EP102- Solar Flares and Rancid Cheese


hello and welcome to another episode of the weird wacky and wonderful stories podcast with your hosts shelley and bella everybody among welcome to episode one hundred two of the weird wacky and wonderful stories. Podcast can't believe that now our goal is two hundred or is it one fifty one fifty august. Yeah let's let's just make you know make achievable steps. Smart right Smart yeah i did a Cost once and they taught you. The smart walls to do with goals had to be specific measurable achievable realistic in timed still. Remember me because that's why at all really okay. All right welcome to the show. Everybody thank you once again for tuning into us for those that just listening to us on the audio feed. Yes we once again in a video. A video podcast as well. The podcast if you are decision to order. That's absolutely fine just later on by the way we've got richard lenny and ruth roper wild coming along as well. They won't actually be here in body but they will be here invoice so we've got For you coming up later on as well with normal monthly slot baidu which is much appreciated and well received. Yes today we are going gonna talk some stuff that balasore today. The i have no clue. She's going to talk a base of good luck with that. One only got one thing. Yes and you know what is the best diet. You wanna lose weight. This is the best diet ever could do with some of that. Yeah could definitely do. I mean i mean you get yearly. It's finding me well. That's drinking more shake in the morning. I'm having a carrot for lunch and then food in the evening so hopefully going some way but anyway they don't want to hear about all of that stuff no but i do truly have the best diet. Okay all right cool so we say that. I love with later on this. Okay okay. Well what i wanted to talk about today is sold fleas solar flares solar flares. Yeah way different mind but anyway what is a solar flare a sorolla sorolla. A solar flare is a coronal mass ejection. Not as bella said earlier. A coronal mass. Yes not the son has not been watching too much playboy channel and after over the solar system is a coronal mass ejection and basically what it is to my understanding anyway. So the sun as we know we saw is a bowling ball gas right that is obviously molten. It's such a such a very very staying ball. Well i'm glad you asked that far as i understand it to do gravity. No no snow is to do a magnetism. Okay this son has polls basically just like we do. And every eleven years it begins a new cycle and it started new cycle last year and that cycled or during that cycle the magnetic pole shifts and depends on how fast it shifts sometimes. What it can do is it can cause some of that. Molten gas to spew. I'd normally held in with this magnetic field. Magnetic field is no shifted so some of it spills out into space. And that's what causes these solar flays so hang on so you said it's a bowl of gas superheated gas. Yeah so it doesn't have a core see. I always thought like if somebody turned the off. Switch on turn off switch off on the sun. Act that you might be able to walk on it like they can on the moon but that's not the case and walked on a hot beach. I just said if all of the heat were gone. What's left is it is hard but yeah but it's just gas. I mean it was interesting. I when you say that a super heated and so it's gas now so it just makes you wonder if it cooled then it would change states and it would become liquid and then solid so maybe i don't know yeah i mean i only just recently sadly learned that the moon is reflective. What we're seeing is not really the moon that's blowing. It's reflecting. i didn't know that until just recently. Don't laugh at me not often you a lot of video night because people could see that i'm really trying not to la try harder okay At least i'm willing to admit it. I mean i'm no new stuff all the time to this show i really am so no not i mean i. I learned today that the solar flares are caused because of the shifting of the polls the polling of the shift the shift into the polls so did not know that anyway in two thousand seventeen there was a really big solar storm an anti kohl's havoc amongst the ham radio people. You know the ham radio futuristic enthusiasts and it turned that ham radio signals into just static. It was actually when the hurricane a- was ripped through the character yeah And obviously category five hurricane ripped through the caribbean and then in two thousand fifteen solar storms knocked out a global position system in the us north east and this. This is going to be more of a concern later on thing about self driving cars. You know i was speaking to someone the other day about When i was coming back from working one day at a hotel someway And i came dame safes or was on my way back home and stuck in traffic on the m six anyone from the uk will know exactly what the sixers and there was. A there was a bloke in the lay next to me now bearing in mind we were stopped. Most of the time in a tesla and he was told intense purposes asleep. He looked to sleep using the driver. Seat you a seat reclined back. His eyes were closed. He had a kid in the back. That was probably four years of age and a seat with an ipad or something that they were playing on and when the traffic started moving the car just accelerated dan road and he was he was still asleep. was scare me. I mean obviously Human errors brad. But i'm would hate for like you'd have to call our friends and go. Oh yeah bella died because she was too lazy to steer the car. Yeah exactly exactly. In fact in your case more likely be bella died because she did steal the car. But no i'm i mean the cartage did slow down again. Because the traffic suddenly started up we went and then we came across. A you know another traffic jam ahead which is only a couple of hundred jobs ahead on the cottage. Slow down again and it carried on doing that. Stop start thing so okay. It worked good. Excellent glad for him and even more glad for the kid that was signed up back but we don't know when these solar storms are going to happen. Is it the same as the Sunspot sunspots i don't. I didn't look into sunspots They take out satellite. Tv's and things like sunspots. I believe the she's gonna dream and she's kicking the legs. So sunspots i believe are areas where you can see an injection. I believe going on if you're looking through a telescope where the sun not the normal telescope with the sun just saying but i need to look into that mortar to know for sure but my point is is that we don't know when one of the solar storms is going to happen in if you happen to be in a self driving car when the gps and everything goes down because of these sodas storms or you know. The electronics of new fail in in the device. Which is something. We've all got to think about going forward because you know the alex tricks within the system to confront as well not affect all of our cars because all all the caused these days. Electric ignitions and everything else. You know so You know what would happen to these cars like that If if all of that happened carnage. That's what happened. Can you imagine if if the whole of that motorway or highway infrastructure. was actually covered in self kosin. And that happened at a time. What would happen to all of those vehicles. Stephen king movie called maximum overdrive. You've been stifling night. Yawn flip and try and get it over with. No i'm boring you. Have you seen that. Maximum old stephen king movie and All of the things came to life All the machines eighteen wheeler trucks lawnmowers. Pretty interested in movie. But yeah but you're talking about the opposite where nothing would were nothing would. Would you know and said some of the things that we rely quite heavily on. So yeah in. A railing. Totally lost my train of thought then. Okay ailing pilots. That's what i was gonna say long pilots. They're great risk at the moment. This is reality. This isn't what if this is reality with these solar. Fuck what can i say. Solar with these solar storms airline pilots are actually at risk of getting cataracts from the solar storms when they hit and female aircrew of actually seen higher instances of miscarriages journey events of solar storms. Because obviously they're they're higher up in the atmosphere their more susceptible to again you know in march one thousand nine hundred. Eighty nine was a solar storm. That was over quebec that caused a massive province wide. I teach that lasted for nine hours. And it took dame lots of different things. A two thousand seventeen paper in the journal of american geophysical union predicted the blackouts caused by severe space weather strike as much as sixty six percent of the us population and it would give an economic loss of forty five. Sorry forty one point. Five billion dollars a day for too long while it's just absolutely crazy there was that was Won't caitlyn dacoven pitch. Who said that. It's remarkable to me. The number of people companies etc. Who think space weather is still a hollywood fiction nine. She's either pre Special assistant to president joe biden and senior director of resilience response in the national security council. Cancel and she said that during a talk at the solo weather conference last month. Killing me and didn't sleep enough meek it and you know more people are gonna think nine Probably just just just just you know. President obama actually started a strategy to learn more about solo weather or space weather. As it's being termed and in fact donald trump signed the pro swift bill into law which aims to build technology to actually aid early warning and space space weather forecast in. So that's quite interesting. Do you national grid. They're the people who run our power systems here that people run all of our transmission wires and poles the stretch across the countryside. That you see now. They've actually brought spare transformers that are ready to deploy in the event of severe space storms. The uk and the us have been working together for fifteen years now on space weather forecasting say fifty or fifteen on space weather forecast in and they produced daily reports knife airlines and power companies satellite companies etc. And anyone. really that may be affected by solar flares. So the reason why i mentioned in this now is because last year the sun started its rotation again. It started this shift again of the still got ten years. Oh well by twenty twenty five. That's when it's going to be in the height of the stuff again so it's twenty twenty-five that it looks like we're going to start seeing a lot more of these solar storms and log. We saw with. It doesn't just create these these interferences with the electric cetera. But also with our weather as well so in terms of forecasting where we are with that while we can see an eruption on the sun. But we'll only know how severe is when hits. Our satellites which are about a million miles from earth and that county gives us a sixty to ninety minute warning before it actually hits earth so all of these things that can to be deployed within sixty to ninety minutes f. We suddenly find is troublesome storm. Think you'd rather just not even saying anything and just just let it happen because you know if you're a pilot you kind need to know that that's going to happen. Yes okay. we're about people on the ground. What are you going to do just going to create this huge enormous panic. Not necessarily people need to turn off their computer systems. They need to be able to disconnect patchy from their car. You know those types of things that is important that we know. Maybe it's going to become a you're killing me with the very i can't help it the You know at the moment people have drills. Don't they ways quakes and those types of jobs know when you're in california nearby that that people would be earthquake drills so maybe in the future as our atmosphere depletes because obviously our ozone layer is what protects us from these this solar radiation as that gas worse. We're gonna become even more susceptible to these days and then it's going to become more of a regular event for so we're going to have to be able to. You know maybe get into practice some of these things that we're going to need to do to protect ourselves so i was having a thought late this morning. Unbelievably i had a thought. But i was having thought like what if you now. They're always on tv. And of all these people who were saying you gotta protect the ozone layer and you know emissions is affect and stuff and climate change. And all of that right. I thought to myself wouldn't be messed up if it's not actually his proudest. But they're saying that bad to try to get people to hold our hope vanish the case. I do hope. It's not as bad. But i mean like you done. Not because the government's they all kind of. But then i guess that would be the world that would have to be in on it. Wouldn't the all of delete same. It's the same with this vaccine stuff. You know the world would have to be in on the if there was some big cover up ed in terms of the vaccine and the virus because you know the world is striving to get a people vaccinated so. I know that there's a lot of people that i follow. People have even been on the show that are so anti vaccine. If you if you wanna call it that people think there's something else going on i don't know Jewish but for me. Unlike if i can't prove or something else going on gimme gimme the. Gimme the medicine because even if you are somebody who does believe in conspiracy theories and all that you know when you get sick doesn't matter physics conspiracy theory you know. Get the job least than you can say. Oh yeah okay. I had it but you still be alive if you got sick to be able to. I think you gotta you gotta have real faith in in conspiracy theories you bet your life on it and i know when first started talking about the vaccine i said to you i don't. I don't think i'll get right away because we aren't going to know about side effects and things like that and then you let me get a couple months before you and then europe late you though is your choice. But i'm just saying you know so. I i get why some people would be reluctant. You know if it's because they're worried about like side effects and things and some people just won't get on principle and they just won't but if it's somebody who's authentic during i think people like yourself who worked in the healthcare industry industry and actually saw what was going on. You know then you know some of the people that think that this stuff is all a hoax. Needs to be speaking people like you. You know but anyway let's get back onto i back onto solar flares. One of the really things. One of things i really wanted to mention was you know proxima centauri. That's our closest son of our son is next closest. Okay and there is a planet. They're called proxima b. Which we've spoken about before on the show and proxima b. is the nearest planet to us. That could have habitable life or could sustain life and reasons because the planet is in that. Goldilocks zone it's in that area. That is close to the sun to be able to sustain water and therefore to be up to their to their son. Yeah okay so. This is as called proxima centauri now. That has massive solar fleas. It's actually a dwarf star so so it's smaller than ours but actually that makes it a bit more unstable but interestingly the solar flares that coming off of this and i find this absolutely fascinating but there we go now the solar flares that are coming off of that the light waves are actually a millimeter in length which is about vat footballer us about a millimeter for me. What about everybody else. No i mean. I see well. Everyone else can look themselves but a millimeter. Because you'll so my point is is not that on the scale of light is huge. Frigging huge okay. A millimeter because actually the light waves that we see visible light are actually between four hundred and seven hundred. You've gone again you would. i can tell you. Dan wasn't but if you keep talking values gonna make me on. Four hundred to seven hundred nano meters is is the size of the visible light. That way you stu right now. Nanometer is actually a a million of a millimeter right so spit millimeter into a million. And that's four hundred of those is what we would normally between our our lighter. We used to so the fact that proxima b. is actually bombarded with this these massive light waves. It's actually closer to the sun. It has to be because it with it. Being a dwarf star it's a lot smaller therefore has less heat. It's pushing out on a day to day. Basis so proxima b. is closer to proxima centauri them what we are to awesome and it still in the habitable zone. Yeah so with it. Being that close to proxima centauri when getting bombarded with solar flares that are big anyway is really getting pounded and so signed a scenario wondering actually whether that is actually wiping out life the might be on the planet and there's one school of thought where some scientists think. Well it could be wipe out life on the planet because when the so flows hits achy damages their atmosphere. Okay which means that. There must feel wouldn't be able to be contained correctly and therefore wouldn't support life and other scientists rachi. Shane will actually that might. Actually that might actually create life because all tra- violet light actually causes a change in jeans. That's why we get skin cancers and that sort of stuff. Exchanges changes molecules extinct changes genetics. And so actually the amount of ultraviolet light there's been hit with may actually encourage life so it's quite interesting. I just thought i was really. Yeah so what's our son actually called. Don't know the answer to that because like the one you were talking about. They got a fancy name but we have sun. I don't know. I don't know if gopi moon is called luna angering lick it up. Yeah you bet because you know it's probably called sola probably called son schools and see. This is what we usually do when we're cut in you know we'll pause the the recording and we'll google something so that we don't know fucking stupid We look stupid anyway but yeah but batteries on a phone non trying to fill time which isn't working for a while. i just hope she goes quick. Please tell me you actually talked. What is alison cold. And not just son of our son. Okay what is it then son. I feel so as our son. Oh there we go is. Spanish for son isn't it. They are so. Make us look stupid on youtube so sex. But but so that one doesn't suck. It's been cold something and we'd gone. I never knew that i never knew. Awesome pizza yeah. I know. I know. I'm just saying like proximus proxima centauri and then we've got sun. Yeah we'll proxima means close as news. So it's probably. I know that but i'm just general story means but i'm just saying you know it probably means close. Couldn't they give it a different name leg boy boiling hot thingers. What did you have. Big big bowl aghast. Why they have to son yes. Okay so what you're one know about this best diet in the world. Yes tell me please seriously. This is going to make a lot of people getting well. It has a potential so there is this island. It's it's an italian island and it's called sir denia. Sautin thing that's island. So what would you think of. I was first thing i thought was all. This must be about sardines right sort india. Deans no see that. Would that would make me lose weight right. If if i'd eat sardines. I be really really skinny. Fitch fish person you know however there is a type of cheese. That's made their that's made with maggots alive. Maggots alive migrants. And they're in the cheese and it gets like a crust or something on top of this cheese and then you break the top and then it's all wiggly but they can still be wiggling in the cheese shop. Well they have to be. Don't because the whole point is that some people say it's an aphrodisiac. Be quiet. I'm talking and some people say that if you don't eat these meghan kill them while you're chewing them that they could get inside your intestines and perforate your intestines. So you've got like a test in so they are alive. I thought you meant. They were alive when they went into the cheese stealing the cheese. He's in the so. It's sheep's milk and mega to make this cheese much. Not spreading it and spreading it on some toasts because we like like cheese on toast and spreading on toast and you put it down on the plate chat which makes it look like. It would be fine for me. I don't mind it can go wherever it wants because it just never going across these lips and get into this here something but just in case you were wondering they. They cannot sell it commercially. So why would a cheese producer producer. Cheese you can't sell it. Well i don't know because i'm not achieved person. I'm not a cheesemaker person but can you. Can you be silly string. And you thought coming to america at having crabs was gross. No no no no no. I don't think the crops are gross. I liked crime right. I thought it was gross. And i've never seen this and people in the uk on c. I'll see if i can find a picture of it and i'll stick it up like okay. What kind of stuff in fighting on might even have a picture of the actual stuff that we at at balas right so that you can get an idea in this country. If you have crab you have a crab a crab her mate turned up with a fucking are going to stop swearing. Because i've got this is not going to have to be a subscriber only episode. Sorry guys subscriber only episode. Because i swore youtube doesn't allow you to have swearing on a non subscribe episode so subscribers. Only you're going to hear this. I had a. you'll make turned up. What was his name. I can't remember how terrible he turned up with. Mardi monty monty turned up with a flip in somalia's santa claus right of crab this was a trawler full of crab that you had in the san wooden mallet on a wooden mallet newspaper. Like this is some crazy ass was going to happen here and he cleared your tanya moon table this newspaper all over the dining room table picked up this sack and not kidding honestly and old all of these crabs onto this table they were all covered in old bay seasoning for those people the know that in america amazing and those people in the uk. You can buy it. He i if you look old. Bay is amazing made with prawns and in any shape again mazing chicken anyway. It's all covered in this stuff. Mice watering now. The taste of it was lovely. What i couldn't handle shia masoka. That was going on. We've you you guys. Just i mean it was like some kind of medieval flipping. I'm believe i honestly nino and dory spongebob and all of those people that we associate crabs. He's probably not very f- ie's they would have been absolutely shitting themselves because of the kind of stuff that was going on with these crabs. Couldn't that that walks it. Well i say do it on the quantity if it was just one you know if we just ripped a crab a part you can get over that. Because that's nice done. I can get on with it. But it was constant everywhere. Enough to run shrum ripping okay. No you'd wanna read. That bit is called the devil. In that because i choke you not because i always nice but don't worry about how crazy so anyway. Yes so how is this a diet. it's not a diet. it's just okay. i wouldn't eat it. no no. that's it that's a diet now. Trying to podcast. I would i would look at it and then i would look at somebody cracking. Open the top the little weeklies coming out and then that would be it. I wouldn't want anything to eat. Good diet to be honest with you. You have anything to eat would be good for me as well. I'll tell you why sorry. Leave gentlemen this is maybe going to get a little bit too graphic. But we don't need to do this. I need to share this with you. I went to the bathroom this morning. I'm one side finished and i was wiping. I thought i have a spot on my ass. Don't you hate those when you get a little pimple on your awesome initiative fucking heating traveled with me break to the bathroom i finished. I was doing in the bathroom. And only one on one pin there was a bit of hope cone embedded in my cheek. Shit that's funny. Oops sorry. i was stunned. The s. word. I got to go on a yeah so it wasn't an actual piece by piece of popcorn. You know you little bitch of it. Stuck to my. Oh god that's funny. It's fuck wish set have been awake then. The funniest thing was was. When i i saw scratched it. It's obviously you know a spot and it came off. And i thought an awesome. That's going to be there for long. Kurds anyway thank you guys for listening to our section. At least obviously. We've got richard and ruth coming up as you know. Don't forget you can support us with our buy a coffee link and that would really help us. I the by some popcorn link. So yes if you could help you. Coffee be absolutely great really appreciate that. Thank you to all the people that contribute in a contribute. By the we will mention your name and give you a sums up everything on here so i would be absolutely amazing. I don't forget you can go to our website. www dot we'd wacky wonderful dot com and you can reach us on all the social media links as well as fallen asleep so i've got to carry on seep. We welcome along. Richard and ruth. Hi everyone. I can't believe someone has finally arrived after all that rain. It's such a relief to actually get some sunshine for change. We're will start to get out and about a little bit more now. So don't forget when you'll ghost hunting to send any of your experiences you want to share to w way dash one four zero zero at outlook dot com. I'm starting this month. Not found written by clare. Read in that bible on the twenty eighth of may this year. The article explains that mom of to laura watson from new castle took her son byran daughter charlotte and their cousin jack on a trip to plessey woods country park back in twenty eighteen. She says that no one else was with that day. The puck is a few miles north of the city and makes a great place for family day out whilst to the park. The family group found a big old tree with low strong branches. The kind of tree that is suitable for climbing laura say she has the kids to climb up into the for photo of the photo. She took that day. The oldest has climbed several branches up off the ground and standing behind the main trunk of the tree peering through a folk in the branches. You can see his head his left hand and his right leg below him. Charlotte sitting astride thick lodge thick branch. With iran rankles crossed under the branch. She has leaned forward and he's resting had chain on the folded arms. So you can pretty much see all of her. The youngest lab is standing on the lowest part of the slightly sloping main trunk and is leaning backwards holding football in front of him. It makes for quite an awful shots for family grouping and frankly of better quality than you normally see in family photos behind byron and given the positioning apparently standing directly behind the tree. You can make out. What looks like another young dark-haired lead looking over byron shoulder you can also make out something actually on byron shoulder which might be a hand. The additional face is perfectly clear in color and you could easily assume someone was just standing there in photo bomb. The picture you can see the left eye part of their nose and cheek and half of the head with short cropped dark hair. The face is noticeably pale. The mother laura claims that no one was with him that day and no one else was nearby she points out probably accurately given the angles and positioning of everybody in the pitcher. The title shot told jack from their vantage points would have been able to clearly say if anyone else came up to the tree from behind she is quoted as saying the time. It's very unusual. And everyone is really freaked out me and my daughter couldn't even go sleep last night because we were so scared. When i go home. I put the picture on the computer. And when i zoomed in i was able to see it closer i thought what is that thing behind byron. It looks like a child. May i don't know if it's a girl. Roy but i can see this face. It looks like the hand is on my son's shoulder which is very bizarre. Some people have said must photoshop day as they can't believe it but i've explained the wouldn't even have a clue how to anything like that. It was literally taken on the phone. I'm rubbish with technology. I'm just not the kind of person to do that. I don't know much about the history of the woods but some people are saying that many moons ago a young boy drowned in the river. It is particularly creepy looking photo to be honest. And while we're taking a look at if you're interested my only reservation about really as the tiffany article laura. The mother claims that she and the three children alone in the park yet in one of the photos. All four of them here. So who is the fifth person taking that photo and if that was a fifth per person with them could it not just been them in the creepy photograph and afterwards the family thought. Hey it looks like you've got a ghost some standing behind you. If we say no one else was with us. I've had a quick dig around. And i can't find any ghost stories. Put into the pocket self and to be honest. I'm always a little skeptical of people being quoted as saying many moons ago. It's literature turn the phrase and not one you really his spoken that often unless actually recounting a story. An intriguing photo though. If you take a look just google plessey puck ghost and you'll find it easily but while sticking around i came across another article this time from the daily star in july twenty nineteen where another family had captured a strange image whilst out for the day and taking snaps at the children shall harding. Thirty visits saying fakers national history museum cardiff in june twenty nine hundred with their own children. A friend and the friend's children. The friends took pictures of themselves. And the children playing on some toy right on tractors and dumper trucks on a mighty bishop ground with some weeds. Loosely trimmed bushes behind them in one of the pages. There seems to be a half formed image standing in the weeds behind where they were playing. It looks partially transparent and of it looks to be obscured by the weeds in front of it. Which makes it particularly interesting as that tends to suggest that it is not a camera glitch. The article claims that shark discovered that the battle of saint fagan's took place here in sixteen forty eight in which around two hundred soldiers were killed. It say she researched that and found that uniforms looked just like what shall it her picture charlotte. Who from god. If said the majority of people have seen the photo think it is to soldiers in civil war. Uniforms like two men talking together. I can see it too. I had no idea. They wore a blue uniform in the civil war. But then i googled it and saw the uniform is the same. I couldn't believe it. I also think what might have but coming down from his head. When i checked the other photos events or what life figures in another picture too the it does seem to be wearing something blue but i'd be hard pushed to describe it as a uniform. It simply isn't clear enough to say what it is. I'd also be hard pushed to say. There are two figures. They're talking to each other in the image but there is something dark blurry to one side of the partially formed figure. Maybe that's just a question of interpretation and there was indeed a civil war. Battles ain't vegans in may sixteen forty eight and around. Two hundred men were killed with another three thousand captured. Parliamentarians defeated the royalists. It is however simply not true to say the commentary or anyone was wearing blue uniforms in the civil troops were formed by wealthy lord or landowners fighting for either one side or the other and they were hastily formed for the most part with no such thing as a uniform for either side in fact when the battles raged it was practically impossible to tell who was friend. Who's foe so each side took to wearing bright colored sashes into battle to avoid being killed by their own side. The parliamentarians were either pale. Blue or orange sashes with orange being far more common as it was the color of the house of essex and the royalists wore bright crimson ritz. Ones might be being a bit pedantic over this. But it's one of my personal book bays whenever ghosts to see or scribe to a location. We seem as a nation have a tendency to make them something important that ghosts of high women or royalty owners woman or nuns among soldiers people who play a significant role in our history. We don't seem to like to look at a vague outline of a figure without trying to ascribe it to a particular area to fit in the history. We expect here. We know there was a battle so the ghostly figure must be that for soldier and that must be a blue uniform. He's wearing the fact that there is nothing in the image which suggests either soldier or uniform is conveniently ignored. I'd rather be a bit more open minded and honest about what we see the facto and pleased up yourself and see what you think about it shows to my eye what looks like mostly transparent partially formed figure standing in some weeds. There's a fleshy colors area. Which could well be a face with a darker area above it which could be here. The rest of it is in distinctive blue which makes it noticeable in the green phone graham brand weeds behind it all maybe in front facing hard to tell from the angle. There is another shape. But this one is just a sort of dark smoky blob. There is absolutely nothing about it. We saved soldier to me or uniform. So i think that is reaching to make what is seen fit the known history but the fact that is there at all should in its own right be sufficiently interesting for us. It's a figure and it looks paranormal and out of place. I'm ready careful when research you find books not try and influence what people tell me. They have seen in any given location. I think is much more interesting and much more valid in terms of research into the paranormal to simply recount as accurate as possible. Exactly what anyone did see or feel or hear and if that means i get four or five completely different sightings in one place with nothing apparently linking them then so be it. Maybe what that indicates is it. The places prone to unusual phenomena which might manifest itself in a number of ways. Or maybe it means that the details tales of bogut so sprite so we elemental have something to them and these various different sightings from different people on manifestations of that energy sometimes i get location where numerous people report the same type of experience the haunting around the bedfordshire. Did you've risely mentioned narran. Several of my books is one example. I think i'm up to eight one day accounts of the same type apparition there now to my mind that speaks much. More eloquently of the traditional idea of haunting people are seeing the echo will spirit of something that was once living still hanging about the area another good example also in in north raleigh where i now have a number of accounts of people encountering the same figure on this particular stretch of road and you might even have heard me talk elsewhere about my own experience encountering the figure i found another couple of counts relating to that road when no figure was actually seen but a distinct sensation experienced which begs the question whether sometimes huntings don't manufacture for whatever reason and you get kind of an echo or a glimpse of something rather than the full blown thing itself either way. Even though the weather has finally turned into long hot summer days when you also more about having fun in the sun then chasing ghosts remember to check each of your family snaps carefully for anything untoward that might be lurking in the background. Both of the graphs i started with today's episode will take in broad daylight on normal family days out from. Hi welcome to the weird wacky wonderful. Yes it's me. Rich lenny ufologists from uk speaking to you from somewhere on planet earth. Well guys. I hope you've had a good month and from all hundred episode last month. I hope you enjoyed it and hope. It was very informative now. What happened this last month. Since i spent he lost. And i wanna start straight away with The ufo phenomena with the government saying they were gonna give us some insight into what was going on while this report that they're supposed to be sending to us has finally come by the things from the guardian. The us government report finds. No evidence are repeat no evidence of. Ufo's no evidence a tool basically ufo's were avian or extraterrestrial but they're not ruling downs. So that's what they say. Us intelligence authorities have not found any evidence that unidentified flying objects seen by navy pilots in recent years were otherworldly etienne spacecraft but apparently did not rule it out either talking about these black and white images that will take him from the plains One was nicknamed the tiktok. Ufo officials cannot explain the strange movements in skies continue to baffle. The united states. That train scientific establishment. The new york times has reported based on information from senior administration officials who briefed on the outcome of a much-awaited government assessment of these phenomena report finds that overwhelming majority of more than one hundred twenty sightings in the past. Twenty years did not come from any us military or other government. -nology officials told newspaper. This finding appears to ruled out the possibility that navy pilots were made who made reports about aerial phenomena have potentially come across technology from Initiatives that the government was trying to keep secret ex. Senate majority majority leader harry reid on usa who's Said basically report. so he's he's he's saying that there's to be more to it than often. Oj so eat. Basically saying is is that we've got this stuff you need. Another government is testing it in the navy sees it con on was going on because they don't own any bounce it or it is actually extraterrestrial either way if his back engineered than scott. Come from somewhere. So it's got to be from a downed spacecraft. You wanna call alien. Et whatever extraterrestrial so either way whether those videos that we've all seen you know send around the world either. They will control their by extraterrestrials on. The navy picks up on the cameras or it was another government within the government testing them and that was also back engineered foam originally alien spacecraft that crush at some point in the past. So i don't know. I wasn't expecting flawed village v. I put up on facebook page that we will wait in some sort of confirmation. But i'm pretty disappointed with this to be honest with you. I don't know what else to say about it really. I have been in talks a mix by confu his full. There is Having to put this group of Professional people are a hundred in total the around the world On this one man that controls all. They're all different nationalities we've got. I believe to hear new k. So what is that ex military. So they're retied admirals mejia's pilots that people of distinction We got scientists professors in here. You know there's a whole new genre that will re high-calibre type of people and what they've done is they've got together in this sort of like it'll group little one hundred emmental. But they got togetherness and they've spread out across the woes. of course they communicate via skype and fed. Won't they do basically is they look into a story. We stay find very interesting. Anelle a scale out in the field and trying to figure out what was going on. Basically like i used to do when i was younger. I used to go to people's houses at seeing strange stuff multi-use i'll take the data from that and then they'll go back in. They got laps. They can still use and they got stuff high money they can do this and then basically see well they can get out of it what. I actually spoke shoe. The guy that runs as name. They've sent me stuff the icon show on on the internet. I mean they sent it to me and an icon share so unfortunate. Because i want to see stuff is just amazing. I mean especially as it's been used like flare guns and stuff like very expensive flare guns. They've coal kroft extraterrestrial cross literally falling. You know all aeroplanes. Scali seven thirty seven for example was being funded by somebody Three what anyway so doing all this technology basically how them was they me through facebook and i haven't been following one of them without realizing he said ratio arkansas. You're doing the right thing you on track in up. Because i've been told by. Infrared be talked about night vision. He told her about flag. Guns forward looking infrared that code Off its planes and helicopters and stuff where you can buy a hand held once. Will that us military which is about twenty thousand dollars apiece on the coast Money they can get the technology in get the stone so anyway they sent me that an unknown i spoke to this chap who runs it a wife. I found him through. This guy. is this video. Hoping he'd get back to me and he did so. I asked him if i could skype pin any said show so i scraped him for our in fact nearly two hours over an hour. Nearly two hours on we had a great shot at one point. Three he's gonna have to guy because there was a tornado in the area but luckily it didn't go way. He was living so we could carry on tool came. And he said to me that that tiktok uso was given off some sort of plasma sort of distortion around it and he reckons that was to do with propulsion. But a whole thing was just amazing. I mean they was rail. You know it wasn't fate. His far as he was concerned it wasn't another government back engineered. It thinks this was extraterrestrial bankruptcy. You casino. he's not one hundred s but he thinks it is on. It came from c. Identify where they are. She said but decent is coming out of the into the and at one point to them. and then that was only one. We only see one account was to begin with. I know basically playing with they will playing with these teams. A spoke to the guy that was on the nimitz at the time. Who was on the radar. Skype told the f. eighteen Turn around go back because they were gonna do something clayton different on track these. Ufo's that eventually became one and they were basically toying with them. What they did was the f. Eighteens was think about forty. Five thousand feet The other one was on the deck because what they were trying to do because like i. They were playing with the middle. They've gotten leave the place so was high woman's low and they were trying to sort of chop with it to barely get costa. Look this thing but it kept just shooting away war time. They couldn't catch up with it and when they did catch up with it they only go that little bit Shoot off again. This thing was phenomenal. I mean the speeds sky was just crazy. A one point is just skipping over the water but these things do come from the water. I do believe that one of the pilots that they actually dive into the water. So they see these. Things are real Ninety nine cents sitting there extraterrestrial if not the definitely but continued but now. I think that idea. This was done by another government. Seniors was actually extra treasury on. Show something someone was controlling that it was definitely being intelligently controlled by something whether there was someone inside. It i de percy doesn't that was. i didn't think it was big enough. Even for little. E t to the insight. I think it was a drone controlled by an eighty that was maybe in space or under the sea and it was just toying with the. Sat's so anyway I put up on my facebook page. Facebook annual seat up there now. The next thing i wanted to talk back is missing full one. I know i keep on about sufism on business. But i think this Southern you should hear now. I'm looking at my facebook page right now and it's lost post. I put out june underweight achieve. I put please watch this video as the last one because he talks Two three people The loss one is from uk. 'cause a majority what he talks buys from america but this one this trump is from the uk went missing And then i put this is happening. Throughout throughout the united kingdom oversight people guy missing the united kingdom mysteriously but david politis is said in fact in the last fifteen years or side is more prevalent here in the uk than it has been in the united states. When he said that i was like whoa so i suppose what he means is because the size of our country compared to america. The amount of people that we've got going missing here is getting worse and it doesn't have to be in national parks or forests it can be anywhere When i started when i very first discovered david and i started doing research missing. One just assumed. It was a marine national parks and forests. So if you didn't go into any of those places you know it can happen anywhere in your car on the motorway inquiry literally at your back door. Having a sneaky cigarette it will be literally in your garden you swim. You can be talking to your friends in the kitchen and then you go upstairs to get a book you want to show them. I mean is literally that quick. An annual gone on. I realized at the time that can happen literally anywhere. This loss one Alois as name and when you to watch the video because oversea the parents of this poor child They must have been devastated but Yeah you've got you gotta watch it. is a very very strange story about how he went missing and then he was found. But i'm not going to say any more than that but videos up spraying pulling you watch it. The other ones are interesting is what they have the chops soldier who went missing so but these people i mean the one the u k. He was a young chap but he was brilliant. He i from what i can remember. He was a christian and they all seem be by the way which is old but they. They will seem to be devoted christians or a practice christianity Which is interesting. I think they think. I think that's interesting Under russo berlin at something they got a brilliant mind or that very clever in certain subjects so in other words that doctors nurses dentists that ministry that you know they seem to have a very good Background they along have led his off to the names. They are professional people but they have a purpose and they're very good at what age do is only these types of people again missing. You know. I don't want to stop putting people into categories but you get my point what i'm trying to say. They seem to be very particular about who they take. They didn't just take anybody. Which again is what. I feel when i first started doing my research missing for one. I thought they only got taken from parks. I could be anybody literally anybody. Is anybody old young black white. They didn't discriminate. I'm boy man woman. But when i doubt into a mole from david's done on his research which courses sensor i found that they do have something the very young children being you know like five and six years of age. The parents even say about them that they're amazing for their age. I mean there's a five year old went missing again. You'd have to go back through on data Videos he was five. No sorry i beg your pardon hughes seven when he went missing this when he was fine. His old gino what he wanted for his birthday. He asked his mom and dad. If he can have a pitcher of joseph. Mary over on his seating Overs bad on. They why you won a picture of joseph and mary for your birthday because it makes me feel safe mummy. So they they go to anita average bad Every night he would cry before going to sleep. We're talking a five year old a five year old anyway to later he He go taken on the fan. Did he was seven but he was in. Apparently for seven year old. He was like a fifteen year old. You know in age. He didn't like a seven year old when he was five. He didn't let like five year old. But who age of fine asks for a picture of joseph and mary a thing of fascinating power ranges. Yeah or something. Whatever they they watched today but that was incredible. If it'd been utterly twelve hole fifteen in yeah okay. Maybe devoted christian. I get it. But some five-year-old i dunno. I think does have something to do with it. Like i said ninety nine point. Nine percent of everybody gets taken is divided krisztian. I find this fascinating. Got to have something to do that has to go to be a. It's gotta be a connection is quite frightening as well when you think about it. But what's going on. Why won't christians being taken. Yeah i'd analysis. Hayes keeps me awake at night. It does seriously. I i get to the point. Now i've done some research More i find more disturbing it becomes gets to the point where i think. Wow you know literally anybody get taken at any time. I suppose if you if you. She fit the criteria Brainy person age. Like i said in cutter in doesn't matter if you will very brainy your voted krisztian Will i can say to. You is newcastle. If you ever do go out and you separate from your finally please make sure that you've bought in stuff on you like locator beacon or something like that. If you in america. I a full a small fire on awesome thing. I that we d because nobody's have been taken with those items on them locator beacon cost you probably about two hundred pounds hundred fifty camps that upwards If you take a cell phone they do have some sort of a locator beacon buildings them. Apparently if you take an natural Beacon which is separate from the south side and you take a small firearm site on with you as well. If you just put in rough rucksack was that you should be fine. Okay you should behind on remember the take a map. A hard map until bacteria fame because a lot of times. When you're in these parks the phone. Your cell phone stops working identity. New this if foreign david Your phone doesn't always work we. She's why he takes his son. Phone soften seemed. Were the cellphones done. I'm by the way you can buy sell phones with. Sos button on. It located the tin. So that good time. And he's got one as he showed videos. So maybe you might want to take down as well. We'll get one at some point but just wanna say to be safe than sorry 'cause oversee pokes revving up now people are starting to go out. Please please please be careful. And take these things are going to take new boots to get to wear them a couple of weeks before you go because you wanna weathermen otherwise you could be in a lot of paying money. Go out hiking and on that note. I think i'm gonna leave it. I've gone on a bit longer than usual. But i wanted to put this across his. It's getting worse a lot. More people now guy missing the naveh the soul on impulse forest can be anywhere so be on your god and stay in a group in or if you're with a friend you gulf some west of the day and you wanna give picnic or something. That's falling us. Great if you in the uk contact a firearm over six or legal appeals. Take some sort of transformed the way the or something like that you know locator beacon of some kind because that find that legal and stay together do not separate a dunk up along gonna go this way you go that way on me up the other end none do not do that. Stay together okay. Enjoyed today have a great time. Please stay together. Do not separate. That is so so important. Stay together okay. Even if one full sail you still stay without person and you find the help. Do not leave him alone for one. Moment is so important on that is in. Leave it so right you speech next month. And this is richard lenny for the way he went full signing out.

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