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This episode of keeps and lunatics is brought to you by tweaked audience, awesome headphones, good at tweaked audio dot com, and use the coupon code southgate to get thirty percent off free shipping and a lifetime warranty where he can get there through the link on our website Southgate Media Group DOT COM. Me Hardee's and with him once again who? Stream. Your Captain Charlie. Professor, Esser, and with me as a reasons, my first meet and skinny rich friend. It's nice. Aim is what can once again ladies and gentlemen full steam ahead. camps, alert and southgate media groups. Only show for amazing streaming content or reviews their of tonight's episode. Season one episode, five of agent Carter the iron ceiling. Finally gets a chance to prove herself. She is sent on a mission in Russia with agent, Johnson and howling commandos and the howling commandos meanwhile agent. Sousa makes an important discovery. Directly this week is a Mr Peter Leto. Relation to jared Stanley and Jack Kirby of course. Get the based on kind of expect, but it Christopher Markus and Stephen mcfeely. Created by credits this episode was written by. Jose Molina. And then we have the concept of how in commandos were created by Jack Lee, instead Kirk. Jack Jack Kirby and Stanley. Red Room was created by J Jones and Devin Grayson. So this episode Yeah I mean. I feel bad for the poor nerdy code cracker that you know. You know if he wasn't feeling. You know intimidated by room full of Jack Start with. Taking completes his lunch. But you know the I felt bad for the poor little girl in the beginning. Oh well, yeah, the little girl in the beginning man. Oh, that was that was dark. Surprising park I was like wow, I didn't think I'd see that the show. Now, you know this was remember when this came out. This is right about the time age of Altron came out. So this is when we first get. There are glimpses of the Red Room. With Natasha Romanoff. and. This is the early black widow project. And, of course we see if it wasn't obvious in the last episode that Daddy. Gowdy. Daddy. a typewriter Daddy. Daddy Underwood's. Daddy Underwood. Is definitely a back. To go along with our with our agent Carter to be are evil. And weren't they saying that The black widow is probably still alive because she was replaced by her her sister. and. That's the theory. So what? What's interesting is Dadis in the mirror, trying to assume the personality of Peggy Carter what plans to act on that and how she choose to go back, I don't know, but it definitely seems like that's a known mo of this, so could lead credence to the fact that like when it was actually still alive. that's an interesting aspect of the theory hadn't really considered very good But basically you know. Carter cracks that code. was that you know she. She makes the obvious point that the guy who's trying to decoding didn't consider that it was originally in Russian which I would think that would have been the obvious thing to think that it would probably sent in Russia not in English, but I. Know he wasn't very good at his job Yeah! Conveniently, not very good at their job. Yeah, well, you know you need to do that, so peggy can shine you know and Peggy does shine because she does show that you know she can. Do the code cracking in her head. She speaks fluent Russian. And you know, but still They don't want to have her go. and makes you know you know a honest, but know that's one of the things that they're sexist, but they're honest about it. You know where they say you know just like just like What's his name? Thomson was Jack Thompson. And the previous episode says to you know, pick you. Why are you here? No. No Man will ever give you the respect, and you know for what it's worth, you know. She knows he's right. In this world that is the world living. But, you know he's not. He's not being mean about it. He's just saying you know. This is the world we live in and again right now duly. Staying you know listen, you will not be accepted. By Or you know if I send you on this mission and you get killed. I'm the I'm the guy who got a woman killed in the line of duty, and if you go on this mission, someone else gets killed. I'm GONNA catch that to which makes an opponent on you. Yes, take a blame. But you know she makes the point that you know if I can get us the hundred and fourth one hundred fifty. What exactly which they called themselves? You know if I can get them. We you know I can go and he's like. Yeah, sure every get the. Howling commandos to show up which I honestly think that was kind of a stupid thing to say. No. She knows cap. Feels like obviously she knows the howling commandos. That dummy thinks he's not gonna be able to deliver on that when. When she brings it up. So, they agree to They agreed to let her go. And this leads to an interesting exchange. Where you know She wants to change in the men's room with men's locker room. Because it's the only locker room, they have and you know. And it would be. It would be really ridiculous of her to change into combat gear. In a public restroom. Three floors down which is like. You know. The forties. But because of this because of this because she goes in because he's there because she's doing the change. and. They pulled a little prank on Sosa. Were they tell them to go? Look in the other locker for his compass now. How he didn't realize she was there when he walked in, I don't know, but we go with it. But he walks in and sees her. In her in her in her underwear. And then she turns around and. So soc- something. He sees three telltale. Winds on her shoulder which match. Similar marks on the shoulder. Of the Blonde who killed spider? And this is where those he'll start turning. And this is. This is kind of important point in this. Because this is going to be something that Sousa is. GonNa to figure out, and then we'll have to figure out what Susa GonNa do with this information. Right towards the. He knows yeah, yeah, so eve, and he chooses to keep it quiet. Is he weighing whether or not? She's a good guy. weighing you know her her friendship with Captain America and and the credibility that affords her or is he thinking? She really aspire I'm thinking. He's probably thinking that she's probably doing something good. Otherwise he would have said something to somebody about it way earlier. That really believed that it was issue of national security. Well Yeah I mean I think that's the case I think. There's also the possibility that it's not that much to go on yet. It's like okay. Her and this other woman have similar have similar markings, 'cause. Obviously, it's only a photograph of the other woman. You don't even know those input wounds. You know they could have just been three randomly placed moles. You know so he doesn't want to. He wants it a little bit more. Maybe he wants to confront her about it. you know answer to decide? What is the best course of action forward? in the meantime in the meantime of course, Peggy and Thompson and her, and you know two other gentlemen from the From the from the Yeah S. Agent Mike Lee an agent. Rick Ramirez Go with her or or all in the plane and you know. They're all nervous course, peggy, she's note. Handed this you know. And I think she makes a point to Thomson about you know I've never jumped out of a plane before six I've gone done three times I hated every time you know. Era Practice jumps. You know there were. They were many so it, you know. It's it's not always fun but they do land, and of course the howlers I can't remember what the past is. Dumped on, sale EMU. EMU Ostrich its eagle. And get a nice little exchange. And when they're all sitting around the campfire immediately, I thought just give me one Fart we one fart. Blazing Saddles. They keep it classy. Yeah. You know they decided. Lady was present. You know. Anyway they. Lied on their telling Tall Tales about you know the the abominable snowman and the that they thought. You know it's funny because it's funny because you really Oh. This is the moral universe. They might have any at some point you know. Yeah I. Can't remember. Which one is they said was the real one, the Yeti or the abominable abominable snowman. You know. Yeah, I think he said the yet, he was real. And that sake. And You know they go into and get. And Peggy is for what it's worth is trying to. Ingratiate Thomson. With them. By pointing out that he has a navy cross. Now that he has this really big. You know he's. He's got a fancy metal. But, of course, we can also see that he doesn't really WANNA. Talk about it, but he does tell his story. How generous? Peggy was with him in that moment. Well, you know I, think at the end of the day. She still trying to build these bridges. Yeah, and you know and that's the thing it's like because because he is, you know he's a sexist, but he's honest. I don't think it's so much that he has any particular asthma or anathema. I don't remember the word works but I. Don't think he has any animus towards peggy per se, he just says you know this is the way the world this. His team, so you've got a jealous team before you go to a job. I think Haida Height of professionalism on our part. And not just on this level, but in genuine level to bring him into the fold to make him feel a little better so that we're all cohesive and be good for him to. Very generous. And we come across. In the morning, a Oh by the way, and it's nice to see the howlers back. A little disappointed that we don't get Gabriel Jones in this, but we have happy Sam Sawyer instead. Who was not from the first division I? Don't know what happened to Gabriel Jones from the original one, but decided to switch him out for Happy Sam now. In the Comic Books Happy Sam Sawyer was actually the it was a white guy and he was. The was the commanding officer of Nick Fury in the howling commandos, and they always called pappy Sam, because he was always very very stern face, so they've used to make that joke. Oh, good, old! Happy like he is You know we're sort of those weird things where you wonder like Oh. Is that like supposed to suggest something about you know the World War, two lineage of? Of, maybe nick fury somewhere along the line. Maybe he's actually. Maybe it was happy Sam. Sawyer is kid or something like that, but. Yeah, you know these questions you ask in these moments, but. Put, they do come across the the the Russian facility which we see is the red room which is also. It's interesting because it seems abandoned. and. The time stamp they gave in the first scene was nineteen thirty seven. So I thought that was a moment in Dadis life. But then I'm thinking. Of. Maybe none of those girls had anything to do with the past and they're currently. You know I wasn't sure. Oh, did they did? They say that was nineteen thousand seven? Rush at to start yeah? Yes because this is in the fifties, writer or Well this is. One of the early forties early fifties. Yeah, I actually think it's like nineteen, forty, eight or something. Not, too, far after World War, two because obviously everyone's. World War veteran nests So yeah, it's it's. It's You know so I. Didn't see them say Miami. Maybe they did I just didn't see it, but 'cause I thought that was the same girl that we thought the beginning who said. To me, but then they were just generic looking, you know. Early. Yeah. Or, maybe daddy's a clone. Jumped on. maybe maybe just picturing a because of something that was in agents of shield. which is what we're also watching some. Maybe I'm confusing the two that could be it to. BE A dip? In the fifties but But we'll get to that. We'll get to that in a few moments as well in the meantime but yeah, but it's it's just weird. How abandoned the facility is four facility? That's clearly active because it does have the one baby black widow still there. It does have guards eventually come and to prisoners. So, it's like weird that all this stuff is going on, but it still almost completely abandoned. when they do meet and. You know part of me thinks that you know that maybe black widow. She killed all her classmates. And now that I think about Oh. Wow, that's probably what happened. was basically you know they all thought and fought and fought than whoever was the one who killed them all she got to graduate. I mean maybe anything's possible. We'll probably get a lot more of that. When we get to the actual black widow, some what the procedure was in the bedroom. But you know. It's sort of like Damore, end and Nebula where they just always had to fight each other every day you know. and to make each one better and this case, it's like obviously they can't just replace parts with parts, so they just fight to the death and you know. It gets dark. But in that moment you know they find the little girl and you know and And Dumdum is going to be like hey, little girl I'm not going to hurt to yourself. You like my hat. It's you know it's what it's called a bowler hat. Because Hey. Why do they call a bowler? And then she stabs him. Which? It is. It is neat now. Of course he's like. He was wearing. You know the armor, the titanium Shurmur so he's not gonNA. Get you know he's okay. For the most part you know but it is, it is interesting because you know then he goes to go after and space I don't kill her, you know. What does she do seconds later? She doesn't kill her, does she does? She shoots Lee? Or Not Lear. Happy. Whatever. No, she doesn't sh-. Oh, she shoots happy. Yeah, the big girls should sheets happy right right so? They don't kill, but she turns around and she doesn't kill. Happy just runs him. No I think he makes it. I think the only one who dies is Ramirez it at the end of this. Oh, oh interesting I thought. No I don't think so. They shoot him, but you know they you know. I don't think it was a a lethal wound. I. Don't think so I could be wrong. I don't think it was and obviously if that was the case in my talk about you know You Know Sawyer, being somehow involved the would not make a lot of sense so. So. Let's assume that no I. Don't think but yes, she says attacks. Happy Sam and You know it's it's interesting and again it's this weird idea that this whole facility is almost guarded by the little girl. Which I guess. Maybe that's a point you made like. Hey, that's all. We need a little girl, but it is odd in the way that it that it seems to play out they do find. The scientists they find of scientists. With assigned to. Scientists in a way too right. Yeah I mean. that's. A doctor. Ching-kuo I. Believe is the Is the HIP. The ecologist that we see there and. Nicola Nicola is. The is the physicist because they need the physicist to understand, so he only gets one name to. needs physicist understands starks blueprints. But of course they also need the psychiatrist to help maintain his mental stability. Well. He's doing the work. Yeah. That is I. Mean it's interesting how this whole thing plays out because they do get into this firefight we do see. There are other guards there. And they do get trapped. We do see that little girl. Is like you know is still running around. Yeah, I think I think I think Sam gets shot in the leg if I'm not mistaken. Just around to the scene that he gets shot right in the chest and Azer walking away, he WHO's the the head howling commando? What's his name? Mustache down. It takes his dog tags off of it means Oh. Yeah, that's right. That's right, okay? Oh, say, let's tumor on this I. Think 'cause. Ramirez get shut to Ramirez early it's one of the other. I know she's still to this episode. Yeah Oh, so she kills Ramirez early as well okay. She kills the girl at the beginning. Oh yes. Oh, yes, he kills the girl. She Kills Happy Sam Man. That's sad, that's. Very High Count Yeah for our child no less. Also forth worth for for a essentially. A family program you know when you're killing, you know meeks last episode you kind of the well. He was makes Kinda clearly had it coming, but now we're killing the good guys. You know not even unlikable guys. we're killing little girls. Yeah, the stacking court witness. Yeah, but In. Average ANCO. I believe. Is Kills Nicola. When the when Nicola is trying to, basically, you know, negotiate his freedom. See I thought that he had Sam. I thought San was together that he was holding. Let's was. He was. Happy Sam is the White Guy Right. No Happy San was the black guy. So who's the white guy? That's Ramirez, I guess Ramirez is the young white kid that the little girl shoots. Because there's one guy that gets shot at the end and one guy that gets shot at the beginning. Right it's. It's the white guy that gets shot my little girl. She grabs the the revolve around of somebody's holster spins around and shoots the the young kid. Now I pick. You are the howling commandos I don't think he was part of a Thompson's. Yeah? I'm not quite sure now, I'm I'm I'm I'm blinking myself? Who who who gets you, but I know that one. Agent who get shot at the end I believe? I think I'm I'm pretty sure no, he's I. Don't have enough right now, but yeah, so but it's telling I think that a veteran coat kills the. Kills the scientists? even as Even as You know Dumdum does break him to give them their their their egress, and it's you know it's. Save the agents or I don't know I don't know what his motivation was. To. Know what? The motivation was to try to make that deal happen. It seems like such A. Illogical, conclusion to makes you know in that situation given how smart and supposedly. You mean the Colo or yeah the scientists. Know well! No, he's he. He's speaking in Russian, so he's hoping that no one's listening and from his perspective. They're outnumbered so if he tries to make it seem like hey, I wasn't trying to escape. Kill all guys. Just take me back or let me go back to my family, I. Know that you know like if he's going to survive this and he's going to do it on the side of his captors. It's only gonNA lead to one thing so in that respect. He doesn't really even need any leverage. He is the level. You can just run over and go. Hey, save me. into. To Do to take Haas. That's didn't really need it. And I know what to do. I know what to do. You think like you know the brilliant scientists and have some sort of a plan, but it's the silliest plan ever. Yeah, well, you know and to be fair. He's you know he's a scientist. He's not he's not A. HE'S NOT A. US. You know he's he's literally just you know. Trying to try trying to get home you know and that's part about it and and you know it is also this kind of an interesting aspect when you think about it. If. He were to go with pegging them. He's not going back to Kiev. You Know He. You know they're not going to. Drop them off in Kiev because I if he goes back to. Kiev, he and his family are going to be just picked up again. And quite frankly his family is going to. Be probably harmed because he left. So you know from his perspective he's. Not Dead already my. They're probably dead and the idea that his wife and whatever's out. There is only like a fiction. His psychiatrist to keep his mind together. Yeah, yeah, you know sort of like. Sort of parallels of iron ironman in that you know where the guy's like Oh. You know I'll be with my family again after this, his family like died. Ten years ago and you know. And like a nicer reversal that in the fact that this one scientist betrays them all but Yeah. However it works. They do escape. They do get out. and. They THEY TAKE A. The doctor with them? He's going to cooperate. Takes, for dumb dumbs. Bourbon Sh- Fairly got to drink any of it. You know four guy to give it to. Somebody couldn't even really appreciate it. That's alcoholism for you. So much taste here. Yes. There you go, and you know and. Also as a bourbon ricker myself it the first time you hit it, it does it does have a powerful flavor. It grows on you, but. False! You know distinctly American quality you know. Well it's got the plate. That's what I love. It's the corn in the whiskey. See that's what people don't realize. It's 'cause. Bourbon has to have a really strong bite that most most other whiskies tried to subdue. And Bourbon. Has that really forward bite to it? Were you tasted alcohol? I love that. That's what I love. Best about Bourbon is that it really reminds you. This is alcohol. Take it seriously, and and there's an art to taking that bite. You know picking it apart into its individual notes and poetically bringing the back together to to say like a poem in alcohol, Form Yes. I've been we love you. Accept No substitutes Kentucky Bourbon. Anyway, but they do get back. Ever ching-kuo is going to be. Going to the fact, although again. We'll see. We'll see how that all works out. You know We it Little Daddy Underwood, and we do of course end with Susa not calling anyone out not. Pointing this out, but we know he knows he is trying to decide what to do with this information. In know, and that is the. That is the difficult part of this. What do I do with this information? Any thoughts on tonight's episode is. The other thing that I think is an important note. To mention is how Thomson froze under fire. Gets Great. Slow motion, heroic shot of Peggy Carter, saving everybody, and does not even announce sweat under pressure to say as just a my Sunday. And and that is such. A great aspect of the PTSD at Thomson suffers from. Also just which we see at the end of it and almost almost buried the lead on this whole thing. that his entire heroism is ally. Yeah and that is. Such a deep confidence. And literally he's giving this Peggy. which she now she could destroy him with this right again. The generosity of spirit. Can give them to afford in that room to say okay. You've laid it on me now. You laid it out. Let it go. You're fine. And that was beautiful. I know and it is beautiful, and it is the part of me wonders. Did he just want her to? You know it's like you know he has this major imposter central, and does he just want to be found out so it can be over. You, know let it be known that he committed this war crime that was an accident, but he did it and everyone thought he was a hero, and then he hid the evidence of the white flag because. The way. Too, late. With right aside, but this is the first time it's been marginally okay to be that person because somebody already saw him as a person, so the GIG is up. Up and you know so now it's easier for him to say it, and it's almost a relief where. You know he didn't have to actively make the decision to be responsible for those actions, but now it's thrust upon, and might as well take the chance, and she makes it really easy for him there twos and and he's grateful for it clearly. Yeah. Yeah, he is, and it is. And you know, and of course he he gives the props to Peggy at the end in. Now he says I'll notify you know Ramirez's family and that's my job. Because I was deleted, and he also makes the point in Carter got us through this card really was central and L. to his to his credit thompsons. Good good work. And they even invite Peggy out for the drake. She gets to go get with the boys. So that I didn't take that moment to. Be Sort of a stand on anything that it was just a genuine. Fun adorable moment that you want to go, and she has no reservations about it. No bad feelings, no insecurity nothing. She's like. Yeah. That sounds like fun I've been waiting forever for you. Guys asked me so. It's thought that was really really cool. Yeah, well, you know he odor Bourbon. So that's that's that was what was sweet about it and you know but that. That she. Didn't you know pretend not to care? That she was genuine, allowed herself to be excited by, she wasn't bogged down with what it means or whatever I thought that was. Really really cool touch. Yes, it was. It was very. It was very well done okay. So So I guess that's this episode. You know if you're listening to this episode right now. Hopefully, hopefully, you were doing it. And tweak audio headsets on find sponsors of capability takes on the southgate. Media Group Network leaving sponsors with us for a very long time, so you can go back many many episodes ago, you'll still hear a singing. 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