Episode 156: Aaron Burr


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT network visit. WWW DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for more information the views and opinions expressed on this. This show do not necessarily represent those of the network. Its advertisers owners or sponsors. Welcome shot of history. Welcome back to a history. I'm Stephanie. I am the color man in big death t Melissa. I'm Jeannie Calvin Roll here again. A week later in a week later today Kelvin is going to be historian. And we'RE GONNA be talking about Aaron Burr. We're GONNA be discussing Aaron for but before we do that. y'All know what you gotTa do Such such good blitz orange crush peach. Moonshine was actually really. It's really nice mellow out. Wait for Rhubarb of season so I can make my revert meet a man who have ever said. This took off season. uh-huh midnight excursion to my old house to freedom after the rhubarb plants. I haven't a yard. You're more than welcome. I'm GonNa have to clear that with Tony before. He just steel plant RHUBARB RHUBARB SALOONS. They ran out of names. Like fuck. Fuck I don't know. Strawberry Rhubarb is what most people have. They all have rhubarb. Yeah it is a pies at the hardest thing that you had in your mouth. It's like going craft. Yeah I know all right. So she said we're GONNA be talking about Aaron burr today and inside Berries. The word converted learning history. There was always there. Was that famous note commercial where the guy was eating peanut butter for a million dollars. Who Shot Alexander Hamilton? Oruro and he had like Aaron Burr pictures all his long bullet. The forest service has come back into popular parlance because of the popularity of the stage. Play Hamilton so dear theory. Yeah so interestingly enough I have not seen Hamilton yet and it is playing in Detroit. That was a lottery. Took us for ten ten bucks everyday every event. I gotTa do it today I would. I would can't some serious shit. Get the tickets the next day you have to go. I can have like a friend's wedding and be like Oh man. Sorry can't right buddy that bought Susan tickets to be able to Mike. Holders get tickets for her birthday. Got Tickets to go see Hamilton. It was what my parents patterns water but not in Detroit taxes so she's flying to Texas. Well I'm the end of the month. Hamilton I'm not invited stuff. I didn't like the play. Oh she loves to do well. Some people like the original cast. And you're traveling is not the original catcher. Amazing you the. What have you didn't like the play like? Oh Shit traveled all the way to Texas on this hype train. I think awesome awesome for. So it's I'd like to. I'd like to start off by setting the setting the stage around what was going on at a time in the world so we're looking at the year. Eighteen hundred hundred eighteen hundred handyman. Eighteen hundred hundred. John Chapman begins handing out apple seeds and seedlings Ohio settlers known as Johnny appleseed. Those agent. Leave that out. The smallpox packs smallpox vaccination for smallpox vaccination is invented in North America. XBOXES party Smallpox all right backs so John Brown. Who would lead the raid on Harper's ferry and whose execution would help ignite the American civil war is born in the year eighteen hundred Washington? DC is established as the capital of the United States of America. There wasn't in the room when it happened. I never worried happening. John Adams becomes the first. US President to live in the executive mansion in which would later be renamed the White House the United States to the US Library of Congress is founded on April twenty fourth eighteen hundred with a five thousand Rosendahl allocation and America. Six books in America is about to participate in its first truly contested election. which would would come to be known as the revolution of eighteen hundred? which is what? We're what we're going to be talking about today but we Ryan Real quick you library of Congress on story about this. This is where I did the research for this episode. That's why wasn't able to be here when we did the anniversary since I was in. DC At the Library of Congress so the Library of Congress is on Capitol Hill and directly across from the US Capitol building something. I didn't know I didn't know that you've very loud Capitol Hill. Actually Capitol Hill is literally on a hill here program. Well okay so I'm GonNa dare dare you. Here's why as a historian I mean as a historic but if you have a Arro- of churches in small towns any time there was a settlement. They would call that piety hill on a hill right. So that's why I was thinking. Oh Capitol Hill. It's just a name but they had a bike share program and I was like I'm going to bike from the Museum of African American history up to in Congress which is on Capitol Hill and I am. I am hoping I got off. The bike walked it. I was like I'm good. I can get back on our back up a little bit back on and use. It doesn't make me throw out uh-huh Sonian Museum of African American History News Okay so much right next. It's you walk Out of doors of the african-american Museum you're at the The Washington on. It was on the other hand going up. Yeah Congress when they went to the absolutely amazing. And here's how it works because it's the largest library in the world you can't just go there and take a book off the shelf. They have people working all these sections of books. So you go to this area to study and you go into their computer systems. I want this book and thirty minutes later. Somebody arrives arrives with a car with that book off at your desk really quite cool off the books and you can tell you sir. We don't touch the books until it gets to you and say hey I'm GonNa come back tomorrow to continue. They say what's your last name is more. Okay take it around on the corner and you can put the books in in this bay over here. And they'll stay there for two weeks so you can you keep having the boats brought to you can just go and grab the book. Really Nice Organizational System Interesting Congress work. It's really cool off stories. I could tell you about there. But that's where the research for this episode. It came from mostly which is pretty cool so kind of give you some background. I got a backup for years though. John Adams won the election of a seventeen ninety six against chance to his opponent. Thomas Jefferson right and compile so Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton is trying to get a guy by the name of Charles Coates Worth Pinkney elected someone. He thought that he could control if he became president like he could go so so like Putin GonNa get this guy. Take me a new president but Hamilton would kind of be the guy behind the scenes controlling. That's what he was hoping for but the the New England. federalists figure things out. I think that this this kind of thing was going on and so they they all voted for Jefferson. Hamilton's trying to be sneaky and because of this though because all these donations it didn't work out at all and John Adams eats out this small win against Thomas. Jefferson and so prior to the ratification of the Twelfth Amendment votes for President and Vice President were listed on separate ballots so although John Adams ran as Jefferson's main opponent in the General Election Jefferson in came in second so we probably shouldn't have enemies actually ruled. Yeah so I think that's that's true somebody. Somebody assume that it would be okay because it took until the twelfth amendment change. But here's here's your address because president seventeen ninety six but for the four years that he was president he was mired in controversy. There was animosity between the two major parties which for the federalists and the Democratic Republicans to time the unpopular Jay treaty was just kind of following him around as well in the passage of the repressive alien and sedition snacks. You don't want the Jay Treaty was facilitated ten years of peaceful trade between the United States and Britain but pissed off the French Revolution. Aleutian right. You Wayne your training with any bitterly divided Americans this. Why a loving historian because people will the America's the most divided? It's ever been the most of your history a war real pretty the divided down quoted President. Who who who shall not be named says no president has ever been treated worse than I have like like Kennedy was shot in the head shot in the face but either way I'm Jay treaties ladies who got peaceful trade trade but it's pissing off the French bitterly divided Americans so much so that parties that didn't exist in certain states dates popped up in every single one of the state so you had pro-treaty federalists and Anti Treaty Democratic Republicans in every single state now instead of just having a red a blue state? You had pretty much divided in writing. Also the alien and sedition acts that really just kind of ended Adams predecessor presidency. He was not gonNA win again. So if you don't know what those were. It was four different acts the naturalization act so that extended you. I had to have five years to live in the United States the citizen and extended it to fourteen years. The Alien Act allowed the president to the poor any resident alien considered quote unquote dangerous to peace and safety. The Irish the Alien Enemies Act authorized. The deportation of residence get their home. Country was at war with America. So you might not be a danger but oh country. We're at war with you. So you're out now. Now Adams never actually deported. Anybody never sign the divorce deportation of citizens but that was yeah but then the worst part of it wasn't sedition X.. which was allowed the government to punish those found guilty of quote unquote printing writing or speaking scandalous or malicious way against government of the United States unquote again the freedom of speech? Yeah I pretty much out. It's actually considered one of the most grievous assaults on in constitutional rights in American history. Imagine thing then lead all. We're talking between seventeen so so when the election eighteen hundred comes around John Adams who is a therapist and his running mate. Charles Pinkney found themselves. Losing sight of that election and Thomas Jefferson who was a democratic Republican and Aaron Burr easily won the election. The only problem was Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied in the Electoral College. Seventy three votes and since the Twelfth Amendment wasn't a thing yet Jefferson Burr tied for the presidency. But here's the deal again so eh. Everybody knew that it was expected that Jefferson would become president nobody foresaw Burr tying language Jefferson. Everybody assumed Jackson's going to be president that so we wanted to be president. Nobody's amber amber can be the vice president but burr argued. Well People Volkan favor and he wouldn't step aside to let Jefferson become president under the constitution. The tie that it's going to go to the House of Representatives still and he's from the House of Representatives is still under federal control at that point right and so they were gonna they going to decide the question but okay so in order to understand this go you need to understand amber so let's give a little history ehrenberg ehrenberg junior junior by the way. Yeah Aaron Burgee died. Dad is originally is he was born in Seventeen fifty six New Jersey Jersey legal injuries. He was the second child of the Reverend Aaron Burr senior who was a Presbyterian minister was he born in a bluer tracksuit terrorist. His Dad was the second president of the College of a New Jersey better known today as Princeton University. His mother was Esther Edwards Burr and she was the daughter of noted Congregational Nationalist Theologian Jonathan Edwards. Why an expert on? Interestingly enough I who his most famous work is titled Sinners in the hands of an angry God. Aaron Burr fucked up head. Both of his parents died when he was two by the time he was too so he lived with his maternal grandparents briefly but they died a year later remember. The time he ended ended up living with an uncle and his his uncle was abusive. His uncle beat him so he ran away. So just reading research in this. I'm going you know families aren't all that different now. We like to think that we've evolved shitty uncle an abusive times before too. We don't uh-huh but either he ended up with him and he ran away from home a few times because of this but he was a he was admitted to Princeton at the right age took thirteen. Well College back then was really well. He finished sixteen. Yeah but he decided can continue on studying. Theology moved on to study law when he got real. The study law studies on hold. The revolutionary was kicking off so he joined the continental army. This will help you understand. There's a little bit more. He started hanging out with the guy by the name Benedict. Arnold Revolutionary Workum rated eventually eventually through some nepotism in the back through some nepotism bird became part of George Wash General George Washington to staff but he left the staff after two weeks to return to the battlefield. Because that's where the action was and the glory was to make a name. I suppose you in the world but was not an exceptional soldier shot. He was terrible. Aw and he'll love getting a one on one one on one you got it. He got his head to him in seventeen. Seventy eight at the battle of monmouth my mouth my moose and due to feeling healthy failing health he resigned from the continental army and went back to studying law. He got married illegitimate children bla-bla-bla Park of course right it he and his boss would have a lot in common that way uh-huh so he becomes involved in politics and New York working to get Thomas. Jefferson elected to the presidency. So he's kind of canvassing so in seventeen ninety nine burn burn found the Bank of the Manhattan Company which gave rise to the rivalry between him and Alexander. Hamilton whom she she would later. So so. Here's here's a deal. Federalist Pretty Much Brand New York and Hamilton owned the Bank of of New York. But here's what bird did. Burr approached both rose and Hamilton asking for funds to start a water company and and at the eleventh hour cheesy application. They use over rival bank. No water company was three and so in addition to create so in addition to creating competition though Berger used the bank to fund promote democratic Republican politics our the basically used federal money so essentially through the founding of the first pack. Kicks the Hamiltons father in law or his position in the government. He wins that election so this brings us to the election. Landing his plane. Here all all right so you re election Jefferson and Burr tied each seventy votes. Burr remained quiet publicly. But he refuses EPA side and see the victory to Jefferson right so they said he had campaigned for Jefferson Campaign for Jefferson but now the tide is a great sports Jefferson against Adams now against him say Ling- Allah Confused Hanging Chads. We got a reality show. Rumor going rumor going around that. Ah Okay birth being quiet about this. But he's also kind of quietly behind the scenes trying to get people he's talking to the Federal Republicans applicants trying to get them to vote for him but no solid evidence ever came to light on this at least not at the time so historians historians of tended to give Berg benefit of the doubt. Saying it's just a rumor milling but in two thousand eleven. A letter was found that proved beyond doubt that the borough was trying to orchestrate stealing the election from Jefferson right. They found these letters like. Hey how are we gonna Selection Aaron and so the election was decided in the House of Representatives. With ten state delegations going for Jefferson or voting for to making no choice so the to independence independence thanks to Alexander. Hamilton Burr lost and Jefferson became president and verb became vice president. And because of what bird did Jefferson never trusted Aaron Burr us even though even though he operated as has a stellar president of the Senate Senate especially in the Marbury versus physician episode on at some point so because of this Berhane Hamilton Jefferson runs again. Jackson runs again. Eighty four. Burr is not on the ticket so bird run for governor of New York and he ends up losing to virtual nobody due to smear campaign against him by Alexander Hamilton handled. These guys are like fuck. I fucking juicer. Countries an episode on smear smear campaign. Their political rhetoric is not being more. Forget so Burge allergist him to a duel. Now here's do doors. Were called affairs of honor. So she she goes by this campaign now. He's in New York running for Governor Right and affairs of honor Joel's or are illegal in New York. They're not as illegal in New Jersey so they decide to meet at we go there. We can New Jersey in the same spot where Alexander into him Alexander. Hamilton's oldest son had died in a duel. Three years prior take take the shot across now. Historically there's disagreement who fired first but song about Hamilton Hodgson on June first all right now but burr Hamilton. Here's how here's how there's voter word you would show showing up meant that you're willing to fight for your owner normally endure. You would shoot off into the sky. Wouldn't wouldn't actually aim at somebody else said that Hamilton. Got Your showed up. It's like showing up at at the flagpoles after school like for fight. The fact rise showed up. You were a man. It's like a bar fight between two bras. Fuck thank you man. Fuck you love you bro. But not between these two got. So he's pros and Bir take him in the hip pierce deliver and it's fine and kills them aren't that he shot him in the head rate and it appears to Liber the magic bullet. The government is on the magic sideways. Yeah that's what I'm talking take one. How inaccurate managing around your body's not going at the last they do now? It could easily bounced off his hip into his liver and they were very very blunt script. Bounce to rally armed activists lease to South Carolina his daughter so he's hanging out with his task data vice president of the United States today. Well let me name is cooked up now. I was hoping somebody would make jokes. They feel permission to do that. Carolina forbid then he goes back to DC to finish out his term as vice president like nothing had happened. I in what he did. Avoid Jerky New Jersey and New York for a while. Russia Kelvin incrusted jerseys. So that's a that's Aaron Burr. Their one last thing about it. uh-huh listing after this after the vice-president C- for him he decided to commit. It's pretty horse here. So he planned permanent army and start a war with Spain by ceasing. Parts of their holdings in either Mexico or both hang on folks wait until twenty twenty planning as yeah but Evidence was brought to Thomas Jefferson. I really hate this. Thank you for the conspiracy to hey Aaron fucking up publicly proclaimed that burs guilty of treason which which is a hanging offense. A reward is offered and borough was eventually captured in rural Alabama and placed on trial in Virginia with chief justice. John Marshall Presiding now now Jefferson was subpoenaed to testify and he refused which bolster the precedents of executive privilege. BURR is acquitted not once but twice because he's white. Johnson works acquitted twice. He jokes bail to Europe in the jumping bail. If you're acquitted yes okay well. Because he was there still charges urges against against him right and putting on trial again giant records so he goes to Europe. He tries getting support for his book. Spain plan again. They're just not like Spain reserve duty. I don't WANNA go under under spraying somebody. Spain campaign from Europe breath but then he returns to he he returns to New York in eighteen twelve in disguise. Move on I just wearing glasses in. He came my name is my name is Aaron. So he's he returns to eighteen twelve guys eventually returns to everything. I'm Kinda blows over. He returns to practicing law until his death in eighteen. Thirty six guy. That's the story of Aaron. It's just like his parents. I wanted to. I want to hand out sooner though because he was dick this episode on Aaron Burr. Because I'm announcing in the beginning of a new podcast where I will be looking at the presidential the presidential losers those who have run and never become president and so aaron clear was and try to try to start with Aaron Burr's only drinking's crush. Yeah that's the weird part about this next wave. They just keep starting starting new podcast where I will be looking at the candidates who ran for president but never became president and Aaron. Burr was I wake right up my alley that that made it sounds like an awesome show. I haven't decided on the name yet. I'm thinking of either the losers or fifteen. ninety-nine Pennsylvania Avenue which is like them right life outside to obscure college losers. People are going to be like this. Is The podcast about that really all hold movie. Moving to America concede ninety nine. We'll capture the people that it's meant to audience or call fifteen ninety nine colon. The loser presidential go cool all right. Well I guess it's time to Bieber pop out plug I'll go. I get it done on with Stephanie. Manar DOT COM for most. Your Stephanie Menard needs schedules on there and everything that I'm working on so check it out. Antenne Calamar you can check me out leading questions now dot com so leading questions. Calvin Moore is my podcast. That's my business is seven point two tours give towards Detroit check that out seventy two hours dot com and then coming soon probably the next month or so I was go with it. Fifteen ninety nine fifteen ninety nine hundred of the show. I'll figure out what the the tag tagline is. All that jazz ninety nine cowboys Joyce Hamilton apparent days. The music fighter the five seconds brought to late history so which is good. 'cause they're like no three and now there's a bunch of people in New Jersey and New York you like hip hop who would never loved hip hop technically. We could play the full solid from the from the play as long as we talked about it later because that would then be fair use we. We are an a as you know for me if you're watching the video. Oh at Potman. Big Man big Dev on twitter and instagram. I am and source point press on twitter and Instagram and deep water games doc basically pack everything up and ship it out so fucked up. I don't care and always Steve You thought Jefferson already guys until next time. I'm Stephanie McCormick. I'm Melissa Genie both Josh and Ashley.

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