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Points this is. Npr live from news. Eighty eight seven in houston. I'm kiro buckley. Less than a week before the statewide mask mandate is set to be lifted his reporting more than eight hundred and ninety new coronavirus cases and eleven new deaths due to due to covid. nineteen harris. County is also reporting a slight uptick in the testing positivity rate meanwhile h. Isd bus drivers say they feel relieved to be bumped into priority status to receive the covid nineteen vaccine retha. Thomas is the president of houston. Education support personnel and has been advocating for them to be grouped with teachers on a priority list. The bus drive. We have a lot of bus driver with two or three different ailments lobbying. They not wanted to help just appointment. Thomas says more than fifty h. Isd bus drivers did not return to work this year because of safety concerns and she says at least three who did return have died from covid. Nineteen thomas said. Morale has boosted significantly amongst drivers since learning. They now qualify an undercover human trafficking. Operation led to more than two dozen arrests in fort. Bend county lucia vazquez tells us the county says it used basic economics for the operation the multiday sting operation cupid targeted sex trafficking supply and demand by targeting demand side of the illegal business in total thirty people were arrested attempting to buy sex the foreperson county. Da's office added that the operation had unintended results when they managed to rescue a child. Who is being trafficked luzia vasquez reporting the state's power grid manager is looking for a new. Ceo after the cotton board ousted. Bill mag nestle yesterday making magnus. The highest ranking official to lose his job following the electricity grid failure that left millions in the houston area without power in frigid weather. The termination of magnus comes after a handful of board members. Some who live outside of texas have resigned. Urquhart is overseen by the legislature and by the public utility commission whose members are appointed by the governor. I'm kyra buckley. News eighty eight seven comes from npr stations. Other contributors include i-drive with.

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