HOUR 1- Mike Florio and Ross Tucker Oct 23, 2020


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This is the show for the people to help us navigate a resistant teachable moments from the so-called law and order headlines Listened to Holding Court with K Williams on the iheartradio, APP and Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on. Fox Sports Radio. We did it I had the under, but we mated to a Friday they said, we couldn't do it. We did it welcome. It's a meet Friday at that. I check the traegergrills this morning. First thing I do when I come in I don't come in and go are all the dance here house todd doing I always check the traeger grill we got Cajun shrimp we got Buffalo Chicken sliders we got green, Chili Mac and cheese baked pickles buttermilk dip baked. TACO skillet dip and brought S- it's a meet Friday. Hope you're having a great day. Glad. You're part of the program if you're listening if you're watching, you're doing both you wanNA email tweet dial up you can do all of those. If you'd like Mike Florio will join US coming up are the raiders going to be able to play a football game coming up this weekend because the raiders starting offensive line is not been able to practice due to covid. Also the fascination with a two point conversion. Now, the new analytics in the NFL Brady Quinn on loan from Fox sports. He'll be there for the Ohio State Buckeyes as they open the season coming up on Saturday on Fox against Nebraska can the big ten get a team into the final four? So Brady will join US coming up a little bit later on and the Commissioner of Major League Baseball takes a victory lap rob Manfred, what's the future of the? Designated hitter and all tell him some my problems with the game. I'm sure he'll love hearing the get off the lawn speech that I've had most of this week your headlines, the Eagles beat the giants in an epic battle. By the way, the NBA draft is going to be November eighteenth who would have thought. We'd have the masters in the NBA draft week apart. We got dodgers raise coming up tonight and I mentioned the big ten open up this weekend. Let's go back to the NFC east. There is a new slogan. Somebody's got to win the NFC east and last night the giant Eagle's they were alternating between who wanted to win this and who didn't WanNa win this yet great plays, boneheaded mistakes and felt like every drive is an adventure. It somehow Philly came out on top twenty to twenty one. Giant swept by eleven with less than five minutes to go they couldn't put it away. Carson wentz found a way a beautiful touchdown pass Boston Scott in the end zone. I still have a hard time with the name Boston Scott. It's cool name. I know, but it's not a football name. It's. Be, like a character in trading places with Eddie Murphy Boston Scott Junior the third come in here. Yes. Point the ACDC died bond Scott Launch God that's why I get confused when you bond Scott never played football I don't think bonded. A there is a tie earlier in the season with Philadelphia. So they sit alone atop the division there to foreign one. Now, you can see the eagles being the favorites and they still have major issues injury issues. The second half of their season their schedule is pretty brutal. It's one of the top ones in the NFL. You saw Carson Wentz last night make some great plays I still think he's a very talented quarterback. This gotta get jalen hurts in their jalen hurts still has to play behind that offensive line Carson. Wentz made some things happen last night he made things happen with his legs. He still holds onto the ball too long at times he plays Hero Ball. He's trying to make a play instead of just throwing it away but. The Eagles can take ten days off I. Don't know how much healthier they're going to get, and by the way when we say well, somebody's got to win the NFC east. The team that wins the NFC EAST GETS TO HOST A playoff game folks those much as you say, well. NFC's discount them. As we sit here right now or stand here or you're driving or walking or whatever you're doing. I wouldn't be surprised if the NFC east, whoever is the winner? Wins the opening round playoff game. Because I don't know who feels unbeatable in the NFC right right now. And you might have a situation where the buccaneers win ten or eleven games, and they finished second to the saints and they would be the five seed they'd have to go to Dallas or Philadelphia. It's crazy. I mean if the bears got a wildcard, they can be beat. Is Much as we want to discount the NFC east because it's bad football right now or bad records. The time we roll around a week sixteen weeks seventeen, we get ready for a playoff game, these teams or the team that wins might look a whole lot different. If Dallas gets everybody back on defense and you still have any formidable offense. Than, Dallas will be a dangerous team Philadelphia can be a dangerous team. Now, you don't have the home field advantage. You're far as the crowd goes and Philadelphia would be a great home field advantage. Dallas maybe not as much but Philadelphia certainly would be but you could see scenario what if the rams win the division and Seattle with eleven wins has to go to Dallas like these possibilities here and I wouldn't discount the NFC east as much as they're playing bad football. They're still GONNA BE HOSTING A playoff game this program brought to you by Breeders Cup World Championships Learn More Breeders Cup dot com slash twenty, twenty, catch all the action fourteen exhilarating races November sixth and seventh the world's best thoroughbreds all the action live on NBC sports play of the day. Stat of the day and make love and here to the rescue with the poll question before I get the poll question do you ever remember situation where team could be tanking for the number one pick, and then in the third quarter be the potential leader of their division at the same time, and then the eagles are full on trade dateline sellers with six minutes left in the game twitter's go nuts should they get rid of this guy? This guy? This guy and now they're in the driver's this isn't this is what I I don't think the giants are tanking. I think the giants and I said this yesterday looking back on their last couple of games like they've they've gotten better. There's only so much better. They can get because of their talent deficit. But Daniel Jones can make plays. Ken He. Partial. He can make partial play. Can make most of a play if Evan Ingram catches that third down past the giants win last night. Daniel Jones. He's one of the great eighty yard running quarterbacks in the history of the game. It's the other eight yards that he has problems within. This is how it sounded on Westwood One last night. Shotgun Formation Jones fake now he runs. He's got a huge. Twenty Five Thirty Very. Daniel Jones. Jones nothing. Green. Grass. Them. And Chip wise what this has been all about. He is down at. An Eagle with the call laughter courtesy of our boy Ross Tucker who is the sideline analyst? There was no analysis there. If you listen once again, the analysis was basically what we were doing watching the play as you listen one more time. Shotgun Formation Jones fake it now, Raunchy got a huge. Twenty five thirty. Own. Learning. Jong Nothing. Green Grass in front of him. Chip applies what this. All about. So Ross Tucker, the Voice of America. fritzy. Says that he thinks he was in the booth last night with an eagle not on the field. If you're I do acknowledge Ross laughing ignored him Abu. and. To Ross duckers amusement. Jones falls down I wouldn't even acknowledge it. I would just you know Ns job is just to give you the play by play. That's not exactly Emmy Award winning analysis by Ross but it was what we were thinking at the same time. He was carrying every white guys hopes on that run and I think he was just too heavy. That's why he stumbled each just running I'm going. Yeah. That's going to be a ninety yard too. She just felt down. Yes, some people seem to be debating, Y Daniel Jones fell. Like did he just run out of gas or did he trip I think sometimes and I've seen this happen with guys running the forty yard dash you run, you get to a certain speed and you get off balance and you get out on your toes and I think he was trying to run faster. He's running about twenty one miles per hour. That's a pretty good clip. And you're not used to running eighty yards. Forty yards, twenty yards I think he got out there and he he looks over and sees the defensive back to his left and I think he tried to speed up because the defensive back to his right slow down and I think he tried to get even faster there and he got out over his skis as we like to say and came tumbling down. There's a moment there where he's getting the speed wobbles. You he's running and all of a sudden his arm started out his legs start looking like they're made a jelly and you're like, Oh, my God this toots going down. Yes, you're right at the forty yard line. It takes a quick peek back of his shoulder and sees defensive back number twenty one catching up, and it's like his body said. All right. We're done. We're shutting this down here and the body doesn't know what the end zone is. If, you're covering the game or covering the giants and seeing how brutally they lost the are you asking that question is something? I know it's all over social media everything. Daniel Jones about what happened there? It's one of the big plays in the game. But what do you expect him to say? Well, he was asked after the game. Here's Daniel Jones. Daniel. What happened at the end of the run were you went eighty yards just Try to run fashion and I was running and and got caught up so. We finished the drive scored a touchdown. So hours relief. To me for sure. Yeah. Fair question just what happened. We ask it all the time. He'd like to Patrick Mahomes tweeted. Say anything because I wouldn't be able to run that far either. All laughing emojis You're not. You're not used to running that far to begin with, and then you see a defensive back who's probably faster than you approaching catching up, and then you try to run faster and. Well we saw what happened. Which quarterback failure would you want the least? What happened to January Jones last night? Dan Orlovsky runs out of the end zone. On this mean. Mark Sanchez, but fumble. You gotTA, Pick Okay, you have to pick one. You got to pick the one that you don't want the one. You don't want the most or the one of now I'm GonNa you're okay well. I'd rather that I'm GonNa, make you pick one that you have to wear the rest of your career. Yeah So, Mark Sanchez Fumble I was there that night Orlovsky running out of the end zone? And Daniel Jones falling last night. Yes born. Or lascaris has more comedy to it because the extended rollout where he's out about the defensive Limon's going you're out. You're out about you got about and he's still looking down. But how long did it take for him to be able to laugh at it? Because when you do it and then you're known as the guy who didn't know how far the end zone was. Now. He's established himself as a very good analyst the mothership if I'm Mark Sanchez though and the most noted play of my career starts with the word but. To to suit cheese that your your biography or obituary as a football player. The first word is, but and the last word is fumble right? Goes Rarely, there's no positive spin their market, a nice career because you can look at Daniel. Jones. Say It's pretty athletic. Just. The fact that he got, he tripped himself up he ran eighty yards. That's pretty. That's pretty good. Because Dan Orlovsky didn't do anything athletic other than he just kept backing up and backing up and Mark Sanchez had the butt fumble. So I, I would certainly take what happened to Daniel Jones last night. Yes. mclovin you good point. They said he was wearing twenty miles an hour that's Matt Brita speed and Dale Jones a six five to fifty. I don't think that could be right 21-mile. That's like super super fast he's not to fifty well, whatever he's big though. That's is he has. He's he must be he's probably six three to twenty five. He's a good athlete and it was a good basketball players well. That's what they had him like twenty one point four miles per hour I think. And I always thought back to. Who was? Played quarterback for the steelers. Mark? Look like Marlon I. Think he has the longest run by a quarterback in history like I think malone add like ninety one yarder. That sounds right. But Mark Malone. You know it was one of those faked the end of the line, and then he ran around the end and just kept going and I think I think Mark Malone as the longest run by a quarterback in NFL history that was something. You know high eighties, low nineties, young polling Daniel Jones leading the league in quarterback rush per carry nine point five, this year two, hundred, ninety, six yards rushing. fee only had eight more yards. Is Anybody taking anything other than Daniel Jones late night you don't want Orlovsky running out of the end zone or This a lot of comedy there. A LOT OF COM- Daniel Jones. There's a lot of athleticism like there's a lot of athleticism and there's no lettuce. Lettuce and I'm just not quite enough. Yeah. I'm familiar with the back half. He had great athleticism for about seventy two yards and then. The. Lack of athleticism came in there. Yes mclovin. If Evan Ingram caught that ball like does that help Dale Jones or like over history will be nicely I would happen when they scored on that that Dr. Evan Ingram cost the giants I mean. That's one of those. Where do you want me to put the ball? How `Bout Right in my hands oh? Okay and then he drops it. If Ingram, catches the ball they win. Plain simple. They didn't lose because Daniel Jones, they lost because of an Ingram. Yes, there's athleticism count though if you don't finish the play. Yes. What about like those runners and we've seen in college and pro, and they make running sixty seventy yards and they decided to drop the ball at the one yard line forgetting. Your questions today Doesn't that take away from the someone runs because if I made a unbelievable stop in the whole. Unbelievable drive. And I didn't get it over there and time bounced it over there or. Through it past the first basement did I make an athletic play Yeah. But it's not it's not particularly memorable. If it didn't didn't get all the way to the desired goal there and something embarrassed even think you're supposed to ask him a question about it after the game, they lost the game when I look trying to start up something with the guy for. into play. Yeah. But he what can you possibly say other than he tripped that I, don't know what look. It's an obvious answer. He didn't trip. He said, I was trying to run faster by running too fast. He tripped while he was trying to run the stumbled. I to me that the. Other questions you can ask just because it's a fight that's would you ask Daniel Johns you would think I would ask them that if they would've won, I think it would have been playful fung question to ask because he's in a playful mood and they won the game then you could be silly with would you ask Walker bueller about his pants in a loss? I would not. Okay. we'll come up with a poll question here I. Don't know if that's poll question we're going with orienting. It's already up there. They ask me what would you least want not which would you most want which one do not WanNa? Get tagged with yeah. I would say the fumble. I mean. You, you can understand it in the moment. Somebody's chasing you and you you back up and you don't realize that you're two yards further than the back of the endzone club I to be honest I don't even remember what the fumble why is it called? The did the If, you didn't want to play like it's kind of hard to remember what that was. You were there against Patriots what happened like it sort of went behind his but it didn't. All we hit the lion in front of his, but still it wasn't. No. This you usually watch that play. New Your Post Headline Killed Him. Is, that game was just like a slaughter from the moment it started I know but we tend to pick out plays all the time. and. Don't really put it in the context of what happened in the game. You know people will forget the Daniel Jones when he fell, they still scored on that drive. Now that'd be like if bill buckner had the ball, go through his legs in the eighty six world series, but they still won the world series then we might look at it differently but they were going to win the world series ball goes through his legs if all of a sudden buckner. redeems himself and they win. Then you know we look at it differently. Yes. So Mark Sanchez played against England it's a broken play and he he goes to the hand off the running back was the wrong direction. So he just kind of runs it the middle nothing was gonNA happen he fumbles and I think it was run back for a touchdown by the defensive back. The problem is on the replay they show three replays of the mark. Sanchez. But fumble play the third one they show from behind no pun intended and you see him run into a wall of but cheeks basically, and that's what makes it because if they never showed the replay where his face goes into number sixty, five's backside. All we'd be talking about his Oh. That's a bad play fumbled and the Patriots. Post headline. I think it was just fumble, but I'll double tall. Okay. The other ones don't have a name does Daniel Jones is the only cover, the New York Post and New York Daily News. How about Leeann let on. Thanksgiving. Is that too far long ago? Didn't he and as I recall he was running down the field they start celebrating and somebody stole the ball and it cost them the game. No, you didn't have to touch the ball always. Oh, right. Okay. The snow. Yeah. I mean you could also have the play by Don Beebe in the Super Bowl where he chases down Leon Latin, he tries to celebrate too soon knocks the ball out of his hands. Out of the end zone. But we were kind of keeping it with the quarterback theme here. And when you have a name of fix to your mistake then that's where it lives lives on forever. Yes mclovin. Looking for the near post headline is, is the butt fumble is the New York, debacle of the decade. It's the worst mistake and New York sports twenty years well no, that's wrong. Because they got blown out by the Patriots that night. Yes, Boeing Daniel Jones quarterback he's Daniel Jones a third so he's trip. Trip Jones. We just call that now that's A. Name of the Year Jones. Jones imagine if that's The nickname he went by Dang going into the NFL his now. Dan Orlovsky is given name is safety. That's not right. That's not not. Yes e- Mark Sanchez Amos. A. True. True given name. Isn't there a town often ninety five yet M. I. A. N. US is called my anus. Miami's minus. It's I think it's like exit five or something off of ninety five and I was giggle go by they're not exit to. Get might be exit to seize right it's my annus minus. Yes. Let me go. To exits down from SHARPSVILLE. Pennsylvania. Break here like Floreal. Healers Camp Mike. Mike Florio is gonNA. Join US are the raiders going to have any starting offensive Lineman for their game this weekend, the fascination with a two point conversion and laugh all you one about the NFC east. But whoever wins is hosting a playoff game Brady Quinn on Ohio State's chances to be a final four team and the Commissioner Major League Baseball Rob Manfred all of that coming up here twenty two after the. Hour this is the Dan. Patrick Show. Thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast. Be sure to catch US live every weekday morning nine to noon eastern or six to nine. Pacific. 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Once again, save up to five hundred dollars on select smart beds sleepnumber dot com slash Patrick, or by Chat Ross Tucker who was on the call for Westwood. One. Last night he'll join US coming up. Roses in the background of I eagles call on the radio where he just started laughing when Daniel Jones. Tripped stumbled in fell. Just. fritzy. police found out that Daniel Jones is Danny Jones a third which would make him trip Jones. We sorry somebody who tweeted who said Daniel Jones look like fritzy when he gets one good mock headline and then tries to keep going. Wait a minute speaking of mock headlines, Todd. You WanNa. Do this before we get to Florio? I do have some headline. Okay. This is off of last night the eagles and the giants and my apologies to Mike Florio fee has to listen to this while he's on hold. Okay. You got some music their seat. There we go. Mock headlines Eagles over the giants. Upon a time card shows flashes of early. Success. They might be giants they are in last place. Another rough trip to Philly Daniel Jones Jinse all. Case. Closed judge giants pathetic. Hot Peppers. I. Eight hundred, one this week. Hot Peppers. Salt over collapse questions. Today, that would be. Special Not in that division. Big Blue. Jersey boys still not ready for Broadway. Come on Man Biden also scratching head over Jiemin. Very popular phrase's days come on man. What the FRAC? No debating how giants Bad. Debates. Don't Mute Essen here. All right you really you rallied. You were the opposite of Daniel. Jones you were better at the end than at the beginning very nice I. Think we should meet your microphone and you go home. Mike Florio the Popular Co host of Pro Football Talk Live Mike. How are you this morning? Good. You Know Fritzy three at the Michael Scott Approach to a wedding toast you just have. Different things lined up until one land. But he doesn't get out. That's the problem for just. Here's our poll question if you could pick, you gotta you gotTa. Pick. One. You WanNa be Daniel Jones last night Dan Orlovsky running out of the end zone or Mark Sanchez with fumble. Oh boy. Wow Probably, law ski running out of the end zone because that one has had some relative staying power, but it's not over the top I roll Rhone every time you see it's just kind of funny and light the butt fumble just kind of like the ultimate grown doozer Daniel. Jones I have no idea how long this one's GonNa last private feeling. It's GonNa stick with him as long as the lakes I'll go I'll go a or B or whatever it was Orlovsky but I got give January Jones credit for being athletic for seventy yards. Orlovsky and Sanchez there's nothing outlet about what they did there and Daniel Jones afterwards said Hey I just tried to run faster How many times have we seen guys run to the end zone and they look up and they can check on the video board that no one is close enough to tackle them. He just has like no awareness which is not surprising because in the pocket, he has no awareness. Maybe that's his biggest flaw because he's got the physical skills. For at least eighty yards, not for the final two seven do you think the giants are on the clock for the number one or number two pick overall that they would consider a quarterback? I think you have to you have to do the evaluation you have to be objective and understand WHO's out there. So you can make a decision about whether the vows with the guy you have, and one of the big decisions is they're gonNA keep their GM Dave gettleman, the new GM then the first order of business maybe to bring in new quarterback, a new franchise quarterback a guy that you believe will be the next fifteen year option they thought it was going to be Daniel Jones so far it hasn't been again ball security as a problem awareness in the pocket of the problem. I don't know how much of that. You can coach out of a guy but with a new coaching staff there if they end up with a new GM, I think it becomes more urgent. But but whoever you are, you need to put in the time to look at all of the top prospects and understand their strengths and their weaknesses because even if you're trading that pick, you wanna be able to get the most out about tick and the more you know about the guy, the better suited you're going to be negotiated with whoever would wanNA come up and try to get that from you. Are the Vikings tanking. Well I don't know I mean some of these teams Yasser they tanking you don't have to try to tank I. don't even know that they're doing it deliberately but once you start selling off parts that necessarily bumps up the depth chart, a lesser guy which makes your team easier to be made GONNA concoct way had four sacks and five games for the Vikings he's fifth in the NFL. So he's the guy who can play. And and they moved on from him and they say six million dollars it gets carried over the next year the salary cap they don't spend it this year, which will come in handy but you know it feels like they're thinking about a rebuild they were trying to do kind of a reload rebuild kind of change a tire on a moving car, and that's not working obviously for the. Vikings. So they've got a lot to. Do to try to figure out who they're going to be what they're going to be and I think this is the first step toward acknowledging it and planning for the future whatever the future may entail, but it may take a few years. 'cause they're going to have some guys that that they're stuck with for a while like kirk cousins that that they're not going to be able to move on from easily after the season. If the jets said the number one pick and you were Trevor Lawrence's agent, what would you advise him to do? Well look I'm a firm Believer in player making a power play whenever and wherever cheap pan I don't like the draft in that it prevents these kids from King where they're going to start their career because look where do you go who's around you who your coach is that so much shapes how you're ultimately perceived as a quarterback you land in a spot where you wanna be with people you WanNa work for with players you WANNA play with so I'm always going to say To the first overall pick in the draft, you've got a hell of a lot more leverage than you realize if you don't want to go play for that team, say you're not GonNa do it don't worry if you get criticized don't worry at the fans are upset with you say you're not going to do it and make that power play that doesn't happen nearly enough. The raiders game against the buccaneers was going to be Sunday night. Now it's Sunday afternoon. Seattle's game against Arizona Sunday afternoon nel Sunday night the raiders going to be able to when are we going to find out if the raiders are going to be able to play this game You know they've got got, and this is the reality that. Covert protocols where guys get sent home even if they don't have it but they've been in close contact with a guy who has it that everyone's being careful and everyone's being safe well, you don't get guys ready for things that way and you may not have guys able to play that way. So I think we'll find out at some point today, but the raiders are still going to be at a disadvantage and they deserve to be at a disadvantage. You know the NFL huffed and puffed with all of my dad and. Blow the House down for the Tennessee titans a couple of weeks ago I think we're at the point now where teams need to be held accountable coaches need to be held accountable coaches, control everything how Jon Gruden about better controlling his guys to keep this kind of stuff from happening seeing the time and again with the raiders. So maybe the best punishment is salt coach. You have to go play a game on Sunday and you're not ready. Your players aren't ready. You're down seven guys too bad. You should have done A. Better job of keeping everyone in compliance with the protocol. So hopefully find out today I'm kinda getting used to the Monday night Tuesday night time I kinda like discovered plutonium by accident with this where this is kind of a good thing and maybe we need to start thinking about these windows to Monday night games for Tuesday night game going forward I wanNA see Tom Brady and John Group I wanna see that game and I got a better chance than most people are better chance of seeing it if it's played in prime. Time. So we get another Monday or Tuesday night game out of this and I keep reminding people about the NFC east. Yes. Somebody has to win this division but the team that wins that division gets to host a playoff game and you wouldn't you might be shocked to find out or think they could actually win a home playoff game with no crowd there for a home field advantage. But if you say to me, the Eagles are cowboys are going to be hosting the saints in the opener of a playoff game, the rams. I mean it's not out of the realm of possibilities that that team no matter what its record is is going to win that first playoff game with maybe a sub five, hundred record. Can years ago the seahawks for seven and nine the saints were eleven and five the defending NFL champions had to go to Seattle Seattle one and people were like, well, that's shows Seattle's that better teams like are you kidding me? You play that game in New Orleans New Orleans. Went by thirty home field advantage does matter and I don't like this current structure of the NFL I don't like four teams in the division because all you have to be the best of four crappy teams and we come up against this every year or every other year why don't they go back to? Three divisions per conference and Yeah One divisions GonNa have teams. Oh, well, five six and five Dan back in the seventy, four, five and four. They don't have to have the same number of teams. It doesn't have to be perfect symmetry. I don't like the idea that you just have a one in four chance of making the playoffs and hosting it a game and Peter King and I were talking about this earlier. The fact that it is a one in four chance means you're Never GonNa get twenty four owners to vote to change it because they all look at it and say, Hey Given year, all we have to be is the best of these four teams and we went our division and we host a playoff game and that's why it's never gonNA change but it should, and hopefully hopefully, it'll be year where it's five and eleven hosting twelve and four, and they'll be an outcry the NFL have to change it. Have a good could weekend Mike. Mike Florio. Co. Host pro football talk live on peacock with Chris Sims. We'll take a break Ross Tucker, who had the great analysis last night without saying a word on Daniel Jones is eighty yard run. All we did was laugh Ross will join. US. Coming up next here on the Dan Patrick Show. Thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast. 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You don't ruin the moment at especially the case in radio because people can't see what's going on. Then I couldn't help it I. I couldn't help and afterwards I said I Eagle and my producer how dinner I'll I said guys I'm. Sorry and they said absolutely not that was great. That was authentic genuine because I know you're not supposed quote unquote supposed to do that. But that might have been the funniest thing. I've ever seen on NFL popular. You just don't seem that and you could see it coming for fifteen yards. The rest of the clip I said I'm sorry. But I saw coming from fifteen yards he got out over his skis which I thought was the best way to describe it. You're you're supposed to use words but no matter what the words were. They weren't going to capture the moment and that's why when you say. I just laughed you were we were laughing with you at the time so I wouldn't feel bad about it. I. Think if you're GONNA describe something. You described it perfectly by just laughing. Yet. It's kind of like on social media and text messages like emojis are better a lot of times that any words you can put you know tears or shrug or whatever I guess. That's what the laughing was. I'm getting a Lotta people texting me in tweets at Ross, Tucker NFL about it I gotta be honesty Dan I. Am just very happy that the giants scored a touchdown on that drive. Can You I've met Daniel Jones is a good young man can you imagine if the giants lost in the fashion that they lost but the day it had to settle for a field goal on that? I. Mean he already feels bad enough. They lost and he had an old time stumble, but it would have been even worse if they didn't score a touchdown there and the one of the thing I'll point out we confirm this last night that was history last night Dan that was the longest non-scoring run for a quarterback since at least the merger in the NFL, the longest non-scoring run and I saw Ian Rapoport just tweeted that it was the fastest run by a quarterback in a couple of years which are like, wait a minute. How could he be fashioned? Lamar Jackson. But I got to get up to twenty one point five miles per hour and got over his skis. I go back to I. Think Mark Malone Does Mark Malone hold the record Paulie jus remember steeler quarterback Mark Bologne Yeah, I think he had like. Upper eighties low ninety yard touchdown run. In a game I think he might have the longest record. Did you go he? He did I. Think O- Tomorrow Prior started quarterback for the raiders went ninety some against. Okay. Okay. I think prior knocked Mark Malone out of the Record. Price really a quarterback, but he was for a few games for the raiders I gets he gets credit for that and I looked at this in I know January Jones in. We'll laugh this and it's going to stay with the rest of his career. Evan Ingram is the one who should be embarrassed because if he makes that catch that Jones put it right in his hands, they win this game that to me is more embarrassing than what Daniel Jones did Jones is not used to running eighty yards. Evan, Ingraham's at tight in catch the ball you win the game. Well earlier than that Dan there was a blitz Daniel Jones through it to Ingram. It pops right off Ingram's chest and that was the jalen mills. Ingram's are really talented kid. He just can't put it together and Daniel. Joe said that's one right there I'm okay with talking about wins and losses as a quarterback stat, it's not a great stat don't even good. But. I've okay. Mentioning it. But that's one right there Daniel Jones. Did what he had to do he put it right in the basket for Evan Ingram and so here's the thing the Daniel Jones thing Dan that's funny. The Avenue Ingram thing there's nothing funny about that at all. That's just awful for professional tight end to drop that pass. Your West Point today. I am and I'm doing the army game tomorrow. It's my fifth one this year and I have heard you wax poetic about it. Multiple Times I love it. I'm at the Fair Hotel on campus overlooking Buffalo soldier field, which is where the cadets do a lot of their intermural sports. Would you like to see it then? Yes, I would. Ross joining US resume look. And there it is. Oh, look at the fully `age there. I like it and I've stated that hotel and you can walk over to the stadium you walk on campus there. It's a treat. See. That field right there that field I was just showing. Yeah and you know the S for own games typically. It's all cars it's all it's all cars and they're tailgating and and the gate you have to go through the gate to get on on poses you know it's usually backed up from miles Dan. It's been eerie to wake up on Saturday mornings, not a single solitary car. Now, one car trying to get through the gate because they're not allowing fans other than the cadets. I'm just glad to cadets are there because they bring the energy it's been cool to have some energy at the Games Pauling. We're just discussing during the commercial break. Could, can we get in if we go up? Yeah. I. Think you probably could I think you could get a media day pass because there are people that come you guys are media. I. I'm I'm media. paulie would. Be Plus One. I don't think that you would. Think they'd have you sit in the stands, but I, think that they would have a socially distanced spot for you in like the press box or the luxury box I mean come on Day your Dan. Patrick I'm pretty sure. I. Can text the idea if you want me to but it's I texted. Poli tweet a couple weeks ago. He said we were six days away from peak foliage police starting a new company that you just you text them where you are and he'll tell you the. Holy town so I, think I think we might have. Peacful. So check out CBS sports network tomorrow at noon. Thank you, Bud. We, appreciate it pleasure. Grab me. Ross chucker. He'll be on the call army against Mercer. I. DuNNo. Pauley on on what what the weather looks like. But I love West Point fifty nine degrees and cool grasp market. The the when you sit there, mikey stadium at army you sit up high actually step by the banks of the Hudson and the trees are popping out. It's really view is inexperienced wise. Top Five easy. Yes. Not Everybody can do it and get on campus and go to a game. But if you get that opportunity just. Whenever it is obviously not this year but next year it is a wonderful moment it. It's not just see. It's there's no college atmosphere like it because it's west point. And and see if you can take a tour. Because all of the history there you're overlooking the Hudson all of the incredible people who went through there. But I've said it before and I'll continue to set. You never feel more patriotic than when you're there and when those cadets come out and you realize I'm just there to watch a football game. They're there because they're prepared for whatever happens in our world. Yes. Ton I was wondering if army goes up big tomorrow's there a mercer rule. I would have stayed silent the rest of this hour because the mock headlines Did pretty well I guess we just had this dramatic story about how West Point is that didn't really fit but that doesn't stop. You got the Commissioner Baseball and you've got Brady Quinn you got Mike? Florio. Ross Tucker. For Barbara this is I get nervous too stupid questions in the first half hour. You rallied with the mock headlines and then you end the hour I'm going to give you a solid B. minus erotic erotic I. Yeah. They're all over the place. Yes. mclovin his mercer joke is not making me laugh making Mercer Homa Mercer. Mercer. Bears by the way in case you're curious. Thank you. Tom. Brady Quinn he's GonNa join us what's Ohio state apt to do to get into the final four in baseball commissioner in the final hour, stop working to make someone else money become your own boss by joining the team at the cleaning authority. There is never been a bigger demand for cleaning. That's why now is such a good time to get started with A. Solid investment with the national name behind you a model that is fueled by repeat customers and the peace of mind that more than eighty percent of customers are generated from centralized marketing efforts. You can see why this is such a smart choice get started by visiting the cleaning authority DOT Biz today that's the cleaning authority DOT Biz become your communities authority on cleaning. On. September seventeenth two, thousand, nine, twenty, four, year old, my Richardson disappeared without a trace in the woods near Malibu California. And was never seen alive again. I'm Katherine Townsend host of the PODCAST. Helen gone we're going to try to find out what really happened in my trees Richardson. School of humans and iheartradio present. Helen, gone season three out to twenty-eight. Listen to Helen gone on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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