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No Player Is Worth What Theyre Getting Paid. Its The Market.


And GM shuffle is back. It's avian Lombardi rate of breakdown all that you need to know in the world the NFL, but also how about the NBA last night. I we're gonna talk about Kevin Durant. Israel's achilles Mike. Just give us your first thought, which is the fact. Why don't these bloody games? Start earlier man, I can't stay awake. It's hard. Like I got to take a nap in game. I mean it's embarrassing. I it's really hard. How do you do it? Like I have all good intentions to, like I get there. I'm ready to go. I'm wired in. I got Mark Jackson for ten minutes before the game, which is tough to take as it is right? What do you think of his outfit last God like seriously no mirrors available for the game? There's two things when you grow up a beach town you like when you go, the beach remember that Miller lite commercial where you like the guy was sitting on the beach, and he hit his beer, and the girl would walk past them again. Well, there's, you want that element when you go the beach. But then the also wanted like you ask, like you deserve a ticket. Like how many times had did you look in the mirror before you came to the beach? Like seriously like there should be like a beach enforce. I'm giving you a ticket for that bathing suit today. If we have beach tags, the beach they should have beach tickets. Right. This nobody that got to tell them like I don't think it works. Sure. Look tonight. Yeah. But I mean like last night, I mean, I feel badly for Kevin Durant. Like I don't understand how people think he had pulled calf and he tours achilles because of it like I think achilles tear just because they town, right? I don't think it had anything to do with the calf. I think it's just called age right? Wherein tear on your body, now it'll come back stronger than it ever did before, but it's still going to be a problem. It's could be interesting to see who's. Got the balls to max him out and no one. That's you know what I mean? Who's got it right? The first year. You got nothing you got nothing. No. You could just write it off. I mean, basically he's gonna sit next to you. Like I mean, not takes balls. Right. It'll be the Knicks they'll give two hundred million dollars. No problem back, but whenever let's dive as a minute felt so we'll get back to Durant in the second and related to the NFL. But first and foremost, the jets hiring eagles Joe Douglas as their new GM. This was the guy who had been rumored to be the choice. And you had said it was going to happen, because he was a little bit, not in the out to Philadelphia kinda wanted to change questions is some of the names being mentioned, Phil savage, chat Alexander, the rumored names could join them and also Todd. Mcshay, my old, buddy from his speech and could be in the make Todd and him were college roommates Richmond. So, you know, I think I think that whole look Todd can't sit at the big boys table on draft day on Thursday night. I mean he's like rubber thanksgiving where you gotta sit at the little kids table. Well, target the kids table, thanksgiving dinner. I mean that's not fair to tie. Ties work at his ass off. Mel's up there. You know. So I get see. We're Todd would say you know what? I wanna get with guys got a six year contract. You know, maybe it's time for me to just break away from this. I can't seem to Sirte the Todd, I can't get past you know. You know, Mel every time I turn around ties with almost think Siamese twins like never not together, right? So I think if he has a chance to go with Joe. I would suspect it. I mean, savage fills always going to fill was in Baltimore with Joe. That's where he started out. I'm sure Phil hired Joe. So I think Phil would like nothing more than to be an area scout. Live in mobile Alabama cover the southeast conference. Get to go to a bunch of different games. I think that would make Phil happy at this point. I mean he left a senior bowl, because he wanted to do more things he wanted to go run that XFL tea or whatever that poli league team was he wanted to do that. But for the most part, I think he'd be content to just like working area and do that. I mean look, I tell you one thing I give Joe Douglas for have you seen the have you seen. He's got incredible press, like he gets incredible press. I mean he's never made a pick, but he gets credible press my hats off to them. I really think it goes back to earth Dacosta school. I think if Joe Biden, we're smart, he hierarchy Costas campaign manager he'd win the he win the he wouldn't easily. But. Joe Biden needs prone to gaffes all the time. He'll make a gap. I don't care. I don't care the PR that comes out of those guys in Baltimore is fricken remarkable hits remarkable. Like they went to a school like look, I'm not saying, Joe Douglas's and very good. And I'm not jealous or they just say, they get incredible PR like the one thing I've learned in life. If you don't make a mistake as an area scout. You'd never learned anything like you can't do anything and I think I remember one time I wrote about the book where guys omitting taking credit for all these players. I was at UNLV last week. I got a picture Randall cutting him in this guy was telling me, how rental Cunningham was the disaster. We should never picked them and seven years later, he writes me a letter saying, you know what I was the reason why we picked around him. Okay. Really brutal? Seriously? I mean, come on what can you tell you about chat Alexander? He's also on the names that could be part of Joe Douglas, and the I think it's going to go back to that Baltimore days, it's going to be interesting. I think Joe is he was brought up in the Baltimore system, which that. Baltimore system has ties in the winglets system. Now Ozzy modified it when Ozzy was first with us when he came up stairs when he was a player? He came up stairs. And he worked as a special system, whatever he was, but he learned the New England Patriots system. He learned the Cleveland Browns scouting mountain, and then he, and savage when they went to Baltimore rebel check, and I got fired and they all went to Baltimore. They kind of kept that emplaced utilized that savage is more of the grading system of tell me the round. So he's an old school scout. So I think all those guys that are in that integrated in that system, I think done it. Now, when when Douglas went to Philadelphia that system kinda was in place there, because of a guy named Ed manna, which who's now an agent at CA used to be there. He kind of put it in, and I think, Joe attitu- it, so they're system based, and I think any guy that understands the system, I think we'll go with them other personal decisions after firing. Their GM Brian gain. We're the Texans go from here. What did you make this decision? Well, I think this, I think when you look at this, it's pretty. Clear. I think it came down to, you know, they hired guy named Jackie's to be who was with us in New England Jackson a really a very good team builder. And Jack is a minister he has a fellow he has he has a church and he also understands football. And so he kinda got after the patriot thing his contract was up. He never was at the end at the patriots. He got full-time but I was there, he would come into or three days a week and then leave he got this gig. He had about four or five job interviews around the league. You know, Miami because Brian Flora's Houston. He got this job. Now, the dynamic is when he got the job in Houston, he reports to count McNair, Billy O'Brian reports to comic now. So those two guys report to the owner to me, this seems really like they wanna hire Nick Cesario now whether they can or not the last time when Nick was when they wanted to talk to Nick before that the patriots were in the playoffs, and there was the basically said, no now all they have. To do is prove that Nick will have control of the fifty three and they can't deny it. Now Nicot say he doesn't want to do it, but my sense of this is the way they've done this. They interviewed Ray farm or the interviewed Martin Mayhew. So they took care of the Rooney rule, initially. So now it tells me that they're ready and prime to hire Nick, if they want to do that, and I wouldn't be surprised if it took the job. I think at I think there's always a time where you have to change and New England Scott Monty and they've got Dave Ziglar. They're both two guys who have worked really hard for bell check. I think both guys will do a really good job if Nick were to leave. I think they've got pieces in place. But I think the dynamic in Houston is interesting. I think that Easterby has really become a power broker down there. I think he's in charge of a lot of things and reports to count McNair, who, by the way is very spiritual self. So I'm sure they get along really, well interesting development. Sara Houston meantime on the field. Minnesota Vikings to coward Allston statement hat and Minnesota, excuse me, the pearly signing a four year. -ext. Attention. I signed this deal the Sammy the Vikings being the three day mandatory minicamp. So the deal Mike thirty six million dollars of four years, the new deal expect to lower is cap it of seven point six two five, which would help the Vikings their current salary cap situation. They had less than one point three million caps, as prior to negotiate the terms of the deal. So how does this acquaint for both for Rudolph and from the team through something with Rudolf because they weren't going to be able to afford their rookies if they didn't do something had to create some kind of capital. Now, this really affects the team in two thousand twenty I mean, this is really they'll fit them in they basically with her saying, we want to keep this team together, and we'll deal with two thousand twenty when we get there when they get the two thousand twenty you know, they're already at one hundred eighty eight million dollars of the cap. So they're already kind of bustled up there. They've got they're going to have Kirk cousins will be thirty one million Stefan digs on account it fourteen and a half million Daniel hunters at fourteen. I mean, they're going to have three six nine. They're going to have eleven players, not counting. Not counting. Rudolph over ten million dollars. Now Everson Griffen can come off their cap so they could get rid of him. Joe Joe Linval. He said, thirteen point three on the cap. So, you know, they've got an expensive team then owner has put money where it is. But what they did here with this contract is basically they said, look, we Maoz will extend them will go to buy this thing out. It'll be cousins last year of the deal, we're going to give this team a chance to run and we'll see where we are. If if in two years, they don't do it. They're going to start all over again. Right. So like you said it could be there to twenty twenty three but that's guaranteed depending things the Vikings. Yeah. No. I mean, look, they gotta make decision. I mean this cousins, he's thirty one million it two thousand twenty the next two years. It's what it's all about. I mean it's really all about Minnesota Minnesota has to put it together for the next two years if they don't that I think it's going to be problematic for them, but they have to put it together, the next two years at not, I think it'll be tough because they're everything on the fact that cousins is going to be able to lead them down the problem. Slanted? Look they kept their team together their wives much better. And like I said, Gary kubiak comes in there. I think that makes down and cook, much better. I think it makes office much better. And if they play from infront, which is what kubiak specialty is to build that lead with Mike Zimmer third down defense. This is going to be a really hard team to play and talk when a guy you believe in the eagles that with Carson Wentz, one hundred twenty million dollar extension, including one hundred seven point nine million guaranteed. That's sixty six million due at signing that can escalate to one hundred and forty four million the total. The now six years for one fifty four can go to a max of one seventy those seem like big numbers. But honestly, like a science is going to give that minded Nick foles. It's not like there's another franchise quarterback lurking. He's their guy. I know injuries have been a concern for couple of years, but when he's been affective he's been tremendous to me, it seems like a no brainer all the way around. It said no brainer for me. I mean, I look, the, the one that you've got to accept the fact that it's going to get more and more expensive. And when you can nip it right now and you can cut your law. Losses. This is what happens. So many times I would walk into Modell's office and say, hey, it's going to cost us X amount. The sign this all never sign that player for that much, of course, naturally signs them for twice as much because you negotiate against yourself, right? You go shit against yourself. You sit there and say he's not worth that. Well, he's not worth it to be honest with, you know, players worth what they're getting paid. It's the market. Once you accept it that it's the market you gotta get past it. You know. And so you realize that it's only gonna go up you end up negotiating against yourself. I mean I talked to a bunch of basketball guys lately, and they were talking about how Bill walkie Buxton wanna sign this player or Jason Kidd, was talking about how he thought would it needed a sign this player? And of course, the bucks ownership said now. No, we're not. It's too much. Now they want to sign up right? It's like that's initial reaction is so hard. I think the eagles are smart to be progressive. They sign wins. I think the interesting ones going to be really is what do the Rams do with golf. They're going to sign off. There's no doubt. They're going to sign off. But what do they pay Goff? And before we read on PF t-, what it's worth, right? We're going to see some one of the guys will come out and say Jared Goff decide a six year, two hundred million the highest paid time outlets analyze the contract. Let's see, really what's it? And let's see if it's year to year where it's truly guaranteed deal for four if it's a guaranteed for three, I think, Goth get signed. But I think there's going to be triggers in that deal where the Rams could get out, if they had to could be interesting. See he does, especially this season after spa. It was so bright a season ago. And now we go back to our Kevin Durant topic off the topic, but we'll make it relented the NFL in this instance Mike, so you're playing a superstar player less than one hundred percent elimination game. So he's going on the free agent market. Bad injury understand the NBA NFL, two different rhythms. But honestly, if you were the GM the warriors last night's a must-win game it's an elimination game you could lose rent the off season. How tricky is that to let the guy play versus not? I mean last op. Officers the worst case scenario and then he played was affected and Kelly's, but I think your point is clear, which is that it was a calf injury, which was much worse than any of us realize the achilles isn't related to that. But, but bomber he wasn't hundred percent and that's when freak injuries occur. No doubt. And I think that look the one thing you, you have to do is no matter what the level of the game is if the trainer says the kid is going to get hurt for you. Can't play the guy you got to back them off. I don't get that sense. I got the sense before the game when when Mark Jackson was doing silicon for that bad suit that it was really about, you know, that Durant told them when he was going to play, like, I think a lot of people thought Durant was gonna play in game four I wasn't sure I think this is one of those where look, I think, move this thing forward, who pays them the money who risked it for now. You know, it'll be a two year deal, because I'm going to pay you a lot of money for one year. Why rehab you? And then I'm gonna you're gonna come back. So I can't imagine some is going to give him a five-year max deal. But just hypothetic. Weekly say you're the Lakers, assign them an offer a two year deal knowing you're going to get them in the second year. And what are you getting? I mean, I think when you watch boogie cousins and you see he's coming off the achilles. What he looks like how does he play? I mean watching Durant last night in warm ups during the, the game starts at nine but we don't tip off till nine ten like do we really need to go? Ten extra minutes. Watch Shelby toe and Jalen, we've just watched them for a half hour. Right. Like, can't we just tip it off at nine zero one? I mean much. I love the I love. Oh canada. I can listen to that national anthem all the time. But I mean, do I really have to seriously like shouldn't have be all done before the pageantry except when you look at eleven fifty when you're going to bed and sixty percent of the population lives east of Chicago? You people people descend, look just go to YouTube at the end of the night. I mean, I do it, but I go to YouTube today, you can go to YouTube, you type in raptors warriors, and you can watch every made basket on YouTube. Now. What's wrong with that? You know, it's a lot more economical or do what you do take a nap during the game deals, Baca third quarter. Like I can't, you know. You know, it's funny, you know, your old, but I was a kid I went over this gym, and one of my buddies filled out his father was joined the gym, and they put down his goal. And so instead of the father, putting the goal that the sun put in his goal is to stay awake past eight thirty man we left our asses off. That's actually my goal now is to stay awake past eight thirty. It's a win. In terms of non NFL stories of the serious story involving the Red Sox legend David Ortiz, he was stable after a shooting in the Dominican Republic. This we stunning Mike working on change up our baseball show, and design we were just astonished but wait poppy got shot by in the back at nearly point blank range. This was Sunday night. The good news is stable condition. They flew the Dominican Republic to Boston now. But you talk about a larger than life personality beloved in baseball. I mean president Brock Obama's tweeting, Adam. I mean this was this was a scary woman. You hear poppy was shot. Yeah. No. I mean that's really and something's going on at the Dominican Republic. I mean something's happening. I don't understand it like something's going on there. And I you got to be concerned about that. And thankfully, he's okay. But you hear somebody get shot in the back and they're not paralyzed, how lucky are you? Yeah. I mean, God, you know, count your lucky stars. I think the other topic that has been Beatty around that, you know that we haven't talked about on this show that I've been keeping track. I'm going. Next week on Thursday. It'll be forty nine days since it came out, but the tyreek hill thing. Yeah. You know, now, we're hearing that the investigation is closed that they've concluded that the young child was arm wasn't broken by either parent. But yet he had Welson bruises on his body, and he's in protective custody. So I it's going to be fascinating to see what actually the league does with this one. We know he came into league with Noah suspension, you know, we don't cracks me up is people actually get mad at me on Twitter for counting like this child involved in this, right? Like, can't you separate your fandom to the welfare of a kid kids, still not back with either parent nowadays. The parents have split up, but I'm going to be fascinated to see where a league that deemed pumping up footballs as horrendous crime, which was never proven, by the way. To child abuse case, which is still ongoing. I mean, the civil they're still looking into it. I wonder how the league's going to handle this. I really do. Yeah, you're right. And it's been a continuing saga just a bad. Look, it goes back to the Chris Roger Goodell as they didn't act swiftly noth-. And in so doing, even when he does the punishments are non binary just doesn't make sense, when you add it all up. No. And people say, well, you don't talk about the Robert Kraft. Look, the Robert Kraft, there's a due process with that, right. I'm not suggesting that there's not. Okay. And I'm I'm suggesting whatever happens. However, what this is we know a child is with this parent, and somebody at we know that this guy entered the National Football League without having to serve one day suspension for being thrown out of Oklahoma state to me, I think that, that should give the Commissioner enough to say, wait a minute. Hold on. There's something here and then we've kind of forgotten about that video that audio tape. How do you forget that, that was Pergola, chilling parts of it right here, then go, my God? How can this guy behavior like that? And then we suspended Adrian Peterson got suspended for spanking his child, which, you know, I mean, there's precedent here. So I just think this is going to be interesting. I think this whole notion that they're not investigated doesn't mean that there's something didn't happen. Yeah, I knew right. We're just going to wait and move. When this comes up a day, free nine that's crazy to me when you the fact that you mentioned it's been that long. Speaking of players checkered pass and pass it like to forget toning. That'd be Johnny Menzel these interested in playing for Houston. The XFL the free agent quarterback saying he wanna play for the Houston team because you could plan his home state be reunited with coach June Jones, he discussed the XFL possibilities of multiple reporters. Also, by the way, Mike, Mikey went to John Menzel for a little bit. He's trying for four or five days just didn't fit rights. He's back to being Johnny again. Not quite Johnny football. What do you think if you're the XFL, if you're Houston Manziel shot? I mean look, I think that's what the lease selling itself on the fact that they can develop quarterbacks. I mean look at the -troit's backup quarterback situation. They cut Connor. Yesterday. They signed David fells, who's bounced around the league numerous times from San Jose State, and they have Tom savage. I mean, there's a dire need. There's a huge void for backup quarterbacks being developed, and I think that if you're that league and you've got funding by the, the owner of the league, which is only one man, you know, there's Vince McMahon, I think you take a chance. And if the kids, just pisses down his leg does something that's inappropriate, you get rid of them. I mean, look, you know, he's entitled to a another chance. I mean he went up to Canada. I'm not saying he played well up there, but you take a look at them and see what is this league needs somebody now he's going to have to prove it over and over again, because nobody's going to touch him, if he doesn't Baumlin, maybe it gives you a bit of sizzle, and like you said, it's a risk for war rights, low risk where you're not expecting much. See, they actually gives you something congratulations. Those back, even better. I mean, they're going to have to find quarterback something Garrett Gilkey was in that the league and hell he can't even hold a job in the NFL. They're going to have to find quarterbacks. Do it now. Garrett Gilkey played for June Jones at SMU. So we'll see what hap-. I mean, he was the kid came in the Texas game. You know, when Texas when when the US was playing a fill in I think for he filled in for my man, and now I think he filled in for my man in Colt McCoy McCoy got hurt in that game. And then he came in and filled in McCoy at the Redskin got hurt. Isn't that like one sentence? You say Colt McCoy got hurt ever say that. It's evergreen, meaning use it any exactly those, those are the topics GM shuffled shift or what we've been doing here, as far as divisions. We turn our attention towards AFC west going over under peon. Peon curves of these Super Bowl odds. So we start Mike with the chiefs. They are six to overall to win it all three to one to win the division and the over under which is what you would like to focus on ten and a half your boy, patch homes back again. Ready to throw forty plus touchdowns when other MVP Andy Reid offense ten and a half you taking the over under. No, I'm leaning here. Like I think what you have to do. If you're if you're an analyst here is you have to say hills gonna miss some games. So I'm going to I think they get to ten. I don't think they get to ten and a half. So I mean for you to make money. You've gotta sit there and say they're not going to be eleven win team. I don't see him as an eleven win team. I think because they're going to have to I mean hill. I think he's gotta get suspended right? I mean he's gonna have to now have they improved on defense. I haven't seen it we're going to have to see whether they've improved because the one thing I do know about St. spike Knowle's defense. They talk about all the blitz it, they'll be some free access touchdowns, because they're gonna make some mental mistakes defensively, I can promise you that. I know they got the Honey badger back there to shifted around say, okay, he can make the right calls. But to me, no running back, if they lose hill, all the burdens on Sammy Watkins Mahomes is gray that defense still isn't a problem. I say they ten win team out. Tyreek hill doesn't get suspended. The I do think they went eleven. How about the charges sixteen to one win at all? Eight twenty win. The division over under it nine and a half. How much Philip rivers have left as he's eyeing forty dot quite yet there. But charges or anything I love this over I love this one over. I love love the defense. Yeah. I, I think the defense is good. I think it'll be stronger this year, if they could keep both on the field the whole time. I mean him and Melvin Ingram or problem the block their corner situation. I think has gotten better and look there are good football team. Their offensive line has to get better. But I think they will I like them. They don't have any bonehead plays what they went twelve games last year. So you're asking a team to take a three game to game step back. I think they get to. Wins. I do. I do think they get the ten wins. It's crazy. Lassitude twelve wins. And you go either gonna get the once the five seat of his so. In those twelve wins, you could have easily said they could have won a couple of those games if they just managed the game. Right. I think the fascinate makes the chargers team over is there so damn good on the road. They stink at home because they don't have a home field, but they're really good on the road. They developmental toughness that way. Yeah. It's like you're in LA. And nobody even cares Rams. Whatever, like nobody charges goes have the raiders have more fans than there when they play speaking of the Broncos forty two one to win the AFC eighty to one to win it all over under here of seven. So this really this question, like, how much do you believe in show, flack how much more does he have left? Now's the Broncos quarterback. John Elway tries a different guy Anderson. I think if they don't win eight games. I think they're all going to be disappointed. I think the reason I like the over here is, I think Vic Fangio will coach them. I think they'll be a five hundred team. I defensive coordinator of the bears. Now, he's the guy I think they'll make them. I think they'll run the ball. I think they'll play concert. Flacco won't throw many dropback passes. I think they'll throw the ball down the field. Are they trying to make big plays run the ball and the women defense? I, I like him. I don't like them. I don't like him an eighty to one but I like him to win games. I think there are Nate Nate team. So they're five hundred. Here's a question. We've all been waiting for your Oakland Raiders, eighty to one to win it all forty two one AFC fourteen to one to win the division and six wins over under. I mean, if you are a raider fan and you spent all this money you gotta think you're winning more than six games, don't you? Absolutely. You can't tell me it's not talent. Right. I mean I can't I can't sit here and say to you. Well, you know, I mean when you start to receivers that at a right tackle, you know they've got running backs. I mean, they've got all this conglomeration of people, I mean at some point, don't you think they should at least win nine games like they can't cry. They can't cry poor anymore. They take a guy the fourth pick overall in the draft, who nobody had going there because they wanted to pick him. I mean, to me, I think the way they built this team. You're saying. Hey, there, forty two one to win the west fourteen to one to win the division. I mean think about that. They're fourteen to one to win the division and they have the same odds as, as Denver does to win the AFC. That's pretty crazy. So bottom line is if you're a raiders death big in the over. Do you think the over, then I seventy seven at night. I if the raiders don't win eight games, you got to me if the raiders win. Eight games, you say, wait a minute, what's Gruden doing coaching now because the because look at all these players right, everybody now, I think it's a conglomerate, I think it could self struck easily because I think of Tonio Brown even if they win if he has to catches, you know, and they win he might be pissed off. I mean, the Vegas is saying to us with these odds that they're clearly there, clearly not sold on on this coming together as a unified group. And I think what they're also saying here is look at this Derek Carr, they're not sold on and are not sold on Joe. Flacco, right? We're skipping fan. Breakout kickers. Right. We don't really care about actually, I think it's fascinating. Did you see where the bears are having their what they call it their lambo moment, where there were there bring everybody out in the organization to test tastic, right? What a great idea, right? I mean, they're trying to put so much pressure on the kicker to see if he can kick it. But at the end of the day, like like, is that really like I think it's more about you miss kit. And this kick is either you're gonna. You know, when you got misses a kick, like you say to yourself, well, you know, the next we're going to get one more chance. That's a lot of pressure for a week. That's on your ass. Right. And then you go lineup. Like we had matched over when he first started when Bella check came to Cleveland match Stover was a draft pick. I think he was a twelfth round or a late draft pick of the giants. And they stash them on I are they pretended he was hurt. And so then plan B came into effect so we signed him the great Jim Steiner the agent of the stars. We signed him. And we brought him in and he had great leg and Bill love them. Everything was good. Well, the first couple of games he was, like, not so good. You know. And I'm like, I don't know about Bill, you. Sure about should we bring so we change long snappers to Brian kitchen? Third game of the year missed a big kick. And we could have had a chance to pull it out and we didn't. So we go the fourth game. And now we gotta play Cincinnati at home. And he's gotta make the kick. And this is a classic Art Modell. You know, art Modell's theory of kicking if we make this kick. I'll give you everybody organization gets a ten year contract extension. If we miss it, everybody's fired. I mean that's how dramatically. That's how nothing all right. So Stover drills it. And then from there, he was there, there was never a moment. But I think when you simulate that moment like that moment of a week of pressure, not just a moment of pressure. Like there has to be consequential pressure on you to perform. And that's what I'm worried about like to me. I don't know if anybody's going to feel good about the bears kicker until playoff time. It was incredible. Like, what I think back what happened giving eagles. I mean that was just it was unreal. The drama like you said inherent and that bears team Fiqh Fancher defense. I mean it's you're right. It definitely has reprecussions, if they all come out and they watch it. They're not. I think it has to be that ongoing residual pressure of the week of going. Home and your girlfriend or your wife say how you doing. And you know, you're in the tank like that's where it on. You, you know, it's like, like, if you ever listen to Mickelson, or some of those golfers that play, you know why they just let it go right? And if the kicker, let's go, maybe you got a good one. I don't know. I, I have a feeling the bears have to go with a veteran kicker. Like if I were the bears, I would find the best short range kicker that I possibly could. And then just say screwed on fourth. I'm not trying to any long field goals. I'll put the ball in the great Mitchell Trubisky hands with scare the shit out. That I that I see more on just gonna kick forty yards and under hit those kicks and we're fine. You know, we should there should be like a site like the dumbest tweets of the day. Right. Right. Like I read a tweet one time by somebody said has Mitchell Trubisky become the best quarterback in the NFC north, like, are these people blind. They're just looking for clicks, Mike just stupidity looking for. It's like what Howard Stern you'd ever. This is one of my favorite Howard, Stern stores, Howard Stern when the pope was coming to Manhattan Howard Stern sent baba buoy out on the street and started asking people. Do you think it's fair that mayor Bloomberg's asking all the Jews to leave Manhattan, because the pope's coming and people answer the question? People ask the question. Well, you know what it really is? It's ridiculous. I never liked Bloomberg. I anyway, meanwhile, Bloomberg Jewish. She's not leaving town. They never put two together. It's true menace, what we're at fell topic. Your articles about possible space, the NFL. So in terms of cities, that are viable possible cities, my hometown of Toronto. You got Chicago baby a second team. Saint Louis team back Portland. San diego. Oakland, Montreal Oklahoma City any of these teams jump out to you, Mike. There should be an NFL city there. I was talking to some of the other day. And I think that because I went to speak to you and Lovie, their coaches, and I was in Vegas, and I was just like the first of all the raiders stadium's going to be incredible. And LV has incredible facilities. If people say, yes, but it's, how do you send kids the UNLV the strip so damn expensive? They can't know college kid can go hang out on the strip. You're not going to some strip club in Vegas. If you're in college, you can't afford to pay the covering it in the goddamn place. So. You know, and so anyway, so I think to me, you know, Vegas was a gold mine that the raiders just really figured it out the one that I have a hard time is like I don't understand London. Like we can get the London quickly like I would go to London, I think London's should be one of those before. Montreal, I think Toronto. But I think it's gotta be buffalo, is that market big enough to handle teams Toronto and buffalo San Diego deserves? It'll do they deserve. Another team. Oakland. I don't see that happening because of the bay area Portland would be an interesting team sitting Peterson. Portland. Seattle gonna rivalry there you get fancier, vague. Coober coming down. I mean Portland emerging power in Oklahoma City, little small college town. Right. Don't you think that like the Sooners? You know I'm gonna go to Vancouver this week, I have to speak in Vancouver which I'm Jack for I never been Vancouver before. But I would think to me that, that northwest Portland, like some really die hard fans there. Oh, yeah. I mean, I think that could be a place or I would go to London, I think there should be a team in London. Jacksonville has fans. But seriously when you look at this, like I was when I was last week, I had somebody from Australian rules football spend time with me, and, and it was amazing. How, how popular that sport is like you could see the passionate is European countries have and pro football. I would definitely think about. Yeah, it'd be interesting and you right in terms of travel now five hours like traveling in the right away. You're playing acclimated to it. It's it would be a challenge shifts in the west coast teams. But. We'll see what happens last topic, your for you. I'm related to football, Mike. The sopranos June tenth two thousand seven that's right. This past Monday was the anniversary of the twelve year anniversary of the season finale, which I had to go back and rewatch the final episode all the different clothes and stuff. So Tony soprano's houses for self three point four million. Apparently, it's while price a lot of houses of similar style in the area are going between one point five and two million. But the owners listen, I mean Tony soprano was here, three point four million. They said all the stories Mike Baynes that go there and they've by the Newark star-ledger, and they just put it on the on the driveway. Dick fincher wearing a bathrobe. I would do that. Absolutely bottom lines where were you where were you in the finale happened? Do you remember what your reaction was Oakland, California million? I read a party with a guy named Joey, the toast nicknamed Joey the toes because he loved the drink to kill and everytime. He drank to kill. He wanted to make a toast, my dear friend, Pat Nolan and his wife. We were all there. And when it went black, everybody thought the TV when I'm still perplexed. I count still this at the time I was angry with God, come on. Like it's a cop out. We don't know what happens. But now in retrospect, it's brilliant, because chased left open to interpretation, which was gutsy. I mean it seems like everything in my life, never gets explained. Like I can't figure out what American pie means. I don't I don't know who killed. I got no ending on the sopranos like these things are starting up, but I'm getting older, and I'm not answering any like, I'm not at least Carly Simon told me what you're so vain was about, thanks for very much. But I mean like I'm getting old here. I gotta get some of this shit answered before the bottom line. And they me dies or he's alive. Not thinking. Goes on. And I think in your mind, he's either because it's all it. Only ends too many ways. He's in jail, or it gets killed. It never it's never happily ever after. It's not like he's kissing Carmella watching like millionaire, watching the grand kids run around the back yard ain't happening for him. And we go to Holstein's, we'll practice parallel parking metal. Yeah. We just park properly. Now you're my movie buff. So what have you seen the John movie? I haven't yet. Rocket man. Got really good reviews though. You wanna go see that gotten great reviews to I'm dying to see blinded by the light about this Pakistani and kid who falls in love with spring one grow. I wish I wrote that. I know grinder Chad is to direct your sheet at Bennett like Beckham and it played it Sunday. It's my buddy Ben line Science Fantastic. It's coming out this month. Oh, I can't wait for that. I can't wait. They're supposed to when does the does the Tarantino, July twenty seven once upon a time in Hollywood. And when does your podcast come out Sinophile debuts this week? So go ahead. I know you will support me give it a re tweak it some. I'm gonna love it to death. You know speed Springsteen, new album out, I'm no. You're going to be all over that. The July fourteenth comes out and then that which, which is even better tour. So hopefully, you know there's this just to see him. Again, is just all so I go backstage and get stiffed again, but I'll do it. You know, I don't mind I'll do it for Monica right over here. Material from Bruce, seventy years. Fifty nine years old still going. It's amazing. I'm blowing great stuff GM shoplift. Zoe subscriber of you? Thanks guys.

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