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04-08-19 NASCAR America


The two best drivers here in Bristol Motor Speedway. Battling the victory. Kyle Busch leads brother Kurt by a single Carling. Kyle Busch is going to come down to the checkered flag. When you give him a lead late you'd given. The junkyard dog phone. It's going to be pretty tough to take it away overstep the cars limits and turn one three to go. Otherwise, I was going to recommend three and four come take the chequered. Reckon can't tell people that you're gonna recommend for you do it because we rose reverse that person's gonna wreck. Walk into NASCAR America, Steve untarred here in Charlotte lawn side. Jeff Burton, no Dale Jarrett. Today, we got Dale junior. I mean, you get credit for record a guy, even if you didn't do it. How does that work? Exactly. I don't think you won't that credit. I think I'll said it will you wanna tell somebody you were going to recommend the not recommend. 'cause then they're thinking, well, then I can wreck because he gave me permission because he was gonna wreck me. I don't know. That's pretty complicated. Either way fifty fourth win for Kabua's third this season. I was shocked tenth on the all time win list. I mean, he just keeps checking them off and this rates here. You know, he had to work for it. He wasn't the dominant car. He spends out at the first start of the race and has to work all day long to sort of get imposition to win. The Pissy cars were the fastest cars of the entire race. And so I was I was most impressed by this win. I think because of how greedy it was and how you know got damage on the car and all that. So I don't know where the help to hurt and tail panel showed up and earn like that. But. He had to work hard to get this one this one handed to him. Yeah. No. It was a grind for everyone. Like every time. I turned around. Somebody was either speeding on pit road. Had a pit road penalty backwards on the racetrack wheels lose. Yeah. I mean, it was the chaos of Bristol that I think we were all expecting what impressed me the most that you said is not only recovered, but I'm impressed with what Adam Stevens is doing the top of the pillbox because we're gonna talk later in the show about the decision to stay out. And I think the quote there set at the best if you give Bush track position he normally seals the deal. And I think this one was special because you go back a week ago. Remember, he made the mistake the bobble at Texas that turned into hitting the wall at Texas. He felt he gave one away going for the sweep all three races. But is it shocked anyone that it was the Bush brothers? I mean these two drivers racetrack. And I think they've proven time and time again they know how to run in Bristol on Monday before the race. I had Kurt in Milan up and fantasy. But after qualifying and how disappointed he was and didn't seem like he's real pleased with his race car took him out of my lava, but. Ride along in there in the race here. He comes piecing it together. Just like he's been doing all season long. I mean, this guy makes every car he gets into better every team. He works for gets better. It's really amazing. I know that he is not accomplishing the same things that his brother is accomplishing right now. But he has to be extremely proud with with the the. You know, the the sort of reputation. He's developing for being the driver that can really go to every team he goes to and make them better. There's not many drivers in the sport in the history of the sport do that the nicotine better automatically, and he has transformed his driving style. Like last year. He became steady consistent don't make mistakes. I mean, that's who we're talking about is. But last year he did that. And he's carried that over. And listen, everybody said that collar Sohn is this spectacular driver. He's so much better than his equipment is well, I think Chris out running pretty much all you know. So you know, what I mean weird kind of way early in the year Kurtz, putting pressure on Colin that team. They're going to have to step up the pressure that Kurtz. No, it's not gonna make it easier. You we all know team when you're getting out run outperformed it makes it way more difficult to take that step because it's pressure. You don't want to be getting out run by your. Teammate. Well, I think he's talking about equipment. That's what I think. When I look at Bristol. It's one of the tracks. Where the driver makes the biggest difference. And I think that's what makes what these two others are doing such impressive feat. Right. They both have so many wins. There. You mentioned Kyle's grit. But you know, all years while he drives the best car. It's give stuff so fast and Penske so fast. But here I don't know if he had the best car argued, but I think the four is the best car one of the Penske cars. But in the end Kyle found a way to do it. I think that's what you're looking for anything behind the wheel. You wanna drive and they can find a way to win as a crew chief that call to put him up front, and he goes executes, and that's Adam season at Adam Stevens putting in position with a car that wasn't the best car. He had gotten past. You know, those guys got bind. And he went and said, okay, I got tracked position and just went made it happen. And that's that's what you wanna driver as a crew chief doesn't care like, I'm a tar owning. He's gonna roll we'll make it happen. That's the kind of look how Bush makes crew chief and a little easier. Put him in the lead track. Like that. They've watched all weekend long wasn't a lot of fall off on the tires and. Late in the race. I mean, we've seen it over and over at Bristol guys win on older tires way. Back to Elliott Sadler's. First win. He had fifty world. From the guys that we're behind him. But it's so hard to pass their so hard to get by the leaders. Specially when that clean air that you, you know. Books. I mean guys you give that guy hop two and a win. He's gonna take it. Well, we keep talking about the final caution decision pit the Penske cars were controlling the race. The twenty two didn't find a way to get back up traffic. But for Brad k it was way more chaotic than that. He came down pit road in the head a hard time finding his position on the lineup. One inside by forty one or teen to the outside. Back to get the sixty pose it up. They're trying to say the six os by the forty one. Him. Wanna go trying to get the thick behind the forty one. And went to him playing fix to the inside behind the forty one. I can't find my Fisher up here. Bye. You or teen outside by the toys run back into? Failure to direction. Do they wanna post us for Paul direction best? Not right. Still up into the green here cars off. They're gonna give you the black flag with a white girl. Kohout? Racial comes and tells me afterward green that I got a pass. I don't know. He says. He says they said, so I don't know that up because there's a message down here for us. Nascar trailer. They're gonna get your on the should take rule book care half the pages and go race rules to me lucky dogs wave around. There's so much stuff. Going on drivers know what's going on in NASCAR. Don't know. What's going on too many rules? I can't really be too mad at them because we had at least two or three opportunity get right on our end. We didn't get right on our end. I wanted to ask our horror, and they told me what was going on. And it actually made perfect sense. Because I didn't have that information. Now, they have that information. I get it. I still think there's way too many rules. That sounds story for another day. Just for the record. I've been to NASCAR trailer before and my trips ended up kind of the same way. Once I got all the information. But let let's talk about that. Because he mentioned the few things in their first line of can be complicated wave around lucky dogs. But in this situation, I didn't see any that very simply the six in the fourteen didn't pit will one thing that happens at Bristol. Because the cars on the racetrack run so slow at Brad, Pitt it and then rejoined the racetrack in front of those guys. Well, he can't do that. You have to let those guys go and Coleman Pressley. I know it's difficult to be a spotter. But he seemed to be confused at one point. He said that's not right. We'll we'll he was wrong. I think Brad said at best right? This race team is going to have to figure out how they communicate that because welcomed the Bristol him chaos all the time. So listen when you interview driver directly after something happens, you go to get emotions you're going to get mad all those kind of things. The truth matter is the two car. Got it wrong. We heard NASCAR for lap and a half telling them, you know, get in this position. They the six the fourteen did not it. Br. Had ended up blending in front of them coming off pit road. So he doesn't know Novak Coleman Pressley didn't know. And so then you get mad as a driver you like, I know we're right, right? And then it gets explained to you. But you know, listen these things happen. I didn't. I know Brad said that he was concerned that it might have messed up his teammate joy Lagaan. Oh, I didn't see it messed up his team major while the Gano it may messed up that inside line, but he didn't miss his teammate of. But these are confused in things that happen and how he blended or one of those guys I don't I don't know that. But you know, now that it's explained it all makes sense Brad made a change with spotter in the in the most recent months had joy Myers for years. Coleman's a great spotter figure out how they need to communicate better. So this doesn't happen. Again, listening to that. You know, Brad is not getting that audio from NASCAR. So he's not hearing that right? Right, right. He's only hearing what Coleman saying and judging by that. I don't think Brad's giving proper. -struction to be able to fix the situation. So he's just trying to sit there and wait for more information and didn't get that information to get in the right position position. So I think you know, calm and can go back and look at what he can do a little differently. Try to communicate a little bit quicker, and and get that information to Brad or to the to the crew chief so they can make that change in Bristol. These these laps go by so fast. Well, that's what somebody said why doesn't ask for just run more laughs. How about all the guys that decided to put tires on? Because they thought there's going to be sixty go right around read one extra land wanted for lab. We're not running into like they shouldn't a run to like that's not fair to the fans. No, it's not fair to the guys at pitted is not fair to anybody. And you have to say, hey, we're go green here. Yeah. Even on a caution though that that that happened. So quickly a lot of time. I mean, you know, we've done it before where he was like I'm the middle of the back stretch. We weren't passed pit road. I'm on the radio talk about what we need to do to the car on top and drop by the hit entry because the radio can't tell me to pit something. It's a tough little track where things like that can have. Well, that's Bristol. That's why winning. They're so impressive. That's why making the right strategy calls so impressive. I mean that is under valley that is what it is all about. But coming up on the show today. We have all kinds of great stuff. We're going to show you why Ryan looking for Ryan Blaney after the race. And what was said? Guys, Kevin harvick's team. He had he struggled from the word. Go inspection issues. Put him behind the eight ball before the race. Even got knowing. And today on point we'll show you why some Cup coochie perhaps should've watched the end of the race to see how valuable. Into the wall. And the yellow flag is back out came out. That's the last thing. You wanna see when you're the leader fifteen ago at Bristol felt like it was the right call. It wasn't hard. Call for me, you know, that feels going to split, obviously, everybody would have came look like an idiot far back and could not recover in time. We didn't have the best car smiling year to year. I thought it was ours. Probably gave them about a place car it as we had a good weekend. My plan was to let him go and get to the high side quicker than him real just didn't time out right in eighteen was best on the execution. Disappointing. You know, get that closer field. Like, you gotta win hands Bristol. I'm not sure if we had speed to run the top five or non but step in the right direction once again saw voice ago, but whatever. The call. Messes up there. Mistake that we have today penalties role. We have made a good charger at the end to give we really running. Today. We know the rule. Ward on the guy when the car is Daniel Suarez with problems kitted out of the box move, repeating have it and he teaching out of the buck. All right. So I mean, we took off good. Your spotter take the mirror out. Now contact between Ryan Newman. Look at the right side to please. Right. Ryan Newman just saying to you just there. I messed up I benched him on the two. I wasn't clear, but I was trying to make it clear for fine. He got me back on the restart. So. So, you know, Ryan. Good. Filled out there. Wall tire. There are free. The goal bristle battle rarely touched their tight race stopping me pretty bad before not leave me much room. It's hard to pass yet. They Gertie the past. But you can't I kinda got loose and wiggled a little bit. Just barely touch. Novella guess for for my locker and go down. The battle is a lot of contact NASCAR racing baby. Winners and losers of the weekend. I'm not sure if clipboards on the winning or the losing end of that. I mean, can you be both? He will. I think a lot we're on both ends of it throughout the day. I mean that was early early in the race that llegado in Boyer had their contact. But when I go back, and look, you know, boy was running what fifteen when that final caution ended up inside the top ten. So I think it ended up being good for him. The last yellow, but this was a heck of a day to start the race. That was thirty two that happened late in a race and Clinton had the clearly the best car on the bottom of the racetrack. So fast digging on the bottom he needed a long run though. He wasn't as good as he need to be on short runs. Every time. He was in the front. He would give the lead up. He just could not fire off the way he needed to fire off, but really good David Clinton Nate. Clint that's his deal. Like he's going to run the bottom. He's gonna paint the white line and make that work. And he does it better than almost anybody right now, especially since they've put the sticky compound down. He's really. I heard a different faction compound. Traction gone on this new like that. All right. I definitely got a lot of catching up to do in our fantasy tournament and pick. Newman Benedito swore as an and Austin Dillon, and Brad K K was my guarantee. But I had some dark horses in there and Newman man, he's really he's really turned six program around. He had an amazing day all day long, even without all that contact and the problems he had with the nine and the twelve he's still battled and in the top ten in the top five many points of the race. And it's a I don't know. I mean, he's inspired or something. He's really because that team was not very good last year. Even when Matt kids with their to try to help improve things it didn't really seem to improve the poor performance that car, but man is Randy really taken that thing to the next level. And be interesting to see what they can do go forward. Yeah. And it's I think it was interesting to see the two. I mean Ryan comes over and has a conversation with them after the race and has every right to but they were fine with it. Right. It was either as far enough before the finish that they still weren't mad. They had achieved. What did he say? Well, they got me back on the back on going get you back. I mean, any she'll it right? That's okay. But but everybody was okay because nothing terrible hat right right about that was in the race for the six car and the non I mean chase Elliott had flat tire there. But luckily, right at the same time, the fourteen gets a flat tire yellow comes out kind of gives everybody a chance to regroup repair some damage, but that could have been bad for everybody. So you talk about Boyer having that issued late in the race. Right. Running over the twenty two, but one thing about Clinton board, even though he has a great car. It seems like the one thing that has been a little bit of a struggle for him at Bristol's been the restarts. There's been a couple times I think back last fall he was lying next to his teammate Kurt Busch. And it didn't go his way that nine. This is back in two thousand eighteen. Restarts hard right to time. Right. But he gets beat by teammate. And then yesterday that you mentioned that you thought that the fourteen had some issue yesterday on restarts as well. Yeah. Well, yeah. To attract position in little things matter. Right. If you don't do everything, right? It kind of set you up to be in. You know, get yourself in trouble. So you see right here. This was last year to see how bad he was struggling launch. And on the bottom that just makes your job so much harder to go back and make those spots up to go back and watch the replay prior to that incident. He had the track position, but he just didn't get launched. Well, he's having trouble launching on the bottom and two three cars get by him. And now he's got to get back in front of him. Is you probably should have been in front of the Gano. Not having a race him. You know in that ultimately at Bristol. When racing side by side stuff can happen. So you know, when you're watching a race, right? And you see a guy not get a great restart. You think? Well, let's no big deal. But it is. Racetrack where it's hard to pass. You know, it's very difficult to get track position bad, especially when you're raising a really good cars and just not being able to launch as well as he needs to win into last year as well. I don't know how you fix that. On a driver thing. It's a setup thing. I don't know. But but they've got to find a way to fix that. Because you cannot give up track position late in these rices. You're talking about winners and other win came to mind you mentioned fantasy I'm confident that no one had this guy winning the first stage, but how about tie villain? I mean, that's one thing. We talk about stages points. And we talk a lot about different things. But it's also it's a small victory right for team like tied Dylan. He's never won a stage before to get a little track -sition and then battle right? He didn't just drive out the front of the field. He had to raise sport emit almost a photo finish. I mean, I know that it's just the stage when I'm going to hang our hat on it. But it has to be something right Saturday short tracks. Maybe it's a heat win anything that kind of learn what it's like to win. I was happy to see when that stage. Yeah. That team also is improved performance this year. I think they had a terrible season. Last year. Nothing really very exciting going all that team. Actually kinda taken a step back and performance over the last two or three years this year. A completely different story a daylight bad. I mean, not only did it give him the stage win. But it sort of kept him in the lead lap as they go into stage two, and he said a top fifteen from that at that moment. And if you can be in the top fifteen hundred hundred fifty lats into Bristol race while there's only about twenty cores twenty five cars on the lead lap. You're in great position to get a top handy. Work your way into a great finish. So I started paying attention to him from that moment. All and really been surprised that team's performance this year confidence matters. Yeah. When you go and you go beat the race leader for the stage win, and you beat clip boy who's been really fast, and you do that. That's for you personally. And for the guys on the pit box. And the guys hit road has out there digging. He went made something happen. I think that's really important for a team that has not had a lot of success in trying to build off some some better performances. Guys got to have confidence in you got to have confidence in yourself in a stage win for the team like that. And the situation in it. I think that stage win is huge for more reasons disappoint you talked confidence. So we know Kyle Busch won the race. And we're going to get into that in the next segment about how he ended up doing it with the yellow, but Joe llegado had a move that perhaps was the move to win the race. I mean, he ran the leader. This was an impressive racing. You said perhaps one of the best passes. You had seen at Bristol. Just the way set him up more crew. Awesome watch right here, you see Brad was trying to hold the bottom. Any didn't enjoy? Didn't. Wait, Joey didn't say, well, he's my teammate. I can't drive it in their watch. This to gets off the bottom joy throttles up. He drives it into a very narrow hole. You get two sides. The apron you gonna wreck you'll right both of you. Well, he didn't hesitate and this to me that's a sign at yet these my teammate. But you know, what there's a whole there. I'm I'm throttle up. And I'm going in it. And that's what we want to see like, you know, we got this conversation a couple of years ago of Pinski and martinsville and how they were, you know, maybe not. Working together. You know, what I understand you gotta work together. Monday to Saturday. Come sunday. You gotta be selfish. You gotta go. And if you can get a win, you go you got to go do it. And that was a really good aggressive move. Joey Joey knows that there's gonna be contact there that can flat tires the two car and his car and cost them both a really good day. But you wanna see a fan broadcast or anybody in the sport. You wanna see a driver might take that risk, and certainly almost paid off Joey, well, I've got to be easier to take the risk knowing that both cars have one right? Both cars of one. They're in the playoffs. I'm Terry was thinking about that. But in the end, if it goes bad, at least that softens a little it's not a move. You may go lap hundred. That last yell. It doesn't come out. That's the that's the pass for the win rig. So, you know, if you Roger Penske like if you see that one hundred you're like, wait a minute. What are we doing? Right. You know with with thirty to go. I mean, you have to make that move. You can't second guess yourself. You just gotta roll roll that throttle and Meghan happened. Well, the yellow did come out and coming up. We're gonna talk about how the Sunday's turning point. And how Adam Stevens decision gave his driver more fuel against this haters. While I was coming to the checkered flag is like a river. And I didn't say the word Nader's because I wanted to make it to where I didn't have to say the word. But apparently I had to say the word because nobody understood what the hell it meant. For his. Wasn't easy thirty first after three tell us about how you came back. I guess I might as well just starting to back not worry about wherever we qualify. Whether it's up front or in the back. So. We had the same thing happened to us your last fall away knock detail panel off everything else, and we're really fast and today kind of the same thing. I guess I thought we were thought we were going to be faster than what we were. Just never that. The speed there's never showed up. So obviously there at the end we got up towards the front. We got the lead and we were leading. And then I was just to lose to kind of hold onto it and those guys got bias and then ransom labs here. Started running back down a little bit in the longer run just inch by inch. But then that caution came out and set us up for that final pitstop. Which think about him call obviously that was pretty much the key of the wind. Right. It was you know, I felt like we've seen this game kind of play out here few times. Either way I've seen guys stay out and lose I've seen guys stay out and win. So I just felt like a better opportunity for us was just be out front. Stay up there knowing that the tires off a little bit long run. Hopefully behind nejra brother running you down there toward the end of us that he would affect you gotten to you. What was that battle like with Kurt? You can't tell people that. Because then they're going to do the same thing back to you other or not you did it or not, you know. So he's an idiot. But I just I don't know. I don't know what happened. I certainly would have wished he wasn't. He won't wreck me. But. You know, they're racing for a win. We've already gotten a couple of wins. So anything can happen with with guys that are in desperation like that. But it's a little early in the season to to go that way. So far this season. Kyle it's been Gibson Penske. And you had quite the battle with Joey Logano umbrellas Laos for the lead there. Yeah. We certainly did the Penske cars are fast fast again here this weekend. And I don't know what it is man. They're with they have short run speed. They got that first, and they're able to put it out there and put it in the wind for a long time and stuff doesn't fall off right away. It's not a short short run car amid run car that then you know, we kind of start to flip flop. But by the time, you get there and with this package and things like that. It makes it for a little bit tougher the past. How did you think that the track race today? I know you had some concerns about aero dynamics and the role they played coming into. It seemed like a lot of guys had problems as tough as you expected. It was it was tough. It was challenging certainly aero came into play a few times there. I had times where I was following behind guys. I got loose. I got in the wall trying to chase a couple guys down. And even when I was trying to stay in front of the ball. You know, so. Day with with pushing hard and get into that limit and over pushing that limit and the tires kind of slipping on the racetrack. It was a little slicker out there than I expected it to be but lap we're probably also faster than it. Typically is years. Well, so that could go either way, but the bottom were out about the last one hundred fifty laps the bottom wasn't there much anymore. So you could still of maintain time down there. But you couldn't make up anytime down. There you feel like right now, you guys are the championship favourite. I mean, it's a relief but can happen. I guess no. I don't I don't think we're the championship favourite. I think any of the two Pinski guys right now are are the championship favorites? They certainly have the speed, and they showed us what what short run speed looked like last year at homestead. So that's kind of what I see right now. We've got some work to do. Well, he might not have had the necessary winning speed today. But he got the wind. Kyle Busch in victory lane. Third time this year. We appreciate me ride headed up the Briscoe. And getting that interview with Kyle Busch and guys standings. I mean, you see three wins for Bush teammate. Denny hamlin. With two was BRAC, those playoff points starting to stack up already by. There is no guarantees. We saw last year. How valuable they can be in the playoffs. If you have issues in any of the rounds vantage down this early the nineteen next. I will keep packing. Keep stacking those up, and it does indeed matter. Yeah, I feel like honest interview from cow in victory lane talking about the Pissy cars. You know, he he knows that when they go to homestead that short run speed is going to be imported he knows that something that you have to work on all year long. And he he also knows he was not the dominant car. Bristol and Pissy cars better race cars. So I feel like I have to agree with him on that. I think the fiscal cars are the favorites right now. They were the favorites and they were fast. But I bring those the turning point the turning point of the race was the yellow with about thirty laps to go. The caution came on the racetrack the decision to pit or not to pit. Then ended up deciding who. The winner the yellow came out because forty two collar been to the wall. And that brought the caution out Jeff I love this. Because it's it's an easy to sit. Should you? Shouldn't you until you hear what everybody else does? Right. The toughest position in my mind is the leader. They had the least amount of information at this time. It was the two cars running at leader with vast. On like, you have to do something different feet on C right here. Leave cars at bristle the final sixteen dollars in the lead latte. And that makes that decision even that much more difficult. Yeah. And they had about thirty laps on their tires. Some had a little bit more maybe forty labs on their tires. So the toughest positions the lead. But what I want the fan to understand is every position behind that. You get more and more information. So no matter what Joey Logano does that's going to influence Brad Kozlowski that's going to influence. Kyle busch. I believe I know Adam Stevens made it sound like well, the decision was easy. I was gonna stay out. I wonder if the Penske cars stay out if he doesn't pit almost flip it, right? You do opposite. Whatever about is gonna do if I'm I'm just wanting to feel now restart if I'm going to be a leader great. If I have to be second on the inside or even third I don't want to restart their because I can't win the race in there. I'm staying out to win the race. I can't win the race from the inside or third place. I'd need to be fourth. If not leading the race. And I think that if you're sitting behind the Penske cars, that's what you thinking. About right. So I mean, if I'm the chief of the twenty two though, I gotta look at Kabushenga. I can't give this guy. So that all the my half. Right. So I believe the crew chief of the twenty two made a mistake not only because you can't give -ccomplish the chance. Let's go back sadder you and I are up there. We watch it expanding rates, and I was shocked to see this work when the nineteen of brand new jobs, right here, the leaders poem under the last at this point the twenty seven car hit mechanical issue that gave a twenty probably the best of the restaurant. The nineteenth stays out once sitting here watching the nineteenth. Gotta get smoked on this restart, man. Was I wrong. He held it up the leave brighter ten laps. No problem on all times. He drove away from those guys I four or five lats and that right there to me said. Okay. Late in the race tomorrow. You're going to see guys stay out. Yeah. So we've talked going the coochie of the twenty two. I don't come to pit road. I know it's easy on Monday. But I would rather lose. We already heard they had short run speed. I would give it to the Penske cars too. To to go ahead and sprint the two takes tires. He had all his issues which already covered about where to line up the twenty two to four tires and in the end didn't really make much headway at all. I think the tires and sales. Okay, Kabul, was sitting there with Scott has the comfort of those tires be able to fire all stay on the restart mess back here where the twenty two is his Laskey lineup in the wrong position. But the twenty two stickers and those made not far off quite as well in traffic. And so for it's gonna take eight or ten lasts for those things that start to really get the grit that they need for him to be able to go up there and take leave. You seem you know, we're in the position here. We're in the shots is a lot about what I think Gordon was thinking that he was going to restart in. Maybe the first two rows at worst third row because we've seen I get so frustrated with teams, right? How many times booth hitting you like why does no one stay out? What is the deal and finally though Bravo Bravo to curb Bush's team for staying out quite Boyer? Palmer Arba's up there. Br. Rob to these crew. Chiefs to say, you know, what this has been a battle four hundred eighty laugh. I'm just gonna give driver little bit ahead. Start start to the front. So there was a lot of great decisions to stay on the racetrack. Unfortunately for those great decisions. That's what hurts Joola Ghana's choice. It's easy to say. Now is the wrong one. If everyone pits, but the eighteen we're sitting here to saying oh, Joe with a gun. I was a genius move. Come to pair same decision. Right. It's it's so just dependent on what other guys do. And that's what used to make my job. So difficult is what we need. But then what is everybody else when I used to do as you are an offense of driver. You would never love to be on defense. We were never very successful on defense. I go back to the last race. We won at martinsville. We come got tires scared to death that it was the wrong call, but I thought to myself if we're going to do it. We're gonna tear the front bumper off not the rear bumper. We're going to be going forward and we've moved at Tony Stewart a win in tires matter that day. So I see where the twenty two was thinking. But just bristles a lot different the morning, Gordon, kind of set the same thing he said after. Race actually today. He said he thinks Joe is a very aggressive driving. Put new tires only. Go. He didn't think he was stories far back and one thing he mentioned is that he watched any Hamlin early rice. You know when he didn't put on tires and kind of went to the back it didn't work. So he had watched that rather than you. And our we were talking about what? That same race. Right. So listen, you know, what the guy on your own do? I do this. You had you had the six and a fourteen that had pitted the caution before. So they weren't going to pit right, right? They weren't going to pit. So you knew you're the best case scenario you were going to start probably in the third row. Can you went from the third row with new tires? It gets hard to do with only a few laps left at Bristol one thing. We know is the worst place to be is. Unfortunately, the leader does that is the hardest decision there is. But the last thing you want to do is raise against to Bush brothers at pistol Nautilus they go to the racetrack. But I had to laugh. I mean this right here. This is pretty consistent picking on. Listen. I think it's any winner at Bristol. But it's been these two here recently, they got that good Bristol hair. And I'm gonna tell you it wasn't just a battle for the competitors. It was a battle and fantasy. We're gonna show you who perform well. Unfortunately, my name is not on this list because I had about one hundred and thirty points to give today beaver. That's a huge. Total two hundred twenty seven everybody did get except Rick. He just got lucky because you've gotta brag said if he did good there and cow petty reminded me that his his way picking more creative than ours. How about digital hall of Famer he's takes the lead. Kelly was DJ takes the lead. I'm catching Rick really all I'm going. I'm going to using other guys up. That's gonna be in trouble in the second half of the year. That's that's what I'm going with. I like that strategy like magic. Get back with me. And if you all right well there. Yeah. There's a turning point in how we think through laying we got a lot more NASCAR America after the break. Do you know like a rough number of how many drivers you've had a physical altercation with? I don't have enough fingers. We had Jeff Gordon show. He said felt like that who insists that you had a problem with that a big problem with a really, yeah. Man. Joe really me. Dale, this whole sport just revolves around those fans, just like this show mascot does. Nothing to dirtiest one out there joke. Joy, look, I I think that needs to be taken into account again. Records. I into a stance. Hello. You are in the motorsports. Our when we talk all things racing. I remember thinking that. I might. On. This are the most technologically advanced right now. Youngest ever winner in Indy. Car history. Coldhearted joins us couch. Lock down to watch racing all weekend. Yeah. Busy week every week here on NASCAR America. We got all the great shows tomorrow night though, Dale, jR, download with our seat Richard show. This joins you Richard guest. Tomorrow night podcast is out tonight late, but the show is at five tomorrow eastern right here on NBC. And Richard was a great interview. He had been on Kelly's podcast twice and Kelly said man, he's a great storyteller should be ready. And he was I would just mention a few little things and he'd go. I got a great story and he'd take off. He solved a long a long legend or a rumor that known heard about him in dad and Willie Nelson when they first met back in eighty five eighty four million Nelson was part of a campaign with Wrangler. And so they put them together to do a little work and Brumer is true so excited people hear about that digital. Did you give your ours? Impression because it's pretty high. Have an RC impression did not do. I wanted to do it for our see. But I've forgotten his stories were so good. I was like man we got because we've only got like a, you know, we all wanna make a three hour podcast. We could have we could have maybe if it's so good. We'll have to have to gotta have Richard back. So we get more stories when he comes back to is one of our sports coolest guy. He guy, man. He is so much fun to seen so much. The great thing about a podcast is always learn something that I didn't know. I mean, we get people coming on there to talk about it and talk about what you know, their careers. And I know most of these people pretty well. But we always learn so many things that we didn't even know, you know, what's interesting about your podcast is that people open up like, they know cavers. Just go. Maybe you should be a psychologist. Maybe I should put a couch you'd be. Yeah. We used to have couch. I think that when people come in. There is not live in it's in a in a pretty comfortable environment. And I liked it. We got that reputation because I want people to be honest and give us a story that we have heard for doing that far. Well, it's a busy week on NASCAR. Merica Thursday's the motor sports. Our show the covers everything in the world racing this guy right here. He was the guy down Alabama Taku Sato. Just I mean in the IndyCar race. It was a dominant win for extended highlights and views with silo eight his team. David Levin men would that great Bayard checkout ABC motorsports YouTube channel, they have it all and then this week the Long Beach grand prix Indy. Five hundred may IndyCar it's going to NBC 'Send always a blast. Guys. Kevin Harvick he had trouble for the raise. Even started in Bristol fairly inspection free time, you see right there. Rod each other's with I guess, president director competition. Greg zip Adelie looking at the inspection sheet. Because of that he hadn't pass really got lucky that yellow saved him. He was gonna Louis multiple laughs you and I were having a text conversation before the race. Even started Burton was like a pass to Bristol pass Boba bristle that's gonna be multiple labs. I'll pass through passer everywhere. It is I'm okay with the penalty. But I mean did a nice job of cover them. Hit a loose wheel. It was it was crazy. Yeah. I wanted one hundred I shouldn't be you know, you fail. The section three times should be some sort of standard. Okay. Your lab down because the penalty Pocono is way different than at Bristol. Like. And I I don't know. It's it's as looking at it. But just I thought that might be a bad idea of good ideas. You've seen door you with me. So now living fins, you can't tell your kids. Have more pages to the rule book? If we had all that going on tell Brad don't we don't need more rules. I thought that if worst case scenario he's going to go down to labs you can make that up especially a driver like Kevin Harvick with a team. Like he has they can do that. They didn't make those labs up. They had even more troubles penalty. Didn't it was the loose wheel? After the penalty that really did them in the next time limits the number of mistakes you can make right if you had. Limits number of which is the ideal the penalty now deterrent. You know, the four-car was upset because they said every time they went through something different failed. And you know, so they were upset, but you know, that ideal the penalty is for it to be difficult. Well, as you said, it's a deterrence where people going to end the struggle. I have is. So I no longer crew chief car in the garage. So I don't have firsthand information on how the inspection process works. But from Auburn when I talked to and I was in Bristol talking to a lot of cheese, they seem to be pretty happy with the process year. They said they've made some adjustments to the way the light scans the body. They made some adjustments on how it measures the wheels. So, you know, wasn't a rash of cars. It was just one car which gives me more confidence than penalty need to be last three years. That's all we've talked about is is inspection process. In cars, not getting out on the race track. Cars not qualifying. We're not we're not having that conversation this year. So I think the process is definitely getting refine creatures start understanding this is just a bump in the road for the fully metal. This is going to be an issue going forward. But it was a big deal though. Because Kevin Harvick last week said I haven't had a winning car all year. And then I was there for happy hour winning car. Bristle happy are how is it going to be on the race? I think he was probably the fastest car in the race. But in the end, you have to you have to give yourself a chance, but. Another guy that continues to hurt himself. This maybe was a teen thing on the four of Kevin Harvick I can't blame the team for the next one. Denny hamlin. Again gets a ticket to fast school zone. I mean, he's continuing to gets being penalties. I know one year he said it was something. But this is now a new year same story. Yeah. Just getting going down pit road going too fast. I guess didn't handle is just going to be a God. It's gonna be aggressive on pit road. And it's gonna put himself in that position time and time again, you know, what's difficult about this. When those play fantasy, right? So you coming in they play strategy to get to took two tires and you get penalized. So if you know you're going to do to tires you can't get the last feeding leaving that's been speeding coming in. But still it's this is a problem that's been ongoing. And you know, you listen you have to push it like a role is forty five. You can't go forty two. You gotta go forty four point nine. And that's what he's trying to do trying to get right up against it. You know, the comes a point where you just. Enough enough. And he's probably reached that point at the team. Then we saw a couple on that graphic uncontrolled tires as well. So it's not just been speeding. But it loose wheels. The other guy. We didn't talk about a lot before the show. But another guy that I think it was unfortunate. 'cause you didn't get a chance Ricky Stenhouse junior. That's a track much like the speedway where his name continues to come up. He's had some solid runs there. Maybe practice didn't go. So well, but you know, a lot changes with the tracks the sticky stuff and all that. And he never even really had a chance to get out of the box and get going to see what he had feels like that of the chances that he has to win during the season. Bristol is definitely one of those tracks and I had him in my fantasy lineup earlier into leak. I did. But I thought I just thought man I gotta pick one or the other rash car that's going to run well today, and I felt better about Newman thought what the track position that Newman had versus Ricky star that race is going to be difficult. And it was I mean, it doesn't take much for little checkup like that. And they don't build the front of these cars like they used to. I mean when you run on the back of somebody in knocks the whole front end of it. There's not much bar up there, and it's actually pretty low, and it goes right up underneath the car front of you. And destroys that car and you saw it. I mean, the air gets into that grill and goes rips the hood up and takes them out of the race. Eric amaral? Oh, boy three. That's so frustrating. Get taken out that three. You learn anything rawal Williams lost scar underneath a and your day is over. I mean latte three of a five hundred lap race. That is extremely frustrating. That's what happens. But after the break find out why a wrestling superstar and chase Elliott make our chat. Law. Change skill Cameron gray debuted back victory lane. Third. Win of the season started off rocky there. Luckily, little cosmetic damage on the able to come down. Get a brace on it in the back out. There didn't really of the speed of the car. Grinded out there. We're gonna make track part four in the NBA assault road. Obviously, great tracking scraped beer and bitterly. And again, that's Bush doing donuts pretty good at it. Because he's had a lot of practice. Well, the rain Kyle Busch is going everyone in the pit crew was going to have a chance to give the pit crew lineup at the end of. But at the end of the show, which means it's time for shout outs, so stage. I I much Elliot Sadler. When he made the difficult decision to retire from full time driving. He was hoping he'd had days like this coach little league for his son's baseball teams graduates. Guys, Elliott, Brad and fund. He's going to be back in the car Richmond. Tough damn eleven kids nine have to play with he kids. I think is. So I think it's son got a key hit like they were down by two or something son. Gotta hit they put him in position to get tied backup. So good coach and good bad. And that's all the credit two hundred. Elliot will like that. I'll go the credit the hurting both of them better driver. They on that far. But maybe a better baseball player. Didn't I gotta go? Go bird. He decided to chase Elliott was not going to walk across to be introduced he was going to pick him up. So this would six four what do you think thanking Gobert get more? To fifty three hundred cases what he's kind of all six feet, one forty something. Like that. Motives shoulders. With the big smile. Right. Has to be a little awkward got throws you up there. Like a rag doll a good show for the fence. A little awkward you expect to. I don't think they talk about that. That was pretty playing a big it was as well. So my shout out though, it goes through drive that has had a rough start to the season the shadows. Because he still has a way to find some humor on a social media. Kyle. This right here to me every Sunday the basketball hits the head. I mean, Texas flat tire a lot of trouble at Bristol. We talked about it. Earlier chicken rationing, finding some successful Moshe. We all know can drive just get the pieces kind of put together for exactly what he needs. It's the motivation like Kurt. He's not had a teammate to go out there and out running here the last several years, and maybe this type of motivation is just what he needs to get him to the next level. You know, two guys we talked about Kris Bush met, depend detto. They both had really good. Boy. Shut outs to. They ran really really. Well, really? Well, I feel so bad for Bush or he had that problem late. He was fun. He was going to get a top. Maybe a tough. Yeah. I mean, this is a couple times. Now, he showed up of Bristol eastern for that rights. I had him in the lineup. He had a great day. Well, listen, we would keep talking all our show is come to the end. And that's because there's racing up next. We got a little modified. Two hours of racing.

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