Katlyn Carlson, Julia Mattison, Seth Herzog and Joel Waggoner guest


Uh-huh. Rever screening hurtles. What extras school? Died. A little this communication is. But we'll scoot this over a little bit knitted. No one will notice. Hey, hey, hey, everybody, Doug, and I love movies. Do you once again, for one of my favorite places to do Douglas movies, the Gramercy theater in New York? Always so much fun to do the show here. So many great name tags every time and it's Monday, June was that. It's. It's Monday, June twenty four twenty nineteen and I've hinted for weeks that tonight show would have a theme that it would be based around musicals, because Doug lows musicals, and so the first question I have to ask you guys do we make any musical themed name tags, or, I mean, others Jay and silent, rob strike back still legit. But I don't know why you lead with that, when you lay mizzle rob right there that fits theme. And also is one of the freaky, est name tags I've ever seen. If anybody doesn't remember this one check this shit out. There's raw. There's rob as co set. Can you do a few bars of castle in the cloud? Okay. Fair deal. Congratulations. Rob. The knitting never stops with you. Does it? What's your Twitter name, Katie? K K eight. K eight zero Freeman. Adieu is this something you would make for people if they wanted to buy one? No, they could buy that way. Okay. She knitted a lamb from Christmas story. It's not a scariest some of the other ones you've done like the face hugger, but it's still super-duper impressive. I'll Saturday nights Deavere Steven Steven, your name is Steve, not. That's not true. Once another musical every other musical ones where oh, LA La Land drew could chop. Of land drew, I do like the Jordan in real life, though, because it said of Steve Kraus face on pancakes. It's my face on a bunch of pancakes, and that posters. Always gross me out. I'm like, who would put their fucking ear inn pancake syrup and butter so, so nasty. All right. Well, good job, everybody. And thank you for bringing so many name tags. I know I sprung the musical's theme on some of you probably weren't, you're probably baby expecting all Rambo episode or something Doug plugs tomorrow night. Douglas movies is back in Los Angeles. At the theater, Franklin location this Saturday, June twenty ninth deal. Am is at the improv Pittsburgh at the extra special time of two PM. Yeah. Let's get it over with early you guys. Why fuck around this waiting till eight o'clock at night shit. I'm tired of it, and I'm side to say that Douglas movies will be part of DC DCM. That's the del close marathon normally done here in New York. But now it's out in Los Angeles year. I know sorry probably shouldn't have brought it up here. But it'll be at the theater out LA and, and I'm excited to be apart of that for all my dates and deeds links. Go to Douglas movies dot com. I mean, seriously guys any would raise your hand. If you've never been to this show or heard of this show like you're here tonight, are you like what kind of cult did I just stumble into what are these what is happening? It's like rocker rocky horror picture show, but it's a movie nobody's ever seen. And you have people all know what to yell out exciting news, though. So excited. That's what I wrote down. So that's what I'm going to. That's how I'm gonna play it. Because I follow the script. And I wrote down right here that twelve guests at Christmas is coming back here to the Gramercy. Sunday, December first and tickets are going to go on sale for everyone. That's here tonight as soon as the show's over, you could just get in line outside, and avoid the think it's almost like nine dollars in ticketing fees that you can skip if you just by right here at the box office after the show tonight for everybody else will be on sale tomorrow, at noon, and they'll have to pay those ticketing, I probably should be mentioning that to the listeners, just kept that between me and you guys, the, the that those prices are so high. Like I've been keeping it down. Because if you sell tickets for fifteen and the service charges force these costs nineteen tonight. Right. I've been holding at that for a while. But as soon as you creep over that amount than the service fees get hired. I, I don't think that's fair. But whatever we've had a really nice log around here. And if you can't afford to come anymore, thank you for. Thank you for all the time that you did come and now, now you have more time for your knitting. Leg lamp. Doesn't really light up. God damnit. Way, you're leaving need to plug it in look at that show. Seriously? We should put that up on your wherever you sell stuff and get get highest bidder going on that nice. Nice item. Whatever I'm sure one of my guests, and I will pick that as their name tag always happens, and they'd be able to keep it. Sure. She says. How long did it take you to make it? Five. Nobody's ever worked for five months. So they give it to Jeff tape. He's not here that his stool. I just got tired of hearing all the chanting. So it's like you're out. Yeah. Don't do it. Can't wait to tell even when you're not there. The chip breaks out. Okay. What else did I want to talk to you guys about, oh, dugouts dugout to everyone who purchased live from Washington, DC Douglas movies premium episode? I hope that you all enjoyed it. I brought eight prize bag and its share with you. It's contents now the prize bags is infinite CBD on it. Yeah. So that's, that's a cool bag. You can keep for stuff and also a water bottle that says if it CBD I didn't bring you guys any CBD. But I mean, what's the rules on that? I don't even know. It's legal. Okay. Well, next time I'll bring a ship ton of it. Got a Doug knows movies teacher Douglas movie sticker. And then this is special for tonight. I mean, I don't know if the is going to appreciate this or not. But I gotta give you the is gonna get the playbill from all six Broadway shows that I saw this week. Suns closing day beetle juice be around forever. Chicago has been around forever. Burn this close it a week or two Haiti's town. That's that's here to stay. And so, of course, is Tootsie. Beal base of what's that entity? Okay. Did you like Jeff his roommate? Yeah. He is favorite. But anyway, there was lots to like about see and. I don't know why have to defend it because of you. You are so miserable. Rob. Really live up to your name. Also each one of those shows I got I got two copies, I still have one for me to keep. Putting all of these in the bag tonight. And I'd like you to now. Please help me welcoming to the stage give it up. For. You'll see why pause chick? This is a tricky one. Caitlyn carlson. Joe Wagner, Julian Madison and said, hers. Hi, stewart. Hi guide. We've, we've got is I like to say to old Bs in two newbies, old base. I like to introduce you all to the individually starting with the lady all the way on the their end. It's her first time on the show give it up very buddy for Kaelin. Carl. Created the role of Chloe and be more chill right here Broadway. And way before that you've been playing that part for years on this show. First premiered in two thousand fifteen in red Bank, New Jersey at two. Yeah. You know, the show kinda died back then. And it was revived last summer and now are on Broadway until August eleven so. They don't swear. You like when you cover this show. They keep it all amongst the characters. Jio enough bombs, if people, but so much fun. And yeah. Until till August, eleventh and our friend, George Salazar Michael in the bathroom, couldn't make it tonight because he's in the bathroom. No. But it's really it's, it's fun trying to get a Broadway people to do a show on their night off. Because everybody's got so many things that they have to do in that in that one night. And many of them are benefits, you know, singing at intervention of some kind. Yeah, so you've all been through that maybe not. But. Scene theater. Let's say alot to Caitlyn's, right? It's Joel Wagner. Everybody. Benefit. I thought this was the benefit I only go to benefits on my night. All. I might be dying, so we could call it. Dying slowly, but JOL is now a cast member in be more chill for the next seven weeks. Yeah. July night. I think till nice seven. But July, when you'll be there till so go, you know, I mean, go see whenever but that'd be great to see Joel. And you are played three parts in it played like six or seven or eight of park. What are the big ones, one of the ones, I play a dad? Depress dad, always in his underwear. Yes. There's always other where the guy who plays my son is thirty one and I am thirty four so you can do the math there. And then I play a drama, teacher typical and pride week. And then. I play like a dancing monster scary stock, boy, things like that. The dead having aim or is it just moustachioed dad, actually when they put my mustache on the first time because I went on in the middle of the show, because the guy who normally plays a tour calf muscle in the middle of the show. They didn't have my mustache ready yet. And so it was this giant like, monopoly guy mustache that covered my entire mouth and looked like the Laura act. So I would say, I sort of Laura, the name of the dad. Otherwise, Mr. here. Mr here. H. E. R D, right. Wow. He really took it down there. I, I never I've just never heard that name before and that spelling. Yeah. It's creative. Yeah. That big that monster costume. Doesn't it remind you don't you feel like mass singer stole the looks of the, of the boss character from be more chill. Yeah. Right. Yeah. It's got a very similar look to it the one pain war on the right there is. Yeah. Just one mouth that you look through fuzzy weird thing. This is a great joke. All the people have seen both the messing are, and be more chill that group of four people are going to love this diagram very getting. No. It's really. It's not a it's diseased the diagram. I mean is right there for the taking now? Yes. Oh, yes. No. Also here. It's a thirty person again to be. Julia mad set. Everybody. Hello. Happy to be here and an old be old, the I guess, actresses don't want that to. That's not a great nickname for you. I feel like I'm only playing old women these days, which is great because then I can just keep playing old women until I'm an old woman, and then you'll ever know fucking eight the goat or Wilford Brindley that ship. Yeah, they were playing old guys in their thirties, and then as sixty eight thirty I'm a mystery to everyone. I'm I'm Maggie Smith. And how old is she really know the Dakota fanning comes in and plays young? And then the goal is, as we discussed playing woman with dementia, a wheelchair on stage who stares and says, nothing which is a lot of plays musicals. These. Musicals. It's only place. That would be really sad for musical. Notebooks coming out. The young people. Trying to read those time. Yeah. A lot of a lot of songs, things very lemme. And the lyrics are often forgotten. Just home through parts. Tap show. It was the. You know that kind of thing. Thank you. Thank you earned earned it. Thank you. Guys go out and see him every Tuesday night, his show hearing. It's monthly they're sweet way. Former weekly comedy shows monthly, and it's at the Chelsea music hall, which tomorrow night tomorrow night, if you guys like Chris gathered, and Dan, Soder myself, how that place holds about two hundred people. That's great. That's tomorrow night, nine pm sounds bigger, though. It sounds like it's a big as this, but it's like a nice basement theatre. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Would call basement theatre a hall. That's what I'm saying. They're really trying to confuse everyone going somewhere. That's fancy. But you just handcuffed and you have to stay there for the night. That's really all that happens. Tell him that. I think they should call it. The attic even really. Yes. Really fuck with that. Chelsea music. Attic. For the addict downstairs. I actually kinda like it. Now on the show before. So, you know, that is very important to bring an item or two or three people. Go crazy for the product. What, what do you have fun stuff for the prize? Yeah. So you say. We'll be the judge. See how much wrapped up, even though it's plastic wrapped in bubble wrap stellar to our pills, and our glass like beer or if you don't. Does not gonna it's not gonna break. And if it's not in the bubble round it would. It's the bubble wrap it won't even chip. It will nothing not a dent. I won't even scratch the paint on the side of the plastic. A couple of other things I brought right? If you like. Literature and the funds Henry Winkler wrote this fictional book called alien alien superstar about alien becomes a movie star. So enjoy Henry winklers book. When did he do that? I don't know what to say sometime after happy days. But before bear, I'd say this is filled lull in there. Musical development, actually alien superstar. I mean, this is why air something, though, right? It's for kids. You mean like why are you asking? Also, this is a free on correct. Prove not four sale. If I'm gonna be honest with you. It has not come out yet. That is like a galley of a book. That's coming out. Oh, it's like three view preview. So I'm not selling it. Handing it out. Yeah I'm not breaking the law. The book I read every word before I picked it up from someone else in. Brought it here. It's amazing. It's so funny about an alien superstar. Grandma wrinkle. Grandma's name is wrinkled. She's already wrinkle, and I had planned in new identity for me knowing that when I got to earth, I was going to have to look human. Sounds like he's already got the sounding human part down. Those thoughts all the Iliad. But right. It's a train played it for the boat. Yeah. Does alien. Now with cler in rate goal. The last now. From Joe for four days. What the name should? Wink, wink, cler clerk, just do a barely anagram. Yeah. Tick that are off. Those are. That's right. It doesn't move it around over by the w who have still have DVD players the four of you still have DVD. What are they gonna get to? Why is on screeners Hannah TV show had you? You get episodes that good show and five through eight. Wait. You don't even get the whole season, one through four and five through eight. And then you gotta just figure out the rest. Wait. No, that sounds like that's one eight that sounds like the whole thing ends date. They might be. Good. All right. That's it. That's all I got. All right. I mean that's pretty good. You want to ask me. Thank you. Thank you stuff. Winkler be proud. What's anything else? Anything plug or we gotta you'll do we'll do plugs at the end Louise. I've seen we'll get to that. Would you with the prize? Julia. Oh, I brought I feel like a good have. Have you seen bathtubs over Broadway yet? Has anyone saying that? Okay. You guys watch on Netflix. Now me it's neat. It's about this guy, he collects all these records of all these old industrial commercial musicals that no one's ever meant to see. This was a huge thing. I guess and I only learned about it this year. But in a strange way, because the commercial musical is alive. And well, this year, I wrote an lay musical. It was. It was one night on Broadway. It was a forty five minute musical about face cream, and it was basically the wiz with base cream. They went to four friends on a journey. You know very original and I had a lot of champagne and took all the swag, I could. And these are the last three items of swag, from that event, ole is for dark circles wrinkles, and puffiness. Very nice tried it myself. An oleh energizing missed which is really nice. Can we all do? You said, okay. Let's all take a shot of that. It's really, really this one, I genuinely, I will get. Get. Likes to run through. Brings back to childhood try it. Yeah. And it smells, nice Jost water. Oh, yeah. There it is. That was a good missed. It's got a nice sense. Right. And energizing you make up in the morning. And bay still extra terms. Chantel mace. It's a really good told on your tongue. Three. Oh. Especially in every way. Audience. They knew what just happy exactly for all your listeners at home. And the last one I have is away. Comming liquid cleanser with you guessed it hung Gerry and water essence. The only water essence. Bring that hanged area. Yeah. No, essence. But go by. What all this essence? Yeah. What is Gary and water as I leave it to you to decide? And so that's it. That's. Do you could you give us a sample lyric from the ole industrial musical? Sure. Free grins. Come. Gary and water. And the chance to find. Sensitive. That's. Really with Gary and water as so you're just gonna sneak it in where you can and rhyme with things around. That's the song writing. That's that. The only thing I can think of with essences Donald Pleasants. Just throw in a Mike Mike Michael Myers. Ref jol. Yeah. I'm very excited about what you brought it. I'm not I'm not being facetious. You know what I'm feeling so energized from that spread right right listeners? Okay. So first prizes, my father's dowry. No, I'm kidding. But I was saying on its pride week. So. The first thing I brought was the scratch off ticket that I discovered in my bag and it is worth two dollars. Now it is like Indiana Jones fragile, so you have to be careful with it because it might fall apart. Disintegrate before the night is over. And the other is the city MD urgent care first aid kit that fits in your pot. Those antiseptic in there be safe. And some bandannas band dance. I saw it coming. Let's say it. But yet, that's my epic contribution to tonight. Thank you so much. You can get like a whole sub now subway. Right. They've lowered the prices. Five dollars. We're coming for you that part's not. What did you cash in two books? You guy the place every day, right? Absolutely. Forgot. All right. Caitlyn katie. So Doug suggested smartly, that I bring them be more chill swag. So. Half of it. I brought a bunch of things half of it as immoral half of it is unrelated. Oh, thank you. So the first thing is the, the bag is part of the prime more. Yeah. Which we all love. We like to fold them up and put them in a small space and forget to bring them to the grocery store. Abi more chills. Promise. Pristine, Shubert organization employers, soupy, copes. Especially ones that are super chill. You know what I mean? You know what I mean? Like if they're gonna take our straws away, we should just shows all sippy Cup. You can barely. So this is where really goes off the rails, the medically. So this is a cool that I got as a teenager many years ago. But I promise it's pretty pristine. I've just kept it. It's been sitting on a bookshelf in my guest room for a long, long time. This is a gift that my parents gave me when I took AP psychology psycho box. Of psychological games. That you like look at and it's like is it an old lady or a young woman that kind of thing? My ex boyfriend. So there's some fun stuff. You'll have a grand a lot less chill. Psycho box is really Pacific be more chill. Is made in the nineties currently, and finally, Hungary, and essence googly, I'd gladly. All those are. Hate to part with these would keep those if I were, you know, they know be bad at your tipping those because they're amazing. So all of this stuff. Yeah. Someone's going home with all this junk tonight, but just one person and we will determine that in a little bit. But before we do that, like Seth said, I've got questions. Starting with you know what it was. The last movie you saw died today. What was the last year? Life. This would be weird. It was always be my, my maybe. Yeah. Netflix moving flex movie. It's a feature. Oh, yeah. No, I'm not. Steven spielberg. I don't mind that now. I don't mind making movies. Yeah. And I, I hear nothing but good things could you verify Keno Reeves is funny in it. Oh, sorry. Seen it. He is so great that should his character of him playing himself in that way, should be its own film. And you know what you mean when you see, like he plays a version of himself, that is starts normal and goes into a very weird spot. All right. Well, I mean it's already a weird spot to me because it's a romantic comedy and he's not one of the leads. Like it's already a comedy and he's the comedy relief. Yes. Yes. Like that. I can't wait. I can't wait, obviously because I haven't watched it yet but. But I do intend to see it. And that, that helps push me in that direction. Michelle Puto Superfund in it, and in Wong wrote it for themselves. Good that does great with them. That's what I said. It's right one for us. Yeah. We should right? Net. Flex writing a movie. Give us four million dollars. That's how this works. I'll really get the money up front, you have front, they could do whatever you want with it. I thought we'd have to show them a script or. Julia. Do you know last motion picture you saw yesterday? I went to the theater and saw book smart data. And I loved it really enjoyed myself, beanie, doom funny, that, that whole county is. Eleven. So feeder person. Altogether. Yeah. I felt like the movie felt to me like a wackier lady bird because it was still being. And then that Caitlyn Deavere. She's great. And, and. And like my top five of those last day of high school before alive changed forever. I mean, can't hardly wait. It was a big one for me. I really enjoyed early, and I feel like it's up in there. Jonah. I couldn't name five in that John eighty that's the fused super crazy super bad super bad over the last day of school just about it's more. Yeah. It's more than if we don't. Eric by all. It's tough to have a ticking clock. We gotta get this done by this time. So spoke in the bandit back to the future taking all run smart and spellbound. Fame category. County that she's coming home, right? Yeah. They get with enigmatic women just. Oh, mysterious underwritten. Yeah. I was gonna say. Man wrote it. Run or this gentleman ran into the room. There's a problem out on the street with a runaway bride. Somebody got her. Twenty third. We get a run to where she probably has a reason. So let's let her be bright runaway bride. She was crazy. She sneakers on under her ready? What's happening? Yeah. That poster sneakers on man or going to erase or wedding. I don't know. See we'll see which one that turns out to be JOL last move in picture. You saw I don't mean to hit you with these heart balls. No. I don't mind hardball. It's probably. I actually the last movie I did see was always baby. I had food poise this week. And it was bad. So is that what are your poison? But you look really good. Yeah. Food this week. So I did watch that fell. But before that I don't know if you guys have seen on Netflix. She probably have it. There's a series of television shows on a fake channel called slow TV, and it's a Norwegian channel with up to eight to ten hours of just avent's that occur over a long period of time so you can have the TV on at all times. So when I was really sick on Thursday, I watched a direct from sheep to sweater knitting competition that took six hours. It was a six hour film. It was it was, it was sort of film, but it was like a documentary, but there were interviews and it was a documentary basically watching a sheep be Sean, spun into thread, and knitted by Norwegian women, wills chatting and finished a sweater in that time. Do you get by this wetter at the end? I think what did they learn? Actually, I think it's a competition. I think one of them wins. But yeah, that was the last besides always knew maybe maybe that was the last thing. I watched it was still mic and Kiana raves surprise entrances. The sheep was so good. Hello, TV. There's a lot of options but it's a real network. You're saying. That sounds like channel. I'm on. Yeah. Four twenty channel on Pluto TV. Katie. So my real answer is Roman Michele's high school reunion. I love that in, but I'm gonna tell you, it was a pallet cleanser, to vox looks that was gonna be the last movie I watched before this, 'cause I knew I had to have one in mind, I was like that's fun weird one to say it fucked me up. And I had watched Roby and Michelle size. Seen it. Yeah. It's okay. So if you haven't seen vox Lux, it's if lady Gaga happened because of a school shooting. Oh, so real lights. Very unpretentious, the credits roll backwards at during the beginning of it's like. Yeah. That movies part of a series of films. Maybe by the same filmmaker that have the word. I mean he made vox in it or something. But whose whose actor in it. Well, Natalie Portman is the Gaga danley Portman Brady Corbett is the director writer, sort of young. So maybe writing for radio. He made that name. He made that up. It's John J college. And John Corbett. Poster next to each other gave him his name. Totally totally Kaiser says eight that shit. I get what you're doing. I just saw that another movie recently, where somebody oh Elton John decides himself. I'll John because there's a picture, John Lennon on the wall. Okay. If you say so. Thing in any film or TV show, the panic of a bar speaker, I'm bar speaker. Every time this happens cracks me, a real name. Doubtfire. That's happened the same way. Bye. That on the vacuum or something. Like police Doubtfire was cars, whatever, and he's like, oh. The. But that Trump was, period, really in Wayne's world two, which is a low key wonderful movie -solutely. Absolutely. Stop who's going to be there. Aerosmith old man, Fasching kayak out of a log rip Taylor. That's true. Yeah. Well, you shows up everywhere. You don't have to say his name three times. No just one. All right. Everybody answered that while we got through that, that. That worked out pretty good. Yeah. A lot. Talk Taylor has gone. Ordered new drinks. There's no way staff to speak of, but they just might magically appear. I'm having a Kosova Tito's and soda, or Sorocca or whatever the hill, I'll have a Tito's in Cran, because I'm trying to get rid of this UT. I'll do. Titas soda. Another Doug special. We're all doing that Joel. I'll do the t doesn't splash. Just big Punch Bowl of Titas and soda. I'll do Tito's and Cran because I'm trying to get rid of sets. Spread that around. Spread. Read my UTI around. Gross. Just dance where utility. Got a bonus question. Yeah. This one you don't you're not ready for it. I'm not ready for come out. He's going flying at you. But since I wanted to make this night celebration of musicals what's your favorite movie musical, Seth her gone? Oh my God, I have many I one, I thought of is what popped into your head screwed the Finney musical that won. It's crazy. Weird trippy whereas version of a Christmas, Carol musical songs in that one. Thank you. Just the nicest thing anyone's ever done full me, and they didn't do shit for him when he say that song, I loved that movie. We watched growing isn't that great? It's. Course. It's every song is weird. That's excellent shy rightish time when they the prisoner. So everything is trippy. Your. Do you have a favorite? Julia. Only now on the Christmas train. So I'm only thinking of muppet Christmas. Carol. Favorite? But specifically the one that has the love is gone. Because they cut it, they cut it because it was too sad got a boo come on the loves cone. It's so sad. There's more than one version of this movie out there so much Christmas Carol in its entirety. Fantastic. They did a new cut where Michael Cain and what's her name? Woman that he's in love with Scrooge. They sing this heartbreaking song on a bridge where she's like I'm leaving you. They sing. The love is gone, and he cries and they were like it's too sad for a kids movie. So they cut it in the future ones, but that song as dope. So cut, isn't it with close here, something I don't think so. I don't wait. Maybe I don't think it's her. Do you think Sunday? No, I don't know movie though, it's an old lady. Michael caine. Right. It is Michael. Young woman because he's being young Scrooge in the past Christmas Carol. He's still him play by younger, dude. He is. But then he, he pushes the younger to the side, and stands behind the young woman. Love. And maybe that's why maybe that's why they cut it was creepy. Looking. We're more in bars. Ahead. Sounds like forgot the full question when I asked you. Let's go back to you. Okay. What's your favorite musical, and perform? Some of it for us. We go. Christmas present. That's all I know. Who is that gones? Oh, it was gone. Scrooge. He does a song which about what it's like Jacob Marlee southern Waldorf barley and Marley. And they're like, why was that was that? More than watching people. It's got bits for days. Guns, though, is crash. It. No guns, Charles Dickens tickets Kermit is crabs. Tiggy is. Wife is Bunsen honeydew the ghost of Christmas future because he's scientist. Oh, he money for the charity thing, right? Yeah. I guess they have to work them all in there somewhere. One of the best thing about that film is how every actor takes as earnestly as possible. Yeah, it's Michael Caines best row. It really not exceed performance in this film. Hey, thanks. Good. Thank you. That's the cranberries around. Yeah, yeah. The cranberry on the perfect day. Thank you. I'll see you guys on December first Gramercy theatre. Plug throw that in their case they missed it the first time case anybody's just tuning in. I love that gag. Do they ask you Joel already your favorite? No, there's so many, but the first one that came into my mind and I don't know if this totally counts. Correct me but because I'm a huge musical fan, obviously. But man that original willy Wonka is just sad. Hundred. Now perform some of it. Wanting to face. I want to being the. Whatever that feast of being that. So I went to be went to being fees. Twelve I always thought she was saying, big feasts no fees. Ep being see when you're so rich. I can't think of anything normal. Few people eat. Beans. That's why favorite line and the entire show. Thinking of it. I want to be. Yes, she's really like. Let's going to be able to see that moment that I just acted out for you. Think about. Being in the corner. Dr. I saw you seeing the beans like thank you. That's really helps me. Wow. Do you work? This so much good stuff. Candy. Yes. Yeah. Mouth move so much. That's what he said. It's supposed to be Christmas. I think it just turned out to be because everybody just got on a roll there. But, you know, it's true, though, that I bet you most musicals have a sequence Christmas. Yeah. Happens a lot musicals a good time for the another ticking clock. Oh, Christmas is coming. Chris just happen. Are we going to solve this by act, one you're doing Christmas ones than the tinsel tones win? Starring Tia Lowry of tea to Mira fame and Tori spelling. Check it out. It will take too long talk about it. Just go the tinsel tones. Where competition at the mall untorn smelling heads up one group and Tia has the other. Wow. Wow. How what happens a lot of cracked out Christmas arrangements? Let's switch places. I can't tell you. This is my plug, by the way, tinsel tones. Can you give us a taste of it? Absolutely not. It's that special special. You got to experience it you guys. I, I wouldn't know where to look for that, maybe it's on YouTube, probably know, sure it's Google -able, Tori. Spelling. Fine us work. She wouldn't. She wouldn't vary that. You saying she stepped over that, low bar, that was on the ground. Actually a soccer field painted on the grass to walked over saying there's a twelve days of Christmas, that's like four times as fast is like anyone do anything. So it's worth watching. They sing twelve. Of course. Because I get impatient with that part. I liked that part to be sped, always lead to hard into five golden rings, just type it out ready where we have to your times. Well. Five golden rings is like that's the one every wants to be that wonder speed through the others, but you get a real so and. Through Izard people running in from the other. So mortgage, even bother finishing it. It takes forever forever. Chan. Next year. We're gonna finish it. Katie. Do you have a really answer is little shop of horrors? Oh, sure choice. I mean it's just it's just so brilliant and great. And but my Crispus answer. Is the feature length TV special pee-wee's Christmas special? Good choice. To do some of it. There's like Katie laying like drunkenly running around, remember what she's thinking, but she's like making out with globe. Like laughing maniacally, and then like Grady Jones comes out a robot and things like little drummer, boy, or something, I wouldn't deign to do impressions of these people. They told me up. Katie Lang grace, Joe. Julia. That's how she she was statue is literal statue during grades. Them doing it. I don't know. I can't those three ladies guitars like walking in a winter wonderland like the three ladies in white in guitars, and Little Richard. I remember. From? A great ghost when he's on. Instead all this impression of Terry when any of the time he was good. He's very supportive guy is good. Good Terry impression. I mean now that we're into the impressions. I wanna keep going who's got an impression that people never here. One south, that's unusual do Benjamin Harrison his fucking kills it. He was like fourteenth president and do him doing what he's what's that. Like a CBS. Trying to do the chip card. It doesn't understand it. About. I don't understand what we had to get new cards with chips, and when the old car works really well, and now I gotta sit here and put it in. Are you doing the impression it's happening now? That was it kind of sound like you're saying what he would say, and that's what you weren't doing Benjamin Harrison. It's a little high like what's up with this? This is kind of weird, a high pitch voice area where these prime members team that's brilliant. Okay. Yeah. That's it. That's all you got. He does speech. Talk about. Julia. I've been doing a lot of Elizabeth Warren recently, and I feel like I like to sing as her more than like to speak, so. Okay, I'll go into well, folks, here we are Doug loves movies. I'd like to sing a little song for my favorite musical. This is from Anne may be full row. Baby real nearby. He's sitting play in. Sit and straighten his. They do. She just got my vote. That's right. Go on American idol. Jodi, any fun ones. Terrible. Depressants singing impression, I've been singing. I don't have a singing. I've been practicing my tasha Leone. Oh love it hard. That's that's bad. I hadn't really fucking going, you know what I'm saying, like fucking shit, Kakharov sucks. Kako. I'm not really what do I need a vocal impression? This is I'm tanking. I don't know like blink one to none in on on on on on. On. Yes. Syllable shift that does it. What you do. Lord one. That's so good Lord. Lord saying corn. Young female vocalists have signed some kind of blood treaty to like name every vowel when they say any Vall. The Iowa is sometimes. They put Global's on the beginnings of words that don't have them. Your area. Your hair's. Good. Well, let's skip over me real quick. Julia, you need to set up that impression with this is Lord at the cafeteria. The tweets Keady court. Because then they will hurt core normal ones lay into that corn. Yeah. Yeah. There's four ours. In the way she spells. Hey Lord was what's your favorite band that plays a bag? The road. Lourdes, what's your favorite natty Imbruglia song? What is your boyfriend watch? When you're not at home. Grace and Franky. Concludes first impressions. Katie. Do you have one now at rather just kill myself? I used to do Katie Holmes. Then I'll Lyle. That's slow. Impressive anymore. She needs to get out there. More. She's like people forgetting about her contractually not allowed. She came to be more chill. See dead. But that was a special occasion and Surrey came with a friend on top. Deep, Joe boy that wasn't Oklahoma. Exclamation point. Joe? Yeah. Yeah. Clothing. Okay. Just not that rousing. It's just okay Oklahoma. So, so. All right. So. I'm gonna have a great really good time here. You guys all did mazing impressions. And but now we're gonna move we're moving away from the talent portion. And. People ahead of me. Oh, these are so games. Ladies and gentlemen. Look, you have to pick a name tag, so you have to physically get your hands on go on the leg lamp really knew right away, got a lot of. A lot of. Really, well shake vigorously will be very shit. After these messages ain't looking back. Today's show is brought to you in part by blue two guys. Remember the days when you're always ready to go? Now you can increase your performance. Get that extra confidence in bed with blue chew dot com. Blue brings you the first tuba with same FDA approved active ingredients as biogra- Seattle. So, you know they work you could take many times they are night. It's Chewable they work up to twice as fast as a pill. This is just for guys can't perform. It's for any guy who wants extra function to enhance their performance. Most guys talk a good game. But if you're one and done Lou could even help you follow through for round two Lucia is prescribed online, ship, straight to your door, discreet package. No in-person doctor's visit no waiting in the pharmacy. 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And it's got riffraff your Franken furhter Jeff as Madeira. Trey gallon, his Columbia. Which I should give this to trick. No one would ever imagine him Columbia ever. In a millionaire, I often call him little trae trade said of little great yet. The got the font. Exactly. Right. You really nailed it. Good job. Larry breast. And look who got like lamb lamb Katie, Katie miss story. This did you? Did you hit this fully knit leg? Lamp with five months lantern lights inside of it a functional lamp, I'm blown away and you can watch her knitted on Netflix on slow TV for six. Our go back. You wanna really incredible? Keep that Julia. Because she says you can have it. Wait. I can have it. Well, I'm hoping to all hope to do well enough that you can win. But maybe I just lose on purpose now. And then I just try to win if I win I'm gonna keep it. If you lose lose going to throw it. That's gonna be at housing works tomorrow. This is really, really beautiful. Joel, who you play it for? Hey, I got cloudy. Mike balls. Cloudy with a chance of Mike ball, the chance of Mike walls, based on first of all based on the children's book, which you need to read, I because the illustrations are both haunting and specific. The film actually really good. I haven't I haven't seen cloudy with a chance to. But the first one is surprising move funny. Very funny. Moving like most good films. Julia. I want to have a Pixar experience. So, yeah, I got some Mike and Mike mega mixes here great. That's, that's what I need my candies mega mix. I just wait for the beat to drop whenever I eat candy. That's why you don't stop. I wait for my blood sugar to drop till I can't. What do you got there? Katie, joe. What you hold my medication. Again. So this is Ken tartly wait. Which is one of my favorite formative, teen. Movie is and you can see here Doug, you are Ethan Embry. Okay. To burrito cards affixed to the top corner, how much those good for you have Reto. Can't I guess that's your? Each damn. You got ten dollars then only spent two bucks on each. Nothing. And way who's who's a friend of yours might be him. That's shit. Guys are so cute. Oh, good for you. Right on in the movie now. Is that? On the poster. Yeah. Lauren Ambrose Ambrose. That's. Of course, played allies Doolittle. Yeah. Recent production. Good omen, the name of the actors in the movie, the girls locked in the bathroom with Seth grain. And they have to lose their role. Apparently, she can wait. Here's your medicine. All right. So those are the folks, you'll be playing on behalf of the evening. I've got a few games here for us to play and whoever prevails at the end when the all the prizes for that person. And then Julia will go home with lamp. Very exciting stakes prediction. Think you'll met him backstage. I'm very excited about especial bring out here right now because we're gonna play a little game called doing lines with Dale Dale Cheesman is here. Microphone, right there behind the speaker there up front and should be hot. Ready to go? Listen to you. Doug, I can sing too. So intimidated. Sharp. Rehearsed this one line thirty times back there for hours? So what's going to happen here? And thank you for being here Dale, how's it going? It's going great. Good. What we cover that. It's do you have anything to plug anything coming up people should? Yeah. Real hot calendar in January twenty twenty. In Houston, Texas with trae Gallia and check it out. Tickets are not on sale for months. Mark your calendars, just right. Where DALE'S come and I'll get at you all individually. And you're, of course, your Twitter handle is what Deo Cheesman four. We all know it, we love it. We follow great. Yeah. Everybody here. Everybody here already falls, you just for the listener, so they can check you out thought it was cheese may like a superhero, but in many ways it is. Many ways. Two ways people point when they see me and kids, laugh. Dale cheese been is going to sail line from a motion picture. And I asked him to make a musical to fit the theme tonight. And then all of you just use your Mark phones. Guess as often as you like until somebody gets it, right. And I don't know what deals gonna do? So. I'll let you know if I think I know the answer. No audience answers. Of course, this is serious game here ready. Dale. What's that thing where like you take a couple of steps? Is this a line from just wanted this Bronco, but I do that every night of the show. And I asked myself that question while I do it to step close to the line. Stage. I still leap into also stepping into the unknown. Right. Thank you. All right. Guy, what techniques worked out just gonna get into it. See this is what I love about this city matter, who you are, what you are you got to want it bad enough and work with what you got. Lolly and. We can just guess what it is. I think I know what you say, whenever guys and dolls, dammit fuck. Doesn't matter. Any other guesses because he's got other lines from the same film. I imagine he would be weird. That's it. Thanks for coming Dale. We'll never know. Should've picked a better one. All right. Specter's here. Quick break hair, you blow on this put this back together. I was about to say west side story, but then he said braider hair, and I don't remember that seeing say it against slow something about it. Inspector. It's not clear here. The inspectors here, quick braider hair play with this blow on this put this back together. And that's. Okay. Warbucks line tell you which one it is. Girl bedding thing, what's her name Will Smith. Andy is when you're talking about. Cameron plays. Cavern D, as she finally gets to come out this me. Yeah. We'll be bad teacher Cameron the plays. Cameron Diaz in Cameron Diaz. The movie. I like that. I would agree very much. She's got a thing going. But that was from, what was that in the eighties when that anti came out that you were quoting twenty fourteen this is. This is. Doing any. Lanny? Oh, you know what I guess? Wrong wrong wrong. We didn't know what you want thinking. He didn't have to say that just kidding. I did think bland thinking. Because I sounds like some shit. The Jamie Foxx prices. Right. That is correct. But I'm gonna be original. I didn't remember there was a second Anne. Yeah. I'm gonna be honest, my taste of musicals. It's what's known as terrible. So I googled it in any begins with an A. Right. So it was like the top of the list. But then when you search musicals all they got are the songs they don't show them just talking. So this took some work to get that bad. Book of a musical a real challenge to Wade through it's all songs. If the unsung hero of musical. Yeah. A show with excellent score, and it sucks to sit through, and that shit won't last. It just won't. The true name three. Get in trouble shows that have no no, no. No books score. Book through though, badly written. Our profession. We shouldn't. That sideshow amazing scored super juicy. But the book, is it never works barely. We roll along never works, but the scores excellent. Anyway, now you're talking plays and books with Boettcher. Both are just out of my totally talking, Harry Potter. Then both are in my repertoire. Thank you so much. Dale. That was amazing. All right. Go very much. That was one. That's it. All right. Joel won that game. Joe those cloudy for long. K now let's all review DALE'S acting. I thought you know most people his level don't know what to do with their hands, but he was really using his hands. A lot. Almost like he was on stage. Yeah. I think guiding the hands is an important choice. There was like Zach was happy. All right. Thanks dale. This next game is called whose tagline is it anyway. Who start with Joel? I'm going to say tagline from motion picture. We've already established that these movies have music in them and. We're all about here today. Mostly. Also, the tagline you get one guest, Joel, if you can't guess it will move to Katie said, I stretch got a nice stretch joy. Stretch you're going to need every fiber for this. Hashtag. Fiber one. Joel. What are the tagline he just landed the gig of his life, fifth grade? And this has music. It's a mood is musical. Movie. He just landed the best gig of his life. The language of origin. Please. Klis. She just landed a gig of his life, he or she he thank you. I mean sorry now we should say they I'm getting nineteen. He just landed the gig of his life, fifth grade. Fuck. So this is Katie. Do you think you think I do? Yeah. So this is I wonder if it's an older gentleman who is is coming into fifth grade, or if it is a kid, who's fifth grade like Billy Madison situation, or if it's like he is a young person really come into it that fifth grade. They're fucking stalling. Is there a time limit here? Yes, you're out. I'm out obviously. How much time do I have? No, that's fine. I give up. We'll come back to you on the next one. It's, it's not really a big deal. Thank you. One, I might be might be totally off base, because it's not a musical per se. But it's a movie with music is at school of rock is correct. Why? Purse seen this question was formulated four you that all? That all. School over. And you're welcome to totally delete that part out of this. I was in school of rock Broadway for two and a half years. But that's not something different tagline. Tag live. Well, here's your insurance. Some painted on the side of the building. Right. Something that I hear. There's no more rules or something like that. Ironically school of rock, did its first off Broadway. Tryout Indus theater literally here. Wait, ask it again. Pretend you don't know it for like four seconds. He just landed the gig of his life, fifth grade cloudy with a chance of my calls. School of rock. That's right. That's how it should. That's how it should have gone. All right. Seth is up next. So, yeah. A miracle Seth. A miracle of a movie musical. Say it again. A miracle of a movie musical. Seth is out. I wouldn't say I'm out, I would say. Married. Love air quotes. They heard it in the voice on that. Let's go to Julia. Can I guess? Okay, so whiz. No. Okay. Julia. The only thing that's in my head is not. I keep thinking of Michael John Travolta. And then I just went on this whole thing would not be a great musical and banners. I don't have. Was Michael Johns old as an angel bright. That's not a movie musical. I really wasted my extra seconds to prepare. I have nothing. What do you think Joel? My first instinct was fiddler on the roof because wonder wonder miracle of miracles superman. It was like. Of course it must be glitter. With Mariah Carey, that's not either. I can feel that from you right now. I mean, I don't think anybody's calling glitter miracle. Unlikely event. Maybe but not America we all survived it. Yeah. So. That's a tough one. Katie. I think I know what I don't. I can't remember what movie it is. I can't think of the name of it, which is a bad situation. It's like the one with gentle Maloney. She's like in Catholic school like saved saved. There's no goal. About god. That's true. They made it into a musical later, 'cause I remember, I sure in Chicago, maybe thinking about not saved does it save. Is it leap of faith something about like? It's in that realm sister act. Sister. Okay, raise your hand. When I say this title in you or in production of God's spell. Oh, jesus. They were in your in God's Bill, let early, God spell, I was. That's the whole point of this game. Joel's sneak them by. You don't think it's so funny. Yeah. Mirrors. We're back to. Jol and Joel gets this one, and I think you're gonna get it Joel. The years most. Delicious romantic comedy. This is not a musical. I should say. Fuck that. Not a musical. Did you think it was when you looked at the movies? But did you think it was? No, okay. Do you wish it was kind of, I liked the movie very much? And then I my biggest problem with the Broadway version of it was that. Wasn't as good as the movie to me. But you know is the Broadway. Okay. That's where I screwed up waitress. Correct. That's right. Right. Yeah. Grace and Franky. He originated waitress. Are we going Caitlyn's? Okay. What movie that later got turned into musical. On Broadway had the tagline you will believe. Well, it's not deer of handsome. 'cause that's you will be found. You will be if okay, what do people believe in Santa? You will. Until you believe. One believe move. Don't say we gotta go to Seth. Is it an older music? Can you give me they won't help? I don't know. Okay. The movie is not a musical per se. But the but the Broadway version, yes. Yeah. Couple ideas. Is it wicked? What about Santa about very, little very little Santan in wicked very little, but it should have made it more. Julia. You will believe that's so general really just so generally forceful, but forceful, you'll believe I fuck. The color purple. I love when you get it wrong. The look ducks face kills me every time it's like disapproving. Dad doesn't know why he's still your father. Exactly. Just thinking about. Tagline that would be color purple. Believe. But. Like who's, let's after that, what's after the who's the Maga wearing. What's your guess JOL? Well, I doubting it now, but I was gonna say book of Mormon. Right, movie movie, your by Lovie. They do say, I believe a lot in that show. It looks like Kayla wants to guess again deal that allowed is that part of the odor? So they're going to get a right. I should finding Neverland does. Jesus Christ star. Julia believe. Hair? Cats all though. There are no more musicals, we'd end what do you believe? In genie's. Not genie's. It's a musical on Broadway, but not as Phil Broadway. Now again. Big. You won't believe. Through. Huddle something is not real. I love that these to be believed together to try to work it out. What some sort of fantasy what was that movie that wasn't goes? Who said goes? What if that how inspiration the many things I literally thought the Hoddle would produce you knew it was a musical. That's another great score. Bad book. We're gonna everyone is like. Listen to also had lots of like magic stuff in like facts. There were magical, right? Yeah. Like where, you know, disappear, appear goes, yes. People created mind kind of some of the actors haven't yet been found. That's true dare. I believe you will believe. Doing guys do one more game. What's the score? Score is the Caitlyn is the best. Damn it just. It's only temporary just means she gets to go first and this next game. Okay. Great. It kind of is. But you're right. It's not. And then. You go I in this game, and then we'll go to Joel Julius go in that order. But. I'm not gonna play along smell the answers written right here. Tonight. I like to do this when I'm in New York especially, but in general, I love this game. Let's play around of Bennington. That's the. I saw our friend, Ron Bennington today. His show and he says, Hello to everybody and it's a box office game. So what happens? Caitlyn and JOL is I will name actor actress. And then you have to try to guess you just get to guess one title of their films that you think finished in their top three movies of all time according to box office. Mojo after ingesting for inflation. Love. Yeah. So it's so the idea is a lot of all name, somebody just trying to think of their biggest movie, that's basically the way you want to go there. And if you get anything in the top three, then you score some points all added up and we'll declare winner. We'll get back out into the hot streets. Yeah. Hot steamy steering. Caitlyn the films of the great Julie Andrews. The sound of music, okay, she's going with the sound of music. What do you think Joel? What would you like to select of the films of Julianne Andrews? Mary poppins. Julia. Princess diaries. Victor victoria. Everyone saw it paid buddy for it. Yeah. No other way to see it at the right? You just have to search for slow TV and then hop. Coming in number three for Julia. Andrus. Shrek two. Shrek Shrek, three are the other ones wreck. Three. For. Keep coming before times. I'm looking forward to four Shrek five goes. That could be a good purple rain, man. Okay. Coming number two, marry PA. Two boys for JOL. He's the board. And then, of course, coming number one, the hills are alive. Sound? I did work out. Can't just say what she said you care. You don't want to say that ever professional comedian. I find myself. All right. So what were you each round on this one as we rotate? So everybody gets a chance to go first, so Joel your first up on this next round, the films of Emily blunt. Of that is an excellent category. Wow, I'm gonna go ahead and start with Delaware's Prada. Okay. That's come into Broadway. I hear yet John, our dear friends. Shane it's in the music. I think I've found maranda priestly. I'll talk to you about it after. I agree with me ju I'm excited to hear your. Somebody famous. But I think this lady found be great. Where'd you find her? She was passed out on six. But she really there was something about or was really like. Me. You see ready to lash out at people? Okay. So. Who said what Joel said devils, proud of what's yours. Julia. Films of ever, Emily. Quiet place did well. Maybe I don't usually. Evonne. Seth. Sheth. Sniff. It's gotta be a girl on a train. That's the right title. Katie. Side from guerrilla train. That was a different movie. Everyone. Earlier in her career. Dunston checks and. I'm gonna I think you guys probably nailed it. But I'm gonna go with edge of tomorrow. Smart. I repeat I have an alternate guest. If gas of mine doesn't work out. Okay. Well, we'll see. We'll see how they all work out. Coming in at number three. Devore's prada. Alternate gas is Joel more point. What was your other guests? Mary Poppins return, so. Right. Right. Your number two firmly blunt is Mary, Poppins returns and. Number one is a quiet. That. Quiet place so much. In the movie, I was gonna call it don't say a word which is a different movie with Brittany Murphy. Yeah. I don't wanna live in. Live in the world of a quiet place where you just can't have yacht race. Because the starter horn just everyone killed. Hey lord. What did he say about a starter? What how? God. Julie first round a three way tie. Seth. Yeah. With. Everybody else. Door to go. But. Got Julia gets the start in the films of share. God, so many. Honestly. Mama mia. Here we go again. Maybe those things do. Well. This is my president of share in that movie. Girl. All right. Boone struck said, she said. Caitlyn. Mermaids. Interesting. That's a really small golf clap for that. Aids. Quite does that cranberry juice, clear golf club. Joel. She wasn't in splash. She was. I want you to name. Is not in Stuart little. I'm going to listen I can't remember right now which makes me so e because I saw the musical. And it said all of those movies. I'm gonna have to go ahead and say burlap just because it's helped my had. Yeah, that's fine shares not in a super lot of movies. But coming in at number three, was, of course mama Mia. Here we go again. Yeah. Number two, the witches of Eastwick. Also musical. Do that strange musical. Valid cold lose. Loose ends. Everyone's favorite bow. Their hair. Split ends what it's about. Pry loose. Tashnag loose. But what have you about to make like, forget it? What have you? Trying to say. You have to say. Number one. I'll slip that thing in later. I was weird. One is moved. Time. Julie's ahead with four points ahead, leg lamp is mine. That's on both. So how many points there you got three? Yes. Yes. That you're gonna all three. Has three. Julia has four and I do have a tiebreaker. If this next round doesn't settle. And you get to go. First time south buck. Yeah. Tear it up. Tear it up blow it. No offense. Larry. The film's of Colin. Firth. The body of work extensive been in some stuff, Bridget. Jones diary. I mean, that's super giant. Caitlyn. What is the algorithm for boxoffice Mo-jo? Are they basing it on the actual actors like is it like IMDB like he's the biggest star of this move? You're like that's gross to the most. The most. Gross. But after the musical ghost calling I been around long enough, you have to worry that much about inflation adjustment, but can be quite shocking. Sometimes how different the results are when you. This is the third the last question of this game. So am I be surprise shit? But I'm gonna go with love. Actually. Not the big star the movie, I'm giving away Mr.. Agitates. What do you think Joel? I'm gonna go with Paddington to. Fantastic. The only movie so. The only movie I'll movies these two exist at the beginning of batting into. The movie yesterday where none of us. Remember any other movie except? Nobody even remembers Paddington one. It's just all into troll too. Fuck you, Nicole Kidman. Because she was the villain in the first one. Okay. That's your answer. Just double checking. Yeah. All right. Who's who's left still Julia? I'm putting all my chips on mama Mia. I'm gonna do it again. I'm going to see if it all strike. Give me some luck twice that no one ever. On mama Mia except Abba, a high roller. That's true. Gotta get it. Three Mary Poppins returns. To say number two Shakespeare in love. Goes no. And the number one movie in Collin, I feel Margaret fee and closing out. Wonderful addition of Doug loves musicals. Mama. Madison. Two. Sees. All four Katie was Colin Firth, in Paddington to think. I think he was with. You just want to talk about Paddington to heal was in Paddington bear Riley, Hugh Grant, and Bridget Jones's diary. I think you're Frayne. I think I meant to say Mary Poppins returns. Those are very different movie. Are they? Googly eyes. Look, good anyway. But see padding too. Okay. Let's speed around really quick. All right. Great. Yeah. Just because I got rid play. It is interesting to me. So each of you say in any order, can I still? No, no, no. The prizes have been to two zero Freeman. On Twitter if you wanted to you something if you want, if you need something needed fast. You have five months to wait for it. She's year girl. All right. Hand badge. It's. I mean, what are you gonna do with Julia? Are you going to give it to somebody for Christmas? I mean we're talking center. Again, at work. It's beautiful. Yeah. The light works. Plug it in. I love I love Christmas stuff. Maybe it'll be year round. Maybe it'll be for Christmas holiday time. Don't tell us though. It's just in a closet eleven months of the year. All right. Just for fun. First one, you could think of the things in her top three just yell it out. And we'll gather up got everybody said we'll see who did best the films of Meryl Streep. Mommy. It's word. What else? What else? Which is in movies shouting movies that up. So for choice. Out of Africa. Okay. So we've. Was this the boss? I've been friends. Says, says, Bobby. What also Mary Poppins returns? Ourself choice. Tation just for inflation from the nineties. Yeah I'm sure death becomes her. All right. Let's see what have you. Coming in at number thirteen. Mama mia. Here we go. Again, number ten if I may skip a few into the woods. Yes, then we go all the way up to number six four mentioned devil. Where's prod? Yes. Number five, Mary, pop returns, little, more popular than Sophie's choice. Apparently. But here's where this game is so fun coming in at number four, mama Mia. Yeah. Don't get so proud of yourself because that's leaves three more movies that deer hunter. Number one Kramer versus Kramer number that is that big Joe's for inflation, maybe do some bad math and they came up with cravers scream. But her number two movies out of Africa. Where Haile is at app. That patient even. Know how deep aware and I mean, I'm sure. Film. I'm sure it did better than iron. We'd but. Yes, she's in a movie called. All right. What about heartburn? Woman. Movie. See Meryl Streep believes in having getting a lot of. In your titles said, hers, disa- plugs. Real quick. Oh. Promote yourself boy band. The feature I did has been out for a month or so you can see it online. It's about a boy bands, too old to be doing it. It's very funny film, you can see it on. I tunes Amazon or Google or ever XBox forever. UCF AM tomorrow night, come catches down at the Chelsea music attic, four zero seven west fifteenth. Nice. Well, that's really close to friend of mine. Open a restaurant right there. Have you noticed law who bona? Yes. Right there. It's so good. I there tonight. Is what you get a. Fancy little corn fritters peppers are amazed. You. What? What kind of fritters were they? Jillian, madison. What do you have to plug just setting it home doing Lord with? Couple months ago to live out there for audible. It'll be on there and a couple of months. And more, general things that have no dates or locations. So I'm at Julian at on the. Won t for summer is in the ELD handle, I don't know why I did that we match just one. Yeah. Julia did it so many years ago. I you know. We all have that. What are you gonna do? You've got a fun new video up where you do impressions. Yes, I will put it up soon. Yes. I it's where I found my, my Elizabeth, and I got Lord in there. So. Joel. In be more chill till July knife. Yeah. Yeah, costumes. What's your Twitter thing? I've also got. I've got a weird Instagram called Joel cappella, please. P p whatever Joe cappella like cappella and I just do a bunch of weird acapella videos about songs I make up about life in and you'll get a kick out of it hope launched them every day. That. And then I new single I wrote with my band came out, it's pride and it's called get into ellipses Queen miss Natalie and it's a raunchy fucking hilarious. Disco jam by you'll laugh, and there's a video to thanks guys had a great time. Thanks for having me. You. Caitlyn carlson. Come see be more chill August until August eleven. Joel is playing his role for sure until July ninth. But he's still a swing until forever with the show. So he might be there. Anytime. The guy gets like food poisoning, diarrhea, whatever. Come see Joel be the guy who has diarrhea, and it's a great funny shows come at the lysine theater every through Sunday. Eight you'll like it. Scene. Sifi funny over the top everyone is thirty years old playing is kid and I'm wind walked. What? Just sold some tickets. One more time for all of my guests cave Carlson, Joel wagon Tuli Madison had said. Thank you. Thank you, Gramercy theatre. Take you guys for coming out. Get your tickets for twelve sa- Christmas, December. I if that's sort of thing you like to do to play on that far ahead. It will be on sale on the line tomorrow. More doughnuts on the stage. Positive. Get extra confidence in bed with blue dot com. The first jewel at the same FDA approved active ingredients as Agra and. Choose for any guy who wants to enhance performance ship straight to your door, and discreet, baggage code blue come and get your first shipment free when you use special promo code deal just pay five dollars for shipping. That's B. L U C. H E, W dot com, promo code deal to try it free. Viewing.

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