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Spanish focus football podcast week, five action kicks off tonight. The patriots and the cult. We are ready. Aim is field Yates which you might know that already listen this podcast or at least download. That's Matthew berry. He's been doing fantasy for couple years now starting to make his Mark. I'm gonna. I'm going up and comer. I got a chance. I got a chance to make something myself. I'll get there like you're like a practice squad player. Bell. Although honestly, I've got a shot to play for the colts tonight given that she's not a bad point out, find a bell who's sort of the goat around here and posts in many parts issues the best. Yeah, you just had sort of the go go to your not. I don't think it's one of those. She height of Cheam, Michael Jordan sort of the goat LeBron James might be the goat, Tom Brady's kind of the goat. Well, here's the thing that you can't equivocally eight on that right to Rica. Absolutely. And I'm not going to have too much coats disrespect here guys. Thank you very much Rica noted Coachman Rockinger, Andrew, lucked jersey today, right? To Rica had the colts go way hang on your, you're a colts fan to Rica. I am just piped in with goat conversation, but you're not wearing eighteen. I'm wearing twelve. This is we're speaking futuristically, futuristic stop it. You do not believe Andrew luck will at some day be the goat. He will someday be the goat. How did she get on this podcast? I dunno, Matthew. I've been asking myself that. Question for the last ten years, doesn't make sense. We've got a lot to get into day. Did you guys get the that presidential alert yesterday on your phones? That said, all NFL hamstrings had been recalled those guys. No start the show were rely. Half oversee news from the national football is the instant replay. Even get a chuckle guys. I mean, no, it's brutal. You gotta workshop it until it fits. You know what I'm saying? Like you can't just give up on something, you know, true in your heart very though. The fails show moment for Daniel right now. Right? I mean, I I know I think he's in character from that. You know, he's going Kaethe. He never breaks character. This is wrestling style gave me baby. I, I guess I don't know. It's just like that's what you call workshop ING. Just adding a different premise to it. Yeah, it almost worked. No, you made a noise after the words this time, at least I didn't make a noise. There was an autumn choice. You went. Let's get to the game that'll distract us from whatever Matthew and Daniel are bickering about right now. The patriots is you host the colts tonight. The thing it's just when you're naked. Your funny when your clothes and talking not as much. But here that my whole life, Matthew DIVY, I understand that that's why on the fantasy show on ESPN plus your neighbors. Your nipples are always welcome what our neighbors, her nipples Nipper McClatchy of collection of nips the fireball with that dippers. So it's all fallen flats. All right. Let's get to the game because we're, we're off track and let's get to the game. Yes, the patriots host the colts tonight. There's a night football, short week traveling for indie, and we're going to get to the colts injury list and just a moment because it's lengthy. But I think perhaps the injury, we had the least amount of clarity on going into this game, unless you were listen, just to find you is rob gronkowski and we got some update this morning from him or about him to find you from Adam Schefter. Right? Gronkowski expected to play. I think we, as you said, we'd we'd said earlier in the week that we thought that would probably be the case of the setup was limited playtime last week, probably being proactive on the part of the patriots. I think that was the case. I still think he's not. Percent like he was he. He was listed as did not practice Monday through Wednesday and actually was a limited participant yesterday. So Yup, but the point be limited. The point being that is interesting. 'cause something's different than when I have. But in any case, Monday was a practice estimation and either way there wasn't much going on in short week. So I think all all along, we thought that he was probably going to play, but he's not one hundred percent. So I kind of think what happens. Depends on what happens in the game. You know if the, if the patriots were to get a big here, might there be limited action for gronk as the game goes long, it's possible on you have many fantasy teams. You have a big brain. Would you with your big brain start rob gronkowski on any of your many fantasy teams? If you had him going tonight? I would. There you go. So last week I got stuck with my tail between my legs a little bit on Friday morning. Furious that we said, hey, the reality is if you have Delvin cooking your roster, you probably don't have three set it and forget it running backs that are head of delving cook here. We are a week later and a comparable situation in this regard. Even if he plays to find you just, you know, like, hey, we don't know how much he is going to play. What if they are up by twenty points at halftime? How could that impact gronk Seville ability. But Matthew given the state of the tight end position, it's really unlikely you're not gonna that you're gonna sit rob gronkowski place. How do I? I don't know how you do. I, I don't know who you would have on your team that you would start instead of rob gronkowski because honestly, if you had Travis Kelsey, you probably flexing gronk then. Exactly. I was just gonna say, like to me, the only person that realistically, you could probably have in your lineup because I think it's mature their leagues out there like this, but it's unlikely that many people have gronk in arts gronk in Kelsey, the way drafts went this year. But. You could have gronk injured cook, you know. And so jour-jour cook is a top five fantasy tightened. But honestly, in that case, you're probably right. You're flexing one of them. And by the way, as always when we through these Thursday night games, you need to start rob gronkowski. If you're starting, I'm starting to in your tight end position, don't always don't take flood, won't be the last. Yes, should always be the last position you you roster so that if something were we're were to happen to Jared, cook, whoever you have some flexibility with your flex spot that you mentioned like, well, if they get it by twenty, he could be out. He could be the reason they get up by twenty. And also this is the patriots. We saw them last week in a game against the dolphins where they were still, you know, progressively, they're proactively trying to score points when they were a big. We know that Bill Belichick has always valued game action and the opportunity to continue to get better. And by the way it's October. Fourth, patriots are a big believer that like the first month of the season or so is sort of like extended preseason, like you gotta get better too. So I wouldn't be surprised if. Even if they have a lead as long as wrong as healthy, he's still on the field going into the second half. Even the only concern of course is, do they pull him because you know, there's such a good relationship between these two franchises. I can't imagine Bill wanting to run up the score on this. Basically, Jim and John Harbaugh playing field just said, oh, well, when follow up on this, even if they have a lead, not plan them if he's healthy. But the thing is he's not one hundred percent. You know he, he's not. So I do think that there's a bigger chance that he comes out, but if they need, if the day was he's getting banged up in beaten around, which I don't think he's going to happen with this team just because they're thin than maybe he stays in. All right. So let's move on to the running backs because there are two now that are real factor. Matthew Sony, Michelle was described by you last week as a league winner. Yes. Describe correctly by me as the league one and we are going. We have both of these players inside our top twenty. He in James white. As a matter of fact, both of them inside all of our. Elective top eighteen. I asked this question earlier on in the week, but I think it bears repeating he, there's a chance that Sony Michelle becomes a factor in the passing game because that's the gateway to me for him becoming a league winner. I do believe that there is a chance for that. He and I don't have the numbers in front of me. I'm sure thirsty cows already pulling them up as we speak, but but off the top of my head, I don't think Sony, Michelle caught a ton of passes in his final season in Georgia, but I believe nine. Yeah, but I believe in his junior year, he actually was more prolific him in the passing game. And so, yeah, I think there's absolutely a chance. I don't think the patriots much like any good team want to become predictable. And so I think the thought processes that of James whites in the game, it's probably a pass, play Sony Michelle's in the in the game. It's probably a run play. And so the more they can involve the more they can put James white between the tackles, the more they can use Sony, Michelle in the passing game, the more diverse and harder to defend the patriots offense becomes. This is one of the reasons I think they liked Rex Burkhead so much as you didn't know. You could do so much with Rex in their offensive set. So yes, I do believe given the way that I know the patriots like to operate their offense and given the lack of other viable options and the team at the moment he does become involved in the passing game. I set up before. I'm saying it again. Sony, Michelle is a league winner in two thousand eighteen. We opened up a Twitter poll, and we asked who will lead the patriots running backs in backfield points rest of the season. So new Michelle got fifty five percent of the votes. Jane flights got forty, five percent in case you missed it. Julia is returning to action and with James wait, I mean, we're, we're both. We both. Both these guys said we'd eighteen play. You're playing both doing that. Women who returned tonight after missing four games due to a suspension, not only is returning. He's the subject of our IBM Watson inside of the week, Kyle sloppy. Yeah, Ataman has a twenty five point. One percent chance to boom this week between score over. Seventeen point three points. He's averaging seventeen point two points over his last ten games. You guys like his chances to boom this week based off those numbers. I sure do one hundred and twenty four targets in his last ten games as twelve point four per game. And what an interesting wrinkle. This'll be tonight as we talked about earlier note that we give credit to Mike Reese force the first time since November of twenty sixteen that gronk and Ataman will be on the field together. They happen to have a running mate. We'll talk about in just a second, but is it possible that this patriots offense is just unleashed tonight? Matthew, I think so. Especially given the fact you've got the colts traveling on a short week, so banged up pensively we talked about it a little bit a little bit yesterday, but a lot of injuries obviously, you know about the big name guys but in the secondary as well. And then Julian Edelman who now who has a including the postseason truly Elon has at least five catches in seventy receiving yards in eleven straight games. Now he's going against the colts defense. That's given up the fifth highest completion. Tentage in the NFL. You know, there's going to be a lot of sort of Lincoln dunk to Julian to get him sort of going in this one and Eshelman and that's by the way and and that all those stats are when they were fully healthy. And now they're so beat up. So yes, I understand the concern of like we haven't seen it. We wanna see, Bob, I have Giuliano a couple of teams, Juliana men right into my land of tonight. Last one here for the patriots is Josh Gordon. He played last week to catches thirty two yards defined. You talked about his injury impact. He still limit. He still technically questionable expect him to play. Do we think that it's going to visit stand two reasons to find it? Not only will they play, but he'll play more. I think he'll play more volume. I don't think that the structure of how he plays, we'll be that different because the hamstrings still limitation. So we talked on a fantasy football now last Sunday about how you're going to control because this is a guy who wants to get the ball. You would expect him to be a threat to make a big play downfield. And if you. Want to kind of contain how much he can open up with that. Hamstring still being threat. You manage the situations, you put him out there. And so I think more snaps but not necessarily. I, I would still be leery of expecting the the deep play ball. For example, anybody that's ranked outside of the top thirty at running back or wide receiver is sort of considered a dart throw, right? That's kind of where we land on these players. So Matthew, Josh Gordon feels like a dart throw this week, but a dirt throw that might just need one reception against a vulnerable secondary. Yeah, that's the key. I mean, I'm actually lower on him than both of you just because there's there's actually a lot of good options this week. He is. He is a an is interesting that you know we we did element for the Watson player when there's no one more boomer bust than I think Josh Gordon to your point only needs as one against the secondary worth, noting the colts have allowed a league high seventy six, deep completion. Since the start of last year you can throw deep on them. We've just talked about how beat up. Their secondary is played fifteen snaps last week. He caught both targets total thirty two yards like in finding saying, she doesn't know if they want to test that Hammy out just yet to take a deep shot. So with gronk and Edwin back in and I have to believe Brady wants to get the ball to Eshelman like don't take. I mean, like, I don't know. Like if I was projecting on on Josh corn, I'm gonna. I'm gonna say I'm gonna say three for forty two. That's my projection for Josh coordinate three for forty two touchdowns. No touchdowns. But again, like he's got. I mean, like it's the patriots. Like if I was the. Getting ever get a chance to have a chance to get into the end zone or anything is possible. So it's just how lucky do you feel given the fact there aren't that many big names on the waiver wire. I mean, on on by this week, you know you're without Alan Robinson. You without Mike Evans. Whatever, you know, John Jackson, Chris Godwin a deeper league. It just depends on sort of who else you have is the ultimate risk reward guy tonight. But I think you're right. He is outside our top thirty. You're saying you're saying seven point two points tonight for Josh Gordon, Matthew, I guess. So you wanna make you wanna make a board bed about that. I will make a board, but with you about that. Sure, you bet he can make board best now. Apparently anybody except me about a stand sock bet, and you can. We, we can do. We can do. I mean, listen, here's the deal. Okay. What are you? Got less. I'm just gonna. I'm gonna put this out there. Okay. Our loveliest to find your ballots been spurned from board bets for a long time she has is correct. And I think I know I want to be clear on this. She hasn't been spurned from board bet she's been spurned from betting with media. Correct. I don't want to bet with her anymore because she's no fun. So here's the deal. I'm gonna make a board bet I win. Then I winced a find his bells freedom from this board bed tyranny than we currently live in. All right. So I the over seven point, two points, Josh Gordon will score more than seven point two points tonight against the colts. Okay. And what do I get if he finishes under seven point two, then then to find you will continue to live in this board bet tyranny that we currently reside in. All right. I, I feel like this isn't a great bet for me. So I just sort of. Sort of Matthew. I'm never that for you. So I don't know that I feel like because because because all I'm getting is the status quo that in honor to, but you know what you want because there's. You something that you want to something I want? Yes, yes. If I win, you can never ever ever tell that joke again. Oh man, you have to. You have to retire that let me retire. We talked to retire the tyranny of your lame hamstring joke the tyranny that were under for that stupid. Awful hamstring joke, you can no longer bring it up. You know what? I feel pretty confident that I'm going to win this bet. So I'm good. All right, that's fine. All right. I say Josh Gordon finishes under seven point. Two fantasy points tonight. I say, Josh Gordon finishes over seven point. Two fantasy points tonight put put it on the board. It's not really on the board. It's it's forced to find his board bet freedom. So we will see what happens. All right. We're gonna talk to do that. We're going to go inside of you. Rooting for fun. 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Are you nervous about the lack of pass sketchers or perhaps you saw from the patriots defense last week. Say that one more time. Sorry, I was. I was somebody who was talking about here. What you've got Andrew lock at seventeen this a little bit lower than to find you and I have, are you more concerned about the defensive match up or the fact that t. y. Hilton is out for this game, Jack Doyle's out for this game and the colts have a bad offensive line all the above. Plus they're traveling on a short week. I know. I know our lovely to there is as sporting the twelve, but honestly, like last, I feel like when the patriots lead and I do think they're going to lead their ten and a half point favorite in the game. Yeah. The patriots defense is kind of different. Now, again, it's all small sample size, but when leading this year, their second completion percentage against they've the second best completion percentage against, I should say, and they have they've given up just two touchdowns. They have a two touchdown to interception touched on interception rate right to to to end. So banged up offense of line, not why Hilton? No, Jack Doyle. No run game. Honestly. I mean, they've got nineteen Hines and we'll talk about him in a second here, but. Given the other options that are available at quarterback here? Yeah, Andrew luck makes me nervous. I, I don't think this is a. I don't think it's going to be like a shootout to as we talked about earlier when we sort of talked about the patriots and sort of how they feel and building the thing like I don't think he's one of the things where they could get up by a couple of scores, and then all of a sudden it's a bunch of backups and there's some junk time there. I think they will play till the final bell. And so I, yeah, I have concerns about Andrew luck who has not thrown short. I just I don't like offenses traveling on short weeks and obviously that would not have worked out for me last week when Minnesota went into LA and put up huge fantasy points other than dalvin cook. They're very lead there because I did note there were couple of players that are out, but there are so many players banged up for the colts this weekend. Right? I mean, Matthew mentioned that defensive side, obviously the offensive skill positions that most of the fantasy folks are concerned about include t, y Hilton who's not playing because of the hamstring issue. Also because of the he's listed on the Interport with a chest injury. People forget he went down the first quarter. He's dealing with two problems, and I wouldn't necessarily assume that TY Houghton's automatically back next week. I mean, this is a really big deal, so we're going to have to monitor that one pretty closely. Jack Doyle still not practicing because of the hip injury and obviously out for today's game again, no lock to play next week either. And then Marla MAC with a hamstring that keeps cropping up. That's bothering him. He will be out. And then for those who have Adam venit Terry high-ranking kick on their roster listed as questionable because of a right, groin injury. He practiced on Monday, didn't practice Tuesday limited Wednesday. When I say that that's the status, the. Colts actually had no practice this week. Everything was essentially a walkthrough because they're so banged up. I think it's reflective of their season. Viteri is a gamer. This is not a serious injury by all accounts. Definitely resting him in he should play. If you have him, you can go ahead and plan on him, play miss. We know workout this week for the cult of kickers didn't bring anybody into visit. Just in case apparently seems like Viteri will play, but a great note there because a lot of people will be starting him or would be something to pay attention to. No, he will play. Yeah. I can dial back there for one second. And obviously, I mean, it's, it's shorting you don't know, but like on just on a scale of one to ten, if you had t y Hilton on your roster, how worried are you about this hamstring? Well, the facts, it's a hamstring and it's the speed guy already makes me more worried than if it was just the chest injury, for example. And when I we worried like across the rest of the season, here's one thing about the colts. They've been pretty conservative with Marla McCue, watch how they, they tend to be a team who you're not going to be out there until you can really go one hundred percent. So I I'm worried about Hilton in the short-term missing some time, and we've talked before about how he's missed. So few games. This will only be his third miss game in his career. So he is a guy who's going to fight to get back out there. This will be a little bit of a tug tug of war between the sides, but they're gonna want to make sure he's healthy. He's going to try and push to get out there. But I would say I would expect in the short term the next two to three weeks. I'd be really concerned about. His status and then probably feel better about it after that. All right. That's good news. There. Wolf will potentially. We hope for good news for t. y. Hilton worth. Noting the team hasn't have it's by until the beginning of November the way I am having the opportunity to just rest him for two weeks. Let's get to the colts running backs, Nahim Hines the player. You just mentioned Matthew. Robert turban is technically eligible to play in this game tonight. If he's activated to the roster, he has been suspended for the first four games of the season, but it does feel like a Nike minds could be super basis. He's third on the team and targets already any leads the team with Recep in receptions, got twenty two receptions this year, so he's got more receptions than any. That's not among running backs that's among everybody. So. On the colts. So you think about Indianapolis, the can't really run the ball, right, but they're passing the ball, the second highest rate the season, so so Hines has become sort of a in default, they're running game the extent they the colts have one, rushing touchdown, this entire season. Naim Hines is the guy who got it. So Hines who's a part of a passing game. We do think they're going to be down. They don't have a lot of other weapons. I mean, watch Robert turban going get twenty touches today, but honestly might speculation is because we're talking about PR scoring because he so involved in the passing game because they don't have a lot else. I mean, they just haven't been able to get much going with Jordan Wilkins so far field. I do think he's a viable flex play tonight. Yeah, certainly feel the same way made a trade from actually recently in a sixteen team league, the Jaguars defense for Naim high to that that was in the war room league gay? Yeah. In another league as well. We're short on death right now. I'm running back in the Jaguars defense has not been as dominant as we sort of hopeful we're going into the season. You get Kansas City next, not exactly ideal for the Jacksonville d. but it was. It was actually more less of an indictment on the Jaguars more. Just the belief that Nike minds could stay busy this week and next and future weeknights at the they love this kid struggled in the preseason. I think part of the reason he didn't register on fantasy writer was the first game he played in. When he talked to me, he said it was like come through to get on the field for the first time, and it goes into dream turned into a nightmare because all of a sudden there was a muffed punt. And he, you know, he had the ball handling issues, but they love the versatility that he brings a now that it's starting to connect between him and Andrew luck. I think he's on the rise couple of pass catchers. We need to bring to light because as we just mentioned, not why Hilton not lines is still out there in a bunch of leagues feel us out there in a bunch of these. I would certainly because roasting ninety nine what is his roster percentage. Although I know let's keep moving onto the pass catcher. Sue, Eric Ibran has been pretty good so far for the colts this season. He's injury report, but he's gonna play. He's gonna just to point out. He's another one worth noting seven players who've been ruled out. So even guys that are banged up in our questionable are going to be active tonight and exact like they need Eric LeBron's. So even though I said they didn't really do practice other than walk-throughs, he was listed as a full participant, but it's worth noting is getting some treatment on his knee, you know, but so amongst the guys that are not running back so wide receivers and tight ends. Like let's just mentioned some players that are actually gonna play tonight for the Hebron. We like as a top ten tight end, maybe even higher. I've got him at seven, but who else? Well, so it's a little bit of a mixed bag there. And I think there will tomorrow morning. We will come in and there will have been one colts pass catcher that has a really nice game one wide receiver and whether he's act PASCAL, right? Because he's on my roster now. I think it's Ryan grant. Grand. Yeah. I mean, you know it, but it easily could be Chester. Roger being just Rogers had more catches than grant head targets. Last week that said he still played sixty seven snaps which was tied for the team league. Now, you know, in that it's a little bit different in terms of in the middle of a game when you you game plan, something specific in Hilton goes, he was in and out of the lineup last week as opposed to knowing, here's who you have. It does certainly seem like there's a little bit of a connection there between Ryan grant and Andrew luck. Five or more catches or touchdown in three out of the four games that colts have played so far. This season, I have grant ranked the highest among the colts pass catchers, but I wouldn't say that I'm specifically high on him. I'm actually lower on grant than either of you guys and that's in part because it wouldn't shock me if Chester Rogers, Zach, PASCAL, or you know luck does spread it around and I don't know that we have a treatment Lear November that we have a clear idea that this is definitely going to be the go to guy. Of course, we do not. There is there is bound to be a player that scores more than ten. Points, not name Ryan grant amongst the Colt wide receivers tomorrow. The really like little act PASCAL stats from thirsty, Kyle before the show because I had to acquire sack PASCAL because I had t y Hilton, and he's obviously out this week. Six catches on ten targets for Pesca last week. The ended up with fifty six years and a touchdown. He ranked third on routes run. So a grant in Rogers both ahead of him, but he was targeted the highest percentage of times among the three for the routes that he rents. So maybe if you're looking for somebody to pick up and squeezing your lineup tonight and take a little chance on maybe sack PASCAL interesting, a lot of fliers worthy colts worth noting to find him majored in French as one of our many degrees from college, and I feel like that has something to do with it. Yes. So. Pasco. I just wanted to get a little star find you. In fact, in their PASCAL played his college football where Matthew, I'm sure you know this one OD is Old Dominion. That's right. Old Dominion who recently beat Virginia Tech for I believe they're only win of the college Twitter thing by the way, so great. The the other never heard of it. No Cordova putting the Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech tweet did two things. I think they, I think they're, they're account tweeted out something about Virginia Tech. Oh, they, here's what they did. They put out a press release about an upcoming game and in the press release, they wrote how they were. They had beaten ODU and it was just like scored a come basically like that. And and then obviously, of course they did not beat Old Dominion. Old Dominion got him country band as well big. And for this game, say ten and a half point spread for the patriots. I will take the patriots. How about you? Matthew. Number number, but I will all summer, but I will still, I will say, I will take that. And I also want to. Just mentioned Naim Hines available in fifty, seven percent of ESPN league. So still out there in significant number leagues. And so anyone that's watching us on Twitter or happens to hear this before the game. It is somebody that the three of us think is a very viable flex play in in NPR. Okay, Matthew, you've got the patriots as well define who'd he got, I guess I'm going to go with the patriots and all right annual. I am also taking the patriots already patriots as an update on pigskin pick 'em number one in the standings right now after four weeks, Matthew berry thirty one points, secret squirrel and not cool, Keith tied at second with thirty points thirsty. Kyle is fourth with twenty nine points to find you is fifth twenty seven and I am dead last twenty-six after just picking five correct games out of fifteen five out of fifteen last week hard to do that is difficult to do. I can't wait till we prove you guys all wrong to Rico. There you go, there's your chance. All right. We'll be right back after this. A wedding is a beautiful thing. As long as it doesn't fall on a Saturday during college football season. Those Saturdays are reserved for the union of two rivals. A celebration of fans coming together to trash talk one another at Buffalo Wild Wings. We believe that a wedding planner needs to own a football calendar and our bars are full of beer drinking when eating funds to agree with us, unless you're secretly trying to cut down your guest list, then kudos on the great strategy, Buffalo Wild Wings escaped to football, please drink responsibly. All right guys. Now, another update from our ZipRecruiter smartest fan of the week. Hi, this is John Jones. ZipRecruiter smartest fan of the week after living the last three decades, Wisconsin home of cheese, beer cheese, rats, cheese, cheese, heads and cheese. I have to give a shout out to Matt Nagy and the first place Chicago Bears because you never forget your first. And now back to the show serious. In good voice. Our let's get to love hate and quarterback. Love hate begins with a certainly quarterback Mr.. Joe flacco math, you gotta love this week Brown. Yeah. I mean, look, I love hate is all about expectations and people that we expect to exceed expectations here. And so the elite quarterback, Joe flacco very quietly been pretty good this year. I mean, I believe at least fifteen fantasy points every game so far this year, right. We project him for fourteen point to rectify. I'm wrong on that thirsty cow believe fifteen. I'm getting thumbs up. Yes, so at least fifty. So his projection is lower than every score he's gotten so far this year currently has more fantasy points in Aaron Rodgers on the season. I don't think people realize how good. Joe flacco is been, here's the entire list of quarterbacks that at least fifteen points all four games this season for Aaron Rodgers. Okay. Patch Mahomes Philp rivers, Jared, Goff, Joe flacco. That's it. Last six games that he's played, the Browns multiple touchdowns in every one of those games. He's been great in the red zone so far. This season seventy two point, two percent completion percentage. He throws a touchdown pass once every three passes and you think about this Brown's team that really struggles, frankly, red zone defense opponents completing a league high sixty six percent of red zone passes against the Browns since the start of last season. Honestly, I think because of the improvement of the Browns offense, which we've talked about all week long. I think Joe flacco is going to have to sling it a little bit. Here. They have a good run defense. You're still starting those guys. But yeah, if you need a buy week, fill in here and Blake Bortles was not available in your Lee, right? Yeah. Like I like Joe flacco after Bortles sort of, you know a QB to that that could get, you know, fit. Fifteen. Sixteen fantasy points dull to it, also come to mind from one hundred rank higher. Yep, I agree with you. They hate for this week, Matthew. Who is your quarterback that you hate again, this is relative expectations matchup, etcetera. Yes. I apologize. I just talked over you, but I'm I'm agreeing with you on antidote. Yes. Good. You and I both agree antidote and you hate the red rifle. All right, Russell Wilson look. These projections have mid sixteen point five, and that makes me nervous. That's nuts. I don't know that he's nuts. He's a very, it's a very smart young man very sore to he's an old. He's smart handsome, but he's wrong on this one. First off, we talked about this a little bit the other day in terms of his rushing to lake, like Russell Wilson is not running anymore. I mean, that's that's one of the concerns here is that through four games, he's got like under forty five yards. Rushing things. One is got a hamstring issue that is sort of been battling in the background. The second is that they've been worried about how many times is taken sack. He has been hit behind the line bunch of times and there's concern about him staying up like they literally have been talking to him about, you have to stay healthy if he's not out there than they have real problems. So there's been this push to get rid of the ball more quickly that takes away from the rushing added to your points to find the Seahawks rank among the two. Most pressured teams in the NFL teams are really getting after the quarterback and that it's not good. When you figure out you're facing Aaron, Donald and the Rams they have created pressure, thirty, six percent of the time the season. That is the second highest rate in the NFL and by the. Way when not win. When Russell Wilson is pressured the season. Again, he the second most in the top two in the NFL in terms of pressure, and he's playing a team that's top two in the NFL in terms of bringing pressure when Russell's pressured the season, he's completing just forty. Seven percent of his passes is zero touchdowns as one interception. He's not running anymore field. He's had under two hundred total yards for two straight games. I don't know that there's anything that you've seen other than the fact that as it is Russell Wilson capital letters other than his name, they can give you any confidence in starting him this week against the Rams. That's it. That is exclusively at like anything be good. The only the case for Russell Wilson is mutually anecdotal. That's all it is some notes. Okay. But it works out right, revenge, game narrative, things like that, or, hey, you think they're gonna have a hard time containing Aaron Donald who's going to have to break the pocket and run for fifty yards on Sunday. But that's the only way that you feel good about starting Russell Wilson. He's closer to the top twenty for me. Then he has top ten. All right. Tell us about twenty three and me. All right. Feel into asked twenty three and me is a DNA testing service that can offer insights into your ancestry health wellness and traits, the twenty three and me health and ancestry service include reports on how your DNA can influence your weight, your sleep quality, your caffeine intake sense of taste, whether you're likely to be lactose intolerant, Matthew, and it's easy to do you simply spit into the tube provided in your twenty three and me kit mail your saliva sample back to the lab to be analyzed, the bitter taste report, and the sweet versus salty reports. DNA can play a role in determining your food preferences from sweet to salty bitter. The deep sleep report tells you if you're more likely to be an especially deep sleeper, the sleep movement report tells you how much you're likely to move during your sleep based on your DNA, the saturated fat and weight report tells you based on your genetics, how your weight might be affected by saturated fat near diet and the lactose. Intolerance report sheds insight into higher genetics might affect your ability to digest dairy products order your twenty three and me health ancestry service kit at twenty three and me dot com. Slash f, f, f. That's the number twenty three and me dot com. Slash f, f, f, great stuff Airbus to fund, you always eloquent with her. Live reads was move along too wide receiver love hate, but a quick wide receiver note before we get there is that devante Adams popped up on the Packers injury report on Wednesday with a calf. We'll see how that impacts status for the rest of leap, but we're certainly keeping our eyes on the point, whereas noting is that every Packer wide receivers on the injury report. And so you've got drama Allison with a concussion. You've got Randall Cobb with a hamstring and now you've got Fonte Adams with this calf injury. Allison and Cobb were not practicing at all. Adams was limited. Again, this begs the question is at one of those things where is something happens, and then you're worried because. Because it goes downhill the rest of the week or is this just like, hey, we have to be really cautious because we're so thin at the position that we're gonna limit your rep. So again, just take it with a grain of salt and context and look at what happens the rest of the week. But it is, I think worth noting here. Here's a tweet from Ryan would who covers the the Packers for the Green Bay press gazette where says in addition to, so let's see Packers coach, Mike McCarthy says, wide receiver, Dante atoms calf injury, popped in practice Wednesday, he'll be the rehab group today. Quote, we'll see how it goes. So to find his point. So basically he was a limited participant in practice yesterday. The injury pops up, not gonna practice today, so he'll be a non he won't practice today. So you never liked to see a guy getting worse, but to your point, maybe like, hey, we'll see how it goes is going to rehab and then maybe Friday the Packers don't do work on Friday. They practice on Saturday. So you have to take their reports are constructed differently. They have to file something the league on Friday. So it may show up as. It did not or limit, but they don't actually practice team Saturdays their big day. So the way I would interpret this is keep your in devante you're probably not gonna know much more till Saturday. Let's tolerate onsite. Defining. We'll talk about this more tomorrow, even if we won't have the full picture as to salute our. Let's get back on track. Love hate. We begin with the jets wide receiver against the Denver Broncos sounds kind of freaky. Let's I honestly, Quincy noon will makes the loveless this week. He's projected for just ten point, seven points. I don't. I give me the over on that one target share so huge with noon, woah field. He seen at least eight targets in every game. This season five more catches than any other jet has targets this year. He only has eyes for noon with Sam darnold Sam darnold and Quincy noon was relationship is sort of like you and I get you somebody that looks at you like the way Sam darnold looks at Quincy and Nuno count their kids. He's actually top ten manifest terms of target share, and honestly, you don't love the matchup with Denver, but I don't think it is. Timid ending as you might think so far this year, the Broncos will the second most yards per tempt per to the slot in the third highest completion percentage of the slot because his volume is high and its target chair, and I don't have a ton of confidence in the in the jets run game. Certainly, Kansas City Chiefs. Ran all over. Denver last week, but that's kids sitting cream hunt and all respectable pollen. Isaiah Crowell. They're not. They're not cream on and Sam darnold isn't Patrick Mahomes you're gonna play that defense a little bit differently. So I do think they're going to have to move the ball through the air. So noone woah comes in with this low production of ten points to me is a love. I think he exceeds that. How about hate? Because after last week people are saying, Corey Davis back on track. He's gotta be these star wide receiver for the titans. You're not quite convinced. I'm not in. We talked about my clay a lot and and one of the things that might does for the for the company see rights terrific article wide receiver, quarterback match, really does a deep dive and I highly encourage you to articles that comes out every week. He does a great job with it. So check it out. It's it's part of your ESPN plus subscription companyman. They go to Rica. You notice how I don't know if you guys noticed it is so good. So people can't see. I don't know that if you can see this behind the screen, but so trick was doing something else. And it soon as I said that, boom Trico is right there to push it. Here's a, if you can put the camera back on me for a second views watching on Twitter. Here's how Daniel does that. So Daniels like. Then then you hear me say something like he's a company man. I, I don't look my finger before. Sticky lick finger today, confused. Thousand years. You're like a human rain delay. When we call for the drops over there. Tariq is like Johnny on the spot over there. Nice job week. I just wanna say very welcome. Nice job. All right. So anyway. Corey to anyway, Mike clay or super quarterback batch of a, he tracks all of this. He does a great job with it. And as he notes in his column as well as that we expect to shadow here from today's white, who because the struggles of the bills maybe hasn't gotten the national coverage that he's field Yates, but he's been terrific since the start of last season, the bills have allowed. The third fewest deep completions. The third fewest deep touchdowns the ninth Lowe's, completion percentage and win. Winter Davis. White has been over there. The other wide receiver has done well, right? So he had shadow coverage on stuff on digs and Davante Adams out of earlier this year. Adam feeling drawn Alliston twenty catches on thirty targets for eighty five yards against buffalo. So I think Tae wan Taylor who continues to increase his target share is actually kind of a sneaky DFS play this week. I'm down on Corey Davis. He's projected for eleven fantasy points. I have him. I'm taking the under on that. Okay, fair enough. Right there for Corey Davis. How about the running back the way? I don't think Marcus mariota. Is that good? I'm not. I'm not convinced yet. I know. Well, last week, more evidence jesse's not very good is there is compared to what the evidence just he is very good. Let's get to the running backs. We begin with Aaron Jones. We know you love as a player. He gets the lion's this week who the lions have been an absolute sieve against the run. They have been irritate against the past, but against the run, they've been the most generous run defense in the NFL. By far they really. Have been. It's usually at this point of the show field is defined which turned a Daniel, and I ask them questions about how embarrassing his reliance defense is, and just how brutal team it is, and just, you know how tough it must be to watch that. But I feel like because to Rica doesn't always sit in with us. I feel like here's an opportunity to turn over the microphone to her and say, is there anything you'd like to say to Daniel about his crappy team. We can't. We can't hear you for some reason. Being that I'm originally from Detroit guys. I really can't talk too terribly, but I will today because I feel like he's been sabotage me all week, these folks, what are you talking about it but not have been sabotaging anything? He's been sabotage me all guy. So with that being said, the lions, there's nothing that they can do except maybe put Daniel on the team in that about. Wow. Well, you have not seen the fantasy show on ESPN plus, because if you had seen it without a shirt, you would realize he, he, he needs to be nowhere near not letting field. Yeah, I think this is a breakout game for Aaron Jones. Like I've been saying this since the summer. He's the best running back on the team. You need to have him on your roster. It is not a matter of if it is a matter of win, he takes over this backfield I believe he's got the best chance to be this season's Alvin Kamara somebody who was third on the depth chart in the summer, but who breaks through becomes a fantasy superstar. Look, I'm not saying finishes top five at the position, fantasy points, but I do think he's got that kind of talent. I do believe at him that way. And so average over six yards per carry this season. And you mentioned it field about how bad this defenses on the turf. And we just talked about the fact that like every Packers wide receiver is banged up Jimmy, Graham didn't practice yesterday either Mike McCarthy saying, no big deal, just veteran rusty, but they don't have a lot going there and it's not like Aaron Rodgers. Go. To be laying out a bunch of bootlegs. So my expectation is that you see a lot of Aaron Jones week again, I think this is the breakout game for Erin, Joe. All right. Let's get to a hate for you on the running back side. Matthew Kenyon Drake, you've got a rant. I believe forthcoming. I just want to know where that I just wanna know where all you Kenyan Drake guys are at right because in their gal season, I had Kenyan Drake is a hate, and I cannot tell you how many people took to the Twitter's to the Instagram's to to the fantasy life app to to the to the emails here to the emails to my inbox saying like you're nuts, Kenyan, Drake, amazing. And they give me all these small sample size stats from last year. I actually Kenyan Drake, not terrible running back. I actually think he has NFL talent. My concern was about his fantasy value because of Adam gates because the dolphins because of Frank gore, I would be guys, he's in a timeshare and there was like, oh, but Adam gates, he's gonna give him the ball twenty to twenty five times. And then I'd be like, well, yeah, he said that a j JJ. And they traded him for weeks later, he was talking the same thing about j. Gye. This is a team that doesn't wanna plays, and then you're thinking like and people like they're going to be leading. They're not gonna be leading the dolphins and they turned out they actually three and one. They're still bad over the last two weeks. He's tied for a hundred and twenty second in rushing yards. Sounds bad. You know who has more rushing yards than him over the last two weeks. Brock Osweiler rox pretty good. Brock Osweiler Nathlie has more rushing yards over the last two weeks than Kenyan Drake who you guys took as running back sixteen his loss yardage on twenty four point. Two percent of his carries a season. The non Drake running back average in the NFL is just ten percent. Here's some of the players that have more fantasy points than Kenyan Drake, you're running back sixteen America, Austin Hooper Jalen Rashard Corey comment. Who's missed a game. Five different defenses, twelve different kickers. Frank gore, seventy five thousand year old. Frank gore leads this team in carries rushing yards and has the only Miami run that gain more than twenty yards. Kenan Drake's the one thing you could hang, your can Drake as a big play guy, and only Frank gore has a rush of over twenty yards. There are thirty four different running backs is here with multiple ten point games. Kenyan Drake is not one of them. Here's his carries by week this season field Yates. I'm ready. Fourteen eleven five, three. Calin Balaj who was an active, who's a healthy scratch for much of the year had one carry and had as many rushing Kenyan Drake last week. Where are you at where all you Kenyan Drake, defenders that you can add me on this when Matthew berry Tiem are I wanna hear from you? Tell me how much you love your Kenyan Drake now, tell me I wanna hear it. Anyway, he's on the hitless as we get. Are you with that? 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Shows that was, let's do. That will be, we'll be quick about it. Okay. So we're going to go to the celebrity league. I where some familiar names are at the top here in the celebrity, I feel as though Zach Ephron miles teller shot out of a cannon every single year. This alleged league. I have to tell you something like, I think a lot of times you hear celebs like whoever like they're not into it, I- miles teller drafted last year from like Czechoslovakia or something like that. Like in the middle of night, like he was like three AM in the in the set. Zac Ephron also tweeted, like he was on like inbetween movie takes. He had us phone on him in between movie take because he was on set, filming a movie as well. He actually tweeted a photo of it, and so where he was last year and like they are so crazy into it. It's unbelievable miles, of course, has been on the podcast and number of times he's a diehard eagles fan as well always loves to draft his birds but there. So I mean, miles is like in four leagues, Zach think is in two or three. And I believe Zach that plays in some high stakes leagues as well. Like they're both hard core players and as evidenced by their four, no starts in our league are fourteen PR league good at it as well. Yeah, the three of us are all too into. I feel pretty good about my squad. I'm in. I've scored the second most points of had some bad luck in terms of my opponents. So I feel pretty feel okay about your for the most part, I've been dealing with some injury issues as well. Doug Baldwin's been a disappointment. Obviously, rob grandpa. Hausky has been absolutely brutal. I feel like better days are head for both of those guys and just pulled up a trade yesterday. We talked about John legend. I traded him. Cooper Cup, a little Cooper Cup is much love a little Cup. John Lennon was offering up Joe mixing. And so because of what I think Joe mix gonna do for the rest of the season. I made that deal because I think running backs are more valuable than wide receivers. This here, I feel like I can. I can. I've drawn them Alson and Randall Cobb. So I have ever, although I may not have those guys this week. I've not him Hines in that league as well. So fourteen team league and I've Christian McCaffrey. So I think I think I'm going to be okay as well. I also lost Garoppolo in that league so that that's why sort of the slow start. But I'm okay down to good games. Two wins mediocre, mediocre. Well, it's perfect for the podcast league as well. Do you like your team in that league? Yeah, except for Mahomes we'll Mahomes has been great when he, you know he's, but I also last week I was really sick on Sundays. May remember get Chris Carson outta my lineup. So you're on your deathbed. So I I had a script. Nothing actually wouldn't help me because of the injury situation there. So I face Anthony Mackie this week's faces Rachel Lindsay, and Matthew faces Parsons Daniel tell. The man's leak. How's that going? So far? Man, it's sucks feel wow. Personal proud. Here's the thing I just quickly wanted to. I'm third in the league points and I'm one of three Warren league situation. I'm one and three my to find it. I I've never seen worse luck than what's defined has the war room league are you shouldn't believable? Yes, I scored one hundred and sixty two points less become. Got a great team in this league and one hundred sixty points at sixteen team league of Noida. Her team is amazing, and she's owned four in that league because every single week she plays somebody that goes like for one hundred eighty normal scores leaguer about one twenty one to one twenty as brutal. She's doing one sixty every week and she's one four. I've never seen anything like it being one in three. I'm livid because this is basically to quarterback league and my two quarterbacks are Shawn Watson and Patrick Mahomes I've heard of both of them. I've got als Collins, James, Connor with Levy on bell on my bench. I've got Kenny golladay and Corey Davis, and Chris HOGAN, who has let me down David joke who like I don't have a bad team. I just can't catch a freaking break. It's killing. Pass. It's so bad. Wow. For the standings just to go through it really quickly. We've got five people that are three and one worldwide, Dan pod gator JOL run field run. All three of those guys are in my division. They are three and one in the west, hey, the the run field. By the way, if that the guy that the run field run yai just, you know, he's, he's stuck there right in the middle. You know, it sounds like he's in a tight race for I. I just you should be emailing field Yates a lot just to get fantasy advice to begin break yourself out of the pack that guy should just, you know, I just feel like really, really just reach out to you does every Monday more data. Down guy blows up. He's slides into your DMZ blows up your Email all the time. I find it hilarious fish booth. Yoyo is also three and one as well as nine year Kyle who's not this thirsty, Kyle, but the other nine year Kyle. So it's listen to tight race. Got a lot going on and really need lady on Belda comeback so that I can get in this because I should not be third in the league in points in one and three all rights to find you tell us about the women's league how that's going to kind of mediocre just like this alleged league. Although I've had some really good games in a couple. This is actually I'm really impressed by the movement in the league. Women are really, they have some strong strong teams or a lot of points being put up in this league. I feel like every week. The women who are beating me are putting up Tana points. So we have to divisions forty Niners and the Seahawks you know why I'm in the forty Niners division meantime is in the Seahawks divisions and so then so we got this split into two divisions. I sit right in the middle of my division. It tuned to in third lawyer, Alex undefeated at four, no. And then the standings from their CSI Christie three and one, two and two. And then the remaining three teams Boston show Jen fiance to be name later and super smart, Rachel all at one and three. So they're still, you know, because everybody's kinda their clusters, there's still plenty of time for people to shift these around on the Seahawks side for Christina. Remember she part of her deal with she had to call herself forty nine, where four hundred picture. You have four hundred gear in her avatar, but she's undefeated. I'm sure it's because of all the forty Niner love. She's forcing herself to expressed to our guy talks, although in that theory, you'd be undefeated and all of your leasing, you're not. Undefeated actually the opposite of undefeated gear. My avatar or to 'em not embracing them enough is perhaps the problem. Forty Niner Christina, four, no tour guide tasha. I forget how the is pronounced cli- wants cakes and seven, four one, seven, four one, Jessica all at two and two. So a lot of tight race over there. Ilker Daniel one in three in poor Munichites at one in three Munichites by the way, has a new podcast just came out called bootleg with Meena kind. You should definitely check out. I'm actually gonna try and get her for the Tuesday podcast next week to come on and talk about women's league team and five catchy us. That would be great. And of course the day I'm going to hear, I love me. She's fantastic. She's so good and I are both depressed about our team so you know, her Seahawks misery loves company, right? Right. So the two of us struggling because our teams are all right, misery loves company. Let's get to if you Twitter questions to wrap the show, but he got Keith here. We'll go flex flex conversational at Daniel bobick says Chris Thompson or Tyler Boyd, good options there. Assuming PR obviously, I'm gonna guess so. I think I would lean towards Tyler boy, but it's really close only because, yeah, I don't know. I mean, I don't think I have a great answer there, but I think Tyler Boyd, yeah, I think I think so too. The only concern is is boy, that's that's really close to, but but Tyler Boyd going up against Miami, you know, do you think Howard shadows, AJ, green, you know that that. By that. That's my, that's my argument there. And so Tyler Boyd who I believe has six catches for ninety yards and a on three straight games that right. I e column doing that at the top of my head. I believe that is correct. I, I don't know how you not right off hand. Yeah, ride the hot hand. I, I like both options. I don't think he'd screw that went up. But yeah, we're all on onboard with Todd Boyd Gatto 'Grande and it's a big cat. Yeah, of course. PR flex for you Ryan grant, John Brown or Dede Westbrook. Wow. I don't know how you take John brand, John Brown, your lineup, like I mean, we just talked about the red zone inefficiency of the Cleveland Browns and how much I like Jo-. Joe flacco will the guy he looks for the most when he gets in as actually John Brown. He leads an red zone targets. He leads the the ravens in red zone target. So I like all those guys, but for me Ryan grant because there's so many options tonight, you just don't know how that's going to play out and Dini Westbrook would be my second choice here. He actually, he makes the column today that's coming out later today. He's he's top five in the NFL in yards the catch. That's an area where the chiefs really struggle field. But for me, I just don't know how you go away from John Westbrook, really Brown. Did he pick. Why do you? What do you say match up? I want all piece of everything. See you just made the case for yards after catch baby. Fair enough. In the same matchup there's been discussion, the room about tyreek hill facing Jags with whether it's Ramsey were boy a matter. What's your confidence level in hill this week. This is a classic. We have less confidence in than we normally would, but it's not changing. Benching lineup, I'm gonna play tyreek hill. And if he gives me five for thirty two on Sunday, I'll live with it. Yeah, I agree that Kansas City is gonna put a points like I just too strongly about the quarterback. You saw what they did a Denver. It's there. It may not be the week where you get, you know, thirty seven points from each guy, but they're still going to put point. What was nice to see last week is that even in a game where Hilden have like the big play, he got like nine receptions fifty four. So too. So I mean, you know, the, the knock on hill was always like, well, he's big play dependent like he's not going to get tunnel looks last week. He got a tunnel looks like he got your fourteen some odd fantasy points and didn't have the big play. And so I think that was really encouraging. Some of that probably fueled by the fact that Sammy Watkins left the game, but they continue to scheme for him and find different ways to get the ball in his hand. That's what Andy Reid is going to do. The big play is more likely in this game because the one thing they can count on is tightly kale can outrun. That anybody everyone. Patrick Mahomes can throw it that far. So if they go for the big play, that's where they have the edge. So I, I actually, I still like tyreek hill this week. We got one last one here. Got forty. Second from at Zach, Cameron thoughts finding was having a great hair day, but how about field hashtag fleet freak, smacking you let us know you'd be the tiebreaker which one is having a better hair day today to find you or field fresh cut yesterday for me? Well, that it's hard. Fresh cut. I gotta say I'm voting with field gates. Harris, lovely. Your hair is lovely. Make no mistake. Counting on field to be your fashion, garage vines today, HANA percents people. He's my fashion spirit animals to get longer here. All right. We're back. Better than I do really quickly. We have two polls that we put out today. The first one is will to find you gain board met freedom tonight. All Josh coordinates to do is score set more than seven point. Two points sixty two percent say this find you will have board bet freedom tonight. There you go find the other. The other, the other pull that we ran is, should Daniel try one more day with the hamstring joke, seventy eight percent say yes. So it's coming back on Friday, but not back this bet. I tonight eight percent said no Daniel, that is not true. Back. John, hey, preview in every single games to be saving Instagram's to underscore ESPN. Matthew berry team are everywhere set for the fantasy life app. Just Matthew berry. I'm at feel the talk to your Friday joined the game tonight. Fantasy show on ESPN plus, and I got a new column coming out later today. I think you will enjoy an ESPN dot com. Six. In case you did. Bevvy t. You guys go ahead. Give me for being on sportscenter for forty, five seconds. Better than me because I don't think you Jan. Your your terrible at Pash tag, improv. Feel fueled gate. Very. Secrets, daniel. Media. Ben.

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