REShow: Jeff Brohm. Hour 3 (10-23-18)


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Hour number three on the show were up and running near Jeff Brom of purdue's going to be joining us and the vanquishers of the Ohio State University along with Rondell more. This kid this freshman out of Louisville, Kentucky, who they brought to Purdue. He was dynamite. And then of course there was just a whole bunch of sentiment as you watched that broadcast on on Saturday night where you just felt it was produced night for so many different reasons, and we'll discuss that with Jeff Brom. Meanwhile, Ohio State urban Meyer's got a new, a new recruiting pitch calmed to me, play defensive back and you got a good shot to play for the New Orleans Saints because the saints just acquired ally apple in a trade from the giants during our first hour of the program at news broke while Jay Glazer news breaker of his own right was right here on the show in our number one. And if you missed all the nuggets that he dropped, you've got to check it out on our app, apple app store, Google play, and hit the link at the top of our. Handle. So that means now playing in the secondary for the. For the New Orleans Saints. You've got Marshon Lattimore. You've got ally. Apple, you've got Vaughn bell and you've got Kirk home. Buckeyes straight across from that. That's what you got going on. They needed it in New Orleans needed this. Okay, Minnesota. And it's interesting glaze knows Sean Payton very well does not know if that's a personality fit, but there you go when you're a coach in his league and you know what your program is, bring somebody in say, you're either fit or we'll, we'll hit the road, you Lapa a fourth and seventh. Fourth this year, seventh next year, we're still all trying to take in the fact that Amari Cooper was worth the first round draft choice. Despite what we saw on on the field over the last two years. I mean, just erased. His ability to make big plays with the exception of one game against Kansas City last year, just totally disappeared. And what's disappearing in Oakland is is the ability to be there. They're not recognizable their cars only one left essentially. Right now. How about Jordy Nelson. Maybe maybe he could set up a flag right now and have Green Bay try to acquire them back while everyone's on the market to be sold right now. Maybe Green Bay just getting back would not be a nice little gift for Rogers. He's making his way out the Los Angeles right now. He could use them the fit right in the offense. Right. Knows the players. Everybody's on the market right now. Clearly in Oakland. So Jeff Brahms gonna join us here on the program. And like I said, there's there's so much to talk about with him. Chris Brockman lit up a phone line last hour saying that if he was in charge of collecting funds in an office to buy a mega millions ticket in the mega millions ticket hit, he would obs- gone with the ticket. Well, bounce bounce, bounce, bounce begun some folks like that. You're not so good luck to all you folks out there and hopefully you're if you are in an office pool, you don't have a scoundrel like Chris Brockman requiring the tickets for you. Jeff human. What is the poll question results is currently say, yes, we're looking at NFL team in the most disarray, kind of a polite way of putting it. There's a few teams that are disastrous right now. Raiders leading the way fifty percent giants. Thirty one percent cardinals. Fourteen percent Cowboys fibers. Yano I don't see the Cowboys in disarray. Disarray. They're not her head. Coach is kind of their their head. Coaches had problems. Again, closing out game seventy, certainly making the right decisions, but the decisions made they backfired punting in Houston. And then the last to play calls with fifty two seconds left on the clock time out in his pocket, only getting ten more yards and then getting either appropriately popped for five yard, illegal ball movement penalty on a long snap or hosed. However, you wanna put it. I wonder if the Cowboys fans would rather have desk Bryant and their first round pick still or Amari Cooper, great question. I think they choose Dez Bryant, their first round pick still, but they don't have to work with Brian true. And this is a Dak friendly offense. Boy, they give all the opportunity just acquired a Mark Hooper for him and he has not forgotten how to play football. That's what I'm saying is not in disarray. He. He does have to one thousand yard seasons, fresh out of the box as a as a pro. He still twenty four. Again, Calvin Ridley was a kid that a lot of people thought that they should pick from Alabama. He's an older rookie. Six months younger than correct. Who's the same age? They're both twenty four years of age. And Cooper apparently is not going to ask for new contract sold first round, pick doll man. You better play like and then the raiders they've got a cash. Those picks they've got three first rounders right now, three of them next year's draft. They should trae Derek Carr, and get one more. See how it goes, man, Derek Carr. He's taken in the shorts right now on Twitter today, and he's saying that he wasn't crying if you love being a raider, there's a lot going on and Oakland. So I, I don't disagree with the poll being tilted towards the raiders, but the Cowboys, they're not a disarray there. Three and four. They have an opportunity check back with me in three weeks and I'll tell you if they're in disarray. And that's brought to you by truecar car. 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He said, I think sometimes get said written, whatever that is when I said, I'll do whatever I need to do that is to help. And so someone asked, obviously it has probably not gonna go over well with Todd Haley, the offensive coordinator there in Cleveland and on Ben Rothlisberger radio show today. Boy, they asked him about it and what he thought, Todd Haley. Of course, his former coach might be thinking you Jackson saying he's going to take over the offense more. You know who the off. Offensive coordinator is is in Cleveland. What did you think when you saw taught in the middle of that. Imagine a coke fall who happen with all that. That often I can. I don't know what what he's gonna say to coach Jackson, a little things like that. But obviously, Todd has a has a pretty track record of civil, you know, he was often very productive for for many years us here. So you know, but but those Jackson's rights team, he has the right to do what, what he's using them, how he wants to plays or who calls the place. So you know, that's that's up to them to work it out. I'm sure those who have had at least talker to behind closed doors. But if post honors. Wants to know what was settled with their whatever they're paying. That radio station, it's not enough. Every week. There's something I, if if the answer is you know to I, I don't know what's going on over there. You know, we have our own shop to to deal with over here and you know, I haven't been able to focus too much on what's gone over there, but I, you know, I only wish the best except for this week. I mean, instead, he just, you know, we all know remember we had him on our podcast years ago and Hayley. I came called his offense. The Rosetta Stone. And right then in there when we hung up, we're like, wow, okay. He, he, he kind of didn't put that fire out that everyone's talking about him and Haley not getting along. Doesn't. It doesn't matter. It doesn't. I mean, it's just it's just fun to here. Big Ben, take his shot. He realizes in the middle of his conversation, he's taking a shot. And then he reminds everybody is a good coach and his own right. Whatever they're paying band. It's just not enough to appear on that show areas get get by the way, guess who's eight first place quarterback entering week, eight amp route. That's correct. That's correct. Despite everything that went down first place, quarterbacks, you ready for the first place quarterbacks. They are named Brady Mahomes Ropley burger Watson, Alex Smith, Jared, Goff, Kirk cousins drew Brees. Those are your first place quarterbacks entering week. Kind of like your top list? Yeah. You wanna talk about the other quarterbacks who are EMMY in the wildcard car teams, Philip rivers. And then I don't know what the tiebreaker between Osweiler Dalton and and and Joe flacco that your z. and in the NFC your your wildcard team quarterbacks currently right now are Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers heard of them. So it's not like the applecarts been turned over despite all the craziness of the first seven plus weeks quarterback league. Okay. So we mentioned as well. While glaze was here Chad, Kelly, Branca's backup quarterback arrested this morning. I degree criminal trespassing now, some details are coming out about this arrest and there are a little crazy on, no, apparently what happened was Kelly walked into a unknown house, not his own and sat down on the couch next to a woman who is holding an unidentified child. She then asked the man in the house to what's up and the man then. Attacked him with a vacuum stick and then chase Kelly out of the house where he then made his way to the gothic theater downtown Denver, where von Miller was hosting a Halloween party. There was no alcohol and Chad Kelly's system. He was reportedly mumbling incoherently while sitting on the couch next to the said woman, he did not have any incident with officers who arrested him at the gothic theatre. Well, he's like eating, get shot that. Yeah. Yeah. This day and age. Very, very strange seaway everyone having a gun very strange situation. What else over there? I don't even know what else to say. Just just just sat as we mentioned earlier, Adam Schefter reporting you. I apple treat it to the saints, former titans wide receiver, Rashard Matthews member. He asked for his release from Tennessee earlier he's signing with the jets. So for some some help for their darnold raiders place, marshawn Lynch yesterday on injured reserve with groin core muscle injury that will end his season. Most likely he's eligible to come back and we sixteen can't imagine he do that means that it from our show say, and his career and Oakland and might possibly his NFL career. I hope not what a total disappointment. His second act. Where's third act? Yeah, you know it was in buffalo midway through last year and this season he was playing pretty well. Everyone thought that again. There's a shot on on Twitter. I saw of Cooper car, Charles Woodson, latavius Murray and Khalil Mack at the two thousand fifteen Pro Bowl. Cars, the only one remaining. And when you thought that you know latavius Maury moved on and they went and got marshawn that that's the plug and play. That's all they need. I still don't. I still can't believe they got rid of MAC as as Glazer said in our number one that you could figure out salary cap in this day and age. Wow. Hopefully, marshawn, just decides to come back and play one more years. Ears, magic. Adrian Peterson, say, I was just gonna say that he's probably seeing what Adrian Peterson is doing and unless you just did it for Oakland for his hometown, like you said, and that's it. Got imagine. Some teams would take him. John Ross looks like he's going to be sidelined for a few weeks there in Cincinnati. So World Series tonight game one on FOX starts at eight PM eastern. Now reportedly the FOX open. They run these special opens last year. The John Malkovich one was amazing that was CBS CBS for the championship game. Yeah. So tonight, Bill Belichick will voice the FOX open that begins at eight o'clock. The theme is how do you make history? So Bella check did l. check did it. For Red Sox. Dodgers should be pretty cool. Never you. You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't tell. Yeah, FOX, their shot. Yeah, at work old. Pretty cool story. So that'll be making the rounds online at some point later tonight. I know you've got one more. I save it for the end of the show. Okay, got it. It's a good item. I know there's a lot on totally nuts. I can't believe that's happening that's called now a tease because I want to take a break because Jeff Brom the head coach of Purdue football is about to join us here on the rich Eisen show, and so much to discuss after that wonderful, inspiring victory for Purdue on Ohio State doesn't consider it wonderful, but it was quite a night to behold on on ABC when when Purdue knocked off the Ohio State University and head coach Purdue, which by the way still has a a control, your own destiny in a way spot coming up potentially in the big ten championship game. They have an opportunity to take. The west good stuff, but Jeff Brown when we come back here on this edition of the rich Eisen show SimpliSafe is ready for anything that gets thrown at it. If a storm takes out your power, simply safe is ready and intruder. Cut your phone line. Simply safe is ready. Say they destroy your keypad or siren simply safe. We'll still get you the help you need short. Maybe it's overkill. 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Sorry for all the numbers and five, four, three two one amount of time. The NFL NCW football season kickoff is upon us and it's time to take that pigskin knowledge to the Bank at decide dot com that all of it at bed DS. I bet GSI is offering double your money on your first deposit. That's right deposit to start winning and get up to twenty five hundred dollars free when it comes to football bet the sl has every wage you could ever want or a magin if it is happening that will put a line on it. You can even bet on games while they are playing with Betty live betting join, decide dot com today, using promo code kick one, oh one, and you already won by. Doubling your bankroll straight away. Yep, that's promo code k, I c k one. Oh one don't stand on the sidelines this season to win it and enjoy the games that much more when you play at DS. I. Diaz I believed despite shocking the roller pulling up set contenders in the big ten west. Hip. Purdue. It was an incredible night in in Purdue and beating the Ohio State University. That's my buddy, Chris Fowler at the call. So and and he's not wrong. Purdue has a an absolute shot to make the big ten championship game. And I'm not just saying that because the head coach Purdue football's on the phone line right now, Jeff, Brom here on the rich Eisen show. How are you? Coach Brom. Good afternoon. I'll tell you what listening to that was still Saturday night Bryant. I mean, what was it like for you? Coach? What was it like. Well, without question it was about as meaniful days you can get just a lot of things that were -ccomplish to you couldn't be happier prouder of your team university, the community, and just everything went right, and just a lot of things came into play. But at the end the day it was a night to remember for our football team and university, and it's something that will chairs around your long tap. When was it was a moment in the game where you thought to yourself, you know, despite the confidence that you had in the scheme that you were bringing in concepts that you had downloaded to your team that you thought that this might actually be the chance you could beat Ohio State on that night coach? Well, we had a chance to kick a field the half and go up by touchdown, and we decided to go for the fake and see what happened. And we got the first down. We scored the next play. I knew then that was a little bit of a dagger that going into half. Thank give some momentum and I was I wasn't for sure from because this could come back in anything, but I tell you what every time they kinda made a run. We were arrested in our protest. We hit a couple of big runs for touchdowns, and then we hit a big pass, play Rondell more. We broke tackles than I was pretty convinced it was going to happen then we made our at the end. So a lot of great things continue to happen in a second half, and it was a great feeling and something that, like I said, will chair first time you laid eyes on Rondell more. Where was that. Well, you know what? I was lucky that he attended the high school. I went to my father is a volunteer sister coach on the football team that told me about him for a long time. I knew about him. You don't. You don't have work all those connections help. Sure. Now this man was highly recruited a bunch of options, and we just kinda sold them on what we could do for him. And while you had great opportunities elsewhere and deservedly so we knew we could do for him. He could be a difference maker. We build the offense around and we could are pinning guarantee that he was the center of our offense. And I think as he got thinking about things in the end, he started to trust us some of the others what he was hearing. And luckily for us, we want them over in from day one. He's been a difference maker and a huge plus for our team. Yeah, he jumped off the screen. Coach jumped off the screen when I just I had not seen him play before. I'll be very honest. I was the first time I laid eyes. On them, and I'm like, wow, this kid's special. You could tell, well, he is. He's the guy came in here from day one practice. He's actually shown that on the field. Doesn't miss. A rep goes as hard as anybody on our team. We have monitors measure how hard Summerskill guys go, and he's off the charts higher than anyone else on the team practice. Between late to the field game day for a young freshman guys during the first game, nor Wesley breaks all kinds of records, and they were like, holy cow, this guy got, he's got the factor. He always humble hands, the ball, the referee. He's been in the end zone because he's been in there so enters his teammates really respect him. So I think this guy's star and we're lucky to have him, and he's the guy that continue to utilize and I don't want to much and getting them in. You can handle what Jeff Brown Purdue head coach joining me here on the rich Eisen show, and it also had a very special feel to the night. And again, I say this with the utmost respect for Ohio State, but it it, it it, it just watching the broadcast. I mean, the ABC crew ESPN ABC crew were were we're featuring Tyler Trent throughout this young man who had to drop out of school as he's fighting cancer, and he predicted you guys would beat Ohio State, and he was part of. The broadcast and I do believe as we saw he went into the locker room and was part of the post game celebration. I wonder if you can walk us through how you included him in your plans. Well, short of the stories I'm at about a year ago. He's camped out before Miskin game. And like before I'll just walking down eat was when I went over and set a low coup them never really told me a story them, but he was going through cancer treatments. You couldn't really tell for sure how long that was, but you knew he was going through something use that as a crutch had a great attitude, great smile, kind of kept in contact. You know, he was a big part of doing some cancer research around here. So we ran into each other and really wasn't too rifle into brassy game and went down there a couple of weeks ago to play that I found out taking real turn for the worse, missing that our press conference, just some thoughts and prayers out to him. And then on the flight home, I saw some pictures and it it did not look good, and I was here even worse. So we decided to send our captains up the next day. Give him the game ball just to kind of a little over thinking them in praying for him, hoping for the best and as much touched him or players got as much out of it return. It was a meaningful moment for them and then really from they're just kind of groove in the more. You know, I went and saw about few days later in for guy, there was going through outta ya actually every time I see him, he looks for menace and then he made the prediction and he wanted to come to the game. And it was about two weeks off and we to be honest with, you know, people make that on, you know, they were show up and he looked right again. I mean, as far as the small great spirits that everything other great energy. So we want him to be part of it. And you know, from in the locker room, let him talk or players. And now he became alley this our team, but our university, the community now, nation and I really feel like is much as we've gotten out of it, which we have a ton because it does put things in perspective. I think the whole nation, all the love, they've shown him. He's grown strong. And hopefully it makes him say with a little bit longer, but it truly is a great store. It is an hopefully it has a a happy ending. You know, hopefully it is something that he just gets back on campus. He gets well, and we hope that again a night like Saturday night is some wind beneath those wings right there as for your team. What are you now? Now you've got Michigan state and you know how tough knows the football team? This is, I mean, how do you keep this going coach. That's the towns and the like every great thing that happens. You got to respond and the, I'm not going to I, I wish this game was the last one of the year. We could enjoy it, but there's a lot of work to be done. And the great thing that we've tried to do always whether we. Is making a one. Come back and play the next game as good as we can working for us. You know, we actually started only three and had a loss of home the eastern Michigan. So just goes to show you how how bad we can't. We beat house. They did home the same year, so shows that we can't play well. So we've got to continue put in the preparation. You know. How state lost our last year. Two weeks later, we went into our at four and six. We found a way to beat our what happened to happen to them. I think you saw Syracuse last year beat Clemson, who was number two in the risque high. And then after that game, Syracuse loss five in a row. So you know, it easily can can happen. We definitely haven't arrived by any means that we have a lot of work to do. And this Michigan state team is really good at that their place and we will have more than our hands full. Well, look, I, I know that you know what you're doing and you don't need any to censor many outside observers like myself. But one tip is make sure you find out if they've done their arm in arm walk through from one end of the field to the other before you send your kids out there to warm up careful because they might show up a little late. Well, I heard that and we, we wanna make sure we it here to their wishes. Okay, everything works out. Okay. I just don't get any. Trouble, but these things may happen. These may happen, although I well, thank you very much. You're welcome. Although you are the only coach in the big ten if maybe not all of college football that has spent time in the XFL. So I don't know if you saw any of those movements in the XFL back in the day for the Orlando, rage coach Brom. Well, that was a long time ago, and I'm not gonna lie. I Bohm plates. It might have been the most fun ever had playing. So I did have a good time that, right. Oh, it was a lot of fun question. So I'm not gonna lie to you on that. What was fun about it? Well, it was kind of put into be fun. Man, we had cameras on the field in the locker room and obviously you're you're, you're supposed to be nice to the cheerleaders. And if you Paul draft, you're supposed to just have a tap. I think unfortunately, I think the Vince McMahon was just cut off the conversation. I'm sorry there. I know that your phone, your phone, just crapped out. I think your phone hate me. I think your phone hate me right now. Well, I, I'm not sure if you hear me now, but I. Okay. I know he played in the Citrus Bowl in our first game of the year. Oh gosh. It seems like all these great. Are you? Are you. Are you in? Are you in? You're you're in a spot where it's pretty bad here. Y'all give a hopefully one last shock and you hear me coach. Yeah, I can hear you. Great. Okay. Yeah, you were talking about that the first game in the Citrus Bowl, we've had a game in his first game, and there's been a lot of history there. Then the first game they said they had so Morocco hall by halftime than any event ever in that. It was the rowdy while crowd, and there was a lot of heights you saw on the fan stands and it was still had a fun. I'm not gonna laugh. What was it like though you in the NFL coach Brom you are the third string quarterback if I'm not mistaken on the Stan Humphries. Led San Diego Chargers, Super Bowl team, correct. Were you there. What the the NFL course was a lot of fun as well. Now, you know there I was kinda apprentice backup. You're trying to make the team every year, right under survive and enjoying the moment. Then you know, once you made the team, it was great because you made a lot of money. And as back if you don't do a whole lot. So there are a lot of pluses and I enjoyed it. But every year it was about just trying to make the team, but a lot of great players a lot of great coaches, and I was fortunate to play a lot of great teams. And even though I went in the game a whole lot, it was a lot of fun. No, I know. But being there for that experience, what was it like being around junior CEO? I'm curious to know. Well, no, it was a remarkable. He was tremendous player person. I still remember my first playing practice. One time I saw Stan Humphries make a play action fake to the tailback junior. SEO came up in the line of scrimmage and was there for the run stand playing back footy through fifth, a twenty yard in cut to the receivers, junior at Ari, turn around back caught, the pass intercepted. And I said, I've never seen before my life believable. So a lot of great players. Yeah. Covered Boesch mbacke lers last season at the Michigan daily coach and Michigan made this in Rose Bowl that year junior CEO was on that USC team. I honestly thought there were two fifty five that I really thought he kind of did his own thing. He played fast, he blitz. He was all over the place. I, it was remarkable to watch coach. Thanks for the time here. Congrats on the win on Saturday, and good luck down the road. Appreciate it. Okay, thank you. Got it. That's Jeff Brom, former Orlando, rage quarterback. Now, coach of the Purdue Boilermakers I'm sure you heard from. I'm sure you heard from breeze. I'm sure you heard from Rod Woodson. I mean, those are two goats right there for do program. 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I used to tell about Mr. spots in the Campbell Arbor, Michigan, who we went there after the gag. We were soaking wet, make a good cheese, steak. It was worked cheese steak place when I was about sixteen and a half. This is good stuff. Stuff. It was great for sure. I can't wait to go back. So let's on that. All right, curtain, Ohio. You're here on the rich Eisen show. It's up Kurt. Hey, what's going on your mind, sir? Chris, Chris, my. Yeah, buddy. Okay. Even though you have this moral ethical plan that a lot of people would also do. Yeah. But the problem that you have is that there's only two states in this whole mega million thing that you can remain anonymous. Otherwise, you have to say who you are. I happen to live in one of those states what I'm offering you when you win crashing my pad. Okay. And you can lay low here and for another nominal fee. All actually be your friend because you're going to need one. You're not gonna have any. You're not gonna have any. How nominally talking. One point, six billion in cash in nine hundred million. You know. I mean, what can you do with nine hundred million that you can't do with eight hundred million? Wow, that's nominal. I mean zero capital and and a capital onnell that's nominal. Okay. I mean, you're incognito you're, you're underground here. Nobody's gonna know eight hundred eight hundred million dollars and then you leave. And you know, we'll Facebook and I'll be your friend. I don't think you could pay me eight hundred million dollars to live in a wall. All right, rich now. Scott dude, you hold on a second. Gave him an opera time. Just kidding. When we go to Ken, I do go to kid. I'm just kidding. What's up, Kurt, what else you got. All right. I, I know that you know graduate fan Homer of that team up north nice. What do you think? You know, I was talking to your guy this, this whole thing with urban just coming out that there's a lot of friction and there's a report of that reports on the SEC. A lot from the mothership says, this is last year we think about that. Well, Kurt, we had Joel Klatt on yesterday, and you heard what Dan had a chat with herbstreet that he doesn't seem right that he's just is not himself and that I, I don't know what has helped situation is I don't wanna I don't wanna suppose anything like that. But he's he's a hell of a football pitch where to go with this. And if he's not right then obviously listened to coach talking. I don't know. All I know. Fan, so good win at Purdue breaks my heart. I'm finally over last thing. Let you go. I know it's not gonna happen because he's too much of a pain in the neck Levy on. It's not gonna report until after the trade deadline. Is there a way that if he reports we can straight up trade lady on bell for Patrick Peterson, you know what hurt. There's there's a possibility of that, but I don't think thanks the call brother callback and give give Brockman and nice room in your house. A friend luck of course they could be straight up. They don't need Levy on bell. They've got David Johnson. They just signed him to a million years in look, Stephen millions three years in a nice chunk of change. Jay Glazer. Our one was saying Steve is telling him, why would I trade Patrick Peterson? He's twenty eight. He's on his seventh. Now eight Pro Bowl season. He will be in the proble. He's one of the best in the business. Why would he trade him? That's the type of guy that you have for three, four, five more years and you build around you do have Josh Rosen here. It's not look. It's easy for us to sit on the outside. Watch that dreadful, Thursday night game, see how Josh Rosen doesn't have much of an opportunity to throw that they have only one win this season. They're in a division where I think the Super Bowl winner sits atop. As you know, I chose the Rams over the patriots, the beginning of the season, and it's easy for us to sit here and say, trade them all. Train them all. Now while you've got nothing going on, right. So to those inside like Steve, he's like, why would I do that? I've got Patrick Peterson on the defensive back. That's on the defensive end who is terrific. I've got channel Jones. One of the best pass rushers in the league. So that's studs on two parts of the three levels I need. I've got a young quarterback who is nothing but terrific upside galore. I've got a guy at running back who I just paid and by the way, not a mint, but I kept him health. I kept him happy. Got him. And he's two years removed from two thousand yard scrimmage season. I've got a goat in Larry, Fritz, Joe, I got this kid in Christian Kirk looks pretty good, right? So what that's the way they're thinking of. A lot of good pieces and that's where they're thinking inside the house. And I'm sure Steve boss, you know, Michael Bidwill is saying, I need to put some fans in the seats. People to be excited. We're not cutting bait right now. That's part of the reason why I think they should make the trade deadline later in the season. How much later though. I don't know how it's like it's still too early right well, but then you need to have somebody up. It's not like baseball where your plug and play like you need to have some weeks or somebody gets up and running, I guess, look, that's why you can't blame our Zona for not just selling off Patrick Peterson to the highest bidder just because he asked to be. But if I'm the chiefs, I'm calling Steve Kerr and saying, I just saw what Dallas just gave for Amari Cooper. You can't have the entire store, but the store is pretty full. So let me figure out what player you might want right now. So you can at least save some face. You could at least say, we got one guy from this high powered offense and give Josh Rosen ice weapon, and a draft pick or two and sent. Patrick Peterson packing, say that ten times fast, the chiefs aren't even among the teams rumored. It's the saints eagles patriot just because they're rumor doesn't mean they're not in is always teams that aren't talking and the chief says, you know, don't seem to be one of those boastful talk and true loose lipped franchises truecar poll question car shopping, confusing terms like deal dealer, price list, price invoice truecar, shows you what other people paid for the car you want. You can recognize a good price when you're ready to buy a new or used car visit truecar to enjoy more confident car buying experience. How does it stand right now at team in most disarray? It's still the raiders forty, eight percent giants? Thirty, two percents. All right. We'll close up shop with your phone calls and a great old gen stat. When we come back, the World Series is just around the corner and podcast. One sports net is your home for the best coverage around listen to expert analysis and rundowns at each game with. Rich Eisen show. Why are we seeing more striking the Dan Patrick show, but the beauty, the Red Sox have done. It's a dynasty, baseball and chill. And so many more listen to these shows on podcast, one sports net or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Hey, listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you and I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast, one dot com. Clicking on the support, this podcast button, and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that helped make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing. And of course supporting now back to the show. The NFL NCW football season kickoff is upon us and it's time to take that pigskin knowledge to the Bank at bet, decide dot com, dead all of it at bed. DS I, that GSI is offering double your money on your first deposit. That's right deposit to start winning and get up to twenty five hundred dollars free when it comes to football bet the sl has every wage you could ever want or a magin if it is happening that DS I will put a line on it. You can even bet on games while they are playing with. Betty SI's live betting join dot com today, using promo code kick one. Oh one. And you already won by doubling your bankroll straight away. Yep, that's promo code k, I c k one. Oh one don't stand on the sidelines this season to win it and enjoy the games that much more when you play at Diaz. I okay. So fund show today with the Glazer, Bob Costas and Jeff Brom, Jeff Brown, the only other any other XFL quarterbacks coaching anywhere right now, unless tiny addicts is because he was MVP of addicts and then play had a good year to Pittsburgh. All right. I got a football and basketball old gen stat headed, please. June starts. You brought to you by truecar car shopping, confusing terms, like dealer, price, list, price invoice truecar, shows you what other people paid for the car you want. You can recognize your price when you're ready to buy new or used car, visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience. Matt Ryan. Last night became the first quarterback in the Super Bowl era with three hundred fifty more passing yards. Zero interceptions in four consecutive home games and became the top quarterback in the history of the NFL through his first one hundred sixty five career games. Nobody's had more passing yards and Matt Ryan forty, four thousand end change. And in terms of hoops Jaanus became the first bucks player with three straight games at twenty points or more antenna more rebounds to start the season since since since since l. cinder Kareem Abdul-Jabbar seventy two seventy three, those gen stats. I think you have an old gen item. I do that's now next-gen over there, Chris. Right. What are you guys doing? Twenty twenty two man. Great question. I've got a proposal. We can do the show from the deck of the Titanic to this guy and Australian businessman named Clive Palmer, announced the construction of the ship eight exact replica of the original Titanic. The original nineteen twelve original. This updated version will include modernize lifeboats navigation equipment and radar technology. He is going to recreate quote, this is from the blue star line company, quote, recreate an authentic Titanic experience providing passengers with the ship that has the same interiors and cabin layout as original vessel. It will travel the exact same route as the original. Set to set sail and twenty twenty two twenty guys do this. I'm in. Would you do it? I'm in by twenty twenty two. There won't be any icebergs left anyway. So it'll be clear. Great point king of the world. I'm in great point. There's no way I'm setting foot anything called the Titanic. What are you out of your mind? I'm in. I don't care. One hundred little warming noise bergh's that we're getting later. Really would do it. I would you. I mean, how much is the lotto tonight? Well, first of all, twenty twenty twenty twenty two. You'll be in your fourth year of being the demon hiding or Cooper. Millions gambit. History over the trillion cold by then I'll be hiding out in the aid. I mean, what could go wrong? It's not. Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice my hitter. Floating garbage pile or something. Plastic bottle really tastes set. Sail. You be. You'd look at your lovely new bride. Okay. What if they get married on the deck with news Sarah doing? No. I actually texted her about this and she said, no way. History repeats itself. There's no reason for me to be texting Suzy already know the answer, and I would not be able to read it on the air. No chance arm the throat Twitter poll. By the way, the quarterbacks coach for Jacksonville, Scott Milosevic, who I will see in London backed up Tommy Matic's in the XFL. All right on or coordinating producer, going down the LA extreme depth chart to find out that information. There you go. So there you have it the XFO by the way the XFL you talk about something that they used to do that made you know the the camera work, all that stuff was brought the NFL. No, it wasn't was the way. The Oklahoma drill in the middle of the fifty people not themselves out trying to get a football, the first person ever did and they get a concussion. You believe. So yes, we hate me. On Wednesday show who's on. Oh my gosh, Derek Lewis is here too nice. Amazing, Derek Lewis understand contender for the heavyweight title of the UFC two-thirty hot. He lit up. You have see two twenty nine. Oh, my God knew existed or how he's got a title shot max greenfield of CBS. The neighborhood will be here as well tomorrow, no pants day. I don't know. It just depends. Doubter day keep the studio. Cool. Blue. Okay, good. Call pants on for that interview. Derek Lewis can't wait. I've no idea how that interview is gonna go, not while we show it'll be great. Good luck to your Red Sox tonight, sir. Thank you, sir. Should be fun. I don't mean it. Thank you and good luck to everyone with a mega million. Hopefully you have a better attitude than Brockman chat, Wednesday. Football season is here, and no one covers football like cast one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more work for me at this point. We also have Jim Harbaugh with attack each day and revenge the jocks with Martellus Bennett. Football's the ultimate soap opera. So download all of these shows in more each week on podcast, sports dot com. The NFL NCW football season kickoff is upon us and it's time to take that pigskin knowledge to the Bank at bet, decide dot com bed all of it at bed. DS I bet GSI is offering double your money on your first deposit. That's right deposit to start winning and get up to twenty five hundred dollars free when it comes to football bet the sl has every wage you could ever want or a magin if it is happening that will put a line on it. You can even bet on games while they are playing with Betty SI's. Live betting join decide dot com today, using promo code kick one, oh one and you already won by doubling your bankroll straight away yet. That's promo code k I c k one. Oh one don't stand on the sidelines this season to win it and enjoy the games that much more when you play at d. s. i. withdrawing I'm Ben Thomas with an AP news minute Sandra Day O'Connor says she has the beginning stages of dementia and probably Alzheimer's. The first. On the supreme court says it's to the point that she's no longer able to participate in public life. As the migrant caravan makes its way into Mexico. The UN refugee agency says countries along the route have responsibility, individuals, fleeing persecution, violence needs to be given access to territory and to refugee status determination, procedures stocks have rebounded a bit Wall Street heads toward the close. The Dow was down more than five hundred points this morning. Amid growing concerns about slowing economic growth in China and President. Trump's aggressive trade policies you in for, tonight's mega millions drawing New Yorker might machine is despite the on three hundred twenty billion to one not good, but I'll take piece of the American dream anyway. I could get it the jackpot scans at one point, six billion dollars. I'm Ben Thomas.

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