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Everything you've ever wondered about sunscreen, that's something I need to do. We've heard from our listeners that can be difficult to leave a rating and review for our podcast in items. So here's a painless way to do it. Go to please review my podcast dot com. Backslash divas for an easy step by step Terrell to follow. That's please review my podcast dot com. Backslash divas. Okay, Leslie, you know, me, I'm a sun worshiper, I know. And of course, all these things we're gonna talk about today. I probably don't do any of this is going to be Kelly education. Yes, I'm I'm too old and changed my ways now will here's something. I don't know if you've ever done this, this is something I've always wondered. But if you use like a SPF like fifteen primer on your face, you know, high are moisturizer and then you put another moisturizer over it. That's like SPF thirty. Have you ever put a makeup on top with another aspect? Does it Gad the numbers together? Visit like fifteen plus forty five. Wow. All I know he does like I've used the SPF moisturizer mental good put the makeup on, and then I'm gonna put something over that. And like to fifty. Well, I actually I have actually taken like a fifteen and eight mixed together. And that was like, and they always say in half. So no, actually, it doesn't at the best you're going to get whatever the highest number is. But the worst you could actually dilute the whole thing, and even less than what you started with so, well, another thing that you can do now, I have done this. You know how people sometimes they're scalper. Yes, we're your par- now mindell I say, you actually put a light weight like spray, I will, I will not use their you know what you do. This is what I've done you just change your part. Bari. Darn sure or we're word were in some cases. Just we're a ball cap or out of ten doctors, do not endorse that methodology. So what about spray sunscreen? So I'm sorry is the biggest waste you spray, the person next to you everywhere. Plus, there's some lung issue I'm like if you has lung irritants, so you have to be careful, like, don't ever use that on your face or sprayed in your kids were sitting at the pool yesterday. And it was the wind was blowing. It was in my mouth. Right. It's like an obscene the moms, you know, and they're spraying the kid the kids and the kids are like nothing targeted. Yelling in they're paying, and then it's still Blois. Yeah. Expensive that stuff is too. It does not just a day, and a half or whole and go, yeah, the application piece of it is a little tricky. So I just go with the good, old fashioned stuff. And then if you're sitting under a beach umbrella, you're safe, right? No. Maybe not reflections and things. Yeah. Plus, it depends on what the beach. Brel is made of because it may not block all of the UV rays, so you could still be absorbing that you just still get a sunburn so you still need to apply sunblock, if you're sitting under a beach umbrella never sit under a beach umbrellas. Okay. Now, listen to this. Why does Minos always burned further fake 'cause it still for? Gosh, sakes, it's the it's the first thing they're, it's like the no key. Oh, you know, it's like right there. So, you know you need. And also, your noses usually oil oiler, so that the sunblock or since on off to good says, you know you realize off. Yes, and other part are like your hands or feet, your ears and your top your ear. I always remember him when block. Yes. That would be awful to burn those so yeah, that's a little little thing. But I was like, of course your nose sticks out. That's why. Makes sense. Yeah. So do those higher. SPF's really work better. Yes. Actually, they do the higher, you go the more protection you get. So I go, I like I do like the fifty on my face. I know you would never do that on my nose. Yeah, I do because I Bernie, but I'm fair skinned than you are. So I do easily. And then you see the makeup with, with an SPF to the thing with that is an order, if you're wearing makeup with an SAP f- in order to get enough of it onto actually do any good. You're gonna have cake make. I mean at the hour makeup them what you would normally. Right. Right. So, so there's a suggestion, you might wanna use like ten and moisturizer BB cream with a with SPF thirty in it. That might be a better option than you're just not piling on tons of makeup. Well, and, you know, people that are fair skinned or have freckles are more likely to, yeah. So that's, that's what I in heads. Which is also kind of kind of YouTube Blondie ready, not depending on the time of year, color, I want I've done with it. So they said you, so you also have to make sure that you lather up a lot when. Yeah, if you have fair skin, which about. Absolutely. And so, how long does it take for a burn to turn into cancer? Like we've all heard those things, and actually nobody really knows. However, we do know. That the risk rises with repeated exposure. So research has shown that if you've gotten more than five or more blistering sunburns in your early life. It does up the risk of skin cancer. And of course, we can't undo what's already been done. And most of us, I know when I was a kid, I never, we never Lord, I fawn block, and I got a lot of sunburns, so you can't undo the damage, but you can focus on early detection. So make sure you're getting checkups doing self exams. Checking your skin checking moles all of those things to make sure that you catch anything early. Well, on that it's kind of a myth to say getting base tan protects you. It really doesn't. And if your skin changes colors Browns, reds or whatever thing, it's really means you still recruiting damage, well, a lot of damage then goes much, since really Brown. Yeah. Also, another thing is have you ever talked about that stuff, when they say, which is worse easing? Tanny better lying outside. We'll neither one's really great. But the tanning beds are just not good for you. I've heard that. Yeah. I think there's just that idea that will to tanning bed. So it's okay, it's not the sun is not true for you at all. Also, there's all those things about, you know on the labels. What do all these things mean I didn't know what all these things were. Well, the S PF we kind of that's the sun protection factor. So that's those are the numbers, and it refers to the protection from the UV rays, right? And so, and you be those are the shortwave rays from the sun, if you get a sunburn that's probably where they're coming from that. They're also you'll see UV rays, and these are the long wave rays from the sun. Now, they're the main cause of like photo aging, and they can also cause skin cancer. Well, this was when you're talking about broad spectrum, we've talked about that sunscreen, designed to protect against both the and you the raise also UPS this is like. On a dictionary. That's untrue. Ultraviolet protection factor. And that's a measure of the amount of UV radiation, a fabric, Cambronne block selected beach umbrella. Exactly. So have you ever heard of a chemical sunscreen? So that is a one whose ingredients a penetrate, the skin and act as a filter against the UV rays. And so those are the ones that include ingredients such as Oxy, Benzon, octa, Sal, eight octaves side. Boy, you give me all the heart. We'll put it this way. I've never even heard. I hadn't even heard what chemicals. Yeah. I hadn't either have it this one, the physical sunscreen. Okay. You're going to remember those look for mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide zinc oxide that old white stuff when used to put on those that was the good old days. Well, those are some of the things that you need to protect yourself this summer with so make sure that you do as we say, not as we do we've heard from our listeners, then it can be a bit difficult to leave a rating and review for our podcast and ITN's. So here's a painless way to do it. Go to police review, my podcast dot com slash divas for an easy step by step tutorial to follow. That's please review my podcast dot com, backslash livas reviewing, and rating our podcast and I tunes helps us in so many ways, and more importantly, we get your feedback on what you like about the podcast. Thanks for being a listener, and subscriber and going to please review my podcast dot com. Backslash divas. Thanks for listening to the. 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