Spring football kickoff & mailbag!


welcome to the audible presented by trader. Joe's i'm stewart mandel join as always by respell. What feels like the slowest week in a long time in college football you you have anything bruce to get us started here to to to energize the contract conversation to i know that the super bowl has just ended But we got the season season the spring season about to kick off this weekend and i for one am very excited There's a good story in their mcneese state in louisiana as probably on board more hardships than maybe any other program you know even in light of the pandemic because on top of the pandemic they endured to natural disasters hurricane laura devastated lake charles louisiana I talked to frank wilson. Who's the head coach. There are a lot of s. Sec fans probably remember him. He was a lsu assistant as well as at ole miss On southern miss and within the utsa head coach and he pointed out. It's been four hundred forty five days since that program last played a game and what was pretty You know adding into the destruction and being relocated and and not having a place. They basically were staying in hotels till very recently They add twenty one players. Leave the program. Because as he put it he said you know we had the basically recruit guys you know in the program. Because i'd only been there a couple of months and then the pandemic had so they didn't really know us so as he put it We lost our best defensive player to taxes. That story done. They lost the best defensive lineman to syracuse and other player to hawaii. Another good player to two lane and it's been a scramble One other interesting note. The quarterback of the team is the son of at Coach ron who started in twenty nineteen so they played tarleton state. It'll be on the road in texas saturday afternoon. Very excited to watch so that is basically the week zero of this spring. Fcs's the only game this week. Everybody comes back next week and for fps fans or people who wanna get into this who've never watched ups yes before we will be doing a pretty extensive series on the athletic. Next week i get you primed for the season. Unfortunately i very disappointed to see that. Not almost none of these games actual tv. They're on espn plus There wasn't announcement the other day. That data jackson state of dion sanders. That the at least one. If not more games might get picked up by. Espn you but The notion back in the fall that like this. They're going to get there more in the sun and they'll be the only one on on tv Is not really how it's play out yet. But we'll see i'm very curious to see One curious to see if there's a lot of interest in it that they would normally get in the fall because the only ones playing like north dakota state is usually overshadowed by alabama in ohio state and everybody else but just you know there was a time last summer during the uncertainty that we thought At least two conferences the big ten pac twelve after plano spring. So let's let's see how this little experiment works with them playing a fairly short season In the next couple of months and then coming back and playing a regular season in the fall definitely i mean i think summing up of the weirdness of is that remember north dakota state played a game in the fall when trae lance was still a quarterback and now they're starting their actual season trae lances about drafted so those rosters that that is a obviously north dakota state as a a great program but those rosters were gutted especially in the missouri valley which has has produced so many players and i talked to an assistant. Coach in that league A couple of weeks back to like you know how this ramp up is going because it was one of those things when people were talking about it it got some attention but then as it's kind of you know gone into it. I think people either got wrapped up in certainly in the end of the nfl season and the end recruiting and whatever elson again. Most of the best players in that league ended up getting poached somewhere or another You know going onto fbs programs and so they really really got unless they depleted but You know you look at south dakota state. We did their game a couple years ago. They almost beat minnesota in the opener. K johnson their best player. He was at the senior bowl. You know he didn't play this past year. It's not just trae. Lance north dakota state lost their best offensive lineman who was also in the senior bowl They're running back transferring to western kentucky illinois. State's best defensive lineman went to charlotte young's towns best defensive end win. Virginia attack northern iowa had two big time players In the senior bowl as well. And so i think pure strong. The running back at south dakota state is really one of the few kind of More high profile. Fcs players who who stayed in there is going to be playing right now so one other bit of news. We wanted to touch on that. It is came out of nowhere. The jacksonville jaguars announced their new coaching staff on thursday morning which is a series of tweets. And drop in. There was a name college. Football fans might remember from some events last summer crystal. I was strength. Coach under kirk fairness for two decades until this past summer when a whole bunch of four players came out and accused him of racist statements and mistreatment of players. It wasn't one player or two players. I mean it was many and Yeah urban meyer discuss that in there morning. His new head of of his head strength coach. Let's actually technically. It is his director of sports performance. i wanted to get into this a little bit Into more detail because as you know as the news got out this morning as they released it. And i was about to just treat out. Urban meyer's hired is put former was he. You know in my head. I was like he was. He was fired. But then i was like no technically. He wasn't fired. I know he got a pretty big settlement from From iowa and so i talked to our iowa. Beat writer scott. Dr men whose as much of an authority on that is everything. And i'm going to actually read and scott if you're just seeing the seeing this now Scott andy staples have a story that went up. As we're taping and so this doctrine iowa reached a one point one million dollars. Separation agreement on june fifteenth ten days after dozens of allegations surfaced over the longtime strength coach's role in fostering a bullying culture overall racial insensitivity. Those facts were verified in a summer long investigation by an outside legal firm What is also indisputable. Scott continues right. Is doyle's prowess building football players. He was college football games. Highest paid strength coach for a reason several. Nfl players return to iowa city after each season to train with him. And he has had several staunch defenders and scott puts it doyles recognized. His past. behavior was unacceptable question. The jaguars betting that he has Yeah this is. This is definitely a controversial. Or at least polarizing higher For urban meyer as he goes into the nfl it would've been. It would've raised eyebrows if any nfl team named him to that that high role But of course if it's urban meyer. I mean there was. They had a press conference. He said they that he fully vetted the higher. Of course you're gonna take that with a grain of salt when we talk about urban and vetting hires I don't think he gets the benefit the doubt at this point after the zacks misinformation at the end of the day. Like we can tweet about a comment about it. It's not our opinion that matters. How how Black players on the jacksonville jaguars. These are pro athletes not college athletes. Who are afraid to you know. I mean we heard over and over. These players didn't feel like they could speak up when they were adwa because college athlete fairly powerless in the grand scheme of things but an nfl player. Who's paid millions of dollars in has a platform is not gonna feel shy about speaking up If something happens so yeah. It's it's frustrating because it just feels like time and again you see somebody fired for very troubling allegations. And they just they find the new land. If they're if they're respected by the coaches they find another landing spot immediately. Meanwhile yet again. The story of the coaching carousel and both college. Nfl ashir is that black coaches can't get head coaching jobs. Eric be enemy being the chiefs. Oc being the most prominent example. But he's not alone so Very frustrating I'm not saying that crystals never worked in football again. I don't know if that's necessarily the case. That's a pretty cushy job he just landed won't definitely a is definitely a big job he got and it is. It's going to be interesting to see again. If what will be the reaction from the players that he works with and know. We'll see. Because i mean again now you're dealing with grown men. It's going to be different dynamic but you know again. That's that's Was definitely a for for people who follow college football. It was a kennedy. Did a double take when you saw that name. Attached especially like you said to urban meyer. The to remind part is is the key component there. Because i don't again. I don't think so you name. Another random coach's manual had hired him. Does this get anywhere near the attention. You think i think people would be really surprised as matt rural hired him But i don't know that it would be the instant headline that it is when it's urban meyer. And in that due to his track record right. I mean not just that he's a big name and obviously there's been a lotta hit. He was going to get a lot of attention this year. 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Sharps berg georgia versus do jt daniels. Four games albeit with through four against lower level sec. Teams george averaged seven point five yards per play which would have been good enough for a top five finish that metric over the entire season. You think those four games will prove precision prussians. I don't like that word. Or will we look back on them. S pools gold That is a good question Jt daniels performed better than the buzz was about him. Going into the season around georgia. So i think some of this also could be you had. They had to rebuild an offensive line. They didn't have much back of guys who played on offense and new offense coordinator so maybe it also took the you know the parts around him some time to gel. I think I don't wanna go all the way on this on on this in this offense Todd mahnken came in with you know a really strong reputation. And i think it took them some time to to kind of get rolling You know. I think sometimes people look at jt daniels and they see while he was a five star. Recruit coming out of our quarterback factory at modern day. So i think any had some good moments in as a true freshman at usc. I'm i think he's a good quarterback. I don't anticipate people talking about him. Where he's going to be a all american or that he is going to be a you know a a know first round pick kinda guy i i mean they have really good receivers now because now those george pickens no longer you know. He was a second year player last year. Now he's got more time they have. They have some good young receivers who got settled in last year. And so i think they'll they'll take. They'll continue to take a step forward. But i do not think we're going to see the lsu offense like twenty nineteen or or the alabama offense at twenty twenty. I think there is a feeling with georgia at this point in kirby smart that it when i see it but at the end of the day they did play a lot better on offense. Once he took over as the quarterback they're bringing back everybody next year That was part of that search late in the season. Not just. jt. Daniels zimmer white and james cook and kenny milton the running backs and darnall washington with really impressive as a freshman tight end You mentioned pickens. Germain burton curious jackson and then last year they have a lot of turnover on offensive line. they'll be more experienced up there so there's no reason why it shouldn't be a very good question for you stu than off follow up of what para said yes Cal trask gone to the nfl. Mack jones gone to the nfl. Kellyn mon- gone to the nfl If you look at it right now if you're making you have to fill out a preseason all. Sec team is j. t. daniels your preseason. All sec quarterback ooh good question. I don't think so. Because solely because of the guy going back at ole miss like who are you who are you choosing between those two I think the ole miss offense. And i look he's lost. The best receiver was because of the best receiver in the conference. I can't do that to alabama about one of the best receivers in the country And they lost some good players around there. I don't know. I mean that's a tough one. I mean missouri has a good young quarterback. Obviously you know lane has a really good young quarterback you know. I guess he's a saw it going to be a junior sophomore. I don't even know what we're calling guys who were super sophomores but I don't know. I mean i i suspect. Jt daniels will get a lot of votes for for because of the talent around him of being preseason all sec quarterback. I'm going to go off the board. And i will say. The best quarterback conference will be brazil. I don't think that's a very controversial. Pinon it's yeah. I mean but i don't think they can name come media days. I don't think you'll be named the preseason guy because he hasn't played. But i don't think it makes me surprised if he if under new. Oc bill o'brien. If by the end of the year. He is that guy all right next question from chris. The sarkar texas was interesting in the firing hiring announcement happened to practically simultaneously. Is there a reason why this is not more common among coaching searches and college. Football seems like a good way to avoid the chaos and uncertainty that accompanies coaching. Search like auburn and tennessee's this year. This was a unique situation. Stew as you and i have talked about offline quite a bit Crystal conti and the powerbrokers taxes had really made up their minds. That that Tom herman they just didn't think it was going to get the job done. And you know. Initially it was urban. Meyer was the target. Then when he wasn't interested in it was like okay. What are we gonna do I really think from the point they got to right before. Signing when they put out that statement it was like who can we get and then it became an issue of being very discreet. Or stealthy behind the scenes of vetting steve sarkisian. Who obviously knows we talked about. Even with him on the podcast. He has some issues that i think made some have to dig a little deeper because of the way things Ended for him at usc. So i think going through that process credit to taxes that they were able to do it. very discreetly. I am not firing happened on a saturday morning. Now i you know. I think chip out brown who our friend who covers taxes. I believe he was the first one to really say. They're targeting everything. Sark is expected to be the guy. And i don't know what the lag time how much that was. Bubbling behind the scenes Not i don't think it was a shock for a lot of people that they were gonna rip off the band aid. It was a question of but they were going to line up sark. It almost never happens where search process can be that that Stealthy it just doesn't happen. Especially at a big program like texas They use things kind of they. Leak out they get. They get messy and It's just a unique situation. I can't think of many others. That happen where they happened. Like that as fast where Now i think what added to the speed of this happening was that sark had a national title game two to prepare for and so from the alabama slash side. They wanted that thing wrapped up and put out there as soon as possible. Because then it could have whatever. It is twenty four thirty six our new cycled to digest it and then and they move on and then it kind of you know he can get back to alabama business usually there. Isn't that thing looming behind it to kind of expedited. Right and the one thing that i do think like kinda muddled it a little bit just as somebody who was trying to confirm it was. There was a part of it somewhere in the process on saturday with david pollock who works for espn. I think had had put out on twitter and cautioned use the it but put out on twitter. That sark was turning it down. And i think that was like a little bit of a curb all because a lot of people myself included who were reporting on it. That was not what we were hearing. And so you know it made it. Not quite as seamless but for the most part It was a it was a very unique situation that it was seamless. As as it could because it usually just gets out of the ways and like you said. I mean prepare. This happened the day after the semi finals. So clearly those conversations would have had started taking place while he is preparing for the semifinal game for it to get wrapped up that quickly so it also in this. Which is one of the thing on that stu like it's not a secret crystal county taxes is good friends with greg. Burned the ad at alabama. So i think he probably has pretty good insight into the one of the people he was going to be looking at well. Now that i hadn't thought about all this since it happened but but now thinking back on it and talking listening to you talk through. It is actually pretty amazing. It didn't leak out before the day after the game. Given the high profile program high profile coach involved Our weather their credit conti or be like man that was stealth in cold. He did that behind her back but long story short i to answer christmas question. You don't think that's gonna become commonplace. I do not. I do not think it will okay Next question. this one is for you. Stu from in mcfarland from lockin yada california fellas opium both. Well thank you in. We hope you are too every. Article ranking in podcast. I hear keep saying that oregon. Usc are the only hopes for the pac twelve and twenty twenty one but what about my beloved. Huskies a reminder that they won the division in the joke of a twenty twenty one season while oregon went four and three. Oregon's young talent is unquestioned. But u. dub is fifteenth in bill connolly's returning production and that seventh on offense an eleventh in sp plus but you'd think that they are headed for five and seven with the lack of coverage. They received what gives is. They're boring style not interesting enough to cover. I'm like to First of all note that in my early top twenty five. I have oriented higher than washington but i do not but i have washington eighteenth and i have. Usc ranked but also just like where. Where are these articles and rankings podcasts. Where they're debating the twenty twenty pac twelve or a I think it's tough. It's gonna be very tough to forecast the pac twelve because we saw so little. These teams washington finish three and one. I mean they look good In in some of those but it was four games. I do think that they should be really good on defense. I mean you wrote a story about. Etf i was blown away by Savell smalls was a big time recruit and will probably play a lot Going into his. How are we doing this. Are we going to call them. Sophomores are are. We freezing them in time. There's there's a bit of a debate. among college. football meteoroid out how to handle the free europe eligibility one of the coaches. I know refer to refer to seniors as super-senior. I have heard that one. Yeah and i don't know if that just carries over to everything like i don't know i don't know i mean a it's It's you get enough. People riled up when they use the term true freshman elements what is adding to the mix. What you've got theoretically next year you could have true freshman who are coming into college freshmen. Who were true or still be freshmen. And then actual read. I don't know. I think we should just move them up. Like you do need that term super-senior i guess for the guys who should normally had their be dominant their eligibility for the classes behind that. I say we moved them up to the next year. And then you know four or five years from now. They're going still use your village ability will then they'll be super seniors right. Yeah so let me let me pinpoint you a little bit back on washington. Yeah because and wanted to know. And i wonder if this factors into it Jimmy lake as times. Not always but a lot of times Coaches new coaches kind of get graded or pegged on how their coordinator hires shape up so as first coordinator higher John donavan been at penn state and penn state fans were raving about him And then this then peak wikowsky. Who was a really good defense coordinator. He left to go to texas and Jimmy like ended up promoting from within in bob gregory. So is that something that gives you a little pause and looking and saying okay. I don't foresee washington becoming a top five caliber team in the next year or two. I mean is it because you mentioned they definitely have potential star power in the in the pass rush side with those guys. Jimmy lake has been terrific in developing defensive backs. I don't feel like defensively is the thing that's gonna be troubling. I think it's the offensive issue which has been that way before you know. It's been that way for a little while. I think there was moments where people felt like the offense with jake brown and even though he'd been there a long time kind of leveled off and it after he left And jacobsen ended up with the job. It wasn't like it got better. So where your words. The where's your pulse on where you feel like the washington program is because we get a lot of oregon has been really strong recruiting and they create a lot of buzz with that. I think you and i are agreement. We both liked to hires that Mario crystal has made recently and offensive coordinator spot and defensive coordinator spot Where are we where do you. Where are you with the huskies. Yeah that's a good question. Because when they went to the playoffs and that was now a long time ago when they went to the playoff under peterson. in oregon. I think that same year was that was there for tobacco There was the sense that like oh washington passing organised program and taking back the pacific northwest in that that didn't last very long That being said organ had a great season. Two years ago won the pac twelve went to the rose bowl but as he said there are four and three last year. And i think the buzz around oregon is much more so obviously an is for washington because of recruiting. We haven't seen a packed. Well team not named usc you know get in the two to four seven rankings. Being up there number five number six in the country i mean. That's remarkable makes you feel like okay oregon's putting together like a program that can compete with the best in the country. Washington is still doing more the more more sliding under the radar in the landscape but I think i think they have something to prove. You know. i think iowa's frankly giving them a little bit a lot of doubt in putting them number eighteen in the country. So you're thinking. I wouldn't sam rethinking that i would say that i would. I would guess. I guess what i'm saying is i you know i'm sorry in that you're feeling. Your team is so disrespected. But i think they're going to do more to earn that respect don't you. I mean it was not yeah. I would agree with what you said. I want to see the offense. Come to live and right now. I haven't you know we need to see that. I mean it's look the twenty twenty season with so truncated especially from the pack twelve way at unfolded. I think that adds to it home. You know i still think jimmy lake was was a good hire to elevate from there and you know this is the offense that he believes in. You know we'll see how one year is not fair to judge it. So i don't know i'm not one like i guess We're in put it. I'm in i. I'm one where i think oregon to me is a is a legit top fifteen team. I think Based on how they recruited and how they think they've set up i think. Us's a little below that. But i think usc is the top twenty five team and then all of a sudden. It's a little bit little bit shakey or logic to save. At least like i mentioned in the last guessing like ian brought up they are dominating. Bill connolly's returning production ranking so always a good sign for the conference back the podcast in a second but first bruce a word about one of our favourite sponsors magic spoon. I know that in our household. I can't keep it in stock fast enough. Just this morning i was giving my daughter A bowl of their frosted cereal. It is healthy cereal that tastes like the sugary zero grew up with. I can't emphasize enough. How popular the magic spoon is in our household Everybody's trying to eat better healthy breakfast doesn't have to be boring. Magic spoon has amazing flavors. You love but without all the bad stuff. I can attest to this. Magic spoon is released. A brand new variety pack now featuring peanut butter. They released peanut butter as a limited edition. 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Riders wants the pandemic hit. We started doing virtual visits all of a sudden we could open up our showrooms you customers around the world learn more at microsoft dot com slash teams nathan in boulder. Colorado bruce. Do i have a lighter less depressing question for. We've been getting a lot of pressing questions i haven't noticed. Several people have excelled at video game racing and turn that talent into being a real racing driver. Do you think that someone could excel at a football simulation. Game like the pending. Ea sports game and turn that into a successful football coaching career. I think someone in the top one percent of players my understand the real game well enough to be an analyst or even an assistant coach at a smaller school. That is a really interesting question I think he's on to something because we have heard of players who have felt like they were playing that game. Help them learn offices. I mean i'll i personally remember playing that game way back when and feeling like i learned a lot about schemes and play books from from playing that game in that games a lot more advanced. Now probably will be a lot more advanced now than it was then You know Brennan marian who is the receivers coach at hawaii now and he was an offense coordinator. Nfc s and. I remember talking to him where a couple of plays that that he had come up with ended up in In the video. Game and i think there are i. It's hard to find somebody that would be a grassroots. This was their background. Came up from it because just a lot of coaching also ends up being. You know it's it's players not plays. It's how you relate to players. It's it's how these parts fit together But i would never say never. I mean it's it's it's an interesting question. Honestly i would. I would love to get the perspective on. There's enough young coaches in football. Who i think grew up with the game as well but also Understand how the parts work meaning like it's more than just. Hey this is a cool play in this. Is you know i see this. It's it's very interesting even as young as like my six year old son who plays madden And as obsessed with football like he he draws plays no things that you know. He drew up a play. That was very similar. You know from like from four wide offense that was basically a wheel route and not knowing it was a wheel route but there are you know i. I don't know i'm interested in this in this subject. I don't know the answer to it. I think if you talk to football coaches who are much older. I think they would. They would probably be dismissive of it. i one of the things that i've heard from. This isn't quite the same thing but it's it's a maybe it's in the spirit of it is A coach i know ed pointed out he was like well. This this person who is a really good player thinks that they could just jump in and be like a head coach and this is not related to dion sanders by the way but just thinks that they could come in and coach or be or run a position room at a high level college in this coach was like maybe like maybe they could help as an analyst or maybe they could help a but they. This person felt like. There's too much stuff that goes in to being a college coach on the field. At that point that would be a learn on the fly situation. That would you'd have to start out something differently now. This is obviously not what nathan is asking about. But i think that's kind of the a little bit of the attitude that that i think you're you'd probably be walking on okay We have to get so. I think the listeners to hear more about your football savant son. He just kind lost past that. Did you say ben. Your six year old. Like accidentally not like just on his own designed wheel route. Yes so this was a play that this happened. You know it's funny as like our daughter. Who's his twin. She is into princesses and more artistic. He is drawing up. He'll drop the field he does. His exit does and he designed to play for one of his favourite quarterbacks and it basically talked about okay. This is what this receiver does. He has the blocking scheme. And then the the back comes out of the backfield now. The wheel route is basically. It's i mean. I showed it to andy because there's video of it and it's essentially a wheel route He doesn't know what's called but he knew the blocking schemes while he knew what he wanted to do to to basically occupy the defense and how to basically sneak the running back behind. You know getting behind the defense and what the what the route combinations of the the other the four receivers were going to be. It was It was something. So so different in my household where My daughter who turns by this weekend is all into pop stars and singing and dancing and proud accomplishment for me is that i have now got her also listening to weezer and now singing along to the blue album. So we'll routes for you. Weezer me you never got me into any of that And one thing that has been especially good about the loving sports is. It is definitely helped. His math skills In terms of adding started out as well that's three touchdowns. That's how i gets twenty one or like those things in but it's sixes three seven's stuff has helped But yeah it's it's been it's been fun to just have somebody who is so interested in something. I'm so interested in how you see these articles in parents who are concerned about too much screen time. I'm calling bs on that During the during the pandemic people. You know. I've i've had to leave them with a tablet for so long into the. My daughter has learned so much from the learning games. We put on her tablet also like at some point in the last year she figured out how to text people unlike swear She's probably a more advanced reader than than she could be for age just from like she sent a text mark. Grandma rights The text so psa provoked hanging out there. Stop sweating the screen time. I don't know if it's if it's the screen. I mean if it's a screen time maybe before bed This is a discussion point in our house. Sometimes where it's like You know should they be doing things that get them. Amped up at After eight after eight fifteen. They're supposed to go to bed at eight forty five or possibly asleep by nine. I mean that's part of it. I guess what we've done is No video games during the week just to try to manage it like we've also seen you know we'll get a little werewolf Our son when it comes to some of like some of the stuff so Try to manage it. Harvey can try to manage. But i think one thing you said that i think is is Something i agree with. Which was you know in. The pandemic people are stressed. Parents are stressed a lot of them are working from home. They're trying to juggle all sorts of stuff. You know one thing. I took away pretty early on is like look if our kids end up watching a little too much. Tv during this you now okay. We'll we'll manage. You know. I mean you just do the best you can because you know people gotta work they gotta do you know they gotta do whatever they can and not to. Not you know drudge into the. I think unfortunately this comes out of nathan. Saying i have a lighter less depressing question for you. I apologize nathan there. That's what you get when you use words screen time stu takes into a different place. Well yeah i guess you guys. It's it's a very relevant topic for all parents but apparently you've been debating it as well Yeah to be clear. I think there's lots of different kinds of screen time. And i'm not talking about like letting your kids play called all day But but anyway. I should probably probably very clearly bring this back to football from darren in shreveport louisiana. Hey bruce i love the pod and everything. Athletic has brought us sports. Thank you As fan obviously sting singer gilbert transfer from lsu to a arrival in florida with all the talk happening of the upcoming vote on immediate eligibility for one time transfers. Could you see conference not allowing players to be immediately eligible if they transfer within the conference. Tampering must be something that kasha coaches are concerned about especially within conferences. Could the sec require a player to receive a waiver of the From the conference office for eligibility. I could see a conference putting pushing back on that. I don't know to what degree they would push back on it But for the reasons by the way thank you earn for for that The kind words about the athletic. And our i i could see conference pushing back on that. Just because of the reasons he said. I think one of the things that people are leery of is tampering and third party and different things like that and it doesn't mean that you can't have tampering in things that don't go on in in between the conference but I don't know. I think that's something that i feel like. And it's not just the sec. I feel like some conference are uncomfortable with. I could see the fight. You know being resistant. I don't know that you could go through with that because You know it could be recruiting disadvantage. If you're saying if you come to this conference you're not gonna have the same flexibility. That players other conferences do Now the sec. Did there is a precedent for this recently. Which is when the grad transfer became thing. the sec. Only the sec. Among major conferences had a rule that you couldn't take a grad transfer that only had one year of eligibility left Had there are a lot of situations recently where there was appeals. In fighting i think it eventually either got eventually repealed or basically like greg thank. You is giving exceptions to it. I'm sorry. I don't know the exact details on that. But yeah there's a situation. Where conference had a stricter rule then was thin could be permitted by the ncaa. Bruce let's wrap up with a really fun. One from our robert are in oklahoma city. I heard a rumor. You guys want questions. I have a question we did want questions. Thank you robert. Yes the sec. One another football championship but what conference rules acting. Tom brady will never help the big ten here. Pay manning's quite a boost for the sec. Burt reynolds chris. Paul in the rock for the acc baker mayfield good. Brian bosworth good blake griffin. Good in patrick mahomes. So so i guess. He's referring to the state farm commercials impressed with patrick bones or a decent case for rising big twelve in the conference acting. Championships you all. So i assume they have to have played for these programs. I believe so otherwise the big ten would win just from north. Western's acting leauge. I walked into that stupidity. And so we're not gonna count sl assistance. So we can't count will farrell for usc. Then right that's a tough one. I guess not no. But i think i think what he's overlooking here is that the to l. a. schools. Oh yeah just by being in a. are gonna give the pac twelve quite a boost here. Yes first of all. John wayne who is obviously legendary actor. Played football for usc. That's a big one for them. Mark harmon was a really good quarterback for ucla. That would be a pretty big one for them. I mean just in terms of what they did what they What they have accomplished in that field. Because i feel like what robert is is including. Our athletes who've transitioned over more than any. Yeah i mean. He doesn't counting burt reynolds so yet her of it's true. It seems to be a mix of actual actors and commercial guys who've been good commercials. Which by the way score the pac twelve. Aaron rodgers is really good. No state farm commercials. Yeah i feel like this is the kind of thing where there's probably a ton of people that we would be overlooking In this by the way My alma mater. Though since you since you pulled it out and went with northwestern mama mater actually is pretty strong on this front you know. Why not. Just the rock. Who's like the hottest name in in pop culture but also you know who else wants to miami. I can't yeah. He didn't play football. And that's the problem. So oh i did. Somehow i didn't know that. Yeah i think it would take for our if we started looking up where a reactor went to school with in terms of athletes. I got another one in the pac twelve favor. Joel mchale washington washington or whatever it was i mean. I'm sure the people listening right. Now we're gonna email us with like. Oh you forgot about this guy. Forgot about this guy but i have a feeling the packbell would end up winning that. Yeah and i think a lotta times. I mean look cringes. I bring this up now but Who was the old running back. Who is in the naked gun. Movies didn't play usa cheese. Yes i mean but do we have to count him no. We don't have to do anything on that. But i mean there was a lot of people who i feel like. I've come through. Usc who who ended up having pretty successful moving careers. Like matt willis is a name on a few and remember he was like six eight linemen who ended up as kind of a villain and a lot of movies just because he was like a huge dude. If you google and you're like oh. I remember him in. What was the movie where So this is so typical of me. Where i'm gonna go. What was the movie where it's the. Snl guy who. I always feel like dates. Way above what i think. He should be able to get exactly who. You're talking about jason's today kiss jason today casse and they end up in mexico. And we're the millers. Yeah so Matt willing i think is the is the killer who's trying to get them Is one of them well. I actually saw that movie again recently. In told you that was the name of that guy. Yeah the reason. Why i know is just because one day he came out to usc practice. They were honoring. I think the teeny was on. Was maybe the one thousand ninety eight team or so and he played in the nfl for. I don't know a five six seven years or so. And i was like who is that guy. 'cause like he's every bit of like six seven three hundred pounds in really good shape and then somebody said no. He's in like a ton of movies and ton of tv shows so yes we are the millers. He was his role was quote. One i well if nothing else. I think robert was looking for here as he as you. He's in oklahoma city. And he mentioned three Sooners who so. Let's give a little validation here that they do seem to forever reason produce Guys were good in commercials. Yeah i think. I you know my our buddy down waikiki. Who covers the nba for the la times as friendly with blake griffin from one blake griffin was Was with the clippers. And he said he's really funny and really cared about you know that side of his his career a little bit so i think they would make her mayfield at home commercials. At first i didn't think much of them but like making them in there actually pretty funny. Yeah i think baker. I found this from covering him and doing some tv pieces. He could laugh at himself he he has good sense of humor and it's not surprising that he is kind of shine through his in his commercials. Good santa questions everybody. These actually came in on very short notice when i send reminder out on twitter so i'm going to send reminder now that you can send your questions to the audible pod at mail dot com see next time

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