Harvey Weinstein Trial: Accuser Lauren Sivan Interview


The views and opinions expressed in. This podcast are simply that opinions. All are presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law sensitive live topics are discussed discretion is advised on this week's court. TV podcast we continue our gavel to gavel coverage of the Harvey Weinstein trial with an extended interview with Lawrence Avant one of the nearly ninety women who publicly accused him of sexual misconduct. Tom This is the court. TV podcast with vinny politics and Sima Ire Welcome to the court TV podcast. I'm Sima Ir here with my Buddy Vinnie Paul. Great to be here really. It's always great to be here because the podcast gives us an opportunity to really take it to another level. You know what I mean another level of depth because ears into your commute. Yeah your kitchen the stuff I love this what I I lived to do. I love it. It's my the work of my career and Today I'm really excited about What we're getting into? Well I especially thank that you are going to appreciate this interview that I did. With one of the Harvey Weinstein Accusers Lawrence Yvonne because she is is somewhat like one of us. She's a journalist. Yeah and how she ended up there. I mean to me. This whole scenario and story is bizarre. And and I think it's so revealing These interviews in how you know honest. They are sure and I spoke to. Yeah Yeah and she is really a great interview because she's a journalist and also vinnie. It was she added some levity to this particular interaction that she had with Harvey Weinstein which I can appreciate because it is very emotional for me to sit down with these accusers. It is just all the sympathy and all the empathy you have is women just comes out but so what's your what's your background. What did you? How'd you get into really interesting? Show always always want to be a journalist. I I think right out of college. She worked behind the scenes in Fox's producer but Hello she realized realized. Hey I am so stunning. No she didn't say that but I say that she is so stunning that The natural progression was to be in front of the camera and she made that what transition she learned The business the production part the reporting part and her first real job in front of the camera was act. Act a New York station in Long Island strong island. Yes Oh you sat down with her right. So Y- you're sitting down. And how did you prepare a pair for all of this. And and what. What's your attitude going into these interviews? It depends on the accusation right. How about this one? So for this accusation. I really just try. Try to watch as much on Lawrence Yvonne as I could under. I was prepared for what she was going to say. So I knew the story and I really. We also just wanted her timeline about how young she was when it happened. this occurred back in two thousand seven and I was able to almost just relax a little before speaking to Lauren. Because I knew she was not going to describe a violent assault so in this interview. We you again now for you listeners lauren describing how she met Harvey Weinstein. At that time I was working at news. Twelve Long Island. I had a serious boyfriend who I lived with in Manhattan and I would commute out to work every day and come back to the city at at night around that time when you met Harvey Weinstein and do you know approximately when you met him so it was about It was two thousand seven even if the fall or the winter of two thousand seven. I had just finished my shift on Long Island was driving back to Manhattan and I got a phone call from a girlfriend. It was like a Friday night I think ink and she said we're all down at chipper. Yanni's you should come. It's a fun group. You should come and I just got off work. It was Friday so it was later already. It was about probably eleven o'clock by the time I got back into town and I went and met her and she was there with Just be chip Ronnie and bunch of people. Aw and I just took the empty seat at the table. I sat down with them and two minutes later. Harvey Weinstein comes up next to me and says I think you're sitting in my seat. Lead and I knew he was obviously recognizable. I said Oh I'm so. Sorry and he goes. No no no you sit and he pulled up a chair next to me and we just started chatting and he. He was asking me what I did and it was really charming. In retrospect he was asked me what I did. He was asking me a million questions about my job. You so impressed that I work in news news. He was telling me about all these news documentaries. He's trying to produce and we had this really great chat where I really felt. Wow I'm holding my own with Harvey Weinstein. I was only about twenty six twenty seven at the time. What was your overall impression of him? His demeanor how did you come across charming. He came across as really interested in in what I was doing. But not in a creepy way. He was asking legitimate questions about news about where I came from. We're talking about presidential history. You know and which one which president by our fees we read and things like that and there was no red flags there was was not I mean he was nothing but really warm and sincere and he was telling me about his children. And that's why because there was no red flags that's why when he asked me if I wanted to tour more of the place we were in later that evening I said yes because dangerous. What was his connection to chip Brianti? Like why would he they were palace. Oh they were they were definitely POWs they. They were together quite a bit. As far as I know just by reading page six in New York I mean chip ran on Ian. Him would go on yachts together he would use the ATI would use chipper Yanni's hotels so they were pals. How many people are at this table where there are a lot of people there for this dinner? No maximum ten of us at this dinner but afterward because I got in there so late. They said we're all going to go to this club Socialista. So we all piled into Harvey Weinstein's Weinstein's car. That was waiting outside with driver. It was like a huge suv and we all went to Socialista and when we got there we continue talking. It was all on the up and up until he said. Hey I'm one of the investors here I want to give you a tour and my initial reaction was great because there was no reason to be alarmed at that point but I got up from the table and I told my girlfriend who had come to meet own. Just GonNa go check out the restaurant with Harvey and she looked at me and she said said if you're not back in ten minutes I'm going to come get you and I was like okay at that time when she said that. was there anybody else in that group that looked at you In in some way not that I remember anybody say anything to you in some way. No I mean you know it was a nightclub it was like wow people were just just like talking and corners and it was dark and it was just a girlfriend looking after her friend she just said. Hey if you're not back in ten minutes and coming to look for you. Was it a bit tongue in cheek. Cheetham she said it. I don't think so. I think she knew more than I did at that point because she had known. Just be for a while. And she had heard some things just Ed's told her about Harvey not that would rise to the level of do not go anywhere with him but just keep an eye on you so then what happened so he took me downstairs and soon as we got downstairs. I realized this was a bad idea because the kitchen was empty. There was just one guy sweeping sweeping up. It was dark and I said to him as soon as we got down there. Okay I've seen it. I'm good I'm going to back upstairs because no no no no. You haven't seen it all you haven't seen it all well and you know in in restaurant. Kitchens in New York City. They're really narrow. They're usually underground so he's walking me behind me through this hallway and when we get to the end of the hallway. It's just like a dead end is like a vestibule and that's when he you know cornered me and he leaned in and kissed me and I backed off and I said I'm I'm so sorry. I gave you the wrong impression. I I had no idea that this was this is what it was about. I just thought we were having a nice chat before he kissed you. Did he touch you at all. When you said he he yeah he may have touched my lower back or just to scoop me through the hallway? Maybe but it was again it was you you know once we were down in a dark place. I knew this was a bad idea and I knew that I wanted to get out of there. And when he kissed me it was it was it was. I was in my reaction with more angry at myself. Like I'm was so stupid to think that he was just happy having a chat with me or that he thought I I was someone smart and intelligent for conversation like obviously it occurred to me at that moment that led up to this so I was annoyed at that point. Were you scared. I don't remember member being physically scared. He was he's a big guy and he was blocking the exit. It was clear to me that he wasn't GonNa let me just walk away but I didn't didn't fear violence for some reason. I think I felt like he was so I think I felt like I'm small enough that I could like you know. Get Out of there. Needed to but part of me was angry at that I got myself down here. And when he told me after pulled away from him he said well can you just stand there and be quiet. That's when I was like what and I guess the reporter in me was like what's he gonNa do because that's never happened to me before at that point. Did you get scared. Yeah but then when I realized what he was about to do which was you know expose. It was himself and masturbate in front of me. I just was like this is disgusting and I just want to leave. I wasn't scared for some reason. It seemed like whatever wherever you are going to have to involve me. I just had to stand there for whatever reason. But it's a horrifying sight to be a woman by yourself standing when they're watching this go down and the whole time just thinking this is Harvey Weinstein. How many other women has he done this too? I just met him an hour ago so I knew new right then and there. I was not the only one you said you were about. What Twenty six twenty seven? Okay even at that young and that moment you thought to yourself how many any other women just because it seems so orchestrated. Oh I'm so stupid. He's chatting me up upstairs to get me downstairs to do whatever he wanted to do. He knew exactly how to get me down there quickly. How to warn me up he knew the place right? He knew where to go where there'll be a dark corner where no one would see him. No one would hear me so it just felt at that moment like I bet you he does this all the time because it was so nothing to him and he didn't seem alarmed at all when I was alarmed when I was like Whoa. I'm so sorry I didn't. I didn't mean to be here. I didn't mean to give you the wrong impression. He was just like ooh well. She's not going to cooperate if happening. We're GONNA take a break right now but we'll be back with more more story for more court. TV Watch it on cable over the Air Roku or go to court TV DOT COM And Stream live gavel to gavel coverage. Catch up on the big moments from our current cases and relive some of court. TV's most historic trials court. TV your front row seat to justice. We're back for more of seem as interview with television journalists and Harvey Harvey Weinstein Accuser Lawrence Yvonne. Here's the rest of her story about her encounter with the movie. Mogul a little warning though. This does get graphic. Okay so you said there was a moment where you knew what he was about to do. Yeah did he. Could you just describe what he did. And we'll league's looking and asked me to. He asked me to stand there and be quiet and I remember standing arms cross because I was like what. What's he you're GONNA do? And then he pulled out his penis and started vigorously masturbating facing you looking directly at me and so we're where were you looking. I was not looking at him. Yeah I was not looking at him I think I was looking past him or down but I remember thinking like think it's so gross. Didn't WanNa Watch and I kept hoping that this would not take a long time. How far was he from from you when he was doing? Oh like like where we're sitting right now so as close as we. Yeah two feet three feet and when he was masturbating in front of you did he touch you. No did he say anything. I mean he may have made some guttural noises when it was over to let me know that he was done because it was obvious to me that he had finished and I said can we go. Can I go now. How long did it take? I mean I want to say less than two minutes and were you in that narrow hallway that you described. Yeah so so. We're up against a wall or I know that there may have been a dorm back but I believe it was locked like I remember thinking. There's nothing else to see here like. Why are we in this hallway? And and then there was a what I believed to be a potted plant. It was dark but I think there was just like some table with some kind of pot on it and and I believe that's where he finished off in that moment. Turn away from you or was he still looking at you when he finished off. I don't I don't remember. Just remember knowing that he was definitely done any point during that you describe some of the feelings feelings but were there any other any fear anything else or or you said discuss you said pathetic. Yeah I think also just shock. I mean this was a guy who's this titan of Hollywood. Everybody knows who he is. It was I was kind of shocked that he was this brazen You know he this we we were in a restaurant. I mean his friends are sitting upstairs. It wasn't like he dragged me to a hotel or somewhere you know that he knew it was private. He knew that if he got me downstairs ears in this building that he would have a chance. And that's when I realize like this is the first time on that so you said Ah when he was finished you said can I go now. And he's he said Yes let's go. Let's go upstairs like nothing had happened. And he walked me upstairs ears and my girlfriend was coming down the stairs What I found out later was he had a guard at the door either? His driver or a security guard or whoever was with within a guard at the door. Who told my girlfriend cannot go down there? And she said my friend is down there alone with Harvey Weinstein. You're telling me I can't go down there. Are you going to explain. Lean that to the police and he let her down so she was coming down just as we got up and she said are you okay and I said we're leaving and I grabbed her arm. Then we ran out of there and I told her the whole story in the cab ride. Did you tell anybody else that night or later. I mean this was not something I kept a secret. I was so shocked that Harvey Weinstein is huge. Movie producer is restaurants all over New York City. Unlike pinning girls up against the wall to me as a report like that was a huge story. Did you think of pursuing this in journalistic way no for many many reasons number one. What's the evidence? He never touched me. There's no nothing on me I would go to the police and say someone in front of me. You know okay. I just want to put this out there. You know again. I'm former prosecutor defense or any as in that vein. I'm thinking you had your friend trying trying to go down to guard blocking the door. The Front of the guard have conversation. Finally the guard lesser through. She comes down the stairs. You're like we're getting eating out here. That is a statement that would come into evidence it will go into evidence but keep in mind. This was ten years ago. He was untouchable. I did not work for for him. I did not have to see him again. As far as I was concerned it was just one of those crazy things that happen in New York City. It was a story that I told everybody I knew about but the idea of going to the police with it. I didn't see how that would benefit me at all. You see what I'm saying like the fact that he was this huge famous guy was the shocking part to me But I never felt like I needed to. I never felt like I wanted some some kind of justice out of this. I was just stunned that that had happened did. Did you ever actually know anyone ever recommend to you to go to the authorities or anybody. No one no and keep in mind. I work with all the people news. No you told people always yes. I told everyone at my station. He called my station the next day. I was sitting in my office the next day. That was the weirdest portable this sitting in my office the next day. Because I'd mentioned I'd worked for news. Twelve long the island and I pick up my phone Harvey Weinstein online for you. He called our assignment desk and I was like I thought always calling to apologize. Obviously and she gets on the phone he said. I just wanted to call and tell you I had a wonderful evening and I said really and he goes. Yeah I would love to see you again. I think I made it clear last night that I'm really not interested in any kind of relationship with you ever serious boyfriend and I think that's the last time we'll be seeing each other something to that effect. I remember being like polite. But like what the hell and he said. Well I'm going to going away for a couple of weeks. I have to go to Hong Kong and Blah Blah Blah and Blah Blah Blah. But I'M GONNA I'll renew when I get back and see if you've changed your mind. And then that was the last. I heard of him from him. So okay so you didn't hear from after that no and I know after news twelve. Where did your career go from there? Her afternoons twelve. I got hired back at Fox. News Channel as Overnight Anchor reporting and for Shepard Smith Show and I was was covering breaking news on the overnights and I stayed there for about two and a half years until I'm yeah until I I moved out to La. Because I got a morning show job in L. A. and I've been in La for eight years when I moved to La. I would tell people this story. Worry and the reaction was always the same that's harvey that sounds like Harvey. No one was ever shocked. No one was ever like why. Why do you go to the police or why didn't you know one? That was never a reaction. I got from anyone so when I came out. That's why I was so shocked that everybody's like you. Didn't you kept this this quite I didn't keep it quiet. I told everybody this wasn't some dark secret. I had you know. Captain Sunk down. That was traumatizing me. I literally told everyone and anyone when when his name came up. Did it traumatize you. I mean the Act itself was not fun to witness. No woman wants to wants to be in that position but of course I was young at the time and it was a different different time and so I blame myself from most of it. I kept thinking. Like what signs did I give him that. I was interested knowing what you know. Now wow regarding the accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Do you still blame yourself. No no all right. We gotta take a break right now but up next. We'll have more of Lawrence Yvonne Story Follow Court. TV Live over the air uninterrupted. If you're watching television with an antenna just rescan your channels now to add court. TV AND GO TO COURT TV DOT COM to see the exact position and more ways to watch court TV in your area. Okay Folks Quick Nick Recap here. Lawrence encounter with Weinstein. It happened back in two thousand seven after that she moved to l. a. established her life there where where her Weinstein story was something that she would basically tell anyone who would listen especially when his name came up but the reaction she got was always. He's well that's just harvey then in twenty seventeen. Everything changed so learn. I just want to go through the timeline October. Fifth two thousand seventeen was when the New York Times expose came out and then I believe it was tober ninth just four days later were you. You were the first accuser to go on camera. I didn't even know that I didn't know it was the first accuser. Go on camera. What precipitated decision? So I saw the New York Times article and I thought to myself. Oh finally someone speaking of about this guy. I knew it I knew it all along. When was when was someone going to pipe up about him and I was so proud of those women that took a lot of risk talked the New York Times and I was so proud? Your Times published the story because for years you've been hearing hearing about him covering up stories about himself and smearing women that dared accuse him of anything. And so. This was like Hallelujah. Shortly the after that story came out his apology came out. If you've read that apology it's absolutely bonkers. I mean it's so absurd. We'll how so you feel part of that apology. which stands true? Today his statement has consistently been that he denies all all allegations of non consensual sexual encounters. When you are Harvey Weinstein and you run Hollywood and you are inviting writing young actresses to come meet you where they believe that this is the make or break moment of their career? I don't believe they are able to to give consent in that in that environment. There's just too big and abuse of power there. I've always felt that way and so when he came out and not only didn't apologize but said that these women were lying. That's when I really got angry and like I I said I had told so many people that story through the years that I was getting phone calls that night. Saying don't you have a Harvey Weinstein Story and one of those phone calls or messages came from. I'm a reporter named Charlie who who wanted to publish the story and I said I said okay. Don't use my name. I'll do it anonymously so I told them the whole story and he called me back two more times and said I think that the story will be much more powerful if you use your name because because you're not an actress never wanted anything from him he can't use. You know that scapegoat that you're just trying to get into a movie as as a journalist I think it'll be more powerful username and I spent that whole night. Contemplating in thinking about it and I was really on the fence about it because I didn't want don't want forever my name to be linked to this guy thought on the other hand you are journalists your journalist finding new evaluate new. I knew how much more powerful it could be if I lend my name to it and so I said yes. An article came out on that Friday and I thought good it'll be buried in the weekend and people forget about it by Monday. And that just wasn't the case I mean and when that article came out just got flooded with requests and one of the people that reached out to me was Megan Kelly. I knew her from Fox. I trusted her and so I agreed to do the today show and tell her my story. What was the aftermath for you after speaking on camera well? Initially all of these women came came out of the woodwork. To Talk to me and say the same thing happened to me at work. The same thing what happened to me when I was young or what I mean there were so many people with similar stories like this and then I began to get to know. All of these Weinstein victims that you'll remember started coming out of the woodwork. In droves I mean you couldn't even keep up with all the names that came out with stories. Currently my list is approximately eighty seven accusers. So Oh can you tell me. Approximately how many accusers you keep in touch with you. I think it's about Oh all of us. Keep in touch. We are all on an email thread. Maybe there's thirty or forty on that thread give or take the crazy thing is we. We range in age from someone in her late sixties. I think sixty eight sixty nine and twenty two years old so this was a three decade long. You Know Predator. I mean he was doing this forever. The reason that he continued to do it for so long was because he had all the power he had all cards. Women were terrified of him and when they weren't terrified when they were brave enough to come forward and try and do something about it he shut them down on. He called them crazy. He blacklisted them from Hollywood. He had Siamese out on them. Hiring Israeli intelligence forces He worked very very hard to keep all of these secret. So what happened with you in your career. What was happening at that point when you were you were at Fox? La An October twenty seventeen year the morning show anchor Fox la. I was a contributor beater on the morning. Show yeah I I was Fox. La When The New York Times story broke out. I remember in the newsroom and I jumped up and I said Oh my God had this is crazy. They're finally going to get Harvey Weinstein. And everybody's like Oh. Yeah Yeah we got that in the show we got that in the show I go no no I have my own Harvey Weinstein story right and literally. They were not interested. They're like now. We got ED covering it. You're fine before the New York Times article. Did you tell people at your station or wherever you're working at the time had you told. Oh okay so had anyone. Whether it's a news director or anyone senior director old like people that I work with. It was like when his name came up. I'd be like crazy. Harvey Weinstein Story Okay. So now after the New York Times expose your station knows that you have a Harvey Weinstein store. I told my immediate producer for the five pm news that night I was working on the five pm news and I told him he said. Oh yeah that's okay we have someone else on it and I was like like really what did you want to do. You think I thought I should cover the story at least because I had my own story. I knew they were right. He's sent out that apology. which which was crazy like? I wanted to cover the story but I also was trying to tell them. I have a little credibility to cover the story like they the impression when that story came out though I have to be honest honest especially in my newsroom. I don't know if this was the case. Everywhere was that it would be dead by the next week by next week. The story right right yeah. That's opposite it was the opposite. Yeah so what happened with you. So you are now we want your nose well and you're going on NBC. I called my director that night. She wasn't in for some reason that day and I remember calling her at night and emailing her and calling my agent he was like you can do this interview but just get get in in touch with Fox let them know and I was trying all day. No one called me back and I said I don't know what to do. I would either have to get on a plane to do this. I haven't heard back from Fox. They haven't returned any of my emails. What should I do and my agent told me go through the interview? It's Fox's fall like what are you going to do and so I did a bunch of interviews and again was calling my station the whole time telling them like. Do you want me to save this for you. Do you want me to come back. Do you want me to do no. We're good. We're good. They kept me off the air for about two weeks. They told me because they wanted to wait for it to to die down and then my agent called them and said what are you doing with her. You have one of the. Why aren't you putting her on the air and they said well? We didn't put any of O'Reilly's accusers on the air. So we don't WanNa seem biased if we put a Weinstein accuser accuser on the air. I don't think it's the same thing but okay fine so after two weeks. They put me back on the schedule. But I was not doing any of the jobs I was doing before. I was only on weekends shifts or undesirable shifts and covering the the de-block stories says he liked to call them. You know like a dog bite out in Santa Ana or something. It wasn't it wasn't the job that I had been doing for the last seven years. So you were covering less newsworthy stories. Less a serious stories. Yeah and then and then they just cut down my time and I can tell that my news director was clearly angry with me. I tried to meet with her several times but she she didn't until I just wasn't on the schedule anymore. They never said I was fire. They never said they just said. Oh we have enough freelancers. We're full this week. We're full this week. Take so I tried to get a job somewhere else. My agent had going on meetings and and it was tough because he would come back to to me and say things like well you make people nervous when they google you and all they see is accuser of Weinstein. They think to themselves lawsuit or this is going to be someone. I can't speak openly with. I mean there's still a lot of men that run a lot of companies that made me a sick that I didn't think I did anything wrong. I've never gone to. HR In my life. By the way I mean this wasn't a workplace scenario. It was just something that happened to me. Randomly did anyone at Fox ever admit that you were essentially taken off the schedule at some point because of your wine see connection. They didn't admit that they'd said that. I piss people off by talking to Megan Kelly before my own station but the truth was I tried even the the morning anchor Edwards. At the time he knew the story and he kept asking them. Why are we having more non? Why are we having all these people that we don't know interviewing we have Lawrence? He's right here. Why aren't we interviewing her? And he said he wasn't given an answer so I guess they didn't want to openly say say that they were punishing me for it. But that's what it was but it wasn't just them because I tried to work other places and I would hear from people like have you Google Yourself. It's all about Harvey Weinstein. I said Yeah I know. Unfortunately they're like well. You know people who who a large lawsuits and get money. It's just not a good time for us to be hiring people like that and I would say I'd never was a part of any class action I mean. I'm a journalist so I made sure that I it wasn't getting any money wasn't part of any class action wasn't looking for any money. I only wanted to just validate these other. Women's stories wasn't trying to gain off this at all. But because I guess lumped together with with everyone else that's all they see or hear what's been going on with your career sense because that was so you're saying 2017 the rest of twenty seventeen twenty eighteen gene. This continued I worked at a I got hired at KABC radio. And I did a talk show with Dr drew for about a year and I love that show that I had nothing to do with with Weinstein. Or anything like that I've just been trying to piece together. Freelance work since then. And I've gotten it. I'm stayed on my feet but it pains me to know that this will affect my employment opportunities because my name will forever be attached to this infinite up next the rest of my interview with Lawrence Yvonne. Oh for more court. TV Watch it on cable over the Air Roku or go to court TV DOT COM and streaming live gavel to gavel coverage. wjr catch up on the big moments from our current cases and relive some of court. TV's most historic trials court. TV your front row seat to justice. Today we'd be listening to seem as powerful interview with TV journalist and Weinstein Accuser Lawrence Savan. Here's here's the conclusion of their talk. Can you think of any way that that something can change that or you can change enjoyed. What has to happen for this to not affect your career going forward? The effect on my career is not my worst fear. It really isn't I mean. Figure it out you know. I'm I'm doing it right. Now is a shame that it had to happen. But you know when we see Harvey Weinstein Dining Out in New York City places. where he no he knows Paparazzi? We'll see him. When he's showing up at young actors studios the exact demographic he preyed upon on its reason arrogance that really angers me you know I know you're innocent until proven guilty? I know that but it just seems to be a bit much to be parading around town before his trial At the very same place where I was I was accosted at at Socialista which has reopened. I thought that was offensive. Do you regret going public Sometimes I do yeah I do but because I've seen so many changes since then. I think that you know the end was worth it. I first of all I met these wonderful women. I mean if nothing else harvey had great taste in women. Because they're all accomplished. I really genuine amazing human beings and we all help each other out. I mean to be a part of that network of women. Women is really a gift and I also love seeing changes. I mean my boyfriend. Today is an actor and he works on all the time and now they have an intimacy coach coach. Come in whenever there's nudity and scenes and I think Craig like if we could just make the place a little bit safer for women so that women don't have to feel terrified when they go to work work they don't have to feel terrified when they get a job or go to a job meeting that's going to be in some dudes hotel room like yeah that's changing and that that is a big big bonuses. Ernest the hotel room thing that has changed. Are there any other changes besides like you were saying about your boyfriend in the intimacy code. Well it's the it's the gray area that I I think we're all still dealing with right. I mean I think everybody kind of agreed and mass that you shouldn't be pulling your penis out during business meetings. That was a no. No no genitals should be out when you're meeting with perspective actresses. Don't don't wear a bathrobe for the meeting. That kind of thing we all realize was wrong but but it's those gray areas where we're women just kind of felt uncomfortable. Couldn't say anything you know. You want the job. So you're you're alone own an office where you're alone in a hotel room and you just feel unsafe I remember one executive said. Yeah now I have to meet everyone with the doors open in my in my office office. Thanks to you and I said Oh. I'm sorry I'm sorry that you're making women feel safer when they meet with you. I mean the it's it's kind of easy. Just don't treat women like you would any man hiring the job. Would you have a man come to see you and your bathrobe. It's it's so easy. The trial New York scheduled for January. Are you expected to testify as a witness from what you know from what I know. I'm not I did offer to the NYPD. I think because my story you know it happened over ten years ago but it's not going to be easy for anyone to watch this trial or just we're not even GONNA be able to watch it but to hear what's going on. Do you plan on attending thing. I mean sitting in the Audience Public Forum. No no I don't if the trial doesn't go the way we all hope we'll go that's the most terrifying part to me if he just gets away with it because he'll go back to doing what he's done done he'll probably find money. Start another production company. I mean he already is wheeling and dealing still. That's horrifying to me. Because does that mean there will be new victims for sure if Harvey Weinstein was sitting opposite you today. What would you say to him? It's hard for me to even I'd say what I would say to him. There's a lot of disgust and anger and And just I don't know I just I just I hate to say this because you know obviously not everything rises to the level of Harvey Weinstein and now in men are accused of things. People just want them to go away way they want the fire they want them to disappear and I think like there should be some road to redemption. Should be a way that you can come back. If you've proven that you've taken steps. To Oh combat your predatory predatory behavior but with him. Ideally I just want him to co way I I the fact that he's out and about New York acting like he's done nothing wrong and he'll be proven innocent is going to many of us. Weinstein is facing life in prison in your opinion. Does he deserve. Serve Life in prison with ninety accusers. Victims Yeah Yeah. He's ruined so many lives ruined. Lives think about you back in two thousand seven and the experience you went through and like you said for you. It was disgusting. It was pathetic. You were annoyed at it yourself all of that but now knowing what you know now knowing that you're on a group chat with thirty other accusers and so you've been exposed to almost eighty five other stories. Ninety stories has all of that made you angrier angrier. Oh Yeah Oh yeah I mean like. I said what he did to me. I didn't feel traumatized by and I didn't. I didn't feel the need to go to the police or anything like that. When I heard the other stories I realize what a real monster he was because look I'm it is a local reporter? We met randomly one night. I never had to see him again. But if I felt that my entire career rested upon pleasing this man and having to do something that I absolutely would never ever do except for the fact that I thought that was my only option. Just imagine how that can destroy. Destroy a person. I mean there were women women that have really promising careers in the business that were completely shut down after this either because they said no and they were blacklisted. Or because they said said yes and they were forever traumatized and haunted by by what happened to them of all the stories that you've heard all the accusers that you've met do you. You believe the accusations one hundred percent one hundred percent. I mean there's not a single story that say That doesn't sound like Hammer. This doesn't sound like him. I mean his grooming process was really the same for all of them. You're so talented. I see so much promise in you. You come over and read scripts with me. I just want to see you here. I just want to see you there. I need to talk to you privately because I want to mentor. You want I mean this went on with with all of the victims. Nearly and for me you know it was it was a quickie you is only fifteen minutes of grooming or maybe a half hour so chitchat but but yeah he had a pattern and he knew exactly what to say to make a woman feel comfortable initially in order to get them alone. Unbelievable believable as sitting here seem a great interview by the way and and listening to. I still can't believe that someone would do these things. Things don't understand. Do you want to say on behalf of all of us a court TV. We're really grateful. Any time someone sits down with US and talks to us about very disturbing and Painful memories and very personal. I mean some people it's difficult. It's difficult to talk about this stuff but We're really grateful awesome. I mean to me this gives I think everyone who's been following the Harvey Weinstein Weinstein case some insight. You know. Because we can't get the cameras and the microphones inside the courtroom but we can speak to some of the people who are making these accusations. All right folks For continuing coverage of everything we do on court. TV Day in and day out gavel to gavel coverage of the biggest trials around the nation including the Harvey Harvey Weinstein case. Please rescan your antenna. Scan for Heaven's sakes time to rescan please. Until everyone re he scans. I will continue to remind yourself everyone. Does it right now. I won't have to mention it again. And then he'll get some sleep at night because he stays up worrying about you re scanning people all right. We'll see you next time. Thank you this. PODCAST is a production of Kotei could court. TV DOT COM for more content content trials on demand and to find out how to watch court TV in your area

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