brees did a thing. That was a great win for drew Brees in Atlanta. It always feels like the road team wins in that matchup between those two j. in Kansas City. I j what do you have for me today? Hey, Dan, how are you sir? What do you have? Well, five, eight one fifty five and my my best is a say chiefs going three in, oh, my worst is a, we score thirty five, the first half, and then the second half, they kind of lose track and only get three. I thought I was afraid that San Francisco was gonna hang around and then come in and get enough in upset is there. So that was kinda my worst and the second play Matthews that poor guy, I think he's done what they're wanting to do and still getting flagged for this rough and passers see, I'm I'm looking at thank you, Jay. I looking at the tackle that he had yesterday on Alex Smith. I I have more of a problem with that tackle by clay Matthews. I would've flagged him for that. Now under the. Current rules. I would flag him. I don't like I don't like the role, but under the current rules, I would have flagged him for it. I would not have flagged clay Matthews for the Kirk cousins hit. I would, but I thought he came down and he came down with his body with more force on Alex Smith. Here's some numbers. If you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan chiefs to the third team in NFL history to score at least thirty eight points in each of their first three games of the season. The only other teams that have done that the sixty seven Baltimore Colts and the two thousand seven patriots. Day out of the day of day. Comes that what stat of the. Patrick Mahomes what's up homes. Thirteen touchdown passes most all time by player through the first three games of the season. Just the fourth player ever with at least thirteen touchdown passes in no interceptions over any three games span in the history of the NFL. The other quarterbacks are Tom Brady Ben Rothlisberger and Russell Wilson junior the third stat of the day brought to you by the great folks at continental tire, no matter what you drive, how you drive where you drive continental. Has it tire for you, Tommy and Kentucky before we take a break. Hi, Tom. Paget, good, certain. My best and worst of the weekend, my best, my Kentucky Wildcats beating the Mississippi State BULLDOGS and my worst of the weekend is my four Cincinnati Bengals and losing to the Carolina Panthers. Now I still wanna remind you that we do have a shower shame bed on the Bengals winning the Super Bowl. Yes, we do. Tommy, I feel a little bit better about my bet. Well, don't get to all no. No, I won't. I won't. Thank you. Tommy I will not by the way Christian McCaffrey that's big time performance there for him running and catching. I feel like he's going to have ninety catches this year. He may have a hundred catches this year. I got a Mahomes little bet for you. Mahomes is in his second year technically, but he played about a game last year. He compares to Kurt Warner Kurt Warner at age twenty seven through eleven passes for the Rams than in his first year as a starter Kurt Warner threw forty. One touchdowns does Patrick Mahomes catch Kurt Warner with forty one touchdowns in his debut season didn't we have the over under a twenty nine touchdown passes last week we because we are comparing him to rookies. Yeah, technically Mahomes isn't a rookie if he's an MBA would be twenty nine touchdowns in his week, four game or saying no, no for entire season. Because yeah, does he catch Kurt Warner forty one touchdowns in his debut season as a pro. No. No, his pace is ridiculous. Forty one should be able to get. But you know, defenses need Tapan on you that that's what happens. Let's put put the over under at forty and a half forty one and a half if he beats. Okay. Forty one and a half is anybody got the over for Patrick Mahomes. What's his face right now. It's off the chart. Oh, it's like a guy who has four home runs in the first week of the season. Know he's on pace for two hundred and eighty fifty nine or sixty. I believe in. Now I've seen Andy redo this many, many times jump out four. Eventually any Riedel Andy Reid, and this will come to, oh, well, Andy Reid will Andy Reid, they'll be twelve and four, but they'll be a little correction, no interceptions that's big time stuff. Here's another thing which immigrant blow. In fact, I'm going to take a break. I got an unbelievable stat for the Buffalo Bills, and I have another problem which immi garoppolos play yesterday against Kansas City, and we'll give you our best and worst of the weekend. And we're going to all of that coming up next this week on the producers guide, Todd garner talks to the director of life itself and the creator of the hit TV drama. This is, is Dan Fogelman out my window of my office. The marketing campaign was like, this is crazy. This is stupid this up. So the billboard right in front of my office just said, this is stupid. Check out the producers guide every Thursday on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Hey, listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all our great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast. We certainly couldn't do without either of you and I wanted to remind you that you can support our sponsors by going to our show page at podcast, one dot com. Clicking on the support, this podcast button, and there you will see all our wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. Thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting and now back to the show. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of AP news, headlines right after this podcast. Right now, mobile one full synthetic motor. Oil is twenty nine ninety nine for a five core joke. It's advanced formula provides maximum sludge protection defending your engine like a catcher defense home plate. So get topnotch engine protection with the mobile one full synthetic five core jug for twenty nine ninety. Nine quality parts, helpful people that's Napa know how. Know how generous states pricing, sales precedent, applicable state local taxes or recycling. Peace offer ends nine thirty eighteen. Well, the stage is set for France, historic rivalry USA defends on foreign soil. It's Europe. It's the United States. It's the Ryder Cup against Friday at two AM eastern on golf channel, continue Saturday at three, a m eastern on NBC. That's always cool to wake up and you flip on the TV and you're watching golf. So I love about the British Open. One of the things I love about the British Open. All right. I mentioned Jimmy, Garoppolo grapple, not sliding, not getting out of bounds trying to get an extra yard against Kansas City and blows out his name. Here's another problem. Let's say he doesn't blow out his name. Let's say, you know, he just has this collision with a defensive back. Here's the problem I have with the fact that he doesn't slide is inexcusable. You lead with your throwing shoulder into the defensive player. It's just mistake after mistake here. You're trying to get an extra yard going up field and then you lead with your throwing shoulder amick love, you know, I think he tours need before he made contact with the guy that's it was called a non contact injuries. Yeah, because he, he would show awkwardly trying to stay. Inbound is unbelievable for no reason. And if you watch these plays where quarterbacks they appear to be running out about, it's almost like an agreement with the defense. Yeah, we're not gonna hit you as long as you keep your path towards the silence. You see the defensive backs for the chiefs easing up. Remember last week. I think it was Vikings Packers. Aaron Rodgers going out about Anthony. Barr could of cracked him, but bar sees says that, oh, I see. You're not going to do the cutback thing. Once you do that, cutback thing. They're gonna crack you. Yeah, I'm gonna give you that. I'm gonna give you a grace period here where you can get out of bounds and then we'll, you know everybody every buddy moves on to play. Another play. Don't don't cross me up here. If you break the code, then I hurt you. All right. The best. The weekend fritzy okay. My best of the weekend Old Dominion quarterback. Blake LaRussa lease the monarchs over Oklahoma with close to five hundred passing yards fish with four ninety. Five four touchdowns any also ran for a touchdown for total five. I'm gonna go to the big board for my worst of the weekend. So he's advantage. This is nice. Okay, Wake Forest kicker. Nick Skiba was busy warming up on the sidelines while they were getting ready to snap the ball for him to try thirty eight yard field goal against Notre Dame. He rushed onto the field, and this happened. Down seven times last week against Boston College. I think the thought here is we just put up pretty good drive together. They can. They're trying to. You need to kick her. And they still have eighteen on the play clock. But you saw Nick Skibo for practicing. After one quick breath, thirty, seven yard attempt. He's six out of seven. It is longest make has been thirty five yards. And he hooked it off the upright. Thank you, John. It's funny if you make it, it's it's pretty pathetic. If you don't you million to not make that if they're not being prepared to be other to kick out, the holder for wake is sitting areas you need out. He's like, get ready to say million third bag saying, oh, what what? Mclovin best? And worst, that's going to be one specific play Patrick Mahomes right around for nine seconds on third and goal and found Chris Conley touchdown, he's magical. My worst is actually going to be. I know we've said that patriots receiving core. This would have been more valuable. I said it before the game. I couldn't believe when I was watching that game, how bad those guys. Pauling couple one AA games prairie view Panthers sixty two thirteen over Arkansas pine bluff, the quarterback repair view Jalen Morton to fifty six and two touchdowns in the air. He ran eight times for two fifty five and four touchdowns now another one AA game. Albany great Danes. Thirty five Saint Francis red flash, Twenty-eight. This sneaky thing here the Albany quarterback threw three touchdowns, Vincent Testa Verdy junior the third. Nice. Nice. I, I love this answer from Bill. Bella check. Bella check was asked what he said to map Patricia's former defensive coordinator who's now with the Detroit Lions after the game. So he was asked if if he wanted to talk about what he said to Matt Patricia after the game. And then you wanna share. No. Do I want to know? Yeah, for you're not gonna get a different or better answer out of many way, but so often it sounds like the writers are so intimidated. They have this trepidation where I know you're not gonna want to enter this, but since the already got two strikes against you with your approach to him, I don't want to ask this, but I gotta ask this. Yes, mclovin somewhat asked. What was the deal with your twelve defensive players on the field? He goes, what do you think plan. What's the deal? See, that's that's sneaky sense of humor that these patriot players always talk about with Bela check, Seton O'Connor best and worst of the weekend. My best was patting homes. My worst is Josh Allen needs to stop playing like that. He's going to get himself killed. I, I would show Josh Allen Jimmy Garoppolo. That that's what I would be doing this week. If I'm Sean McDermott all of these quarterbacks, they think they're invincible. You think you're back in the Big Sky conference. Or whatever conference you got to firs mountain west, what are the mountain west? You got to preserve yourself. That's all that matters. Is you play? Nobody's questioning drew Brees toughness. There's some of these other quarterbacks of the guys who last are the guys who are smart. And even breeze out there with his touchdown run, I'm going, oh my God. They didn't need that touchdown. But I was shocked at that when you you can be macho in another way you don't have to be taking on. Defensive players drew Brees is eighty percent pass or the season leading the NFL and yardage. He has eight touchdowns no pixies thirty nine years old. Yep. Pretty good stuff. Jacob in Las Vegas. Hi, Jacob. Would he have for me today. Hey, Dan, hey, Dan, messed of the weekend, Kentucky drilling Mississippi State, and that's supposedly best defense in the SEC or second best behind ala. Bama then snow they real Heisman candidate hundred and sixty five yards in four touchdown. Worst is they still get no respect. Open the two point dog at home against South Carolina. I don't get it. They have gone to Florida and drilled them. They have drilled Mississippi State. I, I don't know what they have to do to earn anyone's respect. Well, thank you. May earn Pauly's respect because paulie goes out this Mississippi State quarterback. Keep an eye on sneaky Heisman pick. So I'm tuning into Kentucky, Mississippi State and I go, what am I watching? How did that overlook Kentucky? Yes. Stephen in Cincinnati. Hi, Steve. What do you have for me. Hey, good morning dandy born, listen if you're playing and watching golf for forty five years. And the best thing to the game of golf is that tiger left for ten years, do all of his physical and other woes. The best thing in golf is tiger has come back and in more humble as Steve San says, just a more likable state, but the ten years away allowed for speed and DJ and all those guys. And now they can actually play against a better version of tiger. Right. It's a great point. Valid point. You allowed some stars to emerge, they they can't carry the sport the way tiger does, but you could tell, you know, if you could Mike up an NBC executive were probably thrilled and what happened over the weekend. And then you got the Ryder Cup as well. So I'm sure NBC thrilled the Tigers back Dan Hicks on the call yesterday for NBC and the Ryder Cup will join us coming up in a couple of minutes more of your phone calls best and worst of the weekend. Did we change the poll question mclovin we did, which is more likely the patriots not making Super Bowl or the Rams making the Super Bowl. I'll give you the results after the break. Wow. Oh, okay. I thought you were donor professional tees there now Klein lower coming up. She's your favorite podcast co host. She's the better half of wriggles picks. Sarah Tana is taking over and in a big way on September twenty four th at five fifteen Pacific time. Sarah is taking over the podcast, one sports Twitter account to live tweet with you as the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who knows what she'll say. Go follow at PC one sports net now. So you're ready to join the conversation with Sarah and she watches Monday night football and join US September twenty four. I pay God. The NFL NCW football season kickoff is upon us, and it's time to take that pigskin knowledge to the Bank at bet, decide dot com. The season kicks off Thursday, September six with the Atlanta Falcons facing the Super Bowl champion, Philadelphia Eagles. The action continues throughout the weekend and ends with the Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night football dead, all of it at bed. GSI that GSI is offering double your money on your first deposit. That's right deposit. To start winning and get up to twenty five hundred dollars free when it comes to football bet the sl has every wage you could ever want or a magin. If it is happening that DS I will put a line on it. You can even bet on games while they are playing with Betty SI's. Live betting join decide dot com today, using promo code kick one, oh one, and you already won by doubling your bankroll straight away. Yep, that's promo code k, I k one. Oh one don't stand on the sidelines this season to win it and enjoy the games that much more when you play at bet sl. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. There is now a second sexual misconduct allegation against supreme court. Nominee, Brad Kavanagh, following Christine, blase Ford's allegation dating back to their high school years. AP Washington correspondent saga. Megani heaven. Oh, denies both allegations calling the latest smear, plain and simple. The White House blames it on a coordinated campaign by Democrats to. Tear down Cavanagh, but the Senate Judiciary committee's top democrat says the most recent allegation is serious. Dianne Feinstein wants the Senate to immediately postpone any further action on Kavanagh's nomination. Sentencing hearing for Bill Cosby begins today on his sexual assault conviction. Our Mike set cover the trial Cosby faces up to ten years in prison on each of three counts how much time will. The eighty one year old actually get guidelines call for a sentence of about one to four years. AP correspondent Mike Sisak on the Cosby sentencing hearing, I'm Rita Foley.

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