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You're you're gonNA love it and that's <hes> Mikey guarantee must be eighteen years or older in twenty one years old and certain States Oakland account was expressed baton reside in states such activities legal void where prohibited national gambling support line eight hundred five hundred forty seven hundred now back to at the races with Steve Day on Sirius. XM Radio Field Ooh and <music>. I guess we're GONNA get a chance to release ourselves. The hard deuce deuce dominated the first hour today. Johnny Dean is going to join US momentarily. We'll talk racing including what went on at the Kentucky downs next two days two days three and four in the books now and <hes> Thursday Saturday Sunday awfully fun and some let's be honest. It was a form Foale series series of races and we'll talk to rusty arnold who won with both mortician and totally boss who in a war uh ended up being heavily bet but more tissue there's a lot of wire wire to wire winners actually over the weekend at Kentucky downs bounce and the Zulu Alpha who I don't look like a beach ball the me and Zulu Alpha one going away Michael Maker after a slow start to the meat maker getting his winds and it was actually a fairly formal weekend it everywhere that I was watching. I mean Belmont Guy. I think there's been two horses over ten dollars in the first three days. There's Johnny joining us now. How Johnny it's been a chalk fast good morning Good Morning Steve Chuck fast? It's taught me year <hes> coming off the heels of Saratoga del Mar <hes> for me I I knew action continues and I continue to follow it for me. <hes> the wagering and the you know the head very stuff kind of things up a little bit <hes> this time of year. I guess it's this Harkens back to my days of of being so in California when when you came off of Bill Maher and fair plex would open and it was a very different group of horses very different racing and and some of the more serious players have put that rication time <hes> I had to go to work seriously that time because I really <hes> a couple of Jock I had that very welfare flex so so fair flex was a big time of the year for me especially early on <hes> but anyways is a good time he plus. I know what he wants to hear. It football started this weekend and at the NFL full swing college football full swing and you know I love reasons. It's been my career. I absolutely love it. I think it's a great game. Amy It's been a great gambling game <hes> for for decades in this country <hes> and it's still <hes> what footballs been in a part of my life to on the way and I would say I started wagering football long before I started wagering on <unk> horses. I prefer waging horses now because of the odd because you can you can get six to one and one race you can get at twenty two one in one race. You can lose all day. Come the last race. Pick a winner and be out for the afternoon <hes> <hes> that's hard to do football <hes> betting eleven to win Tan or betting parlor as or however you WanNa do it tough to make a big score and the rally like you can race <hes> but anyway once the ball starts I kind of you know Kinda in a lean in that direction to get a feel for what's happening <hes> still following rigs bill copper things but <hes> of course the eagles started and that's my home team and I had to make sure I was near to watch the eagles and gale and I everytime every time he goes score the touchdown. We seem to fight song at home on the couch. <hes> it's quite a site actually does that little band singer Song so <hes> you know. It's an important part of life here in here in Philadelphia so I I heard you earlier. You said you know how people are you really like to hear from here. Talk about the Eagles and I'm sure that was probably like most people don't WanNa hear about talks about beetle but hey if you're going to enjoy the rest of the year you can put up with crap is a little while and sack exactly and and I think I think I think I won't say the majority but it does seem like the the audience base. There is a a big percentage <hes> that that are eagles fans and I would guess that the ones that were neutral. We've we've won them over Johnny and because there's enough there's enough out there that that Dislike Eagle Foes Dallas particularly me and then when it came to the Super Bowl. I had a lot of people right to me. I'm ordinarily not an eagle fan but I'm rooting because they're playing so it's it's out there. I think we've I think we've got over. Fifty percent of the audience is with us at this not bad not at all uh-huh newsflash for those New England haters could be alone you for watching them with Metal Pittsburgh last night and then you know having Antonio Brown <hes> in the Green Room <hes> could be a Tom. Brady built Joe sell check working with that often they have adding and Co Brown's Ball. It could be fun to watch but not if you're answering the women well that whole that whole thing was a very very strange and you you know it's funny in retrospect it all now feels like it was like it was somewhat orchestrated straighted <hes> that it was orchestrated to look chaotic at the whole thing stinks from from the from afar. I'll I'll I'll just say that I I found the whole thing bizarre but who cares I they're just they're so easy to root against the that. There's US that were so easy to root for because because only only Philadelphia would would fans try to pick a fight with a member of the sixers who showed up at at the game wearing a Redskins Jersey. This gives you a real feel for the guy. There's no. He's a sixer. It's okay it's like no. It's not right. Okay makes it worse. I got a kick out of these <hes> and I think we had I don't the third string announcers this week but anyway listening to that and at Halftime Eagles were heading in Pisa leaving the field and still Weirdo told him there's this resounding boos like coming from everywhere and his lawyer you know fans. They're born thirteen well. Why are you supposed to do your you know your ten and a half point favorites and you're down by what would it down by seventeen or something I they were supposed to boo booing? That's what the sound was created for for that exact situation you know when the team shows up and you have these high hopes for your offense which is <hes> by the way they've got some weapons there and with Sean Jackson and just you know he's Lisa stretch the field and opened things up but we've got urged a quarterback and we've got <hes>. There's just a just a solid often good offensive line and nothing nothing in the first half this Wa and that's what you're supposed to do so I I you know. Sometimes we get a bad rap. Sometimes we get wrapped. We deserve <hes> Philly fans of things over the years but I'm certainly a proud of but when it comes to this city approach to its athletes I will I will uh I will say this. If you come to Philadelphia and you're you're an athlete and you try hard every time do you go out there and play hard and try hard. This city will not only accept you. It will embrace you. There are so many players who love the city Wavier who loves his town love the fans and what city will not stand for our players who don't give they will not stand for that and you come out flat and you know you go and half speed for whatever reason you're going to hear about it immediately well <hes> there are two things actually who was at that. I think it was all on Jeffrey who you said that's why that's why I love it here because if you play like that you're GonNa get booed and and that's what makes them great and then they they actually showed they showed the <hes> the Brandon Graham Clip from after to the saints game. Did you see this Fox had footage of him after the playoff game when when he thought he had played his last game at an eagle uniform and a- all emotional and and hugging everybody and saying goodbye because he thought he wouldn't be back and it just th there. There's a you know there's a perfect example. I mean it's <hes> listen we you brought that up because he's got a he's got things started with one of the local sports guys it's on the local show after after the game and actually Pennsylvania's former governor Ed rendell comes along to give his take on the every every week and he did this when he was governor they come on and give it gives analysis of the game is assumed him and his comments and after the game they have a camera in the tunnel there wherever they're playing and if the players come off the field <hes> and coaches and owner and everyone they walk by the camera there and they go into locker room <hes> Brandon Graham made a habit of of stopping to chat with a local sports guy and they've kind of had a banner going on over the years. You know like brand point Adam and say you you're with us against does you wrong you know you know no and they developed a relationship over the years and so it's become like part of the show now but branding the grandma stop them away into locker rooms but added he said so. I can see where you know. A guy who develops following this town and he was a he still is a solid player so I understand well we WANNA know and we'll go from there and looking forward to two weeks from now. We'll be down and we've got our traditional Pennsylvania Derby Kazillion and our nonsol- Pasta dinner and then on to Sunday and to the lions the last time the last time I think I saw the lions God i God I just trying to think about who might have been <hes> bobby. Lane may have been quarterback I I can't I can't remember the last time I saw one asks how about how about how about in the Eagles game which everyone we're going to stop talking about. The Eagles were up thirty two twenty three minutes left Washington does sixteen seventy five yard drive with a touchdown pass with six seconds quay well why it was ten point dog and most sports can have some places they covered the spreads thirty to thirty twenty seven two feet and the announcers was it was interesting. Would they say <hes> that touchdown mean something that some people something like that I heard say that and it was it was a seven seven figure swing in favor of the house wow how about that wow seven figures swing swing it also Washington cover also with the MGM biggest winner today in Las Vegas <hes> they were the headline Sports Book Guy Stole Back Wasn't even watching the game. You heard one of his employees. <hes> cheer you what happened Washington Washington <hes> cover. That's your culture that is your textbook back door covered big time big the time so steve as I talked about interested into wagering with the with the NFL and now now that they've partly admitted that there are some wagering on their games they finally admitted and actually they tried get into bed with the <hes> with the operators of of the wagering on their genes or they aren't doing anyway yeah. I noticed something a wager paper wager that aghast around last year it started on Australia and it's kind of spread red and I was not aware of this <hes> until now and I I I guess just missed the boat on it. I don't know if you've heard about it. It's called the expanding and how it works is <hes> which is for an over under <hes> <hes> on a on a NBA game. Let's say let's say the over under two hundred and you want about the over so you bet five bucks on the over and let's say they go ten points over you would get you would then get fifty bucks back for your wages. Let's say they lose. Let's say they go total instead of total two hundred it goes to ten you you get fifty bucks back through the five dollar investment ten times you'll five dollar investment and let's say it doesn't it goes one ninety pinpoints below two hundred when it's got a it's GonNa cost you. Fifty bucks instead of five dollars so the mirror right you you are the more you get paid the more wrong you are the more cost you and you can set limits on either end <hes> where you WanNa go with this type of wages and I I think that's I think that's really interesting and kind of wondered <hes> what the the application might be might be a racing for example this weekend. <hes> someone bet on on a made a thirty thousand dollars bet on the ravens minus six against the dolphins and the better goes to set the maximum been lost at twenty times their initial wager so the Ravens won fifty nine to ten and the better one six hundred thousand dollars <hes> so if you adapted this horse racing <hes> you know colds <hes> margin calls during a race are done by the activates chart callers each track they estimate the margin calls at each point <hes> the final. Oh margin however are done are done by a a- An actual they are they are accurate. Final margins are accurate. They are accurate margins done by a long time. Explain it but it's there. They're actually accurate so could we. We have his wagering horse. Racing was interesting at all <hes> now. You've got a favorite who's three to a five. Maybe you can bet how many aren't GonNa win and set the parameter it. You know ten times like they if he wins by ten line I want ten times that if he loses by ten like ten times my bet on the outside now I I obviously not apparent mutual wager at this point so I don't wear fifteen maybe this this is a wager that can be used by the sports book a horse racing. You know we we receives wagers one horse against another matchups. Maybe this is another type of wager that can be introduced <hes> <hes> it's funny. It's funny you bring it up because the team I sat down to watch the game and Fox was pushing this this contest that they're doing the pick six you know pick six games games and it has that provision. It's gotTa points provision in it where you you basically pick aside and your point range and it it. I didn't think I didn't really think anything of it other than it being wrinkled but but you know here's a here's the you know the sports wagering tie-in obviously obviously everywhere everywhere where we'll just as as <hes> <hes> the sports wagering grows and I don't know about other places <hes> I guess it's been in New Jersey the longest obviously and the the wager I just told you about <hes> the points betting wager <hes> supposedly that was offered in New Jersey but I don't know exactly where but supposedly it was offered in Jersey somewhere <hes> so they seem to be the most developed as far as because obviously Nevada but they seem almost developed because I tell you I was looking at some of the stuff in Pennsylvania and we have a way to go to get kind of caught up with what's being offered offshore. I don't know exactly what the New Jersey because I. I don't live there so I didn't. I don't have an account or anything but Pennsylvania we need to go but the catch up <hes> and it's GonNa take it can time obviously you <hes> in style. It's not going away. Expand expand expand and you know a horse racing <hes> you know we have had me back introduced <hes> and some of them are better than others for different reasons and some of them make sense and some of them don't <hes> but let's not stop you know keep finding ways to make card game. Moore said this weekend's races a bit of purpose news festive chalk up job you know from but well. We're boring that from a betting no I didn't mean that there was some there was a great performances over the weekend gray races for wagering standpoint. Things were quiet yes but if you can turn you know you you like afford a five shot if you can turn him into a you know making five to one or the one that makes a lot more interesting agree agree. I don't know I I don't know if that works. You know what I mean. I just thought of this. I don't want to be rushed. I just thought of small here's a lot of there's a lot of work. You know I read this story. I said look how does this apply to racy and I thought of it but I know there's a lot of a lot of work to be done with it. You can't just slap it on there but this is the kind of stuff that we should be looking at. You know look the most obvious is the future book. That's the most obvious one like now that sports wagering on certain states. Can't we put up. Maybe racing sports I I think it is the last I checked it was can we put up sports book. You know do what Johnny Ville used to do. I hope draft teams is interesting. I think that's a job with now. Maybe the again I'm confused but Kenny put up a book. You know well the <music> I think I think that that's the other building one fan duel okay good well draft kings and Fan Buhler the two which one whatever it doesn't matter <hes> I think I think the concern was that the Churchill controls that entity and that there they were they were seemingly limiting the potential to Ed ed and we've we've discussed for years. Steve Chris Steve Christie's the rail at this from the minute that the Derby wager was even instituted. He's he said wait a minute. We can book pick sixes. We can book parlays we can. We can do all these these things. How can we not have we not program? You know we every single horse. That's nominated all six hundred orces that are nominated for the trip around season does make any so interesting you just answered the question because what was that famous line at horse racing industry slash sport where they can't agree whether horse racing one word or two. I mean you know get in our own way. That's actually funny. I thought her that a couple of let's let's hit a couple of performances and and you know what you what you might have been on. I I pretty much just played. Saturday didn't play yesterday but the the Kentucky downs action it is just it's just too much fun to not watch the board and try to try to come up with with plays and yeah I play Belmont to on on Saturday that that Jockey Club Derby where Spanish mission beats the <hes> the imports and the imports ran one-two-three and here and tomorrow when we talked to Andy You you know there's there's some issues. Andy brought up a great point if you were watching the show on Saturday Andy Andy said rightly the euro's have a mammoth a three-year-old euros have mammoth advantage in this particular killer addition that the third leg of this turf triple because those horses I have been running these distances much earlier than our three year olds are three year olds have been running in restrict in their restricted turf races aces. They've been running a lot of miles and yes they've got some options open to them to face elders go longer but there's really no need for that and when they can run in races like the SARANAC and even the secretary is now big cutback in distance euros coming over that have run a mile and three eighths on a mile uh-huh and half way through the season. They're going to have us over a barrel in this particular edition when they get to this September ember running of these two races well that's absolutely true and I almost go a step further and say the your age look. They can send their and I I don't mean this to be the way it is. They can send their third team and and have a great shot and it's just the way it is there. They raced on turf. We race on dirt our what is our biggest bark our biggest races in this country <hes> attention why deduct talking derby a triple crown race that you want to go that far on their breeders cup classic dirt dirt country their country they there's a distance country. Where of a mile a quarter is you? You know you run that in the Derby and run a mile after the Belmont. Maybe if you're it's almost as if you're a Weirdo you know you're going to run a mile and a half Belmont because you'll never you. You don't get to do that so often <hes> and then we have the classic come on a quarter. You have certain races that big races are in my own border travelers. What this distance on turf is not are predominant game? It's not what we you know you've got the keeneland sale. Coming up is distant turf breeding going to be at the forefront of worsens purchased about not so that's not what we do. We're here at this time not with three year olds not with three year olds at this time of year that even at even accentuate yeah yeah and even take chasing one step further so so andy you know absolutely correct and and you know even when you talk about a bigger picture their forces for better not forcing most of the time we have moment absolutely we have more tapping worn one at Ascott. That was a moment we had a moment where rewards success and Ascott has mostly been where three year olds spreading okay so we're faster than them early on interpreter would probably faster members meme 'cause we're just we're trained that way. We're bred that way with trained that way not that we don't not that we can't have a distance that we can't have a good horse. Not We can't have a great turf force we can. It's just not our focus over. There is the complete focus so they have a big a deeper bench and they can send these verses over who dominate our turf races especially appeals because exactly correct because that's what they're planning the program is geared towards the <hes> when they come over here to race on dirt for the most IOS part. You know you need a search warrant to find them. It's a different game not game. It's not first of all. It's not their best sources that are coming over to Ray Burke. It's dumping that they think you know this one might do on there because we've breeding and you know he's not GonNa quite make it here. Let's go take a shot at you know a million dollars over in the US on the dirt <hes> when it comes to the turf they say he's probably not going to win the big races over here but he can get a distance and doing doing well. Let's go over there we could we can beat those horses. I'm so anyway I think that's kind of how I don't know. You know we told New York I did IRA NITA OF TURF series. You know it's a great idea but it's okay with me when the foreign horses come over and win I I don't I'm not offended. <hes> maybe it's a good thing for the game overall because you start to as you handicapped these foreign horses he's starting to walk into races and we start to kind of build up and understanding of <hes>. You know what what you're you're going to need readers cutting. We're going to need to know who are the horses that have been beating sources. <hes> not just a thrilled but the older horses to come over and done MHM wealth <hes> kind of enriches your knowledge of eleo Raw European picture which certainly helps Breeders Cup comes around <hes> <hes> and not racing becoming more worldwide <hes> you see it all over yeah. I don't know how much I don't know how much you can keep it back. I don't know how much you've talked about who do by not by the Saudi Arabia. I haven't talked about it at all. I I'll be honest. I haven't talked about it at all because if I don't be don't be honest with me I can't. I haven't talked about boundaries because I find it so offensive that I'll I will go off and elements of it you. That's why I asked you know I understand. I understand your offense to it. I understand reasons before that <hes> feeling but it's on the calendar and it's going to affect what happens here in the racing world <hes> I don't need to you know I mean I if someone is offended by it. I certainly understand that they don't need to support it but but at some point we're all GONNA have to deal with it because if there is on the calendar it's in <hes> if your horse owner and you are lucky enough you can maybe get a piece of that. You've got some thinking to do now you. There's some decisions made <hes> there's GonNa be some chess. Pieces moved moved around <hes> so you know that and that's one that's on dirt. <hes> of course you're going to have their coach counterpart Martin and same thing with how will it affect how would affect Dubai aren t many many of these <hes> Kennedy too many if you ask horse if you guys right now they know a few more of them but as far as are we spreading too thin <hes> we'll keep older stars around longer we're they won't can you run in. Can you get crazy run all three. I don't think so can you run in two of the three <hes> maybe you could go pegasus by <hes> and you run in Saudi Saudi Arabia Peg Dubai. Yeah I get that I know I know there are reading be offended <hes> but it's definitely going to have an effect on happen at the upper in the upper echelon of our of our sports the only go to a couple of horses but maybe maybe this is now open the <hes> open the floodgates polit- guys who previously would never shot at the big go big purse have a shot at one of these three purses now because of the feeling of town and that that can only be good for for breeders but <hes> anyway what happens. You can't ignore it. I mean it's here. I've ignored it pretty successfully up till now well yeah but there's some point you're going to January. You're going to be able to ignore. I'll I'll I'll do my best. That's why we love I. I'll take a the there were a couple things about Spanish missions win congratulations to team Valor and and Gary Siaka ACA calls of the Earl of Mac which makes me laugh every time Spanish mission gets up and watching that finish <unk> Johnny that that motion that that animated writing style that you know that Spencer employees it you know I just I just don't get it it to me. How is it not? I'll bring this up with Tony. See this week and I don't know if I've ever discussed with them but compared to the Tony <hes> Piccione the way he was riding Pedro Cara and I guess there's a lesson here somewhere Pedro Kara the other euro the third euro goes off at at <unk> as the longest price on the board and he comes in on on a nice win streak. I mean granted I. I don't think we've ever seen a horse in this country that won the Spanish Derby B. I was nude and be the Grande Premio village during the Spanish Derby at Madrid and he also had one vitiate which is kind of second tier you know on the on the French circuit but Patriots Kara ran a wail of a race. It's it to get beat up and meantime Jamie. Spencer is doing that flailing in that motion I mean how is that not taking away from the Horse's Action Chin. I don't know review then of course it didn't help that he lost the rain <hes> with that rain lappy degrees and it's who knows maybe that rain slapping Mexican Spanish missions head scared and frightened him in the running faster. Maybe he thought it was it was a a Predator in pursuit in close pursuit with that rain swatting away. I don't know what these European guides and I see him all over resources and I don't understand it. I really don't matter not a not a jockey. I'm not a writing expert but I agree with you just from just from kind of like common sense. It's like if you were if you were running and there was someone on your back and they were sitting still you know first of all running with someone on your back would be a burden but if they were sitting still on there would be much easier the run it was straight line and learn faster than if they were wiggling around on your back you would you would be pulling different directions. Ah That's just a it's a it's a Wayman and I'm when it comes to horsemanship. I'm only I'm only it makes sense. Now I will say this that the the better writers in your from what I've seen call me crazy but from what I've seen don't move around balls pop guys Ryan more from those now Spencer's I expect it no doubt one but the other most of the top guys Frankie Dettori particularly spent time in the US purpose police to learn the Cold Merican style writing and and you know shorter stirrups downloads lab back you know for closer up the nap care and he done pretty well over there <hes> so maybe maybe it does matter I I can't. I can't imagine so in that case. You gotTA give Spanish mission extra extra but I I've got a little confused confused because the fact that Spanish mission had one that Spanish therapy. I was a little confused. It didn't seem like well you know that's actually another another big advertisement for noble mission after after two weeks after the travers win by code of honor so another another noble vision high profile file high dollar game before the draft in other words your your side I have a big again right before well and also this and then we'll wrap up <hes> I got a handful of trainers to talk to but in the oaks let's talk about the cokes for two seconds here you at least get an American <hes> to hit the board that being Tom Alber tranny with if <hes> dinah passer who thought ran really well. I'm romantic pursuit ran well to actually for Karen and Godolphin but it was it was a Deza and here's a kitten's joy that the Aga Khan bread and I just you it's funny. I I just love the fact that you know the the Aga Khan because you talk about the Aga Khan and how many Americans have been it's one of those one of those rare entities where you have a you have a royalty that applies to every single one of the the cons of Aga the one after the other right. I mean I don't know when I was a kid these two yard a- the Aga Khan always horses a guy exactly it's like last Zeke classy where there's like one after another and they're indistinguishable. They're sure the AH the cab what what's what's what's his name. What's her name Mary? The redhead buried Aga Khan aware Margaret Margaret. Oh my God <hes> Gilda Michael Michael What is wrong with me. I'm losing it. Hey Rita Hayworth okay right. Hayward guy is really old Rita Hayworth and still three horses. It's when I when I was thinking about when I it was a colgate in fact the Aga Khan came and he uses tremendous squash player tremendous and the like the lava big hitter the Laba the the Aga Khan came to colgate and he played Brad Houston who Brad Brad use that was the athletic director. The Assistant Athletic Director Brad was the over forty champion in in the country the over forty squash champion and the Aga Khan must like seventy five years old and and Johnny the Akan tormented Brad I've ever seen a guy I play squash and he he could stand in the middle of the court and take like two little steps to the left doolittle steps to the right and he could flick you ever play wash nobody but above he he well. It's different. It's very different for racket ball because the ball is dead the ball the ball is like this this. You don't WanNa get hit by one either. I mean it's not like a racket ball. I it it's dead as a doornail and he the Aga Khan could drop the the squash ball anywhere he wanted. I've never seen anything like it and he could just like take little he was. I'm telling you he he was like seventy five years old and and he beat a guy who was the American over forty champion he beat him like a drum. I it was unbelievable that the that's my con- story it's a good thing you know. He's a the family. What by the way he was a squat little thing to he was he was he was like a little a little buddha he was not he was not like a spelt you know he wasn't one dodge moving around the squash? Playing prowess is what attracted Rita Hayworth Rome in in the beginning. I think it was his money at don't don't I don't think it was the Aga Khan and and I would have liked heard the conversation whether I made the call or whether he took the call from Ken Ramsey after the race about kitten's joy out of weather that conversation it was read. I was right it was it was con the Rita Hayworth Mary. I'm right on top of this <hes>. That's what I thought I'll ECON right. I don't know I think it's I'm fascinated by the COTS INCON- let's say well of course there's. There's no there's then there's then there's the greatest cinematic moment in history. The which is James James Kirk screaming the great. It's unbelievable the wrath of God we've managed to fritter away forty five minutes. I've got I gotta get to Charlie the press the you put me you painted into a corner here. I got I got Charlie lopresti Wayne Catalano Rusty Arnold agree lineup better do it with a lot. Ah after you did a Saudi flag on the air here all right might not like the way I deal with <hes>. It's not that sound like a diplomat per se so I don't think the worry about it. You'd never been accused of that. Johny I appreciate it and be sure to tune in for be sure to tune in for keeneland starting harding in an hour and five minutes journey the I the the I is the is of gigantic. It's a headache put it that way the it's getting better supposedly Lee and the meantime every morning I wake up and this this Kochta bubble that is in this this this gas bubble the thing it it starts out up at the top OP and then it takes about six to eight hours for you know by about four o'clock I can. I can see normally almost i. It's

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