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805: [Part 2] What It's Like to Shop After Not Shopping for Two Years by Cait Flanders on Mindful Spending


This is optimal. Finance daily episode eight oh five what it's like to shop after not shopping for two years part to buy Kate Flanders of Kate Flanders dot com. And I am your host and narrator of the show. I bring you some of the best personal finance blogs on the planet in audio form each and every weekday, and if you've got some ideas for us, maybe you've got a topic request something you'd like to hear me cover here on the show. Please visit old podcast dot com. And share those ideas with us now today's post is actually a continuation from yesterday. So if you are new here or if you're dumping around a little bit it would be best to listen to yesterday's episode. I that's episode eight oh four, but if you're all caught up and ready to go, let's hear part two from Kate as we continue. Optimizing your life. What it's like to shop after not shopping for two years part to buy Kate Flanders of Kate Flanders dot com. Unfortunately, even though I avoid visiting online stores. I still see ads all over the internet. The trick is to look past them. And that's also easy after lots of practice. I think the one thing that still gets me is seeing friends share pictures of the books they've read or loved on social media. I always add those to my want to read list, but I don't feel bad about that as a writer. You should read a lot especially in the same genre. You want to write books in. What I have changed is my habit of buying books. The minute I hear about them that doesn't happen anymore. I only by a book when I know I'm going to read it right away. And only if my library doesn't have it. I'm also really good at decluttering. My want to read list, which is a lot cheaper. When it's just a title ridden in a notebook versus an actual book that I paid money for only to let it collect dust on my shelf. So those are some of my general thoughts on what shopping looks and feels like now nearly four years after I started this journey to become a more mindful consumer I've realized shopping could be swapped for the word browsing and removed that from. List of hobbies. I don't go into physical stores unless I absolutely have to buy something and only visit online stores for the same reason. It's never to browse. It's always to buy a specific item. If I could sum up what the shopping band did for my actual shopping habits. I would say that it was this. It taught me how to take the emotion out of it. So shopping his strictly a transaction now, as it should be the reason I added as it should be because I wanna make sure that when we talk about shopping bands. We acknowledged that we still have to buy things sometimes. And that's okay. We don't need to add more. Shame around buying stuff. We're spending money there's enough of that elsewhere in the world, and holy moly. Has there? Been a lot of it during this press tour, so buy your stuff. I don't care. I wanna be really truly and crystal clear on this buying stuff, isn't bad and spending money isn't bad. So you are allowed to buy stuff and spend your money on whatever you want. I have just learned that it feels so much better to only buy stuff when you're actually going to use it because the value of an object comes out when we actually use it not simply because we own. It and that is how I shop now since the shopping ban ended in July twenty sixteen. I've bought lots of stuff. Are you shocked? Don't be that's life. I bought some camping gear a couple backpacks snow shoes and polls when I moved. I bought a new couch and rug from my living room, but I'm still living without a coffee table. I also bought a coat rack, and then got all the parts and put together an awesome DIY stand up desk. I've bought lots of books to and have even bought a few candles along with an essential oil diffuser the difference between the way I used to shop in the way, I shopped for these things is that now I wait until I have genuinely felt the need for it. And I'm a firm believer that something you want is also a need if it fits in your budget. So I am learned to live without things. And then when I'm done living without it. I buy it. No questions asked. No shame. I just buy it and start using it. So what does the living without it? Look like, well, sometimes it means living without a couch for three months or a desk for six months while figuring out what you really need and want other times. It means living. A new home for four months and eventually seeing that it's not set up to give you easy access to a front closet, but a coat rack would help you get your wet rain jacket off the floor. And I just realized I haven't said anything about clothing in the past year. I have bought exactly five pieces of it and only two were for regular daily. Life a sweater. Plus, new hiking shoes, the other three were for a wedding and something to wear for TV interviews and book tour stuff. So to this end. I don't stockpile or buy multiples of anything. I simply by what I need when I need it the beautiful thing about the way I shop. Now is that I genuinely appreciate all of the things I buy it was really easy for me to write that list of things I've purchased since the shopping ban ended because I can look around my home and see everything. And that's because I use them regularly and ungrateful for what they do for me. Or for what they helped me do old me didn't appreciate most of the things I bought because I did. So for all the wrong reasons. The most common mistake was that I used to buy things for more aspirational version of myself, but then never use them because the real meat didn't want. Two in waiting to feel the need for an object. I know it's something worth buying. And when I have the money, the real me buys it and uses it there are no justifications and no shame. I just buy it and use it transaction complete. You just listened to part two of the post titled what it's like to shop after not shopping for two years by Kate Flanders of Kate Flanders dot com. And that does it for episode eight oh five here at optimal finance daily. Hope. You enjoyed our episode today and all week long. And thanks so much for listening each and every day. I will of course, be back with you next week for more great posts swell. See there where your optimal life awaits.

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