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Talk a lot more walls. Hey everybody name is Doug and I love Bubis this. Douglas Booby Homes alone version McHugh once again from doomsday it. Sunday May Third Twenty Twenty. And this show is happening. Courtesy of Zoom Dugout. Twos Amy's Comedy Club in Go to clubs in Chicago and Rosemont where I've been doing. Annual shows on May Fourth May Fifth. But this year. They've been pushed back to August in August. Two THIRTY THIRTY. I will see if it's safe to congregate by then I'm guessing not. I've got three three great guests who all took an hour out of their day of doing nothing actually the busiest days of their lives from what I've been hearing But they took an hour out of their busy days to be here with me and I appreciate that. Alison Rosen Jesse Joyce Ross. Marquand and new. Hello I didn't know and you're supposed to sing it like the three stooges hello perfect. Let's meet let's meet everybody individually and alphabetically starting with Jesse Joyce's year. Hey we're top agency working hard cracking jokes with the Jimmy Kimmel crew on his show right now right. Yes just firing jokes off into a slack APP on a daily basis but it's You know it's good work. You get it right no no. It's great. Yeah Yeah I mean. I'm one of the few people that can still keep writing these days. You can get paid for it so Yeah because you know so much else's shut down but the nice thing about the late night shows is they can just do it from a closet out. So yeah but I think I think I could speak for mostly riders when I say the private number one perk of being on a show like that is getting to watch the bands when they come through and play and Sedan Element is certainly gone for a while. You know. I'm an anomaly. In that way in that I absolutely do not give a hot fuck about live music and you'll have various levels of outrage at me for that guys fall that this is a movie podcast so I thought this was safe territory but I. I've been to concerts in my life and I really couldn't possibly be bothered to watch people play music. What what are the concert. Yeah well okay one was ACDC and that was my own doing in high school. And then I was Kinda like turned off by the concept because it was a bunch of dudes. My Dad's age pissing in the sink at an arena. And I was like okay. This is weird and then In College I was trying to date some went on a date with a girl to a smashing pumpkins concert. But I didn't really care about that one. That was more just a day and then I realized like adults. I don't need to pretend to like to watch people play music. He sounds about AC aside from the sink pissing did you like ACDC. Yeah Yeah I like them in high school. I like the music but I haven't. It's like to me like a concert is like watching someone cook. You know like like like I like I enjoy music. I like to listen to music but music thing you can listen to without observing it. Do you know what I'm saying to me. The the actual mass of seeing someone play drums is utterly uninteresting to me like I enjoy the sound the drums make but I don't care to sit there and watch him make it. Does that make sense Theo at a i? It's like You know it's similar to like You know museums like I don't know I don't know how long the you know you know. I don't know what about a time you're supposed to spend with any particular piece of art in so similarly when you're at a concert like you know I don't know how it is to be like. Oh I wish it saw and they get to the next one. Yeah Yeah you you have. We have like every recorded option to you. Could listen to it while you drive or do another thing to me. I don't know like I feel musicals and opera are different because there's a thing to see like there's something else going on there's a story but to just like listen to somebody cleaner set lists. I. I don't I don't need to watch this. That's what's what's funny to me is the You know most people hate musicals. Do love watching a band play. And I'm like well it's the same thing without a story like you're getting less. You're getting less entertainment for your dollar. Yeah I agree with you. Yeah yeah there's a guy dressed like the lion king running around it's far more interesting to me. Okay thank you for being here Also joining us Taking a break from Fake apocalypse at the with this during the real apocalypse Ross marquand. Hey did thank you for having me. I'm so happy that you're here man. It's been been a weird few months. What the Hell's going on what's going on with the you have a season of walking dead. That's like I don't know how much you can talk about. But it's like their stuff that's been shot correct. Yes I mean we've we've filmed all of us even ten so that's all done. We just need some extra time to do the post on the last episode but We were supposed to head back to season. Eleven or to begin filming in Lebanon this last week but obviously that's not happening anytime soon. So but who knows the governor of Georgia's like Hey? It's totally fine. You can come back to work so maybe we will become back toward soon. Everybody's GonNa have to wear masks. And then they're going to have to have. Zombie makeup on some regular makeup on other things. Really good idea or you just have to write. They just have to write into this crap that there's a biological threat as well and everyone just I. It's like zombies are coming at you. Don't kill them anymore. You just slip a mask on their face laid out give you. The disease should come right for his man. That's a good idea. This season eleven too so I mean I feel like anything goes. I feel like we're we're bound. Davos musical episode at some Point Fingers Cross. That'd be so great also joining us. Today is else in Rosen. Hello when you said we were GONNA go alphabetically. I was like rubbing my hands here. Like it's my time. 'cause. I thought you were going to start with first names and then I. Wow what what a cruel surprise it turned out to be. I'm unlash I also feel like I left Jesse hanging. Yes that makes sense. I personally would like to see ACDC. But I understand what you're saying Music question few alison laid on a how often in your life. If you had your how people quoted you lines from that. Elvis Costello Song of Veronica did I. That was what a classic misdirect I do. I back in the days of for some reason. It was more in the days of answering machines voicemail. I would get a lot of people singing that Classic Veronica on my answering machine. Don't get it that much anymore. Though all right well Miss Joe. Both of my wives have had to deal with Jesse's girl is that what drove them away. I still have the best life I have a better one so but but yeah no it might have something to do with it yet but what about your Kid Studio? Vinnie girls. That's right I have a daughter that wasn't I didn't mean like Oh that's right. I have a daughter like I just remembered. I have a daughter. I just put it together because you said that she is also technically Jesse's girl now so we'll have to deal about. How crazy would it be? If your wife's name was was Stacey go one kid would be staged Jesse's girl and then stacey would be your mom. Well no wait the girl she would have to be named stacy dotted jess girl and the mom. Okay I get it. Yeah Yeah so so. And so there would be a lot of factors. My wife would have to be which she. My wife is very attractive but she would have to be so attractive that somebody would randomly sing that about my daughter's mom and simultaneously the dead so but the match works. You're right I told you anything about music and also you mentioned which is accurate that this is a movie podcast however I need to know because I feel like a complete right now. Are there any Ross songs? Who Gosh I don't know if there are? I don't I don't think there's any songs with Ross and the title. Wow that's making me feel horribly inadequate right now should relevance. There's nothing even at Lisa. Kudrow like sang in the coffee shop and friends about all Smelly Russ I never. I never saw that show. I've seen like a couple of episodes but I never really watched. It's not really sure about them. I would now's your time to catch the shitty thing about pop. Culture is you don't have to have ever even heard Jesse's girl to have dumb asses at wedding singer to you all time. So yes somebody would've light you know if that song existed. I guess exactly. Yeah you're just GONNA have to settle for with Ross dress for less yet and I do shop there all the time. That's one of my favorite scores. Can we maybe writer Ross on today? Is that possible? No doorknob hard. Pass Jesse the union lettuce stomach sense. Okay cool cello. Should I put it back? Don't put it back? Please play the cello as the bass instrument for the Song Boom Boom Boom Boom. And how effortlessly you were able to lips instrument so quick dum boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. Ross Ross. All right Could you give us a new impressions? Ross they know that you like to do extremely brief impressions. I think I don't remember if I did last time I just. I cracked the CODE ON JEFF. Bridges recently in the last few several months then I'd also cracked the code on John Her today. 'cause I knew you were gonNA ask and I was watching Viva Vendetta the day and I was doing my most Ir John Good I I was like Oh shit I never knew retry jarred me from which by the way. Wash that movie again. If you haven't seen allow because it's very timely. But John Her. That was very good what I forget if you did jeff bridges before but I. I can never get enough. Jeff Bridges and Preston. Let's hear some Jeff Bridges. Okay man you know I do like the older man over guy you know dude you know he like the dude who likes to a little weed after taking our allies tron. Jeffords like more nowadays favorite Yeah True Grit Right. Yeah exactly he was. That's you know it's funny. The True Grit and Lebowski The dude were two of his more similar similar roles as it turns out you know. Just throw an eye patch on him and he's the same dog. Did I ever tell you I? I wrote a musical version of Tron in college that I ever tell you about that. I think you did and I think I was delighted by that. I put it up to. I really want to rewrite it in Pitcher to Disney to see if they'll let me do it because I feel like the world needs trump musical right now modernism. Yeah and his big corporations go. Disney has a great sense of humor about it. Good luck. Here's the part where I say a lot. I'd like to start with a new game. Suggested by Greg Bird hard on Social Media Act. Greg Bernard I like this idea. It's called Liar. Liar and I'm going to name a movie and three actors and go to you each individually back to the dreaded alphabetical order for. You'll be third. I'll give you the name of the movie we actors you. Just tell me which one is not in that movie and if you get it wrong than the next person has a chance to steal and so on. So the third person could get a Gimme. If the first two people screw it up. Now it's really working out for me. It could yeah but these these two. They're not gonNA screw up well before I came on here. I looked at my past episode on Your Wiki thing and I think I've lost every single month here. We go yell. You never know anybody could win these things. I will start with you Jesse. The motion picture is called home alone. Who was not in home alone. Between these three people hope Davis Karen CULKIN OR DONALD TRUMP. Hope it was. It was the last thing Davis. Jojo Davis Davis is definitely not in that one really no. I'm sorry. Don Trump is in home alone to die. Hope I didn't and so yeah. It's Donald Trump. He's not in the original our. I figured it out in time. That is correct. I'll trump does not appear in the first home alone when he is in to Boston. York one of the dumber cameos in mystery. If feels really like it was just set up by the city of New York and they didn't realize that the city of New York was as into trump as they thought. I feel what it was is that he owned hotel for that brief window of time and that was the condition on which he let them sell to show that I'm the owner of it makes perfect sense right. So Jesse you got one toy. We're going to start with Ross on this next Ross. Marquand godfather part three. Who's not in it? Abe the Goethe George Hamilton or Bridget Fonda Shit. And don't do your don't do your work out loud because the helps the next person okay. Good who asked me not to do my Marlon Brando impression. You can't if you go. Big Eight by. Goethe was bad one. I think he was done by then able to go to. I don't think that's your final answer. I think so because I mean I think I've only seen godfather part three once or twice. It was not my favorite but yeah I think I'm GONNA go able to. Goethe Goethe is correct yes say nice work. Alison here you go. Those fellas each got theirs rights. Let's see when you could go with this now. I the This is GonNa be hard to beat. But they're one point or got so much faith in you go. The motion picture is called Cocoon K. Ossie Davis Steve Gutenberg or rance. Howard who is not in Cocoon Ossie Davis Steve Gutenberg or rance. Howard this is hard and I'm GonNa keep my work internal so I am going to say rance Howard that is incorrect. Rats Jesse I was GONNA say rant. Our Navy just made up his dad and a lot of Lebron's moods got it. Okay all right okay so I can steal it so sorry so who were the other two. Well that's part of the of the steel is not going to remind shit okay then number two. It was It was Ossie Davis or Steve. Gutenberg Ossie Davis was not correct. He was really a bunch of old white people. There was a old black guy is there but that was my second gas. Your that's the thing is it's all about narrowing it down for something. What kind of name is rance Let's see what pre-bus is Iran's rights yet he's worries oh ranches like shorts or rancid probably depression. Yeah but listen. I don't want to go off on a ranch here. It's your you get to go first. Ross on this next one who is not in Gremlins to the new batch Brett Farve Leonard Maltin or Christopher Lee. Bread for breakfast seemed the obvious choice. But I don't think Brett Farve was in that movie with he couldn't have been that was ninety. Two wasn't really a thing. I guess he was a thing backbench. I don't I don't think up front was in it. Set Your final answer. Yeah I'M GONNA go breath for that is correct. Who a Man. Yeah a hardcover. Famous heads famous football players in it but not him letter mall. That's one of Letterman's only like two movie appearances. He always says nobody said yes. That one because You know you got to be attacked by GREMLINS and yeah. The late great. Christopher Lee was was against so now Ross and Jesse up two points Alison. You need to get on the board here. I now a lot of pressure this. I think this is a tough one to now. Because you've got the last one with an easy one is this is. The movie's called by best friends wedding. I hate that movie. But maybe that'll help me. Take it might clues nodded Dylan McDermott. Dermot Mulroney or Paul Giamati the Dylan McDermott Dermot. Mulroney thing is a classic confusing thing but I think Dermot Mulroney is not correct. I know we did. I just say Dermot Mulroney Kliment doing McDermott. What does the Nikki glaser situation? I forgot to ask if it was your final hits. I know but I think I'd already said my final answer. Just just so every. I know that I'm not getting this point. I can feel it slipping away from me. I don't think I ever had it but just so everyone is very clear in my head. I was picturing Dermot Mulroney and my mouth said the wrong one. Yeah I'D I. Two picturing dill Dermot Mulroney. Right now I just want to know that I knew I just messed up. Which is almost worse yet. Here's the best part is Jesse narrow. All he has to do is figure out what was the truth. Rut was what wasn't in that exchange Who's not in my best friends. Wedding will now. I'm like I never really appreciated the confusion between their names before until this now. It's all big soup and my ed so I'M GONNA say Donald Trump again is not. I would say wait. Shit what did she okay. So it's it's still a McDermott is not in. He's the one that's not in it. That's correct okay. My point. Thank you Dylan McDermott. Dermot Mulroney Ruber. Ever it is that what the guy's name it was the other guys in my best friends wedding. He's in there. Yeah so many names sound listener British away of giving everybody the exact same sounding. Name the couple of British right or any of the Laura Bridge Dylan McDermott. Oh yeah he is but still. Mcdermott has has gray shoe Polish in his hair for a character. He's playing now on. That ride Versi Netflix. Show Hollywood I. I like it but it's just to me. It's weird that he's like he's just like playing the old guy too early in his career. It just doesn't seem real. Like eighth graders put on a musical and some of them have to plan just as his grey-haired I'm up. Bide right makes them look like Richard Gere. But Richard. Gere's been great for fucking every okay. So Congratulations Jesse you one first game today. Thanks guys yes. I think it's the first game I've ever won this podcast. It's very exciting. And you always have the ability to play the cello back on that impressive skill and you know the first game doesn't really mean a lot. It's just to lead up to the. It just means you gotta go. I in our next game that we're going to play as soon as we come back from. These very important messages were back. That was painless right. Those messages were quick and fun and important. We did it. Okay so just see. Joyce you get to go first in this game is going to determine our winner today. It's a game called. It's the new super size extra special Last man or woman stanton the idea. Is that each of you. All three of my guests today will each. Pick an actor or actress that you think you know about of their thumbs. And then all four of US myself included will take turns naming movies that feature any one of the reactors we end up with each of you picking. What's the ideas you can cherry pick from somebody else's Actor you know leave yours alone to save for later in the game and just like in regular last man stand. The last person is still dating. Names is the winner naming the title of movie that one of the three actors within added. Okay I got it. Jessie what's WHO's your really think is in your wheelhouse. You all their titles and this this is like the first day of the popped into my head is kind of sort of a bad man but Mel Gibson. That's that's who I think. I probably know his catalog better. Well Yeah you're just you're you're kind of known for Kind of following the careers of Holocaust deniers peculiar that the the name popped into my head. I think I've gotta keep an eye on him. Make sure he's not ups anything you know. Just make sure he's making stupid movies. Yeah if does the first name popped into my head if in the course of you asking Alison and Ross. If I think of less problematic what I'll shut al. I think I'm going with him. I mean he's only problematic for me in the sense that I I've lost track of some of these movies. He makes just go straight to video or he's mad about things. Somebody did to his daughter. Yes but other than that. I do have a lot of Mel Gibson. Titles because he was in a lot of good or at least a notable films shot Ross. What do you think? Who's WHO's your Go-to here. I'M GONNA go with a less problematic. Aussie. I'm GonNa go with huge yet. Okay Billy I WANNA make it clear only started watching Mel Gibson movies after Alison got to throw it. In this case mix of Aussie actors. I am going to say Val Kilmer O. X. Like that but I feel like strategically if I had chosen someone less well-known. Who's done fewer movies? That would have been better but But I didn't get I mean that's the way to go like I always liked to say that you know it'd be firm if somebody picked James Dean you know. There's only three movies Ryan anyone could say. But but then you're putting yourself in a corner because you're you're you also have to continue naming Murphy so like what if I had said Yahu Serious Dyke idle because he the Aussie radio and I reserved is already right but if I can name four Mel Gibson? Titles than Allison's out right is that the second my understanding the point scoring system here. Well it's just a lasts longest serious. It's only been in two movies and periods. You know some Australian soap opera then like then by default we win. We have more movies right now. 'cause we can choose from any week like ours too right right right okay. Gotcha I WANNA know the second movie. The that he I just okay. I it's young Einstein and Dan. I know he did a second one right. I don't think so. Do Drop Dead Fred. No but yes dean. I think so. I think you're right. That was that was that young serious. I'm getting mixed up. I'm thinking of different comedians. Who had his one shot? He had young Einstein and then that was it but I mean he may be in other movies that were made. I know for that he would. He played some. He was in some movie where he played the gangster. Ned Kelly that I remember seeing the like he was like he's like Australia's Jesse James Early Australian Bank robber type. Yeah I'm thinking of a totally personal sorry so positive of that. I can't remember what it's called but he definitely played Ned Kelly because he was wearing like a iron gluck it on his head. Whatever do not want to talk about kind of. I think in the story of Ned Kelly. That was apparently part of it that it was like in the turn of the century. He liked covered himself in a suit of armor. Got into a shootout. So anyway it's not important. Look it up later. I bet yeah and it sounds like something is probably GonNa happen again in the news any day. Now right okay. So we got Mel Gibson. Hugh Jackman Val kilmer the films of all those men and will start With Jesse that go to Ross Alison then me Am Starts off with the film at any of those. Three guys is in the could take one. That has more than one of the minute. There's no bonus or anything for that but it sure would be fun. Okay I start. Let's braveheart. Okay what do you got for your first one? Ross I go with Logan excellent choice. You Alison I. Guess you're probably GonNa do a Val kilmer since everyone's sticking close to home. Well maybe I'll surprise you. What women want a dairy cow? Yeah exactly I'll tell you what women want. They want a maverick there. You go okay now again. So allie lethal weapon three. I like the way. You're playing a pretty clever. I don't I don't know what my strategy is. Ross Amana go with X. men I X. Men you okay this complicated Alison Passion of the Christ. Allison's friend to knock me out of the wait wait. The they're in the movie or they could just that'd be a sewer saying movies it. They directed I mean only one of the Directive Burgis. That's smell of course from now on. So Yeah we always love me directly to actress. You direct their their movies. They direct is like they. Were you know off screen character? Okay you could just Mel Gibson playing the Compassionate Christ playing the guy that's You know in the background laughing okay. So that that leaves open other director Oriel. They'll Gibson's but I'm going to say for my turn I'm GONNA say Lethal weapon the original. Okay yeah all right got it. We used to just back in the day. We call lethal weapon. Yeah it's like what was the Great War before the World War Two. Yeah I get it okay. Then I'm GonNa go with the bounty. Oh Nice yeah but it's just called the bounty but that's close enough. Oh really it is. Oh okay okay. So that counts. They shirted bounty because they had Italian paper Towel Company. Us well the director rule. I'm GonNa go apocalypse though. Yeah I just wanted somebody. To say out loud apocalyptic. Oh Yeah it's fun. Alison lame is awful. Familiar with that one are you. Are Those people that can't pronounce the blood name. Yeah I pronounce it. I do the same with the word macab. I think people sorta I really think that you know 'cause theatergoers for years before the movie came out pro is calling it les mis I swear to God it was just because people just could not pronounce the end of that word right at SOS. Easier to short may miss her off. Okay Labor's Lobola. I've gotta go with lethal weapon. Two I will see that and raise your lethal weapon four very good Ross. I'M GONNA go with X. Men three last and we have all those yourself As far as I don't remember what they're all mauled what number. They are Why okay Alison I'm going to go with real genius. Oh I forgot. It was still in this game that this is his first appearance. Mueller's yeah he's looming large over the whole thing also doubts. Val kilmer out for A. I'M GONNA go with top secret K. Tombstone Oh yeah. I'm your local borough. He's so good in that as that's probably my favorite tips down celebrities. Probably the greatest mustache contest overfill. Absolutely right you know what's interesting about it real quick. I went to tombstone and If you go to the museum and stuff that they have like the History Museum of whatever like they have you know newspaper clippings from the day from the epitaph. Which is the newspaper in to like. A lot of the lines in the movie are literally quotes like that. Movie is shockingly historically accurate so much of that of the stuff that has said dialogue is like real stuff that they actually said so. It's kind of all the more impressive when you compare it to Kevin Costner's like nine our version. That's just that like a big mess. Yeah but interestingly. Talk Val kilmer and Dennis Quaid. Both stole both movies in the same. Art is just the coolest. It's such a cool character you can't I feel like it'd be hard to fuck it out. Put Away Okay Who got a lot of time to think Rossett? What's that literally one day? Go Okay Love. The movie thought you were like went to the other side of the room or something. I heard a big noise inside and I want to investigate. So you're you're pointing to deliberately on a math. Okay Allison Kill me again. What's that that is a Val kilmer movie that also starred Joanne Whalley Kilmer? Ooh I had a crush on Belco for a long time. Maybe from a long time ago do you know where the two of them out tell you? Movie called Willow. I'll yes look at. That's my answer Jesse okay. Nobody said swordfish. She had so. That's a huge. It's true Ross. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go for another Val kilmer movie that Since the longtime ago but seldom stayed us. Remember that yeah. I like that me too thousand Kate and Leopold That was a his first big movie. I can't remember. I don't think I liked that movie. That had time travel aspect right. He was charming as elemental. Germany did not like and they did not have him. There was a movie called. I think it was called. Alex and Emma didn't remember that. Oh yeah that was terrible. Yeah that was some bullshit Okay so You go all of you dump down on your own Val kilmer. I did I this is the VAL kilmer I like to bring up whenever his name's mention and that's MC gruber that but hasn't seen it. I need to see it. Oh my God last name is cut. He's like general or commander See a love it already do. Okay go with the Saint thus saying yes yes Simon templer back really to show off all these. Little carry is characteristic chops. You know fake mustaches. And she had Ramona's yeah. I think my favorite Komo performance aside from real genius was a kiss kiss. Bang Bang I. That's a good love that very good choice. Very good listen. I enjoyed him in the doors. Tease he did a good job in that I enjoyed him in. And this is a fine day. Oh at first sight for sight. Yeah he's blind and Mira Sorvino. Is The woman who falls in love with them anyway. That's right. How did I miss that? That's like the point of the movie is is that like. How could somebody love a blind person? It's hard because there goes by. People are crab because they can't they are played cranky alive. You're right now out. Potato Mary Cranky will really dark There it is moved the furniture again. Yeah okay wait this blind guy. Tang which is what goes on this Okay the professor and the madman very recent the professor and the Madman. Yeah it's it's Mel Gibson's most recent project ago that he directed at the guy who wrote the Oxford English dictionary. Oh Oh yeah. Who wouldn't love you know it's got everything it's got scientism and a guy who writing the toilet over writing a dictionary so it's got something for everybody but what it's but it sounds like it's two characters. Professor it's it's it's Mel Gibson. And Sean Penn. And Sean Penn. It's like a true story. And Sean Penn is supposedly a convicted murderer. Who happens to be like a savant genius? Who just happen to know every word in the world I think he's almost autistic or something he can. He knows all the words and and they'll give some place some kind of professor who sets out to create a dictionary and enlist his help from jail and they form a friendship so of course they do buddy cop film with Cravat sent in a state asylum in the eighteen hundreds. I love a good Cra von. Yeah I can't I can't believe that whole that whole thing exists and if it doesn't you just I wouldn't I really wish after this whole pandemics over can we all agree to where Croats like every day. Yeah Yeah we'll we'll have screening of. I played this while I watch the professor. I've never really worn a CRAVAT. Except for the time it'll play Dracula in college and I always want to go back to that era. Also you know. It'll it'll suffice as a spare mask if you forget true. Yeah yeah up over your face. It's just it's essentially a for fancy people right. It's a Nike okay. So that that was really Fascinating Ross yovany movies. You'd like to make open now known said Batman Forever Right Nope Cool Batman for yet. There's still quite a few titles left on the table. For All of these gentlemen. I mean I'm using the term loosely. Of course ellison talk. No-one said Topgun right Would they though you're right? Yeah Okay thank you. I had to go through the list. You Know Mel Gibson. No you Jackson Ryan. Oh Yeah kilmer's until good ice man. I wonder if he's given the new one they do. They show him in the trailer. See Him think he is certainly not in good shape or whatever. He's all about suburb turquoise now according to a picture I saw Val kilmer is currently in the desert wearing a lot of silver and turquoise before that he was he wasn't sandwich yeah he was touring for a while as Mark Twain. Yes where he would. It would show a movie of himself doing a one man play as Mark Twain and then he come out and do a Q. and A. With the crowd and of course everybody Sas about all his awesome movie roles up Mark Twain. Did that really happen? And He tried to stay in character and answered no. He didn't do in character. He uses Val kilmer. But Oh you know instead of acting as a Mark Twain lives the film and then came out to quest locally okay. That's exactly like an an evening. Val kilmer and his opener is Mark Twain. Talking for ninety minutes. I'm in I would do no wrong. As far as I'm concerned I definitely was curious to see it as I mean especially the queue in part because I you know I think he does have a good sense of humor so it's probably pretty entertaining the listen to master the same questions. He's gotten over and over again for a million years right. I think he should have had to have stayed in character as Mark Twain and then try to befuddle. Ably explain what a fighter jet is when somebody has to. What's up gun because I bet you that does happen? A bow kill Raises Their heads as what? Why is the judge explained how the planes work all right So Alison said Topgun. So I'm GONNA say Have we really done? All the Dow kilmer's has got to be savell. Kilmer slipped out there out there alone in strident and scared. Save him okay. Warriors GonNa go crazy obvious one for Hugh Jackman and say Australia. Doug I met saved them. I didn't mean save him for me. I met. You said they're alone and out there and scared and I met saved them like they need rescuing nope. I saw how we do it in this country. We just leave him there. Yeah you know what they said. Worked Harder Jesse well then going along with that. Seems the greatest showman. Oh yeah I totally cut out? What was your answer housing? She said a top guy and then we talked to a top gun for a while. Then I said Australia is it my greatest showman and then now it's you owe gratiot opposite. Prisoners was Jason Hall to. Oh yeah love that mood ellison. I don't think we've done wolverine like. Oh we haven't we haven't said that one that was just called Wolverine. We haven't said that. I think it's like Wolverine X men origins but I'll give it to you. Thank him just because you're smart enough to remember at Oh I'm excited to say I have a Washington but he's a new movie that's on. Hbo called Bad Education Tonight. I heard that was good. I WanNa see it Jesse. Yeah Okay Man. Without a face ooh very good Mel Gibson cool. I forgot about all that old Gibson. Shit yeah yet. Ross that just made me think of forever young. That's right. Yup I ever young with Jamie Lee. Curtis Oh yeah Belsen you know when you get to the bottom of tissue box or like an adding machine tape and it's there's a color to indicate that time to replace it like my answers now have colors to them. Meaning I'm getting to the bottom of my list. I'm just everyone now. Heat kilmer's he'd that's right. Oh my God yes. Yeah very good at all time. Yeah it's excellent work. Brought up the neck Kelly suit of armor shootout and then we said the. Maybe someday that will happen again and then didn't connect the anyway go on. Check this out the island of Dr Moreau Oh yeah that's a good one. Yeah that's fun Jesse. Okay my turn against I'm GonNa go bird on a wire. Oh Yeah Mel and Goldie. They don't make them like that anymore. As the prestige male cool petty. I love that movie. Alison a patriot. Good one that's not good movie. Good one thank you all terrible horrific and I don't think I've never been as excited to see a movie on and I I was Super Lead Dowd. Just so sad. What's the dude? That guy played He was like the taxi driver in the In the old TV commercials. Donald something out vogue. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. He has this line like he just. He plays like a racist to the whole movie and then at the end in the last battle he turns to this black volunteer soldier and he just goes. I'm honored to serve next to you. Honored like he says it twice like he does that awful thing where he just repeats his own line. It's just it's so bad. I wanted to be so good anyway. Sorry going Oh. It's Fi- gauges gives the other players the chance to think raw requests under close to the end of Mel Gibson. Oh yeah he's got a few was elephants tournament. Turn it's your turn breath here Saudi rice. Okay okay okay. This Aronovski ski film. Shit Ellia ritualized. God found the phone. Yeah Right Yep yeah I could remember what it's called a fountain rise in the value. The Falcons you run Loma Hugh Jackson Shit need could take there's still a lot of Gibson's del Kilmer's Lira. Run LITTLE DRIVE. What are you add? Alison I Sifting through on panning for a movie in my brain. I don't I think I'm out. I don't think I have any more sorry guys. It was a great run. Thank you did better than I normal. I do think you did great. Thank you all right. So it's a and you can still play the cello. Don't forget that you've always got the cello. That's my insurance policy. You guys so I've got to go with for Mel Gibson. Say the singing detective. Play like old guy in law dates. Rake up in that right. Okay I will do drag. The cost concrete. When you said the said Caraway's about letting about the million dollar hotel was being detective. Yes Million Dollar Taylor had like a neck brace. Jovic using them and give the Million Dollar Hotel all. Yeah yeah that sounds right. Well you might WanNa check me on that. Because I don't know if read about that now I buy is like yeah. I totally agree with that answer. Okay that's all we've got corrections department is out for the summer. I'M GONNA go with Another Mel Gibson of course got a few bouncing around they can't settle on one Shits Camman Nell. Was that one where he was like. Ak was so good it gives. It just came in a I don't WanNa take up too much of anybody's time under slipping in and out of Oh Shit. Goddamn it now. I can't remember which one it was. He's in a franchise. Usc Franchise Series of movies. I don't know which one was in so just in the interest of time I'm GONNA I'M GONNA call it and I'm GonNa go to you Jesse. Okay what do you mean you're gonNA call it like I'm out? You're Oh really. Oh okay okay so the GRINGO. Oh Shit I was GONNA say that. Oh sorry rich. What real steel. Yara bacteria oral era. But's that's a good one okay. So edge of darkness. That's a more recent one too right now. That's like that was pre. Now gives him being a bad person but when he was like sort of the ninety s version of Liam Neeson. Somebody stole his daughter. Dang so yeah I'M GONNA go with one of my favorite movies and where my first crushes Mad Max beyond Thunderdome when I love God damn it. I was going to go back and do some those mel movies. I totally forgot to back Jesse the original Mad Max Mad Max Aroo in your face road warrior. Road Warrior Goodwin Hacksaw Ridge Oh shit camera. We were soldiers I hadn't thought of that went. Good one yeah. Okay The beaver Oh yeah the believer on your own moorhead. It's just basically is it Michael. He's just doing Michael caine voice. I didn't see it. It seemed embarrassing. Issue really back right yeah. It's really weird. It's like a terrible movie but it's but it is strange that he keeps talking stupid beaver puppet and it sounds like it. Sounds like Michael Caine when it talks. what are you got anything else? Ross boss level data come out yet but I know but they were in that. So that's why no but pasta platelets has come out yet. Mel Gibson movie or maybe it's come up this year. I made the mood has come out. Okay then X. Men two electric A. How many do you have so damn it? I'm fucked? I've started to get low and I didn't realize he still had more X. Men Movies to go all right so I'm going with the candidate. That's a new Hugh Jackman movie that one he plays Gary Hart. Oh Oh yeah. That's our that movie's called though. Oh it's nine it's called it's called. I know what it's called the are called that. Oh it's the front runner dammit. That is what it's called. You're right the FRAT around both added steel. 'cause yeah it's the candidate was that old. Robert Redford. That's right. Yeah Yeah Yeah you're right. You're right and then but since raw slipped in with the front runner. I'M GONNA call him the winner today. It's wrong you know what the time down because I literally cannot say I'm out I couldn't think of a single so Ross. Yeah that is perfectly. That was beautiful. I don't think I've ever won the show. And I'm so happy you finally did it under strange circumstances alison. We're years later. I'm still here. Yes I am. Congratulations Ross for for waiting around. Allison do you have anything that you would like to plug? I would just like everyone to check out my podcast. Alison Rosen. Is your new best friend. an childish and Your best friend to the week comes at Monday and Thursday and childish comes out Wednesday and childish. That's my podcast the Greg Fitzsimmons. We are now putting the video from our podcast up on Youtube. So go to YouTube dot com such Alison Rosen for that And the video from Putting up by Patriae on and also I'm on Cameo. Oh Nice how much. How much are your cameos? Minor thirty five which you might think. That sounds a little high for you but it's working out for me. Jila. Yeah because it it it you know the people that are doing it or more committed in St. You know it's less of a throwaway to those people. It's yes sir is for meaningful charge more to play the cello shot. Yeah I bet a separate account. It's a separate secret account just for my butt naked naked cello that include my feet. It's cottage industry. It's helping me lean dive. I subscribed to Yoyo Ma's version of that similar. He's my inspiration guy sir. Go all the way. This'll be quicker game if we were naming cellists. That's out now. I don't. I don't know that have any you'd think I would have given my prodigious playing guys who are into a guys who are into cello players really like Elbows knees and feet Because those things you could see Okay so Ross marquand season. Eleven of walking. Dead will happen someday. Yeah I guess we'll see hopefully hopefully this pandemic again soon so we can actually film the the fake apocalypse opposable where you hear about the murder. Hornets Yeah Yeah. Yeah's murder Hornets now. There's your foes no-one it's it's I don't even big. We should be filming our show at this point because it's too it's too knows it's the documentary. I think my theory is if this pandemic wasn't happening We wouldn't hurt anything about Murder Hornets or UFO's think that the people are just looking for anything else to talk about. Right Yeah Hey we're over here. Hey where were we have some ufo pictures then we we bet so for years but now nobody's paying any attention to us. Jesse Joyce Jimmy. Kimmel live on. Watch that every night. Because I'm working on that and then I'm just. I'm on twitter guessing that Jesse Joyce and Instagram Jesse Joyce one is somebody else got their first will thank you guys. Also much Allison Jesse. Ross and What was my plug? I had a good plug. I was GONNA do. Oh look for me. Constantly popping up on periscope and instagram live and could the three of you Alison and Russ Eh Jesse State snap a shot of yourself or your environment just set something. That represents a where you're at today during the show and texted to me and then I will collage together for Promo purposes. Churn and Yeah thanks everybody for listening in as always ride get those song ready. It's a new. It's a new ending. The show came up with as always. We're all gonna get lay in Kanji. There is no room for you.

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