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CROWDER SUES FACEBOOK?! | Bill Richmond and James O'Keefe Guest | Louder With Crowder


Hey, audio listener, you know, there's video right now. I I get it. Some of you are on the road. So you have to download this take it with you on a plane. Some of you read through braille. So this is your only option, but for other people that are exclusive sketches and visual elements is a night nightly show over there on YouTube or for mug club members a lot of credit dot com slash muck club. The show is daily beyond the clips that you just get on YouTube or here on I tunes. It's ninety nine dollars for the year sixty nine dollars annually. Lot of cutter dot com slash moc club. But I get it. You're an audio only guy or gal. There is no changing your mind. Enjoy the show. We'll begin your highly anticipated regularly scheduled programing in a minute. I wanted to take this afternoon to bring your attention the importance of mug club. You've all seen it hand act painted gercy asbestos free. But in light of the four copyright claims on our Oscars stream and archive that we received within twenty four hours of each other this week as well as being the subject of a national news story, regarding Facebook's live video suppression algorithms I want you to know the muggle has never been more necessary and our ability to fight back then today join up for less than twenty. Seven cents a day louder with Crowder dot com slash Muslim. And make your voice heard also is my duty to inform you that the episode. You're about to see includes graphic half Asian litigious content, not suitable for younger viewers and or put viewer. Discretion is advised louder with Crowder studios protected exclusively by Walter an hopper. With mug growing into the largest pay service subscription model on the internet. Not only did black mugs Kabar find himself on big Tex raider but straighten across hairs of the SP L C. The peel arbiters of what's determine hate speech and allowed an platforms, and they decided that blackout had to give. Bracco? Just you said I should be expecting, you know, laissez palace. I s I it's a mug, and it's bottle and doesn't safe K won't free speech, right mugs. Kabar? I get you. Explain some new boy. Free speech leads to hate speech. Hey, speech least bigotry bigotry. At least violence. We don't need your violence in our platforms. Those former flag stop with the games. Youtube ESPN C, you know, we're one of the same. Friend. You gotta understand that the first amendment wasn't made for people keep. Made for good people bear people people like me. Thank complicated. Black. Speech hurts people. Never really cared about hurting people. Care about that. What are you went Bax co deniro's? You gotta make decision buddy. What you fixing to do? You want the squeegee of could you you don't want me to go to your windshield. Are you sure? That's what that is. Actually, we actually have my half Asian Bill Richmond here. So I have to make sure that our wonderful sponsor Balser. You can see that's loaded. It's still have to be facing. You. Thank you. Over happy about this thing. Firearm safety James O'Keefe on the show today questioned the day before move on special illegal update episode because oh my God. It's been a week. We'll get into all of the false DMCA's as well. The Facebook all the recent Debu sting of our videos, but my question to you is which Cindy think is the most grievous tired most of the DMCA's on YouTube. Facebook's lack of transparency or professors Charles Hermes because selling getting Larry. That we understand we we are on the point of playing nicely. Hey, we have Penn. Tell us comedy here. How are you, sir? I'm very happy to be here. You're aiming to get over one thousand YouTube subscribers. It's pan-tel's comedy. Right. That'd be great. And he writes for the show actually is one of the few writers. We have helped helps us scenes. Creek from Montreal used to hate the sound of this kind of accent? Now it makes me homesick quarterback at head pass. Terrible jerem Morgan, gene. How are you, sir? Well, sir. How are you? One of the day today is more like quota valley could've LA. It's an excellent use pronouncing that correctly pen, tell us issue that's close enough. Correct. And. We have a half. Asian lawyer Bill Richmond here people really excited to be here. Friends. What fun is it before? He's always completely off the wall fashion. Once we go live up red is the show starts before we move into all of the legal updates in the legal, the potential legal actions are hashtag Crowder anti-us party. The costume. Winter was chase Huckle is that how chase Huckle see sharks thirteen. We have that image there. He had a tranny Bank us from look at that think fan and then the the best Bill Richmond half Asian billers. Art contest winner is conservative. I think we have that right here. So you guys are going to be winning tee shirt indoor mug, I don't know. Exactly. Definitely this is a whole different show today. But we haven't plus one by the way to get you after James O'Keefe seven, plus one top big tech legal dramas little scene. I feel so bad because Penn tell us from Montreal he calls him by Skype, and he works at the pitch meetings every morning, and then this week because of all the that's been going on legally from the Oscars lives, which we'll get to in a second pen. Tell us was here. He had very little to do because we weren't able to do the show got. Oh, I got. I don't know what you're talking about. How we're in California. This. No. We'll have you back here soon. I hope what is what is this very well have you been on your soon? Right, right. When you know legal troubles are done. That's exactly you're nets get sued yet. I also thought troubles. We're going to make a beer beer from broadens beard week might wanna take some yeast your beard and do a control sample and see which beard yields tastier beer. It's a somewhat disgusting. No. It's not at had beer beer before. It's delicious. Yeah. Let's yeah. From some guys Beardsley because. No, no, no. It was someone else can tell me, I think it was rogue brewery. But I thought I say this is the last time I send my wife on a beer punch in the face a few times. Let her know what her this beard beers delicious. Really? Yes. Well, every time I hear something like that. It makes me think we did a story about a woman who made it with her. Kidding? Reading speed. I'm so across the line. I have no cross with me on the show representations present. You think this will both thrust in court? They're gonna show a clip from her you sick bastard. It's true. They'll show him buying the right? So listen, this is why Bill half Asian Bill. Richmond is here. How are you, sir? Wonderful to be here. So let's explain to people who don't know we have a few things to get to what happened on YouTube. I you guys have not seen the Oscars. And by the way, they're biding their time hoping that by the time this last fall strike on Oscar seems removed. You guys won't wanna see it. Make sure when that Oskar stream is up you like comments till the cows, come home. So they see that you know, what they don't get the play this game, but will move onto YouTube as well as some other she's incurring here behind the scenes, and it's just gotten to the point where our legal battles of. At the point value entertainer. You're probably gonna be coming on time. It's really a fulltime job. How many explain for people before we get to Facebook and James O'Keefe the Oscars livestream. Explain to people what happened there. Well, I mean, it's a multiple battle war that we fought over the last seventy two hours this week has been pretty nuts, but just on the stream itself, and then the archive there was an initial take down. I think a lot of folks a lot of the followers audience and fans saw that got cut down right by an ABC. Disney strike copyright strike this and you're violating this and that shut it down right in the middle just to focus right on that that kind of arc of just the ABC Disney. We get the notification the next day, we file counter notification, we work with some of our channel partners. We get in their starting talking to lawyers. Let's. There were four strikes strikes on the same piece of content. Direct four strikes in the same piece of content with twenty three of them have been retracted or struck down. Whatever term you want us three of them, the one that happened during the livestream that costs us to be able to live on YouTube when we had forty thousand people to know. Well, climbing two thousand this is important to note, and it was a hard strike. He gets three of those. I think in three months, we're no longer able to broadcast here you so all the strikes, we should mention this that are hard legal strikes where when you file a counter notice. That's hey, see you in court, and they're legally liable if it's a false strike. They're all gone. We've never yet. So there so we get this one the first one of the four ABC Disney comes in everything just blows up on Sunday night. Then a Monday, we're following things that we need to do. Everyone is getting crazy going trying to investigate. What is ABC busy doing reaching onto YouTube? Come Tuesday, they've dropped it. They've withdrawn they've looked at all of our arguments said ups were done drop it. Well, let's just the first of the other of the force within the stream itself after the Disney one comes off on Tuesday, the Academy Awards decides that they would have the same. Yes. I don't know that they're not run by the same parent company on the kademi is come on in. Anyway. I mean, it's not. I mean, look there obviously financially. There's no secret. It's not even be critical, but they have network networks doing events, and they're streaming the event and the event is the Academy Awards. So the academy comes in after ABC Disney given up and says, oh, no, no, no. We're going to keep you down on the mat? But within twenty four hours again, we the whole thing again. And they file a response back to our responsible reply. If you will that says, no, no, no, no, no, no. We're totally right. Four minutes later. Forty eight seconds later seconds later claim his drums claim off the stream. That's not. That's not. That's not all that's just too. There's just four let me let me interject real quick people understand. This is a tactic that you. So this is great that we're able to get these strikes remove right? You can't go back all at one. Right. You can't go back. We can't go back to Sunday night and get that livestream. We can. The show that's a beat. And you can't. Strikes. And then I want to get to that any questions never strike too. And then we re uploaded the archive right because the stream was cut an hour. We're going to upload the three hours ever kept working everyone putting their contributions to get everybody works tirelessly all night because exporting four hour HD file re reacts took all night. They were supposed to have a day off. No one's had time off I'm incredibly appreciative to everyone even Brendan continue. Number three. Yeah. I mean, they're coming now after the archive, right? They've said, okay. Well, we were able to cut you off in an hour and a half on the stream. But now, you've got the full thing. You're uploading it. So that the people can actually see what happened and they throw the same ones again. So we've got this academy coming in ABC Disney, though Pierre to learn their lesson and they did not attack on the archive. So but academy goes in. They do there's now they've dropped there's again, and we had a fourth one on the on the archive which is still there, and we're still fighting clear the fourth one, and this is why this is so important to understand there's a broken YouTube system. There's if you file a hard strike and for people out there. I know a lot of people are looking for legal representation, we're planning on trying to provide some more systems to other people out there at some were just not there yet. Join up cla have more infrastructure, but the hard strikes. That's that's different from Kagera denied you read. All of our stuff is d- monetize. We do a parody video that you monetize to say use the rocky tracks. But we did a direct parody of rock. We know it's fair use on that point, by the way, transformative. Do you have? The numbers from the Oscars. The not the actual numbers. It was. It was a three something our stream. Yes, it was who minutes it was two hours and thirty four minutes of our content. Meaner sketches meaning catches gets Oscars at all thirty one minutes of commentary. Just us talking about it. Visual visual and audio overlays that transform the original into something that is a new work and is critical of the original. I had to finish. I'm Eddie Murphy raw leather jacket. That's everything about it was transferred. I know. Okay. That was formed can't yes, it wasn't as four minutes of total time of the Oscars being full screen on our screen, right? Four minutes. That means with no commentary at all. No with coming still coming. How many how many minutes of just the commentary you kinda seconds in one in one hundred twenty. I don't know. What would that qualify is transformative because again, you just can't rip people's content. But the the law is it has to be transformed. Would that constitute transforming? It's not only transform, but one of the other factors how much of the original work are just showing wholesale. And that's what you're doing. Is. You're coming in your commenting. Adding visuals you're adding you're actually specifically critiquing the work of the few minutes or really actually seconds when you break it down a few seconds of clips here if you seconds of there where you're literally taking a breath between comedy, that's what that adds up to over almost the most watched was Rummy Malik speech because it seems like a real clear. We were like, oh, that's a good thing. You know? I'll give you one Oscars. You were you watching it. Of course, got shut down. I go showed that I'm ABC about it. What got a question. It's for you half isn't lawyer Bill Richmond. Yes, sir. There repeatedly proven to be false claims. Right. Is there legal recourse for us to be like, hey, listen. This is three four times obviously on purpose. So there is there. There is a whole procedure involved with doing that. And one of the things is we can get involved with that. So we can get involved with going after some of these random accounts that are doing small fake claims. Maybe they do one month or two or three month. And look we've got a lot of things that are happening. We can take away from dealing with this or we can go back in the war room and start dealing with these. But when they get to a level like this when you have major companies that are coming in and saying, hey, we really don't like you creating new content and transforming our works in a way that appeals to this audience. That's when we have to stand up and do something different. And here it's an indictment of what they are doing themselves that these claims get dropped so quick using. They know all the claims are bogus right? This is what's important for people who are out that this isn't just about. We'll get to Facebook in a second. We just happened to be an example, unfortunately, because on YouTube channel, so we are the blueprint but tomorrow, it could be you one of you could be the blueprint once you get popular enough. They will come for you. And they're coming for all of us. That's what's important. That's why we have this a shop the deep platform this mug club and our sponsors like Walter keep us in the game. We've been demonetized on a lot of content a ton of not small money. But no, and it's not small increasing that being that's yeah. And that's really easy to do because they can say we're gonna claim when they're really there's no recourse now when they try to hard strike your channel. That's where they affect someone has manually submitted a legal notice and we built half Asian Bill manually submits account is an account on us. What is okay, I dunno vacation. And at that point, it goes to the courts in other words at that point. Okay. Listen, if you are lying here. Now, we're getting illegal hot what they said. Okay. We don't want any part of this. We've never lost. They've always retracted those the thing is it's the same claim they were. Tracked the hard legal strikes on the stream. It's the same claim on the archive. It's just there's no recourse because it blocks it and all countries harsh wrecking your channel. We're just blocking all countries. So no, one can see it, and they have a month to respond. On hard strikes a month to respond, and then you know, there's different process related to. But ultimately that is why it's it's a criticism of YouTube system because when you think about it like all the history of what we have done over the last year, eighteen months two years has been time and time and time again demonstrating how these claims are bogus. They're just used to disrupt business. They're used to write may people have to stay late for the show to have to pay more people than do more resources and redo work. And ultimately, disrupt the audience, and even though they know it's not ultimately going to stop us. They know it is going to have disruptive. And it's the only thing they can do. So they keep doing it. But how do they keep doing it YouTube allows to happen? So it's not a system where despite ten twenty thirty one hundred false claims that we've won every time. And so they have to affirmatively prove it before we get affected. It's still we get affected, and then we have to come improve at the other way. Right. Exactly. After after the stream is over four days after the after the event is occurred. And this is pretty consistent, by the way district. Conservative channels. You know, we went out there. One lady came up with was ain't cool new. She came out, and we have been affected at all by the apocalypse. She's like, no not at all. And I have someone I contacted you could we have a main. It's time sensitive thing. Right. So the Oscars they happen. People kind of move on from obviously, the shows fun, and entertaining, you can go back to think about it this way think about if we're talking about a presidential election or a Senate election or some Bill that's trying passed in congress. And they're like we're commenting on what they're doing talking about it. Or if congress is putting something out for us. We'd commenting on that they can shut us down. So that we can't tradition. The presidential debate. Yeah. Exactly do horrible. This is a tool that's disproportionately used by the left is what people need to understand because conservatives don't go out and try and abuse the system you can find more content than you could wash a lifetime. Everything from calling me gay to a secret transvestite to a part of the alumina to a Nazi secret. We don't go in. We have enough. He's having a female actresses. We don't try those down. You don't try any of those down we actively as a matter of fact, one time someone ripped an entire show. We just reached out and said, hey, listen, man. I appreciate the zeal. But could you take it down because it's our whole show. And we'd rather you just maybe take a clip and direct into a show this person put up clip instead directed them to our whole show. Perfect. We go out of our way to make sure that we are following the kind of fair usuals that we preach just gonna tell you something here. We're not talking about information. We're not request somebody getting sued. That's what we have. Anything that you think of missed on YouTube because now this Assan to? The big thing that many of you may not know about this week. If you haven't been following James O'Keefe, the Facebook issue so all week picture this if this were your job. Okay. And you suck at math. Okay. I do as well. And someone said you have to do math all day. That's your job. That's been my job. This is going back and forth with Bill on legal issues. What can we do what I'm not good at this? I want to focus on creating content. I wanna focus on creating more shows in this week. We were precluded from doing any of that. And poor Penn. Tell was just wanted to have a good time. Just one of the jokes the Greek sound. The Greek sound instead he's in your what's happening with lawyer. Exactly. Okay. So we had YouTube, and then we have Facebook. Well, let me give you a little bit of history here with with Facebook Bill. Why don't you jumping on the general history with Facebook before we're gonna James O'Keefe on talk about the most recent? I don't know if this is even sin at this point. What do you call it just communists, just it's just dishonesty? It's just I don't know go immediately after we met at the half Asian zone. We don't with Facebook in a lot of folks were around. Then a lot of the early longtime fans knew that there was a suspicion that things were not going right at the time before the Moto article came out you or that's we we did not even know each other. And at that point, you finally realize okay after months and months trying to figure out why is my whole advertising platform being threatened through Facebook. Why all of this negativity happening? Why am I literally sending them our checks? This is important for people to know with Facebook. I've run ads on Facebook for years. And what happened was all of a sudden they came to me. Said, hey, you didn't you didn't pay your tab as long as I can you've charged me for two years every single week. And you've charged me every single week thereafter. There's just a two week gap. I don't know what you guys did. But here's my credit cards. He's my pal fix it. So we can't you're not you're not good on your tab as second. Here's another credit card. I don't know you have to talk with accounts. And I said, okay. Let me talk with the counts. But you're still charging me for ads. They would not answer the call this. You're going to put your into delinquency. That means creditors. Go after me can destroy your life. What did I do your good friend, Jordan mail? The may check physically to accounts payable. They deposited it. I think we haven't as overlay here. And then they still said up your isn't in good standing you've taken the money, and you're still taking money for ads. What do I do? And then the Gizmodo article comes out. This was twenty sixteen were I was named as someone and this isn't about this is one thing, you know, Alex Jones on Joe Rogan. We're talking. Getting second Joe, okay? Inter dimensional demons actually, very inter-. -taining inter dimensional team. Talking. Clockwork kills the clockwork. There was wildly entertaining faces. But what was I saying? I was saying okay this Facebook, and then Gizmodo there was an article leaked we were manually selected as a page to throttle. Ted Cruz president Kyle foundation and myself, and I called Bill not knowing what the time thing. I don't can. I don't know this related to the accounting issue. But it can you tell me what you think. And he says let me check it out. And then you come back, and you said, yeah, this looks really bad. Well, you know, I mean, you get a call and you hear something like this. And you think crackpot and then. Kramer, get a lot of summer, you know, credibility, and some don't so you gotta check them out. And when we started to look into it, and we started to investigate, and we started to say if you if you investigated as a true thing, what are the things you could use to verify that this is the way that it's happening. And when you looked at I mean before I even got all time after time. Again, message message message message money money money card card card. Check. And then Gizmodo confirmed the suspicions that you had at the time that there was something happening. And what the big part here is that. We've always said this we've people use the term censorship, which we we understand governmental thing versus a private company thing. And this is their sandbox. They can create certain rules within the constitution federal law state law. They set the rules for their sandbox and say, I'll invite you in you can spend some money here. It all be good. But the problem is when they say the rules are a, but they are actually enforcing set of rules called. And that's what happened here. They're telling you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of your money to build your business on this platform because here the rules, but in reality the rules were different for you. Right. And Breitbart, and Chris a lot of conservatives out there. This we've seen this disproportionately target stores. We'll talk with James O'Keefe about this. This isn't just about us. It's about anyone out there if you've had suspicions, unfortunately, we have the resources to have confirmed quite a few of these suspicions. It's happening. I don't wanna say cross the board. But it certainly happening. A lot to conservatives and a lot of people. Well, I don't know there's no way to prove it. Well, you do have to take legal action. And we've done that in the past. But I think it has to get a lot more severe going forward. Imagine. This is your work. I don't know you own a factory where you make chairs K, and you agree to a lease you build up a factor, and they come in you have a five year lease at year to this. By the way, we're gonna put drubel the lease what you're paying. We have an agreement. There's a loophole in there. I paid for this. We had an agreement. That's what's happened with Facebook. That's what's happened with you to is. We've come to an agreement largely because they've courted us, they wined and dined us incentives to New York, not just largely the Facebook emails. I mean, they're basically getting on their knees. Like, please comes Benjamin on. Well, we actually are taking your money. But we don't know where the money's going. It's going into the zone. Exactly where all the conservative sit there at that. What was that that summit? And you're like, oh, really, I think you're Ernest Ducker, please don't harm me. He's like, I am a human. He would drink. George Soros is doing right now. Here's my question. So with that that's how we met the result. There was use folk with top top legal brass at Facebook has outside counsel, the very helpful the inside folks, they had to get to the right, folks. But ultimately there was none of this. You know, screw you. We're not going to do what you do. Which one? What you're saying? Completely bogus. It was okay here. We'll gonna ply your money. Here's your money back. I mean, it was it was a resolution that got us. We needed in a place to wear. They had resolution was a little more acquiesce in that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was resolved outside of court. So we can listen they weren't like. Weren't they weren't? They weren't pen tell us, but be. That's the point was if there's a problem going forward. We'll be there to to make sure it's okay. And and look there's there's got to be fair to say Facebook is one of the largest employers in the country. There's a lot of people in this may be times where you could say, hey, someone's acting rogue or hey, there's an unintentional, but you know, the Moto article was most important because it wasn't just one person saying, hey, it looked in the next door. And this guy's deleting conservative pages. Right. He was like, no this a whole room of people, and then actually papers. Right. It's like accidentally printed this policy and put it into place for years. That's not. Right. And part of the resolution with as book, I think we can say will we're gonna make sure it doesn't happen again. Right. And so that we took it with a word things did change. There was. A little bit. It's a little bit a little change. Steps steps. DMZ Silicon Valley. Yes. All true. And so we move on. Right. We move onto get back to the business of content of red faced. And that's what we get to this. This is not going. Yeah. We wanted to get back to the content and this can happen to any of you. You know, this we've tried to focus on kind built up to hedge our bets after this. This is another example Facebook started before we get to James O'Keefe race Facebook to something called show pages, and they reached out to us. And they said, hey, we'd like you to be show paid which was shows, basically as I understood it multimedia type pages would be in someone's fear would be given priority. Basically, you would automatically appear at the top of the feed. I don't know exactly what it was. But lower level. People reached down said, we think you're the perfect kind of content for a show page, and we said well on I was going to work. Once we convert it what if it doesn't work. What can we convert back, and do you know what? All right, fine. We'll give it a go. And they came back to us. We came here show pay because we why and they said, you're not eligible. So here's what's happening. Same thing has happened with you too. When they look at just the numbers when they look at just the impact they go. Hey, this is the exact content one and our platform, very highly engaged its content that people are people are watching on YouTube. For example, we keep people on site. You watch an average of twelve minutes per video over thirty minutes on a podcast we played by every single rule, and they change it. So they said, please, please, please, please. Please turn your show into a show page. We want you to be one of these pioneers as a multimedia shope it. Then you're not allowed to do it. And we always suspected one thing too. We had this. We call it here, the YouTube algorithm, YouTube Facebook, sort of clay where if we would have twenty or thirty thousand viewers on YouTube we'd have thousand on Facebook. Despite at the time, we would have more fans on Facebook. We'd have to two and a half million fans something like two and two and a half million fence it would be a tenth to twentieth to a forty s a number. You can compare all of the views to we always spectacle going on second are. Video that's our bread and butter. But no, one sees them on Facebook, and we have screen after screen after screen of people sending thing we're not seeing your stuff in our feet and that again. Well, never let this happen. Again. Crowder, we promise Louis. We think this is happening again. Remember one of the possible explanations? Here is that they have the crappiest livestream products plan. Could be well just because our product is the word. You got to advocate arguments. They literally could come down and say, I'm so sorry. It's our fault. We cannot do this. Because we are the worst kind WWE livestream. Facebook are super huge. They're like fifty thousand viewers at any given time and they run fine. So. Mcmahon. That's it. I heard a lot of that stuff might be scripted those. What news? I love the Greek. But also, and then explain that brings us to have him on a second that brings us to what was just revealed in the O'Keefe video. So do you want to tell people before we bring James out? Sure. So so most recently James O'Keefe was sure everyone's familiar with some of his prior work in doing undercover videos and whatnot. But was able to get some just amazing insider information and not just someone who decided they wanted to give it anonymous tip, but someone who's willing to put their life at risk their career their professional life at risk to describe what was going on behind the scenes regarding de throttling or throttling. The program throttling of live streams and specifically again, Steven Crowder's. Here's I'm this page. And the only reason I don't wanna do wanna talk myself in von Braun. Joe I what I'm saying. Are unfortunately, an example, potentially anybody? But we are the only as far as what page that was fingered in both Gizmodo article back then and now with video life human big part of that was we lost so much profit on Facebook because people weren't clicking links. Any more traffic was being throttled. Okay. We're going to focus more multimedia. And then that when you what's going on? Here doesn't make any sense we can look at our growth club. We can look at our growth on YouTube. Why not applying Facebook, no answer? No answer. No answer. No answer. That's what's so important. No cure is this is something we had long suspected we've talked. We fact we talked about never live streaming again on Facebook and just livestream because we can only split ways to YouTube and to mug club because we've got so few viewers then this drops from James O'Keefe. And we're sitting there going, okay? He has the code. He has the actual code. That's baked into our page. Again. Tell me that. That's not a dishonest business practice. We if you tell us you can't say the word tranny. All right, fine. You tell me. You're not going to verify an Instagram. We okay fun. But you can't they can go that you don't tell us about their inhibits our ability to make a living. Speaking of which hit the notification Bill if you're watching on YouTube, which is really the only issue probably watching but more important join lettuce for twenty seven cents a day and subscribe on I tunes as well. So you can listen to audio version, and we get completely shadow Banerjee platform, at least we can tell you on the I tunes. I think let's let's get him on. Do. We have James do you have we okay, we have him here. Bill. It's not cross examining because he's not we're not court here, but James O'Keefe Project, Veritas dot com slash brave. I know they're asking people out there. Everyone out there to carry cameras with you really if you don't have the hidden camera stuff, you can use your phone. We've use it in the past. He's an iphone. I'm on the phone. I'm catching felony James O'Keefe. How are you, sir? Good to be with you sorry to hear about the sting. But I'm here to to help you answer with information. I appreciate it. I know you let me know about this. You sent me the video, and I saw the response here from the virgin, the no Bill has some questions or do you want to lead this off as far as your your questions with James? I would I would thanks for being available, obviously everyone's been following this very closely. And the work is is really appreciate are no across the community. Probably my first question right off the bat. I think a lot of people are interested in knowing is how did you understand the credibility of the information? You do that you were obtaining. And what steps did you take to make sure that it was verifiably? Correct. Well, that's a great question. Not a lie. Well, this this took a long time. Let's see where do I start? So about a year ago, we had this inside or send us these documents. And the this was a lot of documents. And I'm not an engineer. So I don't know exactly what they mean. Fast forward. A couple months we get a lot of information. You let a tips at Project Veritas, you can imagine from a lot of people claiming to be a lot of things. Right. And we find out that this person did in fact work or she claimed to work in content review, intellectual properties. We look at the documents. And you know, my team went through all these see the word Debu st-, and we go, whoa. Because you don't have to be an engineer when you see this term, and I haven't in front of me action debouche live distribution. And there was a screen shot of Mike Cerna, the ges this woman that actually taken out a camera and took a picture of the computer screen showing this Debu. So we'll all my God. I can't believe we didn't notice this earlier and your question I could tell the whole story, but I'll cut it to the bottom line is. We have an other sources inside Facebook that are not willing to go on the record, of course. And I and a couple of logs into the back end and showed me this engineers named Danny? Ben David showed me his definition of of. Debu sting. So I know this is real I know that it's not just a made up documents. And when Photoshop because I saw it with my own eyes from another source that corroborate the identity of the engineer and the document itself. But the other source was did not have access to the. The other part of Facebook where this sting activity took place. He can only corroborate that was thing. And that Danny Ben David is in fact, someone who works for Facebook and number three Facebook's response corroborates, the fact that this woman is real because they fired her and they and I'm actually played captivated by the response because they say it fired her floor. In fact, leaking these documents that's big deal notice no denial 'cause I not know why they fire her. We couldn't report how they fired her. We thought maybe she got fired because she was a bad note, they fired her for leaking these documents with this meets the standard for evidence to does does his case. Hold water. So in terms of having some substantial evidence having someone who can corroborate what the evidence is. That is actually what purports to be. And they can actually explain it. You're gonna hit those authenticity. You're gonna hit admissibility. So it goes a long way to what you have in from a practical standpoint, it's not just having one piece of evidence in. That's kinda why wanted to ask about the credibility everything that we do. Here. And I know that you do as well is based on not just a rumor or hearsay or a random anonymous tip. But it's taking those things and verifying them separately and individually. And so that's knowing what the credibility is in the sept-. She took in addition to afterwards getting essentially verified by Facebook acknowledging Stephen you raise not here seven plus one by the way, not it's not that's not very well researched. Don't come up next later later. But the other big point there is that this was the opportunity for them to deny James the work that you had done, and they didn't they in very much corroborated that these doctors. They could've said these documents fake before we that. I do have a question. How do you know, I was included on the debate amongst the Debu sted? So I have a copy of the this is the from the video this is the actual code. It says I action sigma action debauche live distribution, this whistle blower took a screen shot of Mike Sern of inches page. And then she she. Saw this code appear on your page. Stephen. We didn't get a screen shot of your page. But we did get a screen shot of the code appeared on your pages size. Sigma? I action debauche live distribution by this engine. That's something that. Emotion for discovery motion from I asked I asked the whistle whistle or inside or whatever you wanna call her. I said would you swear under oath in a court of law that you saw this Steven Crowder's pages? One hundred percent she saw this debased action taken on your page and the daily caller's page and Mike started just page. She did not see it on any other liberal liberal or political liberal pages. She only saw on your page. So then I asked you I said will did you do anything malicious? Did you talk about suicide and such a way that you ban? We have in the sensitive said don't do it. Well, that you shouldn't you shouldn't be banned for that. And if you are debased, they should be notifying you. Yes, we were not notified of the Debu sting. And I think something that's really important here as well. James? And you didn't know this before you release this article this is how I met Bill Richmond. We just talked about the Gizmodo article because the there was a leak where someone said we were manually throttling. Pages before that Bill, and I talked about this. We had several videos trending at the top of Facebook, one them was guns. And I can't remember what the other video was it could have been the feminist film festival. And then afterwards, we never tried it again, and we had an issue with accounting, and this article came out, and I spoke with with with Bill, and you didn't know that. I was one of the few people named to to have been manually throttled before and I think I'm the only one named in both of these stories back in that one was Chris Kyle foundation. Ted Cruz for president Breitbart, and yours truly in here. The only three that have heard named are said certain daily caller and myself. So a big part of us dealing with Facebook was this single happen again. And that's what the story was such a surprise. Well, one of the most shocking things about the story. And this is what the insider said is that what makes this so damming what makes us so agree GIS is that listen, let me defend Facebook for one second year book has thousands of employees that police there are some anomalies. Where some crazy low level employee takes down Ben Shapiro or takes down Dennis Prager. Actually saw that happen. I the insider showed me some things and I saw that. But people get put back up. I mean, you can protest. You can say listen, I didn't do anything wrong his justified with notoriously anti semitic Jewish scholar Nazi Dennis Prager. Yeah. We get frigging. Right, but UP some nominally some low level left wing employee. Facebook takes the guy down he gets put back up. And there is a there is a commitment of police this sort of crazed extremists employees at baseball because there are sixty thousand people once in a while sums it takes them down and adults in the room. But in this case, the Debu sting, you guys don't know that it's happening to you. That's the thing that is very shocking. That is the reason why I asked her she said, well, the reason why I chose to lose my job in leaks. These documents actually on food stamps for. Months because she was broke and unemployed is because she said the people don't know that it's a curling. It doesn't even show up on Facebook's content review. I'm sorry. Facebook's task management system. It doesn't show up that they're doing it. It's an got seventy five pages of code. I action. It's automatic machine. Learning. They go through your video, Stephen they convert your videos into text. They find key words the keywords trigger an algorithm, which automatically debased you, and you don't know that we had we called it something in the office. I think quarterback knows us. We call it sort of the Facebook to YouTube ratio in a sense that we were almost guaranteed. Whatever stream viewership we had on YouTube. It would be anywhere from one tenth to thirtieth on Facebook and same thing for video were uploaded. And here's the thing with YouTube, and I'm not I'm not letting you to the hook here certainly talked about ABC, Disney and the broken system there. We can see how long people are watching our videos for where they're coming in. We can look at demographics. We can tell exactly how. How many people are watching and we can never really tell that with Facebook. And haven't been able to monetize videos as far as I know on Facebook. But when you have consistently videos, I think our viewership is close to the million Mark, and then on Facebook, it's forty thousand fifty thousand and there's still a couple million fans who've liked that page, proactively we just had we just assumed it was well Facebook Stein off because nobody likes it anymore. Snapping Weiner picks on Snapchat. And Instagram turns out that might not be the case. What are the other questions is in a lot of these instances when you hear from one of the social media platforms? They'll say you broke this rule. However, subjective or vague the rule might be. And so we're gonna have this consequence. But at least we have a rule that we can argue with or fight with that kind of thing here. The response for Facebook is very interesting. They say well you may have acted with misconduct by uploading to the livestream prerecorded videos. But would you don't find is where's the example of this actually happening? If this really was a rule that Facebook had in its policies at some point in the past. And it was actually violated. Why hide behind a secret has that that quote because we filled the audience they did respond, and they didn't deny that they've been doing this. I can read it see or you can throw it on screen, but I'm gonna read you Facebook's response to this. I action Debu. So it's interesting about the response bills that again, the within like an hour of our story breaking Facebook corporate response to their their buddies at the verge dot com and all these. Mainstreaming. Reporters are buddy buddy with people inside face. But Facebook says quote some pages that tried to game the system by uploading prerecorded videos, the live API violation Facebook's policy if moderators found the video the action debouche st- tag would be applied to undo the news feed boost otherwise plied, the live videos, and Stephen I asked you do you recall doing this or? You know, what no one here has ever done quarterback has been in charge of that. No one hears ever done it. But if it would have been done it would have been done a long time ago wants to test because we thought there was something fishy with our livestream going on. We're getting one thousand viewers livestream here. And we're getting twenty thirty thousand on YouTube. What's going on? Let's see if we upload this video separately versus a live feed. If it would have been done, and I don't believe that it has just don't want to be put on the hook for that. It would have been done wants to test a theory that we thought Facebook is doing exactly what they appear to be doing. So no, I don't know that we have done it. And we shouldn't have done it consistently. And their answer isn't very to me. It's not very clear if they the that video that feed if they the whole page because we spent a lot of money on Facebook advertising and a big part of that was them courting us saying, hey, the great thing here special with media's you're going to appear in people's timelines. We really want to be a multimedia platform they came to us. So that's why would be nice if clarification. Well, another thing another back. That's very interesting is that if. You look at the code and the video where it says Sygma distribution sigma is this is this name of this program authored by this engineer. Danny Ben, David with the intention of rooting out like suicide. I mean, people on Facebook livestream, this Facebook's a big company people kill themselves on face, but there's pornography. There's people getting chopped in half. There's all gory child porn, the content review agents, go through and go through that. So this system was apparently used to combat things like that that does not exist in Facebook's response. But my insider showed me that the reason why this was taken allegedly was to combat suicidal or or violent things. So I'm hearing two different explanations of what is debased four. If you want my opinion, as as someone who's done this for ten years hidden camera, exposing people I think they're just caught. And they're not they're not debating what? Exposed they're just sort of obvious skating here. And I think you guys are owed an explanation. I think you need to see the back end, and you need to know what's going on with your livestream on their defensive. It's the child porn issue that could have senior nudie seen inven- confused. I just looked like a child feel very baby. Like, they could've thought. It was a terrible porn. Union for the kind of the the big thing is is like I was saying if there really was a violation then they lead with saying you have violated X policy instead of a post hoc. Well, okay. Our response now for having done this for our many years or months, it's been going on and only to your pages because we think you may have done something wrong. But notice the response does not even say the pages at issues are the pages that were discussed were Steven Crowder. Did these things they say kind of generally? That's why we did it. And that might even be true. But I think James your point is cracked there has to be an opening the KOMO. Let's let's share one exactly KOMO no reference. Of course us trying to he's trying to make sure if there ever were if there if there is to be a lawsuit that he has the Asian card in there. But it's really only half a KOMO three short, KOMO. It's like Rob Lowe in thank you for smoking. I drove a question for you, though. And then a fault. Maybe James can also clarify this. How important would it be? If let's say emotion for emotion for discovery. Oh, you would serve discovery requests. Okay. So how how important would it be to? Let's say a case if it were verified that this is a real thing. And it seems like it's a real thing or not denying it. And that it was not equally applied across conservative and liberal platforms. Would that change if they would if they said, well, this was applied pretty much consistently cross leftist platforms? Not just conservatives. It what it would do is. It would only mean that everyone is being conned. That's that's really what it would be. It does make it worse. If it's targeted to a certain political group, just as if it would be bad if it was going after a certain race or religion or that type of thing, but it's essentially saying a political creed or race or religion is bad. But it's someone like hate crimes. The crime is still a crime, regardless of what whether it's a hateful or targeted at a specific group. And James, can you confirm anything like that that it was? I know you said your source mentioned this. But do you have any information that could confirm that people on the right? We're more unfairly targeted. Yes. We one of the parts of the store there's a Debu sting. And then there's this other part of the story. Documents on my desk. So I have my facts correct here. These are all these are all screen shots taken by the woman who blew the whistle. This is something called a troll report atro- report where they identified language that there's a whole bunch of tactics. They use those the glossary of words that are used by individuals, and this guy confirms that they do in fact, bad content. Can you give us some examples of those words because I read this I've seen this. I was obviously not appalled. But could say surprised not surprised just it was really more of a disappointed parenting. That one. So I wanna make sure. Vaccinate. And I and this is incontrovertible proof. Stephen, this is not my words. These are documents obtained of this tro report. With us words like Lowe's, nor me mainstream media MSM term SM. This is these are terms appropriate by conservatives. Liberals, don't really use the term MSN social media isn't essay w on their s j w on their what else no left is Janelle. It's not like they've reappropriated the word and go we're proudly j w you know, maybe if you found transgender black single mom with rickets, maybe there's someone who would carry that mantle. But that's if they're saying these are words to throttle pages. Putting in s j w would definitely disproportionately target concerns. L O L is on that list. So now, it's low l l l z it's like a it's a mean mean so this is after so here's the deal the on the inside of Facebook. We saw the Seiji Yamamoto character one of the top engineers right after the twenty sixteen election from intendo. I mean culture can help elect President Trump. So that decided to have an influence on elections. And this is one of the most powerful parts of the store they assigned it. What's called a a troll score under the fake account index of special feature leading this is a direct quote leading up to important elections, unquote. Identifying these keywords that conservatives us, this is a big deal there and Mark Zuckerberg said under oath and testimony last spring that they don't do this. They don't make political determinations. Yes, they banned clansmen and pornography and violence, but they don't. But this engineers say GM modo, and he's not a low level guy. He he's the head of the whole department that heads this. We have a copy of the of the confidential report where the identify these words, and it's all in the documentation that this whistle blower gave to us. Do you have any more questions for right? Okay. That's James O'Keefe. Please. Do keep us in the loop. Obviously because we do have a half Asian dry creek in here who crack creek Moroccan keeps. I don't know why I keep saying it incorrectly project, very dot com slash brave. Not to be confused that awful Pixar film wasn't swinging Misra Pixar with the redhead James. Thank you for being here, by the way. Appreciate it. Thanks, steve. And. You don't need a break. We don't even break. We're going to be one of the seven plus one here and just. Okay. Chain eight by the way, there is no retire on the chamber we tuning and now we check cleared it this week is actually if you haven't noticed seven, plus one big tech legal drama. Yeah. We're looking speaking. Speaking of which I had a question for half Asian viewer. Both muted the James O'Keefe interviewing Casey, well, just sitting here listening and soaking it all in has there has there been any widespread throttling and sting essentially of liberal accounts. Like have have a lot of liberals come forward because all I've really heard and this may be my own bias. Just said that while you're in the bathroom. He just said no as far as far as he knows. Because the trigger words they use like any page. It has S J W. You haven't seen in the media. I thought I knew the answer. I think the answer would be no. But I'm asking him. Like is there anything behind the scenes where like, oh, it's both conservatives and liberals getting screwed. It just seems like conservatives are getting screwed. And I just wanted to be not my opinion. But fact, well, you don't know yet. That's why you have to. Allegedly. The word pointing to the eyewitness. And the documents that we phoned photo of computer screen allegedly. It is the specific code was only seen on conservative pages and of those conservative the ones that were memorable. Mike bitches got an actual screen shot. She was not able to get a screen shot of evens. But affirmatively said I saw the code on Stevens page, and then said it was not the night. I've seen other pages that did not have the code, right? So is it possible that it is on other pages? Certainly is that something that Facebook could come out and be like guys actually on everyone. Hey, look, we can show you the usage that we actually only did it if you uploaded a prerecorded video to the live feed, which is the excuse they've given. But they have not said any know any of that. Violated rule, which which we may or may not violated once I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that. We have never done that. If you don't get the throttle an entire page. Something else was going to say this is one thing to why. And I really did enjoy Alex Jones and show, and they're both actually both on the show I consume and friends, but there was a point when they were talking. They're saying is it true that on face on YouTube, another monetize videos that have the word truth or liberty in them. And I guess it is a huge thing. It's not. So it's delay is not necessary because the truth is bad enough. We have any there the truth about guns the truth about we have multiple the words and not all have been demonetized. So is it true that conservative videos have been unfairly targeted? Absolutely. Have. We seen a disproportionate amount of demonization. Yes. But you don't need to lie and say, hey, I heard anybody even has truth and the title is d- monetize. It's not accurate, and it doesn't help the legal cases going forward. This is the inner centers bitching on social media, and there's actually taking legal matters. Into your own hands and taking the proper steps and using the avenues that are available to. So just my only point is if you don't know don't lie because then you toss allies in all the truth. All right, but these are the seven plus one big tech legal dramas of which really shouldn't be remissed. It's almost like big Tex run out of ideas of DMZ sex parties, number seven to copyright a mocking bird. Yeah. That's almost. That's not good use of attorneys time. Six. This is no surprise your favorite. My cousin Dorsey that's number six. Seven one big legal drums. I wanna hear Penn. Tell us read one. We give us a number five. Number five is a few. Good men hating Facebook engineers. The best shop team, and I've seen Stephen Colbert photo shops and Bill Maher is just absolutely terrible. We really have great people even Brendan. I'll say this one because I'm guilty of hate speech, number four and Justice for all tranny makeup tutorials. Yeah. Could. Bill. Can you do number three? Can you read it, absolutely anatomy of bullshit? Cling term that is. Senate very icon of poster. Number two inherit the wind bags those that was that was the infamous on key. The actual monkey trial. People are. Evolution trial. No one talks about how back then just a lot of the three with incredibly racist. They gloss over. A second. Qs about conservative Christians big like, do you? What do you believe that? We wanna we can't even hey, why don't you? Number two there Penttila all right number two uncivil half Asian. Yes. In uncivil age. Are you serious? The way we have a major conspiracy episode coming up, and it is about the graphic designer for all early nineties through early two thousand John Travolta's Phillies. Here I'm pretty sure it was the same person. I'm not saying Manati number two. Can't forget number two legally half Asian. Yeah. Not not so much drama. Used? I don't know if I should be concerned that my legal representation as a mused the part time country. Tasting. Number one top big tech legal dramas is presumed guilty. Yeah. The plus one this week plus one top ten top seven seven plus one plus one plus one plus one. In plus the plus one top big legal dramas. Seven plus one. Invitation back. Well, thank. What the hell is invitation back. I game. Time cheeses, hit it twice to self. Again. This is this is this the show this. Track with Parkinson sixteen bullets. Very bad. Sixteen year right now at seven one I was thinking six plus one. K that people is seven plus one. Now, thank you. It wasn't legal prep all week. We're going to keep you up. So if we were to let's say file suit would be able to let people viewing right now. No by sometime next week. Yeah. We definitely will. I mean, there's there's a lot of work that we put in not just legal team, but working with you and your team to make sure that everything that we're doing we're verifying it we're checking against legal structure. We're looking about what the the natural consequences are also weighing against the fact that it's going to take time away from content and from the audience. So that's why we have to go out do the right thing bolt to the audience and from a legal standpoint also being that, you know, this isn't just about you. It's about you. And everyone else I mean, there have been times we're both left and the right have been said, what are these social media companies doing with their shadow banning in their ridiculous rules in the subjective. Application of them here. Again, though consistently consistently consistently the only one name between Gizmodo and James O'Keefe investigation is Steven Crowder. And so it gives us. More of a leg to stand on. So that we can hopefully pave the way for the rest of you. Because I don't want to do this the rest of my life. And I'm hoping for someone else to wanna see other conservative channels out there. I wanna see more. I wanna see you guys grow. And do that listen, it's a multi tiered approach. Join up at club. You help us fight this battle you help us have not only Bill Richmond. But hopefully, I know clerks clerks associate shut the associates clerk, I shot, the clerk clerk and more legal team. And listen, let me know if here's one thing a lot of people go sue Charles Hermes, sue Twitter. Well, it's at some point that does mean that they're going to be some days some weeks, if we're in court to take the stand where you're gonna miss out on the show, and that's part of what mug club is. And I wanna make sure that if we go down this road that you understand the magnitude of it that you understand the severity of it that you understand. We are doing it for you. And so I want to know if you're willing to sacrifice some content in the short term for us to be free from the shackles of corporate censorship, long-term half Asian Bill Richmond look for the updates. Thank you very much. Penn. Tell us comedy goes subscribe to him on YouTube is one of the funniest men. I know break and we'll be right back. Let's close. It's a heartbreaking sight a Colt hungry half. Asian voyeur. With no one to sue for only twenty seven cents. You can ensure steady nutritious diet of big tech show, banners and corporate hypocrites to hungry half. Asian louis. Feet half. Asian lawyer Bill Richmond. Join today. Auto of viewers. Huma notice. My new fries. God shop dot com. Get your short shosha image for figs onto firearm. Should does cool code women's one? That was someone who's drowning trying to latte flare pose, but then taking the current. But he's so narcissistic that he's still keeps going squeeze flex. Oh kinds of all kinds of that conservative the twins, by the way. Yeah. They're just they've gone full board. So for thank you so much. My lawyer Bill Richmond. We'll keep you updated. Let us know. Which sends you think are most agreed issue has the power of the mob. We've just filed motions for information before in the past. We've tried to play nicely settled out of court. It's gone to the point where it's really impede our ability to make thank you so much tells comedy, please go to channel. He does a podcast with Mike ward, by the way, communit- work. So something I do want to and I've talked about this before. But I think it's relevant than ever is this mantra that here a lot. And I think it's incredibly toxic. Now, these terms of co-opted, but really talks Eddie that failure is not an option failure is not an option right now. As an example, we're talking about this. We're fighting Facebook Disney ABC the academy. I don't even know if they are Disney ABC, internal battles. Of course, we have battles well-known battles with YouTube. This has been going on for a long time. And it is. I wanna say sometimes it feels insurmountable and I'll come back to this. Sometimes, of course, I want to pack up and go home. It has been very very trying week and using hoppers been sick. He's been doing very well. Thank you so much for your comments. I'm at the top of my health game right now. But let me just tell you something failures absolutely option. I know that I've talked about this a lot. But I'd like to put a finer point on it. Good example recently. I was watching television. I saw a commercial that mentioned Huntsville, Alabama rocket city USA in the man, the commercial was talking about how failure failure was not an option. Here's the thing. I understand where he's coming from. I'm not saying that rocket scientists NASA, whoever this guy was is being dishonest. He's affected trying to express the importance of the task. And the severity of the failure there in. Okay. Someone could die something could blow up. I appreciate the accountability being expressed in the sentiments do not get met don't say, you're attacking. That's not what I'm doing here. But I disagree with the phrase, and I think it's when we need to do away with I certainly wouldn't curse you to do with it in your personal life, mainly because I see so many people use it as a personal mantra failures not an option an option Phillies. Option kind of like an I think I can't think I can't I think I can. But I've talked about this before my good friend sheila's is talked about this before failure is always an option. In fact, it's often the easiest and most readily available option that doesn't mean that the consequences are easier desirable. But the action of failing is always there every step of the way. It's more apparent to me now than ever as we talk about on this show, your guiding light above all else hate to sounds cheesy. But it needs to be truth. And so I don't think that ever denying reality is the most productive. I just don't believe it. I know that it's been helpful for me. I think would be who've many of you to consider dropping the mindset for more accurate. One. Failure is always an option. Don't tell yourself. It's not if you tell yourself, it's not your denying this huge this ribbon this Milky Way. This this cosmic belt of reality. Sometimes it's the biggest cosmic belt of reality in your path, certainly the most looming. Let me give you an example. Let's say you're driving down a freeway. There's a major. Roadblock. Let's say a five car pileup. Does it help you to say there's no pile up? It's not even on the table. Or is it more productive? See the pile up to acknowledge it and to refuse to allow it to impede your progress. The former mindset that of telling yourself that there is no roadblock Phillies an option leads to what was it lead to writing straighten to that roadblock? The ladder acknowledging seeing the roadblock including this data incorporating the information into your reality largely because it is reality come back to that. In a second living year truth, we'll be more productive. It would lead to a solution. You know, it's there, but you don't want to end up in that roadblock. So you're more likely to take a different route to recalibrate to succeed. Why do we tell ourselves this that failures not an option? Why do we consistently lied ourselves? And why is it been accepted as I see it in the Christian community as well as the sort of self help guru community, which is more productive. Let's just look at this from a pragmatic point of view the failures an option. Mantra or let's say let's we switched it to failure as disallow lable. I'd like to see more people saying failure disallow -able as opposed to lying themselves saying that failures not an option, it may sound trivial. But one is a soundbite in one is a way of life one. It's a mantra. Okay. That sounds good on daytime talk shows at sells self help books. The other very non sexy, but necessary mindset to deal with your own shortcomings. Most important one is dishonest in one is truthful. I'd say, it's honestly, it's even more severe than than that in that one is dishonest in arguably the most destructive way possible, and then it's the kind of dishonesty in which you lie to yourself on your marriage failures, not an option Phillies, not an option in your work failures on an option an option in your physical training Phillies option failures, not an option only to find yourself at some point when even living with this mantra, I dunno broken possibly divorce losing your job, or in the most literal sense. Physical harm finding yourself under a barbell, by the way. I don't know. What's happened with my wrist? It's not the power glove with with the boy from boy meets world brother the old Fred's wizard. It's so bad, by the way, that's physical training. So important people say well your meat head. No, sometimes experiencing the most literal strain possible tells you a lot about yourself a lot about your place in this world, and how you interact that. So do me a favor. We do this every week and often you tweet me or you send me messages, and it ends up on the club life advice segment. Give me a fake. Run this experiment. Find out what your maximal strength is how much you can squat deadlocked. Hell I don't care how many pull ups you can do K. This is just an experiment. I'm not saying that how many pull ups you can do determines your marital quality. But just find something that measures your maximal strength. Write it down K perform at once. Now, I want you to add fifteen percent. Doesn't seem like a ton right? Tell yourself not an option repeaters many times it's necessary. Listen to your listen. You're amp up music get slayer going. I don't know. What you listen to nowadays. I don't know Lincoln park still thing that's pissed me off in high school get yourself to peak by any means possible. And try it. Pause. This right now try at fifteen percent did succeed. See that's why the mantra of failure is not an option is so harmful because it's all of this lying to yourself. All the while these roadblocks keep piling up. You will come to that roadblock. You will come to that pile up. It's there it's always there. But if you have knowledge it, if you're honest with yourself you can prepare for it. And you can choose not always but often to disallow failure. So want you to take that same experiment? Find out your maximal strength before it could be a squad could beat even a number of pull ups. It just has to be consistent. What you did before? Now instead of performing it. And then adding fifteen percent amping yourself up on an option. I take a different tack. I want you to knowledge that that is your limitation that going past. It will lead to failure. Keep it in the back of your mind. Okay. But don't reach it don't max out. And here's what I want you to do. I want you to not perform to failure. But to chart a course to improve it. For example, let's say you're max maximum squad three hundred pounds consistently do call it two hundred seventy five pounds, but gradually add every time you going Jim five pounds card work, hard work, diligently. But not too. Failure can do fifteen pull ups only twelve or thirteen but consistently and at one read write it down. And then want you to come back in note when you pass your previous limit, I guarantee you this is a promise. Okay. Not an empty promise. I guarantee you that using that method you will surpass and you'll probably be surprised by how quickly it happens. Now, this experiment here. It's not about lifting weights is to show you that one way of doing things. The failure is not an option doesn't work. You can try move that way. Shelvin even all you want. You will be no closer zero percent closer to achieving growth than you were when you started the other while not sexy, very workman-like. It's not a show horse. It's a Clydesdale will lead to break the break that you were seeking in the first place. It's a great irony in life that these triumphant these grandiose ways that we try to achieve breakthroughs. They're usually the ones that keep us from achieving them because it's the preparation at matters. It's the in betweens talk, but it's the unsexy measures. We take when no one is watching. When the excitement's worn off and failure is always an option. The back of our mind one the failures not an option affectively. The false mantra of living your truth. That's why I hate it so much whereas the decision to acknowledge failures option, but this allowing it to determine your long-term circumstances the equivalent to living in the truth. I don't think there's anything sillier than saying. I'm speaking my truth. That's a hedge to say you could be a glider. That's what you could be saying sorry cornerback has to hit the sensor button. A little pissed off this week. I don't really care let it fly. A reset recalibrate next week because I realized failure with vocabularies option, but what is living your truth me? If you're not living in truth. There is absolute truth, and sometimes your truth and the truth are in congress. As a matter of fact, more often not because often the truth is really uncomfortable. But guess what the truth is always there? It's always there. And if your truth isn't the truth, it's gonna hit you like a brick in the face. Maybe not today, maybe not moral sooner or later the truth is coming from you. From your for you. I don't care live life without limits. That's another that I saw trying. Without libya. So as this bumper sticker, climbing summit hell does that mean, what does that mean the truth is you have limits? Iraq. No, you're a human and your breakable. We all are where people lie themselves on their sick. How many times, you know, these people have positive speaking? I understand you don't want to be a negative Nancy. But you know. And that sick. I don't get sick becoming that sick. And they cough up a lung. Listen, you can't lift that weight at some point in your life. You're going to die. You are sick. Your marriage has problems you're dropping the ball at certain aspects of your job or as a father as a husband. You've made promises to yourself that you haven't kept that's reality. And to tell yourself that failures not an option is to consistently live in a state of denying reality. It's delusional by definition right now to give you an idea to tie this back into us. And I don't want this to just be about me. We were hit with four copyright claims in the same day on the same show to try and suppress it three have been defeated. Just biding their time on the fourth hoping that the Oscars will no longer be relevant. And that you don't watch it. When it's available, please prove them wrong. Currently preparing for an epic legal with Facebook one that will test the integrity and for to not only myself, but everyone on this team. Also, you how long will you stick it up? How long will you support us this week? We had to miss three shows to fight these battles. Believe me that wasn't fun for us. They're going to be a few more weeks that if this goes to court, how long are you in when the dust has settled the excitement of the initial war. The battle cry has died out when we're in the trenches rained on covered in dirt waiting. Are you still there because failure is always an option? I have to be honest with myself right now failure is the most easy readily available option. I'm not a rock. I'm not a man without limits. I'm very limited man who is fallible and breakable. It'd be a lot easier to fail right now. Because rather than continuing rather than reinvesting in creating for the unheard majority of Americans, you the international fans out there. Now have a lot of Canadian Greek Orthodox Penttila told me I collect my marbles not gain this far right now and go home. Even more. I'm gonna point right now where I know that the failure of this program of this movement of your movement right now is a much more easy option today than it will be once we're in this fighting. Once in this fight. We can't unring that bell unless we win. I can't recoup all the resources finances, creative energy and just life energy. That's been invested into failure is a much more easy option for me to choose today than it would be tomorrow or the next day or the next, and I know that and I struggled with a lot of you. It all the time. There are times where I come really close to calling it in packing deny that a lot of myself into light you about it for the sake of some kind of inspirational soundbite would not only be dishonest. It would cloud my judgment to the decisions that I have to make for all of us moving forward. It would also be little by the way the magnitude of what you've done for me, you listeners for us. The truth is that you've helped us build something so impactful so important to such a multitude of people that the walls are closing in tempting us by providing the option of failure. That's where we are. Right now failure is would be a relief. Failures option. I'm not gonna lie to you. I go step further and say not only option it's very possible outcome. That's the front of my mind. I wanted to be the front of yours because them all on the same page knowing that right now at this moment in history, we all have a decision to make. We can choose failure right now. We can choose easy right now. And it's available. It's right there. We can choose relief. We can choose peace through failure right now or we can choose to go through the hard door. And this may not be as inspirational it may not sell as many books, but I can promise you this so long as you all of you. Watching listening streaming choose to go through those hard doorways those threshold meaning many doorway after doorway after doorway so long as you keep choosing to do that with us. I promise you civilized. Comment. Let me know. You're in. To the rest of you, fill your hand, you son of for everyone else. There's mug cenex we hopefully more show.

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