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It Happened in Florida Round 2 05-28-2020


mm-hmm. Wilcox show okay. We got around of IT happened in Florida for you here, and you're more than welcome to get in and compete at eight four four four ww show. What am I gonNA share three stories. All of them are true, but they could have happened obviously anywhere, and you just have to spot the one that actually went down in the state of Florida would he has story number one for you. Headline really sums it up in story number. One woman living in semi jailed after shirt, ripping brawl over a bottle of wine. You know just the normal thing. Actually happened outside of a gas station where a woman was living with her boyfriend in a semi. The SONOKO service station is where it went down. Apparently she'd had enough, and he went to go retrieve the bottle of wine that she was carrying, and she wasn't having any of it. That's when they began brawling and somebody noticed that she ripped his shirt. They called the cops. The cops show up to the semi and the woman has been arrested it in Florida where a couple living in the semi outside the snow co got into a little bit of a tiff. Starting to I feel like is. A slight. Twist on what we've come to see over the last few weeks, and that is a are a bar in this particular town in this particular state has decided to make a statement about people wearing masks. What are we? What are we typically see in these days and these crazy times that we live in, don where one got to wear a mask when you go into the bar. Obviously, that's we all know how that works. However that's not what's happening here. In story number two. As a matter of fact, it saw the opposite. You're not allowed to wear a mask in this particular bar, no entrance. Matter of fact, a sign on the door says due to our concern for our citizens. If you feel, you need to wear a mask, then you should stay home until it's safe. Not Getting the concept there. That's Hilarious if they're having fun and trying to poke the bear. If they really believe that's the case I'm not sure what we're missing. I don't. He's trying to make a point, but probably irradiating people to. I've got some more details on it and I can fill in the blanks. Potentially my question is initially. Is this a bar? In Florida that is not allowing you in? If you wear a mask, what he has the third and final story, we're all parents here. On the Wilcox show and sort of questioning what school is GonNa look like for our kids when it opens again in the fall. Well in this particular city in these United States the local. School district just released some of the things that are going to happen. When school resumes in the fall, the forty five page framework of new rules in this particular school district includes students wearing masks. Eating lunch in class, not in the cafeteria. And each one of them will be given a ball in elementary school for themselves at recess. No community ball will be played. Here's your ball. Kid enjoy resets bounce bouncing against the wall handball. Now they didn't say. You can do I mean you could kick it against the wall. You go kick it in a field. That's your ball. Don't let anybody else touch your ball. Is it in Florida where they're going to be giving balls to kids for some sort of recess, some sort of recreation, caleb up I to try and solve our quiz, Caleb. All three stories happen which one went down in Florida. Number one number one is bathroom. Wow would Florida. The cops were called out there. One am on Friday to settle a disturbance and stored over to the bar. That says you can't come in and if you've got a mask on Elgin, Texas is where this one went down. It's not too far outside of Austin. Sort of a rural community and the bar owner says it is a pushback. Quote I. Don't know anyone said. One of the towns members who personally had the covid nineteen, but I know a lot of people have gotten it and died. people here, just comfortable. We're a small town. We don't have a lot of crowds were okay. By the way bars that are reopen are supposed to have a twenty five percent occupancy for in-person service, however, no limits outdoors even if you are a bar. Patio. Smoke them if you got him Johnny and the Los Angeles Union School district said that kids will be eating classes in eating lunch in class, and each one would be assigned one ball to play with alone during recess, so it's going to be a great school year. In Wilcox show.

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