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I don't know going into service. No Marie and this is another episode. Interesting episode of the Snow Molly so rare I am going to interview great camper and he'll introduces himself right now and welcome. Craig and this introduces chameleons. Thank you so she said my name's Keith Campbell. Who I am based in Scotland switches in the UK and apologies for the accident. Everyone about trying speak slung. Liberal understand actually saw yeah and avenue as you eighteen years in affiliate marketing Kelloggs. Cornflakes sees the OPPO UP. More Egion scenes Lou lives we saw apps in your readers are some videos and you were in. India I think in recent days yes always say and Banglore and December lovely. Please lovely people very welcoming on the efforts of everyone say Indian Zim and Webinars and and everything Gandhian people who seem to quite enjoy warm seen through them so as a federally enjoyed. Npr News people right. Did you learn something from India? The land something from and galleons one thing never drive a car and India adopt driving a car I was in. I was the cab going from airport to the hotel and I was like just Fox as we. We we too busy right lab senior. Talk with us as well. You're so funny and legged actually actually I. I saw you from the talk and then I found you on facebook and stuff like so i. I saw the talk radio of yours. Someone said on their facebook reflecting recipe. Or maybe someone that you have interviewed. I guessed home equity. Yeah so I know because of him I know you because of him and You're here for the same thing right. I mean issues. I've been our something like I will say rush same Russia the conference right. I mean what kind of Seo are you doing? I mean are you are hiring someone or doing yourself or you have an agency so after my own team of staff but we don't do client work. Most of the stuff we do is affiliate marketing and deviously had an agency but I absolutely heats dealing with clients so safety to make the move to Gwen to affiliate marketing. Because that we need to beg the client to pay me. Some money can make more money and the due to this report in and all this other Bill Shepherd comes with a quite more so I think it'll acu was ACO whether you do affiliate whether you do e Com whether you client what the same process untempted of right in. The website is the same bought stress. The state's lab was when you do client is a we up and you do your own affiliate and you can you take the off. Cello have long lie on Youtube. Relax but more and I think when you're relaxed more you perform better to the best of your ability in your cleared more creative and much more enthusiastic about the job beheads right and may I ask you how everything started the series or whatever you are doing so many many years ago around the eighteen years ago so I'm forty snow. I was the boat seventeen when enter nick in the UK. Marrano India may be slightly late. I don't know what the intellect Komotini Yuki Harry's is but young guys like you have probably been brought up with intimate until I got to seventeen at an even have a mobile phone pulled the intimate commute. And everyone's like wow that's amazing. Nfl everyone's played on the a mate talking to people. You'll ever really just came from a huge obsession y. The May is lake a new games console for a young chapel at Yogish snow. Usually and game console you. Want love game in evidence. Go to be and you're totally obsessed with it so I think you'll miss you the good stuff because the intimate our needs we are. I was just leaving school on. Hadn't had it before and doesn't really know what I wanted to do but I had a few shitty jobs. Don't Watson Venus Clap Job. Sales Jobs Oldest shed jobs. You could ever think of on the one D. Someone gave me the opportunity to play a boat with the website to issue wasn't a segment so they said this website joined clear worth Please with it. Stop to lamb Harry Masonry websites on this issue. Thanks stuff to commute on before a new and I was walking wholeness Afi Lonso. I ended up making enough money to leave the job. Could because everyone says you make me websites make new websites or Said's enough. I'm going to walk from sale. Started walking from home for a few years just building crappy place websites on the identity. Sadie to boat agency because as things go. It'll you need to content radar. You need someone to design some graphics because I'm really badly graphics and before you say about the need to Jesuit high of the guy hired another guy hired another guy and before a new had an agency and what the agency was relatively successful For obviously we've got the same problems that everyone else's go what the agency clients doping. You don't pay you enough money You know and these things are felt very stressful. So had a whole but at seventeen people walking for me and you will three clients. P Ma business was so at. That didn't like be not possession so you know what it's like even clients or on the P the failing team in the US all sorts of excuses on the Not For me Trish. This full SWAT THE AS C. To move into saving an affiliate marketing which is what I do. Try and stay away. A handful of clients still look after but they are very very whale hunt. Clients adopted the half that he'll to certain rules at stuff. What's so yeah? It's been a long journey. Yeah got to. We don't want to be also experienced similar similarly so like you but I want to know as you said you you were doing dancing so I would like to know which platform do you use. And how was your experience in there in so platforms at the? I used to use was paying the fee. Lonzo also used to just use things guncy. Local dietary is to be because remember when I was a fee Lonzo. It wasn't anywhere leaders. Compat- visit as no soul. Not everyone was aware of not everyone. Aco dumpty was probably the biggest place where used to. I'd say between dumpty getting a few jobs and what both was enough for me to make a good lesson didn't do anything to facing temps of advertising for. I thought it was nowhere. You're talking fifteen years or something to these mocked. It is different. You're going to have to do facebook. Catch you're going to have to do quote odds you're GONNA have to be on up work. People Perot All of these can a plot even five are five squads can sail gigs on all of these platforms so it's massively different from then has what you have to do. You basically have to be on every single one of those channels to money. How much you used to make all whitfield financing them at that one Guy Johnson probably between three and five thousand pounds. A month I was happy with that. It was never gonNa make me a male. You bought a alert me to to have a good salary. Y You have in the flexibility to what for thanked a cap. Not because the problem with being a freelancer as the beggar companies are not going to take you on. Because you're working in your bedroom or whatever so you'll never going to get the five thousand pounds of month customers. The big money retainers sold. I think Sampson's practice affect you. Probably go away limit to what you can in and without being Abegg agency if you like sometimes clients Lake the BEG agency and to be able to see lots of staff and an bag nasal office and whatever steady. Eleven so I I find it quite hard to scale above it between seen five thirty cents. Did you ever submitted a crappy job while you're doing relaxing? Yeah of course of course. Yeah I mean listen when were free. L'ancienne stole them in law. I wasn't as good as our content on sale today and of course submitting some bucs apart at fail good walk but when I look back did no. I'm like wow really late did someone pay me for this Looking at an old photograph of yourself you looking war man. I can't believe my here. We Are you know whatever you just look back go. Jeez it was so bad but I thought it was really good spot and hang say at was crazy shit. Yeah I know because because I have done the same thing as well so I know and again I will ask you or similar type of question. I'll what was your first website that you will fuss website. Our hand would probably be my own website. Many years ago at resort and it wasn't even on what place it infant on in cold. Mestre say what you used to buy from the shock and you out the desks and had the desk the desk an an attain plead website thing but it was obsolete shop and cook bed back. Then I thought I was a genius because I could make the takes screw along the top of the page and I thought Whoa You got cool. Whips a because of tapes was screwing along the page but looking back it was review bad walk and I used to use the last classified ads and that was super interesting point. I had made some worldwide websites and I was excited to but when you're first serious. Businesses started the first Dartmouth. Cd's stopped. So I probably Thank probably two thousand seven That's fifteen years ago. Cepeda Industry for about eighteen years. The first five years were just fucking obey a women and beauty blowing stuff up in Dune view. What a two thousand seven Started to take things about more serious and stopped trying to run a business and trying to be a lot more professional So yet Rigobert win in right. Did you have any struggle? I mean to start off. Lessen the whole thing is a struggle from the start. Everything was a struggle doesn't have money. doesn't have any clients at didn't have any staff you'll slow trying to drum up some business and I probably struggled for two years to to to Beg. Maceo in my reputation up to something And also I had no idea about the business say defense understand the COTON. It'll at really way anything it was just. It was quite a shut. Tamer. From Venus. That was always pill Pino appeal for an Italian Pino for an office. You know and not that much money so it was a slow and your Abbas. Young naive and didn't really understand is decided offs. Oh yeah there was a struggle and then obviously you start hiding people again. You're unexperienced hide and people. You hire people for all the wrong reasons whether it'd be talking gaming high. Their own die. Jahre whatever gained up over pain or you get someone who just doesn't want properly or you date someone who really doesn't fit you. Are we thinking? And so I made mistakes mistake after the stake after mistakes in terms of highland people With through tons and tons of staff but lesson you make mistakes and you've got to go through that motion to limb intimate the other state. Because I didn't go to any business school. I didn't have any mentor to to get me through this process So amid a lot of mistakes hide in the wrong people in doing a lot of their own stuff are also that tyke lights off into contracts so clients could leave whenever they want. It will play March. The process of my business and the whole business was a joke. If it's just a mess you don't if US few years everything was wrong and that was just because at the new any bit of so a but obviously you convert the other end stronger folder and you Belgium Business Fania pro your processes your systems hire people what you look for when you hire people and all of that stuff so I wouldn't change it but yeah everything was a struggle all right so I mean now talking about your Seo Company when and how This idea came up in your mind. I mean I'll was there any inspiration or something. I mean I is a C- OPPO agency and it wasn't really for me and I'm talking. I'm good at teaching and I'm good S. Your boat this protect your business model of Gorno. Disclose and what. I'm comfortable with so I don't do web design because I'm bloody lot set a established you. I Love Bacon. Money so affiliate mocked so we fold a hate during clients so that's really affiliate market modal Fatty DN adult. Make good on that you. I don't mean standard in on stage conference and so basically take it away. All of the pain points an avid all of the stuff that I'm comfortable during and rebranded rather than an agency of rebrand desma sale on as a see. I think you know there's enough business enough. Flights out there for everyone to beat himself or the dental market. Martin industry is a billion pound industry. And you can't be a little bit lazy. You can't do things your way as long as you survey results results stuff in business if you can make money. You're confident making money. Why would you do it for a client? When you make it for yourself go sell. Of course co-ceo some stand rushing and NFL mission. Gorge saved. Today was why the hill would you take a phasing dollars off a client to make him? You'll take those bucks a month when you could meet potatoes and bucks a month yourself. That's what you have to cap and a Sydney's you I think that comes with taking and expedience. If you genuinely believe that your good as you will in wide hail unique in other people money you'd be making it for yourself as a million opportunities to do it at well as core sees whether that's affiliate whereabouts e Comm. You'll do that. That's something that just with. All the states with clients at made me. Thank you have to do something? Definitely less is just not going to walk as it stands as you said I mean I out a little bit of research and I only only found your one website. That is dedicated to press your your company Your Business but Do you have any other businesses? Well that is running right now. Yeah so I've got a number of different businesses that are not related. But the are demeke meek money because of Seo Swivel and utilize Moscow's and to make an other are a business season you don't have to solely beaten ACU All those ammo Ian Means to waste money away any industry any Mitch. I've got had Amazon affiliate websites of gold leak genetization websites of GAUL ECOMMERCE websites. And so when I was in India same Russia and Banglore a gave a lot of case studies that we in affiliate marketing. Shouldn't people the different ways that you can make money and showed them a bunch of different options and I think it'll for me. Don't have all your eggs in one basket. Bought SOLELY RELY ON FORGIVEN. Come have other other businesses and has the job long-term as to take all the money from acu say defense and invest in real estate and these things like that. Well that's quite a lot and let's let's let's talk about your mistakes I mean. What mistakes did that You would advise others not to do cop. Three mistakes talk three mistakes. I mean one thing that I'm guilty of this mystique. Several retains is just even into a niche so for example three or four years ago the eastgate business stuff to become popular in the UK on a dive. Deaden and I thought done thunder keyword research and a scene that hundreds of thousands of people were researching for Easter. So I basically go away. State spent six months writing the fucker. Too Faint doubt the legally. You can't do P. Dodds for Isa give it because the government don't want you to Moten necking no payment provider other than peeved. How would accept payment for it on overdraw shepherds at the e cigarette industry a sharp at what they elected? So I didn't do enough research on the overall business model for a jumped ten and you have his acl. The failure of the business was because legally we couldn't do advertising to get the ball rolling and get some see was then the issue was coming in and secondly the famed how to take payments through anyone other than P so we were having problems being able to take payments because everyone wants to use people unfortunately the as the drop shipper fall. The platelet products was unreliable. So why would see mistake number one? Don't just research the keyboards research the business model and Phil because astringently letting care less whether it was an e cig or whether it was innocent savage just acting rightful that shit I'm gonNA make millions opponents so do your research and the business nj more speak to other guys who WanNa some business. Just ask them some of the pitfalls that you have to overcome and so that's mistake number one jumping enter mistake number. Two I would see would be not delegating and a lot of the what so my early stages of run agency. I wanted everything to be done or come through me so I was sailing. The Sandwich I was doing the voice in I was doing the issue. I had a team of content writers and I was. I was still putting all the content on the website because at that trust them enough to be able to log into the website and do the content Zeus as one of the common mistake that everyone yes do. You don't be selfish. Other people can do a good job. Depth approve this same. People are properly and delegate not share we are. I was doing everything and it became a very stateful we are. I wanted to have the hands on approach onto everything within the business. It'll didn't delegate INVOICING NEURO HE INVOICING PEOPLE. I hate that say the business and I was still doing it to. Why is doing it just because I was at a trust anyone and then what to delegate? Infant Schwab Bats mistake number two was not delegated enough not trust in people and three Thought Mistake I never never say a with no processes on any structure to your business. I think factored weighing the clock by a wasted so much team not having processes or structure to the business so I think having the right processes in place is going to help you scale up as a hell of a lot. Quaco cruel says you save the website to decline of the is. You'll get to decline. It'll the other guy. Does this say order and comes back tells everyone else what the need to do and they need you. You've got to have across. We are at half pro se season. No one really knew who is doing what and it was just a big mess source get your processes right. You're able to skew also save. Don't you don't always have the higher alochol person so I was always wanted to have an office with Taine fifteen people in it? No I've got no contact all over the words and I've got team of five people in the office and the rest of the what can be outsourced so I've got ending guys I've got Romanian. People Filipinos because the cost of Levin and DEA or Philippines or any of these other places as follows as an Yuki. No that doesn't mean the quality of what as any lace I mean. I know I know we can all see you walk from the Philippines or wherever sub standards the some really good people in all of these countries. And you can get done for a fraction of the place. Don't be driven by Eagle and hiding your own people. You cannot source again. Something I didn't really do very well at the start and I catch myself for doing that because I'm paying people who does a lot more scope people across the world's than there is in Mon doorstep people dumb an Law Casey on a not technical savvy especially in the UK. And I think a lot more people in countries like us who are a lot more technical savvy and a lot more hungry to do it and child jude five teams less so nobody know if that's just a couple of mistakes right now. Let's I'm in. That's very very helpful. But now let's talk about some of the business lesson to learn in all these years in if he Hostile off three lessons that you learned during this time but were did we business lessons hem. Probably Oh boy around the accountancy say the business again. Where sins are careful number? One careful who you're as some accountants tell you you can and can't do certain things will also tell you definitely story to the AC Awards Accountants Hotel Deafen Story of what can and cannot in terms of taxis and all of that stuff and very very careful. You're getting some one who because they can't believe law but does a lane in which you cannot cross if you break the law and most critical will take you up to that lane but the titans I've had in the past for very very cautious and I'm paying taxis and all of these things that we will have the peak because way me it's from a business point of view because I was naive and hooked up with the wrong of Titan. I wasn't able to claim things that was entitled to. I was paying way more tax than a should've the company just wasn't tax efficient names. Why would see to anyone? His understand high finance walks and Houghton see. What's in your country? We're all in different countries so I don't know what your tax laws are lake an India. But I'm going to assume that it's going to be placed similar to right. We've got all of our. But you have to get that safety. Your Business on point foster and foremost secondly in from a business point of view. you those always go to be things that other available such is Ed Miyake. We've thing where we can claim for research and Development. I lead India but we can fourteen percents of Tumble Devon by to his tax free from the government for research and development in Cleaton software automation processes the A. We absorb be aware of sexual Deal but not clear you. You have to dig deep into what's available for businesses and most governments. I'll be help. Small businesses like myself are mainly other small businesses are small businesses are the backbone of any country out there and that goes for India's where ninety percent of the population of India of the income and revenue is all brought through small businesses. The government ward to help you get probably entail a lot more help but you will ever believe but you just don't know where to look for that help so make sure that you do around speak to your local chamber of Komail. Government bodies fainted. What's view who fought in terms of things? One last thing with a business I would always see as always always always be careful on her. You partner weapon. Businesses will So many people it fingle from when the have partnerships and business no. I'm not going to see neff apartment up with anyone because a business partner. Maceo on being bumped by other business partners in the past safe routines we are again. I was naive. Didn't really understand a business. In general when he will have to other buses potholes was quite easy to force me. A business big suit against one. I just thought we were all in. It will three guys and business be took and basically full smear of a business on Megan Molly hails. So I think from a business point of view when you're setting up business meet sure the Iguana business partnerships with the rape people what the rate share Hogan never waste in fifty fifty. I've never have our goal less than fifty percent because you lose all control at that point a and I think to want to be in charge even days and if you can fold to go and business loan do it your sales. Because I'm lucky I've got a good business partner of high business partners. And who would simply argue for she hill of oxygen? We wouldn't you're you're never gonNA agree with that one. Mean you're never gonNA clean every last single point as much as we may be based rains or whatever you're always going to be and that always leads to kick conflict with a business because someone doesn't want for your date and it always ends up and Tom Royal so to give a thought. Do you really need the business partner? F F you dorn been. Don't get involved time though own stuff up even if it takes another few years to get through the in goal and not much business all right right now. How many works work I? Are you putting in Your Business Right now? Are you having fun or does it feel very stressing job? No is a see. I've got a team of people who do a lot of stuff for me. I only work four days a week and so I've always made it. You know after a one year old kids on I want to watch him grow up and so I have no doubt a business we are. You can outsource delegate stogies seaman and what done but just what smartly and be able to take more tame off so definitely not stressed definitely walk in a lot more in a smart and using automation using team members happened late processes in place which leads to you being able to cello about Mordon and be a little bit less journalists. What are what are your top sources of income right now top sources if I can come I mean I've got I've got. I've got a ton of definitely incomes. Commerce website brings in the most money. But I think you'll have two income streams from same rush of income streams Rome new video of a private affiliates withdrawal over reasonable combines. Probably all of my affiliate stuff combined probably does more than than my e commerce business but say yes so probably affiliate marketing sale in twos in and stuff like that probably does more than everything else so yeah we affiliate say okay so now the final question and it is an important one. What advice would you give someone who is just a starting or I'll one life advice is timid from you? What Leif Advice I mean I think one of advice I would say to. Someone is. Don't be scaled things go. Anyone can be anything they want to be. If you want to be the next new potato you can be the next new curtail. There's nothing stopping you. You've obviously got to believe it. I am but I think what holds a lot of people balked and my and my opinion as the lack ov- taking action in your people talk of your team. People can understand the issue. Do the actually Gordon to the actually good take a chance on a website. Do The invest in it properly and I think that that one thing is taken action as where people feel people skilled or they believe they can do or effort ever everything. I could be good as you. I could barely believe in sweat a computer awed when I was at school so an upbeat able to the reasonable size a reputation in the industry on your make some money on lane annual fat. Can anyone can. That's the same regardless of what you doing whether it's the issue of whether save being the base player for example you've got to watch out for it seeing lamb available and dude if bloody thing bull talk about it just a so take action is the one thing I would see anyone ever a goal and if you feel so walk up and that was That was super interesting. And thank you for joining Greek and I will put. His social media handles and though linked to his youtube channel in the description. If you guys want to check it out and thank you for joining me and because really nice thank you so much. No problem cheers thank you.

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