Crawford vs Brook Fight WeekRELENTLESS | Updating The Welterweight Division Review


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Tv pockets wherever has tags are used happy to be back with another one another blessed day little gloomy here in new jersey. It is nine. Am on the east coast. Six am on the west. It's about a Over in central time and maybe seven over on mountain and calgary what up candidate toronto stand-up francis it do when those deals alexander. How are you you late phases if we don't get back. If we don't get flagged for that steve harvey that's going to be the new morning show show 'cause 'cause it's eight. Am overhead or actually nine. Am over there. Wake yo ass up. You know what i'm saying. It's real is happening while you are here. sleeping man. Early bird man. Don't don't be may keep that vitamin tally. Don't be in silk sheets malice. Go menez get it so we hit talk. Oh he says good morning. good morning. Good morning good morning saying thank you man upstairs for another episode with jaw in all the family out there. We appreciate you. It's francis reporting live from toronto canada. The four one six zero five. Stand up we in the building this more to all my yachties whether yard or abroad big up your damn self. I was going on alex. Lyon francis pray mantis looked like he about the go win this morning. Got the hertie on you know me. I'm feeling the same way. I got scully on like popeye. Right now. chen. In the mario ski has popped up from the pipe. Is he alive. He said i promise to. He's alive but he didn't get here quick up to do a mike check. So you don't even know if his mic on you. I'm good i on skype. I can't even hear what but gentlemen obviously we're going to be reviewing and unpacking relentless it say episode on top ranks youtube channel. It's about terrence. Bud crawford and we will be discussing another piece of content created by top rank cold updating the welterweight division with joe for tim bradley the coogan mark kriegel and on drei coo going creek monster. He had a nightmare. Freddy kruger set out the mark. Kriegel boat i. I came into the game in the in the whole boxing. See man i got to meet him and he is a cool dude and he's coming he's actually come along win in his knowledge in the in the sport. So i'm glad to seize He's still doing his thing. Yeah i mean you know. He's doing his thing. If you call sitting around circle jerking and having fun your thing. You know l. duh mob says the topic and now you start talking about john is is just that like yo why they try and so hard man we're trying so hard to prop one guy yup talk down about another equal out things you know you go fake. I watch both and watch them both today. What am i missing. You know on the. I felt like they were pretty accurate in what they're saying. I felt like it was pretty. I don't know standard. I mean it was everything that they already but they all pick. But that's that's okay. That's standard but wait a minute. Let's let's let's let's let's breakdown fashion right. So they were supposed shows as go. We're relentless let's break down the relentless production and what we thought about that. And what was said from from the horse's mouth right but actually got to see bud. And i've seen plenty of interviews right but actually got to see but in a different light in this In this production relentless videos. And even if i mean even in other occasions i've seen this side of him for. He seems so approachable You're using that word because that's what they told you he was. They specifically say oh people think. He's not approachable. he is approachable. Are you being brainwashed by the does. I saw that one second. That's the other the other segment and the other show. When the you know when you said that there were you know in a circle. I would rather call it siphon now what you said but you know you get you get you get different fields. Obviously because when you're watching relentless you're seeing but talk and what. I'm what i'm to say about that is that he just see more approachable. He seemed fun. He seemed calm behind the camera. I don't know if this is something. That's just developed. And from the point where he. I was where everybody really and you know what it is true. Everybody said he's not approachable. He's a certain way you know. He's kinda hard to talk to. And all this other stuff. But he didn't seem this way and this relentless going to seem that way to you if he's talking to his fucking friend that's his friend. They played ping pong together. Will you hate what i if we saw this other side of him because this is the friendly side. They admire each other like first of all totally unprofessional. The minute they interview starts is a huge embrace. That shows you that. We're not we're not. We're not being impartial. You are my friend. Here is the low. It's not that kinda interviews no of course. That's not all right if you you know what this this was this propping do that the lot due to face as the dry nelson the base true. That's a completely different styled enter. They were doing. They were trying to capture something. They also don't have the light. Did you see it. Did you see francis. Watch it all the time. Yeah the talking about the relentless and the lights off that felt like what filter you that felt warm or did that though cold or did it fell like distant. See that that that's when they do it's an intimate style like you see it with the movies when they do it when kris van fleet does his interviews like people like that on youtube. They do the same things like i. i mean. it's like a light spotlight lights news interview like you're not going to post the feel like it's the hot lights are on you and you're on the you're on the hot seat. That's not supposed to huntsville man. I my hand up salon and forgot what i wanted to on his hand holding the globally. I don't even remember what i was trying to say at this point at this point. Let's let's break it down like it is like let's get more on on the relentless before we say what i wanted to say. Hold on so. I agree with francis. Max kellerman johnny nelson. Don't do that. And i agree with you. Mario you can throw off the wolves off the scent by saying that. It's a different style interview because it is yes max. Kellerman is intimate. So was johnny nelson. But isn't andre ward when he sits down unguarded or this relentless isn't it just him and crawford wearing black behind a black fucking of background seems pretty similar to max. Kellerman is face off and johnny. Nelson's gloves off. But it's neither here nor the semantic is they set light is the same bro and none of those dudes are giving out hugs and kisses. Met anybody doing that shit. You know what i'm saying max. Kellerman is already sitting in for you to get you know what i mean so i don't know but that's all right but that's all right. That's all right. You know you know i. it's a cipher of. Did you get that. Say the same same. Feel like the same field. I don't gotta do in our ready accomplish everything. And they don't wanna fight me. I can't folsom the fight me. We heard that shit before didn't think it was negative. I just felt like already knew he was a hard worker already. Knew that this road was trying when i already. You know what i mean so it was like it was all good. If i think you it was your first time being Like introduced but and i think that's what these were four. That's this isn't this isn't for hardcore. This is for you know the fans that they're trying to get off the jump this. Espn thing it's just like the longer you're on espn. The more is they're gonna eventually you every time set by. You can't say that because casualties get but don't do interviews so you'd say because if he doesn't do interviews they don't have any they don't have any reference to them they don't they don't know anything about him. So anytime out the exact same time but the casuals to because the casuals don't get an opportunity to get an insight into bud because he doesn't do interviews. He's he's doing that because now he's doing but the casuals no him because of espn. You got the machine hind you. And that's that's that's what's bothering me that that they're trying to paint this sob story like oh. This is the greatest fighter that ever lived. I'm sentence this ever live. He's just as good as marvin hagler. He's just as good as roberto duran. But he can't get the fights they were as all right dance part. They went as far as calling him in this. In one of those two episodes is saying that he's the most feared welterweight they said. And it's like were unanimity like going overboard in and you don't have to you don't have to you. Know he literally discredited earl for beating calabro but then gave gave gave crawford credit for going overseas. Because he did he brushes over the fact that url beat caliber and he. I mean wardi brushes over the fact that arab cobra but then gives terrence roses for going overseas and went in his title versus ricky burns which wasn't a knockout right turns around and says hey they complained. It wasn't a knockout. But you can see. He's carrying his power to welsh way. Now he's knocking guys out and he's gonna fight kell brook. Oh the guy that you aren't given earl credit for all of a sudden. He's good enough for gennady. He's good enough for so and so so he's good enough across is just a lot of propping up man and they don't do that like that's all i'm that's my only issue with all of this is is is a lot of storytelling. Oh if if if he could just get to fight the pbc well to weights. You know he even mentions it who we wanna fight. I wanna fi- earl. I wanna fight. Pack you out. I want to fight. Danny i wanna fight term. So what's your fucking promote or not doing the job. Like a big thing been saying in the interview. He tells he tells. Ward you are told a bob. I didn't wanna fight kell brook. I wanted thurman and he says tied to buffalo him. Oh well termine wants ten million. So that's it and the story keep negotiating keep negotiating because those the names you want like no they pay in napa. And where do you go from though. Go from ten minutes where you go. You go you. You start to destroy the narrative that we can't do business like why could we only do so. So here's the pressure that they're putting a picture that provider to use that same measure on thurman here's the here's the here's the picture. They're painting for the casual. This guy wants to fight everybody. But they won't fight him but in reality is he only wants to fight earl and is willing to negotiate with earl everyone else on. Pbc is beneath him and they gotta take whatever he offers them. That's what's the truth. That's the true you're only willing to negotiate with because you know you're in the b. side in that fight but emmy because obviously it's the super fight negotiate so you tell me you told todd the get you the term. And he couldn't get it now. You're sitting in front of andre ward a weekend so you're saying you still wanna fight daime knowing he might lose so on your fucking rate radar. Even if he might lose hold on. I know he mentioned specific names. Hold on you guys. The top guys all right. And that's what i'm trying to prove to you. He's danny no-one danny might lose. He still wants to fight darmon. No-one thermos center ten million dollar offer. Because this is also my witness. I don't know what you're trying to do if you just want to like. Ruined the conversation because you stopping me for. What like they might win. Who the fuck is the favourite who the fuck is the favourite okay. But that's might you. And i said who is saying we only talk about danny and earl possibly losing so that crawford still also who is day. What's wrong with crawford. One in a fight daniel all. I'm saying you're painting it as like because he might lose an is to lose in your book you just not computing. What i'm saying fast enough. You've got a week process over. It gets to demean me to try to catch up you can't. I'm not saying that. He wants to fight a loser. I'm saying the top ranked fighter still wants to fight. Ppc fighters regardless of one already failing negotiations by accident for ten million. So the guy who acts for ten. He's now telling you. In retrospect after those negotiations fail on fight week in front of ward in front of the world. I still wanna fight thurman. He's also telling you slow computer that even danny loses on fucking december fifth. He's still wanna fight. Danny he still wanna fight earl. He's still wanna fight pack. But you made me waste my time and say all this again for what i'm gonna. Tv fan you ain't get it. I watch i think i watched a different one You know us all tim. Bradley saw everybody around the table. Call it the way it is and the way they said exactly the way. I've said it earl is out here. Any has a game plan on the other side are opponents to fight on the other side and when he's finished up the business that he wants to finish up then you know he's going to go over to crawford like that's exactly what i thought was going to happen. And that's exactly what sounds you know. Rational in boxing. And i don't understand like to me that's not a bald faced lie. It's it's i mean. I guess it's an opinion. you have one. But it's the most logical opinion that there is you know earl is tied up. He has his own agenda and right. Now crawford i think is unfortunately just on the other side. That's all the really super chats real quick before you go ahead mister. The sam henry. The biggest fighting. Boxing is bud spent but spent told boxing fans. He wants to take the easy route and fight bud last hashtag but pound for pound number one. Hashtag duck listen. The biggest pfizer makers is but yet we begging we begging for him to fight someone right and on that show tim. Bradley says that this is the biggest name on his resume if he beats them. So how was that the biggest fight in boxing. When someone earl already destroyed is your biggest fight on your resume. It's not the big. This is the biggest false inbox. This is the biggest loss in the sense that they want to make. You believe this is a big fight without one man doing what he needs to do to be in a big fight. It's the same mayweather. Pacquiao story mayweather was the ace side. Garnering all the attention. Meanwhile no pack your nemesis you running you duck and you run you duck. And and when they fight wipe them he he he needed to do. A mayweather did in order to be on the same level and that never happened so then when they thought it was. Odd crawford has done earl is done. They are diminishing in first of all. I want to get to where mario said. Oh we didn't watch the same episode. I heard him barely say no you tim bradley do live on camera in front of the world he let would pin them and make them switch his own stance so tim was like no war. No he ain't ducking. They got a plan now. He can all the bells because he's going to be the as soon as well give him that. Look like dog what you forgot where you work. And he's like you right war you right you right now. you're right. He is ducking them. So now. all of a sudden gathering all of a sudden gathering the belts duck and crawford euro fulham exercise. So let me ask you something. So that means pack was duck and mayweather right when bradley and pack your had three fights and marquez knbr impact y'all have four fights and pack cowan morales two. They was duck may weather right. 'cause that's like that's what they're saying that's what they're saying that's what they're saying the gathering the belts and unifying is duck and another man. That's what they're saying but he didn't say duck he. He said exactly the way. I i don't even know accidentally said they want to know his real word. Essay have other words that was no no his role. Where you you took that. As his real words was they are avoiding him. He has an agenda and bradley was like now they got a plan and bradley and wore looks at him and goes and would that mean to him with their moods. You're right you're right. It was after ward explained what he was trying to say. This is they're gonna normally said with man given a look and then bradley completely changed his hands. That wasn't it at all. Andre ward explained. Exactly what he was talking about he was saying that you know. I think that spence has viable options. And he's gonna fight those options and once he's done with those options you know he'll be the one to to fight crawford he'll be the one that's left standing and that is what bradley was saying on ward until ward said no bradley. That's not him collecting belts. That's avoiding crawford He he never said that instance. Let's go to tape tape. Let's go to the tape online center like in the twenty five minute video. Okay let me see if i can cut it down yawkey record. It's like in the middle to like twelve minutes. Maybe i got you actually. It might be longer i. I don't remember. But the i mean we don't need too much you know. We know we know we know. We can't play too much but we know that that that that bradley at the end of the day said what he said if he's not fighting spent like it find any leads they say. Who are you fighting. You're not fighting back any of us. This is the best name on his resume when he fights him. I don't damn best name on his resume but but earl aim cake fish. Okay earl is the one that hasn't done enough but a dude be is the best name on your resume. I mean if i heard the funniest shit in life you know what i'm saying. Come on in this. The same people that told you love chanko was the top man they told you that. So i don't know you got the super chats sam. Henry's just jumped off a mine and adding we got over. I read sam. Henry's oh next. One was shinseki since complacent has no sense of urgency. I comes off like that. A little bit and andre war literally. He literally said in dargo man he was hide. How does that help. How does that help your conversation to say that. The dude that are beat was hyped. You mean hyped up hyped up as being somebody and then for quite making us making guys looked like they were nothing that was his problem is when you use the term hyped up. It's followed by wasn't really good if you're hyped up you're not what you are believed to be. If you live up to the hype. You are what they said you were. Come on let's hype these super chats. Because there's a lot of big supermax comes through porter and s g. The other is mean machine and kelly brook so tell me which of those looks like the easy row. Take the cape off. Mario no giving credit for undefeated postal. Yo wasn't post undefeated. People forget that he was undefeated. You know people thought it was going to be at suffice. Terrence made it look easy. They to a mean ramirez. Didn't look that made that fight. Look lot lot better not forget about you. Say you say okay. So what am i going to say. I'm gonna say oh. Dan garcia beat lucas. Mitzi lucas not say the guy that's lost every single fight that he's like you're you're taking it out of the View of what was going on at the time. That's that's your problem. I'm gonna stay into the interview. I'm gonna stay into the interview. And the fact that andre ward himself said andre ward himself said that to the josh taylor who fought postal. they've ramirez who fought postal. Should both stay away from crawford so you. What are you telling me so you tell me that the do that postal to is what exactly or rather see ramirez beat postal. He still lost to ramirez and they're still saying remembers even on his level. You see what i'm saying. So they'd be killing their own argument in one sentence they prop and so matty up to only break them down in the next saw breakdown. Look i'm not gonna stay in argue that it wasn't flavored towards the top rank stable and crawford to make him look good and all that i mean you are right. That's his friend but you know looking into that. It was good to see him in a friendly manner. You know what. I'm saying. I mean as far as pr's concern and people like in that aspect right just talking about that just him as a person and the way. I saw him behind the camera. This time it got. I got a better better better sense of that. Other side that everybody on answer feel warm and fuzzy. I mean i'm not gonna go as far as that but to tell you that you know. He didn't seem bland. And i know that you understand. Because you know what i'm talking about. So i want you to express to the people listening that that that that that is true in most interviews that you've seen him. He's pretty direct with his answers. He seems like punch him out instead of kind of flowing into a conversation in a camera He seems like he's he's he's he. He seems like he's pushed into doing his interviews. He doesn't wanna dorm. You know and in this one. He felt to me behind the camera a lot loose. It was friendly like you said it must have been because you know andre ward is also and supports you know supports the supports them as a fighter as a friend put. It was also good to see that you know and Maybe it's just a matter of time before we actually get to see this but all the time you know what i'm saying i like this but you know he's a good to me. He's an american like an american man's man type day you know. Got the families a family man. You never hear him fucking going out to parties or cheating or do anything crazy. Like he's like an all american. You know what i'm saying. And it was just that distant you know gap between the public and the media was kinda of keeping him away from really super blowing up in a sense right because he's done his numbers as well. But i just like that. And i'm speaking to relentless now switching over to the other Program which if i forget what the name of the actual program was. What does it updating. The wilshire division at top rank. show I forget the name of the box input. Yeah at times you you get the same sense that these guys are just trying to you know promote promote you know and big up top rank fighter but a lot of the stuff was true to you know what i'm saying like he might not even when you clown when when they say the kell brook is going to be the you know the number one guy on on his list like okay. Yeah earls done more you know. And and and Danny has done more in the welterweight division. But you know i liked what he said to you. Know he's a as a whole you know as a whole as a fighter. He's done a lot more than these guys you know. He's he's gone up through three divisions he's been undisputed. You know what i'm saying. So as a whole he's done a lot he's moved up in weight. You know what i'm saying and he put it out a lot of good points. You know. Being early fought at one fifty two in the amateurs a porter fire one sixty five. All big is coming down you know. And he's the guy moving up so you know. Give them a lot of credit. You know what i'm saying. This is technically a guy. That's moving up the divisions and not not not sucking his way down so more sob story. Now now we got them credit. No story champion. it's true can ignore. Everybody wants to paint some narrative for bud man. Just put them in a fucking fight that we want saw name one fight the he had that you wanted. Which one did you ask for. What spied on his resume. Did you sit around with your girl and invite people over man stop. Lying bunch of fuckin- is not just you. Everybody listening acting like act. No minutes a lie. That's a lie. We never got excited. Maybe gamboa's maybe gamboa's that's the only fight. We may be got excited about samoyed. Even though it it was a crazy man. You got excited. I mean you got excited you as a casual fan got excited. I mean not at as a as a excited because of the drama and hell no hell no hell no go listen to my shows. We knew damn well and good. My man was shot in his leg and he was fucking one leg. Frigging whatever you wanna call them. Get hot in style with the lies. That's what i'm saying. The so many lies bro. Why do we have lie. And if we lie for one less lethal everybody. Let's let's love the everybody. Nope edge dallas says. We all see how bad but once pvc fighters. Bob says no budget says okay. Exactly get the f- addie here. No urgency at all from bud. If but extends contract it's lesser. Listen yo you wanna. Pbc fight a year. We can't make that fight. Hit take three point five. That's it you don't care who he finally getting that mandatory kid he don't care he don't care he's comfortable. He's comfortable telling you i done this. I don nat. They duck in me. They avoid me. He's comfortable you know. Shinseki says ward insinuated nicely that url has ducking ward Deontay wilder accepted a flat fee. Remember remember everybody likes to call him all these name. He accepted one of those flat. Th-this man that's how desperately he wanted the big fight. You see people. They just don't respect they. Just don't respect. It's hilarious okay. Yeah i had to quick call. You chop at each off t plums one zero one. Says y'all forgot bob same but should go to the pbc. Really go to. The people said that about that champion. Let me let me play his audio man couple of years since we nationals fighting and it hasn't happened yet has happened since but it's not going to happen because they have their own agenda on the other side it's called the they have their own agenda. They have all the welterweight. And i wish you could see tim's face and he rolled his eyes. I want you guys to open this up and look at it too because you know i'm sure marriage is going to jump on it instead of looking at bachelor watch out. Tim rolls his fucking is when. Krieger says they won't money up. You ain't even a fighter you don't know what the fuck you talking about and he's gonna continue to save this and told me in that manner in that tone until war big brothers as watch this there man. I'm going to fight. They're gonna fight. They are gonna fight each other. I the winners. There's going to step up and i go. I clearly became plan. And i respect it. I do. I'm not mad. I'm just all i'm saying and look at look at ward's little condescending i see the game and i respect it with a smile like as to say you know it's a game it's a game you can choose to. You can choose to interpret it to your a whole host of one of the biggest podcasts. Be that show them some entertainment. They can't see he's mad at me. Forgiving my interpretation wants to get yours give. Europe reputation is is on face value. You're trying to take every little graduate chapman from every single part. Sometimes you do that and guess what you put somebody in a narrative that they don't deserve to be in you look beyond what is being said on face value. May i say. I love the boxing voice. But then you look at some crinkle in my and you make it to be something that it's not like that's that's on you. That's all denver conversation with them after the fact that they've already went and now you trying to dictate and determine but not what was it. How it was said bradley rollers is like you would do in a debate when somebody doesn't agree with you face value like what you don't agree. What the but then. They got to a point where they understand what they're saying and breaks down. Put him in appoint point. Oh okay well. Let's finish how war puts bradley in this place planning respect. It i do. i'm not mad at. I'm just all i'm saying is if two fighters wanna fight all of a sudden that that to side thing. That line starts to dissipate a little bit. The either side starts to figure it out and it will oh e side starts to figure it out of the country and guess what he says. Hello tyson fury right again again. Not giving the real men the credit right because truth be told while the one fury get out get back in shape pitcher fat ass in the ring. While does the one gay fury the opportunity. While does the one gay fury the rematch when it was the draw but he says he says oh and two men wanna fight. It'll happen. Hello tyson fury but you tell me. I'm paying a narrative that he's not a top brand guy but okay. We'll keep playing the tape. They say hello. Tyson fury like yeah. Hello tyson fury. Like tyson was the one to make. The wild defied happened. Like it ain't wild to give him an opportunity like it wasn't wowed the who gave him a rematch. There wasn't even there. No more after draw null and void contract little things that they don't want to say about people to make their people look better. That's all i'm i'm showing you. That's it. I know you called. Who in that. The anti wha deontay wilder to call fury fury came to america came america. He was there he got in the ring but he never fought wild. That was two thousand six. That was two thousand. Then while the against the shaping. I'll give you a shot so let's go. Let's broke me. Let's go champ. Let's go to sam. Henry says who is picking early p terrence on the panel. But we're going to have to wait for those pigs champion. Wouldn't you want to know big on the return nest said it best fighters gotta be entertainers to and that's always been true. Assert foy was in attain a man. He was in an attainable. Let's go back to the last one. Every mac mike where either great but has yet to be a fifty fifty fight not excited. Jim thome i mean this is what not one fight on. His resume was fifty for the. At least people tell you that porter porter earl was like sixty forty sixty five thirty five forty five fifty five. You know something. Close something close. We knew that was going to be close. You know what i'm saying. So let's just be real back to the tape out and it will be no wheel will. What does that tell you. Somebody doesn't wanna fight or at least right now. See that disrespectful shit. And this what i'm saying you one time fighter like little sneak distant. Usc winding down fighter fighter. Who was also put in a situation. Right one of my biggest interviews with andrea war. He says gennady. Stop line to the people. And what is he telling him to stop lying about about the fact that you really wanna fuck and fight me you lie. We offered you the fight you wanted. Stop lying to the people he said so. Now why are you lying to the people. Why are you trying to insinuate later. Narrative de mario city. But you hear it out. The horse's mouth that one god doesn't wanna fight the other mando when many cow is with top rank and collect all the belts and he's the cash cow he's not ducking floyd. He's just doing his thing. All the welterweight on pack outside. He's just doing his thing now. Earl is doing that. He's ducking but he's one part of the top ten opposition but he's duck and i think the one part to the you that that that needs to get put in context is the they were talking about floyd mayweather right and how that's the epitome of a welterweight greatness and that well and that floyd got to a point where he could fight anybody because i mean. They didn't say for but basically saying like he had two decades. He had the decade where he earned every single facet of what he got the hard way and then he had another decade where it was him showing. He was the best at the top. And i think that what he's trying to put in perspective and what this whole argument is based around is that have these guys put themselves in a situation where they can fight anybody. And he said no with terence they all overwhelmingly said no in fact i think they even said he's loma chanko without anybody to fight like they put it plainly that terence crawford could be one of the greatest fighters of all time. But we don't know because he's not fighting these people and that's exactly what i want to hear them say so mario wouldn't it be better for them to be in that position of power to tell the audience. Well if buds is followed the mayweather blueprint and decided to take less money and put on different gloves and beat at beside like four was to oscar. He can put himself in a better position to get to the very same conversation that we're happened where they said four. Who had to fight to be able to pick his fights. They wanna blame it on the other side instead of fucking telling the truth. Listen i'll just say real quick. I think you take what you take from this like. I took this completely different the way than you took it. You know stanley for me. They achieved what you wanted them to achieve. I watched the whole thing. And and maybe does differences as i watched it right before the show to 'em stanley. I don't know maybe you watched it way earlier. I watched right before the show. So like i got to interpret it right on the spot. I'm listening what they're saying. I felt like. I got what you wanted from it. Let me go back to the snippet. Mac is is words. It needs to be heard any wheel and will. What does that tell you. Somebody doesn't wanna fight or at least right now. What i'm saying. Just now i want you to look at that as my panelists. I'm actually gonna scream shit edison. Just show that little clip so you can see all the faces that did the bradley makes the marin wants me not to interpret. Look at his face at the paul small he says. What does it mean wait. Whoa we'll see not interpreted in the context of a debate thank you. That's what he says in his sense right that i'm going to be one. He says. wait what are you minute. Wait whoa when he says. Someone doesn't wanna fight. You know but let me just scree shahad. That looks just just his face. Damara says face represses. Don't mean oh. I wanna be an expert at this and here we go. This is not. they don't mean anything. I don't mean exactly what you want. Look at that face wall dray. What the hell. Well let's go back. Let's go back a little bit. Yeah keep real. What does that tell you. Somebody doesn't want to fight or at least look look his face somebody spots. I'm backing it up. So so the world to see bradley's faced dog not just you greedy at right now. What i'm saying. Just he even fucking excellent six look like the head he said whoa come on champion channel. The bs man. We need to stop lion. Let's just stop lying. If we all told the truth we'd be in a better placement. Abetter policemen the man needs to find someone alive body. This dude isn't even been wilted in over three years. They haven't said that one time door neither at one time. Come on breath me with that. Let's go to the team to your point you saying spins. Don't wanna fight it man listening. Timmy timmy that look at that. You'll say especially want to fight man. Listen to me. But he bought the changes the whole tone of voice when war get big brother on him. Here we go to me. I'm not trying for the headlines. I'm good tim me some dum him. He calls and he's talk. Everybody knows joke. Everybody knows tiny tim from. A christmas story was timmy. We are you timmy. When you tell me you'll lo- you'll know. Tim you ain't fucking you break down those. Make the tell them because that's what he you something. Mario where you where you hear what. I wanna do where you here. When we're interviewing lay now jay. No mario you hear me home. Our air right. Do you remember when the trainer or one of his managers were saying that when he's speaking mandarin that he can say the same word but based on the tone that it means something different and then he. He ran into that same problem when he was taking a cab or something like that can tones. This is in the same situation like the tone in which were used. Cannock gave it away along with that is his manager specifically said that unlike english. This is how you know what i'm saying. So it's like it's a little different for me. And i get what you're saying and i get the point. I feel like though they were debating a separate issue and ward clears. It all up. That's it. I feel like in like ten seconds. We're going to hear ward car. Hold a beta. 'cause i don't think he's been as rough as ness making it sound. Look there eventually all going to fight man. When i mean all crawford's going to have to fight there is no going down or fighting this new up and coming. No he has to fight the top guys now. He's at that point in his career. And whatever you wanna call it. I think you know as if you wanna look at it through a manager and promotional perspective like even though he's gotten a lot of craft for not having the dance partner he's had he's had some fights man with meal. Decent opponents is not like he's just been totally been fed trash cans. Here you know he's had good winds. And i think that his body's been preserved he hasn't taken beaten so now that he's gonna fight these top guys. I think that. I mean. I can't say for sure but i would say this that. He hasn't taken as much punishment as the other guys. They've been facing each other at the top five. Like you know puertas. Been some wars dan. He's been some wars. You know earls been some more so the only question i have is that you know not have been been in those wars. Is that going to give them the advantage. As far as him being still in good physicality not not punished. You know his body has received much punishment or is he not going to be ready for that type of sean porter type of heat. You know what i'm saying. Because he's had such maybe tells you know making guys battle the time See he left off the list. You see that you see. He left shawn puerto off the list. He won't by everybody but porter he no. He noticed a dogfight now. Everybody that's cav alaska's on steroids times ten. I you know what i'm saying. You don't wanna hear the truth. You don't wanna hear the truth. They don't want put them in their report. Let's go portas view. Just did a pay per view. Were wuss wrong. Reporter he just before mela. He's the mandatory you can you can. Just you can just beat a gun next. You got those be porter. You aren't that position you did. You do adilion. Why said dealing white was always a top heavy but what he said. I'd rather take that mandatory position. So there's no rematch clause and i get a specific split simple simple. But i know dylan wasn't a champion where crawford his. It's a little bit different slightly. Obviously but makomo service announcement. Public service announcement. Your you know what. Time of day it is francis coming with the public service announcement. First of i just want to thank you. You know what i'm saying. The boxes voice fans supporters listeners watchers and and family all over the world. We appreciate everything that you do to help us grow Just like every day we come we ask you just remind you to hit. That subscribe button. I mean helps us to grow and definitely hit the thumbs up bunny because it helps visibility to show. You know what i'm saying. Let you know what the hell we do over here and that you enjoy right also you gotta remember. We got five hundred plus in the house right now and i want to go ahead and smash that thumbs up button. We only have one hundred and thirteen thumbs. Let's get into a round number of two hundred for right now also go ahead and do the same thing and hit. That subscribe button. You know what. I read button just right below where you hit this guy call. You subscribe itch. How many how. Many subscribes to be happiness. These fans don't want him in a real fight so bad right now. Check it out when thurman wanted to fight but now he out-priced themselves. He won ten million he coming off a loss to pack out. He was out for two years. He's injured. He don't prove nothing right now today. Coffee says he wants to fight german. Danny pack out an earl. It's all good. I say fight fight. Sean are now now. Everybody wants to fight porter. You know saying everybody wants to fight port so so wait a minute before crawford to claim wanna fight with thurman less than twenty four hours ago yasser thurman was washed up and done and it proved nothing. It meant nothing for crawford to get in it. When i said yo he's the one that's done the most pay per view. No that was packed down now. All of a sudden determines good the one. That isn't good anymore. Is sean porter. Jassem ducks is his fans. This ducks his fans. Don't want them in a real fight. They'd rather tell you how kettle brook magically is going to be a welterweight away on saturday night. Listen if you if you search the internet you can definitely see that. I'm on record as saying that. There's no way that thurman can price himself out. And if he did so-called pricing about it's called negotiation negotiating. That's a name to have on your resume and it's the right time to fight somebody like that. I don't really understand why they wouldn't try. Try try try to make the happened. But let's go back to the state man. Ooh man listening. Are we going away for my real ski areas you sat. Let's go with jimmy men. Be jimmy not timmy. The truth is earl specs. Junior was the one that stared with the quote unquote side of the streets. Shenanigans like promoters can't work together. He doesn't want to say started with the side of the street. Okay okay let's do it again and the truth about the truth is earl spencer. June was the one that started with the side of the streets quote unquote promoters can work together. He doesn't want it. So who does it wanted. So this is my my rebuttal to. This is my rebuttal to that right. Earl doesn't want it right. And and and bud does he want it because he said that a million. I think he'd do one okay so but he only wants to fight. That's what i continue to say. Because when thurman tried to negotiate. It was too much now thurman when danny when danny when you send danny and offer you sent them a flat fee but now all of a sudden danny's and if i were will you wanna fight danny when when when when pat cow was on your side of the street. They couldn't make that fight happened either. But on you won't pack out so so you know i just lost. You know what it is. Is that look. You made a good point because you know a little while ago. You know he was saying that you know what i'm in crawford. He was saying that you know they wouldn't give them credit for thurman because his injuries and stuff like that and he was talking along those lines and now you know he. He did say that he doesn't want to fight him because he said that because he said that it caused all his little friend all his little little little little minions to say all the bartenders star saying how bad thurman was washed up. Now all of a sudden thurmond's good. It's sean that's no good. I love it. I listened and i get your frustration. You know because the one point that. I know you've been trying to make but i felt yet. It made it up so right. Now is the idea that it's unfair. That spence's put in situations where he could lose his opportunity to get to the cropper point. While crawford is put in situations where. I'm not gonna say he's got an easy rotor He's got an easier road. Perceive road to to that spence fight eventually. And so. I do get that i do. Get that concept. I do get why. That's frustrating You know spence's fighting the position and makes it tougher on him. I get that back to say now. The mario ski is to call for the headlines. I'm agreeing with you. I'm saying that they have a game plan right now look why. Why can't you just say they have a game plan. No i agree with you but he also laughed at the game plan. Jesus funny chocolate. You chuck rich. I don't know why you don't take. Please just try to walk with me. Would just walk. Which is going you and i you and i are just an into a heated conversation. You believe one thing. I believe another. So now when i'm breaking down. What is the chew. Believe i chuckled. Why are you like you're wasting airtime having me explain shit that you should fuck and see dogs and you see here like no. That's not it francis. Keeping her said. Hey it was when necessary trying to say is that dre was trying to give him the the clue like get a clue like you know what it is. You know what it is that me you. France ac- mario says no that we we think we're body language experts. So wait a minute. Let let let let let the let the conversation continue. So we get more sustenance to this going back vince. Don't wanna fight it man. Listen timmy. Timmy tony timmy. Timmy timmy to me timmy. Osei i'm saying that they have a game plan right now have right now. It's working so he doesn't want to and then look at the still shot. Let me back this up so you can see. You can see what happens there. Let me show you what happens. Let me show. He gave them to look like these conversations behind the camera. Let me let me show you guys. Let me show you when ward laughs. They show kriegel. And he's deep and left the komo timmy. Stop going out of the script watch this. They have a game plan right now working so he did. The biggest on the panel was kriegel. But no i'm i'm too much into it. Cool it's me. Let's get back to him right now. That's clear if he did they would be working making the fight. He says he doesn't want them right. Now if he did they will be clear on making the last thing i checked. Bob arum said we are not talking to al about crawford and earl until we're done with fury in wilder and they not done. I'm reading headlines while the soon so what are we talking about here bob. Arum said we ain't even sat down with out on this show. When we asked him he even said down without and he don't plan to talk about crawford earl until while the fury's done so what are we talking about here but you saying one side don't want it because he's a unifying the same shit you'll give another do credit for when he did it at a division below this guy. Don't get no credit. Okay let's go back to say let's go back to the if he did they would be working on making the fight am i am. I mean is that am all right now. Is you know right all of a sudden energies done. You're right you're right so so earl is in the draws his expressed. Wait a minute. So i'll put still shot. He's got a hold his fucking face from laughter. He's biting his lips. Okay well let me see him. But listen but listen so early in the driver's seat. So i could just tell our call bob make the fight happened imbaba's the time is now even though they just told us. December nineteenth was not a good time and that the television both espn and fox said. It's not a good time. So what exactly. What does that mean that bob would need to. I talked to our okay. Okay you wanna make this. Let me contact. Espn c. which state works with them. So let's stop acting like earls in this driver's seat and he can just snap his fingers and the fight has done but this is the narrative they want you to believe. This is what they want to believe in. Mario doesn't want us to tell the truth here. He wants to say that we his own panelists. And kohl's we are weird. We are overlooking the video. And then you know. I say you dig into much heard. So that's what i. Alex is not agreeing francis and not agreeing with me but it's just an attack on me then everybody else older than me. The talk act long. You refused to do that. So someone you talking. What are you talking about you asking me to do something you still talking. Listen to me what i heard. This man says plain and simple. And tell me if i'm wrong. This is no innuendo. See the difference me and you is going for innuendo. I'm not going to make this suspect. Tell me that they're saying that spence is a duck. That's what you're trying to interpret. I interpreted a different conversation. I hear him say is in a better position. That's what i hear him say spence in a better position and crawford's an unfortunate position their own plan trajectory their own way. Got the road and that's what it is. You know both ways but like you can't be definitive. I wanted it the way he said it may have broken down plain and simple spence's got options. What i take from it was that that. That's you know like you ever you ever you ever. You have had a conversation with your friend and you're just like come on now marry you know what it is like you know for sure and it was like and it was like the response that we got from tim. It was you know tim years. Sit there you go there you go do me. You got it right there. That's what s doing like come on man like you see what he's doing but i'm on this side seen looking at ness thinking come on man. You know what you're doing. You should on crawford every chance you get you you you try to blur the lines between what. Espn popular hell. It'll like so it's like. He's watching top rank thinking off. Same old bullshit and i'm watching this thinking same old bullshit like that's that's that's where the disconnect is right here is. I just don't want this to become a conversation. When we're sitting on crawford and i feel like that's what it turns into every time you make sure that again for instance audio and specifically talking about the host. We're not even talking about karl figure. I'm gonna shut up. How are we plug in and connect can't stone into the conversation. He's on the super. Chatty saying i sound like a broken record but neither speeds or bud has earned the paktia bring to the table and give the legend. The shot undisputed then. Ken has dreams for pack. Yeah yeah my shut out the my shirt on. Its way better win. Cova love or brooke. Cold hashtag hiking. Y'all y'all so. I gotta say he has. He has the sh- emoji just like when canelo beat gluskin. He told you too so he put that emoji and he put the thinking mode. Because what's a better win. The the three the three time champion in the same division ought to do the never wanna belt again since he has stat by king. Did you joe. Did you tell them that. He paid to say hashtag pie. King combo holo Put another one in there that you have to listen to i because mario sad can what you cut it up like like like. You're doing juliet. Kind of chapman. You know what. I'm saying you don't have to pi- chopping call him chef trying houston song outside low. May the motion passing it up your emotional emotional motion on you ain't never see passive before because you ain't no competitive schimdt sees going to tell you something right now. Do you go to the grocery store when you have a fridge full of food now or do you eat food at time. And then go to the grocery store versus earl. That's literally what i heard. Say man's out. Sorry no no. Go ahead champion. God just like. Joey said it best like am. That's super chat right. Does like forty five minutes mentioned see with the rate in emoji. Oh my may see a uta slate a minute. Wait a minute. 'cause i mario please one more time. How did you serpent that supervisor. I interpreted that that when you have things keeping you fed then you don't need to go out looking for anything to eat. That's how i interpreted it. How did you over it it I interpreted that he's obviously telling you bud needs to be some even listen. I'm gonna tell you why i'm gonna tell you why right. 'cause he's he's saying he's saying if you're earl right. Do you go shopping right. Which is shopping. That fight negotiating. Do you do that or do you eat the food in your fridge and then go to the grocery store so you guys interpreted it wrong. He's eating excuse me. I didn't interrupt. I gave an opportunity to fucking give your opinion. He's eating the food in his fridge. Once he's done eating he's going into fucking supermarket but coughing. What the get like. You're attributing a earl perspective right. You're saying that url doesn't need to go to the grocery store league but but but that's your interpretation because he didn't he didn't he didn't definitively described that in the in the in the in the message he also saying that it's terraced that doesn't have to go to the grocery store because he has a house he's been here for a while. No that's what the fuck we say that if he beats brooks a day. It's the biggest name on his resume. So you need to go to the goddamn grocery store. Stupid man done done. Because i'm offended because not even fucking getting what you say. Look you i purposely. Went to you because you see. He say he say we'll gord. Said said you know. Say say bro. you're listening south bronx. You mother fuckers. No top-ranked to check francis. You've been quiet for now. You're check to. And mario definitely on the payroll at the moment. What the fuck is going on you right. let's bracing fucking. Eddie hearn soundbites because you. What's a lot of talking bloodied hilarious. Y'all can i just say that ca. Which i'm seeing see a cat. I'm gonna say thought sermon interview before. He trolled the ten mil. He kept saying he wasn't healthy. So why would you take that wounded ducks fight. But now he wants it ripple period now he wants to do now he wanted to and y'all okay with it over over who just did a pay per view you know whatever man whatever we can please ya. We know that. Let's just go to this video and just keep killing them with with with with the words. Kill them with the fucking wordsmith bags dog. I'm old school. Brahma fuji fan man. I'm killing you softly video year because it hurts you to hit a fucking truth. It hurts good instead. Aren't you to see fucking. Tim's face looking like this like damn. Why are you doing you know looking looking at by enormous just slid by on like from now want. I don't wanna watch movies. Watch ness watch milton. This more entertaining. It's more entertaining. See shit through. Necessarily y'all so so so so so you telling me the your girl. If she's listening to this show and i start calling low mario or marito some fucking wid little version of your name. It wouldn't be disrespectful. Come on -actly. I'd only bigger they look at my face. Look at my face do me. I'm older than you. Okay and never said little little little ya dube's imagine know. Honestly don't loan let me get my point off. 'cause i've been quite you've been trying to. I've been trying to get some footage for you that you're talking about right now to backup your point so relax. I'm i got some more footage for me now. What i'm saying is that i agree. The way andrea war was talking was almost big brother. Little brother you know what i'm saying. He looked at him. Like you're timberlake. We talked about before like do me said why up here like this is for the cameras. Roll okay cut out the bullshit okay. We the cameras are off like the real this. What we're talking. We're talking about a fighter that deserves all his flowers right now. You know what i'm saying. You gotta give him the give everybody the real but it sounds very biased because he got a real bromance with turns and that's okay that's okay. I got no problem with that. Everybody who they okayed and located like who you like. What if you're going to be professional. You gotta know when the separated. You know what i'm saying. And you know i. I'm a person i like aero spence but if it's a professional personal opinion i will not have a bias when it comes to. I have to give my personal opinion. I think i think that's impossible. And i think it's unfair to say. A person is in professional because they show a bit of bias. Listen all wore needs to say. We're all those chuckles. Instead of laughing at his colleagues opinion he should have been chuckling. Say look. I'm just picking crawford that's my guy. I'm picking crawford that's my god crawford's in this situation but when he gets the opportunity to get that big fight he's gonna win that you can say that i said only time that it. Here's a guy while. There's my guy i don't get is. The problem is that he big dog every single person pan when it came to a negative connotation towards turns crawford whether it's mark kriegel with timothy bradley or joe's territory anytime they had any type of if or doubt about golfer. He assured them that turns covers is the goods in his own way. That's why you see an oh. Yeah you're right you're right tim yeah he said okay. No be my take go ahead. He was right. And i think no g dallas same sentiments or no for all the but fans who will but fight next once he beats brooke laugh emoji another laughing emoji. How long can but fans defend this cerebral spencer pecci out which has been lost the rematch crab and lobster. Man as cab alaska's now sam. Henry says he's going to have to move up to bridge. What bridge your way. Oh that's the that's the new cruiser way right. Terrorist is going to have to move up the bridge. Wait before earl fights him. Tam you guys heard about that new. Yeah they call it the bridge or waiter. It's your way i get it. Maybe because there's a bridge and having god who is the teens to talk about out the hat do me no. That's not that's not it but it was like a cruiser signing to the wbz. i read. Sony has something totally different. It's something about it was no. I know i was just clowning. Just yeah no. I was just clowning. I'm sorry i didn't mean that's why they were actually doing it. No they called the bridge away for something else like someone did something. Noble is all. I can say in the shot at the first the first Wait reds up to two of those. I don't care. So i ain't gonna look him. Well let me finish The super chatty coach myers comes in and says i agree with this bradley speaking as a former fighter on top rank in bud same position not being to get the big fight at the time. Which was floyd. Y'all go look at his interviews. Life floyd pixel he one man. I can't get the firemen you know. I don't even call out fluid man like the same thing like you. Okay and i would have been okay to me. I would have been okay too. 'cause look they gave him well. He had like twenty eight million dollar rematch clause. He got like five million for the first pack outfight Man he did good man. Oh snap so. The bridge away is It was named after the six year old. Who saved his little sister from a dog attack. I don't know if you guys remember. A pc actually awarded him about saves his little sister from being. You know mauled You know by a dog. I don't know what kind of dog was but it was. I can't remember exactly what i talk to. Somebody just saw a noble. I mean i think the picture of the he was hurt pretty bad but like you know it. Just bring it chokes. You up when you hear when when you hear the interview when he was just like you know. I didn't want the dog to hurt my little sister. So i stepped in. You know to see that type of bravery you know. You're a kid. Imagine a dog. you know. You're a kid you not a. You're not an adult dog looks. Different dog is huge. You know what i'm saying. and he. He was brave enough to to do that. Man in I don't know it was just crazy. Man is crazy that oh yeah the alright. So that's that's why they get the name bridgier way bridge bridge bridge bridge walker. I think is the kid's name okay. Yeah that's what's up. I'm glad to the state state. Man this get to this tape man Tapie tape is gonna take forever timmy. Face right i'm saying you're right. You're right you're right. Spence has enough work over there to do what he needs to do. Coffers gonna have to stay still be pay so now he writes. Wow he said exactly what i've been saying since about nine fifteen the exact same thing that a man. No super super chatted about groceries. Same thing see. I didn't throw an have them check on my tummy. I love that. This is what i'm saying like it. Would you say if you have another good. Check it out there to listen to me man. You argue this much. That's what. I'm trying to tell you that timmy changed his stance ones ward made them. You didn't notice that he basically said water. Are you trying to say that. Url is duck in hell no work and then all of a sudden you're right that's what you're right. Because he says he found out he wasn't ducking. You have been saying that all along and you want to admit it you've been thinking you didn't say it out loud i've been waiting for those rainiest air. That's what i've been telling you opinion got swayed. That's why i was building it up. Tim me all this weird. I feel you feel you feel like you were you. Were setting up. Something that was wrong. I felt like you were saying. I don't think he was calling him. I don't think he was. He wasn't calling him a duck nest. Like that's the thing he wasn't saying he was like you try to make it sound like ward was saying that spence's ducking or pbc duckie like. I didn't hear that. Like i didn't hear that at all but on maybe i'm wrong. Maybe that's exactly what he said. Call you. I didn't hear it. Maybe says biz. One is a duck for halloween. And i was like whoa this man going again and again you know like i said i just got i got. I got a chance to see More friendly side of crawford. I think that after this fight you know being the you know what you think of colebrook. I feel that compose coming in real real healthy so good. He looked when he was jumping rope and deals with the heart monitor on. You know what i'm saying. The hartmut tells me a little bit. You know that they're being very very strategic with with the with the keenness of of of the way or dropping off the way they're doing it in a smart way so you know I it's it's gonna. It's definitely you know blast. You know not sate catapult into another round but like you know after he fights cow broken depends also right how. He handles kell brook if he if he if he does it. Well man i think the crawford she deserves. You know deserved some credit man like it'll kelp brooke regardless of what you want to say you know. After after gennady broke him broke his orbital. Bl- you know. He still was willing to take another fight with earl. He's a tough guy you know. That's what you get out of. Kelly brook get a tough guy guy. That's that's willing to step in the guy with heart Byu the whatever you say about pawing is i and all that stuff you know what i'm saying. Listen what was the last time you got your orbital broken. It's a different kind of pain. You feel you on that one. Oh go ahead francis piggyback. Do exactly what you're going to get a hard fighter that's gonna coming there. He doesn't have the ten pound limit that he has to adhere to being being an ibm championship fight. You know it's the. Wb oh so he can come in whatever way you choose to be his best healthy his most rehydrated. You know. I mean after coming all the way down to one forty seven. So i'm excited to see kelly. Brook man is version of kell brook. Getting you know getting up for this fight beating the wb fight just other. Instances that are blocking. You know what i mean. That had Was blocking it from from making it possible right. You had his trainer who dropped him dominate. Ingle said said. He didn't have enough time. He didn't wanna take that task on and that you had to promote the the network sky. Sports didn't really step up. Who usually takes on brooks fight and say. Hey we're going back. You said there's a lot of things that was you know what i mean in the way but thank god that. Espn has. i mean top. Rank has espn deal. So they're just able to make it happen nonetheless. I think he's gonna. Tv not mistaken. I got a double check that thinks on tv. So i'm excited for this fight. Man i gotta give parents carpet his props because we're gonna see a cow book. Yes he hasn't fought at welterweight in two or three years but this is a fight that he's going to get up for he's gonna he's gonna make sure he's gonna shape and he's gonna try and do his best interns carbs gonna put on a good performance man. I just don't like the way that that that andrea ward. Sorry my i don't like to andre ward is talking regarding Terrence garfield it he he. Everybody has their bias but The way that he's pretty much he's speaking on behalf of terence coffee might as well sit in his chair at that point to these brindamour saying everything that the heart to heart that they had. That's my opinion anyways. Quite admire word Yohan just a heads up man. We got five eighteen watching. We only got two hundred thumbs up. Please hit those thumbs up. Please like in. Share the video but look The one thing. That's a thought it was fascinating. I hope i wish we would have put a little more time in. Sue was idea of what floyd accomplished versus. Where terrance in and and spencer like right. Now you know. Floyd he would he was able to accomplish with something that you know. It was crazy into live through that time. It seemed like it took like no time at all but it really years you know years for him to accomplish it and so with spence in crawford like how long have we been asking for this fight. And which situation are they both in like. Who's the roy side like. Who's the better fighter pound for. It's like all these answers to. Who's next floyd mayweather. Only come through the type of fight where the best versus the best of one a two. And that's what i think. Expense in crawford ultimately accomplishes is the next floyd so to me it's very fascinating You know what i'm saying. Man quick real quick message Is candy slim's five fiber one says s mareo if but dead lift and five hundred is good. Oh yeah we're on the show that day and We did say that. But that list five hundred. There's no way mandela's five hundred zero five hundred zero and look Real quick five hundred. Somebody gotta send me that 'cause way one hundred and forty seven pounds. Tennis five hunch. That's fucking like so strong hats craziest. How if that's true. Oh francis it was It was going to be on premier sports channel in the uk. Tv champi was one of the charities that you know just wanted to let you know nothing against Nothing it's just you know that was what it was If an update appreciate that you know and then you got see dub come in through says kelly brook still top seven through eight well to wait been out so And been out so an eight welterweight. I mean it just depends on like what ranking like. We're going through commercial rankings. Like well most well known fighter. We going through what they've earned like. That's a little tougher to sell 'em saying 'cause like a guy like uganda's guys he doesn't have kill brooks you know The rain that he has he doesn't have the notoriety and the name worthiness but at the same time you've shown us a lot over the past few years So you know it's it's a it's a. I don't know this questions. Gotta be a little more specific. Call you more specific now. Look we got how many Whence went was was happening this weekend this weekend. She they showed it on the on. What show do they show the dead lifting. No i i don't i don't know it was a clip or maybe maybe clip will remain. It's it was on the show. What do you mean on the show. Not relentless no no no. It was on the show that we set it. You know. i'm sorry i'm sorry. Okay i thought he meant it was on like the relentless shot and i must have missed that shit now. He's super chatted and got him dead lifting. I'll go back and y. I'll go back and watch it. Yeah i remember i lift. Take the clip of him in the gym lifting up. But you know more than us about. Yeah yeah no. He was dead lifting five hundred e. Because what it was. It was a challenge to say Oh you can't lift us and you know being a competitive athlete. He stepped up to the challenge in that once. That easy walked away with five hundred pounds. No belt god. Damn bro walks strata. Now you know why gamble looked away. He looked when he was getting just pommelled and shed. He was fought at so strong relentless. He's deceased chong telling you he's for strong. Oh see dot says. It's not a question. he's he saying. Kill still a top seven eight welterweight this thing. Damn i it. I know. i don't remember that you know what now that i think about it in the beginning. No no they might have said it but they didn't show it right. I don't know maybe. I don't know i must have just been busy or not busy. But you distracted. Call you distracted. You train right. How's training going. It's going all right man. My wife got sick Over the weekend It doesn't really matter closely weekend but my coach had said he would open the gym for me and Yeah i didn't. I didn't get to get there but You know yesterday was okay. Felt good coming in. Like i still feel strong from like training over last few months. I just I know just. I wish it was like another month away like i wish i could. Just i mean it doesn't matter because i'm still gonna fight anyway but i just feel better every week that i get consistent days in the gym you know what i'm saying like five days in a row like that. I want to motivate you as what i'm cutting you off. No no i look at your Ah show of you back in july and a hero. Mario look fat is look by a dollar slid down like dan you put into work broke. Keep going work. My guy noticed even do to. You could tell me to us. Wait man according to you wait you know. Shut it off exactly. That's exactly what it was for a bit right. Oh yeah hell. Yeah do me doing his dang bouncing around. I was excited man. I thought it was gonna eat again yesterday. But then they'd have recovery is different. Lucky i wasn't even able to hear. I'm sure he's swayed and lied his way. They said they said that. We that you off the show. Now they said. I beat you so bad you know. Super chatty at so a coon says spence is fighting the top names though. He's only had his title three years ago. Crawford has been titleholder since two thousand thirteen people compare the to like. They are in the same track in their careers people. 'cause that's how it is man i it people like to make their names off the back of others and i'm not saying that's what coffers but that's what his fans don't coffered is in guys. I'm oh we're skype. Heard me and that's what matters because they the most bud fans does out there. But i was just saying that that crawford crawford is making his own lane right like he shouldn't allow his chance to try to make a name for him off the name of earth like his lane is you know being unified and one division moving up and being a champion three undisputed in another and not taking any acclamation fights in between one. Forty one forty seven. That's his lane. That's his lane. Those are his accomplishments. You know And that's what they should build them off not that he must fight spence and that he's this nemesis when it hasn't been proven has improved cavalli's skits dropped you would do. I wanna know. I sam puerto job. You heard of it. He was like so my call. It a knockdown some might call it a push lesage. Whatever it is it is what got that fifty second clip. You gotta check it out. Dad say was which message utah imprisoned pro. So the first one i i sent you one. Yeah but that one's a little longer might want to go to won't go to the first one. The first ones will be good one. The first one i said after the second wanted to fight at one sixty that tells me that he's fears and then now he's going to be facing terence crawford rb the best fighter in the world. Does this sounds like they big enough. Kell breath keep playing. He's dangerous case scenario. Did he just say kelvin's dangerous for what kelvin can do against terrence crystal. Brook is a is a former champion. And i think the the fight with go. Lufkin aero sprints that that took a lot out of him. And i'll be honest so far if he's ever recovered from that but he's even more on. I don't know if he's ever recovered from that. Okay at least lease. He's trying to bring some simpson. Some some glory back to that name innocent guy who always a guy and you hear me on the air. I'm always going to give respect to the older guys who who may have one great fight. Lifted really i. You said kills. Dan injuries by the way you missed. It won't fight left then. He say he said. I'm always going to give credit to the guys they might have an and to tear it to terence's point. Sometimes you gotta put your head down in the sport and just keep grinding as right. Just keep grinding. Keep building your legacy and keep making money and keep positioning yourself. Whenever that day. Come positioning now. I don't know how that were could be half other ston serpent but that seems very easy to positioning doing what you need to do to get to that fight. We've been saying that for a long time. He missed out on adrian. Brodie fights you know. Numerous they sent danny a flat fee three million dollar offer like you miss you miss out on those positioning fights want to walk away and when you walk away. People are still going to debate. You should have fought that guy. This guy went distance That is true. I mean mayweather's the greatest and people say he dug margarita the beast. So you hear it. But you don't to appoint you become immune to it and you just do what you gotta do as a means. Okay i mean what is your one of those listens with buddy. You may not want to finish it. I mean not yet but it just sounds like he's telling crawford keep doing what you're doing. You know me the one word that he used to tell them the position which he didn't give them the blueprint that we like to give them the specific phase that he needs to position himself like he. He's just selling them do what you're doing. I mean it's because it's because the interaction but to him and kriegel and creole gave his opinion based on tense coffered Based off what was that. I wanted to hear that. I'm sorry me personally. As a fan of the sport has an analyst. I'm gonna personally focus on praise and terence crawford given his flowers while he's still here. Yeah critiquing them. Where need be so why. We can't praise this game. I can't even what we're going to praise crawford and yacht call in cal- dangerous today. I mean then earl. I'm like four years ago. Said enjoying him. While we haven't because not withholding the rains. I'm just saying we'll see his face that can't be mate. I'm just gonna be. That can't be exactly so one sixty one i mean. I don't know man. He stepped back. Gives it so he went in. I don't know if you guys independent. If you guys watched it gives people pretty much. What he's saying is a i'm gonna. i'm not as a fan and analyst. I'm not gonna with whole. I'm not gonna. I'm gonna praise chance crawford crew goes like i'm not withhold imprisonment you automate. He jumped his. Hey listen bro. visit as you not be fault. That's just what i'm doing okay. Hey that's the way he did a safety. And hey bro. Hit him with the mason. Real quick man is essential techs and nobody hit me back so is hear them. I hope he job off call. You dropped off. i'm looking for overall though. Come on i like the production of relentless. I like the fact that we got. Actually guys that you know have fought before in the sport you know putting in their two cents. Because i feel like we do. We are getting a better perspective on the sport as a casual fan right people. That don't really necessarily know too much about sport. I think that having guys on you know tim in ten tibi. Stay big tim. Tempt is who you know and all the stuff. That's any man big tim. Mara black talkie call him shenault. Be master shenault. Be masters super taffer. She'll be denison tampa. Who says happy veterans days. Send me assured to x. Gone your shot out. All of the veterans said veterans day. Shoutouts all those who have served. Oh and shot out the dentist because he no. He is an army. If i'm not mistaken because if he's anything else they'll probably just come at me but yet shut out the dentist and all the other Fellas ladies served in the armed service better and all that takes a special kind of person to serve then senate net of which address to the cash and we send you the shirt man. We're going to send you that. Sure that patriot only shirt. So go ahead. Got the america's got this far Yeah so any other super chess counter-punches anything like that. We ready to rock and roll fellas. Is you ready to ride as you re. Oh no real quick. You know how many you know what tom. It is real quick real quick real quick. Let's talk about the new video. It's out even on youtube. It was early released for patrons so they got to see yesterday. But anybody who hasn't already check dow the doctor go versus. Sir bishop fi- it's time to check out the before and after after version of that so it's not the insider fi but it's it's the story of that fight before and after you know that's why so put it in the pre pro and i'm going to ask you guys check it out obviously after the show and hit the thumbs up and show us some love and support right. These two gentlemen are both over. Forty one forty four. The other forty seven years old. They stepped in the ring to valiant warriors that they are obviously optimal congo been in the chat for years and He's already had now. I think that was one in one too. So that's his third fight in border wars and bishops. I fight so If you haven't already checked that out check it out. Plus it was shot By vario francis out in toronto and his Editor what's the name editor seen credits. But i remember the last lewis mclaren. Lewis shutouts lewis because he really did a good job and not only using the footage the chew showed a mixing it in with the rest and you know matching up the audio. I mean i know he must work now understand the time that he required and you did it in a timely fashion. So shout to lewis and francis chris. You're you're you're you're you're editing is already done up and that's what we're talking about right here. I t i just put it in a pre pro. I mean in been put it in the pre pro but I i'm putting in chat as well full mario's out to you. Get to see the full fight still patriot on the. Yeah that releases lets you. You got to check that out because you hit. You can check it out right now. Just j. check it out. Don't wait wild wastes wild way when you support your favorite podcast and if you listen to a mario said before and they said out there i love it love it. I love the before. Nafta and i think that that's something that we should probably Keep doing It really listen. It was it was a crazy angle. In and i'm glad that we're on here and i could say everything already said scheme on a personal level Out loud on the show. Because out here is where i really you know. Talk about his knockdown which even with francis footage is still the knockdown in my opinion. But no seriously it was still the knocked down but god damn key. He's look so much better than i said. You know watching this version of their fight because it's a completely different version. You know what i mean. It's it's someone sitting down with the four hours of footage and picking every moment and putting it together like a beautiful fucking picasso. That is seamless. No stitches you know what i'm talking about. You fucking wearing a dapper. Dan hit oh back in the day. Radical so bro. And mario you got to watch this okay. You have a lot to be proud of. You just got you know you have. You have no box in iq. I'm sorry to tell you. I told came himself he was. He's just so much more advanced than you. He was fucking moving he. He used the ring. He used the jab bro. He fucking ducked under shots. He got caught with a lot of right hands. But that is nothing compared to how outboxed you like. He made it a wildfire. I i don't know. I mean i guess you you did that because you hit them with some right hands. You know that that that changed things but both the kick boxing for. That's it. You know i i i i see it that way until i seen it through this version. Because that's also his first fight bro. He used the ring he he's shit yo. He could have made that fi so much easier could definitely said to. He said he was mad when we're talking after he was so bad. And no bullshit. The difference between mario. You gotta get you gotta get your shit together. Difference between your phone go. Is you got power. And you know how to deliver the right hand. At least but jesus crazy i was doing the same fucking. Just come in with your head shit. You thought i'm gonna cut the distance by duck in my head and just give them the headgear and keam at times. Just double jab one down you the right hand down the pipe and kind of pivot out the way i'm like damn i also no way i'm sorry jump in i mean i'm just saying i i feel bad that i mean look that would be my skill especially that being. His first showed a lot of skill bro. I talk about the knock del chip. There's a point. I think is in that video in that video. It's at the five or one. Mark just starts at forty nine so you know so you could warm up into it but at the foul one maga bre. You hit him with a right hand bro. You got shit and then there's another pau where you hit him with a right hand but that's not toe came. I say god damn team you all you hit him with a right hand put them in the rose they hit him with another right hand and keene just down and let you have it. He dogged his way out that fucking corner and let you have it like yo he. He's nice i think. I think i know what you're talking about. He's nice man. I wanna see fights with him now. Now i gotta start really know who because he moves. Well he used the ring man he he dead man and and he took them shots man watching them shots from different angles. Now it's like yo- he took them she's very well for real but damn boxes. Sit on your chair. That's that was the last. At least i bet you know. Let's see. I just thought this morning that you put in there. I wanted to make sure i was ready for the show Listening on hold on hold on on site before you go ness everybody that fought and the wars eight. I want you to have a copy of this for your own personal archive so you can watch it with your kids and your grandkids and wherever wherever you choose to to. You know what i'm saying said as you email an person you get it to you see you have a only two fighters otherwise you gotta go to patriotic or witness all you to your one time. Keam team lead. yo. That's the thing i didn't have the j. mac view you was you was always recorded from j. maxx i so i got that view. Now for a team headed a double leave. Right hand straight bound. Do you got to another version of the sponge. Gate shut up too. Is this a little bit of water in this new video. Actually shows like i said that. He squeezed about five milliliters out of the sponge. Okay jeff l. Because because what happened was i remember like he was squeezing. All damn bro. Unlike so overheated. There's no like the ice doesn't feel like nothing. I really thought like. I'm so hot right now that the cold water is just like whitewater ernie like a hundred degree celsius. Yes so but then but then at one point. I felt the cold water. I'm like no drinking was i was like. Oh shit. that's what coleman spills they they put that together so well man So just to get a taste of it. You can watch the the better be probably of the massango and cer- bishop fight. It's called border. Wars eight pittsburgh Dr congo versus sir bishop before and after check it out on youtube we're going to go out to the call polo. Said we'd never talked about that. Well what you what your take on that. One seeing his angle versus. You know what i mean. Yeah i feel bad for my phone. Go man i. I you know i want the eric cruise video. That's also on patriot to inspire them. A phone go. A don't like the way that fight look but he needs training watching that it was just as bad as watching it the first time man like he needs training him. Mario had the same school. And i'm gonna just go in and and cut the distance by cutting distance physically walking into you. Accept that mario at least could deliver the right hook phone go he you know he was doing shovel punch instead of body. That wasn't doing anything to bishop. Bishop being so tall he felt very free screams controlling the range and then and then he kept doing the same. I can't watch it. He kept doing the same combination and each time. He got more accurate because he kept doing the same combination. And i'm gonna give you watch if you watch his whole on. This is why i feel bad. People call them ringer because if you wash his all his little footage of him hitting the bob and hitting the bay he does the same com venetian. Yeah that's why it's crazy to see him. Execute the same com open nation then different. It's only one combination. And and you know all i can do is watch the fight in yell at go the same thing. I yelled the day of the fight. He's not your fucking friend. Stop touching gloves. But every time bishop goes like this would is south pole jab. He's not touching your glove dog fucking these memorizing you. And he goes more phone taps. The glove bishop comes with a straight left to the gut makes more phone. Go duck right hook over the top. And anytime he missed the he just did it. A fucking would literally such gloves again. I'm like yeah one of the fucking toss the computer. Because it's like you guys watch this sport and i'm not saying any of us are gonna lead but my man at least do what you fucking see like. Why are you hitting the glove. You distracting yourself. He's trying to distract you and this is why you have tapes so that you can learn right if you watch it and you look at it even in a loss or a win you can learn because you're seeing what you're doing this is. Why did it this way. Just like it's why. Learn sculptor right hook at you. Not as same thing right hook. They'll pick up the phone catch at least sort of fucking so you don't get with it. Jesus i mean this tell. Tale is also all those would be participants. And everybody like you know. This is a sport where you could be the most novice but you still gotta train. You still got to have the camp. He's still because you have another novice skied doing the same thing. So it's like if you do the necessary things in camp in order for you to be the best you you gotta blame yourself in a sense and you also gotta take into account. Like how seriously am i taking. This is this just. This is not a sparring. remember to raining. And that's how you know. The jerry jerry tell jerry. He needs to come on a saturday show. We have him on this saturday. That's how you know jerry's out there playing games and not respect his name. Because again mario mongo looked exactly alike. Except for mario being able to deliver that better remembers old was like jerry wasn't a trainer cherish fitted in time. When he couldn't we didn't even have a place to to go against me. I don't know. I don't i don't i just wanna make sure that it's explained. I don't take it that way. I promise. I just wanna make sure that it's all explained. You've got to understand like cova. This was the hardest time for us to accomplish this thing. What i'm saying and now we're in now. They're still even talking about clothes. And even more gyms now and closing down even more like it was just too difficult for us to find places like up. I've got into a ring two times two times at the most like you know what i'm saying so it was just really tough. I don't believe him like like that. And that's i'm sorry. Go ahead and that's cool. That's up to you. But i'm not forgiving that you are a former fighter and you went to him and asked them to train you for a fight. I don't have to say nothing else. Because i talked to dozens the minute. We started doing this and do me. Every jim we went to we talking to them about boorda wars and amateurs and not being amateurs dudes off the couch specifically. I don't wanna hear nothing about none of that. My man center in their blind now but but that was the thing to remember when we started working. There was no border. Wars was no fight me and him started working like bright getting of before the four ford were so what i'm saying and then after that vote i'm trying to tell you. Is that after. After i got the fight we worked less than we did before the fight like he didn't have that time so i was getting there with whoever was meeting at the gyms like whatever you know what i'm saying so this is a little different because i do have a gym trying to tell you it's not a knock on your slight on you know it's a knock on him my friend. No and that's why you want to explain the entire situation. A you can't be a former fighter and take on that responsibility to train someone then then go to the extent to train them for a competitive match then factor in the fact that we are who we are. And you know. We're going to talk about you. Did that to your name now. That's all i'm saying again. You know your yoke to me is natural. You know so you get the credit for that. I'm not giving him the credit for that. You know what i'm saying. I'm being honest. That was quick. That was the time. You know the stuff that i learned when i was twenty. Four twenty five. No no not at all not at all like. That's what i'm trying to say is like the gyms that i've been to before that was the starting base right and they weren't great because it was all amateur kids. They all had like twenty kids in at a time like it was. They were very very big. Popular gyms For kids and so then coming years later like he did have more experience. Kim have more experience as a a fighter going to gyms and working like i only had experience of a person. Who's you know always done something athletic. You know whether it was baseball or whether it was You know jujitsu whatever it was like. That was the only thing i ever really had Going for me. So i mean it was tough. It was it was a tough thing to accomplish at this time. I hope you working. Because i mean it's taller than than him. And now he's got the blueprint and he's got this show to know just on a stick man it's up to you. As the short amana cut that distance and cut that distance safely man. You gotta get that fucking whole barrage of fire that his jabs double jazz triple jabs up and down jabs and the right hand left foot so much you got to cut that distance so you better be working this time. I mean you know 'cause it you're gonna get killed but you know another losses another law smith. We go out to the callers man. We ain't talking bought. It was no more but we are going to give you about another fifteen minutes worth of it or have a long. It takes us to give the sponsors out because without them it just wouldn't even be happening and One of those obviously are Mcginn do it. You know. Dennis set you extra five. We do a screen share some. So we're gonna start with. Brian custer obviously and the last name podcast with brian custer. He's one of our sponsors for border. Wars nine in dallas texas. 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I don't think that we have superjet right now. Looks like the skippers Got the his hands off the wheel. He's not at the helm so I mean we keep talking about What we just talked about. Which was crawford right. You know what. I'm saying you know we're gonna be going to the callers and disagrees with the show was about you know it was about breaking down relentless you know a segment. That's you know it's new. And i liked the way. The production was done like the the light impolite that i got the see crawford in. I think he's down to earth kind of guys coolers. How and speaking of one of the sponsors of brian custer also got to see that interview Again he seems so comfortable and at ease in chill. I mean it's like it's like you said one of the things that that andrea asked him was one of the one of the biggest misconceptions about him. Was you know the way the way he was. You know people think that he's not approachable. And all that. But in okafor diva senate himself down to earth kind of guy you know you see the clips. I mean you know when you're when you're when you're with the people that you know you know are real to you and you know you don't have to kind of hold up your guard around. You know you get to see the natural you you know. And and i think that that was key in the interview in relentless we're having dray in the back behind the camera and and us getting to see him. Because you know we do do that. understand that. the sport is Is treacherous at times. You know you cross the treacherous waters opposite of being open is being open with your young senate. You do understand that right like this isn't yeah you can't happen from having a conversation full-fledged here's something that i said and try to chop it up because there was matt sustenance crazy right now terrible with the fluffy et. Let's go to the callers before It's crazy to me the you've been repeating that from the beginning it's like i'm gonna be open with. Do me you on my friend. You are if it's just me you wanna camera. You can put me in that light. That's not that's not anyone showing you that. I'm any more approachable than they thought. Let me tell you okay. That's not approachable. That's selectively being social. He is selectively choosing who is sitting down with but you're trying to brainwash the known again. Typical master gabes hops in with his rant. After tip honestly not being in the full full conversation and look. I was alluding to this in protectorates treacherous sport. You're across treacherous waters. You don't know who to trust and all that stuff the media sometime says this about you other things. So it's like that's the relationship he's had you know and he's had his guard up. But when you have somebody that you know is not there to to to to judge you to judge you and ask you certain things you know what i'm saying like you're going to see a lighter side of the person that's all i'm saying dumi. Here's go ahead. go ahead now. Yeah now if you can't keep cooking if you come on a few few key if you wanted to see some mouse another type you know type of interviewing. I mean you weren't gonna get it there you know. This is a promotional type of interview. Also it wasn't you know. Ask your heart questions type of interview But go ahead. France i was gonna say it makes the interview a little bit biased because most of the conversation is going to be a conversation of agreeance right. They're gonna maybe agree and a lot of times. That parents should be doing this. And these these fighters should be doing that with terrance and this this should be happy usually when you sit down now he will be more open but will be more open not in not in a neutral place in my opinion when he's responded to somebody who doesn't necessarily know but they asking him questions and he can open mind you i don't know custer will not i mean look i gotta take it from what i've seen this far right. If want say that you know it was a top rank show and it was just all geared towards crawford. I got that. I mean in a sense. You're probably right right because it is a promotional type interview in its. I'll just talking about based on their relationship department. All right well let me go to this all right. The relationships there with trae is the relationship there with brian. Custer like how close are they. You know what. I'm saying. But brian was mentioning some heart cards stuff and asking questions. And you know crawford didn't seem bothered. I mean the only thing. I saw him a little bit like not even bothered like kinda like turned off about even talking about him. Was guy russell you know. He started talking about keri russell and he said his piece on it and then he moved on like. It wasn't like you know you see that seriousness. That he had but he was laughing. You know he was laughing. I as a fighter like terrify brands not a fighter so the difference different brother is a different understandings. Being in that same position of of understand that you have the floyd mayweather you can kind of look at egypt as the floyd mayweather and says the Andre award of of that time so to speak in terms of Different classes but in terms of darwin's of of american fighters who call me ally. I don't know you circumvented. Around what i was saying and i dropped me off at fucking one hundred into latitude. One two three long to all right. Don't ever again. i mind for me. Now come on. Francis let me let me get back back to this. I know take it to the back of the barnish now. Whenever you're ready we could go to carlos. Let's go champi back on the hill now. Let's go that's go. These calls are brought to you by el camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation. Visit us at el camino electrical services dot com. Alright alright alright alright. Remember to write his five stars on. Itunes subscribe to youtube dot com slash. The boxing voice on the latest and greatest to favorite fighters. We having a party that we get two hundred and seventeen thousand do the drum roll now seventy one more people seventy one ebola raves soldiers. That wanna subscribe to the box. Invoice dad com youtube channel. Right here at youtube dot com for which lasted box invoice and become subscribers getting us to a hundred and seventeen thousand subscribers. Only you can do that. We're going out to jay in phoenix. What's going on what our tv meet. Yeah i've seen a list really is just them. This is just a puff piece for crawford in ain't meant to have no neutrality. Really not meant for anything the biggest fence even in the slide. That's why they only show brooke but the last five seconds booker's if you talk about brooke you have to talk about. We have to talk about spence in the good light. That's why didn't even show brooklyn that whole thing even though it's his next fight damaged because he's not making any upward moves. He's just making lateral downward. Move spin. actually make up for now if you Sean quarter that would be removed. He fought jan garcia. That would be just not making no move so for him to call himself orca man. You ain't the big fish all rowsley spent and that's the bottom line the scall- real quick mac on the super chest says Can i get one of them. Not protectors laughing emoji champions cup it coming up all right. Oh we only given out cups. If you're fighting. Sorry that i call it yet. Killing me they call it not protected. Yoke it's my call them can ask. Go go for no to say all right. Well we're going out to what's looking light coach j. macintosh coach j. mac j. make these bitches is in the sport. Total disrespect class. Tom guerrilla smartest thing if you do stay away if if i'm i'm one hundred billion each yo can you hear me loud and clear champi. You suggest that change my intro. Show fits perfect for so disliked. This have. I won't respond to anything. You'll logic union tied to your opinion I heard in view. I think the interview was posted to be biased war-scarred due to the fact that he were clear. Spn so they're going to support they fight of force and that's what the network doom when we talk about promoting somebody they'd be up there fighting the fight. It looked better all appear least. They do acknowledge surnames in their promotion because wall promotion company. You got cut off champ. Skype did the restart on him. You've been skype te by skype. Call them skype. Be i mean look. The was making a good point game. Well jay mac. We will do the return for you friend. Same come back then. Petroleo was going back from the shadow rooms ten seconds. Oh shit just today okay okay. What like me they were. They were making comparisons on another That i think he was saying that that that that url spence is the big fish. No i'd seconds. I'll say he was on. Espn showed that was catered to. But that's what you when you promote your fire on your fight on your network since we complain about his nine ability to get promoted and all i said was they did with job and what they were supposed to do and shot out the bird looking forward to the fight. I'm taking all bit. Goes before he said. I'm taking all pets. What's the other fish called orca. The we'll go fish man goldfish goldfish. The attention of a goldfish. Attention span is three seconds wo he forgets shit. Every three seconds time to go out to remind can play with your lifestyle brigadier the price along with a high. You you sound like kick ball right now on Yeah as far as this. I've got to disagree with my day mek as far as this. They got to tout wreckage as it does. Bush doesn't necessarily he's morris who works at. Pvc come on state. The best fighter in the world. Shopowner has been axed. Who will win the fight. He says but boy mayweather say book found his number one. They have an agenda to fucking true. So let's cut that agenda shit out though the pvc guys and they say the same ship as far as the bathing cats. Abell all this other stuff. I'm done have broke mingles conversation with these deaths when these five gay you put your money. Where your mouth is. We know you motherfucker saying put up five dollars a week to join the tv. Pick him so. No you put the money gets big money when these big plays as just continue having these broke conversation the these fucking debate cut cut it magazine. Come in on mad g them bud tenders get real emotional bubba j mac is learn ever says he was ever since he's got in there and he's been trained in these fighters you know his. Everything's changed you know. He's looking at things with spite of with a chance. But some of these other guys get real emotional man. He really motion. You automatically called the people debates about this topic broke. I mean damn emotional muslim. most what. What for instance you know you have got to play one of them checks just before we get outta here. Man was on call. Call it a year a chance saying you gotta give us one of them Cola year hit him with the banger. Got that no more than year. It caller opinion a year. Lordy year party a off like oh here. We got rings and powerful pounds here from the uk spending pounds of pounds here counter. Punch a call if you go around and talk box into ground in here by the way king. I mean you make clear. Fuck your opinion. We can agree to disagree. These brady roy. And embedded test one world champion world tour world sunny. It's okay you can meet is have the smart patriotic asked me is what s this. Fuck your next question that you don't even pushed it spots a mess Taking less don't give you the best. Sony was real clear to keep the night conversation with the tuesday as fox's knowledgeable rituals last month the vote is for you to choke the bank like a check with so hit. The set like a mike check. Tv up the commission. Costa no star in a circle texas podcast through the over here peach. No i'm the caller the year. I make a quick ball. Talk splitting pitchfork jake. People won't teach beyond the back up the wing dinner roll. Miniscule on michael phillips women left inside kids pool. Contingent will put tough enough to dadi knock. You would be to time to shine we. We can do off stop sign. He's wants time be next. Ain't nobody would. Knowledge like won't listen the number fifty. Yoenis track whitney tv with apologies. Trump that shelby celtics get perspective four boxing stone with homeroom another dimension to train them. Pay never scared of fighting. J. j. should over parts lights. See what what's got gary russell. Stage always braveheart heads insisted that he never dog smoking to know slap punch stainless king. Don't get that lunch jersey. Don't get the job is to make the podcast house. The low rate like that man. Jp is really talented it. Down coaches myers connecticut. Kid koya reservoir. Dogs i have does that was like a rough ride. Big big news picnics. Say go get at you for that. Line peignoir shoot. I'm saying i do. I do nanny yoga morning. Good morning good morning. Good morning it was gone on. Deal me frankie. Mario i bradley man. He called karalis. Bailey from your. That's just like to see what i'm saying frac- rally in rally on top rank for a while. So he'd been in that same predicament. So he kind of understands where but it's coming from so when his reaction is like bra like you can't tell now been there like not to me. So that's the kind of reaction. I got when he was talking to andre ward so i kind of agree with us on that point but besides that show keep up the good work. Thank you for making the point. And call francis frankie which is the smaller version of frank which is now which is which no. But it's not about not about you just just making the point that you him wanting to fight with you is making home. Call you frankie. Which he knows is kind of putting you down. And that's what i'm saying and a very small man. I'm just i'm just showing the would that to timmy. Timmy timmy timmy timmy. Come on dog fucking timmy. Timmy says moved out the house. I heard timmy. Says let's go out to florida. Sunni flurry fire. Mac sandwich was dot com House bro. y'all got happy veterans day. Everybody will remember because guys like us exist. so would. that's and thanks for the shirt. I said the other five dollars. I don't i'm not today. I'm off obviously so blatant about the back hall texting air and chatting hit. You see. i'm getting better at this and there's some good stuff going back there. The only thing about with bud. And all that it's got to be you cut sham. That was a bad call soon as he was about. The same canal could be a free agent. Jerry janice then is right when you say if connecticut be a free agent we didn't hear you. Okay if canal could be a free agent. Why can't bug. It's spence has jerry jones. Nebraska has just as many big stadiums and shit in football to fill a bud fight. He's an alliance with someone other than The bob father. True when i talk about aggressiveness and all that i'm not talking about the dude as a dude. But he got this piece of the pie. He's not addressing. he's not aggressive. He don't give a shit or does he really He's being more outspoken. But i want more. I want more i want more. I'm boxing addict. I want more and at the end of the day. I picked but overspends all day but but but but Gotta do more bro. And no one's going to do is form. No one's gonna do is form at some point you got cut it sorta like feed me seymour. More exactly close mouth. Don't get fed none of these phrases around for no reason. They around for a reason. But as i as i Greatness in harlem greatness thinking blessing and everything is. But i'm gonna keep it. Short is breaking down. That broke in In crooked by. I'm asking myself. How can how can be crawfish knowing that you know. I think that worder come out. Victorious are They know Soaking the back. Roger stink for myself. If i was in books corner. What would i tell him to overcome. You notice mounting that. He has to call. And i expect group to to definitely bigger fight as much as possible like i said before I expect use double jagd in nazi mentioned. Some mario you know let. Let's see if we can don't jabs don't you so give him a flurry of punches before he Before corporate to on inside. Ricky manage. I wanna ask you is the is e. Witness is the and oklahoma. What up paneriai doing. We'll be there The truth thank you for the credit on the water in a sponge. Y'all just got that late video where it starts out as it is your camera. Video is better so much more than than than than photos. Man photos are worth. A thousand law is izzy. We got to see the five milliliters that came out of the that new ship congo footage. That's good that's good quality real good quality video Appreciate it regard good job. Good job franky guarding took that call side. it's over. He's already coach coach my team. Y'all know one hundred percent back on a On this though of course top brings gonna be by. Tim bradley just to give it some context. Tim bradley said in a way. A maloney fight was a fifty fifty five and got a laugh. I mean he's just gonna just gonna. Yeah exactly. So i mean. It's not a controversy. It's it's clear it's espn. It's it's abc. It's these big corporations. So that's just how they're going to be man anyway. Good show talk to later home then. We'll go out to j t new orleans. Jt what what jt you come across that bridge ship. Hey ya like the way. I wanna talk to you. Turn off his station up. Net with was up. Frankie heavy go sergey talk. Show tim brandy and Andre ward for amateurs. If you know that so i mean you respect for Timid tim bradley for younger. Check that out. What a backup to the fight. Book i but i got beaten him probably stopping them. Because i damaged. What i i give Give him a chance to win the fight. If he control is he control it. Excuse my background may work through got on the but if we're going to keep him in front of them even scholem angles from but i think it'd be more competitive fight but i still think suburban adapt to him and wind up getting them out of there if not if not knock them out in the ninth round ego to decision in unanimous decision for For that's all. I got joe. J. t. placed be one b. x. Talk to me. Is that want from the x. Only came in florida. There's one is not available. Kim in florida with up stunt is got mad given excellent instructions over there. Takim dream uranium. You clear what champ. I'm has changed my insurance illness. You woke up rare form and he was taxed in giving me appraise. It came on the show. A credit finally day like jay said man had to come toronto man charles so good man So video are accorded this morning on the patriot. All man. it was really good. I've been working. So i didn't get a chance to give you a credit on that man but i i enjoyed like that. Allow them saying you might email if you if you can email that to me man. I love to show mark kids that video. That was pretty cool the interview. That was beautiful. Man i love that. Oh yeah yeah yeah man absolutely always but we had a good job on that man. I really appreciate that. Some of them might be able to keep forever. You know what. I mean so cool. Because i've got a two year old daughter what's going. Also she sees. The answer should be should be happy about it. so basically. you're saying you're going to be showing mario's ask for years to me. But a real one man he said on an interview like look at fought good fighters a lot of good fighters. I don't have my legacy fight. Having fought that powerful pound. I haven't you know he wants to be he. He says the real yeah. He says he's not he's not fake not a frog he don't go out there and you know i just feel like he's real. He's real with himself. He wrote his career. he's just a real individual. And that's what. I appreciate it phone from that relentless men i thought it just shows that buzzer real man and and that's all that really matters you so i got bus. Stop and kill brooke and shuttle. Tv best buy the footage we owen to low indicated. Georgia woulda coulda eight mass outbreak among and then goes on. Yeah yeah no i so you know. I still got to six a-. And i wanna say shots everybody how you think in your opinion shot. We not always don't have the same about so shout about anything. Individuality stab bug tap and hotel. Tell anybody else. I'm going to say that. Is you say about other bands. But you gotta know liz no matter who it was. I said let's do it when she even though i in one hundred percent and i want to say one thing about it been videos. People learned thought his one legged thing shouted demand guy sat in two thousand sixteen. Got back in the ring at two thousand eighteen. Eighty he to people all he felt good. So i just want to put that out that one biggest by trying to kill it cuts out and we go take care out. No live shot. Kate and that's going to be what it is that we will see later next fine so john deere by you wanna both know. He was on one leg. Sat out the both you and i both notice it man whether like you said. He fought to people. Who are they met at least mention them. You know what i'm saying. They can't people like to talk. About danny fine granados or i've a record these. We know they name. Who are those two people. that's that's all that matters. Isn't it that just just a bunch of rang. A swanky man maybe fluffing top rank records. May i'm telling you man all day day. Just yeah. I want. I wonder if the uk riding with with With cal on this one got to be better not to be. Do they usually do gene. My beco- can everybody. Can you break down the philosophy behind Hashtag p- hiking So we don't use the word bum around here but it's has the same kind of tation so he fights fights pies with eagles too. He fights bombs yes tons of them tons of a strawberry blueberry apple pie pumpkin pie. All those is that that's what he consumes I mean literally talk about it on his on his record right now. Forty seven what what welter week is in the top. Ten cover alaska's top. He's taste top fifteen but not ten brooke he has last time. Fighting at welterweight was in two thousand. Seventeen he's gonna fight him now now sucking him down. Oh you guys wanna talk about canal always sucking down people. They are sucking him down. This is top rank diet completely You know this is a guy that that everybody knows is over the top and you guys wanna compare him to being great. Well how is he. Great what what could it starts. Great ladies and gentlemen young fellow. He comes from all being no. yeah. I know. But i'm the year i wanted to. We again. bbc look say is out your urban komo news south On live cool code. Like like the interview with brian. Custody knives in and like me. Just keep it all the way real. Ain't nobody gas in everything. Just seeing real. You know i mean. I like i like the right but in that sense. Espn just you know they. They know what they're supposed to do. They supported the pump him understand that so the relentless thing that that that was that was good night promotes and everything. This is the one of the the welterweight division. When i kind of had a proud of then like then name shit the buzz you you feel. See your light over. There was all the but they got despite coming up. So i don't know maybe try to say change the title without all get more people to tune on but the that's how good on a relentless like that could it cut it's you're already know min- production was good. I liked it. I liked the whole dim. The light setting all that stone. Boxing booed would turn to dr. That's spiracy theory and we've been watching them alien videos and shit all morning so i liked it. I like to the the relentless man like you say was had did theater war got the nice the narrator boys to make it a dramatic moment. I think the brian custer interview was probably more subsidies so shout out to you sponsor but that was a great interview broke lot news that needs to be taken that out I don't know man all of the. I'm pretty much lost all of the i've watched that show that was it. Wasn't that big. A deal to me is just shocking to me. That people are upset that you get two different opinions on the show vs on a lot of these shows just like everybody agree this is a and then we moved to the next thing. It was a little give and take right there. Cut a give and take started. It was like yo you timmy. And this is the way gotta go. Oh yeah. I see what you're saying you ride dray you ride your said what you're saying you ride dre you like. He literally send no he ain't ducking with. You may get all excited exhaling loud and then all of a sudden is like now you ray j. So that's my issue issue. I don't have an issue with them. Having two different opinions i have an issue with but he didn't hold his stance he he didn't think spence was duck in and then all of a sudden j. Signing like oh yeah. you're right. He is ducking. I guess he is avoidance like. Oh chant what happened. What happened man man. You just hit them with you know. Hey well exactly what happened man. You went from that that let me see. Let me see. We got trade in a bay. What may get it. Can i wanted him to protect yourself. Francis he got out his own line is called. Frankie's nuts episode man. actually it was good I believe even pay the Blend of he had to say. And i totally agree with what key man. He was pretty. Honest I just wanna see good. We'll see brooksville still got it. We'll find out if he was not a right and he smoked in the first thirty seconds. We'll find out Ms at least the florida before you stop playing this down here but what you mean. You bought down working because dan. I said alive so you need to make it interesting. I would've just thought you richer than already think you're you know saying because if you bought already you you know i'm i'm finding it very difficult man. I'm trying believe me. I thought i was a. I'm still holding out. Hope to beat it before the snow actually drops like i'm not gonna be here. I'm not trying to be here. It would be for sure what's wrong with. Yeah we'd always know because if you're a female you're not gonna call it an uptick. The box in his unisex. Why are you acting like that champi. He's lost he got dropped off at high to you. Here you go. You know what. I'm convinced this a software issue because we hear you man like i hate that i hate that he you we hear you. We hear you. You hear me now. Yeah and that's what i'm saying. I always back dropped off anyway. We got boomerang. Coach boomerang is actually coach myers. But he's not there so there is no boomerang so then we go down a gp beach to say. Good morning off what up. Y'all good morning. Good morning yes. Chocolate tito in No surprise for meat at both shows well for himself. He's never shown me over these years. A a sucker moment. He's never had a sucker moment. My only criticism has been his dealings with those goddamn criminals over there at top rank. As far as the fight goes i got something like a hagler hearns. I gotta smoke fist. I got this thing in is because brooke as he does every time he's gonna touch you and he's gonna touch good without one too but the thing is with bud kind like in the gulf can fight after he gets touched he coming and kale can't run so it's gonna be shootout to the end so i got a hot one man and i think that's my call. All righty he come in for the kill coming for. The wednesday is hunting season and charlie brown speaking rapid you see. Did you see balanga man. I wanted to do a show on that but just duck in me man. But you seem by guy like y- speaking of that. Why do we confirm. Why do we prefer the we guy shows and now we got to quadruple confirmed that we like to our word. Same reason you see people don't show up and you'll be like yo. What up we rocking. Everybody like crickets cooking. But all my. I've been not working on my phone but then i went on the on the on the computer and it's working happy you're back on i g pack. I'm back then. I was formerly on tiktok along run tiktok but every more to talk nevermore shit up do freaking actually got into action man. I just wanna bring up. I wanna shout out all the fighters who were stepping up. And you know what i'm saying. They they they put it on putting into gumshoe. They're putting on their head. They're putting on their car and their gloves and and they're going to go in there and they're gonna put it on the line they're going to compete So you know what i mean. We're gonna start from. Excuse me sorry from our main event. You know much anticipate in advance before we get to a main event. We definitely got a shot. A celebrity referee steve willis. Who's going to be ended building. Yes it'd be every All the events all about my apologies. He's going to be reverend all the bouts. I'm for baltimore's nine in dallas texas. Our own very dumi is going to have night off. He's going to be able to help in so many other ways. So we're looking forward to that break for a change and Let's see how this Let's see how it works out and And goes forward so yeah the first fight. The main event is much much anticipated between marvin. Who's from the texas area. And you have real who is from detroit by way of now new mexico nets you wanna give a little back story on them real quick for the people who may not know really man both of them dudes Docking me. now i'm joking Marvin is one of our big is weight loss stories. Obviously you know him. Starting his first border wars now three fights ago at two hundred and forty eight pounds. This fights taking place at one eighty five so just another double shot out to kim in florida. Who did that in one. Boorda was training camp. Real hard word looks like you know what. I'm saying not to say that diminishes anything marvin has done is just you know. Is this a new law friendly competition you know men get it together. You nermeen That being said marvin did start at two. Forty eight and You know he. He's going to be fighting at one. Eighty five he actually one belts at one eighty five i one bell and then went on to unify versus a very dangerous and well known anthony edwards from cincinnati queen city cobra. Who's also come back on board awards nine But yet relics from detroit living in new mexico training in mexico for this fight with former fighter. Hector muna's this fight actually got picked up by the local new mexico. News they read. Mario's press release that we posted on a by some dot com. Obviously many people been going there from all the many years that we have been publishing stories and that one was no different at got picked up the fact that they're fighting Is training New mexico got behind it. Which is a big shoutout to rail and marvin domain event really getting more publicity than just our website platform. Which is what i'm saying. you know. there's no. I'm not saying we'd better than anybody But i feel like you get a lot more promotion than you would in which his so you know go be an amateur but this fight actually this. This border was before and after what we're doing man. Yeah no you just get more out of border wars. You know obviously Amateurs is going to take you to the next level but you know we'll talk in ten years that being said you know You know especially this card like it's all amateurs let's let's let's be rou- right Sean is an amateur sean. jones mission. Impossible he's fighting. Catch the dad at one ninety. Who's also an amateur marvin. The main event has amateur dreams and is now training at earl. Spencer's gym or an hour. Boxing where it where it all started for earl is his former jim de where it all started for. That's why former where it all started. Furrow sky this guy's back just to correct me. I see you'll meal sweaty twenty-one me and my real unpicking cherry that's right y'all so then you got rare who obviously wants to be an amateur and Pro right then You know who else is on this car. let me finish. Let me finish up. Yeah so this this one. I'm really looking forward to right here. This is for sure. Fire d- in out of the texas area taking on allies lion. Nez the lion lion. As i'm saying that's what i'm saying for sure five six amateur so shout out For being an amateur opening in his book getting those amateur fights and still coming over to fight with us against some real promotion. Hopefully you know one of my future guests. Get an eye on you guys and you. Can you know either this so many that can open you can you can become someone sparring partner you. Can someone can take a liking to you and they want to train you. Someone can take like into an motivate you to keep training and believe in youtube to be a better pro or excuse me a better amateur or pro but anyway whatever we got fifty six amateur fights and an elias. I wanna say anywhere between five and seven so another amateur. This is a fully stacked immature cod. I'm telling you keep going. Yeah so. I'm looking forward to this. Fight because allies is coming off of his loan. Loss to midi. Media was three or no pound for pound number one ranked in border wars so Let's cnn for sure. Fire these coming off a win over short mission impossible jones. So let's see how this fight to get in a workout To skilled fighters going to put their amateur pedigree on display. Also we got her own. Mario money may ghia taking on king mean of essex on that fight is going to be Musi as well Just with the height and reach disparity but also the power that mario carries also host of tv and that i mean that carries some weight. He's definitely a side He's coming off a loss to came. You can definitely check out that video on page on if you haven't go ahead there and check it out You get to hear what he has to say before and after the fight on respect for his opponents. also you got machine gun versus chris. Vega machine gun versus chris. Vega is in service to what what what which one. I don't want to disrespect you know. Do me your due to the bathroom mario. Do you know teams. Don't know press release where you say you fallen off you better be in a gym in the gym and we also You know what. That's a good point. I need to get them presley okay. So we also got aracruz versus ring. Walk danny That that that that that that that redemption story aircrew never drought. You better go in the bathroom. You asked about the service i think. He's a marine visited bind. Yo you know what i'm saying. I did the sign a to update batman anyway. Yeah think demands a marine. Shot up the vega for coming back to you know And it takes it takes ally and that's why you see that's how you see the character and people you know what i'm saying. Is you coming up to me as coming off the law is they're both coming up laws right. Yeah machine. This is awesome. Go ahead i. Actually you know i before. I got to see these to get in the ring and share the ring. You know i. I kinda got to see a little bit of vega moving around. I thought the vega you know it was a future. I thought if you cross casino. After i test but it all goes with the training. You know what. I'm saying in the preparation that you made. I didn't know much. They got to know what preparations he took. At that time. I didn't know too much. But i'm hoping that this time around. He's learned from the experience. These already had here at border wars. you know. He's making his return. So kudos to you chant. You know got to put the work in got. Also you got big earthquake. Broken back okay. Real quick. I just want quick. Shot out to my man. Slim huddah all the way in mississippi Listening to the show and you know. Boxing is a small world. He takes stone bone on instagram go. I didn't know you listen to buy. No i heard you. I heard i just heard you on a bike way so to people freak in our family in two different parts of the world we all know stone bones in connecticut in november denver and storm ball. You know shame on you should have been told him about the show. I tell you to tell a friend and telephone. We need subscribe slim cutter. I hope you already subscribe trying to get to seventy one hundred seventeen thousand but that's dope man that's dope in enemy to different places listening to the show family and they even tell one another about it. Which in one way sucks the giant. Tell each other but another way is dope that we found the either way back to right. We got smoke. We got stupid. Max take Versus wanna fight supermax to. I heard you may big stupid max. What that no. no no. no no. Don't put out of my name. Mainly mr nelson should. I don't know what's going on back small a spoken about j. That one's much anticipated boys. Just a listen smoke. Mogae like he got raw power yes. He listens his technique. You know what. I mean but the power. So he's got a long right hand but you gotta be careful man and supermax ain't the best get off the lawn man j maxx but as you working fast issue working jay matt. Because that's your guy you gotta get them to move his face off the firkin line because tank right exactly league zach. Right hand landed russia. Few right do me that right by you referenced. So you got the applause impersonal. Joe slamming shots. Sony versus smoker. Mao looks either way way and if smoke them out wins or smoke them out loses. That's still a good fight you know 'cause 'cause they very similar high build in no not build. Obviously you know smoke. Money's lose a few more pounds but the athleticism is there though. I see in smoke him out. Yeah supermax tough. I'm a man but it'd be working. What is balling. But it'd be working joe. white boy. talking about is a business trip was cancelled as they're still. There's time this time. Oh my god but you gotta find that one seventy five. I mean maybe even one eighty but you get a big fish. Hit me up. I got a big fish for you late. Notice that's how it is. You know you know you'll he is he getting to anti don't get you. Don't get big opportunities with eight weeks notice so sometimes you gotta be that beside it takes it on short notice. You gotta be that dog that do the people get behind because he took it on short notice and listen. You can cherry in my opinion this dude. He's never fought and the anxiety level. You've been hearing on the show year. After i mean i don't even know if you'll take the fight just because your name is that one whiteboard his. He's the potato. his name is robert ortiz. The drama from escape the fate. He's looking to finally getting the relay. He's ready his fight. Pulled out on him. Yes yes he wants a fight but i don't know that he'll take why just don't know but we can try. We can try not. I not elicited that will white boy by shareholders and rob takes. You get a you get a big fight. You're gonna celebrity. We've been trying to get this guy to be inboard awards for years man if you if you make this if you get this fight and you make it happen. Instant instant sleek those sleep. That one white boy rob know how to throw hand. He's good. I've spotted him. He's not small he's not small. You gonna be trying to what hope you you know. I look if you got one sixty five. He's at one sixty five now. He said he said i'll fight him. I he's not sending him fast on the drums with. We'll we'll try. We'll try to get you a catch weight of one. Seventy five you come and go you come in under and we came all the way down. We saw what is yet who robert robert. Robert ortiz is probably right now because he's been training probably right now like one ninety maybe one eighty something waiting to get to either one eight zero because we haven't been able to solidify. We have been able to training pretty. That's a great fight though. I don't know how great it is. Which i got to see how you look. I know that he's good but he's boat he is the shi'as person out there you know like that's why hasn't fought yet because he's afraid of what it's going to look right. He over thinks himself is crazy. Finish schefter to the finish up the card Just got a few more to go. We got versus ambrose That fight it should be anticipated with all the athleticism on display. You also got sean mission. Impossible jones taking on cash adad. Which is anthony. Anthony cuts today and indicate your dad. you also got karma calmer surge is going to be taken on Anthony guns untorn antonio gonzalez did anyways and you got done for. End is taking on corey to round after round card so also and it's a corey is a golden gloves champion. Fourteen amateur fights donal has three to five. So he's stepping up. And this is the story line. You know you're going to get behind the guy that has fourteen amateur fights and the golden gloves and see just how good he is. And maybe i don't know dream big and hope to see them. Continue his his amateur career. Or will you sway and fall on the guy that has only three amateur fights that thinks he can beat a dude with fourteen fights. Hundred and forty pound division is going down. I got another one hundred and forty pound fight. That i'm still working on. I mean you know there's a lot man it's it's it's huge man. It's huge and it's it's it's starting to be exactly to be huge go allstone bonuses. Did i gave him his booming. So yes now stone yes enough. No not no not to you i. Yeah that's my My mom's one of my mom little sister's signs man one of my cousins down in mississippi mana and even talk to him and jeers either so but they just had a little scared so map ramp from my family. His his all lady had a See work in a field. So she We're praying follow them but they tested negative so is good on am one of my aunts died down here mississippi from covy lon up in omaha at it so it's been going around said I'm ready for the fight. Them getting excited Seen the is is getting people to talk seen a few other listening calling the alphabet channels have gone ahead and called it upset picky Some very interested in who picked off the ladder. Channels youtube channel. Picking kill book for the upset. So i'm ready for it. It's going to be like a six round fight. Seven round knockout show. I'm gonna you boy is back on a car. They ness a elvis presley. he'd back on a car. he's they moved me him through. He finished it. He's gonna get a big fight. Twenty twenty one. You bought the to have another flag running around in a studio yet. So i'm looking forward to get custody of you man. You sponsor here appreciate that because that's what everybody talking about. The three months left on top right this minute last fight he signed with. Pbc now nate the speculation. Yawkey hear from him. You can hear from bo. Maxine said less than ninety days. You get hear what's been happening so when ready let's get let's get this body call. Let's move on. Let's hope that he going following. The big fish is footsteps that has gotten handle and be a free agent. He only got a solid. Pvc if he can make a fight with pbc in know that's all we gotta do. Just don't be with somebody that makes it difficult to work with. That's all of that and let's play ball man because look dues name. Y'all cannella offered the fight twice the plant. Now do it is crazy. That's crazy but anyway man. Y'all we add in as she actually got my gene bill on boomerang and one other caller I don't even know how to pronounce that. So and only the steve real quick. I now not just you know when you call somebody doodoo. You're calling him a hair on the elephants ass. Everybody's adult still. Oh steve's just listen. And i we're going out to a brand new call. We never heard from me before the name starts with the right ends in ninety. Three your username ends in ninety three. Just gotta unmuted. Hello hello champion. How loria a tv. I'm good you can call me ali for sure from london so it's a evening of a good evening guys. Let's go yeah. I watched a relentless thing on youtube. And i fought terraced. Came across pretty well You don't really hear much from him. And i like when he does the lou lou interviews documentary type things with espn production. Quality is always good and does talk. He took he has stuff. he says. stuff we substance. he doesn't just talk shit adrian etc cetera on the fi- itself. I'm rooting for kelp brook. The whole of the uk's rea- calabro bought the right. Who so they stay kale. Yeah we we wanted to win but I terrence terrace probably gonna win type of yeah man ever since. Gdp bro is socket kells. He's not been the same guy he's not being the same guy. He's a real shame. But do you think about the talks that terminator now seats gene majimbo boomer boomer said nah i just wanted Just wanted to reiterate that custody view was pretty good very interested to see what's going to happen With him if he decisively let's it he does not leave again again. This will be the second time he's duck and he's the one that stuck in and then my boy brandon Listen man i'm broke boy. But i'll be huckleberry for that earl earl but fight much money but i got some so i'll i will do it. That way brig ratio guys. He took the bed sit. I got trading in a train. The bay on down when i miss those verses are right. It's over we gotta go hard. Stop i'm going live on patriot with this new show called side-hustle we're gonna have a guest jose on. He might be bringing someone else on the next coming days. So if you're interested trae is there. What set bone stone bone go down. I'll hey let's be clear but is the top dog on. Espn and he is one of the top dogs. In boxing. Welterweight visit so by. Don't but hey listen. I don't this thank god. They listen even when they. Did you watch the show when they called. They say when those people said number one pound for pound. He said a soda guys on this day. J- terence crawford is our number one pampa pow before the fine doing them during the press conference four didn't say they just say he number one but in our is the guy who's fighting on november fourteenth is number one pound for pound is just like we don't respect listen every day. I hear you presser mario. It's a flip flop. It now is different because war. Point how you know he just didn't convince. Maybe you just convince. Mario one day he said no why you always say you know what s your writing nonni. Cto instagram and so two catches. I got to see you on patriarch for a live show. It's called the side-hustle come check us out with our business expert canadian. Jose how long. I've been telling you how rich this guy is. How many businesses. He has come find out some tips for all us entrepreneurs starting right now on patriots only catch us on the next one no time for our throws either cheesy.

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