December 14, 2019: The Sweet Dew Incident


The today is Saturday. December fourteenth two thousand nineteen on this day in eight thirty five. I've seen e a plot hatched by China's Emperor Wenzong and his cronies to kill the court eunuchs backfired instead dead the UNIX used their own army to slaughter more than one thousand government officials and their families. You're welcome to day in true crime. PODCAST original due to the graphic nature of today's crimes listener listener discretion is advised extreme. Caution is advised for listeners under thirteen today. We're discussing the sweet dew incident one one of the bloodiest episodes in Chinese history. Now let's go back to the morning of December fourteenth eight thirty five Z.. E. A little after eight. Am Twenty six year old emperor Wenzong called the imperial meeting to order before him stood collection of generals officials and court eunuchs the the usual audience Wenzong. ID UNIX carefully. He'd spent the summer trying to figure out how to dismantle their power UNIX UNIX had their uses but they weren't to be trusted they were too wealthy too manipulative to skilled at bribery and gossip gossip and secrets. It was time to teach them all own lesson. Wenzong I'd one of them carefully. You choose chalet on this one. He'd made the leader of an army over the summer to help quell rebellions outside the capitol. Now now when song regretted this so he'd hatched a plot to ambush the UNIX and kill them along with Chancellor Lee Hsien and General Chung-shu in a few days time they would gather the UNIX together in one place and set an army of soldiers cheers upon them. It was an ingenious plan and certain to succeed but now General Han Year of the left. Tsinghua Tsinghua Army rushed into the hall. He spoke bowing. Forgive me for the interruption emperor but it seems is that last night sweet. Do fell on a pomegranate tree outside the left Chin. Woo headquarters the appearance of sweet. Do do was an auspicious omen. It meant that an emperor had received divine favor. A strange coincidence Wenzong thought. Could it have something to do with their plot. He said we must all go. Observe this sweet. Do for ourselves Lee should you. You will go first. They all proceeded to Han you on hall and to the Pomegranate Trees. Choose choose shila walked behind with the rest of the UNIX as an army commander. He tried to look more authoritative but he was cursed with the bird like gate of a eunuch toes out short steps and a slight lean forward. It was as if his body remembered the wound made so long ago. Chew followed the Imperial Procession into Han Yuan Hall Chancellor colletion left with his men to investigate the do on. The trees shoot. Didn't trust Lieshan. He'd gotten too close to the emperor too soon. He had a feeling he was dangerous. Leash in returned saying that the sweet do did not seem seem real Emperor Wenzong responded by asking chew and the UNIX to go investigate the do next shoe shoe and the UNIX walked out of Han. UN Hall and into the Xinhua WHO Headquarters Han new waited in the dim light. It was cold in here. There were no walls only long illustrated screens Han. You looked Pale and sweaty nervous. But what could he be nervous about shoe was about to ask when a gust of wind blew up up a screen. Choose blood froze. They're just a few hundred yards away. Stood a group of soldiers. There's swords drawn waiting. It seemed to kill them to and the UNIX turned and Ran Guard started to close the gates to prevent their exit but at the sound of choose voice they froze allowing the UNIX to run Tuhan. UN Hall all their the UNIX placed the emperor on the litter then they began to run with it back to the palace. Lieshan tried need to stop them pleading with the emperor not to leave but a eunuch beat Li Shun until he let go. Meanwhile the guards had run into Han. UN Hall and were starting to attack the UNIX. At least ten were killed but chew and and the rest of the UNIX escaped back at the palace chew qat his breath as he looked at the emperor trembling alling and shaking to realize something. The emperor wasn't frightened of those soldiers who had seen amassed outside. He was frightened of to those soldiers had been meant to kill the UNIX and the emperor was in on it shoe who knew instantly who was truly responsible for all of this Chancellor Li should he called his army to order the directive was simple hunt down leash should find him and kill him and kill anyone else. who was his ally friend or follower? It would be a bloodbath of epic proportions. And when it was over nobody Eddie would ever try to ambush the UNIX again up next UNIX conduct a slaughter so oh brutal that it ended a dynasty today in. True crime is supported by better ed or help online counseling people often portray their happiest self to others. Whether it's at work or on social media we often make it appear that we have everything figured out but a lot of times. We don't I know that I don't and if you're like me it's not always easy to ask for help and find counseling. This this is where better help can help you. Better help offers. Licensed counselors who specialize in a variety of issues including depression and anxiety as well as trauma anger family relationships and so many others. And if finding a counselor that lives close to you has been an issue better help allows you to connect privately Lee with your counselor through text chat phone and video calls. You can get help at your own pace and on your own time and best of all you can get help help. An affordable rate today in true crime listeners will get ten percent off their first month with Discount Code today in true crime. That's better so help dot com slash today in true crime. Why not get help better help dot com slash today in true crime now back to the story on December fourteenth eight thirty five C e Tong Dynasty? Chancellor Li should assembled his own army to ambush and kill all of the court eunuchs but his plot plot was foiled. When a gust of wind blew up a screen the UNIX saw the waiting soldiers? They were able to escape before they could be attacked. Hacked taking the emperor with them. They thought it was an assassination attempt. When Eunuch General Chu realized that the EUNUCHS UNIX had been the planned target not the emperor? He wasted no time he ordered the Eunuch led army to go on a rampage. Anyone connected to Chancellor Lee Shin would be killed. Soldiers streamed into government offices and took over the streets of the capital with orders to kill any officials onsite terrified. Civilians tried to flee only to find the gates is to the city closed. The soldiers were only too eager to fulfill their duty when the day was done over. One in two thousand people had been slaughtered including women and children the sweet dew incident. It was the combination of long brewing tensions in the Tong Dynasty during its first two centuries the Tong era produced important advances in art art poetry and printing. But by eight hundred ce this era of peace and prosperity was tarnished by rebellions warring factions of officials and the secret plotting of UNIX UNIX may not have been considered actual people in ancient China But they lead. Privileged lives some worked as gardeners water carriers or watch men while others cleaned the palace and cooked the food. Their lack of sex organs made them safe. They could be around the emperor's wives and concubines with no worried they'd produce use an air living inside the Forbidden City. They enjoyed unheard of power and access. Anyone who wanted to get to the emperor or had to go through a eunuch which meant a eunuch could charge a handsome price. Some UNIX made so much money from bribes the they could buy property of their own near the palace some even adopted children they also had power over the rulers themselves they could easily manipulate an emperor by keeping him misinformed or distracted all while assuming increasing influence fluence of their own. By eight hundred CE uprisings outside of the capitol and instability. Inside the court itself convinced convinced leaders to put UNIX in charge of their own armies. This finally tipped the scales now the UNIX. I had become as powerful as the emperor's maybe even more so given this context it's not surprising. prizing that Emperor Wenzong wanted to make a dramatic move to curb the UNIX power. What he didn't expect was that his plan would go so old horribly wrong after the first day of the slaughter when more than one thousand people died? Chaos and killing continued canoed for weeks Emperor Wenzong was forced to label Li Shun a traitor an issue an edict calling for his and the other plotters. This capture on December seventeenth three days after the start of the killing. The seven closest associates of Li Shen were paraded a-rated into the main square of the capital by now leash in had been captured and beheaded. A soldier was waving lesions head on a spike after being presented at ancestral shrines. Like animals to be sacrificed. The six six men met their fate a swift blow to the waste slicing them in half followed by decapitation tation. Their heads were hung on a gate outside the city the UNIX remained in power for several decades but by by eight sixty ce the countryside was besieged by robbers and bandits by nine seven C. E. B. Empire was is crumbling. The Tong Dynasty which had started with so much peace and culture ended in violence and instability. Thanks for listening today and true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson today. A day in true crime is a podcast original. You can find more episodes of today and true crime and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like today and true crime for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream today in true crime on spotify. Just open the APP and type today in true crime in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and and twitter at podcast network. We'll be back with a brand new episode it tomorrow in True Crime. Today in true crime was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler. Sound design by Andy Weights with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden Freddie Beckley. And Joel Stein. This episode of today and true crime was written by Joanna Philbin with writing assistance distance by Maggie admire. I'm Vanessa Richardson.

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