More Firms Use AI to Automate Corporate Networks


the university of alabama school of law online choose between a l l m n tax or business transactions per lawyers or jurors mastering taxation for non lawyers connecting learn we live lectures details at bam abide distance dot usa dot e d u with tech news briefing i'm charlie turner in new york for the wall street journal in a moment will learn about how companies are using artificial intelligence to help their ity networks run more efficiently first harrison tech headlines as they continue to struggle with store closings some usa mall owners and retailers are stepping up their use of technology that recognizes people's faces he says but stopped short of identifying and recording of the technology detects facial features an individual's pets of travel anonymously artificial intelligence is then used a mind that the attitude determined traffic patterns worker performance and consumer reaction to displays in marketing the wall street journal says the facial recognition technology is capable of i deem customers but mall owners say they're worried about violating people's privacy artificial intelligence is the latest technology the shopping center owners using to cope with fast changing consumer tastes and growth in e commerce landlords are hoping they can mine insights on consumer behavior from aggregate datta the demonstrate an increase the value of bricks and mortar warehouse workers who are driving to their jobs at many of the new distribution centers dotting the usa landscape may not be alone recruiters could be on their digital trail the wall street journal says logistics companies looking for workers in a tight usa job market are casting a virtual net using a technique called geo fencing to target people as they drive by sites or even park their cars and competitors lots logistics recruiters are serving up advertisements on workers smartphones for job openings in a field where companies are scrambling to keep up with growing demands of ecommerce and a robust usa economy the booming e commerce has spurred the rapid expansion of sprawling fulfillment centers the handle online purchases still ahead how artificial intelligence can prevent corporate ity t breakdowns university of alabama school of law online choose between l am in tax or business transactions per lawyers or jurors master in taxation for non lawyers connecting learn with live lectures details at bam abide distance dot usa dot e d u as information technology gets more complex companies are turning to artificial intelligence to automate their operations corporate networks they're handling more dataman ever incan breakdown due to increased traffic related emails file transfer his videos and business applications the wall street journal says hey i as powering so called self healing technology to help networks run more efficiently joining us with more on the story is wall street journal reporter sara cast alone host sarah what is the purpose of this is driven technologies to fix network problems as they occur in this prevent networks firm crashing yeah exactly so artificial intelligence is infiltrating trading many areas of large corporations in this case aisha is being used to automate certain ity tasks that would have otherwise been done by humans 'em this is commonly referred to as what you said self driving or self healing ity and this is primarily because machine learning algorithms in many cases have become more advanced 'em and they're proactively in automatically finding problems and fixing them so that's the real advantage these these new algorithms these advanced algorithms yeah so in the past these are corporate i teach tasks that would have been done by humans 'em be a vintage of having artificial intelligence and the knicks is that i couldn't process many more amounts of data on a human can so typically in a human in the past would have to identify a problem for example in application goes down because there's just not enough compute space or storage capacity and dean person would spend a few hours fixing it but with artificial intelligence the problem can be detected and fixed automatically and in some cases prevented from actually happening at all you talked to the chief information officer at adobe the software company how are they using aisha to run the righty networks yes this is an ass off where that's been used for about a year 'em they're using it to automate about twentyfive core ity tasks that would have otherwise been done by humans one example of how they're using it is that the system automatically automatically fixes failures in what's called data patching which is basically a method for processing and transferring large amounts of data the average time to correct a data batching failure in the past was about thirty minutes and say i platform it's been reduced to about three minutes 'em the software is also proactive so it can detect whether a specific business application is about to crash and it can automatically increase the computing or storage capacity for that application and so in some can we say the goal of by is to allow corporate i two systems to run in monitor themselves rather than have humans do the job yeah i mean a lot of companies are saying that it's kind of augmenting their jobs in a way and you know these i teach people not necessarily be replaced it's more about kind of helping them do their jobs better and bring them up from more important tasks but a lot of analysts said i've talked to say that this automation system and i will become a really crucial part of managing and maintaining large networks especially as they get larger was me emergence of five g and i o t and augmented reality in the like who sells this technology isn't rb be one of the companies is selling this technology yeah many companies actually do sell this technology but also companies like adobe or are building it completely in house i'd be on the was one of the first companies to kind of queen or kind of develop the terms of healing technology and they started selling products related to that for about a decade and artificial intelligence has been getting more prevalent as the decade has advanced wasn't there a survey by research search firm i dc in i think they asked ity employees righty workers what their biggest concern was or what they wanna see as far as improvements were concerned yeah as far as improvements who are concerned a lot of them about half of them said that they would want automation and artificial intelligence specifically to make a customer experience meaning the employee experience run various news and smoother than it already is 'em an specifically to a

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