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Quick. No, we strive to make most episodes of one plus one kid friendly 'cause we know many of our listeners enjoy them with their kids. However, this may not be one of those episodes. So if the little ones are in the back or hanging out right now, we recommend checking out our last series about Coby and shack. Instead, thanks. Free to Kalo is six years old. She exhales a deep breath on the window next to her bed covering it with filming vapor with her finger. She traces the outline of a door. She longs to walk through that door and dance with her imaginary friend who waits on the other side, but her imagination can only take her so far. She looks down dismayed at her right leg withering from polio. This is nineteen thirteen and polio is not uncommon before the polio free to skipped and ran. Now, she worries that she'll never dance or play again for nine months. She remains alone in her room. She feels alone so alone. As she recuperates. She feels ashamed of her shriveled right leg, she covers it with layers of socks it's shorter than her left leg. She limps when she walks so she wears a shoe with a special he'll her sympathetic father. Makes it his personal mission to make her strong. It won't be easy. He swims with her encouraging her pushing her to use her legs kick harder Freda faster, it's difficult for her. But she's determined not to disappoint her father. Like this Papa yet exactly keep going and she does get stronger but her father's knock done. He pushes her into other activities. Try this freedom. Swing your leg. Back and kick it as hard as you can't Freda positions herself in front of a soccer ball, young Mexican girls. Don't play sports, but Frida and her father don't care other children gathered to watch she kicks it weekly the kids taunt her. Hey peg leg she spins around to face them, her face red with rage your bunch of jackasses just stand back. If you know what's good for you. This will become typical of everything free to does for the rest of her life. She'll transform her pain and humiliation into fierce self expression with her father's help. She wills her legs to walk run and climb trees soon. She's also boxing and wrestling. She likes being a tomboy. This same year nineteen thirteen a world away in Paris Diego Rivera as his custom is chasing women and pushing himself into an artistic frenzy he and Pablo Picasso, become friends. And they've a lot in common, especially their hunger for art and for women together, they each and drink wine and Mon Martinez, bohemian cafes and clubs they bed. Women and discard them Diego is unaware that he is a terrible reputation among women in Paris until Picasso tells him Diego doesn't believe this Picasso's determined to prove it. One day a woman who has slept with Diego knocks at the door of Picasso's studio because hotels Diego to hide behind a door, and he'll hear the truth. 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It's nineteen fifteen in Mexico Freda adores her father like Frida. He's had to learn to fit in born to Hungarian Jewish parents. He detested his stepmother as soon as he could he left Hungary from Mexico where he struggled to learn Spanish and local customs. He changed his name from Ville helm to gear. Mo and married a young Mexican woman. They had two daughters in quick succession Freda on July. Six nineteen o seven and eleven months later, Christina the sisters are very close, but years later, Christina will betray Frieda and break, her heart. This is episode two of Freda NDA, go acid and tender to father is a noted photographer in his pictures of free as a child she appears little white lace dresses with colorful or flowers in her hair. Before the polio. She's an IMP with a teasing Linton or is after the polio. She looks directly into the camera solemn unsmiling, her father says Afrita, she's the most intelligent of my daughter's the most like me, they're both high strung introspective and restless like her father Freda has an insatiable curiosity. She follows him through the park where they collect leaves and stones and insects. She studies them under his microscope. Look freda. He tells her see how miraculously simple insect is in his darkroom. He shows her how to make photographs he teaches her paint lightly over the black and white images to infuse them bits of color. Did I do it? Right. Papa. She asks she's always looking to please him. At fifteen her father enrolls her in Mexico City's best high school the national preparatory school, given the polio that shaped her childhood she announces I am going to become a doctor her father is pleased. But after Fritos horrific bus accident, she's bedridden to pass the time. She begins to paint her father encourages her. He brings her paint and good brushes. He fastens a mirror on the wooden canopy above her four poster bed. So she can paint her own image. Freda looks up and studies her face her cheekbones, the set of her strong, jaw the dark eyebrows, framing her is like ravens wings. She paints. What she sees? But she also adds imaginary touches when painting her friends she adds backgrounds of dark night skies scattered with stars or delicate leaves without knowing it she slowly. Becomes an artist. Diego Rivera is born December eighth eighteen eighty six. He's the firstborn of twin boys his twin Carlos dies when he's a year and a half. Even at two years old Diego's drawing using a thick piece of white chalky stands on chairs draws all over walls and doors. His father sets aside one room in the house and covers its walls and floor with black canvas. They're young diago creates his first murals, he draws trains complete with cabin cars and composes, but these are not dramatic enough for him. So he draws train crashes and trains tumbling off bridges when he's five years old his mother becomes pregnant again, he asks her win will the baby come. She tells him the baby will be delivered very soon in a box. That's a riding on a train. Diego hurries off to the train depot. Waits N weights no box with the baby arrives as night falls. He trudges home disappointing. As he arrives home. He hears a baby crying Diego was furious. How can this be the baby was supposed to come on a train? Determined to unravel this mystery, he finds a pregnant mouse, he takes a pair of scissors and cuts it open inside. He sees tiny mouse fetuses he runs to his mother's room shouting liar liar. He will never fully trust her again. By the age of six Diego knows he will be a painter. He's also captivated by the prostitutes who service local miners Diego sneaks into bars where the gather he loves their colorful silken dresses, and their long hair held back with decorative combs soon prostitutes invite the young boy to sit in their laps. He's in heaven when he leans back smells perfume and feels their breasts beneath their tight bodices. He becomes the pet of the prostitutes. They are his I love at six years old. He's found the enduring passions of his life painting and women. Diego is ten when his father places him in a military academy. He despises the strict rules. He convinces his parents to enroll him in a local art school. He's much younger than the other students. They nor him, but one of his teachers is a well known gifted artist who watches g-go as he paints. He suspects that there's something special about this. Boy, he tells Diego my son, I don't know if you'll ever amount to anything, but you do look at things carefully, and you have brains and imagination. The question is will you have the focus and the will. One day as Diego walks to school. He passes the poster shop of a local artist Jose Guadalupe Passat Diego stops and stares at the posters in wonder, they're filled with skulls and bones. There also calaveras these are skulls made of clay or edible sugar that Mexicans use in the festival the day of the dead. When they celebrate death rather than mourning. Diego has never seen anything like these posters. They're much more exciting than the houses and trees and mountains, they make him paint at school day after day. He returns to the poster shop he can't get enough of Passat his most famous work luck calaveras, Katrina, it shows a grinning skull beneath a huge bonnet decorated with flowers in the European style. It's Posada sneering comment on Mexican women who forget their roots. And pretend to be European Passat a CD studying the poster he asks, why are you so interested in this Diego tells him I didn't know that art could be more than just beautiful? Now, I see it can have meaning. Diego graduates with honors from San Carlos academy. He's nineteen strong and tall. Twenty six of his paintings are exhibited in the show of graduating students, they captivate art critics and the governor of better cruise the governor takes Diego aside and tells him I believe in you, I'll tell you what I'll pay for you to get more training in Europe. And then you'll come back and be a great Mexican artist Diego is thrilled. But even as he enthusiastically shakes the governor's hand he's asking himself. What exactly does it mean to be a Mexican artist? In Spain Diego. Studies with a noted artists and craftsmen he sets up his easel first thing in the morning. He still painting when the sun goes down as he completes each canvas. He sends it to his patron the governor in Vedder crews. His teacher writes this governor praising Diego is a tireless worker who's making stonning progress. One day the hugely successful master painter, Don Joaquin. So ROY e Bastida comes to the studio of Diego's teacher. He lingers over a painting Diego recently completed of an iron Smith shop the painter asks Diego's teacher who painted it. The teacher says the Mexican and points at Diego he calls the young man over so Royal takes Diego's hand and touches each of his fingers. Do you know what you have there Diego shakes his head? He's totally baffled Savoy says in this finger. You have a checkbook of American dollars in this one. You've checkbook for pound sterling in the other fingers, you have checkbooks for Spanish potatoes. French francs Argentine pesos, you don't look rich. But I guarantee you damn Mexican if you painting and night, you'll have twice the money. I have. The next day excited by what Savoy of predicted Diego goes to a gambling casino. He turns the five hundred Saito's he recently received for painting into three thousand five hundred does with his winnings in hand, he travels to Belgium, England and France. In europe. Diego is still an anonymous young painter. But in nineteen ten when he returns home for his first solo show newspaper accounts hail him as a very great artist. His painting sell well, still Diego tells a friend. I'm restless, dissatisfied, an impatient. Everyone is in Mexico. A revolution is underway, peasants, liberals and intellectuals are rising up against a system that makes landowners rich while they're laborers remained. Poor the revolutionaries opposed the corrupt regime of Mexico's dictator for Feo Diaz who's been in power for more than three decades. Diego loves the revolutionaries 'cause but as always his painting comes first and so with the revolution raging. He returns to Paris. But war is everywhere. In nineteen fourteen World War One breaks out Diego and his artist friends are cold and hungry and scrambling for money. He lives with Angelina belove dark haired Russian artists, whom he describes as my common law wife. They have a son who becomes deathly ill as an infant Angelina pleads with Diego to help her take care of their boy, I can't Diego says it's more than I can bear it breaks, my heart. But in fact, his heart is elsewhere Angelina is left to care for their child while DA goes off with his mistress. The boy dies when he's fourteen months old Angelina learns as free to will one day that in life as in. Art, Diego's greatest commitment is to himself. In nineteen twenty the new Mexican government pays for Daego to travel to Italy where he'll study the great neurons and Florence Milan Padua and Rome in exchange. He agrees to return to Mexico and painting Urals in public buildings before leaving for Mexico. He goes to the long-suffering Angelina and puts his huge arms around her. I must go. He says, but I will send you money to join me in Mexico. The next day he repeats this tender scene with his mistress. Both women believe he'll send the money. He never does. But now he's on a mission. He tells a friend I want my art to be universal. And I know for that to happen. I must plant in my own soil because the secret of my best work is that it is Mexican. Diego returns to Mexico, and is thrilled to be home. He looks around the rich red Brown land, the deep green foliage the scarlet blossoms of the Bougainville. He says in Mexico all colors seem heightened clearer and more full of light than any place. I've ever been I feel reborn. The revolution makes Frida and Diego deeply proud of their Mexican heritage throughout their lives. Their identities will be defined by their country. Diego's murals will depict Mexican history, it's grand events and bitter lessons. Intrigued by Mexico's indigenous art hill amass nearly fifty thousand pre Hispanic sculptures, funerary, urns and masks. He also designs the museum where they'll be housed for her part free to makes her body a living symbol of Mexican history. She dresses in the traditional clothing of the two one to pick women. She covers herself in colorful, shawls, richly embroidered lousy and long ruffled skirts beneath her skirts are layers of petticoats. She embroiders their Lisi hems with racy Mexican sayings. She wears golden rings and heavy stone necklaces and earrings that jangle thick long braids wrap around her head. She adorns them with bright ribbons, decorative combs and fresh flowers. She wears so much jewelry in so many layers of clothes that people say they can hear her coming before they see her. But Fritos exotic close also serve other purposes, the long skirts obscure her limp and hide her shriveled right leg for a woman, always wracked with physical pain. This brilliantly colored a tire will be like her art, both our gallant ways of thumbing her nose. At the tragedies that befall her free to show of spirit delights Diego. And she learns it is an excellent way to momentarily grab his attention. But over time it will become increasingly difficult for her to hold his gaze for long. I've always figured I should be taking some kind of vitamin or supplement to fill in the gaps in my nutrition. But for the longest time, it just felt really hard to know where to start care of takes a whole lot of stress out of the equation. It's a subscription service that makes it easy to get vitamins protein powders and more personalized just for you and delivered straight to your door. All I had to do was take their quick online quiz. It asked me about my diet and lifestyle choices like how much meat I eat in a week or how much alcohol drink and the health goals. I'm interested in focusing on like sleep energy digestion. 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The seizure of Cuernavaca by the conquistadors the Spanish friars forcing the Aztecs to convert to Christianity the as Tex production of gold still another depicts the cultivation of corn a cherish crop that sustains the poor Freda internalizes Mexico. She tells people she was born in one thousand nine ten because that is the year the revolution began. In fact, she was born three years earlier, but she connects with that epic event, deeply and symbolically. The bitter revolution that tore Mexico apart is like her own body, which is torn apart inside. When they marry nine years after Diego returns home they fit together in so many ways throughout their lives. Their identities in their union will be defined by their country. They both respond to beauty and all its forms and view the world with an artist's intent and devouring. I yet the artworks they produce will always be entirely different in content mood and style each regards the other as Mexico's greatest painter though, during their lifetimes only Diego is given that public distinction freedom marvels as she watches him fill his immense murals with people and animals foliage and machines seated beside him on the scaffolding. She tells him you are the architect of life Diego. The social realist, look stanchly outward free to admires this too. When she tries to explain the difference between them she says, he is the. Turnley curious one the whole of life continues to interest him to amaze him with its changeability everything surprises him with its beauty. Her own work is skewed. Almost exclusively inward. Diego is a wildly prolific. Painter Frida is not she paints in spurts and often not at all while Jay go paints relentlessly. Feverishly to is frequently alone in her bed immobile, and in pain, or she's in a hospital room readying herself for or recovering from one of the thirty surgeries. She will endure during her lifetime. In contrast to goes giant murals free. Paintings are usually small little more than a foot high and wide. This is partly because she so often unwell and paints while lying in bed. The small canvas residents a thick lace covered cushion positioned on her hips to her right? A table Holter paints and jars of sable brush. Che's in the fingers her left hand, she holds a cigarette painting is a way to forget her loneliness of the one hundred forty three painting. She'll create fifty five will be of herself. I paint myself. She says because I am often alone. And I am the subject, I know best. In some paintings, her face is mask like impenetrable other paintings are graphic renderings of her state of mind. Nothing frightened, sir. No subject is taboo, as the years go by she'll paint her own heartbreak, her miscarriage, her Boertien, her never ending physical pain in her painting dream of the bed Freda expresses her preoccupation with a thing that is always hovering over her death. In the painting free to lies in bed asleep. Her blanket is strewn with green leafy vines that symbolize life and rebirth above her bed LIZA grinning, skeleton wired with explosives, in fact, she does have an actual skeleton that lies on the canopy of her bed. Diego. Looks at the painting and jokes that your boyfriend. Dream of the bed is one of the paintings that will make free to Kalo in icon ick figure, but like the bulk of her work, it will be unknown to most of the public during her lifetime this anonymity. Doesn't trouble Freda. She tells diago I paint for myself g-go is intrigued by Freitas's immagination perceptions. He writes to a friend about her work. I recommend to you not as a husband. But as an enthusiastic admirers of her work acid and tender hardest steel and delicate and fine as a butterfly's wing lovable as a beautiful smile and profound and cruel as the bitterness of life. Their art will always be the place where ta go and free to discover their country and themselves art, renews them. It supplies them with the haven that their marriage with its rages and infidelities cannot provide. It's not that they lack for love. It's something else. That's lacking empathy. Perhaps if I ever loved the woman Diego one said, the more I loved her the more I wanted to hurt her then he adds Freda was the most obvious victim of this disgusting trait yet at the same time Diego is free to greatest professional champion, and she needs his praise in approval of her work. But there's a huge imbalance between them when it comes to their art Diego doesn't need Freda or her praise to be the artist. He is. He's like a locomotive always pushing forward powerful and oblivious to anything that might stand in his way, but Freitas's art will be mostly reactive much of her. Best work will be a response to her relationship with Diego despite the hurt Diego causes her. He loves her in his own way, he believes in her artistic gifts. He. He wants her to succeed yet at times, his selfishness and philandering will flatten her at other times, those same qualities will hurl her into an artistic frenzy strong as free to is. She is accepted a marriage in which everything is on DA goes terms. He's brilliant. Getting exactly what he needs and wants Freda isn't. But like Diego Frida is proud. She won't go on being his victim indefinitely. The day will come when she's had enough and that tilt the balance of their universe. We hope you enjoyed this episode new episodes of one plus one come out every Tuesday and Thursday subscribe now on apple podcasts. Spotify NPR one. 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