On Deadlines, EBUGs & Miracles


Jim You only five dollars. I believe you owe me. No you owe me five dollars. I will say this. I think my past record. It is very easy to prove that. You only five dollars of puns and play on words so when you asked me whether Chris Kreider would be moved. I said yes knowing that is either traded which has moved or he will resign with the team and be so emotional that he's moved. He missed practice the next day. That's how emotionally moved. He was. How do we know that it was really moved? You missed practice. I saw Johnny Gujral left practice early. Exact for an entirely different bodily exists for that reason. I think it was a no lose situation for me and I'm waiting for five dollars. American what are you going to spend it on even if you get it? Five whole dollars American Kit Kat. Is that your favorite candy depends. I like to sing. The ones that are packaged and just a single fingertip. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah like those. I think they have much more concentration of chocolate and the ratio of chocolate away for as much greater than the other ones. That are kind of thin. I'd have to wear this. Sounds like we require a science experiment. I think what we've settled here. Is that nobody actually knows who owes. Who what money. Well I think again. I'M GONNA put it out there to the listeners. Oh boy whether I have ever used a pun before if never if so then I win the bet thank you all right. I. I'll start there because I think the most fascinating situation to me on trade deadline day was the New York Rangers. Not just because of the Chris Kreider situation but then you have this car crash with Iglesias Turkey and Pablo Butchnevich. All the while. You're thinking okay. Are they gonNA move one of their goalies? Then are you gonNA move Chris Kreider and if you sign him who else gonNA move there. Were so many moving parts there for that front office. We had a very calm trade deadline comparison of what they had to deal with. Yeah I think that. I think it's pretty obvious to most people that they want to move. Lundquist of course he has the no movement clause and all that stuff going for him and he's earned that right. He's negotiated that right. But then you have the injury due to the car crash. Which is a RIB injury Said not to be too serious right on displaced fracture so it should be okay but still. I think that certainly eliminated any type of discussions the next day. It will obviously bring it towards the summertime when they'll have three Quality guy still undergone yeah. It's it's still a situation that needs to be worked out that to me was the most fascinating what what was the most fascinating thing for you. Trade deadline I asked you before we came in here. Like if you had three but if it's one or what how many fascinated you well. The fascination is a trade that helps both teams to me so the nuclear calendars getting patio. And then the Ottawa. Senators I mean. They're talking up there they're just acquiring all these picks and prospects and just they're loaded up so that helps both teams of course two teams going in different directions so you can make that type of betrayed the other thing. There's two teams that really intrigued me. Tampa Bay. Who didn't make any blockbusters but I think we're looking for a little bit of what they didn't have last year. Which is that play. Offs Style Grit more size. More grinded out. We know that they can beat you with skill so they just added a few little pieces here and there where they felt. It's going to change the overall attitude if anything of that team and what they can expect from players less turnovers more in your face and then the Pittsburgh Penguins. I think that they are looking to recreate what they did to win. Two Stanley Cups in a row under Mike Sullivan and that is a persistent. On the puck pressure the puck with speed. Don't worry too much about size. Just get on. Get on get on it and the speed they use is not necessarily for offense. It's more for getting the puck back. Get IT BACK QUICKLY. If you have it they take it transition. Go the other way and be as quick as possible. So those intrigued me that way again I think what stage is that team in. You have the Tang your crosby. You've got Malkin. You GotTa win now. Yeah so. That's what they try and do. They are perpetually in win now mode because they have the good fortune of such a deep set of high end guys that they can build around every year. That's the one thing I'll say about Ottawa. They've got seven picks in the first two rounds but they have very very little semblance of an NHL team at the moment and they have to build that over the next three or four years clean slate oh completely but the CAP era. It's going back to the Vegas thing. It's it's almost the best way to do things. It's the best way because you don't have a lot of contracts holding you down. You don't have cap. Wait where you can't move guys because they're making too much money and the picks you mention three first round right at the F. San Jose's right and if San Jose looks like they've dismantled so we assume they're not going to win many games by the end of the year so the ping pong balls that we're going to be in the Bingo machine or whatever it's potentially they could go onto they could go onto and you with a rough rainier that number one is pretty darn good. That's the only thing that gives me pause about where the Kings are at and we had a very quiet deadline day around here. All the work that Robert Blake did was well. Advanced of the draft. Are well advanced of deadline. Day should say and there wasn't a lot left that he could accomplish on trade deadline day. Yeah you can send guys for six six seven round picks or whatever but teams are calling. Teams aren't calling takes two to tango and the only thing right now that the kings are still leaning a lot on is their lottery. Pick for this coming year now. Last year they got the good fortune of getting Arthur Kelly of in the second round But you know you you pick guys like foggy mall in the late first round. Alex cont fifth overall. You as much as you hate to say it. The Future of the Kings in some ways rests on the lottery this coming year it. I think because of the player at the top I. It really is a targeted issue of course last year. The odds we we. We dropped the most possible spots. This is why I tell people all the time that are on like. Oh yeah the Kings should tank. No 'cause you still only have eighteen percent chance if you finished dead last if you're in the redwings position you have a one in five chance less than a one in five chance. That's not great odds. It's not great odds but I think I'm pretty much in the situation where you know you've you've got to take advantage of timing some. It's something you can't predict. It's something that just happens. I mean I'll I'll tell you what was a different era. I think there may have been I. Don't know if there was a lottery there was not the crosby. Oh of course now. We're trying to figure out I'm watching it and I'm going Anaheim is gonNA get Sidney crosby. That did not make feel very good. Of course they didn't get him but I'm getting the feeling that La Frontier is that type of player by field. Who's rated number two or at least was until recently also expected to be and then the depth of the draft. Everyone says it's going to be a deep draft so it's a good draft to have a lot of picks in and that's what the Kings do I still think there may be some roster restructuring at the draft and before the July first free agents. I know that the transition period the kings are going through. You mentioned it as far as before this year's trade deadline they got to a point where but maybe there might be some still veteran players. That are here now. Maybe I'm just throwing that people feel it fits better at the draft when two teams can sit down and you you finish the season. The emotions are not. They're not making a run. You're not going for a rental. You're trying to figure out a hockey trade and maybe more those would happen with the Kings then a couple of other interesting things that piqued my attention before we kind of wrap things up with a bow for the king's Ilya Kovalchuk The Washington. They're going to be what five Russians on that team. It's interesting to me. But the fact that he gets to play with ovechkin now and chase a cop. I think that's a big part of their still uncertain. Lebeau coble chuck. I think he's proven that he still has it. I remember before he was dealt from the Kings. Are I set it on here? I think and if not to other people. I watched chuck in practice all the time. He's not slowing down. He is not slowed. Down was in the right spot with the Kings. No it didn't work out contract direction transition system the whole yes. Everything like that works somewhere else. That's fine but I think because Washington who really doesn't have to add right. They're probably still considered a pretty good contender for the cup. Even if they didn't add I think having multiple countrymen for Ilia was a big factor in Brian maclellan pulling the trigger there because he could go to guys and say you know him personally. Yes Okay and get the truth. You're not getting a scout. Who GOT IT FROM THE TRAINER? Who got it from a an agent? You're getting it from guys. Who Know Him? And I think that that little extra insider information goes along into making the elect on a team. That didn't necessarily have to make it no Montreal retain salary the League minimum salary because Washington was so tight to the cap the team. I know it's not kings related but the team Carolina added. Yeah that was my other big one hockey hockey trades and rental issues. Tro Check Vaatainen Shea. Yup Now unrestricted free agents to that. Be a rental so to speak. But they've had some injuries so they're filling holes back on the Blue Line but intro check they get a guy with term left I. I don't consider them true contenders for the cup. Not many Shirley made it all the way to the semifinals Semedo. They've got to get there. Always healthy more on that in a minute. The Vegas won the Robin Leonard Sweepstakes. They'RE GONNA try to support flurry. Numbers haven't been great thirty five years of age like best roster best roster in the Pacific. Yeah in my mind I think on paper. Yeah so now it's Martinez has thrived. Yeah THEY HAVE NOT BEEN GETTING. The results leads to a huge move. Galant going out and aboard going in but that tells me that something was a little bit off not saying dislike or wrong direction. Just we talked about it at the time. I think it had more to do with the war. Be Considered vibe Guy. As opposed to any type of negative connotation there more for the positive and with the roster they have now the Pacific they have the best roster so in all thirty two trades. That's a record number on deadline day. Fifty five players heading into the three. Pm Eastern Time Trade deadline one final word on the kings here. One thing that was interesting to me every destination that the king sent players had a former teammate. Muhsin in Toronto Pearson Vancouver mcnabb Vegas Toby Reader for as short a timeframe. He was with the king's still teammate. Of Derek in Calgary so everywhere. The king sent somebody. There was a former teammate. There to welcome them and it's it might be exactly what we're talking about with Kovalchuk where you know. These are depth moves right to fully would be considered more than a depth move because he's playing in the top sex. And he's playing with Petra Sean So he's he's right there and expected to be an impact player. But you get you get that inside information you get the firsthand knowledge from former teammates and I think that helps the make their selection so now the kings have the third lowest captured of any team in the national hockey league this year outside of Auburn New Jersey Eleven picks twenty twenty ten picks in twenty twenty one. Are they done stripping down? I think they're going to try to continue to do it at the draft. You smell okay. I think they're gonNA try now again. There are people that believe. And that's I'll name just to be in all honesty. Jonathan quick because of the position as a goaltender. I've heard it discussed and explained that many teams feel when they get to the draft. They're planning for the entire next season or with termine French since since auto player like Jonathan. It's a better scenario than than it is as a rental now and just trying to quick. Fix Your team. There are certain players that fit into that category And I don't think I'm mentioning any name. That hasn't already been mentioned out there but I think going to the draft so if the transition of players started just about a year ago probably just you know. Let's go fourteen months ago. I think it will continue into the summer and then when we get into training camp I think then we'll know what's going on. Feels like we're right at that turning point close for sure anyway now fun trade deadline day. We got a lot of other stuff that happened. And I've heard that Jesse Cohen. Our producer has brand new musics or Jesse hit. And we welcome you. In to the Takayuki Fuji podcast studio in El Segundo California right next to the employee break room the La Kings facility also next to the PR office so hopefully. They're not listening again today. Otherwise we'll be in trouble once again this week. The Stadium Series Evander Kane and suspensions the miracle on ice but we begin with the big story in the NHL and it was not the trade deadline the bug and that's not the corona virus it's emergency goaltenders and the story. David Eyres the Carolina Hurricanes and unfortunately for the Toronto Maple leafs there now a punchline because they lost to the emergency goaltender who happens to work for the team. Wow how crazy was that on Saturday night. Intermission was very important for Carolina to get to that intermission because Toronto is getting right there. They go to intermission to make it happen phenomenal story. I know that for at least a year now the NHL has been working on. I'm talking about the management of GM's. Gm's on working on a different scenario and it's very difficult to come up with because that position of goaltending is so unique. Once you get into the game it's even more unique because I don't know if there's any other sport where a certain position whereas completely different equipment than the other positions so you would have to change the player coming in wouldn't be used to that. So what teams are looking to do now or as a league. They're looking to try to find a way to have a third goaltender. Maybe non-roster so cap doesn't fit all those but still would be almost traveling with the team. What's your take on this? I want to know? Are you in favor of the way it currently is with emergency goaltenders or would you want to see this traveling third goaltender or something like pro? I just can't see it working with the. There would be more familiarity with that guy if he was on your roster but again. I don't think or non roster player that was on your team I don't think like a bullpen catcher. And they wouldn't really. I don't think they would participate in practice so to speak. At least you want your normal guys to get their normal wraps maybe post practice. They'd be out there and taking the extra shots because one goaltender usually leaves the next day starter usually leaves early so it can happen. It's just a very unique situation. I know they're trying to figure it out. I don't have the answer. What would it does end up being a great story? But there's a little bit of a quirkiness to to that you just in no other sport no other sport which you have this football. You're not gonNA find some guy out of the stands to be a fourth string quarterback baseball position players but Ching but these backup goaltenders the merge sickle aren't out of the stands. They have been selected Wesley. They they've had to pass some type of a test. I mean it's not like you just go up and say hey who's kings how to try out a couple of years now so you know but I. I know where you're going. I know where you're going. It's it's really weird and to that extent I kind of I don't know if it's positive or negative. Oh I think it's a huge positive. I'll see I didn't I don't land is the NHL going to be on the today show. Yeah no no no no I think the story great story that comes out of it but I think because of the unique situation that surrounds the goal tending position to come up. The answer. We're looking for is so difficult but again when you when I hear you say no other sport to me. There's a negative there. It means that what you should find an answer to this. You shouldn't be happening that way. But it's a great story these guys do come in. We've seen it a couple times guy recently so it helps foster and they know they can handle themselves. They they've practiced. He was a practice goaltender but playoff positions are relying. You know you get into. How can you imagine if the leaves? Every leaf's fan is thinking this right now every single one. Can you imagine if they missed by one point and Carolina makes it? Can you imagine that happen? Oh talk about great story. Then oh my gosh but I I mean I'm thinking of it from the perspective of what if it happened eighteen and okay. It'd be a great story. How would you like to be on the other end of that? You don't want to be on the other and I thought the best part of the story was and it was not g rated but when it handed out was that in two words summarized it was great. I you know what my take on this. I love the quirkiness of it. And I've been thinking about this in recent days This is maybe a little bit of an aside and I I was thinking again. This is a topic but baseball. Recently with the announcement that there's a consideration of a metal with our playoff format and change it. Make it interactive. Some team can pick their opponent the NBA looking to tweak their thing. And I'm sitting back and looking at the NHL the NFL looking to expand their season right. I'm sticking sitting back looking at the NHL. And knowing what Gary Bettman loves about this league is that there is for the first time in a long while stability Labor wise schedule wise. They're expanding their growing. And I think right now other than some rules tweaks that we've talked about on this podcast. I wouldn't change hardly anything about this league right now. They're in such a good space And both sides I think our agreement right management side the ownership side and the players side. They're both in a pretty good agreement of what's going on the only thing we've talked about and mentioned one more time because it happened in the NBA. Game Lakers Celtics. The video review has to have a time limit. It has that we've talked about it and we do know that at some point it's going to happen where the winning goal in overtime of the seventh game of the Stanley Cup. Final is going to happen. And there's GonNa be a delay to verify the goal. It's going to be the worst but as long as they can get some time limit set in you brought it up because you experience it firsthand when you do tennis just the immediacy of how quickly they have to make the call but then also how much time those video review officials. I'm ex player. I'm all for getting it right. I would hate to be in a situation where a minute later they found. This new look showed conclusively that the ruling was incorrect. But I think the fan experience. There's a little bit that that Celtic Laker game. I mean it was a great fourth quarter back and forth one point two points hardly three and then you know twice really long extended delay Swan again. That's why I love for. The sport is right now. This mortar hockey. I think they've they've one thing they have nailed with some bumps in the road like anything else but they've nailed this idea video review. We talked about it a lot reviews down. Challenges are down like success. Rate and challenges has gone up. Because it's only the obvious ones. I think they have done a phenomenal job in getting this right. I'm going to move on because we got a lot to cover We were at the stadium series. We had glass seats. Were doing radio for Westwood. One really cool experience. I thought The only thing I will say that was the most negative thing from our perspective. I know there are others. That had trouble getting. The stadium is a different story Toe warmers completely useless. Hold on don't you remember what happened? What we got onto the plane lower now aster we get onto the plane. Taking my sticky. Foot warmers off. The toll warmers because you have stickiness to put them on the top or the bottom of your toes I had both coverage sides covered did not activate at all during the game. Nothing I get on the plane half an hour later I go to pick them up and they are red hot. It was like Kohl's well thanks. I need it now. That's I'm going to my huge complaint would be to the to`manufacture for both of us. They did not work when we were outside when we needed them. Most a hand warmer fine activated around your hand. It's cool but yeah that was it was. I thought it was perfect. I'm not telling anyone anything they don't know if you were there because you need it to be called That's hockey. That's why you want that experience doors but the wind was under control because the son had already gone down. You don't have glare. I thought the ice conditions were phenomenal. We were right there. You could just see it to players the it was really working well And then of course you know the military aspect and the cadets that are there and their chance to be upfront close and personal it was Justa and Tyler Toffoli Patrick Dinner. I always a fun of it was a fun event. Yeah I know that there was an issue with folks getting in and out of the avalanche the avalanche bearing the brunt of a lot of it and I know the Air Force Academy Heads in trouble with as well. There were warnings to get their super early. And we got stuck in that traffic and we could understand why because military base. The parking situation isn't great. They're even for Air Force Football Games. I've heard But there are some folks demanding refunds so just a cautionary tale for whoever wants to host next every local news channel. The previous day the day of the game when I was watching. That's all they were talking about was parking and how difficult it was going to be if it was a surprise to you then. That's your fault but I still understand people off with what would happen because of it just went too long. It went a wound up being a meaning disaster for those who missed a good chunk of the game. I don't blame them for for asking for a refund. Swag bag hall man. Thank you. La Kings beautiful. Oh my gosh two. We get hit with just amazing. Slagle everything the players got. Here's an interesting one and then I'll move on Note and Elliott Friedman's column last week before the trade deadline the Arizona. Coyotes are pushing for a game in Mexico City at the estadio s Decca. Or maybe somewhere else. I don't like warm. You did the two stadium. You were there for the two stadium series here in California. What did you think of those warm weather outdoor hockey just and you were there for Caesar's Palace ninety-one Yup I th dodger? Stadium is iconic sure. So we're down there before the game and you're on the pitchers now and you're looking up. The view looking up reminded me. I mentioned at the time like I was Russell. Crowe in gladiator. I was looking up and you could just see the the the deck round but baseball stadiums. Because they're not symmetrical to the way. The ice rink fits it. Just you know you can get some bad seats there. So that's a complete experience. Yeah I think I think the Colorado Springs cold you need that and it was a perfect size stadium but forty five thousand people's pretty intimate bowl. We're we got the Mexico City altitude thing. That's true considering up those stairs at the Air Force Academy. That was good feel it. Yeah Yeah I know they've been talking about you know. Can we get the Florida teams to do an outdoor game humanities issue with the ice-making there? I'm I'm I don't like Warm Weather Stadium Games for outdoor hockey. Do it in cold weather cities. Even if you have to repeat some Seattle comes in. That'll be another opportunity to do outdoor thing. I I just the I understand for team like Arizona to want to do something like that. Here's where it can work. I in this is my opinion. I think the next stadium series game after Carolina should be at Army West Point and it should be Vegas Golden Knights against the New York Rangers. Bill fully connection to the army that the whole idea of the Black Knights. That's why name the Golden Knights put them against the Rangers. Mikey Stadium Hudson Valley perfect perfect to me. This is what I would do because I've been there before. I would put up bleachers for twenty five thousand people on the beach in Manhattan. I love this. I've heard this before I love this idea. And that's where I have. I think that's brilliant. Now would only be twenty five thousand four free. Adp Vance and back in the day. I don't know if the bleachers were actually twenty-five but the a lot of people it gets infrastructure you know to me is something that will now change traction and we get an ice January dropped to like sixty two degrees. Kathy gets in the fifties sometimes the waves coming up. I've softened up Jim whenever whenever whenever that little chill in the air and I'm in the South Bay like Oh man I could really use it cold right now and I've I've all my east coast friends they're like. Oh you softened up. Yeah Yeah I have all right. Let's keep going This was a topic we talked about big time on the plane back. I believe it was from Winnipeg. Evanger CAIN former Winnipeg jet pretty blunt comments about the Department of player safety. I'm going to read his comment. And then I know we had a great discussion about what the what the players are thinking. Right now about department player saved because let's be honest none of them ever like punishment. But here's what he said Let's see that there is a major lack of consistency with NHL Department of player safety a completely flawed system in so many ways from suspensions to appeal rights. It is baffling to me. How we is players agreed to this. You can't continue to give some players a pass and throw the book on others. There has to be an outside third party making these decisions to remove the bias. The transpires in this department headed by George Perils. None of it makes any sense. The context of this you got a three game suspension for eight clear elbow that deserved a suspension. But then he goes off in spouts out against the player safety. What's your take on this completely unprofessional on needed? If you have a beef. Don't get personal by mentioning George Perros by name. I think it was a personal attack. As opposed to an attack on bias he mentioned and also Vander. Pick your battles. You went into contact. You extended your elbow well away from the normal with your shoulders. I don't know if there's a better example of targeting the head that I've ever seen that one right there yes? There may be some inconsistencies but I know given the opportunity player safety can explain their thought process at the end of it. I know there's a lot of players that don't agree with the explanation but it is there and we will talk about one more time and we'll probably talk about it again. I think the only addition that player safety needs to do is. This is three to five times a week. You take an example of a play that was not deemed to be fit the criteria for supplemental discipline and explain why not the explanations they put out on the why should be and why it is. And how many Games thinker? Well done detailed but if they could do the same thing in reverse this reason for this reason this was not deemed to be into the criteria of supplemental discipline. I think that would go a long way to the process of educating and eliminating would evanger. Cain feels is inconsistency. I would tend to believe that every time. The regime change meaning the head of that department changes. I think there is a subtle moven. How they view things but I would think that. They are more consistent now than they've ever been built up a case history us. That's the thing with all these explanation videos they it. It's hard to contradict themselves. We did it with Reinhard in Buffalo and I'm going to give a vander a little media one on one training here It's unfortunate that I use my elbow to make that head contact. I think I've seen similar cases around the League at the time and I look forward to discussing that with George. Perros where he can help me and I can help him and hopefully move on in the future so these things can be dealt with on a more consistent basis. I don't like to pick and choose your social media responses. I take on this and I think this is. I saw this on twitter. The this one really spoke to me. Hey Vander stop throwing elbows at the head and you won't have to worry about it. The NHLPA should be more concerned that their members are regularly attacking each other with dangerous plays and then have to sit there and defended. Its strong takes quick but I I. I like that point of view of just like well. If you don't WANNA get suspended don't throw high elbow. He used the wrong example to try to make his case. Because this one was pretty clear to me and what I mentioned Reinhardt and I mentioned Mister Cain here vander. It's I know at the moment. There's emotions that happen but then you can fix it the next day when the emotions are gone you can you can re assess and offer another verbal opinion on what just took place and I think when you're more under control vander probably doesn't feel that way and I know there are players that feel that the inconsistency having been a player Rep and he mentioned. The players agreed to this. I know how it is because as a player up I would go back to information to our players and distribute the information. They wouldn't listen. They didn't care asked him the next day. What you discussed no idea. So I'm making the assumption that similar communications nowadays. It's a little easier because they can send clips to all these players via email. We didn't have that when I was playing player up. You have to just hold an actual meeting and but I I think that you know he he. He's raising a point and the point is if he disagrees with what they agreed to. He has to bring that up in a formal setting with. He's sticking point of view. I don't like the way he does. I too personal now. You know when you heard about it. You're mad you're emotional. You do it. I can live with that but the next day you've got to come up with. I look forward to sitting down with George perilous at a later date so we can figure out and get on the same page here and you know part of the reason why he wasn't thrilled almost exactly a year prior Kane got elbowed in the face Biza Dino Chara. It went unpenalised in the game. I was no hearing no disciplined. Cain missed several games and just days prior to this year. Chara got fined for a cross check. That looked fairly violent. And so he I'm. I'm just making the assumption that he's connecting the dot saying well he didn't get suspended for that and I'm get suspended for this player. Safety did make the announcement in both cases and they talked about height differential ends. Edina would be one of the few players on not saying I agree with it especially with crosscheck but they did have a tangible reason why they felt it was not suspended. He got five grand a fine which now not get supplemental discipline but they and they know players know that if there is a huge discrepancy in size that can be used as one of the factors. You can disagree with how they use that rule at that time but that was the reasoning for it. There was a tangible reason. You can disagree with the reason. I'm sure he does. I just WANNA see us going back to players exacting. Vigilante Justice that to me is a step backwards for the league because that's how it was in Europe and and and you know there are some players that are still around. We've talked to them and they wouldn't mind him but those are usually the guys that have been around town. Yeah yeah I I just think as a League in the twenty first century having a Department of player safety which granted they operate Kinda on their own. Anyway yeah the consultation from hockey ops and Colin Campbell and all that but they're chartered with doing this on their own without having the commissioner or the or guy like Colin Campbell and hockey operations to have to chime in like. They're tasked with being able to handle this stuff on their own. It's it's not independent but and the appeal process. I'm sure so many fish Some of the players have a problem with that. But that's what collective bargaining is for. That's when you go in and make that a priority that we need to change this process so if it goes to an appeal. You're not appealing to Gary Bettman. You're appealing to a third party. Independent group Y'all have a CBS negotiation. Using all right one more before we For he had some questions this week. Big Celebration or last week or so was the fortieth anniversary of the miracle on ice. And I've I've always been curious because it was before I was born and we always you know We we see the film from from ABC Sports and then we see the Disney movie. Come Out I've been curious this week. What was that like from a Canadian point of because we've talked about your experiences with Russia? And how almost personal that sort of thing was for you at the time but night take me back to one thousand nine hundred eighty and that experience. It was interesting once again for me because in seventy nine I played in the world junior championships and there was a handful of players on the Russian team that I played against the crew. Tops Larionov's Yari careers playing for Finland and I played against them so I had a little bit but it really was too. I was auto at two time playing my lascher junior. I remember watching the final game. Which was the game against Fillon? I remember not thinking much about it at all. Because in Canada we were able to use their best players because the best players were professionals at that time. Canada really didn't have a process to develop and put together a national team. They did but it was kind of makeshift. Your thing was the summit series to that happened before then. So you'd already had a crack at the rush and you know it's I didn't i. It was it was in the back of my mind but then I remember watching the gold medal the last game against feeling and I'm gone guys. Don't blow it. Don't blow it. You got this far. You can't blow it so I found. I found myself cheering for the US team. Where previous to the I just didn't have. I didn't have any thoughts about the US rush. I knew what was going on the turmoil in the world. I knew the political things but it didn't hit me. Canada had removed itself from that discussion. The Olympics were weren't that important and then I found myself watching on my bed in my bedroom in Ottawa. Going jumping up and down on the bad guys. You can't blow it and they were behind world you can't you can't beat one of the best teams ever assembled. And then and you know there could be an emotional letdown. Let's face completely but so I was. I was engaged way more than than I thought it would be. And it wasn't until their chance to win the gold against feeling that I I was just I was in it. Jimmy no what you've just revealed to me You root for the underdog or they weren't the underdog against Finland were they. They were okay. I heard I think it was Lucero talking about Atari was. They certainly weren't the favorite. No not a heavy favourite by any stretch. It's got you got you on one. Yeah all right. Let's get to some questions here. We got a lot because the the La Kings twitter account re tweeted US so ton poured. I'm going to see if we can get through this. Do I'm GonNa put a clock myself okay. So that which is goes against the whole reason you do. A podcast a podcast. You have a chance to explain yourself but to get to as many court. I want to get these menu and we'll just try to put like a like thirty thirty to sixty seconds Favorite Sport to watch other than hockey This is from Chris. Ramirez Soccer for me. It used to be baseball I I do watch tennis. But not a ton. Outside of the grant I've worked in the sport obviously I still like watching college basketball. March madness to me. I stay glued to it during a tournament. The most amazing sporting event. I have ever been to outside of hockey the Stanley Cup Championships. The women's World Cup. Ooh Yeah final. You went to that ninety nine Roseville. Wow wife Susan and I were sitting in the end zone ongoing. Pass my thirty seconds. But this is great. Yeah Yeah we're in the end zone. Were the Chinese delegation. Was so all. We're in that with about ten minutes remaining in the second overtime period because they're going to go to the shootout. I saw all the photographers coming to our end of the field. We're only about twenty rolls up from. We're brandy chastain. Took OFF HER JERSEY. We were right there but I noticed all the photographers coming over and I said the penalty kicks are going to be at this end. If if there are kicks I was so but just that whole hundred thousand people and Taoist great experience how. Well that's cool list Premier League game. We'll get you there. That's a bucket list. There's there's enough overlap at new stadium. Here's Phanom Craven so Fulham's my team. Oh craven cottage if there been relegated if you weren't in the industry this is from From if you weren't in the industry you currently work in. What would you be doing teaching school? I think that's two Two brothers that are teachers I just think that would fit with. Why would Fits my personality a little bit and not a lawyer? you've gotta you've already lawyers demeanor. Picking apart statements that other people make who tend to sit next to you on television Like Lauren we'd Meyer used to work for us. I would continue my legal education at night and come up with legal at some point while I was teaching. I I would be a management consultant because that was my first job out of college and I always had the idea of. I want to solve problems and I will solve the world's problems and you'll pay me handsomely to do it and then you won't fix it and I can go off and solve somebody else's problems gets a great thing because you never responsible ours. No no better word anyone's title than consult my Gosh never responsible for the final production. I love it Scott asks the Canadian flags color is red with some white. Obviously the only color in the flag is red. Is this to honor? The country's love of Ketchup I would never ever ever though spill catch up on the Canadian flag. Oh disrespectful really respectful. But if I did I would do it on the maple leafs so you wouldn't be all right. I can't answer that question because I'm not a Canadian Joel. Goodling our producer pregame and Postgame Fox sports west and actually a couple of others Asked your favorite getaways Scott. Ask this as well. Favorite getaways favorite vacations. Southern California hough was. Now you're getting me favorite place to have a glass of wine in the world is the Piazza in Sienna. Italy ooh Never been to the polyot where they have the horse races because it doesn't fit my schedule but I can imagine how great that would be I'm I'm I'm I think I am have a beer. Outside of the Coliseum in Rome was just phenomenal just just to just to look up and see if I won the lottery. I probably have a place in the Amalfi coast or up near Chink with Tara Santa Margarita. I know Frank Sinatra had a place right there. He think I realized why he did. I can drive up to Palos Verdes here and you get the same type of views. Almost the same topography. But there's something different when you're on vacation. I loved Japan. I thought it was a fascinating country to visit and I would love to go back domestically one of the places that I really WanNa go back to his Alaska especially in the summertime. It is amazing. You WanNa talk about the policy and just just totally different environment It was amazing. I love to go back getting caught in a rainstorm like store. It just started coming down cats and dogs just outside a bone in Burgundy. We went on a tour of wineries on our bicycles and we went about halfway through. We were going and they had just started coming down. Never had more fun in my whole life. It was great back in. I had drunk. We're you know you've got to attain yourself and the road was little wet so you but I'll tell you we went to one and I was still just coming off of playing them and or close to it and I had still had some pretty good legs you know. Muscles remember stopping and having a picnic outside one of the wineries. My wife speaks fluent French. The guy comes out and He's he says to her eight. You mind if my your husband's stays by in with those legs and helps me pick and I said okay. I'll do that. Snoopy asks seriously. Why do hockey players wear suits and ties? It's not like the growing a work in an office or something. That's just the general respect. I think that has been part of the traditional aspect of hockey to the point. Where you just in a country like Canada? I think that's where it stems from. It's different now. You know with all the Canadian kids going to the NBA and high dropped back when it was the one sport that you aspire to play and be a professional if you ever made it then you would dress like that. You would dress in total respect and I think that's just carried on. Yeah I like it. I I really like the the dress code in the NHL. I think we are showing up two jobs right and we are behaving as professionals. We don't WanNa Look Slovenly as we head into our place of work and we do want to have respect for the environment we have. I got one more then. We'll finish. When will we start seeing Fox and faust at the flicks? Well I think that would be. You know what that would be very enjoyable. Because I know that we're different generations and I definitely respect your opinion of the arts and I have a lot of deep opinions to about moviemaking and and and I see this is what happened to me because of the Valentine's Day Gosh marathons they play. Can you imagine like for years for years? My favorite movie is pulp. Fiction just absolutely loved. It loved the dialogue. Like the writing. Big Tarantino Fan. But I really didn't know that he was the writer back. Then when I watched identity reservoir dogs until after I saw pulp fiction and then since well I find myself watching. Titanic and that's kind of moving up there one two now with alert. How can both always movies go together? They don't but titanic over pulp fiction. I just want slap me. I JUST WANT. Tim are engineered to cut off the part where after it says I respect your opinion and then just nothing after that exactly and then we can go on from there. I I actually. It'd be fun because Bob Nick at the flex. That was the thing back in the day. I know that you haven't seen so so it'd be interesting if I'm gonNA live in L. A. I gotta I gotTa Watch more movies so I'd be open to to something like that and it's with that unless you got anything else. Jim I think we're GONNA end speaking movies every time. I'm going to staple center. I'm taking that on ramp. Yeah and I want to get into my car and get on every time. How cool is this? We're driving on the on ramp. That movie that's kind of NEAT. All right well we encourage everybody. Hit THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON. And we'll have more episodes as we hit towards the end of the regular season here and maybe on into the postseason. We both work playoffs for for the network on radio and TV so We'll be around the rings we'll be able to see a lot going on in the NHL but still a lot to get done here for The kings towards the end of the regular season. We thank you so much for tuning in see next time.

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