Off The Record: Joe Shreds the Powder on the Mountains


Lead three two one action against the record and we talk about. We want joe really wants to talk about snowboarding. Want to show you guys my footage from the instantly three sixty. Because i was snowboarding. And i was going really really fast and it was really really fun stuff. Three sixty three sixty camera. Cool figure harry. They figured it out already. I don't get it and a frigging three single company and stuff know what it is. Don't you know that the company was into three six. I don't know what he has a different cameras. And i look to the three sixty camp. Yeah it is no. I have a gopro sixty nine. It's called the gopro matt mack which it is it. He has instituted the red one. I looked like a gopro yet. Does actually so you can but yeah okay. So i've been snowboard deprived right. Even for the past. I found my lift ticket in my pocket. The last time we went as a trip but at the time and then continue. I look sick camera. Yeah the last time we went snowboarding and there was one time those three years ago. It was a jk big bear trip. Remember the last time. I went she. Yeah and before that it was like three to four years remember. We used to go like like every season me embarked like we would drive up an hour to appear the best. I don't. i never had a season pass. But i did the deals like can you share the powder. Now can yes. Are you good merck okay. I think it's relative real estate. Who jumps you just casually. Go down the whole thing i mean i do jumps and rails but i go down five times a mountain while i'm still trying to make my way down. I wouldn't be there. I'd be inside that you drink hot cocoa. That's the hot cocoa. But i'm like is there. They do have beers. You put hot cocoa. Oh hot you don't hot run not really remembered so this year will twenty twenty was a year. Like oh you know what i'm gonna do all the things that like. I wanted to do outdoorsy. Twenty one for people. This is upload. Yeah yeah no no but for twenty twenty. It was like it. Kinda worked out the whole lockdown right. Because it's like oh shit. I did like skating. I did like surfing. I did like all these activities. Why did i like go away from them. You know and then snowboarding. It's been like so long and we used to have so much fun doing that all the time and the deals back. Then we're crazy like it was like night-boarding was like twenty bucks. What's more so after sosa. So like after like four. Pm to like nine or something right just before the end it's like cheaper but it hurts more. It does positive sucks flights cheaper. It's it's slush year and then so it gets the snow to be there. Yeah during the noon gets melted so it gets slushy hauled up until like six or seven then it re freezes so now. You're like pretty much snowboarding on ice rink. And then sometimes that's when the blizzard start to come back. So that's when you hit in the face and the is going really feel about major tag because if you go in the middle of the day it's you've versus kids you're gonna fucking win going nighttime awesome the teenagers. The some of the leading dolts loan adults. Then you're going to get more wrecked d- but if you learned in southern california you you're learning in the shittiest conditions of snow because it's manmade snow melted and all this stuff from big bear amendment. Yeah most of it is unless it actually rains and snows up there which is rare in la and even if it does you know. Our winters are like in the daytime. It's seventy degrees and it melts right. So then they cover the whole town with manmade snow list real snow. Big bear is much better than mountain high because they actually get their own snow but then they still have to put a fresh layer of snow if they don't get On the mountain towns covered in like old snow. That's like frozen and shit and says the towel in town of snow that's real snow but on the slopes they have to put new ones and they have snow machines. Just people fucking with the tune so they have to keep it going and just all these things mountain high. It's usually you go there and there's little snow anywhere and then there's no only on the slopes big bears generally snow in the town already so it's like it doesn't fully melt because it's cold enough to where it's not like here in the valley or whatever word culture like what's like the downtime and snowboard culture summer no are on the slopes. And you're done for the day. What happens afterwards. I think most people just go okay or like sleep feel. Maybe there's nothing to do there. Just leave power party. That sounds cool. Saint joe's michael i drink. I can't do the drive just up the mountain itself. I get so carsick turns. Yeah attorney tried to drive. 'cause you get carsick drive is better. Just don't translate who driving. What's so scary. Dude it's the scariest fucking writer your life. Sometimes when are we going. Triple bart talks to us. He doesn't look in the mirror. He drives into oncoming traffic. And he's like you know what i mean you turn around and he's making eye contact with you and it's like hawk. He's like what's wrong with this guy. Just shut my travel. I'm like i'm not talking. I don't care if you're trying to make conversation panicking so much. So i was like drive traffic like the horrors loretta robbery. I've never been the call when he crashed. so car. driver avoids it. Good wing crashes create that you avoid like screaming and that's what avoids the crash. Exactly it's a team sport. I do always used to say about how like like you're leaving parking lot and there's cars coming borrow with last second and then go you no toy. Been the car. I don't every single time you wait for the car to get right then you cut them off anytime to make turn in any situation. He's always on the curve. Always truck he just wants to wheels. Yeah anyways this winter. I was like this winter. Fucking go and like do as much fucking snowboarding as i ever can possible right and then actually we were supposed to do set off the season together. And that's when barkat the fucking ronas that will supposed to go day. You wear riding. We were on top of the slope. Like oh shit barkat. What can wrote a dude and we're all like no. We got tested after that but dow was a crazy kickoff. Because that's when we started brainstorming of like away we can go other places. We should go back to my hometown. We have in vermont. New jersey all new hampshire. There's like a ski resort every ten minutes. Not even exaggerating. Like if you see the map. I showed bar a screenshot of it right. Within out one hour drive there was like twenty different ski resorts around too so it was like all right this fucking winner. Let's do it because it's like an all of them yet to get good. I get the right. At least it doesn't hurt to fall there. I feel it doesn't yeah and that's all we did during this winter. It was fucking dope. Shit ever ever done any of that like you went snowboarding with us. No no never we. We had the big richer before my time. Those was the other girlfriend known three years ago you went there. David fell down the stairs. No what we had no so yes. I was at the trip. But that first day casey and i went there always showed up late august. I argue with other gophers. You were choosing goski really thought you meant the other trip that you guys did right before i started doing. Yeah so I think those isaac related. He has more year but that that was a lot of people's first time writing. Yeah allen dam. Would those three years ago. That's just crazy. How much time is when you. I remember that could've sworn i wasn't around talks. Join you guys get adrenaline doing things like that. Because you did snowboarding stuff right. You're that gives me a gentleman. Chris suck Frustration really shooting. Guns makes me community one mean being in areas where i might need to shoot a gun gets me okay. That's pretty good. Weird sketchy spot. because when i Do extreme sports right. I'm so excited. That i can't go to sleep and thank goodness. This video is brought to us. They couldn't videos brought to you by feels because feels is a super premium. Cbd company and they hooked me up with some awesome oils. And things like that. Because i really get like my heart pump in like going like crazy when i ride and do all this fun stuff right that. I actually have like a little bit of trouble sleeping. Have a little bit of insomnia. And i'm still thinking about it like i obsess over things right if i mountain bike refi snowboard at the end of the day. I'm watching youtube videos in continuing. And chasing that feeling that i just went through and then You know i won't sleep till three. Am sometimes because. I'm just watching these videos. But with feels i have now like a wind down routine where like take a few little drops and i feel that instead of continuing this high. In excitement i decided. Why don't i just figure out a way to kind of chill out and recharge in the morning. I can watch more of this stuff and continue. So i'm not like sleeping in and ruining my whole day so this has been a part of my nighttime routine now for about a year and it's pretty sick because i can integrate this pretty seamlessly into my life. And it's not. It's not harmful like it to me. It's like a good little balancer. So what is feels feels premium cv delivered directly to your doorstep and it naturally helps reduce stress as joe mentioning paint and sleeplessness. And if you're new to cbd feels offers a free cd hotline to help guide you through your personal experience and feels works naturally to help you feel better. There's no high no hangover or addiction. So if you're looking gift fucked up and make regretful choices. This isn't it. Join the fields community get feels delivered to your door every single month. You'll save money on every order and you can pause or cancel at anytime which is awesome so become a member and get fifty percent off your first order. We become a member and get fifty percent off your first order. Thank you to feels. Thank you very much. What are you guys watching football but right now. My team lost in the playoffs like lily. Thirty minutes ago. I covered myself and losses all even hatton. Did you hear about how bad has an effect on human like like depression and things like that like when your team loses and like the the real psychological identity to it so it's like a it's a it's wired into like like old school tribe mentality right like if you got taken over you feel the depression of like all. My fucking village got attacked. That's okay permanently. Talks into a final thing in your brain. They're saying like if you win you right in. Burn shit down. Because you're just like high like i just fuck in pillaged as village on the lakers one. Yeah that's also probably why everyone has to pass the clippers found out off. How can you be. Van thing does just repeated. That's just self destructive. They more malley for watching. Sports are more primitive. I don't know if there's a distinction between the two. I mean there's a there's a difference When choosing badly we'll just say in terms of like. I don't have anything obsessive over like that. I'm not you don't have a sports team sports but like for me. I think if i watched her then if i get the attached to a fighter it never really goes past the night anderson my hero and that one time when he kicked chris many shouldn't broken. I remember being fog and driving home. Like oh shit. That's craziest career's over. But the next day. I don't remember like wake. Gifts also gets knocked. You're still a fan of the sport so much that even the knocker your guide still sick. Knockout songs dan this. It's like activating collective conscious manly or man list or thing or or whatever. It's more like activating something that mob mentality like. The mob can feel a loss in like together. They feel sad or they feel like strength. And but that makes them destruct. I like that's the way it is with politics almost true. I see the same thing as fucking teams cynthia. Like if you're if you're a lakers fan and anyone that's a laker fan. Meet at in a bar. You're like dude. You're my brother now especially if you get a couple of drinks and there's like your family one of the best things about being a sports fan too. If you're like an out about sports fan the you will just talk to random people about sports like everyone feels cool to talk about it so when you win or you lose. It's like you experience those highs and lows together and the opposite to have you hear someone trash talking your team like fuck you saying. Is somebody friends in boston. Like don't ever wear lakers jersey. Legal shit serious though. They'll fight you to like what you up real. Statistics team sucks. Do the year the lakers one. I was at a bar. We walked outside and just rest your last year. This is like the last the last time koby wonder i walked outside of a bar and i was just talking about the game. I mentioned the name celtics and these two hose along the. What would you say this now. And i was like. I didn't say anything i was just like. Sorry the celtics not bringing in mentioned celtics. Yeah it's so weird. Because i the lakers just so. We had nothing to be upset about but the fact that i mentioned the losing team the opposing team. Which is i mean. Obviously lakers and celtics very storied history. Like obviously these guys were drunk well or something probably about the celtics. Fuck man people seriously out here. That is pretty crazy. But i hear that all the time. What's their mascot irishman. Yes you talking about yeah. They're not claiming in the. Don't talk about eleven. Don't even mention missed professor snipes. It rains a little bit. The cincinnati see the rainbow. The like are fighting objects. You could outside. That's kind of crazy. I don't know if. I ever been four something so hard that i fought like. It's kind of like apple. People like whatever. It's fun to pretend like you're an apple person or whatever right you're got those soccer games. Who azure rumbling. With other countries they throw bombs. The other team are you. Oh yeah the kill the soccer players. Yeah and he. The sas innate software players for missing a goal chevette needs to be fucking nuts and televised. That is relevant. Why would you like you. Wouldn't you wouldn't be a roulette hungry. No no why. Why wouldn't i be down for murder. You ll actually again. It's a little excessive. What part of the murder part wall like watching murder views. That's what if they cut away right before the murder happened like the movie like an ad. Yeah yeah that'd be good because you know what happened. You just heard the gunshot. No it's real life like that on a witness the weather. If you're like i could see. Hey we're going to passes. And whatever country has a fight you put up. Your best fighter will do this war but we only have one. That's pretty sick and you have to watch it. Beginning of troy out brad pitt. And that's super todd dude. They should just make countries do that or is just one on one you rather have entire. Thousands of children have so many more people loved. Because that's going to happen. I mean that's what they're doing in the olympics already late for example i think russia's much the draft no way people address countries might not draft yet volunteer to be a patriot right. So you get that group from all the countries and so instead of having wars tens of thousands of people die. It's just one hour. Yeah and if they did it for like say live prisoners right and if you win this one person that wins one hundred our opinion. They'll all die. The one prison gets set. Free one hundred people. What time of mealy for the chassis set free with their already prisoners in jail thousand jail life come out. You've earned it though like spartacus. Death rates under a member rather long entertainment in fantasy world movie land and non relief. Most probably more gory. In fantasy movies they blew the little kids head off in asia for this real. Take the shit off and then her head exploded off movie. You watch hunger games. Sounds familiar with japanese around. One was crazy occasionally. Real believes the only like that. Yeah real dog as fucked up as the one design and all that stuff. Yeah i dunno. I like the idea but do i like it for society. Maybe i do our see. I didn't see it going that way with the way that you were talking about it that way i had to put some thought to it and i said yes. I agree knowing. Yeah like when drugs are illegal. There's more crime or prostitution legal. There's more crime there's more there's more diseases but pretty much every country words legal. It's oh yeah. I've never talked so creatively parter. Not if you're rich

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