HUBIE HALLOWEEN - Double Toasted Audio Review


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If, you've never questioned why the dumb ass man he plays the other people he gets to play them why and every move movie they always get the hot chick. Other than just being you know because they get more screen time. You never questioned that before you ain't GonNa Start asking questions. You know if if a character farted. Just because they didn't feel right a joke and you laughed every time they did those laughing now. Not Don't don't don't get coach it now keep laughing. You know you know you're going to do that or may maybe they've evolved yet there was something like when they were younger now they've moved on. Yeah, I would love to say that but using these. Here, it'd be kids looking at it like this thing that God, Damn Fun. You didn't know who the fuck child here Ted you're embarrassing. A man. You know another thing is a. Sailing besides everything I just tell you look Adam Sandler. I just got y'all know this already him and I we we we birthday brothers May. September ninth that's when we both born. So you look at that means. I. Don't have to like everything that he does but because he's my brother acts sept him. He's Family Martin. If you became too. You'd have to hide him from the COPS I. Don't approve everything he does, but you know what? He's still my brother men and I except for him. But I tell you what family still, Talk Shit. I go fight nobody but I'm to obstacle GONNA talk some Shit. You know about my brother over here and this huby Halloween. And also, let's be fair. I've seen I've seen almost all almost not none not all almost all the the happy Madison movies out there. No kidding almost just because of the nature of what we do. And I'VE BEEN SURPRISED BY COUPLE? Well, we the we've gotten criticized some of the ones that Gabe loves the waterboy which people say number two sequel today. The waterboard grew up to be even stupider than he was moving instead of. Going out hand now, what he just fucking with people all around town. With, everything now. Trying to get people soup and help they don't want. Also but everybody loves water. Zoltan. Johanne don't mess with him. I liked that movie. Yeah. I really like that movie man. So you know you never know man, you might turn around. I never saw fifty first dates, but I heard that's good. What's his name Oh the wedding, the wedding wedding singers. You never know you never know in now we have huby Halloween thing is man you never know what this because with this you have the character Huby who means well, he you know he's not that cocky guy that just goes around making voices for what he does He. There's no real explanation for there's no real expert. He didn't maybe he maybe he's not cocky but he is going around making a stupid voices and talk and crazy and whatnot but he is. He's trying to be helpful every month got a good heart and he's got and he has a great heart as they say, he thinks about everybody but himself but people like debt. Huby. I didn't ask you for your health. leaving. The hall for live and let live but you cared at thermos everywhere. Term. Getting everybody's business come on. I got a crack on you. Nobody ask you for shit he'll be. We only, we've only asked you for one thing to leave us alone. As you won't do it got damn who huby whatever your name you want to Oh a dough boy don't let, Halloween. That's when he goes full Huby I. Love the conflicting ideologies of a man who loves Halloween put escape scare everything every damn thing he puts he was the halloween decorations up and tears. You put it up. What? He'll be boy huby Halloween. Halloween Eagles full huby nobody scared goes to go to Huby I. Mean I get that it's a movie and they can do whatever they want. But when they showed his house I say God. You've seen anything like that just. Because of all the craziest decorations he has. said. You know this takes place in Salem and Hugh Huby wants to go around his favorite day and he wants to go around help people make sure that people are extra safe on Halloween people just like fuck you. I never asked you. We hate you huby. Every Halloween chasing down the street and weapons. Was for some people it's like he just easily I can't help helping. Plus he's Got, now full but this all we might be different this. Halloween is a killer on. Might be. Aware Wolf. Descend Auto Dracula. People are missing and after all this is Salem. And all the WHO knows what goes on a town like this were the spirits of dead witches already pissed off. Half of Matt. I know I've been hung and drowned but God damn y'all put up with that food. He was living autumn I volunteered to be. Burned to the stake to get away from his crazy as can huby in town at hates him Kenny actually keep an open heart. Put the bullying is still try to help people. Before they actually kill him. People, are out for blood or Huber. We had enough. There's all we know. Come around. They treat him I. Just Salem witch trials this bird. Let's go ahead and take a look. Huby Halloween the latest Netflix's Adam Sandler movie and we'll let you know. We'll let you know this is this is different. From the others actually of Happy Madison movie that we like. Let's take a look at the same old, bullshit. Lose and Goblins AH. I know you've got your costumes data the frightful festivities. Out You will get more trees than tricks. Fuck you. I didn't ask. That's the kind of Shit I'm talking about. People sick him. Here Guy. In nicest guy in this tale Jerusalem happy Halloween where churches. He's so much. Should You'll be always asked the nerve to look surprise. Bitch law you've been this terrible you'll realize people hate you. Looking, they do pugh poodle Hubadoo. Hey between route interior. When you get ahead. You. By, baking. Very. Eighty I heard boy. I. Like that because as much as trying to make you go. Oh, Poor Huey Huby that you get you get those like, no no, he's a pest and. I think we on the same sheet because level say you're to hate me diplom- say about this movie. I'm sorry I didn't recognize. Pretty impressive how he's Choubey. Salem tradition. Pinkish care here there. Something on this. Year. He can't you. I I got I did laugh at that. It's pulled this. Guy Is the corporate coin in his mouth. That was actually a fine to me. Salem. PD. Huby. When you`re Shalem Needs Me What are you GONNA DO MR to block Area where we thirty? Make sure every she she teach take. Jamie shaved. Would you lose your thermos? Never happy. You growing as walking around even kids. Is he going to like millie challenge school because he's got this guy term? It tries to skate so hard between making him mentally challenged but not call them mentally challenged people he is mentally challenged I don't give a fuck with you know no no, it ain't. No, he's not simple now he's you know he's he's he's not A. Socially Awkward. No, he's fucking mentally challenged. Sorry. But as long as they don't say it, it doesn't make the people complete, ass exactly. You know the word they use with challenge for this kind. Fuck you know. Anyway. We are. We at. Now. UB MARRIED I suggest cancel Halloween immediately cancel damn thing. IS SOME DATELINE NBC's. Straying. Off Stretch. The Best Person I know that's why you're a hero. You know you deserve every time. Look. Like? I. Told You. I ain't trying to appear in debate with nobody convince anybody. Arguing with no body. About to go off I, I would say this look there comes a time when you had to admit that this is something that a lot of people that they like, but it's just is just not for me. Is Not you? It's me. And that's that's the case with all these Adam Sandler movies man. Is Man has been doing this for years is made millions crazy millions of dollars doing what he's doing ain't nobody about tell him to stop true you know and but the. Now in. These even try to watch him when open. Listen, there's no winning with me. With these films right here. You know. Five minutes my criticizing Adam Sandler man. For for. But maybe because I've seen too many movies is often but I I'm five minutes and I'm like already is this is. This is way too predictable. You know you got that scene where it's A. Got About a bike. Now I be looking I, find as growing walk INS in the in the in the scene is going slow, and then I look and where they're going, you know what's GonNa. Happen next. Just. Crash and fall off the fucking bike we know what's going to happen. Just fall off the fucking bike. That she felt like an eternity I'm just like I know this is going just crash and fall off the Goddamn bike. Yeah. Because peewee Herman Dude thirty five years ago funnier. Thirty five years ago in people have done it almost once a year ever since then. You know we know happened. Just. Fall up the Goddamn bike we know what's going to happen this say no how last comedy right in. But then. Criticizing him for being predictable. Then he goes off and does not predictable. Also. Rookie bellboy. I. Bet did come out of nowhere. I hate look I gotta not coming. Stupidest. Right I see. Him To say, Rocky. Balboa. Styles like I don't. I don't see how those things could be had A. Rocky eight RAW thaddeus Roy but the whole vomiting projectile rocky took like a man. Should, and that's another thing we would. Who, who, who does things that just just You know he's a noose where he goes if he ate their this traces of who they're. Going around throwing up all over the town. Rookie bellboy. You know, why did he do it? There was no reason for that other than other than Adam Sandler just fuzz nasty bodily functions. It's an easy laugh. Because, you didn't say a comedy was unpredictable but you. Still complaining. Came up by the win with you. What do you will? Stop Complaining Man. Is your thing. All that is. All that is followed by another bike crash. Of fart out of nowhere fart that just. Talking and he just fired and he just why because same reasons with the vomit Because, why not? Because why not? Because easing right in the joke. And it's what fans been paying me millions of dollars four all these years. You. Get more things like Kevin James. Introduced. With a with would purposely horrible mullet right there just because that's a cheap and funding sight gag and plus also Kevin James are always right behind Adam sandlers Adam. Sandler makes a serious movie Kevin J series movie Adam. Sandler get stupid again Kevin James Get stupid again no enough. The camera had stayed on that lasts you'd see Kevin James. Oh good. Did I do good. Now. Let me look. See Scenes. Like All this is easy. Humor man. You know all of his sight gags. That's all just sight gags. What easy. Just, get us from A to B to left man you know. Hugues. Mother Playboy Name Square June Squibb who's funny I give you to you man she's funny but he's always funny Bona. Donor. Running joke in there is a growing this a fifty some you'll know what a bona is. Yeah. We could just somehow pull Adam aside and say listen I know you're going to be you but it just the one thing I need you to stop doing is the running gags. Just. Just make a movie with no game this challenge yourself. Yeah. That's that's what they tell you what though. But this dumb shit you get some value that's a two for one right there. The shirt is a running gag in the Bona joke is running gay. Hey, I'll tell you what you know what volume like this crazy shit you get out of it. That gag is running like curly from the three students. Won't stop. He just keeps eight buner Boehner and everybody just he. Got A, lot of burners to pick with us. Damn. All right man we get it. Challenge man ain't no sexy. You know what Boehner is even though I don't know how the fuck you don't know all these years. was calling at one time you know fucking up. Okay. All right. Well, there you go. I. Mean laughing at him I was like well, he's not completely wrong. People have the tables turned now I am. Very sneaky saddle. But You know. That's Just picking a parked car, you said that you know what this movie is. You know who is four so Was why, why are we doing this? Let's just go ahead and cut this short. Get to the inevitable. Some Ole Bullshit Oh. Fuck you rain and call this day man. But I'm GonNa tell you some novel keep going because I'm going to do something. That I don't think I've ever done. With a Happy Madison movie that I've complained about as much as I complained about this. I'm simply going to talk about the things that I actually enjoyed more than the things that I've been the things I didn't end. Killing me smalls. Why? Why can't you be together? We Might Mon just give me a chance to give me a chance. I'm GonNa Tell You I'm GonNa talk about this because I'm GonNa tell you that what I'm about to do here. Is Not don't make me look good. I might end up being villain this whole narrative by the time has done. The movie has his heart in the right place. We've say yes, indeed it does this movie is just one big long anti bullying. PSA. Sure in a way is this One big anti bullying message. And most people. Most people are going to they're going to they're going to root for Huby over here because what they see here. Is he decided to go get you because Yossi. Yossi a poor ment- mentally challenged man who only thinks about others besides himself and he has a Chi- heart. And he's so sweet. And I'm here to tell you I did not see that shit at all. What I saw was Adam Sandler. Plan. One of these stupid ass characters again. I see low Huby I saw Adam Sandler do stupid voices again. Play when he's dumb ass characters just. Be. Weird. And still somehow as I said. Getting the best looking girl in the movie. Who's that actresses Julie Bowen Julie Bowen? WHO's loved loved loved not dislike not just brutalized beloved this man. Ever since she was in second grade. So sees love this man for forty five plus fuck years. Dude man fucking up the town all this time. But why do what does she like him? Well, like I said simply because he's the main character, he's got the most screen time. So my point is is that no They're looking at this and this supposed to be anti bullying message not there's one times I I root for them bullies man throughout this. And I enjoyed every bit of it. You're mean one Mr Grinch I'm a grits. Fucker right now man I'm about to burn whoville to. The grandma. To Hell was still impresses I'm about to kill everybody. Now man. Dick I did not feel sorry for for Huby one bit. That's not a mill challenge man that's Adam Sandler doing what Adam Sandler does but I've come to. I've come to accept that this is Adam sandlers wacky world. I'm just living in it for an hour and a half. But he's written Huby is such a way that he's annoying. He's confusing he's even creepy. And I thought he got everything he deserved in this every time because he'll he'll be constantly out the told you huby is trying to help people people saying get the fuck away from me. We told you. We don't need to help you make days words you weird. You bring this on yourself. I'm sure that there was a time years ago. Probably about twenty years ago they they pulled Hugo assigned everybody say let's be Nice Nicer. This guy. Let's just let's just try to explain to him how to handle himself how to beat. In and let's let's help him and I'm sure he got enough fucking nurse. To, hell with this guy. You know the thing is a lot of Adam. Sandler's you know grown children characters they're they're those kind of loners who? Who Awkward but they're, but they're really sweet or Nice to children or pay, and you're supposed to feel sorry for them and they are told him, they speak to people out there who watch these feel like, Oh that's me that I'm misunderstood I'm a really sweet nice guy who just wants to help people and people treat bad for no reason. And they don't ever stop to be introspective to look and go like well, wait. This is what I think I look like. How am I actually affecting people? Am I talking too much and getting people's business by weird? I, missing social cues than make people feel this way against me. Yeah. ADC He's telling them like no, it's. Not You it's all those people be an asshole and it's like, no, because this is you're right. This is where you're looking at Huby and you like fallen for this Nice Guy Stuff. I mean, you think you're nice but you're in the way and people kind of. Get this across to you and you're not picking up on. So allow people are like all right I'm amount of ideas. I'm going to talk with him. Alone, there was one day. Should they everybody in town got together and we try fuck this guy We tried man we Would, not bad people. We've tried to help you. You started with a conversation between two people where one guy a little drunk. Man Huby I hate to say anything but you know he just kind of I dunno I feel bad and I was like, no, I'm glad you said something. Yeah exactly. When somebody says, Hey, hey, y'all. Oh. Shit. Man, I've been saying this. For years man lists there. But I thought I was asshole. QB. Takes up police the police time valuable resources huby get some people's way we're not asking for. Huby. SIS around as spies on people. He's in his car binoculars. He's he's across the street looking at people's Windows Shit, all of the name of helping utility eighth no Cuba's fucking weird man is creepy as hell. He's clueless. You can never read people man. You know. I'm sorry he'll be holds a job. You that's true. Cuban makes the paycheck Hubin Mahomed, Annapolis, humane that goddamn stupid. You'll be just don't want to learn. But. Have a road hips outset Adam Sandler. Rhodium is such a way for some quick labs. You know that's the thing he's he's not. So Miller challenge that I had to feel sorry for him because Adam Sandler wrote him this way for quick gags. So you know what? Every time was fucking kids with going on street and acts as a him and get him get his ass. That's what's so funny is that they start out just throwing eggs. The deadly. Weapons. Throw cinderblocks service. Think go. Get that motherfucker yeah. Get them get them. I was I was rooting for these billions. 'cause huby never learns man as far as I'm concerned Huby was the terrorists in this town and I enjoyed the movie I enjoy watching them fuck with him man I ain't Gonna I was letting myself but then mess with him. I May, I might seem cruel. I may seem to bully and so what man? You know 'cause that's just playing another character. These are all the Adam Sandler characters finally collected in one right at getting what they deserve a. Joke. You get what you're fucking deserve. Adam Sandler. So the whole time you know I'm only mad because shit ended up having a happy end. Yasha. List. He'll be like you said Huby is written. He's confusing. We talking about how Huby? Huby you. Be Loves Halloween Man. Huby loves. He talks about how this is his favorite holiday. Hope, it's his the her way with all the shit. He put out his yard. All shitty put out in the yard and everything you know this. This this supposed to be. His Favorite Holiday Inn Fool is. Scared of everything. I don't understand Ed. Well. How can this be as this holiday? He scared of all the decorations he puts he's scared of his own decorations. One, the decorations POPs up in his window that he put up and he broke up. Like, you put it up. was. Wrong with you man. I. Don. Yeah. I'd that's the German government and I don't know if that was the intention, but I'd as what I? Look I ain't GonNa lie man. I feel like a horrible person but I'd be one these people playing pranks and chasing you down the street what there is that thing where people are. Especially when Ray liotta picking on. You like. Man I gotTa Life Outside of okay? Huby an here. So. Why is it? When really picking on him? I'm not feeling bad about it because I should. Come on dude stop being a Dick but. Some of bucket. To tell you that just got to Ray Liotta so much that he would just devote time to fuck it with. Ray Liotta is fighting the move clips where we have A. Guinea. But Ray LIOTTA low he lives to fuck with you. and. Then they don't explain the reason for and the thing is you can kind of I really did like really order the movie. He had me laughing he had me laughing. It's he's fine. He made me laugh because he's a he's he's a grown as man. Successful successful assume for the way he dressing. Grown as man look like he might be a Mafia. Dumb. Everything to fuck with Huey man then something happens when like he strikes out with this girl, he's like you know what? He tells a stroke out with you. I'm going to. You'd be. Funny because like you know you you probably the worst out of all the bullies. Yeah. But it's just that you been the biggest and the grown is when the oldest. You know because he's extra cruel man. But he's cruel for no reason. He just hates Huber. He's yeah. He's he's extra-crew like he does the stuff that makes you. Like those the. Bullets. Run over. And beat him up and yet. I wanted a tried track because he does, but he does sit in any other movie. That is not right like Huby steady Mobil Holden reloaded. Kicks his ASS. Kicks dirt. On. Hold it's a great. His father's grave and he's still don't give a damn. Like you said at the funeral. Oh you. Made me forget about my father. Radio it was finding it is man made because the shared his hatred of Huby. Get you brother I get you man. I tell you I, I did like. Some things in there that didn't always involve huby there was something as they got me the stable. See me I just I'm just in love with Steve Buscemi man as an actor I like him a lot. I hear you saying the word like over here. I know there's some things I did like your. Brother. I liked a lot. Well. I WANNA I wanna I couldn't keep going because you bring up a lot of stuff. Like all right. There's there's a Lotta Shit in here that. You'll be mixing WanNa hate this movie, but I can't. Well, that's the thing I would notice I was like what? Because in the beginning I wasn't digging it all because it's Adam Sandler it's the Adam Sandler dump. Voices him putting people in crazy hair. Yeah. Just cheap gag. Then there's this physical gags that are just with a cheap gag and it's like man you just right off the bat you come with a with a kit. You like Adam Sandler, movie opened. Its list. Yeah. Okay. You're going to do this voice you're going to do this. Here's a WIG Kevin James Sick that on you put on this beard. Like. Right I hate that we have to do this but after wild once it gets going and established that I don't really like or care for Huby. I started going you know what? Everything. Except Huby is actually kind of funny or is fun I, mean, it's not like laugh out loud funny. No, but enjoyable I mean even with like. I Hate Huby in a few behead if everybody was trying to be nice to Huby they. Like, the fact that the whole town hates ub just cruel to him. I'm sorry that made me like right. I was with the town on this and then as things. Steeper semi man he really I liked do and he was so likable as a neighbor he was there's a twist with him to crack. Up any got me well this. So yeah I mean they they kind of show what the twist is there. It's just funny that he's so much like his character and Hotel. But also the character he was Mazda House where he's the neighbor in the house like Oh, come over here. Yeah. Yeah. He says never cracker but stable seem he's just like he was so lovable. Score with the man. Yeah. I, just like men are like him. A another thing I like this you in duly. That ain't in own my God. Rob Schneider, not being all. I was like Oh. This is this is pleasant. We he's not gonNA. Be You. Know. I can't believe. Yeah people there's a twist with. Me and I actually liked it. I was like Oh shit. That was. Kind of movie that was calm clever yeah. Another thing was like okay. So Julie. Bowen is the the love interest and you go like Oh. Yeah he's the the high girl is. She's in love with him, but he's actually got the time this time the girl the love is age appropriate. She's she's barely younger than she's still stupid is out in his movie and they were I guess she was. Happy Gilmore. was like all right I may will like we were in school to get was like, Ala, L. School together. I was like, Oh, well, it's not that far. Yeah. Works I one thing I didn't buy and I got on my nerves we the how just like there wasn't even though gradual falling in love it's like Oh you'll be busy get. Y. You. Know. Again this Wacky San Linda. That's one I can't get with. Some of the supporting characters. SNL Like Maya Rudolph was cracking me up my and Tim Meadows together they. You know I I saw some complaints about them. They said, they didn't give a whole lot in there. Actually the at first. Maybe they weren't being used but Bantu got better. Yes. It was just the two of them together. Yeah. Just cousin each other just be shitty to each other especially. Like. something. That sit around on. Cruel to with. Somebody gets the night. No, you ain't. Hit Look When Adam Sandler doing certain things it is a little refreshing I'm so glad that they did not take another vacation on Oh, I mean less Salema just popping off like no, you know. It might be something going on, but I was so happy that. They went on a cruise I didn't go to any island. You know it was happy to see them actually look feel like they were they were trying to make a real movie. This time. Yeah. I mean even. The Mystery of the escaped convict and the disappearing people I was like. It's got it's gotTA driving plot. I'm kind of interested in where the. To say this but I said, you know what I wanNA know what happens. Yeah. I mean look I didn't see them, but it's got to be better than Bouma Dea. Jesus Man Yeah Man. That's that is the ultimate insult. When somebody says, you know Adam Salem Better Halloween. 'CAUSE boomer D did not put nearly this much work in animals almost they almost have the same plot. Like go missing. Trying to figure out what the mystery is. Yes man no this is better than this. qb Halloween part one part to yet. But probably what is better than Butu and one put together. this is A. least got locations A period had two spots. He had a house in a field. At least they got locations here. Yeah. Yeah. Many you don't WanNa. Cut The the. The Halloween not only sets but the the art directions actually pretty Nice Yeah. You know there's a lot. There's a lot of cool Halloween decoration going off for like one hundred house they have in their own yeah. Yeah. That there was there was I love the fact that they have one of those haunted houses where they scare people but he Is Screaming so much. To Do I. Think. You know that's the one that is the one right here that that made me. Let me jump that. It was making me mad because he over it, but this is the one. Jobs. All right. He's disturbed. Man? You. Got Scared Yeah exactly. A little thing that impressed me a lot. It's it's such a little throwaway thing but. People who are his bullies and at one high school kid that any kid his Freddie Mercury costume. Damn that is that is genius. Then that's spot on his Freddie Mercury? Costume was funny and they did something with it. That had me laughing. Something happened where he got. Oh, at the beginning he got. It's gotTa wrong at the beginning he got snatched in his teeth flu. Shot. He's got. Wherever that I was like Oh. that. Amy rhapsody. Two hours. Look more real. They did a book. And that city all? The teachers stayed up at air polluting, right? Now man. I really am impressed with the with the design here did spills like some money went into it. I. Mean It really does look like maybe Tim Burton came in and did some consulting. The only. Sorry like the only ladies laziness was really in Adam Sandler's performance. Yeah. Exactly exactly man? No, he was. He was the only one just doing the same ocean air by they tried to up their game up except him and what's so weird is like her. Voice thing I think he does all the time like you said I might as well have just made it the waterboy at least like just make get that same character and then we'd have something to attached to it. It would make sense. Yeah. Posted just all right another Adam Sandler voice guy. Whatever is that there's nothing that distinguishes huby outside of the way people react to him. Yeah. I mean that voice? Did I'M GONNA look this up that voice he he did. He did that when he was doing a when he when he gave a speech for an award hello critics. Dinky you I'm glad somebody recognized me and it's like you don't have to do this character can be Adams. Once because even looking at Kevin James in this I was like you know everything he's doing here would work just as well. If not better if he didn't win win all that we and all that was unnecessary he'd have to do that. He's. Adam Sandler was doing this when he was just giving a speech. I like to have some words which. Gave me talk to you real quick. See. What were you doing we? We don't have a reference point. Would it be known as the guys who lost Adams? Get. My Car outside of fucking Ralph's. Gig Star. In all SAMA had to do is get ahead serandon stone in devoid this. Maybe. That was marketed for movie. Maybe that is you be. Yes. You. Know I I also give him credit for this is taking place in Salem and they didn't do anything predictable witches. Audrey maybe when clever enough you know I don't know I. Don't know but I thought it was surely going to do something that gets. Piled on pretty heavy. Yeah. I mean from Salem anybody doing something Salem Salem. Yeah. Even though shack had me laughing man I know right check as weirdest cameo in here in it actually speaks to like when Adam Sandler gets weird like that. Then it works. So I was like Damn even, Steven? Shack is better than you may character. Yeah. Because you be laughing shacks acting or whatever but I was like shack is funny yeah. Yeah Man. I you know I look. I ain't saying this is great. No Way. Get fucked up. Here run with this Iraqi nobody's the. Adam Sandler convert now anything. But. I will say I will say this man Oh, his daughters within the movie to Yes. He and his wife. That was another funny gag to and dressed up in costume. Yeah, yeah, just like Harley, you like, yeah there's GonNa was that last year where all the women were going out like that. Yeah man no, this is A. This is a it is. I don't know if this is just. A backhanded complimentary. I'm grade on a curve or whatever. But he's not as not as bad as I thought, it would be when Adam. Sandler. When he? When he was threatening to give us the worst movie. Ever because he didn't get any love from the Oscars. For Uncut Gyms. I tell you his purpose was to give us that terrible. Worst movie ever made he failed failed again he failed a geek ain't even do that right now heated. Are? Maybe. He's waiting to go maximum Sanlam people maybe has unleashed yet. Wade get a load of media which actually makes me tear. Next. Maybe this is the calm before the storm, right? Right but. I gotta say man look. I didn't hate it actually thought. For Halloween. It's fun man in though I'M NOT GONNA. Tell anybody you hate Adam Sandler. I'm not gonNA take just running watch. This is. Because I. Think there's going to be much for you to actually come back saying Oh. Yeah. Good I'm not going to be responsible for their become back hating us and being man but I will say for me, my expectations were very low but. You know maybe it's because I'm in a spirit of Halloween his. In in a fun way may because like I said that it was all the people around him who was doing a better job than him and the movie actually did pulled me in. I would say that you. Would give the rental. Is, and that's perfect because. It's right where it needs to be. It's at home. Yeah. Yeah. I know you talk about low expectations I mean. You don't get lower expectations than a happy madison seeing that happy Madison baller them on and after just watching the master disguise I know Mac. Expectations were much lower your. When it started I was like well. go and yet like you it star winning me over the last Adam Sandler was in the more I embrace my hatred of Huby. And did people picking on him and he is not without his charm at some point. I mean, if you really hate that character and then you couldn't get through this movie but there's Times I thought you know what I bet you could do this movie. Almost says it is without Adam Sandler him, but with the different director like say, Paul. Thomas Anderson. But just you know more of indie kind of quirky calm. Yeah. Like brought up before if it was peewee Herman instead he could work for all of this but. As. I went on I was like you know what? As a comedy. Some, things work some things don't, but it does work as a Halloween movie which seems to be its point and at a time when people are just like man everything down I. Just WanNa Laugh I. Just WanNa Light Laugh I was like. It kind of fulfills that. It's a, it's a rental. For Halloween I would even say it's a high rental. Beyond that no. If you hate Adam Sandler. This to win you over on teeth right there. But he looks like Nigel from just like a brown Nigel from the wild thornberrys. Oh. Yeah now you well somebody put it in him and they say look the way to get. Caught Martin like an Adam Sandler movie beat the shot of Adamson. because. That's how I when I was you. The town came to the rescue. Get that bitch. Well, I just didn't like like don't you Don't try to make me feel sorry for this guy. For him no. If you spend the good until the movie, look a lot of this is a bad movie until they actually get to the part where start to pick up. Those parts as bad the town tried to beat out of him and I was rooting him on I was happy. I was happy because man those those goddamn thermos jokes goes like can we stop please? No. No like I said they had. If they had actually ended this movie had with before I, even got to the good parts of the edges into half of it and burn this fucking to the state. It'd be like, okay that was a good movie. Luckily. There's other people here. Really. He's not in it much but when he pops up, he's funny. Or, some shit he does. Really. I mean just really old and a Rainbow Week. Do was in good film. Class. I DIDN'T RECOGNIZE was pretty impressive how he's been. Choubey do. Tradition. Yet. Expect scare here their. Rule the dame, the plant faced way with the new vegan mixed ferry from smoothie king powered by whole non GMO fruits, oat milk and vegan protein. It's dairy free print vase smoothie. You can feel great about with thirteen grams of protein and half your daily fiber. 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