Steelers Post-Game: Breaking down the good, and the bad, of the Steelers Week 1 Preseason win


Jeff hartmann editor behind the steel curtain dot com with you for another actually not another. This is the first steelers postgame of two thousand nineteen where we're here myself co. Who's lance williams to talk about. The pittsburgh steelers one thirty to twenty eight week one preseason over the tampa bay buccaneers lands house ago ellen tonight. What are your knee-jerk reactions to the game man big up to you jeff man. It's a long day for you on the east coast my brother mad. It's almost midnight. My thought was good lower. That was a long game. My goodness challenges go off some with the officiating late. The hitting a defenseless receiver would forty five seconds to go. It was just it was it was it got bad. Ed started fast forty between each play just to get to the next play <hes> man but overall solid performance by a lot of players for the doers before we get the live chats already starting to get hot. I conceive were anxious to talk about the game and stuff like that. I want to say first and foremost almost a preface to this that lance and i are going to hold all conversation about mr third and fifth until sunday's shows the standard. I'll talk a little bit about it tomorrow. Okay tomorrow is fine time but we will get into our debate on that it. It might actually be a debate on mr third and fifth on sundays. The standard is this data so please. Let's focus strictly on <hes> you know the the the steelers play so let's talk about who stood out to you in a positive way. I'm gonna go first. How can you start anywhere other than number fifty. Five devon bush bush was all over the field. I think i heard that he had ten tackles hit a pass break up. I think that would have been no. I think it was nullified. Actually kazaa that was a play that tastes and all called for roughing the passer but still <hes> tackle for a loss. He looked good lands. You agree disagree three amen. I second motion <hes>. That kid is explosive. He's all over the field and it's going to be hard for them to keep him off the football all the football field. I mean it's gonna be he's gonna be starting very so he's not gonna be limited to being a sub packed football player. They're going to have to get him on the field and i think that might be dangerous for <hes> vidi vici in the future i was listening to the pre-game show on the steelers goes nation radio and they were talking essentially that <hes> in this is my pursuit of this is bob lab arreola and such jerry dulack of the pittsburgh gazette and they were talking about how they were see vince williams turning into a casey hampton type no not that he's gonna play nose tackle but that he's only going to really you playing on early obvious running or run potential down coming off the field and barren and bush will be out there. I was impressed with baron speed. He's willing the delay the lumber he's kind of a hard hitter to <hes> overall. I think a lot of people might look at that. I drive a genius. Winston took the offense down the field and scored a touchdown that they would say oh man <hes> it didn't look good but you gotta remember there was one official starter on that football field and that was terrell relevant so lance go ahead with who's another player that stood out to you in a positive way boswell. I think boswell very good pull out of the hat wasn't expect now and it comes as well in fact i have i listed like six or seven players in boswell was number one reason why i say boswell and i know there's a lot out of excitement about the rookie but the rookie doesn't score points boswell scores points when you have a kicking game that was asked inconsistent as the steelers last year i i know that all of steeler nation the coaches everybody steeler universe was trying to check out boswell to see if perform well and he was kicking them right down. The middle had a with juice with a lot of leg a lot of power. Look good at extra points. I thought he was fantastic and if boswell he looked like the boswell of two years ago. Let me ask you this about chris boswell because i agree he had a great performance kicked. The ball in terms of kickoffs does a good job. What's it gonna take for you to not ought be a nervous wreck like i am whatever he's lining up to kick a field goal because one preseason game is not gonna do it first game winner. Oh god that's the first game winner <hes> but but i think i mean my memory is short with baas baas kick the ball so well that first year <hes> <hes> when when he really was one of the most important factors that dim going thirteen and three you know my memory is short. I think baas i mean i. I don't know i think baas was just in a funk doc. I think he had golfer. <hes> you know the hips i think he just had the the gifts. Last year was in a bad place. Mentally you know when guys are motivated and they wanna eat each stake instead of sirloin. You know you can see the best okay. The hips can end people's careers to see now. Yes hopefully it was baker. Fitch ian baker finch terms have not necessarily gives the losing swing david duval corey pavin. They all went so there are a lot of gophers but anyways. Let's give back to football. I'm gonna give you another name and i know that ali who's a regular in the live chat. He is always he's always busting my chops because i always bring up james washington but it's via turned to say i thought james washington played extremely well tonight and and this is from dobbs andrew off. I'll get to those two guys of sure and a second but i was super impressed with washington's. He didn't just catch the deep ball he he also had the nice. I thought that toe tap would have been really awesome. If you go to made the touchdown catch me at the back shoulder touchdown from rudolf he worked over the middle middle he took a big hit got up. He caught the pass. I loved his versatility. I think he's going to i'm not saying he's gonna beat out moncrieff. He's going it'd be pushing him and i think that's a good thing. The steelers know how to pick receivers last year proven to be just craziness all-round and i think he's settling in what do you think about that lance. I'm go even farther jeff and this could be a little show wager that we can have marked the tape. If you're in a live chat. He's he's gonna beat out moncrieff. Oh okay he's going to start you know when he looked like he looked like a confident football player. He looked like a guy. That was the second round draft pick. That was an awesome player in college against guys that he knew weren't as good as him and he made them. Look that way and that's what you wanna see. When you have a highly drafted guy a guy that your banking or when they play against guys that might be backing groceries you make them look like like guys that might be bagging groceries and i was most impressed with his. Would he caught the football. He caught the football. There was no movement in his hands ends. They were solid confident catches his use of body control even in the run game when he was blocking on the edge everything he did with the purpose and he looked looked extremely confident and if he comes in plays like that with the addition of marguerite than it is what it is this offense can get it done. Okay okay. So what is your next person on your list. I'm gonna go with because you said rudolph you. I didn't say rudolph yet. Well yeah yeah. That's right your character jeff. I'm not going to steal your thunder. Go go ahead. Go go ahead and talk. Yes talk about your guy. Go ahead confers. Let me say that. I thought all three quarterbacks had really good moments tonight. I thought that <hes> added three mason rudolph was in any very unique situation and let me explain it. Lands called me on his way home and i was talking about his lands. Did you see what i was talking about how they say yes yes. It was associated with dobbs is under center. They had rosie neck's out there. They had him under center didn't have been the shotgun as much. It just seemed weird. In then once mason ace rudolf comes in it's like okay now we can real offense and he's in the shotgun the most of the time there's no full back. They're spreading teams out. He's able to read and make a quick decision. I hi do like rudolph. He showed me a couple aspects of his game. I didn't think he had number one. It was the past play where he escaped. The pocket. There was a holding call was was nullified. That is the fact that he had the escapee. This feed which was not was a knock on him coming out of oklahoma state that he was like a statue in the pockets. I was impressed with with that and he had two patients on that. Touchdown passes act gentry to stay in the pocket. Don't get happy feet and try to break it outside. He stayed in their through strike. I've i thought mason rudolph played well. I was less impressed with bucky hodges although he is receivers didn't help him much in although joshua dobbs numbers look good i ride the he had the thirty six yard run that was nice <hes> and he delivered the deep balto attempts jeans washington but other than that i just thought the dobbs was just this kind of me for being the starter for playing with the sh- what should be the best but then again i i. We haven't gotten to the negatives yet but the negatives i had one of them was in the backup. Offensive line absolute garbage in so dazs didn't have a lot of times. I'm gonna take that with a grain of salt as well. <hes> what are your thoughts the quarterbacks in general nachos rudolph after the game i think to your point i think both <hes> rudolph and the third urge drink guy both look much better in the pocket. I think to your point about touchdown. Throw on you can see the maturation of rudolph in the pocket as was he was calm kept his head up kept scanning the football field and looking for outlets and targets and made an excellent throw with accuracy towards the corner of the himself with a touchdown pass that that shows you that he has elevated his game in the second year. I think the other two guys have much better pocket doc it presents then josh dobbs and going back to josh dobbs although he hit that pass that pass was inaccurate on the deep post to to washington that should have been a touchdown <hes> he you can even see from behind the play from the camera angle from the quarterback angle he had at least three to four yards of separation operation from the corner onto post if he throws that anywhere towards the opposite hash and lets him run under that that's a touchdown and that's that's the the the small level of detail that that coaching staff and i'm sure coaching staffs are looking at that little bit of act or lack of accuracy took points off the board. I think the other two guys look better than dobbs. I think i'll go as far as to say that. Get your guy. I think solidified the fact that he's going to be the number two quarterback. I think rudolph one that job tonight. He looked much better than dobbs to me. He's going to have to duplicate duplicate that in week two. I would not be shocked if tomlin comes out this weekend says it's been our plan all along route us going to start week to <hes> unless unless less rothlisberger is gonna play. Let me prove their political play band at all we too. We know that he'll be out there but if mason rudolph is going to be the next quarterback up then dan he's gonna have to duplicate this success. He had tonight if he wants to win that number two jobs because here's the other thing that you know this is jeff that we're rudolph came in everything got crisper the blocking the pace the energy of the offense the whole christmas of the offense just the body language. Everything was faster. It was more intense. It was more grist. Everything was done with a better purpose. It's almost like they were like the office of line was like wow thanks dobbs is out. We can start not really playing rudolph said let's go get something done and like everything just drastically changed with rudolf came to gay and they may see wonder it makes a._c. Wonder why he now has been there and extra years now. He doesn't know the offense. It's not that he's not a smart player in can't call up protections. It's just strange. That sometimes sometimes happens but it did. I agree with you hundred percent. It look like a completely different offense <hes> once they got in there so <hes> and i i think i might have said bucky hodges earlier. It's ah buckey. Ten bucks was a tight end <hes> so <hes> go ahead lance. Who is the next <hes>. That's a dollar yeah. I thought he was a character to m._c. You just let you i'll let you roll with it. I maybe bookies last day from captain america. I was like maybe jeff is point. Now wintered sold out late. That's what it is. Yes it is. I'm gonna give you <hes> his last day. I believe is skipper skipper and ulysses gilbert. Those two guys really stood out as well particularly gilbert gilbert. He's quick which i mean that guy fifty four gilbert i mean his his burst in suddenness to the quarterback. It even plays that he was making an red zone. They can't cut that guy he he will not. They'll either have to put. They're gonna have to do something with him. He flashed his level of athleticism. You've gotta figure out a place for him. I think hey i'm spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nanny. I'm jason kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast gassed it says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what it is. It's all spoiled. Every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable the pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now health if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app. I just don't know where it goes back to a discussion i had with <hes> my source will call it and says it tyler medicaid which is a very coveted player on this team and that <hes> they're dot gov part ways with him unless they absolutely have to but i say to that. A similar song was sung last year landry jets in what happened every longer than he's trying to the x._f._l. Is what's happening <hes> i i was stunned by it and i think there's going to be a couple of players. This year that you really i you dave scofield. I talked about this a lot on our one of our shows shows. I think it was one. We filled in for you on the standards standard. He said who's gonna fill that darius hayward barrel you go through all of the wide receivers that they have that everyone assumes is is going to make the team you know you i rogers ryan switzer deontay johnson juju smith schuster and i'm forgetting james washington dante mockery. There's your six how many of them play special teams zero unless you're counting return man johnny hamilton tonight he had a big catch he had some returns earns he could be that dearest hebei guy in he could lead to someone losing a spot on the roster so is going to be interesting to see but i agree with you u._s.'s he's gilbert. I thought looked good. I would love to see him. Play a little bit more with like <hes> the next level up. Maybe give him some time in the third quarter see what he does there but i don't know so <hes> let's see here. Someone said fire tomlin come on now sears. She's he's funny though funny he did lose a challenge but i saw the i saw and i'm like i don't know why he's challenging. This and that's always the case for me as i will get say i'd. I'm trying to think why in the world challenge this big. No one picked up the football football. No one claimed her now. It doesn't make any sense city. He just wanted the game to go longer. Yeah those those the second half that would never end <hes> <hes> so. I'm gonna go with the next player that i thought played well. I was really impressed with jalen samuels in the limited amount of time. He touched the football. He ran the ball well. He should he still more than capable of catching the ball. He had some more speed than i remember last year a little bit more burst. I was very happy to see that. I think that's going to round up nicely in there. <hes> running back squad whether you call it <hes> what were your thoughts on jalen samuels he didn't touchable much when you daddy made plays great lateral quickness great feat that run towards the red zone great feat great patience in the whole <hes> he looks better. He looks better. He looks like he does have more juice. <hes> an elite me to you know when we get to the negatives <hes> and i'll checks depose <music> him here. Any other positives know that the game that the game finally ended that that it wasn't it's i it s the funny thing is i commented on your show. I think it was the first was the thursday show a new prediction and i said why i said the game was going to be a tie and it was dark. It was a really close. That'd be dreadful a tie preseason game say what did you go head into your negatives goods. The first player that he thought didn't really play well or the backup. Offense have line was pretty bad to start the game but but chuck sichor or four was really bad <hes>. I think if there's a thought that chuck's going to be a starting tackle this year. I think that was i think you saw that. He's not going to be a starting tackle this year. Some of those blocks were really bad in pass protection but on the opposite end and that's the negative for him but i thought <hes> and you guys might get ready to put something in a tip jar because i think i'm going to say this guy's name incorrectly correctly but i thought that matt filer yes fiber right yeah that matt filer played really okay well at guard <hes> in the game today and i think he solidified his position whereas value on a team even more plant well on the inside but i think chuck's occur for local really bad at the tackle position the the camp battles over if it hasn't been decided yet honestly i would say right now. <hes> barring injury or something crazy happening you have mad file is going to be. You're right tackle. I think they do like <hes> chew chor four whereas they're swing but don't be shocked. Zach banner somehow find his way into the mix as well. He played a ton and he didn't play badly. So what does that mean who who who loses their roster spot with gerald hawkins will yes yes. Yes i think he's the odd man out and fred johnson. I believe is his name is the giant giant of a man that they have a gourd who can play both guard spots and said they keep him keep banner and keep filer. Filer can move inside as well. They have a super versatile saloth offensive line and they're all frigging huge still yeah i didn't know until i was watching the program that banner stead lincoln kennedy yeah outstanding player. He's played for the raiders. He played for university of washington outstanding player lincoln kennedy so that was one of my negative who who's a negative for you jeff. I gotta be honest with you. I was pretty disappointed. Many snell tonight <hes> i wanna hear your points and there were certain things and i it was his first n._f._l. Action i get that i'm sure there was nerve spit. There are some times where you hear about what he's being build up to mckee's downhill runner. He's a one cut and go guy and said they would braun a a little you know lead a guard pooling and he's got a gap to just shoot up. Get four. We're five yards. Put your head down and give get the artist necessary. He's trying to string it out of james karak in string it out. He's fast enough to do that. Benny snow is not fast enough to do that. The the disappointing things actually tweeted this out for the behind. This curtain twitter handle was vans. Mcdonald needs to teach this kiddo. Throw stiff arm. I mean he whipped like two or three times. He's getting taken down the open field by a quarterback to me. That's not that's not any snow football. You know we've we've been snow football using air quotes air for those listening and audio. Although <hes> i just wasn't i. I'm not saying that he's a dud. I'm not saying he's a boss. I understand that now these that first game out of the way he knows what to expect. I hope see some approve next time you already gave him a nickname me and my dad were watching the game but we were just laughing because you know i don't know if you guys know benny and the jets one of my favorite favorite songs might be my favorite all time song. I love that song. I was a kid when he came out and instead of biddy the jets i was thinking benny no jets there is there is a term called lateral quickness. It's how quick you can't cut ah laterally as it sounds lateral quickness. He has no lateral witness the play that you're talking about when he he was all he had to do is make the cut. If you have lateral quickness you don't even have to stiff arm the corner he had to stiff arm to quarter with because he didn't have lateral quickness all you also you could see when he runs laterally his steps get his ballot. He loses ballots and he's just not explosive. You know maybe he has can't legs. Maybe his legs were dead from a lot of activity during camp but he just i didn't look explosive and so when you juxtapose him against <hes> at men's or you juxtaposed him against <hes> in any of the other backs you can see the difference. I mean you can see the difference you could see that they have explosion. There's life there's electricity to where they run the football when benny snell runs and it looks like the lice which is turned off. There's no juice. There's no jets so i'm hoping to see the more honestly i like edmonds a lot better than benny snell and samuel was much better. I mean sample compare samuels and compare your business. Now i mean i know he's a but he'd even do. The one cut down hill stuff well. He was slow to the whole. I mean that's why you can't believe everything. I think that you hear when you're reading about camp stuff. I mean the guy looked ferry pedestrian but he will be protected because of the p the the pedigree. He's a draft pick so i'm sure he's in no danger of getting cut. I don't think benny hill did everything poorly because i thought he did pass protection well. There's a couple of times where he had a nice a nice slides to protect the passer and i thought he caught the ball okay in the end you know and that was something that he wasn't asked to do a lot. In kentucky benny snow is the prototypical in happened with the <hes> the guy that's up in the new york jets now and he was mr. Mr butt naked robbed <hes> mister but nick iran fell he came in and i think a lot of these guys running backs thinks okay. I need you to bulk up. I need to get bigger and stronger for the n._f._l. When in reality they need to be conditioned and they need to be as fast as they can. James connor went through the same thing he came back from your your one year to oklahoma got totally different player. He was more dynamic last season than he was broke. Even in a limited time i would expect any snow to follow that same career path in terms conditioning. This deals will get on him. <hes> i don't want to pile on this kid too much because it's just as i game and it's we've already mentioned. The offense of wine was not that great in especially early on in the game. He had no running room so i don't want to go too far but that's my negative anyone else pop out at negative to you. Oh man justin lane he does get paid to cover quarters not to run away from him and he also gets paid to tackle guys not air like if he he did an excellent job tackling oxygen tackling here johnny beer here at so if you're grading him or tackling air excellent if you're attacking people not that good he he looked very tentative i mean he just i mean you. I mean he he was covering guys if they had the proverbial cooties he just didn't wanna get close. It was antoine blake esque. Yes yes cortez allen ask. Yes i mean it wasn't good it it it. It wasn't good. I mean he's you know again. He has the pedigree protecting him possibly but he's a lower pick so who knows. I didn't think he was very good. I think he has to approve play a little more confidence and take some more chance. He played on us the whole game. Yes the fourth quarter. I think tomlin was like you're. You're going to be played period. He didn't contest any bar. Believe i mean if it wasn't a completion. It was an <music> overthrow so i mean he he made the play early in the first half but that wasn't a good ball. I think by james winston he didn't turn komo carried the ball a little bit tough with the kid. It was his first start. I think he played that will now i agree in lisa's first start and and he's probably learning different schemes and i think that for me is i can't stand it when it's third three and a defensive back is eight eight yours off the ball in they don't they don't protect the boundary well and that was him in a nutshell night so i wasn't pleased with justin lane either <hes> i'm gonna go with my negative even save that the officiating mike josh guys i mean yes i mean we're trying to set the tone in the preseason and i know that you're i know there's holding on every play. That doesn't mean that you need to call it. On every play. I swear in a some of it pisses me off about the steelers is the fact that you know every time there's a special teams return or kick coverage. There's the penalty of the steelers. There's a whole there's something there's always something so <hes> the penalties ladies and the officiating tonight i was a little much <hes> the roughing the passer on taste hawala was soft <hes>. I thought that the <hes> hit on the defensive offensive receiver with a forty five seconds land forty five seconds yeah forty five seconds but i'm assuming it's my my dad used to always tell me as their preseason to okay. Yes it is back a great one. I mean they call defensive holding on the there he is he'll be back. I think i'm back now. Can you hear me now jeff there. Yeah i can hear you okay. We're good it was it's our it's our preseason to anyway. The officials called defensive holding on a nose guard. I was like dude. They never called defense of holding on defensive lineman. I'm like really i mean really i mean. They rarely hold because they're trying to penetrate. I mean but jeez come out and that was in in the first quarter. That was like i drive or something. I was like really this is bad but here here's another guy that was really bad and i and i know they're trying to figure this <unk> out. Bruce arians with the challenge on p._i. I'll come on bruce. Can we get out of here at the us. Thousands come on man like kim. Well have bruce arians going for two on three different occasions in the game over three. It's one of the situation like a i okay i get it. You're going forward if you get it. You're up one if you don't you're down to it's gonna you're not gonna end up in a tie and then at the end of the the game like holy crap he's over to. They're going to get it. It's gonna go to time and i'm going to want to shoot someone ahead like you know what you know. What i you know. My dad was criticized because he's like yeah. You know. Guys are tron evaluate guys so they can do it. You know what my thought was as i was watching this dreadful fourth quarter. I'm sorry to say steeler fans. It was long and i'm sure jeff is like mad dude. It's getting late. I'm ready to go to sleep <hes> there. There needs to be a running clock in the fourth quarter preseason games. Just run the clock. Let the clock is run. The clock stops during the t._v. Timeout once we get back jack just let that thing run. Do not stop the clock. I would take it a step further in preseason games. Have two halves go college. Basketball style style. Just has no quarters. Just you have first half second half then you're don c._n._n. Kency later by <hes> so <hes> okay. I can't really think of anything else the thing that i always want to take in remind folks that are listening to this or watching this that the steelers were a shell of themselves like guy mentioned earlier. We assume that bush is going to start but let's just say right now. He's not a starter that meant its relevance was the only defensive starter to play tonight. That's it joe. Hayden is steven nelson. No sean davis cameron heyward no steph onto adjacent hargrave did play but he did not start or anything of that nature. <hes> you know vince williams wasn't in there it but depre- t. j. watt just that's the none of them played. None of them play so i know that a lot of fans were upset. I checked twitter notifications about the tackling and defensive bob la. Whatever <hes> is it is what it is my question for you on a couple of players first and foremost zola danny. What were your thoughts on him. He kinda got some pressure a couple of times he he's tearing up camp due to the hype or what i think he did but but not so much on defense more so for me on special teams i thought he was fantastic on special teams and i think you'll see his immediate impact there and i think he'll be used as an obvious pass rushing situations to give probably but do priebus blow because i i don't think they can afford to really take t. J. watt off the field but he'll be a situation pass rusher and he's quick twitch. I mean i i mean the guy is as athletic as all get out so i was impressed by his his tenacity motor and athleticism my next question is is kind of a hypothetical and that is you look at some of these rookies that were injured or some of these players that really need to get on the football field a the biggest guy like sutton smith who didn't play tonight because of injury artie burns. He didn't play because of injury <hes> deonte johnson who didn't play because of injury. How important to you view is that they get on this football field next saturday night when they host the kansas city chiefs at heinz field in week two. Will you know what they say. And what did they s. H. jeff can't make club from the tub. That's all i gotta say well. What about burns. He's the guy that at least you know something about him. He's not a complete unknown like sutton's men were. They paid already burst eight hundred thousand. He's staying already. Burns's role is pretty solidified. The less nelson elson falls on his face and or <hes> joe haden it is not an effective player and even then you have sutton and you yeah you probably have sutton as two i backup then artie burns to back up there already birds when they paid the roster bonus. He'll be back. This just probably be his last year all right my last question for you. We give her final thoughts on the game. The final score was thirty to twenty eight tonight. Which of the sides of the football is is is this closer to in terms of regular season play. The offense scoring thirty or the defense is giving up thirty which is which is a you know i think when the game's elite started can i get c. T. fence not being as good as we thought or the offense is going to be around thirty minutes games <hes>. I think it's probably it closer to what the office o._b. <hes> i think the defense will be better than that. I mean the one thing that showed up to me that they appear to be faster <hes> <hes> and and i think they will be improved if devon bush continues to play like that and i wanna give myself credit and give us credit for the senate that i did a while back about vince williams. It is limited snap counts. You know this is something that we both thought something that i did in the podcast how vince was going to be limited. I believe next year in the ability. The snap steady plays. I think the steelers defense will be better so i don't think this was indicative of how good i think they'll be. This is hi daniel. Hi amanda we get to tell everyone about the new pod eaters ideas digest that is right are brand. New podcast is available l. now. It's everything you need to know about the world of food every week with a little help from the biggest names in the industry and journalists from the eater newsroom. We're gonna talk about everything from the worst things that diners do in restaurants to bake mete. We're gonna talk about food delivery tack. We are going to argue a lot about how to best behave in restaurants. Oh yeah the big time so many things. We can't type politics food in politics in it. Yes uh-huh comes up. It might make you laugh. It might make you think it might even make you hungry daniel. I'm i am so subscribed to eaters digest for free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app. They're here three season. Yes love it so all right. I got most of what you said. <hes> i think the offense i agree. Have you offense would be good so what what do you take away from this game here. This game is over week. One the susan wanna know oh heading into week two. Is there anything that you take away from this or is it just another meaningless preseason game. They're happy with bush. I think bush is what they thought he was and that the game was really long. Yeah i i agree with you devin bush. I think that if the if the steelers i'm i'm pretty happy with the way the quarterback play today i would agree. I would agree all three of them. I would agree with james washington because granville you. You took him in the second round last year in everyone's thinking here we go jews you two point. Oh let's bring him up and boy he did not do that and so i think there was a little uneasiness in the steelers over his ation about james washing after last year. I know it's one preseason game but if there's any game that he could visit he could have done to silence his critics. He did that tonight. Every opportunity at he'll kill third corners. He'll kill third quarter. They get him on the corners. That's a win. I thought that they expect to win there. I agree i agree and so and i think that the steelers had to be really happy with the guy you mentioned. I chris boswell absolutely whoa. This is a guy that oh my gosh. It's it's one of those situations where you're like a man. We just need this guy to get get close to that two hundred seventeen form in not henny bid of the two thousand eighteen which was just dreadful but hey matthew right. Here's here's a call well to the city embarrasment. Who's the backup for jordan berry. Both of them only had one point. I believe but he was the one that had a nice long punt resulted in a touchback back that i think boswell has his because of his contract but at the other the punter situation it's going to be one to watch as the preseason goes offs. Oh <hes> any final thoughts here before we call it a show. A steeler football is back and that's all it was a positive to season has officially started <hes> <hes> so more hypothesizing we actually have some actual football that you can watch and great. It have an opinion on so that's always a good thing this this. This is back jeff you ready. I lo- your shape but are you ready for the grind baby. Yeah i'm ready. I'm ready now. What'd you tease us a little bit of what's going to be happening tomorrow. When you go yeah i said it live. One of the popular things that we've heard in this camp is chemistry chemistry chemistry chemistry. Everybody's waxing poetic about how the five feel so good yeah. I said it talent is still still more valuable than chemistry. They yeah that'd be good. Do you have any idea what time you're going live. I have no idea perfect perfect so if you're listening that's why you need to subscribe to the channel on youtube. You will get a notification that when when they go live just like you would've tonight makes you check that out and i and i'm i'm gonna apologize jeff right now. My daughter plays soccer or saturday so these shows are going to be all over the place in times and that's okay yeah. So just you know that that's why you gotta subscribe so when you get that thing gene on your phone that notification you can stop like the hot light at crispy cream. Donuts just never had a crispy cream but everybody everybody else understands why people would pull over when the hot side it was on a crispy cream into the same thing yeah said it when you get that notification just pull over. I listened to the program there yeah there lance will be live tomorrow for yes at sunday. We'll be back with the standards. Standard will talk. We'll talk about the game when we give got some game ball stuff like that but we're going to also dive into the mr third and fifth stuff going on and knows that that that's good and he a fun topic of conversation between the two based solely on our text messages and calisto. He has all these mixed names mr mr scab feet. What was what did they call him. Mr ruskin flap. That's his his feet. Oh my goodness oh oh my goodness wow and then after the standard is dan on sunday. We'll be right back to normal swing things with the hangover on monday. Dave stack egon on tuesday my show on wednesday. I'm gonna try to chris carter on wednesday to talk about. The upcoming is geez. He was there in the press box and in the locker room after week one. I want to get his take on what that was like. It's it makes you check into all this stuff by subscribing our youtube channel. B._t._s.'s steelers radio hit the subscribe button hit the like button didn't share tell your friends it's important but also on our audio platform. Let safety of a commute or you're on a treadmill and you just want to listen to it. You can falls on anywhere we get your podcast just search steelers dealers or behind a steel curtain and you'll get all of our shows this week of seven shows for years pretty impressive. Oh big up today. We've big up today's scofield who was at the game game and i think dave dave. I saw dave in the mask. I believe i'm all over the place during game staring at the computer screen and stuffs i can't i saw him but i'm sure he'll get a screen shot or something like that and put it out there so good for him. If he was on there he was with his daughter. He was wearing a mask. He was wearing a helmet. The kylo ren steeler helmet guys in your star wars stuff all right all right wendy. Send us off list. There's always tune in tele friend and subscribe absolutely we'll. We'll see you next saturday night as we do. Another post game show runners post game after earth right row see next week lance extra time thanks for listening. We'll see high automatically editor in chief of eater. I am daniel janine up producer here at meter and we're here to tell you about our brand new podcast digest every week on the show we dive into the weirdest funniest and most important stories in the world food with the inside scoop from the biggest names in the industry and expert insights from the newsroom. It's a really fun time so i would say subscribe to who eaters digests for free today on podcasts or in your favorite podcast app.

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